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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  April 12, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a good monday morning to you, i'm jim scuitto, this morning, as the city of minneapolis grapples with the death of george floyd in the trial of derek chauvin, an all too familiar scene in a suburb miles away, yet another deadly incident that claimed the life of a black man. a police officer shot 20-year-old daunte wright sunday and he died following the traffic stop. as crowds gathered to protest his death, minnesota deployed the national guard and the city
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put occur few into effect, this coming as we enter the third week of the murder trial against former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin. that begins in an hour. the prosecution will bring what could be its final witness to the stand today. let's begin, though, with this fatal police shooting of a black man in a minneapolis suburb. adrian is there this morning. this happened yesterday afternoon at a police stop, traffic violation. tell us what followed. >> reporter: oh, devastation, sadness and destruction. jim, this is sadly familiar. up until six months ago, i lived here in the twin cities. what i am seeing this morning reminds me move what i saw following the death of george floyd. this nail shop in the shopping center damaged, the entryway. if you walk over and look here, this men's clothing store destroyed. if we peek our cameras inside,
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you can see every shelf of this clothing store is empty. last night, jim, to those of you watching and listening, i watched people carry things out of the store in bags. they had bags remember they were carrying out items, clothing and shoes. we still see shoes in the parking lot. this all follows the death of 20-year-old daunte wright, who was pulled over during a traffic stop. we spoke with his mother. i spoke with his brother about 30 minutes ago and his brother said he had spent the entire morning with daunte that day and when daunte was pulled over, he said his brother was traveling to visit him at his new home in new brighton. he needed insurance information. his brother told him to call their mother and this is what their mom says followed. listen in. >> that he was getting pulled over by the police and i said, well why did you get pulled over? he thought they pulled him over because he had air fresh inner
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hanging from the mirror a. minute later i called and his girlfriend answered, which was the passenger in the car and said he had been shot. >> so his girlfriend called daunte's mother using facetime and she asked to see her son and her son was slumped over in that vehicle. here in the parking lot this morning, you still see remnants. there is a red sledgehammer behind me. some people who work here are showing up and they're seeing the damage, they're seeing the devastation. now when i talked to daunte's brother a short time ago, he said his brother did not know there was a warrant for his arrest. the brother did tell me his younger brother, daunte, the 20-year-old was fighting an armed robbery case. he says he forgot to check in with his probation officer. there is a new press conference scheduled. we will be there. we will have much more throughout the day. but this morning, so much hurt, so much sadness.
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you are seeing the frustration and the physical damage because a lot of people who learned about this traffic stop yesterday were also seeing this video of the army leiutenant who was pulled over at gunpoint and pepper sprayed. >> daunte another mother was urging the crowd not to protest violently. we will follow it there. thanks so much. joining me to discuss senior legal analyst laura coats, a former prosecutor at police departments in philly and here in washington, d.c. good to have you on again this morning. sad circumstances to be discussing yet another incident like this. let's talk about what we know. laura, i understand we don't know everything. the basics here. the victim called his mother as it happened, said, if he thought he was being pulled over by police because heed a air fresh inners on the rear view mirror. police discovery that he had an
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outstanding warrant. he gets back into his vehicle. that it appears to be when the police officer fired. when is it lawful for police to use deadly force in an attempted arrest? what does the law say? >> well, this is what we've all essentially over the last couple weeks have been looking at, what is reasonable use of force? although it can be nuance, the idea of force is only to use the amount of force to repel an attack against yourself. it's an act of self-defense by officers when we talk about use of force. but it must be reasonable. if there is no deadly threat posed to the officers, if they would simply have to pursue the person on foot or otherwise, that's not a reason you can use deadly force. it has to be something along that use of force continuum that says that this officer feels they are in a position to kill or be killed or protect the safety of others. now, what i'm hearing here, of course, we don't have all the facts as you said, but what begins as dangling air fresh
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inners, to end in the death of a 20-year-old. the fact that somebody may have an outstanding warrant does not change the calculus with what the officers have to do. which is decide whether they need to use a reasonable, necessary proportional amount of force to neutralize a perceived threat against them, it's got to be reasonable all times. as a mother, what a nightmare for a mother to get a call from her son asking for insurance information en route to his brother. and then the next time you see him is on facetime dead in a car? this is something that, you know, if it were fiction, you'd have to be too emotional to think about. now in the same county as the derek chauvin trial is happening, this is unbelievable. this is my hometown. >> charles ramsey, you heard a correspondent there mention the possibility of an armed robbery investigation that wright may have been involved in. not conclusive. we don't know that was the
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outstanding warrant. based on your experience, what is the training for police like there? you are attempting to arrest, someone gets back into the car, what are you trained to do sunday what is the kind of ladder of escalation if that's the right term here in terms of when it's okay based on training to use deadly force? >> well, i think, laura really captured it pretty well of concerning the circumstances under which you can use deadly force d. mere fact that he went and got back in his car. he didn't display a weapon at the officers putting him in immediate fear of their lives or someone else's life. obviously, if they had an arrest warrant, they knew who he was. so they already had his identity. so even if he did get in the car and drive away. you know who he is. that is one more charge he would have to face eventually in court. we need to know a lot more. there is body camera footage. understand the bureau of criminal apprehension takes over
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these cases. whether or not that will become immediately available another question. but i'm sure that you will probably see that facebook or facetime video before the day is out. >> let me ask you this, too, charles, because we have both this incident here, which we are learning about and the reaction to incident. there was protest last night. there was looting and incidents, apparently according to witness of the protesters following the police back to the station. the police using flashbang grenades, other means to disperse the crowd. we've seen this movie before if you want to calm it that as well, tell us about how police respond to this. right? because they don't want to enflame but they also have to control the situation. >> yeah, well, crowd management becomes an issue. just to make it clear, looting is not protest. looting is exactly, looting is looting and one has nothing to do with the other. legitimate protest is a constitutionally protected
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activity. you allow people to protest. if it does become violent, then, obviously, you have to try to manage the crowd in another way. again, i don't know enough about all the circumstances to know exactly how the police handled it. i did see images of tear gas. they said he used flashbangs and all that sort of thing. it depends on the level of the crowd at that particular time. but you try i to manage it without using all that, if you possibly can. but again, looting is looting. that is not protests. there is no breaking into a clothing store has nothing to do with what we're talking about. >> we saw some video of exactly that as you were speaking there. i should note again, the victim's mother said that to the crowd, saying that violence or looting doesn't help the case. i want to ask you, laura coates, just before we move on, you have a travel up to date way of derek chauvin. judges, lawyers, everyone involved, very conscious of the
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news environment around the trial, anything that influences the minds and jurors, et cetera. i just wonder having an incident like this in the midst of a trial, does that affects things, is there a way to keep jurors from covering that news, effectively? from being aware of and following that news, rather? >> well, no, remember, they're only instructed not to follow any of the news related to derek chauvin or george floyd. this is a separate incident. it will be hard to avoid the coverage. the minnesota national guard is being deployed. it's not news you can miss. it also cuts both ways for the prosecution and the defense. if you are derek chauvin, the last thing you want is people think this to be the conduct of another police incident involving another fact set an unarmed black man in minnesota in the same county. it will infuriate additionally for reasonable reasons, of course, that somebody else is killed at the hands of police officers, a dismissive error
6:11 am
towards life, perhaps. remember what you are battling against. you had jurors initially assigned to the trial who had to be pulled back because of word about the civil settlement, because there were thoughts that people were having about perhaps the settlement, itself, or the voir dire questions surrounding lootinging or black lives matter. so you are aware of the psychological impact of the protests in minneapolis. all of this is going to cut both ways. remember, as jerry blackwell, the lead prosecutor said, this case was never about all policing or all police. it is about the conduct of derek chauvin towards george floyd. >> that's the focus, for sure. laura coats, charles ramsey, stand by, we have a lot more regarding the chauvin case. we will come back to that. also breaking this morning, this story, multiple police officers have been shot during a police chase in georgia. police say the early morning chase ended in carroll county.
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this is along the georgia-alabama border. you can see there. the georgia state patrol initiated a chase with multiple agencies joining that pursuit, the sheriffs officer did not immediately provide information on what led to this chase. it's also still unclear how many officers exactly are hurt here. we do know it is multiple. we are told that the scene is now contained. there is no longer a threat to the public. we will keep following this story as it develops. still to come this hour, virginia police officer has been fired as to the investigation of the force used in a traffic stop involving a black uniformed army leiutenant. we have more on the latest in that case next. despite record vaccinations here in the u.s., cases in the state of michigan are surging, especially among younger people. plus, president biden kicks off the week with a bipartisan meeting on infrastructure. can he get republicans on board with this plan? or will he have to compromise?
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police officers accused of using excessive force during a traffic stop with a black uniformed army leiutenant has now been fired. the incident was from last december caught on multiple cameras including the police body cam. it shows the police officers drawing their guns repeatedly pepper spraying the leiutenant after pulling him over because it appeared his new suv did not have a license plate. but there was a temporary plate taped to the inside of the rear window. >> what's going on? >> what's going on, we're fixing to -- >> i'm honestly afraid to get
6:18 am
out. >> get out now! >> i have not committed any crime. >> at this point right now you are under arrest. you being detained. >> should i plead a violation? i do not have to get out of the vehicle. you haven't told me why i am being stopped. >> calm throughout, that army leiutenant. he is now suing those two police officers. cnn's natasha chen has been following the story. one of the questions is what is happening to the second officer involved? both of them, it appears based on the video to have drawn their weapons. is the penalty at this point just on the one officer? >> reporter: well, jim, what we know is officer joe gutierrez was fired. we don't know exactly when. just that it followed an internal investigation showing that department policy was not followed. the other officer is still employed with windsor virginia police. just to kind of back up here and some of the video you have shown, viewers can tell, this is quite disturbing to watch.
6:19 am
we should warn folks and to kind of set the scene. this happened december 5th about 6:30 p.m.. the car was driving through windsor 30 miles west of norfolk. he saw lights and sirens. he didn't know why he was stopped and didn't pull over for a minute and 40 second. as he explained later, he was searching for a well-lit area to stop. but because he didn't stop immediately, because his car had tinted windows and like you said, because the officer did not see his temporary plate, that officer determined it to be a high risk traffic stop. so by the time you see them pull into the gas station, the two officers had their guns drawn and are shouting commands at nazario, who as you said remained calm throughout asking, what's going on. they shouted at him to keep his hands out of the window and to get out of the car about two-to-three minute in, one of the officers uses pepper spray. here is that moment.
6:20 am
>> take your seatbelt off and get out of the car. >> could you please talk to me about what's going on? why am i being detained like there? why? >> you are not cooperating. get on the ground or you will get tased. >> you can hear the officer say, are you not cooperating. and that's the reason they give him for that treatment. but the actual first reason for not seeing his license plate, we don't hear that being discussed at all or being told to nazario for several minutes, certainly not before he was pepper sprayed and handcuffed. they eventually stood him back up. the paramedics arrive on scene. the conversation seems to
6:21 am
mellow, officer joe gutierrez who used the pepper spray says at one point, he has talked to the chief of police and has given him the option to not be charged. he said, we can sit here until you feel better and your eyes are better to drive away. it doesn't change his wife whether he is charged. now gutierrez is the one who has been fired. cnn has not been able to reach him or the other officer in this case. it's not clear whether they have legal representation for this lawsuit. but the town of windsor did offer this statement late last night and i'll read part of it to you. it says it was determined that windsor police department policy was not followed. this resulted in disciplinary action and department-wide requirements for additional training were implemented beginning if january and continue up to the present. since that time, officer gutierrez was also terminated from his employment. of course, we have more questions that we are trying to get answered from the town of windsor and their police department.
6:22 am
jim. >> thank you for those details. that was cnn law enforcement charles ramsey, you herd the run-up about 40 seconds before he pulled over. you saw on video what follows here. it seems to me having covered so many of these over the last several years, you had options to escalate or deescalate. here you have the officers repeatedly escalating the action here. i just wonder, where did this go wrong? what would police train having told these officers to do in light of all the circumstances, both prior to the stop and then when the stop happened? >> well, i mean, he definitely didn't deescalate. you don't look at the end of the tape, he starts talking to him. if he had done that to begin with, we wouldn't be having this conversation now. leiutenant navario is asking why he is stopped. he has a right to know. the guns are drawn. it is excessive force. let me get that out now. there is no question in my mind,
6:23 am
that's what it is. the fact that he didn't immediately pull over. that's not all that uncommon, especially if you are on a dark roadway, some people would rather be pulled over in a lighted area. he was going at a low rate of speed, it is my understanding. he had his flashers on. so this wasn't a pursuit. i don't know if that prompted the aggressive actions or not. maybe he's had other incidents in the past. remember, virginia is a right-to-work state. the commonwealth so you don't have to deal with some of the union issues that you would if you were in another jurisdiction, which is probably why he was able fire so quickly. >> understood. >> clearly, this is inappropriate. >> charles, let me ask you this question. one reason this interaction has gotten so much attention, he's an army leiutenant in his uniform. now, every citizen, regardless of service, job, et cetera, deserves fair interactions with the police. but i wonder, just from your own experience here, how that factors in. are you surprised with a
6:24 am
uniformed officer who was a military officer i am speaking about, who was also very calm and polite from the videotape and his interactions, should that factor into the way with police? would they be trained to interact in any given way given that he was in uniform? >> you wouldn't be trained to react any different way. the action, whether he was in civil uniform or dress i don't see anything that would prompt that aggressive response on the officers. any stop can turn bad on you. you just reported in georgia several officers were shot as a result of a traffic stop. most traffic stops are not like that. so i understand that there is always some awareness whenever you make a stop like that. but his demeanor, his actions, the way in which he was talking to the officer, there was nothing that would indicate any aggressive behavior that would need to guns at him and pepper spray. >> he asked for an explanation. >> he had a right to an
6:25 am
explanation. >> you do, that's clear so if i'm pulled over, we can say, excuse me, officer, why am i being pulled over? >> yeah, you k. here's something i would say for the general public. even if you think the actions of the officer are inappropriate. that is not the time to start pushing back too much. that just leads to bad stuff. you can always complain later, get out of the situation first and that's important and it was a time when the leiutenant, you know, i don't have to get out of my car and all that kind of stuff. save that for later. because right now it's a bad situation. >> charles ramsey, smart advice. we are listening, thanks very much. well, a pandemic reality check. michigan's surge in cases and hospitalizations is becoming a cautionary tale as many states relax restrictions as more people are getting vaccine natd and we are moments away from the opening bell on wall street. stock futures slipping a little bit this morning. traders took a pause after the s&p and dow logged yet more
6:26 am
record highs last week. the fed chair jerome powell says he is optimistic about the economic recovery by warns the pandemic is a rick. he says the fed will not raise interest rates. investors are looking at biden's infrastructure meeting today to see if there is agreement there. this is how you become the best! [music: “you're the best” by joe esposito] [music: “you're the best” by joe esposito] [triumphantly yells] [ding] don't get mad. get e*trade and take charge of your finances today.
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the white house says it is sending help to michigan as that state experiences a big surge in new covid-19 infections, and crucially hospitalizations, but that state's governor says that help is not enough. last week, michigan accounted for seven of the ten worst covid-19 outbreaks in urban areas, seven out of ten in the country. governor gretchen whitmer wants the government to surge vaccine doses to her state. the white house says it will send additional testing supplies and drugs to treat patients, but not more vaccines. let's speak to dr. ranney great to have you back. >> thanks, tim. >> at this point the government is trying to be even handed in handing them out evenly across the country. now you have a major surge in a state. i wonder, should the government re-visit that strategy of allocating those based on population as opposed to the
6:32 am
immediate need and level of outbreak? >> no, and they shouldn't for two reasons. the first, is as we know, vaccines depending on which kind of vaccine you get takes between two and six weeks to start to protect you. the outbreak is happening now and the way to stop the outbreak now is that those public health measures that we have been talking about for a year now, masks, avoiding indoor dining, physical distancing and having social gatherings outdoors, that's what michigan needs to do today to stop the spread of the disease. the second thing is if they divert things to michigan today, the outbreak could be worse tomorrow or next week, in fact, we expect it will be. this new b-117 variant will be across the country. the better thing to do is to continue with the current population-based strategy and to work as hard as they can to get vaccines in arms quickly, to protect us in that 2-to-six-week period literally across the
6:33 am
united states, where we will all be facing the same challenge in a couple of weeks. >> listen, your advice is consistent from you and other folks who know this kind of stuff. you got to keep mitigation measures in place. but it's happening. right. and here even you have a democratic-run state where the governor is saying, listen, i can't reimpose all this stuff. given that reality, that sad reality, what do we do as a country then to control these outbreaks? >> you know, we are all tired of the virus, but the virus is not tired of us yet. and it really comes down to community leaders helping to communicate with their local folks. there have been reports from michigan, my own parents lived in michigan for over a decade. i understand the culture quite well. i know that folks are not wearing masks despite the mask mandate. it's really on local businesses, on community leaders to speak up and talk about why those masks matter, especially right now
6:34 am
when things are getting warmer. they can take dinners outside. it's really the best strategy that we have while also getting vaccines in arms. but as the challenge, for sure. i feel for governor whitmer and the folks in michigan. >> it's a step to protect yourself, your families, everyone else, it goes in all directions. thank you very much. >> thank you. still ahead this hour, president biden lobbying both democrats and republicans in a push to advance his infrastructure plan by memorial day. can he get it done? can he get republicans on board? is he willing to compromise a bit, we'll be live. [typing sound] i had this hundred thousand dollar student debt. two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars in debt.
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congress is back in session,
6:39 am
but that begs the question, can compromise lap? in hours, president biden holds his first bipartisan meeting on his first $2 trillion infrastructure plan despite republican pushback, he wants to kick off the initial steps in the coming weeks. let's begin in the white house. jeremy dimon is there. i wonder, given the democrat -- the question as to whether he has all the democratic votes lined up with joe manchin's reconciliation and republican opposition with the size of the plan. is the footing from the white house already, we may have to compromise here, bring down that target asking price? >> reporter: well, he has been very clear from the beginning, that they know this is going to be a month's-long negotiation process on capitol hill. they have put the aspect on how you exactly pay for this $2.2
6:40 am
infrastructure package. the president, himself, in his remarks, making clear that's something he is willing, perhaps even eager to negotiate on, with republicans. they haven't put as much emphasis on the size of the package. but it is clear even among some of those lawmakers coming today, like senator roger wicker, who was talking just yesterday about the fact that this is too easy of a package right now. it's clear that will be the point of discussion today as president biden meets with a group of republican and democratic lawmakers from the house and the senate today. it was really pete buttigieg, the transportation secretary yesterday, who made very clear what he was looking to do here with this infrastructure proposal with the fact that they will push republicans, even if they disagree on the definition of what exactly infrastructure is. he was essentially making the argument, look, calm it what you want to call it. we want you to vote for it, that, of course, is easier said than done, for sure, though.
6:41 am
so, look, we will see some discussion today about the size of the package, about the way that you pay for the package, but it is just the beginning of this process of negotiation that is going to stretch on for weeks and, frankly, months here, jim. >> understood, jeremy dimon, thank you so much. joining me is republican senator rick santorum. he is on a conservative policy group led by the former vice president mike pence, rick, nice to have you back. >> thanks, jim. great to be with up. >> so you are invested in this, yourself. you are a part of a bipartisan group, bobby jingle, julian castro, looking for regulatory form as it relates to infrastructure. but you are plugged into this issue. i wonder, what would a compromise bill look like if there is hope still of getting, say, ten republicans on board? what would it look like? what would the price tag be? what would be included? what would not be included? >> i would say it would be
6:42 am
smaller. it would, include, obviously, the infrastructure that i think republicans embase, which is everything from roads, bridges, water, broadband, all those basic infrastructures for making us more competitive. i think republicans are bracing that it's all the other things that are in there, in that package, that, you know, some of which republicans would support, like paid family leave. things like that. the support for that but, again, it doesn't belong in an infrastructure bill and the second part of it and this is where republicans have to step up. that is how you pay for this and whether it's user fees, which again, republicans in the past have supported whether it's a gas tax or electric tax, because they have many electric vehicles now using the roads or some vehicle tax, something like that has to be put forward and republicans have to, you know, be willing to compromise on their side to get something like this done. >> you have already there defined infrastructure more
6:43 am
broadly than at least the republican talking points. you hear that figure this is only 6% infrastructure. that only if you define infrastructure roads and bridges. you include other things, most people do, water treatment. i want my water to be clean and even broadband. i just wonder, do the politics. you know the current politics right now on the hill as well as anybody, do the politics of the 2022 cycle and 2024 already give gop lawmakers an actual political inventive to compromise here and give what, in effect, would be something of a win for the biden administration? >> yeah. this has been the problem for the last ten years. we just had both sides, all they care about is the next you know congressional presidential elections, whichever is coming up. and as a result, congress has gone pretty much nothing other than things that have been done on a strictly partisan basis, using reconciliation, whether
6:44 am
under trump or obama or now under biden and the question is, you know, is it possible to do it? and i would just say, a part of that is leadership. i would argue that barack obama and donald trump work really to buck their base and to compromise and didn't put the deals on the table that were necessary to bring people together. the question is, has joe biden provided that leader scholarship? it comes down to leadership. whether it's the president or the republican leader in the house and senate, they have to be willing to, you know, really work it and put something out there that can bring people together and, so far, we've now seen two presidents in a row that haven't been able to accomplish that. the question is, is joe biden going to do that? >> and this will be a big test. can he get it through? he has to keep the democratic caucus in line here. you talk about leadership, as
6:45 am
you know, there is a battle within the republican party. we saw that in this republican party conference this weekend and you saw former president trump speaking in terms that we're familiar with right? even about other republicans, like mitch mcconnell. you have a long history with former speaker john boehner. you guys were founding members of the gang of seven in the early 1990s. john boehner has been withering. we'll play a clip on "cbs this morning" and get your reaction. >> i'm a republican. but we've got some people in the party who believe more in making noise than they do with making policy. i went to washington to serve in the congress. not because i wanted to make noise, but because i wanted to do something on behalf of our country. i think if republicans begin to focus more in on the policies, that we all believe in, we can unite the party in a place that americans will recognize, once again.
6:46 am
>> we've heard that criticism from you. we've heard it from adam kinzinger, liz cheney and others. who is winning that battle on the republican party right now? >> yeah, it's sort of funny, both john and i committed to congress wrerks a part of the gang of seven. we made a lot of noise and had folks on our side of the aisle, so it's not unusual for new members of congress, whether it's the ted cruz who blistered are on the other side, aoc. we have new members come in, who are, you know, fire crackers and blow things up. that's sort of the normal course for congress over the past 30 or 40 years, but his point about getting to policy decisions and focusing on getting things done, it's gotten harder and harder. and again, i come back do leadership and, yeah, you can complain about the bomb throwers, whether it's ted cruz or matt gaetz or whoever it is or jim jordan he criticizes.
6:47 am
you can complain about those folks. but in the end, speaker boehner, it's up to the folks who are in charge to be able to pull the people together to make it happen. and that's not just the president, but it's also the speaker and it's also the leaders and they've got to be willing to take the hits and right now, the only ones are willing to make those deals. that's why where we are. >> political courage, a rare species. >> a rare species right now. >> we'll' if it's extinct. rick santorum, thank you very much. >> you bet, thank you. a tense face-off between russia and cnn's cameras are in the trenches today at the border as the kremlin instations another 50,000 troops near crimea. what the standoff could mean ahead? is he planning to invade? we'll have more. [singing in kor] ♪another day will return♪ [singing in korean] ♪like nothing ever happened♪
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this morning cnn is learning about more about the terrorist action, caused a blackout at iran's underground nuclear facility on sunday. this is where they enrich uranium, possibly for use in bombs. iranian intelligence official telling a media outlet that one person involved in the sabotage of the facility's electrical grid has been identified. reports on several israeli media outlets are saying that israel's national intelligence agency is responsible for the attack. it comes as u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin was in israel this morning. there he is arriving, meeting
6:53 am
with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. it also comes just days after indirect talks between the u.s. and iran on restarting the nuclear deal after those talks wrapped up in vienna. that is a priority for the biden administration. the infecteffect of that plan il unclear. turning to the growing tensions, real ones, between russia and the ukraine. the secretary of state warning moscow of consequences for aggressive behavior as russian troops, an estimated 50,000 of them, have now gathered along ukraine's eastern border. cnn went with ukrainian president zas he toured the frot lines of this on going war. >> i mean, we entered this war of trenches that have been dug along the front line. i tell you, i mean, it's like being thrown back to the early 20th century and the great war.
6:54 am
i've not seen anything like this in modern warfare. >> that war has killed many thousands of people and has been going on for years. matthew chance joins us from kiev. matthew, has the biden administration signaled its support for ukraine in the midst of this threat? >> yeah. it has. earlier this month there was a phone call between president biden and president zolenski in if ukraine. he offered support. they talked about, you know, the possibility of more military aid. they talked about support from the united states for the economic reforms this country so badly needs, and, of course, the biden administration is generally supportive of that ukraine's aspirations to join the western military alliance.
6:55 am
there is increased amount of frustration when it comes to speaking not to just the united states but western allies in general. but, you know, words are not enough. they want actual actions. they want the path towards membership of nato. they need more money to continue to prosecute this expensive war. and they generally want to be seen in their words as the eastern outpost of democracy. and the broader conflict to resist, you know, russian expansion and the russian threat, jim. >> no question. listen, if they join nato, that would put them in the mutual defense part of that treaty. russia certainly wouldn't like that. ma matthew chance, thank you. moments from now, testimony picks up for week three in the trial of derek chauvin. we'll take you inside the courtroom the moment it starts. that's shortly. please stay with us.
6:56 am
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very good monday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto. this morning tensions are boiling over in minneapolis as the city wrestles with the fallout of yet another deadly police involved incident that left a young black man dead. this as we enter the 11th day of testimony in the murder trial of derek chauvin. on sunday, police fatally shot 20-year-old daunte wright in a suburb ten miles from where the trial is taking place. this incident unfolding just moments after a traffic stop sunday afternoon soon after wright's death protesters gathered. there were pockets of violence, looting. you can see some of the pictures there. minnesota deployed the national guard. the city enacted a


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