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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  March 31, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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to our viewers around the world, thank you very much for watching us. i am wolf blitzer. you can follow me on twitter and on instagram @wolfblitzer. i will be back tomorrow. erin burnett with "out front" starts now. graphics never been seen. floyd pleading with officers not to shoot him as he's struggling to breathe. president biden unveiling part of his $4 trillion infrastructure plan. calling it a once in a generation investment. well, it is a lot more than that. does he have the vote to pass it? his labor secretary is my guest. dr. sanjay gupta has an exclusive look inside pfizer vac
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vaccine's lab. good evening, i am erin burnette. "outfront" tonight, "i can't breathe ". we hear it over and over again during the trial. some never before body cam videos came out today. the videos are disturbing and graphic because you keep on hearing floyd repeating that painful phrase, all too familiar phrase as he's being arrested and placed into a police car. >> please, please, i can't breathe. please. please. i can't breathe. i can't breathe. >> take a seat, take a seat.
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that was before floyd was pinned down which as you know he was then done pinning down for nearly 10 minutes. here is more of that video from one of the officers who was on floyd and along with chauvin. >> i can't breathe officer. >> come on man. oh, oh, oh. i cannot breathe. i cannot breathe. ah, ah, ah. i can't breathe.
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>> it is really awful and hard to watch that but the video goes on until you hear what it appears to an officer say "he can't find a pulse." some is too much for witness to see again. the by stander broke down on the stand and we'll hear much more from him just a moment. first i want to go to minneapolis live where omar jimenez is out front covering the trial. another dramatic day in court. emotional testimony and you know even if you saw it today to watch it again every time, it is painful to watch that video. today was no different and you add to that of the context of the account. you get the picture of what lead up to george floyd on the police calling him and what happened
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after floyd was loaded in the end. >> reporter: derek chauvin heard the first time. his voice audible on newly released new camera image. >> you got to control this guy because he's a sizable guy. >> reporter: the video shows maybe the first and last time the court hears from the man charged of killing floyd by kneeling on his neck if he does not testify. new video dominated on wednesday including this body cam footage showing the initial moment of george's arrest. prosecutors introduced this footage as george floyd was pinned to the ground. >> prosecutors began the day showing the events that led up to george floyd's arrest. this surveillance video made public for the first time today shows floyd in a black tank top
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walking through the convenient store. the 19-years-old christopher martin was the employee working that day. he testified that he was calm. >> when i saw the bill, it had a blue pigment on it kind of how a $100 was and i assumed it was fake. >> reporter: one of martin's co-workers called the police. when asked to describe how he felt what happened that day. the teenager said -- >> guilt. >> why guilt? >> if i were not taken the bill, this could have been afrvoided. >> reporter: mcmilan saw police pinned floyd to the ground and trying to convince him to let
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him go. >> were you trying to just help him to -- >> make the situation easy. >> reporter: instead the situation got worse and seeing it again was overwhelming. >> do you need a minute? >> reporter: that feeling of helplessness is one that's shsh shared by so many witnesses that testified. the 19-years-old cashier was the fifth testifier. the man who was in the car initially with floyd plans to plea the fifth amendment against self-in crimination if he's called to testify. omar, thank you very much. >> i want to go to our legal team, areva martin and
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eelie. it is really hard watching this and you hear the same words again and again. as officers trying to get floyd into the police officer's car. he's claustrophobic and he can't breathe. one by stander urged him to get in the car, quote, "you can't win." >> it was an emotional day for me as a lawyer and a mother and african-american woman. i can't imagine what the jurors are going through as we watch this footage. the totality of the horrific video taken involved in this case, each day we are seeing new video tapes that shows different angles and perspective. each day the video tape seems more and more emotional. what was striking to me today
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was one of the video tapes from the police officers w was -- officer lane in his first 15 seconds encounter with mr. floyd he pulled a gun to his head and he dropped a series of f-bombs. the inhumane way that mr. fl floyd -- it started the police officers on the scene with floyd. i know that had to resonate with jurors as they think about the conduct of these officers. >> we heard the first time in the trial of chauvin's voice. he was interacting with one of the by standers after floyd was taken away. now we are talking about after the nearly ten minutes time on his neck. we hear chauvin's voice for the first time. here it is.
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that's one person's opinion. >> no. no. we got to control this guy because he's a sizable guy. >> i got to control this guy, he's a big guy. incredibly calm. how do you think the jury responded to that? >> yeah, erin, this is really powerful evidence. what the prosecution is doing here is taking the jury inside derek chauvin's mind. you have to remember this situation here. derek chauvin had just been on top of george floyd for 9.5 minutes. floyd's body had been taken
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away. how calm and nonchalant chauvin is. if i am arguing this case to the jury, i would say he's cold-blooded. our viewers will hear this term intent throughout this trial. i would argue to the jury this shows intent. how it may impacted floyd's behavior. i want to play again what that employee said, the 19-years-old at the cash register, what his reaction that day. this is what we heard today. >> he seems very friendly. approachable. he's talkative. he seems to be having an average, normal day living his
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life but he did seem high. >> prosecutors are owning that. look, we all know that there was something that should not be. they're dressing it head on, though. that's strategic, is it? >> what lawyers tend to do, they know there is a weak necessary in their case, they want to be the first one to introduce the weakness and take the sting away from it. what the prosecutors did effectively with regards to mr. floyd. this notion that he was drugover overdosed and does not fit with george floyd. it appears to be perfectly fine, not on his way to death but the knee on the neck for 9.5 minutes. >> the pairing today started in
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the video that we have never seen before. it started with floyd inside the store. you see him walking around the store and eventually bought the pack of cigarette with the counterfeit $25 bill. >> what was going through your mind during that time? >> disbelief and guilt. >> why guilt? um, if i would have just not to take the bill, this could have been avoided. >> obviously he's talking about the time when he had the altercation with police in george floyd's death. this is another thing they're doing here. they're clearly saying putting in the counterfeit bill as a center of this. we know the defense is going to say well, look at george floyd's rap sheet. again, prosecutors are going there first.
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>> the counterfeit bill should be a big so what. if i am the prosecutor, so what? does that justify what came next? put it out there like areva said, let the jury hear it on you and not on cross-examination. mr. martin expressed what so many witnesses have expressed, these lingering feelings of trauma and hurt and regret and self-doubt. that's natural. i think the jury will relate to that. it will help the prosecution drive home the importance of this case to the jury. >> all right, both very much. areva and elie, we have been talking about the never before seen from officer chauvin's camera himself. the former police chief from detroit is going to weigh in on wh what was caught on tape. plus, what president biden's in sfrastructure plan.
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one of the officers could not find a pulse on george floyd. three minutes before, i will warn you some of the videos you are about to see not seen before and it is disturbing. >> back off! he does not have a pulse. >> he's not responsive right now, bro. >> no, look at him. he's not responsive right now, bro. >> bro, yare you serious? >> is he breathing right now in check his pulse. check his pulse! check his pulse. stop, check his pulse. >> the former police chief for det detroit, chief, i appreciate your time. one of the officer's timeline, i want to bring this home. one of the officers said "he
4:19 pm
can't find a pulse," and yet chauvin remains on floyd's neck for three minutes after they're told they can't find a pulse. is there any situation where that is an appropriate use of force? >> i have seen people die in vietnam. i watched the rebellion and all my years many my law enforcement i have seen people die, i have never watched someone died for ten minutes. this is incredible to see. when you see the body cam and you hear the officers talking and you hear the other people talking to them, it is as if okay we are going to keep talking with you but i am going to keep my food on this guy's neck. it was unbelievable. we are seeing the the officers
4:20 pm
interaction with floyd. they approached his car, okay? immediately he's crying saying he's been shot before. they know this is over, the counterfeit $20 bill. this is how it begins and things escalate and once they try to get him into the police car. i will play it for you in a minute chief mckinnon. >> you hear him and he can't breathe. officers saying he's resisting
4:21 pm
in that video. do you see that? was this handled appropriately at any point or even at the beginning? >> erin. we talk to de-escalate the situation. there is no rush. it is a $20 bill. we don't know if in fact george floyd knew it was. we don't know whether he was high or not. >> we'll talk to de-escalate and respect people. what i saw was lack of humanizing a person. we have seen officers throughout the year do those kinds of things with people. take a step back of some of classes i taught at the university, do you want to be on the 5:00 or 6:00 news. if you do something like this, this is what's going to happen. let's take a step back. skr obviously george floyd was
4:22 pm
having a problem. >> every step of the way, thank you very much chief mckinnon, i appreciate your time. next president biden going big with his massive new infrastructure plan. >> it is the all american jobs investment since world war ii. >> can he get it through congress? congressman matt gates speaks outs. the justice department is investigating a possible relationship between the republican and the 17-years-old child. our new dove advanced care formula is effective... and kind to skin, leaving underarms cared for and you... more confident and carefree.
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tonight president biden unveiling the first half of his up to $4 trillion infrastructure plan to help americans recover from the pandemic. biden says it will worth every penny and create millions of jobs. >> it is a once in a generation investment in america.
4:27 pm
it is big, yes. it is bold, yes. and we can get it done. >> the plan includes $621 billion to improve roads and bridges and tracks. $400 billion for care giving for elderly and disabled americans. secretary, i want to ask you about that. what you did today is at the heart of all of this. there is no room for error given the 50/50 split. you got to make sure every single democrat is on board especially the moderates who may bulk at massive price tag like senator manchin. do you feel you have them all and are you confident that you can get a plan this size through? >> well, i think you can't focus on democrats, you got to focus on republicans and everyone in
4:28 pm
congress. this proposed plan that the president unveiled today has a lot of great things for americans. every city benefits something from the plan. everyone is open to the idea of having a conversation and see where we go from here. that's important. going into just depending on one side at this point is not the way to approach this bill. the president is focusing on all members of congress so they all have a chance to have a conversation and dialogues. that's what i am going to be doing. that's what a lot of people in the administration going to be doing as well is having important conversations of the impact on this plan and their constituents on the american people. >> the total of the cost of the package is expected to cost $3 trillion to $4 trillion. today president biden made it clear he wants it paid by
4:29 pm
corporate tax. context matters here. one year ago under trump and biden, america increased our debt by 20%. we are talking about $30 trillion. these numbers are staggering that no one can comprehend them. as mayor of boston, you didn't get to do this kind of stuff. you went to balance a budget and find money to pay for every single thing you do at that time. does all of this keep you up at night? >> president biden made it clear that tackling the debt as well. right now the focus is on the american jobs plan as it was the american rescue plan two weeks ago. the whole america has been dealing with the pandemic.
4:30 pm
two millions are out of work and not returning to the work force. we have an unemployment rate in the black community of 9.2% i believe it is. there is a lot of challenge we have. the focus needs to be on how do we get america working again. when we get america back to work again then that's the right time to start thinking of how do we tackle the debt. the president is not just adding to the bottom line. he has a plan. the plan is going to generate billions of dollars in returns for the investment he's making now. >> we all need investments. the basics. the airport and the bridges across this country are endangered of serious crisis. i get that. secretary, we all remember the big dig in your city of boston. you benefited from that. that was incredible that it happened. all the roads running over boston and there is an eight mile tunnel in downtown.
4:31 pm
construction started in 1991 and it took another ten years and did not finish until 2006. the total cost was $15 billion. do you think it is a real cost of what you are putting out there is going to be similar? as we put this money out that we spend this money right, this is the taxpayer's money and the american people the benefit of that, we have a booming city and i left a booming state with the exception of the pandemic. it has in the city of boston and throughout this country and that's wouchb the important pieces of this bill -- not bill, plan. it is not a bill yesterday.
4:32 pm
it is to seed the growth that we see needs to happen. >> you are talking about 2 million women out of work. the pandemic has hit women hard. one of four women, many of them working mom have been shifted to downgrading their career or leaving the work force. this is stunning. now you got a new report from the world's economic forum. it is going to take 60 years for women to reach equality of their cou counter male partners. how do you fix this in a context of a bill like this? >> first of all, we can't accept the findings of that report. we have to do a lot more work
4:33 pm
than that. the women's bureau already had these conversations of how we create better opportunities and some of the trapining we have t do and as mayor of the city of boston, we saw this as a big of problem, lack of child care and paid family leave and a lot of women did leave the work force. the women are apart of our work force here in the city of boston. we have to do better and i know the biden administration is committed to doing better and quicker and faster and committed and there is a lot of us in the administration, and vice president harris as well. this plan that we unveiled today addresses some of those challenges that we have in front of us. the cares part of the plan, $400 billion invest into children and elderly and people of disabilities.
4:34 pm
>> secretary walsh, i appreciate your time, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. next, congressman matt gates denying his relationship with a minor. >> tucker carlson is not buying the story. our suffianjay gupta takes inside the vaccine lab to show what they are doing to pump that vaccine out. lavender baths calmed him. so we made a plan to turn bath time into a business. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at
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new details of the investigation into congressman matt gaetz. federal investigators looking at whether gaetz had a sexual relationship with a 17-years-old girl. >> i have not been able to talk to mr. gaetz. i have not heard from doj but i will deal with it. >> gaetz denies the allegation. our new senior legal affair paula reid is out front. >> reporter: tonight news that the then attorney general bill barr received multiple briefings
4:39 pm
while he was in office on sex trafficking of representative matt gaetz. barr did not take issues with the case which began the final month of the trump administration. another source tells drcnn that gaetz is being investigated over prostitution and including involving a minor. he denied the allegations after reported he was under investigation for allegations vofring a sexual relationship with a 17-years-old by the justice department. >> it is a horrible allegation and it is a lie. >> reporter: the investigation is looking into whether the florida republican paid a 17-years-old to travel with him according to the "times." >> that's verifiably false. people can look at my record and see that's not the case.
4:40 pm
>> reporter: federal authorities were investigating gaetz as part of a broader probe of traf trafficking allegations against another florida politician. >> providing for flyings and hotel rooms for people you are dating of legal age is not a crime. >> reporter: according to gaetz, the sistertory is part of an at against his family to make the doj disappear. >> the department of justice were so concerned of this that they asked my dad to wear a wire. i am demanding the department of justice and the fbi release the audio recording that were made under their supervision. >> reporter: the justice department declined to comment. federal prosecutors are examining these allegations of
4:41 pm
extortion. and a separate investigation into gaetz. >> his name is david mcgee. >> reporter: mcgee is a private attorney in florida who left the justice department in the '90s. the allegation by the congressman is false and defamatory. while he was the doj, he would never entertained a scheme such as what congressman gaetz suggests nor would he today. >> you and i went to dinner and your wife was there and i brought a friend of mine and she was actually threatened by the fbi. >> i don't remember the woman you are speaking of honestly. >> reporter: carlson distanced himself afterwards. >> that was the weirdest interview i ever conducted. >> reporter: tucker carlson was livid that gaetz broke him into
4:42 pm
a controversy involving a sex miner. erin. >> paul, thank you very much and welcome to the network. great to have you. >> i want to go now to katy brennar, and jim clemente. how big of a deal of an investigation like this? >> if you are talking about sex crimes against children in general or sex trafficking of children, it is both serious charges, felonfelonies. >> attorney bill barr was briefed on the investigation multiple times while he was in office and the source says barr did not object on the investigation. he knew about it and times
4:43 pm
breaching no objection. >> the allegations were serious and it tells us the allegation seen not serious but real. attorney barr asked all of his u.s. attorney to tell top officials including the officer of the office attorney general when ever they were looking at a case involving somebody like matt gaetz because it would giver officials an early look and officials the ability to squash the investigation in its infancy if they did not think it was valid. what happens in this case when the facts were briefed in the u.s. attorney to officials at the justice department and to bill barr, they found the allegation to be credible to proceed. not once but multiple times they were briefed and multiple times they continue to say yes and go ahead. >> so significant. gaetz says it was an extortion plot. he says his father has been
4:44 pm
wearing a wire which is not something you would say if that was actually going to accomplish anything or actually really happening at this point. i don't know why you would say or announce to the world that someone is wearing a wire. he's the target of the investigation, that's what gaetz is saying. does that sound to be true to you? >> the other investigation and it sounds like a completely separate investigation into any kind of extortion that he may be experiencing had nothing to do that he was named a subject of a criminal investigation. we don't have targets of those investigations. doj sometimes will send out a target letter in certain white collar cases. the fbi when they investigate somebody who's the subject of the allegations is called the subject of the investigations. they are investigating him and his behavior. not somebody else. >> right, i think you made a significant point which is
4:45 pm
whether he did this incredibly serious and awful thing, that's going to be -- they're going to get the facts on that. that's separate from the extortion plot. those things can be true. what more are you learning from this alleged extortion plot? >> we know that matt gaetz's father did not meet people trying to distort the family. he met with them twice. there are two reported phone calls. his name is mcgee and two others, one is a real estate developer who had legal issues in the past. in this conversation it sounds like the men danced around the idea of what could happen should the gaetz family give money to help fund a project everyone wanted to accomplish or could it end in a pardon?
4:46 pm
nobody to our knowledge made a quick pro quo statement that if you give us $20 million we would do x, y and z. >> all right, i appreciate both of your time very much. the point stands whatever happens on extortion could be completely separate from what matt gaetz did for what he's being investigated doing or not. thank you both very much. next, sanjay gupta is going to take us inside the pfizer's vaccine lab, their facility to see how they're pulling off what was considered impossible of the 13 million doses. and president biden's dog, major, is turning into a major pain for those at the white house. in the rain. with kids who can catch “almost” everything. especially a cold.
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♪ ♪ we know it's going to take many forms of energy to meet the world's needs while creating a cleaner future for all. at chevron, we're lowering the carbon emissions intensity of our operations, investing in lower-carbon technologies, and exploring renewable fuels of the future. we work hard to care for the homes we love. but it's only human... to protect the one we share. >> tonight new covid cases up 25% over the past week. the highest increase since mid january. deaths up 6%. new york city there is a very troubling variant of concern that composes half of new cases but all of this scary news is as we get promising news from pfizer where clinical trials show the vaccine is 100%
4:51 pm
effective in kids 12 to 15 years old in the main coronavirus. dr. sanjay gupta is "out front "with a look at the vaccine labs. >> one year ago, the process you are watching didn't even exist. and for mike, pfizer's president of global supply, a novel virus meant he needed a novel approach to vaccine manufacturing. >> this has been an amazing 12 months like nothing i've ever experienced in my career. >> remember, until the end of last year, no vaccine using mnra technology had been authorized but i'm getting an exclusive look how pfizer in partnership produced millions of vaccines. >> 60 million doses are surrounding us, hugging us. imagine the impact this room will have on u.s. citizens and patients around the world.
4:52 pm
>> that gives you goose bumps. while pfizer doubled the output from a month ago producing at least 13 million doses a week, it still not enough for him. >> by the middle of this year, we're at 13 million doses. we'll be at 25 million doses in a couple months. >> so 100 million a month? >> 100 million a month. >> he's doing that by continuing to look for novel solutions. even seemingly simple ones. they found that their suppliers couldn't provide enough dry ice so they decided to produce their own. >> vihigh visibility jackets an hard hat. >> you're seeing things president biden didn't see when he was here five weeks ago in january. >> there is our new formulation suite. >> this is how they scale up so fast. these prefab formulation suites are built in texas before being built here. >> if we built it wall by wall on site it would take a year. by doing it marginally, we can cut that in half. get on one side and i'll get on
4:53 pm
the other. >> and yes, as i found, it really is as easy is pushing it into place. >> that's amazing. that is pretty smart. >> but for mcelhim, it came dow this process. >> there has never been a commercial scale mnr ara vaccin >> when makes up the vaccine is basically mnra housed in four different lipids which is fat in this jet fixer makes it possible. this is going to sound too simple but here it goes. on one side, mnra is pumped in. on the other side, lipids and they are forced together with around 400 pounds of pressure, outcomes a lipid nanno particle which he says is the perfect package to deliver mnra to your cells. that's the vaccine.
4:54 pm
>> when you start to really scale it up like that, how confident were you it world work? >> the first time somebody showed me this inpingment jet mixer, i said you can't be serious. how can you put billions of doses through here. my confidence was quite low. not that it couldn't be done but how to multiply it. >> not only did he crack the code and on his way to produce billions of doses for the world, his life has come full circle. >> as a kid, my dad worked for nasa. he was lucky enough to be in mission control in houston when neil armstrong stepped on the moon that amazing moment. and the day we shipped the first doses out of this site, it rushed over me. that was our moon shot. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, kalamazoo, michigan. >> pretty emotional thing. next, president biden's dog major in trouble again after biting another person but so far it seems he's staying at the
4:55 pm
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4:59 pm
major biden is in trouble again. the first family's german sheppard involve d in a second biting incident bit a national park service employee monday and the wound required medical treatment. major was sent hem toome to del after a first biting this month and got training there. as of this morning he hasn't been banished again. he's still at the white house where he was spotted with the other dog champ outside the diplomatic room and south lawn today. major was leashed, champ was not. major should consider himself lucky he has not been banished from the white house permanently after his second strike. teddy roosevelt's dog pete was exiled. the last straw for pete is when he chased the french ambassador and tore off his pants. well, maybe that is the standard for major and why he is getting
5:00 pm
a third try. ripping off someone's pants might be the final straw. thanks so much for joining us. don't forget you can watch "out front "any time anywhere at cnn go. "ac 360" starts now. he told george floyd he could not win as police tried to get floyd into a squad car. today, on the witness stand charles mcmillan's memories of that day and the video of it brought him to tears. jim sciutto here in again for anderson tonight. day three of the derek chauvin trial saw witnesses haunted by their helplessness as a man was slowly killed right in front of their eyes. we watched a juror experience what she later called a stress related reaction to those proceedings. we saw for the first time body cam video of george floyd's confrontation with police. cnn senior national correspondent sara sidner has our report and we must give you this woarning, some of this v