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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  April 6, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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get self protection for $10 a month. welcome to our viewers in the united states and and all around the world, this is "early start," i'm laura jarrett, christine is off. tuesday, april 6, 5:00 a.m. here in new york. president biden set to speak this afternoon on all the progress that's been made vaccinating americans to stop the spread of coronavirus. just before that the president will see for himself how mass vaccination is working at a site in alexandria, virginia. the white house still confident the u.s. will have enough doses for all americans by the end of next month, that despite the loss of 15 million doses from
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johnson & johnson. >> we are still on track to have the number of doses we need to vaccinate all adult americans by the end of may. this was not even a facility that was approved by the fda, so we were not betting on these doses, we were betting on doses coming from moderna, pfizer and also johnson & johnson has assured us that we will be getting the 24 million doses that they have promised in april. right now more than 40% of adults in the u.s. have received at least one dose of vaccine and about 23% of people are fully vaccinated. the country has come a long way from the days of hunting around for clorox wipes in stores only to find none and now the cdc says all that scrubbing of surfaces isn't so necessary after all. >> disinfection is only recommended in indoor settings, schools and homes where there has been a suspected or confirmed case of covid-19 within the last 24 hours.
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>> instead the cdc recommends cleaning of surfaces with regular soap and detergent as the risk of infection from contaminated surfaces is quite low. the cdc also revealing that the variant first spotted in the uk has now been detected in all 50 u.s. states, totaling more than 15,000 cases. monday afternoon in texas more than 38,000 fans but not a lot of masks there at the texas rangers home opener. one of the first sporting events with 100% capacity since the shutdown more than a year ago. more on the pandemic now from cnn's nick watt. >> reporter: well, laura, let's start with the good news. according to cnn analysis the u.s. is vaccinating at about five times the global average rate, now more than 3 million shots going into american arms every day. that is all great news. but case counts are also climbing once more. averaging more than 60,000 every day and there are two schools of
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thought on how bad things might get before we are done with this. some people say, listen, there is enough immunity in this country already through past infection and vaccination that we won't see this fourth surge, others saying it could go as bad as it has ever been and the cdc saying its younger people who are getting this virus now. michigan case in point. full surge, it was mainly the 70 plus getting admitted to the hospital. now the 50 somethings are getting hit hardest and the numbers are up for those in their 40s, 30s, even 20s. laura? >> nick, thank you for that. west virginia senator joe manchin warning that he will hold up president biden's $2 trillion infrastructure package unless changes are made. senator manchin says he and a handful of other senate democrats believe the corporate tax hikes that are supposed to pay for the measure, they are just too steep. jasmine wright is live at the white house this morning.
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jasmine, senator manchin is warning biden's infrastructure bill is in trouble before it even gets off the ground. what are you hearing? >> reporter: laura, joe manchin is back as we expected and ready to use his leverage in the senate to pull this americans jobs plan of president biden's as close to the middle as possible. he has taken umbrage with this corporate tax hike, president biden proposed it be raised to 28, right now it is at 21. manchin says that it is too high. he said something around 25% is more fair. he said that in a local radio interview. listen, at the end of the day democrats need senator joe manchin the moderate from west virginia to pass anything. he knows that and democrats know that as evident as when he held up those covid relief bill on the floor last month for hours and hours on end because he felt blind-sided about a change that was made. so yesterday in that local radio interview he issued a warning to
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democrats trying not for that to happen again. >> final vote to get on it is not going anywhere. so we're going to have some leverage here and it's more than just me, there's six or seven other democrats that feel very strongly about this. we have to be competitive and we are not going to throw caution to the wind. >> reporter: now, manchin, like every democrat in the senate right now, has a lot of leverage because of that 50/50 split with vice president harris coming in as a tiebreaker giving democrats the majority. any senator -- any democratic senator in that body can hold up democratic legislation. so the white house is going to be looking to work with all of them to make sure that they can come to a compromise. manchin specifically has been really clear that he doesn't want to go democrats alone, he wants to involve republicans in the process to try to get this americans jobs plan passed, but of course no republicans have outwardly supported it.
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so senate parliamentarian handed democrats quite the gift yesterday saying that they can amend the budget that they used to pass that covid relief bill to potentially -- potentially, laura -- pass this americans jobs plan. more details need to be worked out but it is now a good thing for democrats that this ruling was made. >> yeah, that certainly makes the path easier for them, the question is whether they want to take it. jasmine, thank you so much. we will see you back in a little bit. now to the derek chauvin murder trial where yet another witness testified monday that the former police officer should not have pressed his knee into george floyd's neck for over nine minutes. the current minneapolis police chief, the man who fired chauvin, testified that the restraint used on floyd violated police procedure. >> once mr. floyd had stopped resisting and certainly once he was in distress and trying to verbalize that, that should have
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stopped. there's an initial reasonableness in trying to just get him under control in the first few seconds, but once there was no longer any resistance and clearly when mr. floyd was no longer responsive and even motionless, to continue to apply that level of force to a person proned out, handcuffed behind their back, that -- that in no way, shape or form is anything that is by policy, it is not part of our training and it is certainly not part of our ethics or our values. >> this morning the judge will hear from george floyd's friend, maurice hall, who was in the car with them when they were confronted by police. hall's lawyer says if ordered to
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for the freestyle libre 14 day system. that's how much university of phoenix is committing to create 400 scholarships this month alone. because we believe everybody deserves a chance. see what scholarships you may qualify for at just getting under way at this hour, talks aimed at saving the iran nuclear deal. officials from iran, the u.s. and six other parties see the original agreement all in vienna hoping to resurrect the deal after the trump administration did its best to kill it. fred pleitgen is live in vienna. fred, so many challenges here. of course, this is just the beginning, but explain for our audience what are the obstacles that have to be tackled first here? >> reporter: there is a massive amount of obstacles, laura. one of the first obstacles is that the two sides aren't talking directly to one another.
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they are at different venues in vienna. you have diplomats especially from the european union who are shuttle back and forth in between the venues to offer up proposals to see how both sides can get back into full compliance with that iran nuclear agreement. the iranians for their part have been very clear, this he said they don't want direct talks with the united states. this he say if the u.s. wants to get back into the nuclear deal they have to lift all of the sanctions against iran of course, most of which have been put in place by the trump administration over the past couple of years. the u.s. for its part is saying that iran needs to get pack into full compliance with the nuclear agreement. the iranians of course enriched more uranium, also enriched at higher levels and also conducted research that experts believe could make it easier for them to make a nuclear warhead. the iranians have been said that they have no intention of building a nuclear warhead or building a nuclear bomb. what you have right now, and you pointed this out very directly, is both sides say they want to get back to the agreement, they want to salvage the agreement but the big question is who is
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going to move first. one of the big obstacles, you mentioned this as well very correctly, laura, is also the fact that the trump administration over the past couple of years have put in place very kcrippling sanctions against iran. trump officials have said that it was put in place specifically to try to block a future administration from easily getting back to the deal. so those are all things that all these sides are going to have to work around starting today. they believe that the negotiations could take several weeks, but, again, all sides say they do want to salvage the iran nuclear agreement. >> essentially starting from scratch all over again. thank you for being on the ground there for us. all right. north korea apparently dropping out of the upcoming tokyo olympics over concerns that athletes could be exposed to coronavirus. this move reported in state media somewhat consistent with pyongyang's decision last year to sever nearly all ties with the outside world to protect
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itself from covid. will ripley has reported extensively from north korea and has been following all the developments with the olympics. he joins us this morning from hong kong. will, what are you learning about this? >> reporter: it's not a huge surprise, laura, given that north korea was the first country to completely seal off their borders at the onset of the pandemic, the borders have stayed closed, leaving the country more her medically sealed now than ever before, most foreign diplomats have left the country. to think that north korea would risk sending athletes with no ability to handle a major outbreak even though they claim not to have a single confirmed case, but to send them to japan with athletes from 200 plus countries and a possible fourth wage emerger of a more infectious and potentially vaccine resistant variant of covid-19 it just didn't seem plausible that the north would take that kind of a risk. not to mention that they don't have a lot to gain politically
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right now, unlike the 2018 pyeongchang winter olympics when kim jong-un was eager to open the door with south korea and the united states. he sent his sister to the ceremonies and that got the ball rolling leading to those face-to-face meetings between kim and president trump. diplomacy collapsed in 2019 and the north has no interest speaking officially with the u.s. or south korea so they wouldn't have much to gain by seeing them in tokyo. this is a huge disappoint for moon jae-in, nearing the end of his term. he built his legacy hopes around doing something with the north koreans and here we are, they are not talking and launched two ballistic missiles last month. >> certainly got to be a disappointment. this is the very first country that has pulled out of those olympics. will, thank you so much. i know you will stay on top of this. still ahead, an epic march madness finish for the baylor bears who won their first title after beating the undefeated gonzaga bulldogs. your "bleacher report" is next. today let's paint with behr ultra scuff defense...
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baylor ruins gonzaga's perfect season to win college basketball's national championship. andy scholes has this morning's bleacher report from indianapolis. andy, what an upset. >> it was, laura. good morning to you. and just what a performance by these baylor bears here at this final four. they dominated houston and then just crushed gonzaga's dreams of a perfect season and now for the first time in their history baylor can call themselves national champions. this title game, i mean, it really was over from the start.
2:22 am
the bears veteran guards dave i don't know mitchell, jared butler and macy teague bouncing on the zags. knocking down shot after shot. baylor was up 19 points halfway through the first half and never looked back. the bears winning in dominant fashion 86-70 was your final. coach scott drew took over baylor after this program was rocked by numerous scandals 18 years ago. now he's completed one of the greatest turn around in college basketball history. >> god has blessed us with unbelievable players, the people that have come for 18 years, that put in work. our fans that have been with us for the lean years, the good years. our administration, president livingstone, mac roadsk rhoades. they all deserve this. the city of waco deserves this. texas, we got a national championship, too, the state
2:23 am
deserves it. >> check out the wild celebration back on campus in waco, fans there watching the game. they stormed the field at mcclain stadium where the bears play football after the final buzzer sounded. stanford celebrating the women's championship with a parade on campus and into downtown palo alto. the cardinals beat arizona on sunday to win their third national championship, first since 1992. july's major league baseball all-star game will be played at coors field in denver. that's according to multiple reports. it was originally set to take place in atlanta but the league decided to move the game and draft in response to georgia's recently passed law that critics say make it harder to vote. major league baseball has not responded to cnn's request for comment. texas governor greg abbott holding his own boycott against major league baseball for moving the all-star game. the republican governor backing out of throwing the ceremonial
2:24 am
first pitch at the rangers home opener yesterday. in a letter he sent to the rangers abbott wrote in part it is shameful that america's past time is not only being influenced by partisan politics -- political politics, but also perpetuating false political narratives. now, at that rangers home opener they had more than 38,000 fans in the stands, this is the first u.s. sporting event to allow 100% capacity since the pandemic started. no other major league baseball team is allowing more than 50% capacity attendance at this time. not a lot of mask wearing going on by people in their seats, laura. i spoke to someone who was at that game, she's fully vaccinated, but she said in the sections around where she was sitting, once people got to their seats they took off their masks, never put them back on and there wasn't really anyone policing people to put their masks back on. i guess if you have a stadium full of 38,000 fans it's pretty hard to police everyone and tell them to put their masks on.
2:25 am
>> andy, masks were required at the game, right? >> yeah, i mean, it's required when you're walking around the concourse, there were signs put up and whatnot, but once you got to your seat and eating peanuts and popcorn, i guess a lot of people didn't put them back on. >> disappointing but not surprising as you point out. thank you, andy. president biden speaks to the nation today about the race to vaccinate as new variants of coronavirus continue to spread across the country. we will a live preview from the white house. that's next. gillette proglide. five blades and a pivoting flexball designed to get virtually every hair on the first stroke. so you're ready for the day with a fresh face for a fresh start. for a limited time get a 5th cartridge free. before discovering nexium 24hr
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lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so you can enjoy it even if you're sensitive to dairy. so anyone who says lactaid isn't real milk is also saying mabel here isn't a real cow. and she really hates that. good morning, everyone. this is "early start." i'm laura jarrett. almost 30 minutes past the hour
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here in new york. today president biden will take a firsthand look at how mass vaccination is working in the united states when he tours a site in virginia this afternoon. he will then return to the white house and deliver some remarks on the state of vaccination in the u.s. vice president harris sticking to the same theme with a visit to a vaccination site in chicago. cnn's jasmine wright joins us from the white house. jasmine, since taking office we've seen the president, the vice president laser focused on the vaccination program and it's working out well for them and some have pointed out the strategy seems to be to underpromise and overdeliver. but now we have all these variants, they're spreading, and that's a big challenge. what do we expect to hear from the president today? >> reporter: we expect to hear get your shot when it is your turn. that has been the president biden and the white house's message for a while now. making sure that americans get the shots when they can because they are trying to get this country past the pandemic and avoid a potential fourth surge
2:31 am
that would be fueled by these variants and the way that white house officials say that the country can do that is by getting enough americans vaccinated. now, president biden will be touring this facility in virginia just after this weekend when the federal government stepped in to assert kind of control over a baltimore plant making sure that johnson & johnson would take control of this plant in a rare step trying not to -- excuse me -- prevent any further trouble at a plant after potentially 15 million johnson & johnson doses were spoiled. now, yesterday white house press secretary jen psaki tried to make the case that everything is still going to plan. >> we are still on track to have the number of doses we need to vaccinate all adult americans by the end of may. this was not even a facility that was approved by the fda. so we were not betting on these
2:32 am
doses. we were betting on doses coming from moderna, pfizer. and also johnson & johnson has assured us that we will be getting the 24 million dose that is they have promised in april. >> reporter: now president biden has said that by may 19th, 90% of americans would be eligible to get their shot and by may 1st all adult americans in this country will be able to get their shot. so they are going to go forward with that. as well as trying to get really past this pandemic by getting americans vaccinated. >> jasmine wright live at the white house this morning. thank you so much. appreciate it. a covid outbreak in rural illinois adding more proof that large gatherings can quickly turn into superspreading events. cnn has reporters covering the pandemic coast to coast. >> reporter: i'm adrienne broaddus in chicago. a bar in rural illinois has been linked to at least 46 covid cases, plus a school shutdown. that's all according to a cdc
2:33 am
report. according to the report about two weeks after the event was held at the bar, the daily average number of covid cases in that county more than doubled. the report also says the event was held inside and there was no outside airflow. it is unclear how many people attended this event. people who did attend reported inconsistent mask wearing and said few people followed the physical social distance guideline of maintaining a distance of six feet. >> reporter: i'm elizabeth cohen. a new study showing that since february of last year nearly 40,000 children in the united states lost a parent to covid-19. that means that for every 13 covid deaths in the united states, a child lost a parent. now, about three quarters of those children were adolescents and about a quarter of them were under the age of ten. black children were disproportionately affected.
2:34 am
those children represent about 14% of the population, but about 20% of the children who lost a parent to covid. the study authors urge services to help these children as they grieve the loss of their parents. >> reporter: i'm alexandra field in new york. new jersey's governor phil murphy that is announced by april 19th residents age 16 and up will be eligible to get a vaccine. that's the same date by which president joe biden has said 90% of american adults will be eligible to get their vaccine. today nearly one in four american adults is fully vaccinated. >> reporter: i'm tom foreman in washington, d.c. where the mayor's office says as of may 1st this town will be opening up a good bit. live entertainment, business meetings and conventions will be operating at 25% capacity, recreation centers, museums, galleries and more will also be operating at 50% capacity. yes, the mayor's office expects
2:35 am
some bump in infections following spring break and the easter holiday, but they think overall because of vaccinations and other measures the numbers here will keep coming down. >> reporter: i'm stephanie elam in los angeles county which is being downgraded to the orange tier as part of the state's four-colored tier reopening system. this means that there is a moderate threat of the coronavirus here in the county. this means that restaurants and movie theaters can open at 50% capacity and indoor playgrounds and amusement parks can reopen with modifications. this also goes for orange county as well. los angeles county is the most populous in the state and orange county is the third most populous. thanks to all of our correspondents for those updates. just days after getting his first vaccine dose montana governor has tested positive for coronavirus. the governor shared a video of him getting his first pfizer shot last thursday. his office says he's experiencing mild symptoms and
2:36 am
plans to self-isolate for ten days as a precaution. the republican governor ended montana's statewide mask requirement in february. now to this, the judge in the derek chauvin murder trial will hear today from george floyd's friend, morries hall who was in floyd's car when police confronted him. hall's lawyer says if the judge orders him to testify he will likely refuse citing the fifth amendment. this follows monday's testimony that chauvin violated department policy by kneeling on floyd's neck for more than nine minutes. sara sidner has more from minneapolis. >> reporter: the prosecution's 21st witness and former officer derek chauvin's murder trial was his ultimate boss, the chief of police. >> what is the officer supposed to do to a person in crisis? >> to attempt to deescalate that situation. >> reporter: chief med aaria arradondo testified he first learned of the severity of his officer's actions against george floyd by a community member.
2:37 am
>> close to midnight a community member had contacted me and said, chief, almost verbatim, but said, chief, have you seen the video of your officer choking and killing that man? >> reporter: the chief testified chauvin violated the department's neck restraint policy and he detailed its use of force policy which also takes into account the severity of a potential crime. >> clearly when mr. floyd was no longer responsive and even motionless to continue to apply that level of force to a person proned out, handcuffed behind their back, that in no way, shape or form is anything that is by policy, it is not part of
2:38 am
our training and it is certainly not part of our ethics or our values. >> reporter: we also heard from the emergency room doctor who treated floyd when the ambulance dropped him off at the hospital unresponsive. >> did you pronounce him formally dead? >> yes. >> did you receive a report that he had received cpr from any of the officers who may have been on the scene on may 25th, 2020? >> no. it's well-known that any amount of time that a patient spends in cardiac arrest without immediate cpr markedly decreases the chance of a good outcome. >> reporter: dr. bradford langenfeld testified he believes george floyd died from hypoxia or a lack of oxygen. the prosecution is trying to prove it was from the 9 minutes 29 seconds chauvin had his knee on floyd's neck restricting his breathing, the defense is trying to refute that saying it was elicit drugs in floyd's system coupled with his medical
2:39 am
history. >> certain drugs with cause hypoxia. >> yes. >> specifically fentanyl? >> that's correct. >> how about methamphetamine? >> it can. >> combination of the two? >> yes. >> reporter: but the doctor testified paramedics normally report to him drug overdoses or extreme agitation. >> did they say to you for purposes of caring or giving treatment to mr. floyd that they felt he had suffered a drug overdose? >> not in the information they gave, no. >> reporter: the commander who was in charge of police training back in may testified what she saw chauvin do to floyd was not consistent with their training. >> and how does this differ? >> i don't know what kind of improvised position that is. so that's not what we train. >> reporter: it was another extraordinary day because we heard from the chief of police. you don't often hear from so many officers and certainly the chief of police in this case standing very strongly against
2:40 am
the kind of force that his former officer derek chauvin used. he went down a list of what the reasons are for using force and they were pretty clear. it was whether or not the officer or others were in potentially grave danger. whether or not he was actively -- and that's an important word -- actively resisting arrest or attempting to evade arrest. and then lastly the police are supposed to consider the crime that the person is being accused of. if you look at that in its totality the chief said this was absolutely unnecessary to be on his neck with your knee for more than nine minutes. and it went against not only their policy, but their ethical rules as well. sara sidner, cnn, minneapolis. >> sara, thank you. why her first major address as treasury secretary janet yellen pitching the biden administration's plan to prop up the global economy. it's a plan that has the world's
2:41 am
largest economies acting in concert on taxes. >> we're work with g 20 nations to agree to a global minimum corporate tax rate that can stop the race to the bottom. together we can use the global minimum tax to make sure the global economy thrives based on a more level playing field. >> the president has tapped yellen and other cabinet members to sell his plan to raise u.s. corporate tax toss pay for the $2 trillion infrastructure plan. florida officials say there is no second breach in wastewater reservoir containment wall in danger of collapsing. they are ramping up efforts to pump the water out. this leak was discovered about a week ago. residents in the area about 20 miles south of tampa were evacuated as officials warned that the containment wall could collapse at any time. packers quarterback aaron rodgers hosting "jeopardy" and
2:42 am
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this morning growing concern about the health of russian opposition leader alexei navalny who is in prison and said to be on a hunger strike. cnn's matthew chance is live outside the prison camp in russia where navalny is being held. matthew, navalny has alleged sleep deprivation, he said he's suffering with back pain, with no medical attention. what's it going to take for anyone in power to do something about this? >> reporter: well, i mean, laura, you're right, first of all, there is a great deal of concern that the main thing about the welfare, the health of alexei navalny, he's here in this penal colony number 2, a couple hours drive from the russian capital. you can see the authorities are out here, the prison guards,
2:47 am
because a whole bunch of people have come out including lots of journalists but also doctors that have come here today to try to lobby the authorities for alexei navalny to get the kind of medical attention he needs. now, in terms of what's wrong with him, he's already complained over the past couple of weeks of having a bad back and having a lack of sensitivity in both of his legs. that doesn't sound too serious, but when you consider that this is a figure who was poisoned with a suspected nerve agent back in august there is a possibility it could be lind to some neurological damage. that's why alexei navalny and his team want a specialist doctor to be allowed through these gates so they can give him a proper inspection and give him the right medicine if he needs t there are other complications as well. first of all, he has gone on a hunger strike and has lost about 13 kilograms according to his keep over the past several days. in order to demand a doctor come in, be allowed to come in and see him, he's also got a high temperature and bad cough. he says on his various social media platforms which is obviously very concerns in a time of covid and what he's
2:48 am
saying is that it might not necessarily be covid but there has been an outbreak of tuberculosis inside this penal colony as well. all of these factors adding up to a great deal of concern about the welfare of alexei navalny, russia's preeminent opposition figure, laura. >> you mentioned that there is a lot of push-back with authorities, i can see everyone crowned crowded around, but do you get the sense that they feel any real sense of pressure to do something about it or is it really just not in their interest, not a priority? >> reporter: well, i think what we have seen over the past couple of days in particular is russian state television or pro-kremlin television in this country putting out video which purports to show alexei navalny sort of looking relatively normal. he's complained, for instance, of being subject to sleep deprivation he says is a form of torture, there's an video put
2:49 am
out of alexei navalny sleeping in his bed inside this penal colony. there's also been closed circuit television footage that's been released as well of him sort of, you know, walking around the sort of dormitory inside the penal colony carrying a hot drink or something like that, not looking like he's particularly in pain, sort of talking to a guard. so the whole sort of narrative that the russian authorities are trying to put across is that alexei navalny is exaggerating the state of his medical welfare and that actually he's -- what they're saying is he's getting all the medical attention he needs and he's been treated just like any other prisoner would in this penal colony. >> all right. matthew chance, thank you so much for being on the ground there for us. very, very helpful. all right. now to this, the former crown prince of jordan, prince hamza, now declaring loyalty to his half-brother king abdullah ii after being accused of plotting to destabilize the country.
2:50 am
there's so much intrigue here in all of the family drama. now with this letter from the prince are things somewhat smoothed over or is that for show and there more at play here? >> reporter: well, laura, you get a sense that the leadership in this country wants to see an end to this crisis and, you know, this letter was published late last night by the royal court, signed by prince hamza, as you mentioned, pledging allegiance to the king and loyalty to the king and the crown prince and saying that national interest must be put above all else. this was after the king's uncle who served as crown prince in this country for more than 30 years was brought in to mediate and try to end this crisis. you really get that shift in tone if you compare it to the video and audio leaks we got from prince hamza over the weekend where he vowed to remain defiant, saying that he's not going to obey orders by the
2:51 am
military to cease communications and that he was going to escalate matters. there are so many questions, laura, still in this country, jordanians don't really understand what happened this this country over the weekend. they've been presented with two competing narratives, you have the government telling them that the former crown prince was conspiring with foreign entities to destabilize the country, some sort of a plot that was never explained to the people, and you've got prince hamza telling them that he is not part of any foreign conspiracy and this is an accusation the government levels against anyone who speaks out. so jordanians feel, laura, that they are in the dark. it doesn't seem like they're going to be getting any answers anytime soon. the public prosecutor here issuing a gag order banning publishing anything related to this case locally, about the case and the investigation until further notice. so you really get a sense that the leadership wants to close this chapter and put it behind
2:52 am
them. this has been incredibly damaging for jordan's image and for the image of the royal family here in the country and abroad. >> jomana, while i have you, you know, everyone is watching this so closely, you mentioned these two competing narratives. if the worst is true, what does it signal sort of about the larger potential instability in the region and the u.s. interests here? >> reporter: well, i mean, lawyer ration you could see how worrying this was the minute news started coming out on saturday evening that there was some sort of a plot to destabilize the country. you had an outpouring of support messages coming from different countries including the united states saying that they were watching the situation closely and messages of support for king abdullah that the u.s. has described as a strategic partner. it is not just jordan, you know, this small country that is very
2:53 am
significant because it borders saudi arabia, iraq, syria, israel, the west bank. so it has always been a very important partner for the united states militarily and when it comes to information sharing, but this is a country they have always been able to rely on and always considered stable in a turbulent region. any sort of possible instability here would be very worrying for the united states and other countries, laura. >> just fascinating to watch all of this play out. thank you, jomana, for laying all of that out. very helpful. all right. back here in the u.s., lgbt advocates celebrating a surprise move by the republican governor of arkansas. asa hutchinson vetoing an janet transgender health care bill that would have barred physicians from providing gender affirming procedures for trans people under the age of 18. the governor called the bill a vast government overreach but
2:54 am
the governor predicted the gop-led state legislature would likely override his veto. he urged fellow republicans to study the science and come up with a more restrained approach. all right. green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers made his hosting debut on jeopardy last night but nothing could have prepared him for this moment when a contestant left him speechless after trolling him over the way the packers season came to an end. >> scott, did you come up with the correct response? who wanted to kick that field goal? that is a great question. >> stump, the question of course refers to the packers nfc championship loss to the tampa bay buccaneers. the packers chose to kick a field goal rather than a touchdown late in the game, a question many questioned including rodgers. thanks for joining us, have a great day. "new day" is next. nd used most by dermatologists?
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the current minneapolis police chief takes the stand in the trial of derek chauvin, his former officer. >> i vehemently disagree that was the appropriate use of force for that situation. >> he says it's not part of the training or the policies. it is extremely damaging to the defense. health experts


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