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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 4, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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easter in the time of covid. we will take you to rome where the vaccine has reached new heights and more than four million doses are given per day. and a call out about the mlb and cancel culture and two former president's with very different opinions. this is "cnn newsroom." easter sunday services began about an hour ago at the vatican.
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covid restrictions have again en intruded on the holiday. italians are now under a three-day lock down. the pope is delivering it's annual easter message that is about an hour from now. we are joined from rome. so a subdued easter as we see from a few people in what is normally a very crowded place. how is the pope grating, what's his message? >> well, right now i'm standing in front of st. petersburg. the hope is inside holding mass. you see those pictures. what i want to show you, one of the effects of covid is normally when the pope is inside they will broadcast that on these screens, there is about five screens inside the square there.
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they're black today, turned off, because of course they don't want to encourage people to come down to the square. we have been noticing joggers and cyclists passing through, it's their excuse to get out. otherwise people living in the area can't come down. they're supposed to stay in their vicinity of their home. the pope's message will be to the city and to the world if is a message that generally talks about world situations, conflicts of the world, but his easter message we got a glimpse of. it is one saying we can start over. it is also, of course, the christian message of jesus's resurrection which is what
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easter celebrating and tidea of new life. so they are hoping to address what is to come. >> you mentioned the lock downs, how are they reconciling the holiday with the realities of lock down? >> well, you know keep in mind this is the second year that we are now in another lock down and in addition to this three-day lock down, rome has already been in a regional lock down for the last two weeks. there is a sense that they are used to this, you know it becomes the new normal, but at the same time a lot of regulations change. i don't think this is only in italy. governments are trying to grapple with the rising and the decreasing numbers. so there is a certain amount of
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confusion. there is the period where italians tend to travel if is also a big holiday here, the day after easter. so the idea that they can't actually travel out of their region is causing a lot of them to have to have to stay at home. so this weekend some people have been trying to go out of the country and obviously they will have to quarantine when they come back in, but that just gives you an idea of the confusion around the regulations. you can't leave the region, but you can leave your country. >> bizarre, thank you so much for explaining that to us. appreciate it. >> there is good news in the uk war on covid. just 10 ketsdeaths were reporte
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from the virus. all of this comes as boris johnson is expected to announce the next steps in easing restrictions. for more on that i'm joturning london. what are we expected to hear? >> kim, this is a big deal. this is the announcement that everyone has been waiting for. boris johnson expected to lay that out tomorrow and it should come in two parts. there is the foreign travel part through a traffic light system, that's what we're expecting the prime minister to stay so they will fall under green, red, or amber. but no foreign travel will resume until may 17th. so you still have a long way there and we don't know what countries will fall under which
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categories. next is domestically. how do you open up clubs and sports. there is a color coded system. do you have the vaccine? have you taken a test recently? have you had it recently and you may have the anti-bodies. so he wants to test out these status programs through a few pilot programs. the first event will be a comedy event in liverpool. they're going to try it out and see how it works. as you said though there is controversy. they tined a letter saying it is discriminatory. and they will stand against it. >> interesting, we'll watch to see how that rolls out.
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>> vaccinations in the u.s. are reaching new iegts. the u.s. on saturday reported more than four million doses given. that brings the seven day average above the three million mark for the first time ever. as they increase people are venn churing out more. more than 3.5 million passed through airports and that is a pandemic era record. this is happening despite the fact that coronavirus numbers are increasing in many of the u.s. people are once again packing the streets. >> this is times square on a saturday. and frankly it looks like times square on a saturday. which is pretty crazy. not that long ago this place was
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decem desolet. and you have seen this crowd here all day long. we're seeing the weather heat up here. two, the vaccinations are going very well here in new york. ten million doses of the vaccine had been administered since the program began. according to the goran's officer one in five new yorkers is now fully vaccinated. a number that is expected to go up, soon. anyone over the age of 16 can sign up for a vaccine. that is good news, but it is not necessarily recommended yet. dr. fauci was talking about the vaccine and what it means. >> i can tell you as we get more data showing it is unlikely,
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you're going to see recommendations that people don't have to wear masks. they're not there yet, but they're getting there. saying now you can travel, you don't have to get tested before and after unless your destination requires that. you don't have to quarantine. so more and more you will see the advantages of getting vaccinated. >> dr. fauci saying there getting a vaccine, signing up, the best thing you can do to help keep this virus in check and get back to normal life. we're seeing other signs of normalcy. we're down here because earlier today two broadway stars, sabian glover and nathan lane did a quick event, the fist time seeing people inside of a broadway theater. it is not opiate, not expected until september, but a few
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people able to go in, sit down, enjoy that, a big sign that maybe normalcies are around the corner. >> dr. anthony fauci spoke with cnn earlier saying now isn't the time for people to let down their guards. >> what we're seeing after that big peak that we had when it started to come down it plateaued at a disturbingly high level of number of cases per day. when you plateau and you start to inch up as we're doing, in a few of the states, several of the states, there is a danger of having a resurgence and another big surge up. just yesterday we had over 60,000 new cases in a day. that's disturbing and what happened in europe, and what is happening in europe for the most
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part is going through another disturbing surge. is we're not out of the woods yet, to don't prematurely declare victory. the good news is what you mentioned a moment ago. we're getting three to four, now that it was four million doses per day, it's kind of like a race getting people vaccinated. and the more people you get vaccinated the better chance you have of blunting or preventing that surge that we're all concerned about. it is soapering news medical examinered -- sobering news mixed with medical news. >> the department is under staffed and struggling to meet
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existing requirements. the suspect tried to kill one officer and wounded another. the wounded officer has been released from the hospital. officials say the attack at the capitol doesn't appear to be terror related. investigators looking into the suspect's social media posts found troubling details. >> investigators are just now digging into the past of noah green and what may have inspired him to carry out the attack at the capitol here and it was so interesting are his social media posts. we discovered an instagram account where he made a trio of disturbing posts leading up to the attack. he says i have suffered multiple home break ins, food poisonings, and mind control. the text says the u.s.
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government is the enemy of black people. a third post says there are terrible afflictions by the cia and the fbi. now he is not all that far away from here, and some of his fellow football players say they saw similar posts like the one i just described on his facebook account some as recently as only a few weeks ago. one of his fellow football players said he was going through some stuff for sure. security here only getting tighter. you see the high fence around the capitol perimeter. now there are new concrete barriers behind it and nothing here being taken to chance. >> okay, coming up we'll have a update on the worsening crisis, and a ygrowing outrage. and high profile arrests in
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in jordan, key figures in the royal family have been
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arrested for "security reasons." that is according to the country's state news agency. prince hussein is the son of late king hue ssein. he says he is not part of a conspiracy, but that the government has become corrupt. >> i was informed that i was not allowed to go out and meet with people or communicate with them. in the meetings that i had been on present in or on social media there has been criticism of the government or the king. >> we're monitoring the story from istanbul. jordan is considered such a stable country. i know it's hard to get a clear
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idea of what is happening. i know you have unique insight, what more can you tell us? >> it is very hard to really figure out what is happening in jordan right now. what has been unfolding in the past 24 hours or so. we heard very little from the government. there has been barely any coverage of this jordanian media. basically saying that there is a security operate that was under way that several people had been detained in colluding some well known figures in the country. he denied reports that the former crown prince had been arrested or was under house arrest. the military says he was asked to tone down histi activities a movement that could be exploided
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by those aiming to destabilize the kingdom. and then a few hours we got that stunning video. and basically in that you have the former crown prince explaining his different situation saying the military asked him not to leave his home. they restricted his communications, that he has really no ability of communicating with the outside world, but this could perhaps be his last message. he wanted to make it clear as he says that he is not part of any foreign conspiracy, but he was being targeted because of what he has been saying and because of his criticism, we'll say, of what has been going on in the country. he lashed out in this six minute video statement. a really scathing criticism of the state of affairs in that
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country talking about rampant corruption. mismanagement, as he put it, of the country. the state of public services, and he was just talking about the ruling structure. the leadership of the country. he did not name his half brother or anyone else, but he was clear what he was talking about. so unusual. i cannot tell you how unprecedented this is. they are coming out with the kind of statements that you would hear from jordanians on the streets when they were allowed to protest. something else that the former grown prince said criticizing that shrinking space for freedom of expression in the country. >> yes, a story that we will certain i will be following throughout the day. thank you so much for explaining to us.
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shocking video of an alleged m mas massacre. the soldiers in the video are wearing ethiopian military uniforms. they're sewn executing 11 unarmed men. the u.n. human rights chief say more crimes may have been cometed. other nations are calling for an international investigate. o we are joined now from london. your report was quite a bomb shell. we have been reporting on awful atrocities, explain why this is so important. >> 2011 defer differentuate theu
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hear them with execution in regards to the young men that were there. it is committed by state actors. that's what makes this so different and so alarming for so many of these world leaders that have now come forward. this is now about dialect ethiopian state actors. >> how do we get answers here? the u.s. secretary of state and others have been calling for months for an independent investigation. what does the global community do now? >> what the u.s. secretary of state has been calling for is joint investigations. given what we show there, how can we trust the ethiopian
2:25 am
government, a state appointed body, to be part and parcel in investigating something that they're complicit in. so that is what we're seeing in the aftermath of our reporting and it will be interesting to see whether or not others are willing to take that on. you're saying that ethiopia cannot be trusted to investigate crimes that ethiopia itself is involved in. >> thank you, this is a very interesting and disturbing story, thank you. more than 12,000 people in myanmar have been displayed in
2:26 am
the last week according to the political arm of the armed ethnic group. they say the military is targeting unarmed civilians with air strikes and non-stop bombing. meanwhile protestors are back on the streets. they risk arrest and violence from security forces. spanish police say they arrested 100 gang members smuggling marijuana. it was the job of some gang members to ensure that the boats were always ready to use. police seized more than five tons in a series of raids. they say it was distributed to dealers across europe using fruit trucks.
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welcome back to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada, and around the world. >> two former u.s. presidents are weighing in on the decision to pull the all-star mlb game
2:31 am
out of georgia. barack obama praised the move, but donald trump had the on sit reaction as you can imagine. he is calling for a boycott of professional baseball. atlanta's mayor feels that losing the all-star game may just be the binning of the backlash. the latest, here is natasha change. >> they say he caved to cancel culture and that president joe biden and stacey abrams have been lying to the american people about this law. skied about whether or not they had anything to do with the urgency or time line of this law? >> is the time on this is based on your belief that was there fraud. >> i realize that people have different opinions and beliefs about the 2020 election, but
2:32 am
make no mistake there was issues that happened on the election like they do in every election. >> they also say that mlb should have come to him with specific complaints about the bill and that he would welcome questions about the specifics. so we asked about things like banning mobile voting centers, specifying the number of drop boxes and locations. he chalked up a lot of that to improved election security. now you have proathletes and politicians chiming in seeing they support the decision here and whether or not you support o oppose it it is local businesses that are going to hurt from potential lost avenue. cobb county estimates there is $100 million dollars because of the relocation of this all-star game. they are part of the all-star legacy projects as originally
2:33 am
planning. cnn, cobb county georgia. >> now many other states are there and it finds that 47 states have legislation in the works to restrict voter access in some way. we have a professor in dartmouth college. thank you for being here with us. initially here the big georgia companies like delta and coke put out vague statements. then they came out much more forcefully. why the seeming change of heart? >> i think there has been a grand swell of help. i think at the end of the week when a group of black executives came out so strongly, nearly 200 companies will sign on to issues
2:34 am
that affect georgia. particularly companies located in these states. >> now voting rights advocates argue that condemning the laws are not enough. they should withdrawal financial support from people that back the laws and put money into like these initiatives. one of them is whether or not the company is willing to put it's money where it's mouth is. why is that? >> i think in addition to lining up with your strategy and being something that has something to do with your business, but most importantly that can you do something about it? if you're just signing on it's a little bit of rope washing when companies just get on the band wagon and join.
2:35 am
let's take the example of major league baseball. there's no way they could agree to participate any more and they could just pull out of atlanta immediately. you're going to see more and more of that. you're going to see companies with withdrawing financial support. >> but then, you know, you bring up mlb and that is an interesting case study. you talk about whether or not it aligns with their strategy. looking at some of the statistics here, only 8% of players are black and crucially polls show a majority of fans are white. from your point of view are they makes a mistake down the road? >> not this time. the problem is threading that needing and being able to influence.
2:36 am
and we have almost 200 corporations signing on, this is no longer an aberration, it's a movement that is gaining steam and it will win donald trump says that americans should boycott baseball ignoring the irony that we should fight cancel culture by canceling baseball. so this is a great front for them applyly for them to fight on. this is what they said yesterday. listen to this. >> major league baseball caved to fear and lies from liberal activists. it means cancel culture and partisan activists are coming for your business. >> how costly could the backlash
2:37 am
to the corporate backlash against this bill be? >> i think it is what we're fighting against. it there will be a backlash against companies like coca-cola and delta that will gain enough steam to hurt them. when you look at the overwhelming support that they have in this country, not just from corporate america but most citizens, i don't think there is much of a threat. when you take a stand you're sticking your neck out and corporations have done that in the past because they were operating to make money. today if you want to get the right employees to work for you and have customers on your side with more than half of customers and employees saying they want their companies to do this, it will be the way they do that.
2:38 am
wait and see for your take on all of this, paul the governor of florida declared a state of emergency. authorities have ordered a an evacuation of the areas. the lane in the containment wall could cause structural collapse. they found that it is acidic but not radio active. they have deployed crews, but it has been tough going so far. >> i than the brave men and women that have been working literally around the clock to minimize any impact that's this situation may have for public
2:39 am
safety. crews worked until 2:30 this morning trying to reinforce the law. the efforts were sadly unsuccessful. let's bring in derek van dam. what happened, first of all? >> can you imagine waking up at 11:00 on saturday morning and your told you need to evacuate now. the stack imminent. that's terrifying for anyone let alone the residents there directly impacted by their attempts to plug the whole. let me give you a geographical reference there. we're talking about 40 miles to the south of tampa. there is a couple of threats in the region. you see the state of emergency
2:40 am
in tampa bay. you see the shading of red, there is an ecological threat that could unfold. and the potential for if the full breach was to occur, it could bring 140 million gallons of contaminated waste water. it would flood the low lying areas of the earn shore line. by the way 480 million gallons of water is there is four olympic pool siess. think about the contamination involved. we have a fertilizer plant in question there. the waste water impacted that and if this leak turns into a breach then we have a disaster
2:41 am
to deal with. when you think about the fishing industry we're talking about employment of over 140,000 people. so this is a significant driver of the economy and there has been reports by the way thanks to this leak in the contamination of the water. and so the wind is going to play a factor in this as well if there is a beach. you see the wind is generally off shore in the next 24 hours and that should bring it into the gulf of mexico should be any further problems with this. you a potential problem and disaster. and the good news is that every minute that goes by they are able to sieveen some of the water out of the reservoir. >> absolutely, huge cons consequences. i hope they can stop it.
2:42 am
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more than two dozen police officers have been injured after riots broke out in northern ireland. this was the scene in belfast on friday. there was more violence on saturday. cars were being burned and a police van was targeted. now it comes amid rising tensions over the brexit withdrawal treatment which they say creates a border in the irish ski. nick roberts reports. >> new writing on northern
2:46 am
ironland's balls is a blast from the past. ang sere rising, susthe message that northern ireland's good friday peace agreement is a red light for joe biden. where frustrations are strongest fears of violence are growing. >> you see the writing on the wall. and i would not want to go back. i grew up and i would not want to go back to that again. >> murals of gunmen on the streets here is nothing new, but this is something else. the name of the deputy prime minister and his address written on the wall now quickly painted out. that tells you that tensions here are quickly rising. >> the lightenning for discontent is customs checks like this.
2:47 am
different to the res of the u.k., so goods now require checks, truckers face costly new delays. >> we had to employ ten feel do customs laerns to make sure all of the participate work is direct. >> new siel controls mean that they are now easier to get from the eu. >> i fear that we have been let down. that maybe there was not enough investigation for what it was going to be. >> any erosion of that unfettered bond with mainland uk is for some union tests and existential threat. tempers are fraying. >>'re saying to them tear up the
2:48 am
agreement with the you nighted kingdom. ominously they still are dangerous in some communities and they withdrawal support from the good friday peace agreements. >> it is easy to pie really out of control. i have no doubt that the courts would have been included. from three to nine months. faces, trade deal difficulties with the u.s. if northern ireland's peace breaks down, and they lost the confidence of
2:49 am
nonunion ripss as well. >> they're worsening and not for the spirs time, they could find themselves out of trouble. nikt nick rortson. >> ♪ pepto bismol coats and soothes your stomach for fast relief and get the same fast relief in a delightful chew with pepto bismol chews. antibacterial or moisturizing body wash? definitely moisturizer! antibacterial can i have both? new dove care & protect body wash eliminates 99% of bacteria
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. of course everyone misses special things from their pre-pandemic lives. for some people it is cheering on a favorite team, others it could be dancing at a music festival. other countries like the u.s. could follow similar protocols. zane asher has the story. >> a win for orange. a big night for some fans that
2:54 am
are back in the stadium again. >> it is very exciting. a good reason to dress up again and to share with so many people. they are organized by the disturb government and sports and entertainment groups to research how to safely hold live events. only 5,000 spectators were allowed to attend the match. inside of the venue they were divided in sections. some told to wear masks and social distance and others given more freedom. they are hoping to gain insight into how transmissions occur. the group leading the study did not publish any conclusive results but they say the
2:55 am
resulting are prosmising. >> we're all pre-tested, but there are peek and the risk view at home is identical to around here. remember dancing at festivals, 1500 people did just that at this outdoor concert using the same protocols as the football match. >> of course i missed this, who department, right? >> what happens when the party is indoors. >> we are socializing and it is very important. >> data from the trials is set
2:56 am
to help officials know when and how to lift restrictions. they represently extended all coronavirus restrictions until april 20th. a dutch tour company is also helping to film offering a test holiday to greece for 187 people. to stay on the island at a resort under the condition they don't leave the location and quarantine upon return. so far, 25,000 people have applied for it. the lucky flew will be chosen b criteria set by the dutch government. everyone else will have to wait for a slow return to normal. cnn new york. >> that wraps cnn news room for this hour. new day is just ahead for international viewers. stay with us.
2:57 am
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every day that you get 4 million, 3 million people vaccinated you get closer and closer to control. >> about 60 or 70% of american adults have zero immunity to covid-19. they are ending up in my e.r. and in my hospital. >> an emotional testimony seemed to drive the approxprosecution'. >> when mr. floyd was no longer offering up any resistance to the officers they could have their restraint. >> baseball is told, georgia, you change your laws or you make


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