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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  April 2, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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welcome to the viewers here in the united states. coming up here on cnn "newsroom." the capitol the target of a deadly attack. powerful testimony in the trial of the exofficer charged with murder in the death of george floyd. a top officer delivers a devastating blow to derek chauvin defense. and major league baseball makes georgia suffer the consequences for a restrictive voting law .
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>> welcome everyone to the second time in three months the u.s. is mourng the loss of a capitol police officer killed in the line of the duty. after a knife wielding attacker rammed a car into a barricade. flags flown at half staff at the capitol and white house. another officer was injured in the attack. the suspect was killed. we have the latest on where things stand. >> reporter: a suspect in a car rammed two capitol police officers at security barrier of the capitol. then got out of the vehicle wielding a knife. police say. >> he didn't respond to verbal command. the suspect did start lunging towards u.s. capitol police officer. at which time u.s. capitol police officers fired upon the suspect. >> at least one of the officers
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was stabbed and official tells us. one officer died from injuries. an 18 year vet of the force. a second officer injured. >> i asked that you keep ourist capitol police family in your thoughts and prayers. >> the suspect, age 25. is dead as well. he was not familiar to capitol police. authorities said. no initial indication of ties to terrorism. the motive is unknown. >> clearly someone who was actively trying to get at whoever or whatever. we don't know. >> a unit from the national guard was immediately deployed to assist. members of congress are mostly out of town during the break. authorities are not aware of a particular lawmakers being targeted but an emergency lock down was issued for the complex. increase in threats in recent months and debate to remove
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fencing around the capitol in place after the riot. and reducing the national guard deployment. some members on both sides have been chafing in recent weeks. >> it's discouraging to the razor wire. and the image to the world. >> today's incident could reverse the debate. >> i thought once the barriers were removed we were moving back to sense of normalcy. but this just shows the level of risk that there is. >> in friday's case praise for the response by the police. >> we lost an officer. but by and large the system worked. the response. they stopped him and the system works. >> nvt tors are piecing together information about a specific motive. but we learned in the weeks before the attack the suspect had posted messages on social media indicating he lost his job
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and believed the federal government was targeting him with mind control. >> lawmakers offering messages firefighter condolences. senate democratic leader tweeting for his service to our capitol, everyone who serves at and visits our capitol and our country. we will be forever indebted to the officer who was killed today defending them and his family and fellow officers and everyone who knew and loved him. >> senate republican leader mcconnell writing i'm heartbroken that officer was killed today in the line of duty. on this good friday. let's pray for healing for the surviving officer. comfort for the officers family and all the officers and families of the united states capitol police. >> national security analyst joins me now. also the former assistant
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secretary of the department of homeland security. good to see you. it appears the man had mental health issues and a fairly unsophisticated attack. vehicle and knife. in a country with firearms. >> it exactly where i think the investigation is heading. it was a perpetrator who was known to have mental issues. takes a car, easy to get. and a knife. and tries to ram into a sight that we don't know why he picked the capitol. he certainly had mental deligss of being under surveillance or followed by the government. that is why the police were very and the capitol police were very quick to say they didn't do this as an ongoing threat. or view it as terrorism. at this stage. someone can hate the government and have bloefs about the government.
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but not act in a way that is terrorism. because they are not under ideology to move the government in a certain direction. >> in the broader picture, the significance of the target the capitol. do you think january 6th and the insurrection has made the seat of government a target than it was anyway? >> i think that's something i want to examine for two reasons. of course was vulnerable on the day. taken up by everyone with a people just simply crazy. as this is an open area. the other thing i think is relevant to remember is that because of january 6, the security posture of the capitol police was that much greater. and although some of the fencing is down and there's politics around opening the capitol. at the capitol police did an incredible job.
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stopping what could have been a vehicle type attack. or certainly someone with a knife. those are two reasons why january 6th is relevant everyone if the motivation is not related to what motivated the attacks on january 6. >> you make a really good point. the attacker was -- he was stopped. and really security protocol worked despite the loss of life. everything sort of seemed to work. there's so much you can do about a car and a knife. does it point to any security wholes or consideration that leak to your mind? >> i think one is take a deep breath. in other words this has gotten the idea of the capitol security and the threat that january 6 pose has been so politicized with many republicans and others who try to minimize the harm or minimize what the capitol police went through. which seems exceptionally
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objectionable today. when they lost a police officer. all that needs it go away. and an independent assessment about the manpower and vulnerability and what areas to secure for the long term. when i say long term i think we have to think about the next year or two. in terms of increase security perimeter. around the capitol. even if it's not the wall or fences that we saw immediately after january 6. >> the thing is security wise, there's only so much you can do. i'm reminded of the green zone in iraq. and the choke points that the entry points were. which was always a risk for attack which is why we didn't live in the green zone during the war. you can't eliminate entrances. >> somebody who is certainly determined to take a car and when he was done, utilize the car and coming out wielding a
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knife. someone who wanted the aggression and maybe wanted the reaction by the police. which was totally appropriate. how do we think about the layer of defense. it's not just intelligence and what did we know about him. why did he come to d.c. was it related to something particular. also, what kind of defenses do we have at the capitol to stop the possibility for violence. remember, success and counter terrorism. so hard to say is that fewer people are harmed. because of the counter terrorism measures. in other words if you can't stop everything, the goal is minimize the harm. that was done today. >> absolutely. always great to get your expertise. voice of reason. >> we'll take a quick break. when we come back major league baseball moving this years all star game from atlanta to somewhere else. and all about voting rights.
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baseball all star game won't be played here in atlanta this summer. it is the most dramatic response yet to the georgia sweeping new election law. commissioner saying quote, major league baseball supports voting rights for all americans. and opposes restrictions. lebron james now a part owner of the boston red sox tweeting proud to call myself a part of the mlb family today. but the atlanta braves say they are quote deeply disappointed adding this was neither our decision nor recommendation.
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the team had hoped our city could use this event as a platform to enhance the discussion. republican governor who signed the controversial law ripped the decision saying the league in his words caved to fear political opportunity and liberal lies. >> now the game will still honor braves legend hank aaron. but no word where the all star game will be held. hall of fame sports broadcaster says it is the latest example of sports leagues making statements about equity and politics. >> until relatively recently, baseball was not as apt as a sport to weigh in on social issues as perhaps lt nba. but that all changed. last year was obviously a time of reckoning and continues.
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thst a players alliance in baseball. made up primarily of players of color. african-american players and also widely supported by white players around major league baseball. so, there's still some people who say stick to sports. >> there's a long history of athletes using their platform to register a point of view to be effective and profound. the question going forward on a case by case is this always the right sort of approach. there maybe some people who are in agreement over all. have some differences with some aspect. or differences with the approach. stacey abrams has mixed feelings about it. you can understand how the braves feel about it. there are people who feel this is taking some economic opportunity away from those who would benefit from a big event like the game.
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and some people are lower on the economic ladder. >> we are expecting to hear more from georgia governor. about the mlb decision on saturday. the murder trial for former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin resumes next week. the first week of testimony has been graphic and has been emotional. with police officers rejecting the notion that chauvin was justified in any way in kneeling on george floyd's neck. for over nine minutes. we have more from minneapolis. >> reporter: to wrap up the first week of testimony in the murder trial of the killing of george floyd. we heard yet more powerful testimony. this time from a lieutenant who heads the homicide department. and he says the force that was used that day on george floyd was totally unnecessary. >> the man who says he has been a minneapolis police officer for
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longer than anyone in the department makes no bones about it. kneeling on someone's neck is deadly use of force. >> have you ever been trained to kneel on the neck of someone who is handcuffed behind their back? >> no, i haven't. >> would that be considered force? >> that would be the top tier. deadly force. >> why? >> because of the fact that if your knee is on a person's neck. that can kill them. >> that's what prosecutors say chauvin did to george floyd on may 25. lieutenant who leads the department homicide unit testified he was called to the scene to make sure it was preserved and questioned about police procedure. which he could recite without hesitation. >> as an officer, according to training, you handcuff somebody behind the back.
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what's your responsibility with regard to that person from that moment on? >> that person is yours. well being is your responsibility. >> floyd was handcuffed. he had a knee on his neck. and he was pinned down on his stomach. in what's known as the prone position. >> what has training been specific to the prone position? >> once you secure or handcuff a person, you need to get them out of the position. as soon as possible. because it restricts their breathing. >> what is your view of that use of force during the time period? >> totally up necessary. putting your knee on a neck for that amount of time is just uncalled for. i saw no reason why the officer felt they were in danger. if that's what they felt.
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and that's what they would have to feel to be able to use that force. >> chauvin attorney questioned his recent field experience. since he hasn't been on patrol in decades. arriving at crime scenes after a an incident occurs. >> you're not patrolling, makes arrests. your experience with the use of force of late has been primarily through training. >> yes. >> on redirect the petition asked him again. he ask whether or not the force was proper and necessary. and he answered no. it was not. >> a professor of law and the host of the passing judgment pod cast. she joins me now. good to see you, professor. on friday, the police officer making an entimpression by sayi
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the actions were totally unnecessary. uncalled for. that was on top of testimony from other officers. certainly didn't seem to help the defense. how exactful of the witnesses been? >> hugely impactful. the prosecution has done a good job with the witnesses. proving their theory of the case. again the prosecution theory of the case is essentially threefold. one, chauvin used excessive force. that was a substantial cause of george floyd's death. and they can prove this beyond a reasonable doubt. those are the facts in the law. the jurors are human. and to hear the testimony i think is hugely kconsequential. from a veteran law enforcement officer saying i'm an expert this was not appropriate. and the other witnesses hearing about survivors guilt.
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and how wrenching it's been for a year. this has been a really good week for the prosecution. >> so, what then would be the best of things for chauvin. given what we have heard today. what mite his families best strategy be? >> officer chauvin will try and disprove the three things the prosecution obviously is going to try to prove. chauvin will say this wasn't excessive force. and george floyd was really giving him a difficult time. that he had to subdue him. he's going to try and say he was not in fact the substantial cause of george floyd's death. actually it was george floyd's preexisting condition and drugs were in his system. and he's the defense is also i think going to spend time educating the jury on a fact that has a very different role than the prosecution. the prosecution has to build this case from the ground up.
10:23 pm
and show proof beyond a reasonable doubt. the defense just has to get one of the 12 jurors to have some reasonable doubt. not to say i don't think officer chauvin did it. but to say i have a reasonable doubt as to whether or not it rises to level of second or third degree murder or manslaughter. we'll hear a lot from the defense about causation. what reasonable doubt is. >> it was interesting the prosecution strategy. making sure the potential negative. such as past drug use by george floyd was raised by them. and not the defense. getting ahead of that. was that smart? >> so smart. i talked to students about this. there will never be case in which you have only good facts. so if you have quote on quote bad facts.
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something that you think might be helpful for the other side. you want to be the one to bring it up. frame the narrative. you want to say this happened, but here's why we still win. the prosecution has head on said we know that george floyd had a history of addiction problems and there were drugs in his system and that didn't mean the officer didn't use excessive force and it didn't mean that the officer wasn't the substantial cause of this. the prosecution i think has done a very good job of having really consistent theory of the case. and again really depriving the defense of the ability to say bad facts. the jury will say, yeah e i already heard that from the prosecution. i don't know. maybe it doesn't sound that bad. >> good point. next week they are drawing up the final list. chief of police will be among them. how important is that?
10:25 pm
the chief of police. >> i think it's exactly your question. the fact he has that title. it will carry a lot of weight with the jury. and so how important is it? at this point i don't think the entire case hinges on his testimony. but just by virtue of who he is and the title he holds and the experience, that will be important. the prosecution i think one of the things that it did from the very beginning that was so consequential. we're going to play the video from start to finish. and they said@jury the entire time, you can believe your eyes. you can trust yourself. now they're bringing in witnesses to reinforce what they are telling the jury they saw and trust. chief of police will be another one of those very important witnesses. >> as you say, building blocks of the case. always great to see you. thank you so much.
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>> thank you. authorities in taiwan say they believe they rescued everyone trapped inside the wreckage of the deadly train crash. they are still searching just in case. at least 50 people were killed more than 150 injured friday morning when the train packed full of people derailed inside a tunnel. grieving families gathered at a morgue to honor the dead. government officials say they're working to identify some of the victims. here's how it happened. >> a busy passenger train carrying 500 people derailed in taiwan. what officials say is island worst rail way accident in decades. investigators say the express train was traveling southbound on the east coast of taiwan. to the southeast city. and appears to have hit a construction vehicle that wasn't properly secured and slid down a
10:27 pm
slope onto the track. witnesses say the impact threw the people inside the carriages on top of each other. killing scores. including the driver. and injuring more. a survivor says she and others escaped by breaking a window. and climbing to the roof to get out. she drescribes the chaos. >> all of a sudden i fell from my seat to the ground. i hit my head. it was bleeding. >> the worst of the damage was inside the tunnel where some of the carriages crumpled into twisted metal. trying to reach anyone alive inside with power tools. grieving families gather to help identify the dead. officials say they do expect the death toll to rise. the train was packed with people. many of them standing. as they traveled to the annual
10:28 pm
commemoration of tomb sweeping day. families came to the graves of loved ones. an act of service many aboard the train won't get the chance to fulfill. >> we are seeing more bloodshed in myanmar. the military has killed at least 550 civilians since the february 1 coup. tla say the true number is much higher. residents staged flower strikes at bus stops. in memory of those who have been killed. the military is also broadening the crack down on information ordering companies to shut off wireless broad band internet service. and mobile data has been blocked now for the 19th day. quick break. honoring the loss of the capitol police officer killed in the line of duty. how william evans is remembered
10:29 pm
after friday's deadly attack in washington. new details on the investigation into the republican congressman matt gaetz. centering on his relationship with young women. and another florida politician.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states. you're watching cnn "newsroom." more on the top story: the capitol hill attack that left a police officer dead and another wounded. officials are investigating what might have led to the 25 year-old man to ram a car into the officers on friday. the suspect then killed after officials said he lunged at police with a knife. flags at white house and capitol at half staff in honor of the slain officer. william evans 18 year vet of the police force. second capitol officer lost in the line of duty in three months. here's the moment news of his death was shared.
10:34 pm
>> two u.s. capitol police officers were transported to different hospitals. and it is with a very heavy heart that i announce one of our officers has succumbed to injuries. >> another deadly blow. we were in washington friday as officers began mourning the latest loss. >> a sad powerful procession here for the officer here at george washington university hospital. police as far as the eye can see. not only from u.s. capitol police, but also the u.s. park police, metro washington police department and the secret service. was really hard to spot a dry eye here. especially as the hospital staff came out on the street from inside to pay homage to the officer. i saw one female police officer
10:35 pm
at the top of 23rd stroet standing in solemn salute. i saw the head of the washington police department hugging other police officers here and as that procession left, what became clear is this was also part crime scene. the ambulance was covered in crime scene tape. and beyond it, you can see a u.s. capitol police cruiser that was being inspected by dc homicide detectives and taking photographs of the police cruiser. not totally clear how that was involved. but that will come out in the investigation as it unfolds. what is clear is yet another officer from the u.s. capitol police has been killed in the line of duty. in a few short months of 2021. >> update on the investigation of republican congressman matt gaetz. federal investigators looking into his relationship with young women. the threads they're following are complex at times.
10:36 pm
sources say one issue is whether federal campaign money was used to pay the travel and expenses for the women. >> reporter: the federal investigation into florida congressman matt gaetz for possible prostitution and sex trafficking crimes including alleged relationship with a minor. centering around his friendship with this man. >> it is an honor to be here today. >> in addition investigators believe a former florida tax clelkter recruited multiple women online for sex and introduced the women who received cash payments to gaetz. who had sex with them too. according to the "new york times." the times said it reviewed apple pay and cash app receipts that show gaetz and green burg made payments to one of the women. and one payment from green berg to a different woman. in a statement, gaetz office said matt gaetz has never paid
10:37 pm
for sex. matt gaetz refutes all disgusting allegations completely. >> providing for flights and hotels for people you're dating who are of legal age is not a crime. >> a source telling cnn investigators are examining whether any federal campaign money was involved in paying for travel and expenses for the women. they have been friends for years posting photographs together and gaetz telling a radio station he would make a good member of congress in 2017. >> if he were to run, he becomes the next congressman. >> the duo leaving a voice mail on her cell phone. she gave a recording to cnn. >> we were just chatting about you and talking about your lovely qualities.
10:38 pm
>> you're the future of the democratic party in florida. >> additionally information that may connect gaetz to a fake id scheme at the center of the case. was presented to federal investigators at a meeting last year. sources familiar tell us. he entered a plea of not guilty. attorneys had no comment. >> in addition to the federal investigation, multiple sources told cnn gaetz showed lawmakers photographs and videos of nude women he claimed to have slept with. one source saying gaetz shared the images on his phone while on the floor of the house. >> gaetz finds himself with few public allies. communication director resigned. and he's one of the most vocal trump supporters. so far the former president remained silent. amidthe scandal. that could end his political career.
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for the same medications as the vet, but for less with fast free shipping. visit today. the u.s. centers for disease control. says people can safely gather for easter inside and without masks if they are fully vaccinated and guidance for travelers. >> reporter: fully vaccinated people can resume travel to low risk to themselves. because new data suggests the risk they'll carry the virus and infect others is low. maybe risk worth taking. says the cdc. the fully vaccinated can gather together unmasked. inside. reality check. so far only just over 17% of
10:44 pm
americans are fully vaccinated. >> we need to hold out just a bit longer. and give vaccines a chance to really get the upper hand in this. >> the vaccines work. against the variant strains we know about. more resistance mutants might emerge. 80,000 new cases reported yesterday. and that is a potential problem. >> that infection is high. there are more chances for the virus to replicate and mutate. and lead to the dangerous variants. >> the doomsday would be the rise of a variant that is insensitive to the vaccines we're using now and we haven't seen that yet. the only way to stop that is stopping the spread. >> we're not in kansas. the democratic governor reissued a mask mandate. hours later republican lawmakers nixed it. >> it's in our communities. there's a variant out there.
10:45 pm
i think this is sending the wrong message. >> the variants might not be vaccine resis tent. they are more contagious. >> there's a strong suspicion the uk variant is dominating in the country. >> april last year then president trump estimated the total u.s. death toll in this pandemic would be. >> probably around 60. maybe 65,000. >> one influential model projects by july 1 the toll will be 609,000 lives lost. in measamerica. due to the virus. >> and the cdc updating the guidance for cruise ship operators. they will have to bring volunteers aboard for practice cruises before taking on paying customers. they will have to report new covid-19 cases every day. instead of weekly. and plan to vaccinate the crew
10:46 pm
and staff. the guidance doesn't give a date when cruises can start again. new coronavirus restrictions in effect for all of france just ahead of the easter holiday. the french president calling it a limited lock down. and set to last one month at least. >> we have to organize ourselves in the next month sp see the end of tunnel and find our way back. >> people are being asked to work from home. domestic travel is limited. schools will also be closed for at least three weeks. and this is on top of the national curfew. italy under a strict lock down. trying to keep the virus from spreading over easter. the latest from rome. >> reporter: it sli about to enter into a three day national lock down beginning saturday. that means no travel from your city of residence. that means family gatherings
10:47 pm
even in private homes must be limited. the last two weeks many regions throughout italy have been on lock down. the government has said they will be extending the regional lock down measures through end of april. pope francis at the vatican will be celebrating easter fesivities but for the second year in a row without the presence of the faithful. and without the presence of the thousands of tourists that italy and the vatican are so used to seeing this time of the year. the government focus now is on their vaccination program. trying to amp up the number of people that are being vaccinated. the prime minister laid out an ambitious plan to get 500,000 a day vaccinated. they hope to have all adults vaccinated by end of the summer. a decree says any healthcare workers that are working directly with people must be vaccinated if they refuse to be
10:48 pm
vaccinated they risk the suspension from their job. without pay. >> british regulators found 30 cases of rare blood clot events after people used astrazeneca coronavirus vaccine. that's 25 more than the watchdog agency previously reported. it says it has yet to see a case of blood clots following the pfizer shot. the agency does encourage people to continue to get vaccinated with the vaccine. saying benefits out way risk. netherlands and no longer giving that vaccine to people under age 60. as a precautionary measure. quick break here on the program. next week could mark a break in the stalemate between the u.s. and iran. over the nuclear program. we'll have the details. when we come back.
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u.s. officials and countries in the iran-nuclear deal will meet next week in vienna. the meeting comes, after weeks of verbal tug of war between the u.s. and iran. as the biden administration gears up to manage the longstanding nuclear problem. cnn's nic robertson, with details for us, from london. >> well, president biden does seem to be inching closer, now, to one of his important foreign-policy goals. and that is to rejoin the jcpoa. the iran nuclear deal, that president trump, unilaterally, pulled out of in 2018. the virtual meeting, by the other members of the jcpoa, concluding that there will be a follow-on meeting, face to face, in vienna, in a week's time. the united states will have representatives there in vienna. they won't be sitting around the table, with those other members. with -- with russia, with china,
10:54 pm
and the european union, with the uk, with iran, with france, with germany. all those key members of the jcpoa. the u.s. won't be around the table but this does seem to be inching toward that position. that the united states has said that it wants to get to. where it will consider lifting sanctions, on -- on iran. that iran wants lifted. iran had, previously, said the u.s. can't rejoin the jcpoa, until those sanctions are lifted. the united states has said iran must, fully, comply with the jcpoa leaders, who seem to be two mutually exclusive positions. the european union have taken on the role they are trying to bring the sides together. so, inching closer to that, with, what you might call, proximity talks in vienna, in a week's time. but the outcome, of this virtual session, does seem, now, to propel the situation closer, now, to the potential for iran
10:55 pm
to get back into compliance with the jcpoa. they are way out of compliance. have overproduced, massively, on low-enriched uranium and a number of other issues, as well. they are demanding the u.s. re remove sanctions. so it's not clear, exactly, how the talks are going to go and the sequencing of events here. but again, a step forward. nic robertson, cnn, london. and finally, something, other than sharks to look out for in the waters off australia. we are going to show you what's been called an angry octopus. there you go. yep. bit annoyed. wrapped itself around the neck and stung him while swinging. the incident happened in south of perth. i have been there, that is near my hometown. wasn't too bad. put some coca-cola on it. feels better. his video's been viewed more than 60,000 times on instagram.
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hello and welcome to our viewers here, in the united states, and all around the world. i'm michael holmes. you are watching cnn "newsroom." appreciate your company. we start, with the u.s. capitol taking a renewed look at security, after an attack leaves an officer dead and another wounded. police say, they killed the suspect, after he used a car and a knife to target them, on friday. fl


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