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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  April 9, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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and even if the power goes down, your connection doesn't. so how do i do this? you don't do this. we do this, together. bounce forward, with comcast business. ♪ welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "early start," i'm laura jarrett. friday april 9th. happy friday. it's 5:00 a.m. here in new york. we begin this morning with president biden taking on what he calls america's international embarrassment. standing in the rose garden in front of families who have lost loved ones to gun violence, the president outlined a series of modest steps his administration will now take despite the gridlock in congress to combat gun violence.
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>> this is an epidemic, for god sake, and it has to stop. i'm going to use all the resources at my disposal as president to keep the american people safe from gun violence, but there's much more that congress can do to help that effort and they can do it right now. they've offered plenty of thoughts and prayers, members of congress, but they've passed not a single new federal law to reduce gun violence. enough prayers. time for some action. >> previewing the criticism he knows will come from gun rights advocates the president says his executive orders do nothing to threaten the second amendment right to bear arms. let's go live to the white house and bring in cnn's jasmine write. jasmine, the president ak knocked that the bold actions on things like assault weapons and background check loopholes those need congressional action but he seems determined to just do at least something right now. >> reporter: that's right,
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laura. look, president biden is once again leading by executive action because of the inaction by congress on guns. president biden has been under pressure after this country has seen mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting to do something. an atlanta and boulder, colorado, mast shooting we saw last month president biden pledged to take common sense actions. this is what those half dozen executive actions look like and they are aimed at trying to take guns out of the hands of criminals but also sink money into community violence prevention programs. let's be very, very clear about something, laura, these actions fall short of what gun control advocates would have liked to have seen from a democratic president leading a unified government, but also what president biden himself said that he would do in office as a candidate. now, the white house officials are saying that these are just initial steps and president biden outlined what he would like to get done if he had a
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wish list thing to do. take a listen. >> people don't realize the only industry in america, a billion dollar industry that can't be sued, is exempt from being sued are gun manufacturers. but this is the only outfit that is exempt from being sued. if i get one thing on my list, the lord came down and said, joe, you get one of these, give me that one. because i tell you what, there would be a coming to the lord moment these folks would have real quickly. >> reporter: so as you said, laura, president biden called for a renew of that assault weapons ban, also for congress to pass the two bills now cleared by the house. that would tighten background checks, but of course both those things would need 60 votes in the senate, something that democrats just do not have because of their 50/50 split. republicans don't seem
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interested in really taking up gun control reform and honestly democrats don't seem to be on the same page of what they think they should be doing. so that really leaves president biden to act on his own right now. the president has been clear that for him, his first priority is this infrastructure bill and so it's not clear right now how much political capital he is willing to spend on guns. laura? >> all right. jasmine wright, thank you so much for all of that. appreciate it. just hours after the president spoke of the epidemic of gun violence yesterday that disease spread to a texas office park. one person was killed, five others wounded at kent moore cabinets by a man police say worked there. one worker inside at the time says she feels lucky and blessed to be alive. >> i was painting with my co-worker and i heard -- i heard like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. i said, oh, the machine got messed up again, so i tried to
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walk to figure out which one and when i started walking somebody grabbed me, she was like, no, no, no, we need to run because there's a shooting going on. >> cnn's ed lavandera has more from the scene in bryan, texas. >> reporter: laura, this morning victims of the latest mass shooting here in the united states are recovering and fighting for their lives. police here in bryan, texas, say a gunman walked into a cabinet manufacturing business and started shooting, telling one person, wounding five other people, four of those are in critical condition. the gunman was able to get away from the scene thursday afternoon before police arrived and was pursued into a neighboring county and that's where police say he shot a state trooper who was chasing him down. we are told that that state trooper is in serious but stable condition. right now police here in bryan say that they believe that the gunman used a handgun, was an employee of the cabinet manufacturing business, but at this point they don't know what
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the motive might be in this particular shooting. so that part of the investigation continues. this shooting took place thursday afternoon, one of the witnesses an employee inside the business said at first when the gunshots started going off it sounded like some of the machinery was malfunctioning and that's when people realized they needed to start running and that's what they described happening here in the moments after the gunfire erupted inside this business. but the major headline this morning, four people in critical condition, fighting for their lives, and one other person dead. laura? >> ed lavandera, thank you for that report. a low level of oxygen, that according to a renowned breathing expert is what killed george floyd. one of the most compelling witnesses so far in the trial of former police officer derek chauvin, dr. martin tobin told jurors chauvin's knees on floyd's back and neck squeezed his airway causing brain damage
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and cardiac arrest. what did not kill floyd, the doctor said, were his preexisting laelt problems or drug use. the theory being pushed by chauvin's defense lawyers. cnn's omar jimenez is in minneapolis following the trial. >> reporter: good morning, laura. we always knew the medical part of witness testimony was going to be important but i don't think we realized how quickly that would become apparent. now, thursday was the most engaged the jury has been by all accounts in a while as we shifted to that ever important topic of george floyd's cause of death which at least the first doctor who testified thursday said was because of low levels of oxygen that caused damage to the brain. now, over the course of the day he went through diagram after diagram in front of the jury. along the way poking major holes in the defense's argument that floyd's cause of death was largely due to his previous medical history and drugs that were in his system, including fentanyl and methamphetamine. at one point this doctor was
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asked by prosecutors did his death have anything to do or did he die, i should say, from fentanyl or meth. he definitively said no. he was then asked did this death happen as a result of his previous medical history, to which the doctor said no. even went so far as to say that a healthy person if they were subjected to the same amount of conditions floyd was would have died. he then even presented evidence and conclusions over calculating the amount of force that went directly on to george floyd's neck from derek chauvin's knee. >> the toe of his boot is no longer touching the ground, half of his body weight plus half his gear way is coming down that's 91.5 pounds is coming down directly on mr. floyd's neck. >> reporter: it wasn't just dr. tobin that testified, we heard from multiple doctors over the course of the day, one who ruled out that state of distress known as excited delirium.
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another who testified there was fentanyl and methamphetamine in george floyd's system. meth in the low amount but on fentanyl he compared it to the test taken during dui cases and said that the amount there was in the 80th percentile. he also, though, said that the blood work was very similar or more similar to cases of people being alive than those who are dead. over the course of all of this attention much has been made about juror a tent ichbs. this was the prime example of them paying attention, especially during dr. tobin's testimony. and there was even a moment where just about every juror started touching their necks after dr. tobin asked them to touring a demonstration about the anatomy of the neck. and on top of that virtually all of them took notes when he talked about chauvin's knee being on george floyd's neck for more than three minutes after all oxygen had left his body.
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for skin that never holds you back don't settle for silver #1 for diabetic dry skin* #1 for psoriasis symptom relief* and #1 for eczema symptom relief* gold bond champion your skin states are expected to see about an 85% drop in johnson & johnson's vaccines shots last week this. short annual comes after a manufacturer mix up ruined as many as 15 million doses of the one-shot coronavirus vaccine. according to the cdc more than one in four adults in the u.s. are now fully vaccinated, that's over 66 million people. still health experts have real concerns in the ongoing race of the vaccines versus the variants. cnn's alexandra field has more. >> i actually think that we are in the middle of a fourth surge right now. >> reporter: about a third of
2:15 am
americans have received at least one shot but health officials warn we need to move faster, much faster. >> we haven't going to get enough people vaccinated quickly enough to keep the rest of the country from experiencing what we're seeing in the upper midwest and northeast. >> reporter: alarming surges in new infections even as vaccines reach so many of the most vulnerable. nearly 77% of people over 65 have received at least one shot but covid-19 is taking its toll on younger people. not just spring breakers, also school children. >> clusters of cases in day care, as well as school sports, particularly team sports, which people engage in close contact without masks. i think that is what is explaining these surges of cases in young individuals. >> reporter: more than 75,000 new cases reported wednesday, hospitalizations are up in 18 states since last week and climbing higher, particularly among younger people. but new research published by the journal of the american
2:16 am
medical association shows an overall declining death rate among hospitalized covid-19 patients is likely not knew to their age but due to better treatments, giving home perhaps to the families of the sick, while so many others are coping with loss. >> as if the emotional part of it wasn't enough, to shell out that much money is just incredibly tough. >> reporter: that part will get better. on monday fema will start providing up to $9,000 per funeral for covid deaths. all 50 states are working to make anyone age 16 and up eligible for vaccinations by the april 19th deadline. in the meantime the biden administration is saying that any seniors who have not been vaccinated should go do that right now to encourage more older people to get vaccinated the city of new york is opening up additional walk up sites for senior citizens, anyone who accompanies them can get a shot as well. in new york, alexandra field, cnn. >> thank you for that. embattled florida republican matt gaetz facing a call to
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republican congressman adam kinzinger has become the first gop house member to call on embattled florida republican matt gaetz to quit. the moderate from illinois tweeting, quote, matt gaetz needs to resign, with a link to a daily beast article about an associate of gaetz who is facing a sex trafficking investigation. here is what the author of the daily beast story told chris cuomo last night. >> we have venmo payments that
2:22 am
show payments from the congressman to this local official and hours later payments that add up to the same exact amount to three young women, one of whom later turned ott to be a porn star and all of these women are extremely young. >> extremely young meaning what? >> one just turned 18 six months before that happened. are you familiar with the venmo app? when you make an payment you have to pick who you're going to send this to, how much but what it's for. you list what it is for. and that's key to understanding what we have here. because what we've obtained are venmo payment records that show that late one night in may 2018 the congressman sent two payments to joel greenberg this local official, the first payment is $500, it says test. the second payment is $400 and it says hit up and then it names a girl. we've chosen not to name her yet but just seven or eight hours later joel greenberg makes three payments totaling $900 including
2:23 am
one of them who was named by matt gaetz. >> it's important to note here that josé did not speak with any of the women who received these venmo payments and doesn't have any evidence or proof that the payments were for sex. one of the three women that the daily beast mentions in that article are under age. they're young but not technically under age. while joel greenberg has been indicted on federal charges his connection to gaetz on these matters hasn't been fully established. cnn's paula reid has more on the investigation into both men. >> reporter: the investigation surrounding florida congressman matt gaetz enters a new phase as a key associate signals he might strike a plea deal with the government. >> it really is an honor to be here today. >> reporter: joel greenberg a friend of gaetz and the former tax selector in seminole county, florida, is likely to enter a deal in his own criminal case raising the possibility he could cooperate with investigators as parts of the deal. >> i'm sure matt gaetz is not
2:24 am
feeling very comfortable today. >> greenberg's attorney was in court and said any potential for cooperation would be worked out in conjunction with a plea deal. >> if somebody signs a cooperation agreement they're required to cooperate. >> reporter: gaetz's friendship with greenberg is key to the federal investigation surrounding him. the two have been friends for years, posting photos together, gaetz even told a local video station in 2017 that green berg would make a good member of congress. >> joel greenberg has gone into the seminole county tax collectors office, take it by storm. >> reporter: the plea deal is not finalized but if the agreement goes through it means one of gaetz's close confidants would be cooperating with the government putting further pressure on the congressman. >> mr. greenberg if he accepts a plea or plea agreement, one, it will show his sense of remorse, which he does have, and his sense of acceptance of responsibility. number two, i think he's -- he's
2:25 am
uniquely situated. >> reporter: greenberg has been awaiting trial in jail after violating the terms of his bail earlier this year. he is charged with 33 criminal counts including allegations of stalking and harassing a political opponent, also included, one count of sex trafficking a child between the ages of 14 and 17. while details in the court records for this charge are scant, investigators believe greenberg recruited multiple women online for sex and that he introduced the women who received cash payments to gaetz who had sex with them, too. according to the "new york times." gaetz has denied all allegations writing on monday, i have never ever paid for sex, and second, i as an adult man have not slept with a 17-year-old. >> beproviding for flights and hotel rooms for people who you are dating that are of legal age is not a crime. >> reporter: a source tells cnn investigators are examining
2:26 am
whether in i federal campaign money was involved in paying for travel and expenses for the women. and now federal investigators are scrutinizing a trip gaetz took to the bahamas and whether women were paid to travel for sex with the congressman and others. a potential federal crime sources tell cnn. as part of a broader probe investigators want to know if gaetz was accepting paid escorts and travel in exchange for political favors according to people familiar with the investigation. gaetz's lawyers declined to comment but a spokesman for gaetz denied the allegation toss cbs news, calling them part of a general fishing exercise about vacations and consensual relationships with adults. paula reid, cnn, orlando. moderate democrat joe manchin hasn't shied away from flexing his political muscle given the 50/50 split in the senate. >> i'm going to be sitting down with both sides and understanding where everybody is coming from. >> more from the senator in a
2:27 am
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♪ good morning, everyone. this is "early start." i'm laura jarrett. about 31 minutes past the hour here in new york. this morning exclusive new comments from one of the most powerful men in washington right now, senator joe manchin. the west virginia democrat holds outsized influence in a chamber where democrats control by the narrow west possible majority. sitting down for a wide-ranging interview with cnn's lauren fox manchin said the deadly insurrection at the u.s. capitol changed his perspective on a divided washington.
2:32 am
>> january 6th changed me and i was very clear with everybody, i never thought in my life, i never read in history books to where our form of government had been attacked at our seat of government which is washington, d.c., at our capitol by our own people. now, the british did it, but not americans. so something told me, wait a minute, pause, hit the pause button. something is wrong. you can't have this many people split to where they want to get to war with each other. >> senator manchin also standing by his position on the filibuster, that senate rule that requires 60 votes to end debate for most legislation and get a bill passed. >> i've been very, very clear, i think if you read my op-ed it was very clear. i think we can find a pathway forward. i really do. i'm going to be sitting down with both sides and understanding where everybody is coming from. we should have an open, fair and secure election. if we have to put guardrails on, we can put guardrails on so people can't take advantage of people. >> senator manchin also talked
2:33 am
to lauren about president biden's new executive orders to combat gun violence. >> i support what the president did today from what i heard, okay, what he's doing on executive order. there is an awful lot of things that he talked about but executive order said ghost guns should not be allowed to be legally made or sold or used, it's illegal, they're making them off of printers. >> but you still can't support the house passed background check? >> not the way the house is, but that's negotiationes. >> has there been any negotiations? >> we haven't gotten the bill yet. i'm happy to work with them and i will sit down and i think that we call it common gun sense and if you come from a gun culture such as i do in west virginia, i don't think there's a person -- i don't know a person doesn't have a gun, okay? it's a different -- different background. i'm anxious to work with them and do something in a most constructive way. >> cnn's daniella diaz has the latest from capitol hill. daniella, i think that's good news for the president.
2:34 am
you listened to the senator there, he sounds like he's at least open on some of these limited actions but the bigger bolder action that the president is calling on congress to do here, how is that looking? >> reporter: laura, if senator joe manchin is saying he doesn't support this house passed bill as it stands, it's pretty telling about where this stands in the senate. look, manchin told my colleague lauren fox that he does not support this house passed bill as it stands, he said, because it would expand universal background checks, something that he doesn't support right now, but senate majority leader chuck schumer has committed to putting this bill on the floor despite the fact that it doesn't have the votes right now as it stands. senator joe manchin said he supports commercial background checks, expanding commercial background checks, similar to a bill that he tried to pass in 2013 with republican senator pat toomey that failed to pass. he said right now there aren't any discussions about consensus between republicans and
2:35 am
democrats on this issue, but this points to a larger issue which was a theme with lauren's interview with manchin where biden needs even some democrats to be able to support the legislation he wants to pass through congress. joe manchin a democrat doesn't support this bill as it stands right now which is an issue for biden if he wants this bill to pass. bottom line here is that biden needs to work with members of his own party to be able to pass the legislation he wants. so the senate actually comes back next week so we'll see how these conversations proceed on these background check bills. >> and at the same time he's trying to get infrastructure done, he's got a lot on his plate. we will see where this goes. daniella, thank you. appreciate it. okay. a big day ahead in the derek chauvin murder trial. a key witness is set to take the stand, jurors will hear from the medical examiner who performed that much debated autopsy on george floyd. this comes after powerful testimony thursday from a breathing expert who said floyd died from a lack of oxygen and
2:36 am
not from preexisting conditions and drug use as the defense has been arguing. cnn's adrienne broaddus is live in minneapolis for us. adr adrienne, i was on the edge of my seat watching dr. tobin yesterday. i found it so compelling. it sounds like the jury did, too. >> reporter: laura, you were not alone. a powerful day of testimony. dr. martin tobin's show and tell approach was captivating and i really think that is how he was able to hold the attention of the jury. throughout members of the jury were taking detailed notes and when they weren't taking notes they were listening. his expert opinion, he specializes in the study of lungs, he's done this for 45 years, he says george floyd died as a result of derek chauvin's actions, specifically he said low levels of oxygen led to floyd's death, those low levels of oxygen caused brain damage
2:37 am
and essentially his heart to stop. he was the type of witness every prosecution wants. he not only gave clear and concise information about what was happening in the video, taking us frame by frame, but he also had pictures and illustrations to help members of the jury and people watching at home understand. it felt like we had a class in breathing yesterday and he was the professor. and then if you thought he couldn't be even more clear or direct, he was on the redirect. listen in. >> you were asked quite a few questions about mr. floyd's preexisting health conditions. >> correct. >> and remember he cited a number of those. >> yes. >> do any of those conditions have anything to do with the cause of mr. floyd's death in your professional opinion whatsoever? >> none whatsoever. >> and, again, what was the cause such that those conditions don't matter? >> the cause of death is a low
2:38 am
level of oxygen that caused the brain damage and caused the heart to stop. >> reporter: and up until this point perhaps it's pretty clear he has been the most compelling witness the prosecution has brought to the stand. inside of the courtroom yesterday it was also emotional, keep in mind, a member of george floyd's family was in and as that video was played she looked away and at moments sobbed. back to you. >> i can't even imagine the family having to watch that video over and over again. adrienne, while i have you, i want to talk about what we're likely to see today from that medical examiner this, dispute over the autopsy of course coming down to the fact that the if he had cal examiner said that the manner of death was homicide, but he did list several causes including the drug use, but then the family got a second autopsy. so what do you expect today? >> reporter: do you know what, this is perhaps the testimony
2:39 am
everyone is waiting to hear. we're going to hear from dr. baker, he is the hennepin county medical examiner and the medical examiner that conducted the autopsy. hearing from him we will get a chance to hear what he found in his report. there's been a lot of controversy surrounding this autopsy because initially parts of the autopsy were released and in those charging documents by prosecutors. so he will get to clear up any doubt, any questions, and it's also important to underscore after that information was released in the charging documents, dr. baker received death threats. >> this is going to be a huge day in the trial. all right. adrienne, glad you are on it. thank you. all right. the cdc says about a quarter of all american adults are now fully vaccinated. still health officials are really concerned about the surge in cases we are seeing right now and states are about to see a sharp decline in one of the three available u.s. vaccines. cnn has the pandemic covered
2:40 am
coast to coast. >> reporter: i'm kristen holmes in cdc. according to the cdc the number of johnson & johnson doses that is distributed to states and jurisdictions by the federal government is expected to drop 84% next week. so that means that this week those states and jurisdictions received about 5 million doses of the vaccine. next week they're only expecting about 785,000 doses. now, the good news in all of this is that the pfizer and moderna vaccines, especially that first-round vaccine, those doses are remaining steady. >> reporter: i'm alexandra field. the state of ohio is seeing a surge in covid-19 cases at least a quarter of those cases related to variants according to state health officials. less than a month ago ohio's variant case count was around 92, it's now up to about 797. health officials say the vast majority of those case right side relate to the variant first discovered in the uk and the two
2:41 am
variants first discovered in california. >> reporter: i'm nick valencia in atlanta. alabama's governor kay ivey is letting a statewide mask mandate expire at the end of the day. the mandate had been in place since july of 2020 and although the governor called the mandate the right thing to do, saying it was the greatest tool in combatting the virus, she said masks now should be a personal responsibility and not mandated by the government. >> reporter: i'm evan mcmorris-santoro. more colleges are requiring all students be fully vaccinated before they attend classes on campus this fall. on thursday two major schools, notre dame and syracuse, joined that list. a cnn analysis finds 14 schools across the country are currently requiring full vaccination before students return for classes. and that number is expected to grow. >> reporter: i'm martin savidge
2:42 am
in atlanta. florida's governor says he is suing the federal government and the cdc to immediately allow cruising to resume. cruise ships have been prevented from leaving port with passengers under a no sail order issues by the cdc more than a year ago. in october the cdc replaced the order with a conditional sail order, outlining health guidelines for a return to cruising, but still no sailing yet. the plan isn't moving fast enough for governor ron desantis who called the continuing shutdown unreasonable. >> thanks to martin and other our correspondents for those updates on the virus. a blistering report by the watchdog for the u.s. capitol police revealing even more law enforcement failures leading up to the january 6th insurrection. the report includes new details about expired ammunition, inn if he can sieve shields and a previously unreported warning more than two weeks ahead of the deadly riot, that warning was about a map of the capitol's underground tunnels that was
2:43 am
posted on a pro-trump website. the findings suggest there were several lingering issues that the department failed to address. if you think you can buck the system and find a black market coronavirus vaccine on the web, think again. cnn explores the covid underworld online. that's ahead. ♪ ♪ [sneezes] hey allergy muddlers. [sneezes] are your sneezes putting your friends in awkward positions? [sneezes] stick with zyrtec. zyrtec starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. zyrtec. muddle no more. and try children's zyrtec for consistently powerful relief of your kids' allergies. you need a financial plan that can help grow and protect your money. an annuity can help cover essential expenses in retirement. have the right financial professional show you how...
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the global scarcity of covid vaccines is creating a ripe opportunity for criminals to exploit, a black market for vaccine or what sellers say is vaccine is exploding along with a booming trade in fake vaccine passports and negative covid tests. cnn's anna stewart has a closer look at this growing online underworld. >> reporter: available now, satisfaction 100% guaranteed.
2:48 am
ads claiming to sell authentic covid-19 vaccines found on the dark web. >> we can see more than three times more vaccines that were on offer in three months. so it's constantly going up. >> reporter: cybersecurity firm checkpoint has been investigating covid-related ads on the dark web for months. >> so initially it was the medicines, how to treat t we found the vaccines and more and more this. snowballed on and what we found later on was as they became more interested and society starting to unlock and move forward, we then found more interested in being able to buy negative tests and also now with the vaccines rolling out we're finding vaccine passports as well. >> reporter: so this is the marketplace that you initially found. we're seeing moderna, pfizer. >> the latest one we have here is the single dose from johnson & johnson. we can see that as an example of an ad. >> reporter: checkpoint tried to buy a sinovac vaccine on the dark web in january for $750
2:49 am
worth of bitcoin. nothing arrived. >> we don't have any evidence that anyone has bought successfully and got a vaccine and had it delivered. >> reporter: these product aren't just appearing online. interpol issued a global alert last year warning that organized crime networks would take advantage of the pandemic. >> criminals are using any opportunity with these fake certificates, concerning covid-19 vaccination, or test. we have even been seeing in some parts of the world that the criminals are getting physically close to the borders and they are offering these kind of services providing people who desperately would like to cross the border, for instance, to see their relatives, providing them at the border with a fake certificate concerning a negative test result or even a vaccination. >> reporter: last month a fake vaccine distribution ring operating across two continent was dismantled. >> that led to more than 80 arrests in both country and all these thousands of doses of fake vaccines could be taken away
2:50 am
from the market before they, again, put harm to people. >> reporter: both interpol and checkpoint stress you cannot legitimately buy a covid-19 vaccine online. you may never receive a vial and if you do, you don't know what's in it. >> if something looks too good to be true when then this probably s this is what's preyed on, this feeling of desperation is the reason why this exists but my advice 100% would be it's not going to happen. >> reporter: anna stewart, cnn, london. >> thank you. this morning st. vincent and the grenadines are on red alert awaiting a possible volcanic eruption. evacuation orders are in place for thousands of people on the southern caribbean islands. a disaster alert is also in place after at least six tremors were detected at the volcano. a total of four cruise ships from the carnival, royal caribbean and celebrity cruise lines are headed to that area to help with evacuation efforts. saks fifth avenue phasing
2:51 am
out animal. the luxury chain plans to close all of its fur salons by the end of 2021's if i say ral years. all products contains animal fur will be discontinued online and in stores by 2022. sachs fit avenue will continue to sell faux products as well as lather. justin rose's performance gives him the early lead at the augusta national. coy wire has this morning's "bleacher report" live from the masters. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. the tournament back where this belongs in april. the challenging conditions and fast greens gave the world's best golfers fits. 53 guys were under par after the opening round in november, five months later only 12 are in red figures but it didn't seem to affect england's justin rose, the two-time runner up here hadn't played competitively in more than a month due to back issues. an eagle on the 8th sent him into the zone. he would shoot 9 under par on
2:52 am
his final 11 holes. rose is 7 under 65, his best round ever at augusta national and has him four shots in front of the lead after opening day. here he is. >> i never quite knew what was going to happen out there exactly, but i just go on a great run, trying to stay out of my own way and get it to the clubhouse. it's a good reminder you never know what can happen with it out there, just stick with it on the golf course. >> reporter: it is the fourth time that rose has held at least a share of the lead after the opening round. that ties him with the great jack nicklaus for the most in tournament history. rose tees off his second round just after 9:30 eastern. some history being made as the day began. 86-year-old lee elder becoming the first african-american to be an honorary starter. he was the first black man to ever play in the masters in 1975 and says that being there with jack nicklaus and gary player at the first tee was one of the most emotional moments of his
2:53 am
life. and although rory mcilroy finished 4 over on the day he maybe had the most memorable moment. not with a birdie or a bogey, but a daddy. hitting his dad with an errant shot, laura, on 7. i asked him all about it after the round. >> i knew it was my dad when i was aiming at him, so probably 30 seconds before it hit him. >> you told a reporter nearby he was going to demand an autographed glove. how might you have some fun with that as a follow-up. >> he's seen my sign plenty of stuff over the years so i think that's the least of his worries. i think he needs to go and put ice on. maybe autograph a bag of frozen peas for him. >> reporter: now, you knew you were hitting towards dad and you knew you hit him. you are in trouble, right, laura? >> i mean, i hope he's okay. he seems fine. that's got to hurt from that distance, right? geez. >> reporter: my goodness. absolutely. and what are the chances of all people, laura.
2:54 am
>> exactly. all right. coy, thanks so much. have a nice weekend. thanks so much for joining us, everyone. i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next. to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means... grabbing a hold of what matters. asking for what we want. and need. and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. living longer is possible and proven with kisqali when taken with fulvestrant or a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor in hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is approved for both pre-
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see every delivery... we work hard to care for every yikes...ove. and even every awwwwwwww... wait, where was i? introducing self protection from xfinity. designed to put you in control. with real-time notifications and a week of uninterrupted recording. all powered by reliable, secure wifi from xfinity. gotta respect his determination. it's easy and affordable to get started. get self protection for $10 a month. i'm sure matt gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today. >> the investigation surrounding florida congressman matt gaetz
2:59 am
enters a new phase as a key associate signals he might strike a plea deal. >> it's clear that everybody expects greenberg to cooperate against gaetz. >> every statement he's made is potentially incriminating and can work against him. mr. floyd died from a low level of oxygen. >> dr. tobin said four things caused floyd to stop breathing including floyd's position on the concrete. >> the doc has destroyed the defense's theory. >> announcer: this is new day. >> welcome in, united states and all around the world. this is "new day," april, april 9th, 6:00 in new york. i'm john berman. erica hill with me this morning. >> it is friday. >> it is, we're going to make it. new overnight there are receipts, venmo receipts, the latest sign the walls may be closing in on congressman matt gaetz.


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