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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  April 2, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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don lemon. what's an emotional week. a lot going on. we are going to begin with the breaking news for you. that's the attack outside the capitol hill that killed a capitol hill police officer. the second attack at the capitol at just three months. tonight, flags flying half staff above the capitol building and above the white house. live pictures at washington, d.c. let's talk about what happened at the capitol hill. a 25-year-old man ran his car into the barricade and exiting the car with a knife, william billy evans killed in the attack. a second capitol officer was wounded. we'll have complete coverage on what happened here. we'll tell you what happened in minneapolis this week. the story we have been following closely everyday. the murder trial of ex-police
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officer derek chauvin. the first week of testimony wrapping up today. chauvin kneeled on floyd's neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds as floyd was laying in a prone position, in other words, flat on his chest, repeatedly begging for his life and calling out his mama. a human being shown not one bit of mercy and one ounce of humanity. the horror of floyd's exc excruciating last moment caught on video for the world to witness. would we be aware of the brutal way that george floyd die if it was not were cell phone cameras? today's testimony was in a word for chauvin was devastating.
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i will show you why wor word-by-word. let's go by monday's opening statements. this is what the defense told. >> derek chauvin did exactly what he was trained to do. >> it makes you wonder who trained him? his former supervisor testified that chauvin should have stopped using force when george floyd stopped resisting. if he did, maybe floyd would have been alive. taking the witness stand. lieutenant richard zimmerman, the top homicide detective in
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the entire minneapolis police department, the number one guy with 40 years of experience. listen. >> have you ever in all the years you have been working for the minneapolis police department been trained to kneel on a neck of someone who's handcuffed behind their back in a prong position? >> no, i have not. >> if that were done, would that be considered as force? >> absolutely. >> what level of force may it be? >> that would be the top tier, the deadly force. >> why? >> because of the fact that if your knee is on a person's neck that can kill them. >> i misspoke there. >> i said "the survivor's testimony," i should have said
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the supervisor's testimony. forgive me there. >> once you handcuff somebody does that affect the amount of force that you should consider using? >> absolutely. >> how so? >> once a person is cuffed, the threat level goes down all the way, you know, and they can't hurt you. >> by handcuffing somebody, you have taken away the ability for them to harm you? >> absolutely. >> if somebody who's handcuffed becoming less combative -- >> well, if they become less combative, you may just have them sit down in a curb.
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the idea is to calm the person down. >> well, that was devastating. that was devastating for the defense. george floyd was handcuffed before he was placed down in a prone position. >> floyd was no longer a threat, the threat level was dropped way down once he was cuffed. and saying this from the witness stand across from de chauvin. what is your view of that use of force during that time? >> totally unnecessary. >> that's a quote, radiight? that's a man showing no kindness to george floyd. let's not lose faith here.
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we did see examples of humanity. a lot of examples, sincere and heartfelt from bystanders who witnessed the incident. the first witness, genna scurry, who was watching the arrest, she was so concerned, she alerted a police supervisor to what was happening. >> my instincts were telling me that something is wrong. something is not right. i don't know what but something was not right. >> an eye witness, donald williams, the mixed martial arts fighter who knew what she was witnessing was wrong and called police on the police. >> did you make a 911 call? >> that's correct. i did call the police on the police. >> why did you do that? >> because i believe i witness a
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murder. >> and then there is the young black woman who recorded the now infamous video chauvin kneeling on george floyd's neck. testifying she witnessed chauvin to breathe, she saw her black friends, her father -- it has been nights, i stayed up and apologizing and apologizing to george floyd for not doing more and not basically interacting. >> the burden of that young woman is carrying because she's a black woman in a country that
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very often treats black citizens differently than white citizens but it is her final words that's at the heart of this case. it is not about what she did that day, it is what he, derek chauvin should have done differently. i want to go to the capitol hill location to get the latest there. shimon prokupecz is there and brian. brian, the capitol police are under so much stress from the insurrection and now another officer is dead. what happened? >> this horrific attack like so many of its kind seems to play out a matter of a few seconds. just after 1:00 p.m., the suspect identified as noah green rammed his blue sedan into the north barricade of the capitol
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sits on constitution avenue on the north side of the capitol. he struck two officers and exited the vehicle with a knife and ran towards officers according to the acting police chief here. he did not respond to verbal command at that moment. one officer drew their weapon and shot ring. during this exchange at some point one of the officers was stabbed and we know officer william billy evans has perished as a result of this incident. the other officer is in stable conditions with non-life threatening. another thing i can tell you is noah green was not known to the police. >> tell us what more do we know
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about him. they releasing more information about him. >> they did. they spoke to his family members and did indicate after speaking to them that officer evans survived by his mother and two children. that's some information we got later this ooevening. we know evans was an 18-year veteran of the capitol hill police and he served in the first responder unit. he's one of the elite officer in this capitol unit. being refitted in the wake of the january 6th insurrection of the capitol. officer evans in the first-responders unit. they are losing valuable member of their rank tonight. >> brian, standby, i want to bring in shimon in. we are learning more of the suspect. he believes the government was
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targeting him with mind control? it sounds like someone is deeply troubled here. >> yes, another case where we are seeing an individual who launches an attack and seems to be having some sort of mental issues. something is going on in their life and as you said they are deeply disturbed. with the fbi looking into social media posts. i will run you through some of them where he talks about how he has afflictions that he suffered as a result of the cia and fbi and government agencies of the united states and another posting that the fbi is reviewing that he talks about how the u.s. government is the number one enemy of black people and it was a link to a post which shows the minister khan.
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these are troubling things that he's writing here. he's suffering multiple home break-ins and food poisoning and the mind control he talked about and someone was controlling his mind. obviously these are all things that is the fbi is looking at. i have talked to sources who said that it does appear that there was something going on here in this individual's life and almost immediately a lot of officials that i was talking to and pointing to that was partially perhaps demoted here and they're working through this investigation and also what we learn that he lost his job so that's something that authorities are looking at. all and all as you say, don, here we have another situation where someone perhaps has things going on in their life and their head that leads to horrible acts. just last week i was in colorado and boulder, we saw a situation that's similar and the family is having a hard time and going through mental issues and now we
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have possibly another issue like t this. this is something that the fbi and investigators are looking into here. >> we'll continue to follow it. thank you gentlemen, i appreciate your reporting. most of congress is away for easter recess now but not my next guest. congressman khan. he'll tell us how it unfolded for him in d.c. that's next. she'll enjoy her dream right now. that's the planning effect, from fidelity.
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one capitol hill police is killed. i want to bring you to congressman khan was on his way back to the office when the event unfolded. we appreciate you joining us. thank you for joining us. >> here we are on the second attack and another officer killed. what are you hearing from your colleagues tonight? that's what i want to hear.
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>> my heart goes out to the family of the officers who lost here life and what i am hearing is sheer appreciation for capitol hill police officers. they kept us safe. i was coming back and i had an officer that said "go into your car quickly." i stayed in my car until the incident was resolved. i can tell the officers were shakenin up. they need to be recognized. there are security at risk and they're standing in front of the barricades, i don't think people realize that. they often get harassed when they try to stop people for ids. i don't think they are very safe in what they have to do. >> this attacker posted about the federal government targeting him with mind crimontrol.
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clearly his motivation is different than what we saw. are you worried of the capitol now of bigger targets because of the insurrection? >> don, i am. i think when people saw the insurrection, there was a license to be a copy cat or to think that somehow that was a legitimate way of showing your grievance. that's what i hope tonight that every member of congress and every senator can say violence is completely unacceptable that is not the american way. even that simple statement would help in our democracy. >> retired lieutenant general russell honoree completed a security review for nancy pelosi, this is what he said tonight about the insurrection. >> many members challenged of the recommendations we made in terms of barriers and harden of
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the capitol while keeping them open to the public. the challenge was, we are not seeing any threats to the capitol. we got accepted that 24/7, the capitol is a threat to domestic and foreign and criminals who may want to attack the center of our leadership of the united states. >> do you think that's going to be more support from the recommendation from general russell, more funding and things like barriers on the background? >> i do, don. it is sad because the capitol is supposed to be open to americans. one of the things i love is when eighth grade classes come and visit me and students can roam the hall and meet members of congress and their staff. many members wanted to be an open place but he's right that security has to come first. we obviously are a target.
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we should be compromising on security and there is going to be a way to balance that to have the place opening for citizens. >> do you have any idea of what that balance is because you want to be safe but you still want it to be the people's house, right? >> yes, one thing long-term could be having the perimeter around the library of congress and supreme court of the capitol and senate building and building the visitor's center outside of that. that's a multi project and we'll have to discuss it. there were barbed-wire fences. after today's incident, we have to prioritize the security. it is not just members of congressmen and staff, and the
7:23 pm
security of these officers. i was watching the early part of your show, we have two conflicting narratives in america. one hand we recognize and respect the heroicism of the capitol police and so many law enforcement who guard our democracy at the same day we have a trial of police excess and police violence and racism with police brutality. i think the challenge for the country is how we have an honest conversation about both and find a way to reconcile that. >> congressman, thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> thank you. so he says ex-police officer chauvin used excessive force. he should know about this because he's the longest serving officer in the p.d., the testimony officer that you need
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welcome back, the longest serving member of the milwaukee police department telling jurors based on his review of by stanst stander video, chauvin's use on floyd was excessive and violating the department's policy. watch. >> once a person is cuffed, the threat level goes down all the way. they are cuffed, how can they really hurt you? but, you can move out of the way. that person is handcuffed, you
7:29 pm
know? the threat level is not there. once you handcuff a person, you need to get them out of the prone as soon as possible. >> i said "milwaukee" but i meant minneapolis, obviously it has been a long week. i am so happy to have you both, cedric, that was damming testimony from minneapolis police department's top homicide detective. >> yes, it was. any time you have a 36-year veteran who's a mid-level manager over a homicide unit, i can tell you he has the experience and he knows the job and he investigates a number of variety of different types of deaths and beyond officer shootings. what he says is going to carry a
7:30 pm
lot of waieight in that courtro. his delivery and the confidence of where he shares the knowledge is quite striking. >> on monday, chauvin's attorney argued that his client did what he was trained to do and that was a quote. did this witness completely destroy that argument? >> absolutely. it will be interesting once they bring in those of the members of the training department who i would suspect is going to testify that's not a maneuver that's taught. i don't know anywhere in this country where they're teaching officers to put a knee to the neck to subdue someone under any t types of circumstances. that's going to be interesting. when you have a homicide lieutenant telling you point-blank that's not aztec techniques in their department, you can pretty much carry it to the bank.
7:31 pm
>> throughout the week we have seen an outpouring of guilt from witnesses on the stand not being able to do to help floyd. >> i feel like there is nothing i could do as a bystander. >> this man is being killed. i would have been able to provide medical attention to the best of my abilities and this human was denied that right. >> if i were not to collect the bill, this could have been avoided. >> could you explain what you are feeling at this moment? >> i can't believe this is happening. >> i don't have a mama either.
7:32 pm
>> these are your people as they say angela. your neighbor out there for the stand, what has it been like for your community? >> it is definitely retriggering and traumatizing and a lot of ways for our community. our community is stepping up and you are seeing it in the streets. you are seeing this through healing spaces that are happening through the peaceful protest that are happening for folks who are calling for justice and i want to say that this is the truth. it is amazing to see so many folks who saw the humanity in george floyd that day who saw he deserves better treatment. they were by sstanders and it i so heartbreaking of the j
7:33 pm
juxtaposition and the man that was on the ground and the police officers when you are watching the video not having the same empathy. it is retriggering our community. we are stepping the gap to fill the community with love and restorative and justice and practices and healing and mental healing spaces. we are going to be and see the humanity in us that those police officers and derek chauvin refused to see it that day. we'll see it not just in georgia but everyone. >> that's the crux of this. everyone at the scene saw the humanity in this man but except for those officers who were on the scene who was supposed to be protecting and serving.
7:34 pm
that's really going to be - now what? how do you get the members of the minneapolis police department and later for you, cedric, for officers to start seeing humanity in the people they're supposed to protect and serve. angela, first. >> one of the things we have to do is change the policy. change the law. we are in a democracy and the great thing is that we the people have the power to make sure our policies reflect our true values. >> as the whole world saw what
7:35 pm
derek chauvin did to george floyd was wrong. if he's not guilty does not mean he's not wrong in this case. we have all seen in the video. we have all seen what he did is wrong and so now we need to step up and milwake sure our policie and laws can condemn what's wrong. >> be held accountable. > >> the police community reacting as well. so my question specifically what needs to happen in minneapolis but what needs to happen around the country? >> i have been saying this for some time, don. it goes back to the op-ed piece i wrote a couple of weeks ago and we got to look at where it is that we are hiring and we got to look beyond their gpa average
7:36 pm
in school or any references they may give us, we got to dig deeper as to who is becoming police officers. we need to know more about who they associate with or who they hang out with or what had been their history and affiliation and group individuals to be able to get a social and digital footprints and certainly is helpful. we got to dig deeper and train better. how well are we training and how well are we supervising. here is what we can't teach. i can teach you to fight, shoot but i can't teach you humanity. that's certainly you learn in your family of origins and church and community and which you live. you have to come into a police department any type of public service already with a heart and a sense of humanity. when you go into those agencies, the agency has the culture to
7:37 pm
sustain a humaneness and of human life. major league baseball is not a fan of georgia's new election law. it is pulling the all-star game from atlanta over the state's new law. bob costa weighs in, he's next.
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the new law makes it harder for people to vote. the commissioner explaining the decision in a statement saying major league baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all americans and opposing the restrictions at atlanta box.
7:42 pm
so let's have a discussion now. hall of fame broadcaster bob costa is here, cnn's contributor. i love having these conversations with you. you always give us such nuance and great perspective. this is a huge decision from major league baseball. the pga tour is planning to keep the tour championship in georgia. give me your initial reaction to all of this. >> there are so many as expects of. baseball was not an app as a sport to weigh in on social issues and the nafl. that all changed. last year was a time of reckoning and it continues.
7:43 pm
whiedly supported by white players around major league baseball. some people are going to say stick to sport but as we have discussed before there was a long history of athletes using their platform to register a point of view and to be in many cases effective and in some cases profound. the question is going to be going forward on a case by case basis. is this always the right sort of approach. there may be some people in agreement overall have some differences with some aspect or differences with the approach. stacey abrams has said she has mixed feelings about it. you can understand how the atlanta braves feel about it. and some of those people are relative liloer on the economic
7:44 pm
ladder. the larger point that's being made here as daniel dale pointed out about an hour ago with you, yeah, you can claim as governor kemp did but there are certain provisions within this bill that'll enhance access to voting. in the overall on balance it restricts voting and it is clear that it will most negatively impact people of color and people a t the lower end of the economic scale. this is also different when you talk about tb pga tour and the masters next week. the masters is only at one place at one time. baseball can move to some where else. so these players are going to play in the all-star game. >> it is interesting you brought up what daniel dale said. i have been reading a lot of what's happening with the voter law in georgia. the main thing people have to remember.
7:45 pm
there is a lot of misinformation going around and half truth and we know it happens. the emphasis was a lie of the election that it standrted. it may take certain things away but it was built on a lie and we must keep that in mind. we have to start from the truth about this. they have ownership. lebron james -- they all tweeted they support the move. what do you say this is cancer culture or baseball being too quote, "woke," i know there are cat p catch phrases but you know what i am saying. >> governor kemp who deserves
7:46 pm
some credit for standing up to president trump's lies in a fourth right way after the election, none the less invoke this bogus thing about cancer culture and "woke" culture. i am not saying those are legitimate complaints. there are something that is illiberal. people should speak out against it because it does not make sense and very often hurts innocent people. okay, what does this have to do with being woke or cancer culture. it is a buzz word that appeals to people on the political spectrum. it is used to dismiss the grievances that led major league baseball to remove the games at atlanta. >> bob, you think the greats
7:47 pm
like jackie robertson and hank aaron sadly who passed not long a ago, the mlb is planning to celebrate hank aaron 's life. this is something that's new and what's new here is professional athletes are feeling empowered. >> they're feeling more empowered and social media had something to do with it. people are more incline to express their point of view. a very long history and a noble history in many cases of athletes using their voices. this is one example. i said earlier going forward it has to be on a case by case basis. this seems to make sense to me. it is a shame they can't honor hank aaron in the year of his
7:48 pm
death where he broke bay ruth's record. that's a shame. baseball will still honor him where ever the all-star game whines up being played. i am just saying this. going forward every particular gripe is not necessarily best addressed by a boycott. we have to recognize people of good faith within a baseball clubhouse, teammates, people who have great feelings for one another they don't all necessarily see every issue exactly the same way. >> as i am saying, yes, i am repeating myself here. i think there is a good case to be made for what baseball decided to do here. plus, corporate pressure, there were going to be corporations and possible sponsors that'll object to this. david roberts who's the manager
7:49 pm
of the dodgers team, he was not sure he'll manage the game in atlanta. multiple dynamics came into play and led to the decision. >> you are right, case by case basis and not everything falls under big thing. not everything is a four-alarm fire. thank you, bob. enjoy the holiday. say hello to your lovely wife. >> appreciate it. >> talk soon. if you have been vaccinated, can you travel and see your family for easter? the cdc has new guidance on both and we'll tell you what it is after this.
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fully vaccinated people can travel at low risk to themselves and those fully vaccinated can safely gather for easter sunday indoors and without wearing masks, but still isn't necessarily recommending people to do so. okay, so let's talk about all of that with -- and more with cnn medical analyst dr. jonathan rhiner. do you agree with this travel guidance? >> oh, absolutely. what the cdc is saying essentially is that vaccines work and that people who are fully vaccinated are very unlikely to either acquire or transmit the virus. and if you're unlikely to acquire or transmit the virus why not travel? why not meet with -- with other people including families that include unvaccinated people. so i think this was really good guidance. the way i differed a little bit with the cdc director is she walked it back and said fully
7:55 pm
vaccinated people can travel but we're not recommending travel. >> yeah. >> what she really needed to say was vaccinated people can safely travel. if you're not vaccinated it's not safe for you to travel. i see her reluctance to do that, but that's basically where we are. >> listen, so easter plans, someone in the family tested positive so now everyone's not getting together. that's a dilemma families are facing all around the country. >> right. and the new cdc guidance says you can meet with people from a single household, and the reason the cdc is saying that is if you -- if you're vaccinated and you go to a household of unvaccinated people, you're unlikely to -- there's unlikely to be spread outside that household from that encounter. but if you go someplace and two
7:56 pm
or three other households get together, that's the scenario where the virus spreads widely. so, again, if you're not vaccinated you need to hunker down. if you're vaccinated, you can venture out. but, again, wear a mask. >> you got it, doctor. doctor's orders, everyone. thank you, sir. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. a man using his car as a weapon and then wielding his knife in an attack on the capitol today. one officer is dead, another injured. everything you need to know so far next. and it's built for taking it easy. look, it says so right there. (sounds of mower cutting grass) it even makes mulching a breeze. ♪ ♪ so you can cut the hassle out of yard work, and focus on the reason lawns exist in the first place. run with us, because the best job is the one that's easily done. nothing runs like a deere. get a new z300 series zero-turn mower with 0% apr for 24 months
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rely on the experts at 1800petmeds for the same medications as the vet, but for less with fast free shipping. visit today. yet another deadly assault on the u.s. capitol, a barrier and heroic police officer stopping a driver armed with a knife who tried ramming his car through a key security checkpoint. but the


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