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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  April 5, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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rely on the experts at 1800petmeds for the same medications as the vet, but for less with fast free shipping. visit today. time for the big show, "cnn tonight" with the star of d. lemon. two big stories, george floyd murder and the chief police said "this is wrong and illegal." and matt gaetz blew up on the
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show tonight. bob kemp is creditable. >> listen, yes, with that story i would like to proceed with caution. believe innocent until proven guilty. >> the investigation of what gaetz did, you got to wait for the facts. we don't know them. >> the whole thing of extortion thing. >> one may be fact. >> well, we'll see on that one. listen, i think that -- should he just shut up right now? >> he has. i reached out to him and i wanted him to come on the show and answer questions if he wants credibility. the lawyer says he's not going to talk to anybody. >> he's not going to do that. by the way -- >> he went on. >> we cdidn't get a chance to
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talk about that interview. chris, i ran into you at breakfast. i don't remember seeing you. it was tim and i at breakfast, you remember tim. no, i had no idea what you are talking about. signature face. >> i was watching that in my office, you have not seen it yet. i had a little treadmill at my desk. i almost fell off of it as i was watching that interview. tucker was like i have no idea -- two of us who were on the screen. >> the look of shame for me. the aspect of it aside was that was the chance to ask this guy the question to set up where we were with that kind of access and we didn't get it. 180 degrees in the george floyd murder trial. i keep calling it that because derek chauvin while he's the accused former officer. i think it takes the "i" off the
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importance. to see a chief of police on the stand. >> your boss. >> going against what the officer did is really rare. >> saying it wrong and illegal, never heard it before. >> it is obvious what it was. you know i was on our morning show and we talked about this earlier late last week. okay, yes, he's entitled to a vigorous defense. he's entitled to it. we all know what we saw with our own eyes and we know what's going on. we know it is not the training but we know officers do it, some of them and they don't think they're going to get caught. i think derek chauvin did not think he was going to get caught. didn't realized the seriousness of it and if you look at his
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demeanor on his own body camera. it was shocking but it was a window into the world of how some of these officers operate and how they treat people they're supposed to protect and serve. as i said last week, i don't think you were here on friday. who is protecting and serving? he protected and serving no one. who or what at that scene did he protect or serve? someone accused of passing a phony $20 bill. okay, tis that worth what you did? standing and kneeling on someone's neck for 9 minutes? >> handcuffed on the ground. >> the only time that it is okay is to use lethal force which was what it wound up being. when the officer or someone else's life is in grave danger if it had not happened.
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i think the science part could get a little sticky. they only need one juror to be confused enough to think he's not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. >> i got to go because i have seen you way too much. i went to breakfast and chris was. >> i should have seen don almost hit my truck twice while parking and believed he didn't know it was mine. >> that's true. oh my gosh and now i got to see you again. that's enough chris today. >> i will see you. >> i still love you, d. lemon. >> i love you, too. hope you had a great easter. >> this is "cnn tionight." we have got a lot to cover, we got matt gaetz and republicans and the whole jedi mind trick. it is madness of what's going on
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in the world right now. you thought it would settle down, would you? no, no, no. let's talk about the chauvin's trial. pol pokiing holes in his main line f defense. he's on trial of the death of george floyd, kneeling on floyd's neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. despite floyd saying repeatedly he could not breathe and eventually losing consciousness. this is the central point to his defense, watch this. >> you will learn that derek chauvin did exactly over what he was trained to do over the course of his 19 years. >> witness after witness t testified that was not true. he was not trained to kneel on someone's neck.
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the police chief on the stand today fired chauvin and three other officers involved in floyd's arrest the day after the deadly incident. at the time, nearly one year ago the chief called chauvin's actions murder. he testified today kneeling on a person's neck is not part of minneapolis police department p's policy. that was not what the department teaches. he was asked directly. when should the restraint of george floyd ended? >> once mr. floyd had stop resisting and certainly once he was indistress and trying to verbalize that. once there was no longer any
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resistance and clearly when mr. floyd was no longer responsive or motionless to continue to apply that level of force to a person prone-out and handcuffed behind their back in no way shape or form. it is not part of our policy and training and certainly not part of our ethics or values. >> remember, that's the chief of the department. when the chief was finished testifying. prosecutors calling inspector katy blackwell, the field training division. watch this. >> as you look at exhibit 17, is this a trained technique by the
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police department when you were overseeing the area? >> it is not. >> why not? >> well, use of force according to policy has to be consistent with npd's training. for policy, a neck restraint is pre pressing -- what we train is using one arm or two arms to do a neck restrain. how is this different? >> i don't know what kind of improvised position that is. it is not what we train. >> inspector blackwell is now the third high ranking minneapolis pd official to take the stand for the prosecution. on friday the department's top detective giving testimony, richard zimmerman that was damming to chauvin's defense. >> have you ever in all the year
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you have been working for the minneapolis police department been trained to kneel on the neck of someone who was handcuffed behind their back in a prone position? >> no, i have not. >> if that were done, would it be considered as a force? >> absolutely. >> what level of force would it be? >> that would be the top-tier of the deadly force. >> why? >> because the fact that if your knee is on a person's neck could kill 'em. >> zimmerman followed it up with this statement. >> based on the body camera incident and directing your attention in that moment when mr. floyd was placed on the gr ground, what is your view of force at that time?
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>> totally unnecessary. >> for the record. i am going to talk to george floyd's family attorney and his brother. > >> the trump campaign swindling money over a big lie. detailing how the trump campaign went about raising millions of dollars, trump supporters. many of them unknowingly signing up to give reoccurring donations when they thought they were donating one time only. trump claiming many supporters were enthusiastic, they gave over and over. he neglects to mention there were more than 500,000 refund totaling $64 million to supporters who felt could not wait. get this. get this. republicans have a new talking point. trying to turn trump's big lie
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on joe biden saying joe biden's lying about what's in georgia's new voting law that restricts ballot access. he's lying about this bill, he's lying to the american people about it to cause the raging fire he said he was going to put out. >> it all started with joe biden's big lie. >> it is a jedi mind trick. >> okay, think about this. joe biden's big lie. republicans are suddenly concerned about lies? when they never even acknowledged the former guy? was and is a serial liar -- and now they're like joe biden is a
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liar. really, republicans? what is that? lie? i never heard of the word. now you are concerned about lies? come on now. okay, so the premise of all these laws we have to remember over the country was actually built on the election fraud lie. so now they're saying joe biden's lie when all these laws built on a lie. as i said it is quite the jedi mind trick yet it is easy to expose. also the all-star game, joe biden never called the game to be removed and it was a big lie, that's what they're saying. joe biden answered a question about the mlb. mlb moving the game. the answer was one accountability. it is one accountability. businesses are responding to
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what they feel is right, what they feel the people who buy their products and they're standing up for the folks who buy their products. what's wrong with that? >> i thought republicans are all about capitalism. remember the whole thing about nike and they were like throwing away toasters and coffee makers or something like that because they were so upset about -- it makes no sense anymore. none. do you believe in capitalism? or do you believe in cancel culture because you are doing a lot of cancelling. one of trump's big supporters is matt gaetz. he never backed down. the gop congressman from florida is urnder investigation for alleged sex trafficking and
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sexual relationship with an under age girl. he says he's not resigning. the investigation is serious and gaetz is lawyering up. he was questioned by two fbi agents last week but denied any illegal activities. republicans are always denouncing so-called cancel culture but then they say they do a whole lot of cancelling. governor of texas, greg abbott, refused to throw out the first home pitch at the rangers, angry that major league baseball moving the game out of atlanta. governor abbott is taking a standby not showing up. being angry at mlb for making the same decision. as i said -- it makes absolutely
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no sense. figure it out republicans! what do you do? cancel or not? capitalism or not? trump does not lie but joe biden does? we see you. that's why it does not stick. people are not buying the b.s. they see you. george floyd's brother, and attorney ben crump is here. they'll tell me what they think of the police chief. >> it means a lot because the first time we interacted with the community members may be the only time they had an interaction so that has to count for something.
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the police chief arradondo testifying on the stand. let's discuss. george floyd's brother is here and ben crump, the attorney for the family. i am going to ask you about chief arradondo delivering his powerful testimony saying chauvin violated the department's policy. >> i am happy that somebody else noticed what the world had noticed, too. he came out and said what i thought he would say because my brother he was faced down in a prone position with his hands behind his back. he was not a threat to society or anything. he could not breathe, he stated
7:22 pm
he could not breathe and just like the 61-years-old said and the officer told him if he can talk, he can breathe. i don't feel bad for mr. chauvin. i think he'll be convicted. >> you know i am sure you remember this. you were on cnn last year just days after your brother's death. you were able to ask a question to chief arradondo, i want to play that and we'll talk about it. >> you have a question for the chief? >> the question that i have, i want to know if he's going to get justice for my brother and arrest all the officers and convict -- >> to the floyd family, being silent or not intervene to me, you are complicit. i don't see the level of
7:23 pm
distinction is any difference. they're charging and those decisions will have to come to our office, the fbi is investigating. my decision to fire all four officers was not based on some sort of hierarchy. mr. floyd dies in our hands so i see it being complicit. >> that was a very moving moment. very honest moment from the chief. he called it murder then, just weeks after that and now he's testifying chauvin. what does it mean to you? >> it is great. >> this is for the world. this is a historic moment, a case this magnitude. this is something that black people, we never get justice for anything. that was a powerful moment and he stayed consistent with
7:24 pm
everything. i am grateful and my family is grateful. i hope that we'll get justice because i don't want another moment like breonna taylor. she did not get justice. they think when they give money is justice but it is not. they had an african-american guy who killed a caucasian woman and they gave her $20 million and he received 15 years. i expect that, i expect justice. >> ben, we have now heard from multiple top police officials testifying chauvin's use of force violated policies. here is some of it. >> is it your belief that this particular form of restraints if that's what we'll call it violates the department's
7:25 pm
policies. >> i don't know what kind of i am improvised position that is. >> putting your knee on the neck for that amount of time is just uncalled for. >> the defense is saying he did exactly what he was trained to do, how damming was that defense? >> it liberates it when you think the fact that these officers all went and said what chauvin did by keeping his knee on george floyd's neck was against policies. what's so interesting, don, the fact that we should expect all officers to do this but we are riveted that you had police officers coming in and testify to things that we have seen in
7:26 pm
many other cases. they just cowould not have thei content and the vision to do it. we are grateful to the chief and his rank of officers coming into the courtroom and speaking truth to power. >> philonise, chief arradondo said they failed to deliver aid to your brother. they were helpless to do anything about it. >> yes, sir. everybody out there knew there was a problem because who would think that somebody would put all their weight on a man's neck. that's not protocol. you have four officers out there. that's like a total 600 pounds of weight and he was trying to
7:27 pm
state that -- my brother passed away. to everybody else it is just a case but to me is my brother. >> ben, i have to ask you about the doctor who said he likely died from lack of oxygen. was it effective of the argument of drug use? >> nobody even reported to him anything about drugs when they brought george to the e.r. derek chauvin really believe that him putting his knee on george floyd's neck for nine minutes didn't kill him, why don't he get on the floor in the courtroom and let somebody put their knee on his neck for 9
7:28 pm
minutes and 29 seconds. the average human can go 30 seconds to 90 seconds without air. we want to see if chauvin can go for 400 seconds since he said his knee did not kill george floyd. >> ben and philonise, thank you both, i appreciate your time. >> you don't see this too often. police testifying against one of their own. will it help the community heal? prof
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police chief taking a stand today here is what he testified of what he calls the pillar of use force.
7:33 pm
>> while it is imperative, officers going home at the end of their shift, we want to make sure our community members go home, too. sanctity of life is vital that's the pillar for our use of force. >> dr. cornell west at harvard university. thank you, professor. i appreciate you. >> you heard the chief. how important are his comments of what the relationship should between the police and the community. everyone should be able to go home at the end of the day here. >> absolutely. >> philonise put it so well. it was so good to see both of those brothers. it is really about black hum humanity. you heard the chief say, sanctity of life. it is important not to get too caught up with the evidence, it is the perception of the evidence that's going to make a difference you see.
7:34 pm
when philonise says black humanity is on trial. we know you can't prove your humanity to somebody. it is not a logical dedecldeduction. it is a moral perception and a spiritual communion. we had it with rodney king and breonna. it is going to be the perception of the everyday. it is important that it is not a matter of legality here. we are talking about morality and spirituality. this is going to be the real challenge. this is why this is a historical moment like it was with emit. when you put humanity on trial, black humanity in america, brother -- you got a lot of
7:35 pm
willful ignorance and insecinsecurity and anxiety. it is all going to manifest how that jury comes out in relationship to humanity. >> i understand what you are saying but how do you put that into practice? how do you put that into tangible things, you know, you said the sanctity of life. >> absolutely. >> the first thing you got to do is send these policemen to jail. you got to tell the police union and all the folks behind the defense that the day is gone in which they think somehow they can get away by brutalizing black people. it got to be in practice and indeed and how they are behaving. that's what happened after emit
7:36 pm
till, right? rodney king and breonna taylor, you got black folks being disrespected and devalued everyday in america. it is going to be in our deets and institutions arrangement that reflect our deeds. this is why this could be a turning point. that's what i am praying. on the other hand, i know i can't watch it because -- i am on the break and i am on the edge. >> talk to me about it. >> i can only take so much. i have been a black man in america for a long time. i can only take so much. i got to be fortified and i got to keep focused on what i am called to do. 53 years ago i didn't think i could take it when they killed brother martin. they killed my sweet jesus.
7:37 pm
what kind of resources we have, not just black but all identifying by the suffering of brother george. s when black humanity is on trial, you got to get fortified, i am talking about deeds, i am not talking about money flowing in. it is not going to be superficial, beginning with sending the police to jail. >> will that change though, listen i think it sends a really powerful message and we certainly need change when it comes to police department and police officers. >> absolutely. >> it is so frustrating for me, mind-boggling really. >> yes, yes.
7:38 pm
>> when i hear people make excuses and people see the humanity in their own. well, you know bob came back from war, he was never the same. he was troubled. he got into drugs and got into trouble but we love him. it is a shame that he came back and we didn't take care of him, right? >> right. >> when it is someone of a different ethnicity or color, people don't see the humanity. they don't see, they don't see him as human. it is supposed to be the perfect victim. there are no perfect victims. why people can't see that and they can only see it in their own. >> i think the real problem is and reality is often times they don't really see it in their own, you see? >> you can look along the
7:39 pm
chocolate side of town and d demonize them and degrade them. they end up degrading each other and living life of superficiality. you end up suffering. those who have not cultivated the capacity to love, that's part of the genius of black people after being hated for 400 years, we still teach the world so much how to love. people can just go home and listen -- why the king of love is dead. she wrote that three days after martin was shot. you can see that love in there. we got some love warriors. such hated people out. we have been so hated in so many ways but we keep dishing out
7:40 pm
this love. what's at the center of your text? same thing, love, love. love for your sisters. that's the best of the human spirit. white brothers, brown brothers, yellow brothers and indigenous brothers, everybody get in on this caravan of love. you have to pay a cost. >> what i am trying to say, if your loved one or someone you know can go to a doctor for a back problem or foot problem or whatever kind of pain and given opioid and becomes addicted and you can understand that you need get help for that person and they can still be human, why don't you have that same feeling about someone else? that's what i don't understand. >> oh, oh, in that particular incident, the vicious legacy of white supremacy comes in. when white supremacy comes in,
7:41 pm
it renders you coldhearted, mean spirited and sick and morally decayed. that's what we see in brother derek. derek is a white brother who's sick. he's mean-spirited and he's coldhearted. he's empty. he's the symbol of the worse of america. white supremacy is the worse of america. it is a sick, mean-spirited and coldh coldhearted. there is no joy there, brother. all the money in the world and power in the world still going to render you joyless. we'll turn on a little al green. wl why? because he knows how to love. >> professor, thank you to see
7:42 pm
humanity and redemption in one and criminality the worse in another. that says a lot about what we need to fix and who we are. >> everybody has the potential to change. >> yes. amen. >> thank you! i will talk to you soon. you be well. >> salute you my brother. >> you, too. what happens when republicans are the ones calling cancelled?
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republicans taking a stance against gop efforts making it harder to vote accusing them of cancel culture.
7:47 pm
trump is specifically targeting major league baseball, coca-cola and delta airlines. texas governor greg abbott is backing out of throwing out the first pitch of the texas rangers tonight. let's discuss now, our cnn's correspondent, anna navarro. i have known you all these years but i can't say your last name. navarro. >> the gop is very good. coming up with catch phrases that then take a light of their own and a connotation of their own. cancel politics of death panels, there are people in the gop that dedicate themselves to polling and focused groups and coming up
7:48 pm
with racist -- it is the upmost of hypocrisy. i was thinking of this major league baseball, you know the only time i think of baseball is when there is a boycott going on. i remember when the gop was calling for a boycott of the nfl, right? because they were kneeling. i remember they were calling the boycott of the nba because they were kneeling in solidarity. i remember some were calling a boycott of nascar because they banned the confederate flag. and now it is baseball's turn. thank god they still got bingo and shuffle board. >> oh, ana. mitch mcconnell released a statement on the corporate backlash, it says in part "corporations will invite
7:49 pm
serious consequences if they become a vehicle offor the far-left." . what is he talking about? >> i have no idea. he should come and visit miami. if you ever went and sang in cuba, we'll boycott you. if you play any sports in cuba, we'll boycott you. i didn't know boycott were something the left also did until i was 25-years-old. this country has a rich history of protesting through your pocketbook. the right has done it and the left has done it. it is our rights as americans and it has helped move civil rights and issues. the fact that americans
7:50 pm
boycotted going to south africa. it is part of the freedom of expression and privilege of being in the country like america that we can boycott and protest and speak for our pocketbooks. you can't do that in cuba or venezuela because you can't say i am not going to vote for you. they got a ration card. i am not going to buy this one gallon of milk it is very american. and both parties, regardless of ideology do to get things that are important to them. and look. corporations don't just exist in name only. they're not just a tax i.d. number. they are people, right? they are organizations fueled by customers, by people who use their products. by people who are employed there. who work there. corporations, yes, businesses
7:51 pm
but they are businesses made up of people. and before i wrap, i have to say something. congratulations to my "new york times" best selling author friend don lemon. i'm proud of you, brother. so proud. >> thank you. >> i won't be able to bear your ego but i'll proud of you. >> not at all. number one best seller. thank you, ana. thank you! i'll see you soon. >> love you. proud of you. more than 40% of adults have gotten at least one vaccine dose including myself. but only 8% of the people vaccinated are black. why you need to take this shot. i'm going to tell you, next. ♪ termites. don't mess up your deck with tex-mex. terminix. here to help. the harry's razor is not the same. our razors have five german engineered blades
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so take this. i got my shot. i got my dose of the covid vaccine at the javits center in new york. i'm telling you because it is important for everyone to get it including black americans. cnn finds just 8% of those already vaccinated in the u.s. are black despite making up 13% of the population. there's good news. a majority of black americans want the vaccination. 55%. others are more vaccine hesitant that almost half of gop men say they won't get it. for anybody watching, it doesn't matter your color or political affiliation. it's time to get your shot. all 50 states have now expanded or at least announced plans to expand eligibility to everyone 16 and up. you can find a vaccination
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