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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  April 8, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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10:00. time for the big show, cnn tonight and the big star. d. lemon. >> business right now. i didn't like what you did earlier. should i tell everybody? >> okay. >> so i am minding my business today and chris said, hey, did i just pass you? was that you i just passed on the beach? he texted me. i said, no, i am in the city. what are you talking about? he goes, are you sure it wasn't you? i said, no, i am in the city. then he sends me a picture of this giant black seal on the beach.
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you, you know what. i think that was the only time you got me. that was good. >> felt good. >> i bet it did. >> we needed a laugh, considering all tehat's going o, don't you think? >> i will take any laugh i can get. we had some big developments today. obviously, you have the hypocrisy down in texas of the governor saying we need a sanctuary for guns when really we need a sanctuary from guns. you have a shooting after he says it. you have in the chauvin trial, this is the critical phase. >> damning. >> substantial causal factor. the prosecutors have to show that what chauvin did caused the death of floyd, and caused has a specific meaning under law in every state, but specifically in minnesota. it doesn't have to be the only reason he died. see, that's the problem for the defense here. what about the drugs? what about the drugs? even if you want to argue they may have weakened floyd from a
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medical perspective, it doesn't matter. >> right. >> he could still have been the substantial cause of floyd's death. that was big. the venmos that "the daily beast" has with matt gaetz, we don't have it yet -- >> they are calling on him to resign. kissinger is saying time to resign. >> that's politics, okay? you don't know that any of this is true. and the venmos, look, the political bar is here. it's underneath where they can see me right now, somebody to resign. that's politics. >> but criminal -- >> criminal is up here. what were the venmos for? >> i think just before the show we talked about it for a moment as you were getting ready to go. if you -- they don't offer you a deal unless you have something. >> no. i got to tell you, good thing it's just you and me so nobody else will hear this. i was getting this wrong, too. we said he may cooperate, he may flip. >> no. >> we had the wrong tense. now we know --
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>> he flipped. >> he already cooperated. you don't get a plea deal unless you have already made what we call a proffer, which is a nice way of saying a give to the authorities of something they find of value. yeah, it may also be in the deal that you've got to keep doing certain things and they want other things. he has already given it to them. where do we see that? this coinciding of them going after greenberg and then they start investigating gaetz for the same things. how did they get to gaetz? has to go through greenberg. what "the daily beast" is reporting, this moves matt gaetz from the court of public opinion category of nothing into something. he now has something to explain with more than a blanket denial. >> well, it's a very big -- it's very big allegations, and then you have this greenberg character. and there is still intrigue with it. that's why -- >> a ton of intrigue. >> that's our lead story.
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>> people will play politics with it, but this is first indication we have, he has a plea deal, that means he has been working with prosecutors. >> here we go. >> sorry about what i did today, d. >> no, no. >> it was too easy a shot. i know you are sensitive about how you look, especially your shape. >> i needed the laugh, especially with your weight problems. it's okay. >> everybody says it. >> it's one more reason for you to have kids. give you an excuse for a dad body. >> love you, d. lemon. >> i am don lemon and we have huge developments in the doj's, by the way, the trump doj, now it's the biden doj, but this is where this started, the doj's sex trafficking investigation of trump congressman matt gaetz. adam kinzinger calling on gaetz to resign. you hear a "daily beast" reporter telling chris they got
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venmo payments from the congress nan to a local official and hours later payments that add up to the same amount to three young women. again, we will have to see if this all plays out, how it plays out. he didn't speak with any women who received the payments, the reporter. and i should point out there is no conclusive evidence that this was for sex. none of the three women in "the daily beast" mentions were underage. while joel greenberg has been indicted on federal charges, including for trafficking, his connections to gaetz on these matters are still to be established. gaetz is denying all of it. greenberg, a friend of gaetz, who could face decades in prison on 33 federal counts, including identity theft and sex trafficking of a maynor, said to likely strike a plea deal, which could mean a whole lot of pressure on matt gaetz. or in the words of greenberg's attorney, this.
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>> i am sure matt gaetz not feeling very comfortable today. >> probably not. and that's not all. the feds are looking the a trip gaetz took to the bahamas which could be a federal crime if women traveled with him. a lot more to come. senator joe manchin in the spotlight as a crucial 50th vote for democrats in the senate sits down for a cnn exclusive explaining why he says congress can't go this wake and democrats and republicans have to work together. >> january 6th changed me. i was clear with everybody. i never thought in my life, i never read in history books to where our form of government had been attacked at our seat of government, which is washington, d.c., at our capitol by our own people. the british did it, but not americans. so something told me, wait a minute, pause, hit the pause button, something's wrong. you can't have this many people split to where they want to go
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to war with each other. >> the problem and the reason why they want to war is they were led there by a big lie. that big lie led to bigger lie of voter suppression. and georgia's lieutenant governor jeff duncan said it. it all ghez back to the big lie from donald trump and rudy giuliani. >> this is really the fallout from the ten weeks of misinformation from former president trump and i went back over the weekend to look where this started to gain momentum in the legislature and it was when rudy giuliani showed up in a couple of committee rooms and spent hours spreading misinformation and sowing doubt say cross hours of testimony. >> you have to start from the beginning and start with the truth. he is exactly right. well, politicians can't go on this way. the country can't go on this way. where did it start? who is responsible for it? hold who is responsible for it to account. it's not a both sides thing.
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one side spread the big lie and then allowed it to happen and it's now pretending that it didn't happen. so joe manchin, make here you hold that side accountable because we cannot go on this way. you're right. so, the reality of the situation, as i said, something needs to be done. what's on table now is the voting rights act, which the fact is will never, ever happen if republicans have their way. just look at the evidence of what they are doing right now. they want the big lie that led to the insurrection to live on. that is happening on a devastating day, in the murder trial of the officer who kneeled on george floyd's neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. devastating to listen to. and potentially devastating to the defense's case. anybody who watched that video of derek chauvin kneeling on george floyd's neck knows what they saw. a man having the life squeezed right out of him while he cried
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out over and over and over, i can't breathe. today an award-winning expert on exactly that. on breathing, had jurors on the edge of their seats, hanging on to every word as he described in chilling detail what happened in george floyd's last moments. >> at the beginning you can see he is conscious. you can see slight flickering. and then it disappears. so one second he is alive, and one second he is no longer. >> devastating. devastating. devastating. we have seen the videos and the pictures so many times. i'm haunted by them. are you? but we have never seen them like this. never seen them like this.
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he knew it would happen though, but that was even more real than i had anticipated having done this for decades. an expert explaining how george floyd struggled with all his might just to get air in his lungs. while police pressed him into the ground. now i am going to play a longer version of that, okay? so you can hear it the way the jurors did. here it is. >> you can see how he is moving his hip to try and rock the right side of his body to try to get air. you can see him again pushing down in the street to get air in. and through his movements of his hip, you may miss, but he is having to use all of his entire spine to just try to get air into that right side of the body. keep in mind, the left side is
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nonfunctional from the way they have manipulated him and pushed him into the street. so he is trying to crank up his right side of his body. you can see it right there, trying to get some air into his right side of his chest. he is making repeated striking movements. he is moving again, the hips, because he is using his spine to try to get them, those muscles, to move air into the right side of his chest. and he is again trying to use his right arm and he is unable because of the chain, the small chain linking it over to the left side. he is trying to push down on that right arm into the street to try to help him, but he is unable to do it because of the chain on the handcuffs. >> hard to listen to. but that's what a human being does when the breath is being squeezed out of them. the defense trying to raise doubts here.
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questioning why there weren't bruises on george floyd's neck. dr. tobin had a very human answer to that. >> there was also a reference made to the absence of bruising on the neck during autopsy? >> yes. >> does that make any difference to you whatsoever? >> no, obviously, whenever i go to church i sit on a hard bench. i don't get bruising of my buttocks when i leave. so i wouldn't expect anything in terms of that. >> then he went on to demolish the fence. he said somehow it was george floyd's pre-existing conditions that killed him at the exact moment that a police officer bass kneeling on his neck. >> you were asked quite a few questions about mr. floyd's pre-existing health conditions? >> correct. >> he cited a number of those? >> yes. >> do any of those krns have anything to do with the cause of mr. floyd's death in your professional opinion whatsoever? >> none whatsoever. >> what was the cause such that those conditions don't matter? >> the cause of death is a low
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level of oxygen that caused the brain damage and caused the heart to stop. >> well, he went on to say even a person with no pre-existing conditions would have died as a result of what happened to george floyd. and then there was a police surgeon when poked holes ain another of the defense theories. testifying that drugs had nothing to do with george floyd's death. >> he is talking. he is not snoring. he is saying, you know, please, please get off of me, i want to breathe, i can't breathe. that is not a fentanyl overdose. that is somebody begging to breathe. >> science. the defense is trying to convince jurors not to believe what they saw. what we all saw with our own eyes and heard with our own ears
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for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. what we heard from the doctors today could be devastating to their case. hard to watch, i know, but this is the news. we got to play it for you. it had to be devastating for george floyd's family to hear all of this. i am going to ask his cousin what it was like for the family today. >> it is clear what killed george floyd was an overdose of excessive force. idelity. and with a scenario that makes it a possibility, she'll enjoy her dream right now. that's the planning effect, from fidelity.
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delivering powerful testimony in the derek chauvin trial saying george floyd died from a lack of oxygen caused by the force used against him. dr. martin tobin forcibly refuting the defense's argument that drugs or health problems led to george floyd's death. he also described how floyd was desperately trying to breathe while chauvin had his knee on his neck. >> from the right image, you see his knuckle against the tire. and to most people, this doesn't look terribly significant, but
7:19 pm
to a physiologist, this is extraordinarily significant because this tells you that he has used up his resources and he is now literally trying to breathe with his fingers and knuckles. you can see that mr. floyd has his face rammed into the street because he is using his face here to try to crank up his chest. he is actually using his forehead and nose and his chin as a way of trying to help him get air into the right side of his chest. >> as i said, devastating. devastating. devastating. i want to bring in tera brown now, george floyd's cousin and director of the george floyd foundation. tara, thank you so much for joining us. man, that was -- i hate to ask you, but seeing that and reliving that, what does it do to you? >> i literally cried just about
7:20 pm
every day since the trial started. as you could imagine, it is hard to watch, and it's worse than what we even thought, just having to watch that, and then, you know, the explanations of how certain things happened, it's just devastating to watch. >> he is talking about the last moments that your cousin was trying to breathe, all the difficult days in trial to date, was this the hardest? >> this was one of the hardest. the first day was hard. the third day was extremely hard. today was one of the hardest for sure. >> so he went through how george floyd was doing everything that he could to get air. very difficult to watch. and just yesterday the defense was trying to use george floyd saying, you know, i can't breathe as an argument against
7:21 pm
him. but, you know, we and the jury can see what happened with our own eyes and we can hear him with our own ears. >> yes, and today i thought today's dr. tobin's testimony was outstanding. because it confirmed what we all know and we knew what we saw, and so it was really good that he gave us his opinion, but it was really outstanding the way he explained how he came to those conclusions. and he did it in such a way that people like me could understand exactly what that means. >> yeah, because the jury was taking notes, watching closely. the jury was even touching their necks. what did you think when you saw that and when you hear, you know, about the note-taking and all of that?
7:22 pm
>> that's very important because that tells me that they were engaged and they wanted to understand what it was that he was explaining to us. so, for me, that was amazing. i was happy to see that they were taking notes and they were very engaged today. >> yeah. well, i mean, that is really the key, right? the key is going to be the cause much death. so i think that the testimony today is probably some of the most important, if not the most important, testimony that will happen during this trial. it also took aim at the defense's argument that george floyd's pre-existing conditions or drugs led to his death. listen to this. >> do you have an opinion to a reasonable degree of medical certainty as to whether a person who had none of those pre-existing health conditions, a healthy person, would have died under the same circumstances as mr. floyd? >> yes, a healthy person
7:23 pm
subjected to what mr. floyd was subjected to would have died as a result of what he was subjected to. >> you are familiar with the way people die from fentanyl? >> yes. >> do they or do they not go into a coma before they die from a fentanyl overdose? >> yes, they will. >> was mr. floyd ever in a coma? >> no. >> how do you think the prosecution is doing to stop the attempts by the defense to make it seem like your cousin is on trial here? >> i think that they are doing a very good job in that aspect because they want to keep bringing up the point that there were drugs in his system and the testimony today made it very clear that what caused his death was the excessive force that was used, restraining him and leaning on his neck and even on his his back.
7:24 pm
there is no doubt in my mind that people understand it the same way i is. it was explained very well, that the drugs had nothing to do with the cause of his death. >> begging and pleading. i can't breathe. he is telling them that he can't breathe and doesn't care. we are expecting the defense to start introducing their witnesses next week. we know what their strategy is. i am sure you guys are preparing. can you prepare for what's coming next? >> i thought i was prepared for what we've had to deal with since this trial started. you know, i am optimistic. i'm trying to, you know, be prepared for it. but as best we can. i just -- it's more than, you know, you could possibly imagine to have to deal with that. >> i can't.
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tara, thank you. be well. appreciate you. >> thank you. we'll be right back. wait... i want a bucket of chicken... i want... ♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win.
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lots of stories we are following tonight from congressman matt gaetz's deepening problems. the republican voting rights and president biden's executive actions on guns being followed by another mass shooting. matthew dowd is here. let's discuss with him. a former chief strategist for president george w. bush. thank you. good to see you. >> you, too. >> boy, we got a lot to talk about. you are in texas where there has been another mass shooting hours after president joe biden called gun violence an epidemic and an embarrassment. the texas governor tweeting just hours after biden's announcement today, calling it a liberal power grab to take away our
7:30 pm
guns. he went straight for the knee jerk political reaction, didn't he? >> yeah. and what makes it even crazier, don, is on the same day that happens, a tragedy, and again more gun tragedy in texas. the house republicans committee passed voting restrictions today. so on one hand we are sort of advocating ease of access to guns, and on the other hand we are creating restrictions to voting on the same exact day, which makes this whole situation completely bizarre when we should be doing the reverse. they are, you know, making it harder to vote, easier to get guns. >> i want to stick with guns for a second and then i will talk to you about voting rights and joe manchin and how he feels about the filibuster. on this issue of guns, the president's executive order tightens these restrictions on ghost guns, the kind that you assemble yourself. congress has to act for real
7:31 pm
reform here. biden says that there is public support for common sense laws to stop gun violence. there has been public support for a long time. again he is exercising bipartisanship by doing things that have the support of a lot of americans, not just republicans. will that catch on? >> well, it's caught on with the american public. as you know, there is a super majority in the country, republicans, democrats, and independents for common sense gun reform. i am a gun owner. i own five rifles. the majority of gun owners not only in texas, but around the country, support these gun reforms. and so the public is all for it. they have been pushing it. we have seen races as we talked about before, the georgia race, other races decided on this issue, on people that were for gun reform. the problem is washington, d.c., and the republican party in washington, d.c., has stood firmly in the minority on this. but biden is riding the wave of
7:32 pm
public sentiment on this. we just have a democracy that's broken. >> let's talk about what i mentioned. senator joe manchin telling cnn tonight he supports president biden's actions on guns, but he won't get rid of the filibuster. not even for voting rights. here it is. >> some progressives think you are standing in the way of significant changes the president could make on voting rights because you don't want to get rid of the filibuster. other changes on gun reform -- >> try to work towards the middle. you can't work on the fringes. you cannot work on fringes. we want fair, open, secured elections. and what georgia has done some things which i thought were atrocious, okay? but i'm also a secretary of state and i have been a governor and i know the tenth amendment. i know my rights as far as states rights. i don't think there should be an overreaching, if you will, federal elections. >> so, okay.
7:33 pm
all right. help me understand something here. he calls what happened in georgia atrocious, but a similar set of bills is underway in your state in texas. he is saying you got to work towards the middle and that you can't work with the fringes. how is voting rights a fringe issue? that's not a fringe issue. >> no. i think joe manchin, i understandably he is a democrat in a red state like west virginia so he has to take a balance. y but he is making the wrong argument on the filibuster. the filibuster isn't helping create places where you can reach common sense -- >> it is creating the problem. >> it's creating the division in this country. he, i don't think, fully understands the history of the filibuster, which was use by segregationists throughout history to block rights not only for african americans, but many people of color in this country. and so the filibuster -- the idea that you can't change a rule because it's some sort of rule is what was allowed
7:34 pm
unjust -- we had a fugitive slave act in this country. so the idea is like, well, that's the law, we got to do, we will go along with it. at some point justice demands a change in rules or procedures to get to a just position. and when we have in this country today the majority of the country supports access to voting, easier access to voting, the majority of the country supports an increase in the major, majority of the country supports common sense gun reform, none of which is happening and the primary reason it's not happening is because of the filibuster rule. and so if he really wants to do what the majority of the country wants, he would be getting rid of the filibuster rule and negotiating with other democrats on what they want to do. >> i think this whole idea about, you know, that it's -- i just think what he's -- his ideas are outdated about what is balanced and is not, what is fringe and what's not fringe.
7:35 pm
wanting common sense gun laws, that's not fringe. wanting people to have access to -- as many people as possible to have access to the voting booth, that's not a fridnge issue. i don't know why he is comparing the people on the right who want all of these crazy fringe things are saying, you know, he said, we want our elections to be secure. this was the most secure election in american history. so what is he talking about? >> you know what, don? one thing we have, and we can have a longer conversation one day about the myth of american history and the myth of america and so many people's miss understanding about who we are and what we've done in our country and we could have a much broader conversation about that, but the understanding of where we are in the country today, if you -- the freedom house, which is a bipartisan or nonpartisan group that ranks democracies in the world ever year. you know what we're ranked in the world as a democracy?
7:36 pm
58th. america is ranked 58th as a democracy in the world. and you know the number one reason? our dysfunction. our dysfunction that doesn't allow us to accomplish stuff that we need to do in the 21st century. it's time to abandon the old rules. we look at the constitution and see what is in the constitution is impediments to our democracy and do the things that the majority of the country wants. the reason why people don't trust washington is because washington isn't didn't doing what they want. >> yeah. before you go, i want to talk about matt gaetz. republican sp are for matt gaetz has been practically non-existent. republican adam kinzinger calling for him to resign. read the tea leaves here. how long can he hang on? >> i mean, i think the republicans -- we had a president that, what was it, 26 or 27 women had valid
7:37 pm
allegations of sexual harassment or sexual abuse against the president and he got nominate and he almost won a second term? i think the only way it keeps going -- the only way it stops and matt gaetz ultimately resigns or is removed from the house is if the criminal prosecution of matt gaetz proceeds. he is not going to resign because of how the republican party has supported people that are basically neanderthals throughout this whole thing. it's going to take a criminal prosecution in order to get matt gaetz to be removed from the house, in my view. >> math yeah dowd, thank you, sir. always a pleasure. >> thanks, don. the feds now investigating whether women were paid to travel to the bahamas for sex with congressman matt gaetz. "the daily beast" says they have new evidence. stay with us.
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"the daily beast" saying they have new evidence in the matt gaetz evidence and there is another development that could spell trouble for the republican congressman who is being investigated for sex allegations, for allegations of sex trafficking and prostitution. so an attorney says that joel greenberg, a gaetz associate, who is a key figure in the investigation, is likely to strike a plea deal and cooperate with federal prosecutors. i want to discuss now. harry litman here, a former u.s. attorney and a former deputy assistant attorney general. so good to see you. it's been a minute. we love having you. >> thanks, don, you, too. >> listen, let's talk about -- a reporter for "the daily beast" telling chris earlier they obtained venmo records showing payments from the congressman to his friend joel greenberg and then payments from greenberg to three other women, three young women. watch this. >> what we have are venmo
7:43 pm
payments that show payments from the congressman to this local official and then hours later payments that add up to the same exact amount to three young women, one who turned out to be a porn star. all of these women are extremely young. >> meaning what? >> one just turned 18 six months before that happened. are you familiar with the venmo app? when you make an online payment you have to do two things. pick who you are going to it send it to, how much, and what it is for. that's key to understanding what we have here. what we have obtained are venmo payment records that show that late one night in late may 2018 the congressman sent two payments to joel greenberg, this local official. the first payment is $500. it says test. the second payment is $400 and it says hit up and then it names a girl. we chose not to name her yet. but just seven or eight hours later joel greenberg makes three
7:44 pm
payments totaling $900, including one of them who was named by matt gaetz. >> so "the daily beast" points out that there is no conclusive evidence that it was for sex and none of the three women were underage. and the reporter didn't speak with any of the women who received these payments. gaetz denies ever paying for sex or having slept with a 17-year-old, okay. now that i got all of that legal stuff out of the way. >> right. >> i just had to make sure. what do you think? >> so i'll add one little detail. these were public records before and they adistrict appeared from gaetz's records this week. what do i think? i think it's really clear that gaetz and greenberg were sort of partners in crime, kind of the biggest jerks in a rich kid's fraternity and there is sex floating around and pictures and drugs, ecstasy and weird payments. what exactly does it add up to? i think it's hard, don, to say
7:45 pm
right now. that's why they have been v investigating for over eight months. are there underage sex partners? hard to say. here is the most important fact. the doj and the defense attorney stood up in court today and said there is going to be a plea deal. that just wouldn't happen casually. that couldn't happen, in fact, unless it's gone all the way up to merrick garland, who approved it. what does it mean to say there is going to be a plea deal? it means that the department has concluded that whatever gaetz has done, it's as bad as greenberg has done. they are not going to have a less culpable person cooperate against a more. and that they have concluded thwarts and all, and greenberg that is a lot of warts, they can still make the case between greenberg and some of the female victims. so that was just sort of said blandly in court today. if you read between the lines
7:46 pm
and know how the doj work, they have left a little room to wiggle out, but it's clear that everybody expects greenberg to cooperate against gaetz and we have a whole sort of lurid series of different kind of potential criminal activity. >> greenberg's attorney today. listen. >> i think that mr. greenberg, if he accepts a plea or plea agreement, that, one, it will show the sense of remorse, which he does have, and acceptance of responsibility. number two, i think he's uniquely situated. i'm sure matt gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today. >> well, so i want to get your response to that. let me just say, greenberg faces 33 counts, including stalking,
7:47 pm
wire fraud, creating fake i.d.s and sex trafficking. all right. they wouldn't be willing to work out a deal with greenberg if he didn't have something big and verifiable to offer? >> that's right. big. and it really has to be bigger than what he has done. he does have all of those counts, don, but they are three different indictments. here we are focused on the second. the sex trafficking. but doj guidelines say don't cooperate down, even if you have got a big scalp, a congressman. some people could cheat on that maybe, local young prosecutors who want to make a name for themselves, but not merrick garland. and at this stage you can certain specially with no deputy attorney general yet confirmed, this has gone all the way up to him and he is confirmed and agreed with the basic judgment that gaetz has a lot of baggage and a lot of crimes and that they think they can make the case. again, a little room to wiggle out, but they just wouldn't say that to the court unless they were really expecting it.
7:48 pm
may 15th is the golden date. that's when they are going to come in and finalize the plea agreement. if everything goes bad, he'll go to trial in july. but everybody is expecting him to come forward and that's based on things that his lawyers have already told the department of justice. that spells big trouble. we don't know exactly the letters, but spells big trouble for matt gaetz. >> why would his lawyers say that? were you surprised his lawyers said, he is probably not feeling two comfortable. i was surprised. >> yeah, in fact, not so smart because, remember, in court they didn't say who the cooperation would be against. in general, at that press conference he was sort of bobbing and weaving and didn't see ready. but he told us, and in fact, you know, it would have been a strong guess already, i had guessed it, many others had, but he confirms it. matt gaetz, it's not feeling too comfortable. what does that mean? and we know, by the way, the facts as they are coming out have all these kind of hijinks
7:49 pm
and, you know, really, really sort of lurid criminal details involving falsification perhaps of records and of campaign finance stuff. these two, who were apart for -- they were not allies. they didn't -- they weren't close together. their relationship was the grossest sort of frat boy criminal stuff of sharing partners. greenberg was the one who went online, procured them for gaetz, maybe for third parties. again, not sure of the specifics, but it is not pretty. >> thank you, sir. i appreciate it. >> thank you, sir. good to be with you. john boehner ripping into trump, lashing out at congress, taking on the republican parties. all of the bombshells coming out of his book next fofrmtz the harry's razor is not the same.
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former house speaker john boehner is throwing some punches in his new book going after donald trump, ted cruz and the party he once led. here's brian todd. >> reporter: there was a time when john boehner tread lightly when it came to donald trump. >> the president is probably the most unique person we've had as president. the fact is he's president. >> reporter: consider that chapter closed. in his new book on the house, boehner rips into the former president, koosing trump of inciting the riot. and he skewers trump for being petty and bullying. boehner writes of a time he went golfing with president before trump was president and aides mistakenly introduced their two golf partners by the wrong names telephone end of the round with trump found out he'd been calling them wrong names the
7:55 pm
entire time, boehner wrote, trump government shouted, what are you? some kind of idiot? you want to know how to remember somebody's name? you f-ing lisson that shows the contrast between the two men of at least listening. president trump was mercurial, self-centered. >> reporter: a spokesperson responded by calling baoehner a swamp creature. baiper writes that he once told then democratic leader. he recalls an incident where the fellow republican congressman don young got so angry with boehner over the ear marks that young held a ten-inch knife to boehner's throat just off the house floor. young told politico, boehner's account is mostly true. in the book excerpts, john boehner shows a particular
7:56 pm
detestation of ted cruz who bain her already spoken dericively. >> i've never worked with a more miserable -- >> reporter: in the book, discussing the rise of the tea party while he was speaker and younger republicans who were less interested in cutting deals with democrats. boehner writes, there's nothing more dangerous than a reckless a-hole who thinks he is smarter than everybody else. ladies and gentlemen, meet senator ted cruz. >> what he detested about senator ted cruz was this dramatic his treasonic style that wasn't about legislating but about scoring points in the media and that's what led boehner to move away. >> reporter: we reached out for a response to boehner's book. they referred to us a tweet from senator cruz implying that he is obsessed with cruz. cruz did joke about boehner's criticism.
7:57 pm
saying who is john boehner? an expert testifying that derek chauvin kept his knee on george floyd's neck more than three minutes after he stopped breathing. that and what else you need to know from today's testimony. that's next. (vo) the subaru outback. dog tested. dog approved. aliens are real, alright. there's just too much evidence. kill weeds not the lawn with roundup for lawns products.
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