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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  April 6, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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and highly hockey won't save the world's climate, at least the organizers hope that will cause some to take action to try and preserve the natural playing fields of the game that so many love so much. fred pleitgen, cnn. >> our thanks to fred. our coverage on cnn continues right now. welcome to viewers here and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." we're following important new developments in the derek chauvin murder trial as the prosecution builds its case that the former minneapolis police officer violated the company policy when he put his knee on george floyd's neck. the key witness during today's testimony, a use of force instructor told the or used the
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least amount of force necessary and that chauvin's reresponse was, was not an authorized tactic and an ambitious new timeline from president biden to make all american adults, everyone over the age of 16 eligible for the covid vaccine by april 19th nearly two weeks this as california announced plans to fully reopen by june 15th. let's begin our coverage this hour with the derek chauvin murder trial. cnn's omar jimenez is just outside the courtroom in minneapolis. omar, the prosecution has been very carefully the case that chauvin violated policy when he restrained george floyd when he put his knee on his neck. >> they have, wolf, and for starters george floyd's brother rodney in the courtroom today has said it's like watching a movie. there are so many ideas of what
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is going to happen, and that's really the process we're in the middle of right now. today's testimony was law enforcement and law enforcement only. the vast majority of them coming from the minneapolis police department. >> what is proportional force? >> well, you want to use the least amount of force necessary to -- to meet your objectives. >> more than 20 witnesses have been called in the trial for derek chauvin. many of them officers. >> if you don't have a pulse on a person you'll immediately start cpr. just because they are speaking doesn't mean they are breathing adequately. >> but week two of testimony has largely focused on training. >> police lieutenant johnny murcill is with the training division with the minneapolis police department. >> is this an mpd-trained neck restraint? >> no, sir. >> he admitted though that there are snarious where a knee on the neck does happen in times of aggressive resistance, but -- >> for example, the subject was under control and handcuffed
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works this authorized? >> i would say no. >> the defense for derek chauvin pushing the lieutenant to their central argument. >> i can't both. >> that george floyd died largely from drugs and his medical history asking about drugs and adrenaline which the lieutenant says can speed up the process of going unconscious. >> the higher your blood rate, your respiration and heart rate, generally the faster a neck restraint affects somebody. >> and how long based on your training and experience does it typically take to render a person unconscious using a neck restraint? >> my exexperience under ten seconds. >> under ten seconds. >> yes, sir. >> the lieutenant is among multiple senior level officers at the minneapolis police department to testify in recent days and the second to testify tuesday on topics ranging from use of force to crisis intervention. >> please raise your right hand. >> surge ker yang is with the
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crisis development training. >> i know those situations do exist. they do happen, but a lot of time -- a lot of time we have the time to slow things down and re-evaluate and reassess and go through this model. >> court tuesday also focused on chauvin's exact knee placement which argued was more on floyd's back that the point. >> does this appear to be a prone hold that an officer may apply with his knee? >> yes. >> while prosecutors argued the exact placement matters less than what they argue it led to, especially since floyd was already under control. >> you talked about the prone position in and of itself being something that can lead to positional asphyxia. is that right? >> yes, sir. >> would that risk be increased by the addition of body weight? >> yes, sir. >> and later in the day the
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defense returned to one of their defenses, that a loud crowd was a distraction. >> does it make it more likely to assess a patient? >> it does. >> does it make it more likely that you may miss something that the suspect is experiencing? >> yes. >> so the distraction can actually harm the potential care of the patient? >> yes. >> and the defense actually wants to call that officer nicole mckenzie back as one of their witnesses likely to drill down on the influence of a crowd and more. the final witness called today was a sergeant from the los angeles police department who was testifying as a use of force expert. things ended pretty abruptly in the middle of his testimony after a sidebar discussion so that's where we're going to pick things back up tomorrow morning when court gets back in session and now that we've seen the current minneapolis police chief testify which he did yesterday, one of the more high-profile witnesses to watch in the future is going to be when the hennepin county medical examiner takes a
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stand to of course testify on that central question here, what was george floyd's actual cause of death? >> yeah. >> that will be critically important, i suspect when that expert testifies. omar, stay with us. i want to bring into our conversation also with us our legal analyst elliott williams and criminal defense attorney mark o'mara. how successful do you think the prosecution has been at least so far in proving that chauvin violated policy by keeping his knee on floyd's neck for what, almost ten minutes? >> well, wolf, i wouldn't say they have proven it, but they have certainly established it, to sort of use the legal distinction there. they made the case quite clearly and frankly it's hard to know what else they could put on. starting with the police chief and also expert testimony. you know, people usually can't testify as to their own opinions in criminal trials. that's why you have experts and people -- they spent 25 minutes establishing what this individual's credentials were,
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and he said based on my education, training and experience this was excessive force, and so it's going to be hard to overcome that. that said i think that this was probably the most successful day for the defense. nicole mckenzie, the medical coordinator did give some openings, and as omar had said the defense is going to call her back so that could be a bright point for the defense, but, again, it was another quite strong day for the prosecution. >> mark, do you think the prosecution, at least inadvertently gave the defense a bit of a window of opportunity today because a few of the witnesses did, as you heard, they did agree with some. defense's line of questioning. >> i do think that they may have opened some doors that they should not have old. have you to be very careful overprosecuting a case. we saw in the casey anthony case that there was so much put in the that they started losing the jury, and in a case like this, they do have to establish the violation of policies and they did that, but my concern is that they are almost overdoing it,
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and don't forgot, a good criminal defense attorney is going to find reasonable doubt in a conflict in the evidence as well as a lack of evidence, so if there's a conflict in the evidence, if they have got different people, different cops saying different things about knee on the back, knee on the shoulder, how long you can do it, body weight versus knee and choking out, the more you give the defense the more they will be able to argue the differentials between the two, so i think the state has to be very careful to move on and get past this. no questioning of violated principles and now let's move on to the issue that's really critical and that is did chauvin's actions cause or contribute to the death of george floyd and that's their focus point. >> the cause of death. that will be very, very important. >> elliott, multiple officials now from the minneapolis police department have testified that chauvin acted inappropriately. do you expect the defense to call as many witnesses to testify that chauvin actually
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acted appropriately? >> so, look, the legal standard from the supreme court case that came up today graham versus o'connor is about objective reasonableness, and reasonableness is itself a fuzzy term. the supreme court doesn't lay out precisely what the standards are. it's sort of the deverrett of the -- the severity of the crime and the nature of the threat that he's posed and those are all subjective terms and the defense is not able to put on an equal number of witnesses. but they will certainly poke holes in the prosecution's case and like mark had said you can either number one point to the absence of evidence but also, number two, just pick at the evidence that has already been presented, and all they have to do is get in one juror's head than would be sufficient to -- until we do an acquittal here. >> to have a hung jury as they say. omar, we've been in minneapolis for a while.
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have many members of the police department actually spoken out in the support of derek chauvin since george floyd's death? >> we really haven't seen that on any organized scale at this point. in fact, a lot of what we've seen come from the police is trying to distance themselves from the actions of derek chauvin. of course, that was solidified by the minneapolis police chief when he testified yesterday but that's been a consistent theme really since may until now. if you remember, last week when we heard from a police lieutenant at the police department, he was among a group of 14 separate officers within the police department that had condemned chauvin's behavior back in june, so it does seem that every few months or so or at least over the course of this time people within the department, at least leadership, seem to be cognizant of how closely members of the community are watching what is happening here and trying to maintain their character and their -- their values they believe that they hold as officers and not necessarily make it dependant on
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what derek chauvin has done and the case surrounding him. >> you know, mark, the medical response coordinator who actually taught derek chauvin cpr said he was trained to immediately start cpr when someone becomes unresponsive. how important was -- was that for the jurors to hear that testimony? >> i think that's extraordinarily important for a couple of reasons. again, this is like a three-dimensional chess game that you're playing in a trial. of course, you're trying to address a number of issues, and what the prosecution is addressing there is to counter the argument that chauvin was doing what he had to do under the then existing circumstances, that he had to keep floyd under control, but then what that is taken care of, the failure to give that type of aid, if you think about it, really shows the -- the spirit of chauvin, right? it sort of shows that he must not have cared because he not only violated the force rule but the other rule, the humanitarian
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rule of please care for a person who you know is in pain or injured, and he failed that, so i think it's very important for the prosecution because they have got to paint chauvin not as somebody who messed up on his training but actually had that -- what we call mens re-a, the criminal intention and guilt. >> chauvin's defense today argued that even when a suspect isn't resisting, the situation could change at any moment, but how does that argument line up with what the jurors actually saw on that video? >> that's the thing. if i were arguing the case, what i would say in closing argument right here is use your common sense. don't leave it at the door. regardless of what the defense is arguing, look at what you saw on that video, and can you -- you know, there are these confusing graphs that were shown today, matrix of threat and so on. just put it into terms of what you understand. you saw a knee on the neck and
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then you saw a man die after, that and it's quite straightforward when you simplify it into those terms and the defense is frankly doing an excellent job at trying to complicate that and muddy that, and as a matter of common sense it's just going to be dish think the prosecution has a clearer line to make an argument just to speak to what the jurors know they saw and what the prosecution has in terms of the cell phone videos. >> quickly, mark, did that medical coordinator who testified today seem to debunk the idea that if someone can talk they can also breathe? >> cricket. i thought that was very well done by the prosecution, again, because the thought was the argument was by the cops you're not -- you can breathe, you're not thought bad because you can complain. that's both inhumane to say and now countered by direct evidence. anyone who knows people who are crying out in pain and trying to survive knows that your last breath may be a cry for help and that doesn't mean you're doing
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well. >> all right. guys, thank you very, very much. we're going to continue to stay on top of this trial. as i say, they have wrapped up their testimony for the day. come up, president biden says every adult in the united states will be eligible for a covid vaccine by april 19th, but it's not clear when most americans who want a shot will actually be able to get one, and we'll also update you on major league baseball's decision to move the all-star game out of georgia. when you earn a degree with university of phoenix, we support you with career coaching for life. including personal branding, resume building, and more. that's our promise to you. that's career services for life. learn more at
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as carla wonders if she can retire sooner, she'll revisit her plan with fidelity. and with a scenario that makes it a possibility,
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she'll enjoy her dream right now. that's the planning effect, from fidelity. a short time ago over at the white house president biden is moving up the date at which all adults over the age of 16 will now become eligible for coronavirus vaccines. let's go to our white house correspondent phil factually. phil, tell us more. what exactly is the president suggesting? >> reporter: well, wolf, president biden making it clear he wants to speed things up when it comes to the vaccine rollout as tens of millions of doses come online each week and he's urging patients as this process continues to play out and urging caution with new variants spreading nationwide.
2:19 pm
>> this matters. people see you get the shot. it helps get other people to get the shot. >> reporter: tonight president biden moving up the vaccine eligibility deadline in the race against new pandemic spread. >> by no later than april 19th in every part of this country every adult over the age of 18 or older will be eligible to be vaccinated. no mar confusing rules. no more confusing restrictions. >> reporter: the move to april 19th from may 1st underscoring the sheer scale of vaccine supply now rushing across the country. biden touring a vaccine site across the river in virginia touting the u.s. to become the first country to administer more than 150 million shots with more than 165 million total as of last night. yesterday we crossed 150 million shots in 75 days, the first 75 days of my administration.
2:20 pm
on our way to hitting our goal of 200 million shots by the 100th day in office. >> reporter: but also the palpable concern of white house officials of the variants with cases up for the fourth straight week. >> they are more virulent and some are more dangerous, but the vaccines work on all of them so the idea is don't think that means you shouldn't get a vaccine. that ineases -- that increases the need to get one quickly. that's how we'll pete this. >> reporter: all as the white house ramps up its push on the $2 trillion spending package with a blitz by cabinet and administration officials. >> they have been hard at work making calls to democratic chairs and republican ranking members of the relevant committees. >> reporter: but even at this early stage, gop support seems increasingly unlikely. >> it would have to be completely re-crafted in a way that was not going to engage in
2:21 pm
undoing the tax increase, have it credibly paid for without running even more of the debt. >> reporter: something senior democratic aides tell cnn they are keenly aware of, making a procedural door opened up on monday night all the more important. democrats saying the senate parliamentarian has given the green height to moving an additional major bill through the arcane budget proses that allows passage with a simple majority vote even as a senior democratic aide acknowledged it was a good first step but with significant details still to be determined. the white house for now leaving the legislative steps up to congressional leaders. >> we'll least mechanisms and the determination of the mechanisms to leaders in congress, but right now less than a week after he announced the american jobs plan our focus is on engaging with democrats and republicans with staff, with committee staff and inviting members to the white house next
2:22 pm
week. >> reporter: wolf, while the administration moving up the eligibility deadline will certainly streamline the process countrywide, there's also the president himself imploring a certain group of individual to get vaccinated now. that is individuals of 5 and older. the most vulnerable population. the administration officials say almost 75% of those individuals have gotten at least one shot. however, given the fact that so many more people will be signing up soon and so many more people will be eligible soon, the president imploring that group to get vaccinated now, recognizing that vaccines are going to go fast, faster than ever before in the weeks ahead. wolf. >> so critically important. phil, thanks very much. let's discuss with our cnn medical analyst and former emergency room decision and baltimore city health administrator. all adults who will be eligible for the vaccine by april 19th, will that be enough to address what is really alarming now,
2:23 pm
very sad, disproportionate rise in cases among younger people? >> well, wolf, i do think that president biden's announcement today about opening up eligibility sooner is really important because speed at this point is the name of the game. we know that vaccinations not only proper text the individual, it also substantially reduces the likelihood of people spreading the infection, so the more quickly we can get shots in arms the better. the last thing that we would want is for there to be a supply/demand mismatch. if there are lots of vaccines ready to be distributed and the eligibility group is not open that would be a problem. i am worried about the increasing proportion of younger people getting ill. some that have is to be expected because older individuals are vaccinated so they are more well protected, but i think that again underscores the importance of speed here. we really need to be getting as many shots in arms as possible and making sure that there is equity, so getting people to the
2:24 pm
vaccines as much as we can. >> yeah. we're hearing all these very disturbing reports that people in their 30s and 40s all of a sudden getting very, very sick and winding up in the hospital. california, as you know, doctor, is set to fully reopen on june 15th. given that the dangerous coronavirus variant now detected in the uk, that variant is spreading throughout all 50 state. will california be able to safely reopen in just ten weeks? >> well, june is still some time away. the pace of vaccinations will rapidly ping, and we'll get to the a pretty good level when it comes to level of immunity and level of protection including in california at that point. i do think that the announcement by governor newsom, he did also mention that mask mandates are going to still be in place which is a lot better than what's happening in many other parts of the country. i think we need to recognize businesses need to be -- schools need to be open. we need to get back to normal, but masks and vaccines are our
2:25 pm
pathway back to normalcy. >> what do you make of that discussion about vaccine passports, dr. wen? could proof of vaccination be helpful? is this an overreach? where do you stand on this? >> here's what i do think is an overreach, wolf. it's an overreach when governors like the governor of texas and florida say that businesses are forbidden from implementing their own measures. i mean, plenty of consumers may feel more comfortable if everyone around them also are vaccinated because that protects them and they may feel better. they may feel safer if everybody around them is vaccinated so why is it okay for the government to be saying to businesses you can't do this. you can't help your consumers feel safer. that to me is government overreach and i think we really need to define where are the limits of government here? the same individuals who don't want to constrict individual freedom should not be constricting business' freedom and restricting those -- the ability of businesses to protect their customers. >> dr. wen, as usual, thanks so
2:26 pm
much for joining us. up next, i'll speak with the colorado governor jared polis about major league baseball's decision to move the all-star game from georgia to colorado, to denver, and later congressman matt gaetz pushing back against allegation naz he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl but few of his republican colleagues are actually publicly supporting his fight. ♪ na na na na... ♪ hey hey hey. ♪ goodbye. ♪ na na na na... ♪ hey hey hey. ♪ goodbye. ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na... the world's first six-function multipro tailgate. available on the gmc sierra.
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just days after pulling the all-star game out of george in protest of the state's restrictive new voting law,
2:31 pm
major league baseball says denver, denver colorado will be the new host of the mid-summer classic. here's what president biden had to say about that decision moments ago. >> it is reassuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new jim crow laws are just antithetical to who we are. there's another side to it, too. the other side to it, too, is when they in fact move out of georgia the people who need the help the most, people who are making hourly wages sometimes get hurt the most. >> let's discuss. we're joined by colorado's governor jared polis. governor, thank you so much for joining us. so what message does this decision, first of all, to move the all-star game from atlanta to denver, what message does
2:32 pm
that send? >> it says get ready for an epic home run derby at a mile above sea level. it's going to be an awesome game july 13th, home run derby july 12th. we couldn't be more excited, wolf. it's going to be about $190 million of economic activity, a great chance to showcase coors field in colorado to a national audience. we're incredibly excited. >> but you also heard the president just said yes, he supports whatever decisions these companies are making like major league baseball, for example, but that it's often the workers who make hourly wages who end up getting hurt, for example, all those workers in than thea who are now going to suffer as a result of decision to move the game from atlanta to denver, so what's the solution that protects both the american voter and middle class american workers? >> well, colorado has first rate voter integrity laws, universal mail ballot goes out three weeks before the election.
2:33 pm
we have the second highest voter turnout in -- in the entire nation. we're very proud of that, but, you know, the all-star game is about having fun and denver is a great place to do it. we have terrific weather in july. we're excited to showcase our state before a national audience and we're hopeful other states learn about successfully run elections, too. we do a great job at elections in colorado also >> you understand the problem by moving it out of atlanta all those workers will be suffering. at least tens of millions in wages are going to go away. stacey abrams in georgia makes that point and mayor quiche yeah, lanse bottoms makes that point. you just heard the president make that point, but i assume that's something that major league baseball and other major businesses have to think about. >> this is not a zero sum game. we're excited about the jobs the all-star game is going to create in our area, jobs in the service
2:34 pm
industry, a big weekend, hospitality industry so there's going to be a net gain of jobs in colorado, a chance to showcase. cole alcohol been in the running. we were working on preparations for a bid for an all-star game '24 and '23, a couple years out. we're ready to go. in my conversations with the commissioner, i told him we're scrappy and ready to move quickly. working closely with the mayor of denver we were able to make the case. here in colorado means jobs for low-income workers who have been hit hardest by the pandemic and frankly among many other things to be excited about, i think that's something we can all celebrate. >> i want to give you a chance to respond to those republicans who are pushing back on major league baseball's decision claiming your state, colorado's voting laws, they claim are in fact more restrictive than georgia's new law. what do you say to that argument? >> well, it's absolutely false, and i know cnn has debunk that had with your fact-checker and many others. we have among the best voting laws by non-partisan institute
2:35 pm
that rate the effectiveness and the integrity of the investigate system. that's when we have as i indicated the second highest voter turnout but the all-star game first and foresanski most about baseball, and i think at some of point we need to let the politics fall by the wayside and focus on showcasing the best pitchers and batters all coming to denver july 12th and 13th and as governor i'm a huge baseball fan. i couldn't be more excited. >> i'm a huge baseball fan, myself. danieldale, our cnn fact checker said it was an absurd comparison. georgia's new i.d. requirements are much stricter than what you guys have in colorado, but i want you to listen to what republican smart minority leader mitch mcconnell had to say about all of this. listen to this. >> republicans buy stock and fly on planes and drink coca-cola, too, so what i'm saying here i
2:36 pm
think this is quite stupid to jump in the middle of a highly controversial issue particularly when they have got their facts wrong. i'm not talking about political contributions. most of them contribute to both sides. they have political action committees, that's fine. it's legal. it's appropriate. i support that. i'm talking about taking a position on a highly incendiary issue like this and punishing a community or a state because you don't like a particular law they passed? i just think it's stupid. >> so let me get your reaction. he says it's stupid, warns there will be consequences. do you think it's appropriate for the major american corporations to take a stand on issues like this? >> you know what, wolf, i think we tuite have fun and join the game. i think mitch mcconnell is being a bit of the grinch trying to take the fun from the all-star season. denver is a great place to host
2:37 pm
the all-star game. we're in the middle of the country. we have a great stadium. we're ready to do it and have the capacity. you know, look, there's a lot of thought that goes into these decisions from major league baseball. i'm thrilled that based on the case that we, the rockies organization, the city of denver, our state was able to make to them. they determined that denver have the best place to host it. we're red out and have some fun. >> i'm ready to go to some washington nationals baseball games as well. governor polis, thanks so much for joining us and enjoy the game. >> thank you. take care. >> thank you. just ahead, we're going to go live to moscow for an update on russian opposition leader alexei navalny continuing his hunger strike in prison despite a serious illness and later republicans up on capitol hill they are keeping their distance from republican congressman matt gaetz as he fights a federal sex trafficking investigation. start the year smiling at aspen dental where new starts happen, every day. get exceptional care at every step, unparalleled safety at every visit, and flexible payment options for every budget. now, during the everyday smiles event
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i really hope that this vaccine can get me one step closer to him. to a huge wedding. to give high fives to our patients. to hug my students. with every vaccine, cvs is working to bring you one step closer to a better tomorrow. tonight interest are growing concerns with the health of the
2:42 pm
imprisoned opposition leader alexei navalny. let's get an update from our senior national correspondent matthew chance joining us live from moscow right now. i understand that navalny is continuing his hunger strike in prison. what are you learning? >> reporter: yeah, he's continuing that tonight. he's lost a lot of weight, but he's -- his health is also getting much worse. the latest that we've heard from him is that he's got a high temperature. he's coughing hard. not a good sign, of course, in the time of the pandemic of covid, but he's also saying that there's lots of people in his prison colony that have tuberculosis and tb so he's very concerned about that as well. you add that on top of the other health concerns that alexei navalny has been reporting, his bad back, his lack of sensitivity in his -- in both of his legs, possibly caused by neurological damage. you start to build up.
2:43 pm
it's start of a negative wore egpicture about the health and deteriorating problem and the patient's most prominent picture. those in power are pushing back hard. advertise showing him walking around his prison dormitory and drinking a cup of tea and chatting with the prison guard. that released just a couple of days after being incapacitated in his bad back and weak legs. there's been pictures of him sleeping in his bed, being quietly videotaped at night by a prison employee. that follows allegations that he'd been making that he's woken up every hour and his sleep deprivation is tantamount to torture and that's having an
2:44 pm
effect on his life as well. there's all sides playing out, with the one side, navalny's side saying he needs medical attention. there was a protest with his penal colony with doctors demanding access for him and on the other side the authorities saying he's getting all the medical attention he needs and he's just being treated like any other prisoner would be. wolf? >> matthew, i understand that they were briefly detained at the pro-navalny protest earlier this morning along with some protests and other journalists. can you tell us what happened? >> yeah. i mean, look, the authorities, they allowed this protest to go on right outside the penal colony for several hours and then they just lost patience. they moved through the crowd of journalists and protesters and navalny supporters who had gathered there and just started putting people into the police bus and taking them away. one of them was anastasia
2:45 pm
dasilva, navalny's doctor who was spearheading this protest this evening. i was picked up along with my camera man jeff keel and put into the bus with a couple other journalists and taken to the police station and had documents checked, and three hours later we were set free and allowed to continue with our work, but, you know, it certainly was a sign of just how impatient the authorities can become when it comes to protesting the treatment of alexei navalny. >> very important. matthew chance, thank you very, very. we're also following new negotiations over the iran nuclear deal as the biden administration is trying to salvage the agreement signs during the obama administration. cnn's fred pleitgen is joining us live from the site of the negotiations that have just begun in vienna. fred, where do the talks stand at the end of day one? thes these are critical moments. >> reporter: well, they certainly are critical moments, and one of the things that's actually quite good is both
2:46 pm
sides are saying or all sides are saying that talks were actually quite constructive so far but they are very difficult, wolf, but they are indirect talks. the iranians and u.s. aren't talking directly to each other. it's other countries still part of the nuclear agreement that are actually acting as intermediaries, and what the iranians are saying that they want full sanctions relief. if the u.s. is going to go back to the iran nuclear agreement but the u.s. for its part was saying they are not going to make any unilateral moves to entice the iranians. let's listen in to what the state department had to say. >> i think had a we can essentially rule out at maximalist demands that the united states do everything first and only in turn would iran then act. i don't think anyone is under the impression that that would be a viable proposal. >> and, wolf, what the negotiators are doing now is they have xertmentalized these negotiations essentially into two major working groups. one deals with sanctions, and one deal with nuclear issues. one side is going to talk to the
2:47 pm
iranians and the other side will talk to the u.s. at the end they will try to marry these positions up to try to get the u.s. back into the nuclear agreement and iran back into full compliance, but, wolf, all sides are saying it's a very, very long way to go. >> we'll see what happens. as i said, very important talks under way right now. fred pleitgen in vienna, thank you. coming up, congressman matt gaetz is now fund-raising off the federal sex trafficking probe against him, but he has few defenders on capitol hill. send your love the gift of food... ...of iced coffee, or dark chocolate, or even pad thai. or...give them your heart by sending a pie. gift food for any occasion. new on doordash.
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safety is why we're prioritizing vaccinations for educators. because working with our local communities... we will all get through this together, safely. congressman matt gaetz is using the federal sex
2:52 pm
trafficking probe against himself to fund raise for his campaign, telling supporters in an e-mail, quote, they're coming for me. but he appears to have few defenders among his colleagues up on capitol hill. let's go to our chief congressional correspondent manu raju. >> reporter: congress has been in recess for the last couple of weeks. they are also on recess this week. most house republicans have said very little, including kevin mccarthy, who did say these were serious allegations and he did plan to speak with congressman gaetz. beyond that, there's been very little public response from top republicans who have stayed quiet. they're not offering any defense of matt gaetz either. jim jordan has said that he stands with matt gaetz as well as marjorie taylor green, the controversial georgia freshman
2:53 pm
republican. she also said she supports him. but other than that, his defenders have been few and far between as he maintains a defiant posture and appearing in public for the first time on friday at a rally called women for america first. he's appearing with trump supporters. he of course has positioned himself as one of the former president's staunchest defenders. at this women for trump event, it is actually occurring at a trump property as well. he's fund-raising and maintaining a defiant posture. >> potentially what could these allegations mean for gaetz's committee assignments, which include the judiciary committee? >> reporter: that he would be
2:54 pm
removed ahead of time. house republican conference rules require that any member indicted on federal charges automatically lose committee assignments from the last congress. if that would have happened to matt gaetz, he almost certainly would definitely lose his house judiciary committee post and face a lot of pressure among republicans to resign. at the moment it's uncertain and unlikely that any action will be taken ahead of time. despite these serious allegations, it's unlikely republican leaders will try to push him off his committee assignments until charges are filed. >> because the judiciary committee oversees the justice department, which is investigating. all right man u, thank you. important developments in the derek chauvin murder trial, prosecutors bringing more expert witnesses to testify that show chauvin violated department policy when he placed his knee on george floyd's neck for almost 10 minutes.
2:55 pm
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we've got you covered. so join the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction... ...and learn how much you can save at welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." we're following the murder trial of former police officer derek chauvin and new testimony today that wrapped up just a little while ago. prosecutors building their case that chauvin violated policy when he kept his knee on george floyd's neck for more than 9 minutes. police officials and an expert echoing testimony by the minneapolis police chief that chauvin did not follow his
3:00 pm
training during floyd's ultimately fatal arrest. also tonight, president biden just set a new deadline for states to make all adults eligible for a covid-19 vaccine, moving the date up to april 19th, this as california now says the rising vaccination rate and a drop in cases will allow the state, the state of california, to fully reopen on june 15th. let's get straight to minneapolis, josh campbell is joining us. josh, witness after witness, prosecutors are trying to tear apart the defense's claim that chauvin was simply doing what he was trained to do. >> reporter: that's right, wolf. the prosecution here in the case of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin continues to present law enforcement witnesses in order to convince the jury that chauvin violated department policy when he placed his knee on george floyd's neck. now, we know that for over a


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