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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 4, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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it's easy and affordable to get started. get self protection for $10 a month. easter during a pandemic, pope francis leading mass during scaled back services at the vatican and around the world. meanwhile, executives from more than 100 companies are standing up for voting rights. and beating the buzzer. this last second shot of the men's ncaa tournament leads to a miraculous finish on easter weekend. live from cnn world
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headquarters. welcome to all of you around the world, this is cnn news room. easter mass is now getting under way at the vatican for millions of christians around the world it is a dangble symbol of home now, but we're not quite there yet. pope francis is celebrating with scaled back services. the pope will deliver his annual easter message in about two hours. italians are under a three-day lock down. st. peter's square will be
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packed again. you see you're among very few people in what is normally such a crowded place. >> i was just thinking that, this is the holiest day of the year for twchristians. and it is such a different scene today. italy of course in the midst of a national three-day lock down. they can go to church but they need to go near their home. one reason that italians can go out is to exercise. so many people trying to just stop to attack a picture at the vatican. hope francis just beginning inside the basilica. that is to avoid people coming
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to the square to try to see him. very few people inside with the hope for this easter mass. we have a glimpse of his message last night, and the pope was talking about a renewal of hope for the vaccines. that is the idea of hope, so the pope was tieing in those things last night and i expect that is similar to what we will see today here, kim. >> thank you so much, appreciate it. americans have been warned against easter travel, but airport numbers are up and people are again gathering in large numbers. we have more from new york. >> the crowds have returned to times square once the epicenter
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of the united states. people feel confident about coming out and returning to normal. the weather is nice and the vaccination rate is skyrocketing. now one in five new yorkers is now fully vaccinated according to the governor's officer. but they warn people not to be too hasty. there is still a reason to wear a mask and keep the virus from spreading, but for now these new yorkers are feeling normal. so americans are anxious to return to some sense of normalcy, but when is that likely to happen? jim acosta put that same question to dr. anthony fauci. let's listen. >> when you start to see the case numbers go down, i think
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you're assuming that you will put out guidance. that we can relax some of the issues. that people can take off their masks, that they can travel. people are standing in line for the vaccines, and they get both doses and they hear public health officials saying you still have to wear a mask, you still can't travel, and you're asking everyone to either their vegetables and they want to go about living their lives again. >> you make a really good point, and what you're seeing is that as data accumulates, the authorities, in this case the cdc that makes those recommendations, are waiting until they get substantial data and evidence to say okay now you can do that. even though as more data trickle in before it's nailed down that the people on the outside see that and they say it is less
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chance. that is coming soon, jim. the official recommendation is, you know, i can't give you a day or a week, but as we get more data showing that it is extremely unlikely, you're going to see recommendations. like if you tral, member you don't have to be tested before and after. you don't have to be quarantined when you come back from a situation. so more and more you will see the advantages of that vaccination. if there is nothing different why do we need to be vaccinated? well, one, you're protecting yourself and you will very likely get sick, but it will
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give you a freedom of getting back to some degree of normality. >> this weekend easter brings the promise of brighter days ahead. boris squlauns be giving a speech what are we expecting to hear. >> that is the big question. it will be a two pronged approach. what we're expecting there according to local media is a traffic light system. if a country is red you have to quarantine, green countries you
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would be allowed to travel to without quarantine. but what countries are going to be what category preponderate other matter is domestic. that's the other part of this announcement that we're expecting tomorrow. we have been talking about vaccine passports but they're using covid status. it will tell people whether or not you had your vaccine, whether or not you tested negatively, and whether or not you may have something called natural immunity, and they want to use this covid status for things that are coming around the country.
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there is ventilation and testing to try to see if you can reopen events in a safe way. the first pilot will be in liverpool. people will be tested before and after. it is not coming without controversy. authorities are aware of this the practical information. you have members of comment that are opposing this. it is both parties signing a document they will be facing some opposition there, but as you said, it's a very stark contrast what we're seeing here. when you get to the other side of the mountain, how do you
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reopen in a safe way, and that's what we're finding out tomorrow. >> controversial there, controversial here. some governors coming out against them here. we appreciate it. >> u.s. capitol police officers union calling on congress to hire hundreds of more officers to help secure the capitol. a police union chairman said the short staff could face more shortages as officers retire. an 18 year veteran was killed in friday's attack. the officer that was killed has been released from the hospital. >> details about the attack remain kars, but it doesn't
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appear to be her ror related. here are the worrying details. >> according to social media posts, it appears that his mind was unraveling in the weeks before the attack. he talks about having suffered terrible afflictions at the hands of the chiropractic ia, fbi, and the u.s. government. calling government the number one enemy of black people. he also posted about having his mind controlled. it is unclear exactly what his motivations were for coming here on friday, if he had any specific targets, but law enforcement is working to figure that out and reviewing posts like the ones we showed you.
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a capitol police officer was killed in friday's attack. half-staff at the white house, and at the capitol over the weekend, boris sanchez, cnn. >> george's economy is already taking a hit, and it could be just the beginning, but george's governor is not backing down. plus the latest in the trial that gripped the u.s. with horror and pain. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis...
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a mayor is fearing that is state will pay a strict price for a new voting law. they say pulling a major league baseball game is probably just the beginning. here is natasha chen.
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>> on saturday governor kemp doubled down saying major league baseball bent to cancel culture. i asked whether or not lies about the 2020 election had anything to do with the urgency and time line of passing this bill. >> is the timing on this people have all kinds of different opinions and believing about the 2020 election. there are issues that happened on the election. they did ask about thing like banning mobile voting centers,
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specifying the number of drop boxes and location. he chalked a lot of that up to improved election security. you have proath-athletes and for presidents chiming in here. local businesses will really hurt from potential lost revenue. cobb county where we're at here estimates more than $100 million dollars are lost because of mlb relocating this all-star game. the mlb says they will continue to invest in projects in atlanta as originally planned. >> major league baseball is not alone, georgia based businesses like coca-cola and delta have spoken against the state's new law. on friday executives from more than 100 economies issued a statement.
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microsoft, paypal and uber are among those represented. we have a professor of communication at dartmouth college. thank you for being with us. the big companies put out vague statements and they came out much more forcefully. >> i think there has been a ground swell of support really focused on trying to beat these down. i think at the end of the week when a group of black reporters and they are particularly located in these states. >> now a voting rights advocate, are you just condemning these, are they saying it is not
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enough, people that back the laws and put money into initiatives for things like voter riegistration. you say there is three things that companies should do while they engage in this kind of action. whether or not the company is willing to put it's money where it's mouth is. >> in addition to lining up with your strategy it is a little bit of watching when companies let's take the example of hank aaron. they can just pull out of atlanta immediately. you're going to see more and more of that. you're going to see this backing
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candidates. companies have the ability to influence and they're going to use it very aggressively. >> but you bring up mlb, that is an interesting case study. does it align with their strategy. looking at some of their statistics only 8% of their players are black and they show a majority of them are fans from your point of view. are they perhaps making a mistake down the road? >> i don't think they're making a mistake this time. the problem is threading that needle. i think in the long run it will be hard for anyone to say they're against people's right to vote.
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>> so a backlash here, boycotting baseball and all of the woke company that's are interfering with free and fair conditions. people saying we should fight cancel culture by canceling baseball. this is a gront front for them politically to fight on. this is what brian kemp said yesterday, listen to this. >> baseball caved to fear and lies from liberal activists. >> he has done a variation on that line a couple of times now. how costly could the backlash to the corporate backlash against this could be? >> i think it will depend on the issue they're fighting against. i think it will be unlikely that there is a backlash against
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companies like kococa-cola and delta. especially when you look at the overwhelming support that they have in this country not just from corporate america, but for most citizens. i just don't think there is much of a threat. when you take a stand you're sticking your neck out. today if you want to get the right employees to work for you, they are saying they want their companies to do this, this is the way they will be for now. >> yeah, i mean still yet to be decided. we'll wait and see, but thank you so much for your take on all of this, paul, we appreciate it.
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>> it is worth noting that they are tracking measures across the country and they're finding that 47 states have restrictions. texas, georgia, and arizona have the greatest number. >> a growing international outram over an apparent massacre. >> and tampa florida is facing an emergency. we'll ex-pplain what happened a the attempt to avert disaster next, stay with us.
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welcome back to all of you watching us from around the world. a shocking video of a murder is drawing condemnation. the soldiers in the video are wearing ethiopian military uniforms seen executing 11 unarmed men and pushing the bodies off of a cliff. the u.n. says other crimes may have been committed. cnn broke this story and nela is joining us now from london. i think it is fair to say this reporting shocked the world in the last five months. we reported on awful atrocities,
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but this is different. we see men in ethiopian army uniforms, why is that so important? >> well, it is the combination of seeing ethiopians carry out a this brual attack on camera. it is incredibly graphic video, but towards the end it is almost more shocking than the violence which is the impunity that they throw bodies casualty over the cliff with no fear of being discovered. and that is what is really leading to a lot of the outcry at the moment, is that previously there had been a sense heavily encouraged that most of these crimes were the result of actions by soldiers and now we have verified on
1:30 am
camera ethiopian state actors behaving with appalling immunity. >> will anything concrete come of this? the u.s. secretary of state and others have called for months on independent investigations. what does the global community do now? >> what this seems to have done is we have begun to focus international opinion on the issues surrounding allowing ethiopia to be part and parcel. the u.s. supported mechanism is a joint mechanism between the human rights commission and the u.n. what we're beginning to hear and we heard this in the aftermath of our reporting from the head of the u.s. house committee is that perhaps the push should be for than internationally led investigation.
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for now the success focused on an independent international joint investigation. but there is a growing sense that are complicit. >> to jordan now where there has been several arrests in what is called a security sweep. also the former crown prince says he has been restricted to his home. let's go now to the story innbeing monitored in istanbul. i know it is hard to get a clear idea of what is happening, but you lived in jordan and you have a unique insight to the country, what more can you tell us? >> i think a lot of people right now are trying to understand
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what has been unfolding in the kingdom over the past 24 hours. we heard very little from the leadership and the country. we have one statement from the jo jordanian military saying there is a security operation that was ongoing yesterday. some people were detained including some high profile personalities in the country. he also denied reports that the former crown prince had been detained or was under house arrest or was restricted in any way saying that he was instructed to basically seize actions and movements that could contribute or could be exploited in a way to destabilize the country of the military. sortly after that, kim, we had bomb shell videos that came out from the former crown prince, it seems sent to a number of media
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organizations, and an english one obtained by the bbc in which he describes the circumstances that he is in right now saying he was instructed by the military chief to not leave his home. that his communication had been cut off, his internet was cut off nap this could possibly be his last message out. that a number of his friends had been arrested. his security had been removed. really dramatic statement there that we heard, but what is most ho s shocking about this is that we have never seen a member of the royal family with these statements. what followed was six minutes of lashing out at the state of affairs in the kingdom, striking at the heart of the grievances of so many jordanians talking
1:34 am
about rampant corruption, the management in the country. the state of public servances. but he was basically talking about this ruling structure. so this is really, really shocking. i can't stress enough how unprecedented and unusual this is coming from a member of the jordanian royal family. we will possibly be getting a statement in the coming hour or so. we'll have to do a lot of damage control after this. >> absolutely especially widening this out a little bit, jordan is such a huge regional player and u.s. ally in the middle east, how might this reverberate beyond it's quarters? >> i mean what really under sc underscores the significance of
1:35 am
all of this, the state department saying they're monitoring the situation, reaffirming their support for king abdullah as a key partner for the glregion. there is a number of states in this region, and saying that support whatever the leadership is doing and that stability is key to them. it is a small country in this region, but it's one that the west, the united states, always really depended on in this very turbulent region. it is one of the few stable countrys with ties to the united states. a key partner on so many different levels. so they will be watching this very, very carefully. as we mentioned, the outpouring of support has been constant since last night. >> yeah, we're waiting for that statement from the government and, you know, keeping an eye on
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this very unusual story throughout the day. we really appreciate your insights here. all week we heard emotional testimony in the murder trial of the officer accused of killing george floyd. we'll get an update next, officials are fearing a bigger crisis. we'll have that, next. stay with us. lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of illness-causing bacteria detergents leave behind. proven to kill covid-19
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the trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin is under way. >> the family of george floyd kneeling in protest on monday, just hours before the testimony
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would begin for derek chauvin, the former police officer accused of murdering their loved one. they started with a video sparking a worldwide movement. >> you can believe your eyes. it's a homicide, it's murder. >> they argue the video doesn't tell the whole story. that floyd died of an underlying heart condition, the ingestion of methamphetamine. >> also heard for the first time since the beginning of the trial, chauvin himself on police body camera footage as he
1:41 am
defends his treatment of floyd to mcmillen. >> and the strongest testimony came from members of the minneapolis police officer. sergeant david ploeger was the sergeant on duty and asked if he thought that mr. chauvin applied the correct resistance. >> you have an opinion of when it should have been over? >> yes. >> when is that? >> after he was not offering any resistance. >> and they heard from officer zimmerman that said it was unnecessary for him to kneel on
1:42 am
floyd's neck after handcuffing him. >> absolutely. >> how so? >> once a person is cuffed the threat level goes down. >> chauvin's attorney attempted to underlin mine zimmerman's credible saying he is a detective, not a police officer. >> it is not in your normal job duties to do such -- >> an interaction that initiated the police response. he was asked what he now feels about the encounter. >> disbelief and guilt. >> why guilt? >> if i just would have taken the bill it could have been
1:43 am
avoided. >> one thing that we notice from inside the courtroom is this jury has paid very close and it taking copious notes. and they eventually render a verdict in the trial being watched around the world. josh campbell, cnn. benjamin netanyahu has a tough monday ahead of him, he has been ordered to attend the opening session of the evidentiary fphase of his government. >> this is what benjamin netanyahu wanted to be doing. >> any other government that is formed that is not a right wing government will be an unstable government that will be formed
1:44 am
against a clear ideology against the majority. but the tour is part of the success that could help with his potential success in court. the head of the israeli democracy. >> the last few years the legal clock and the political clock are intertwined. nothing that happened in israeli politics can be understood without understanding the time line of netanyahu's trial. he does not want to only did the e process. >> he faced the most serious charge of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust. prosecutors say he advanced hundreds of millions of dollars for regulatory reforms for a
1:45 am
multimillionaire businessman in exchange for coverage in the businessman's website. they say the prosecutor saw favorable coverage from the publisher of one of the main rivals. it is something a public servant should not do. >> he denies all of the charges and says he wants the case to run it's course. >> a fake witch hunt with fake charges, with blackmailing witnesses. erasing documents, creating new -- it's ridiculous, it's just collapsing. >> they are facing what they say is an insurmountable affect.
1:46 am
either buy trying to convince people that left to return. >> the opposition parties are having similar problems as they fight among themselves about who should lead the coalition. cnn, vjerusalem. >> the teams are now set for the team's college basketball p championship. coming up, the buzzer beater for the final four.
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rely on the experts at 1800petmeds for the same medications as the vet, but for less with fast free shipping. visit today. the governor of florida and local county officials have declared a state of mrnl because of a leak in a reservoir. officials say that saturday the leak in the con tapement wall could cause structural collapse at any time. so far it has been tough going.
1:51 am
>> the brave men and women that have been working around the clock to minimize any impacts that this situation may have for public safety. crews worked until 2:30 this morning trying to reinforce the berm and the breaching areas. those efforts were sadly unsuccessful. >> all right, let's bring in our meteorologist that is monitoring the situation for us. i saw there was a update on some of the stuff that spilled out, but take us through what effect this might have. >> 11 in the morning on saturday, yesterday, you are handed a notice saying evacuate your house now, collapse of the dam is imminent. there has been a leak within this reservoir, but not a full
1:52 am
breach. the attempts to plug the hole that is causing the leak has basically fiailed. this is about 40 miles to the south of tampa. just outside of the tampa bay region. this is the area that is under a state of emergency known asman tee county. anywhere you see that shading of red, that tampa bay region, that is the state of emergency. we have a few different threats here. not only is there a potential flooding in a matter of seconds but a environmental disaster. let's talk about the flooding concerns here.
1:53 am
they are eventually streaming into the tampa bay region. that is equivalent to 800 olympic sized pooled. the environmental catastrophe is significant because this is all centered around a fertilizer plant. there is run off from that. waste water, and the tides have an significant significant on how that will impact the coastal regions. think about the jobs, over 170,000 people affected by this. so this is something that we will monitor for days to come hoping this breach does not occur. >> thank you for the update. on a happier note, excitement is building for the men's college
1:54 am
basketball tournament. gonzaga went into overtime last night. they will face baylor in indianapolis for the championship. >> whether it is a basketball game or a night at the theater, the impact on live events by covid-19 has been very severe. not something that researchers are now exploring. zane asher has more. >> a win for orange. a special night for some fans in the netherlands back in the stadium again for a world cup qualifying match between the dutch national team and latvia. >> to be able to sar it with so
1:55 am
many people. with my friends, we always watch the games together. >> one of several teams that could safely hold live events. each have to test negative before it and get tested again afterwards. some have been told it to wear masks and others given more freedoms. researchers hoping to gain insight into how transmissions occur. the group leading the study has not yet published any conclusive results but says data looks promising for the return of live events. >> the big difference is that people over here have far more contact, but they're all pretesting. you have less exacontacts, but
1:56 am
the end what our hiypothesis fo this research is that the risk you run at home is identical to the risk you run here. >> remember dancing at festivals? 1500 people did just that at this outdoor concert using the same protocols as the affordable match. >> of course i missed this, who didn't, right? what happens when the party is indoors. that, too, was studied when 1300 people danced to live deejays. >> we're human and we need to let go and socialize. >> the data from the trials is set to help officials decide how and when to lift lock down restrictions. the government recently expended all coronavirus restrictions until april 20th. a dutch tour company is also
1:57 am
helping offering a test holiday to greece for 187 people to stay on the island at a resort under the conditions they don't believe the location and quarantine upon return. so far 25,000 people have applied for it. the lucky few will be chosen by criteria set by the dutch government. the rest have to wait like everyone else for the slow return to normal. zane asher, cnn new york. that wraps this hour of the cnn news room. we'll be back in just a moment with more news, please. stay with us. energy-building, dually-adjustable, dad-powering, wellness-boosting, foot-warming, snore-relieving, temperature-balancing, recovery-assisting, effortlessly life-changing, proven quality night sleep we've ever made. and now, the new queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed, is only $1,499.
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