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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  March 30, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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if you think about it, so many of the major things that we're struggling with right now are within our own control. systemic inequality and racism and liberty and justice for all is within our control. it's a function of choice. the vaccine is a function of choice. living with masks in this period is a matter of choice. who do we want to be? cnn tonight with the big show, the number one selling "new york times" best-selling author, d. lemon right now. >> well, we want to be -- this is what i think we want to be, and we should be. we should be good countrymen to our fellow men, right? good citizens to our fellow countrymen is the best way of putting it. we should want to protect not only ourselves, but other people. we should want to wear masks because they protect us and they protect other people.
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we should want to get a vaccine because we've got science. you know what i'm saying? >> we got it. we're one shot in. >> yes. so i felt like i had a hangover. you know i haven't drank in a long time just because. >> i have to say my arm is a little sore. i have never been part of a government process that ran better than this vaccine thing did. i went right by my house out in east hampton. and it was so organized. the volunteer, people were great. they had a guy playing a steel drum on the grass. it was so organized. even the paparazzi had a section. >> i went to the jacob javits center. the paparazzi section, were they getting your picture? >> oh, yeah. >> i did the whole thing. i did the hat and the glasses. not that i was ineligible. listen, 50 years old. i'm 55. >> no. >> and the lady was like, oh, oh, it's you. i said, yeah, it's me. she's like, oh, okay. she wasn't going to give me the shot or whatever. there was a guy on the piano,
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keith herring, logos all over the piano playing the piano. i mean, it was like clockwork. you walk in, show the thing you're eligible, you got the thing in the mail. you go up, check your temperature without you even knowing it. >> in a few months when christina was trying to get her parents a appointment for the vaccine, it was like nasa in my house. everybody was on a laptop, everybody was looking for a canceled appointment. everybody was scrubbing these different sites and stuff. totally different now. totally better. >> it is better. i'm glad many people are getting it. and i do have to appeal to -- i wanted to appeal to the trump supporting males out there. go get a shot if you want to be a good patriot. i want to appeal to black people, people of color, go get the shot. this is about science. there were many people of color who worked on this, right, and so this isn't something that is going to harm you in any way and it's not something that the
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government is out to get you. get the shot. >> and you have to be your own advocate because people are poaching. just because vaccines are brought into your area, even the pharmacies, doesn't mean that they'll keep them waiting for you. you have to be active. you have to be your own advocate in this. find out where it is and go get it. it's getting easier all the time. >> i have to run because of the breaking news with the congressman. do you know what shot did you get? >> pfizer. >> same here. >> i got it because the people who were the long haul people said they felt better so i figure why not. >> so what i realized, this is what happened when i was at javits. during the day they give pfizer or moderna. at night they'll give you the j&j if you go overnight. i think they do like different -- >> i want to be j&j, but i was told that people who have had covid and have antibodies, the research is better with the mrna compounds. those are the two shots. >> well, you look better, you sound better. remember i was worried about you. you were a little fuzzy for a while.
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>> a year ago i was in a different place. >> i know. i was calling you. you okay? what's going on with you? you know i love you. give me a call. >> i was like, who's this? >> i got to run. i'll see you. >> all right. i love you. >> love you, too, brother. this is cnn i'm don lemon. we have this breaking news tonight. it's still unfolding. a lot of details, and we don't know what's going on with this, but it's about congressman matt gaetz, you know him, firebrand republican congressman, really a trump ally, right? he's denying he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old after "the new york times" reported that. that is according to its sources. the d.o.j. was investigating a possible sexual relationship with the girl and whether he paid for her to travel with him. again, this is according to "the new york times." it's still unfolding now. in a statement to cnn goetz says, quote, no part of the allegation against me are true and says the claims are being pushed by people who are targets of an ongoing extortion investigation. now, the congressman is, of
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course, as i said, a big trump supporter. lots more on this story to come. lots more, and we will break it down for you because information, details are still coming in. it is still unfolding. but listen to the big story now. about what we learned today in the trial of derek chauvin and the death of george floyd. i want you to think about this, if you will, just think about this. what if they hadn't had phones? what if they hadn't recorded what happened to george floyd in the streets of minneapolis? think about that. would we have ever known? or would it just have been the death of another black man or woman in police custody, just another black man or woman dead after an encounter with police, just another family mourning someone they loved? but we saw what happened. it cannot just get swept under the rug, not after we all saw what happened that day in may
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last year. not after what we heard from witness after witness after witness today in the trial of the ex-officer derek chauvin. several witnesses were under age at the time, and they're still haunted by what they saw in the street that day. >> relax. >> i can't breathe. >> what do you want? >> i can't breathe. i can't breathe. i can't breathe [ bleep ]. >> well, get up and get in the car, man. >> i will. >> get up and get in the car. >> i can't move. ah! >> get up and get in the car right. >> mama, mama. i can't. >> we gave you an opportunity to get in. you can't win, man. >> my knee. i'm you didn't listen. >> my stomach hurts. my neck hurts.
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everything hurts. ah. water or something. please. please. i can't breathe, officer. >> yeah, it's tough, isn't it? and it's really -- what's bizarre is there are people out there who are still trying to deny what they saw and to make excuses for it. there was no bruising. he had drugs in his system. we see what happened, people. stop it. what if that was your son or daughter or dad on the ground, would you still feel that way? have some humanity. guess what? there's a teenager shooting that video. her name is darnella frazier, known in court filings as d.f. she just turned 18, not shown on camera during her testimony today.
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she testified today. i want you to hear how she feels now, staying awake at night, apologizing to george floyd for not being able to save his life. >> when i look at george floyd, i look at -- i look at my dad. i look at my brothers. i look at my cousins, my uncles, because they're all black. i have a black father. i have a black brother. i have black friends. and i look at that and i look at how that could have been one of them. it's been nights i stayed up apologizing and apologizing to george floyd for not doing more and not physically interacting and not saving his life. it's not what i should have
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done. it's what he should have done. >> listen, that was compelling. i know the defense knows it and you know the prosecution knows it. that was compelling testimony. the courage that it must have taken for a teenager to take that video, to take the stand in court today. she testified that she was on her way to cub foods for snacks with her young cousin, a 9-year-old girl wearing a t-shirt with the word "love" on the front. "love." what that little girl saw that day had nothing to do with love, and it's nothing that a 9-year-old should ever see. well, she testified today, too. also kept off-camera because of her age. but she told the court how she felt about what she saw that day. >> i was sad and kind of mad. >> and can you tell us why were you sad and mad? >> because it felt like he
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wouldn't stop. he was stopping his breathing and it was kind of like hurting him. >> 9 years old. and then there was the professional mixed martial arts fighter, donald wynn williams ii, who witnessed george floyd's death and was so disturbed by what he saw, he called the police on the police. >> i was very lost at the moment, and i was very nervous and not knowing what to do. and -- >> and did you, in fact, stay around the scene for a little while? >> yes, i did. at some point did you make a 911 call? >> that is correct, i did call the police on the police. >> and why did you do that?
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>> because i believe i witnessed a murder. >> well, he was the second witness to testify he called the police on the police. the first was a 911 dispatcher who testified yesterday that she had a gut instinct something wasn't right as she watched surveillance video that was happening. we heard another teenager today, she wasn't shown on camera either. but you could hear emotion in her voice when she testified that she failed george floyd. >> why is this difficult for you to talk about? >> um, it was difficult because after i waited there wasn't anything i could do as a bystander.
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i felt that i was feeling it. >> you felt like you were feeling it? >> like failing to do anything. >> like failing. i hear you now. why did you feel like you were failing? >> because i was there and i, like, couldn't do something, but i couldn't really do anything physically what i wanted to do because the highest power was there at the time. >> when you say you couldn't do physically what you wanted to do, can you explain why you felt you couldn't get involved? >> um, there was another police officer kind of like pushing the crowd back, making sure everyone was on the sidewalk and didn't get close. >> so, did you feel like that officer was stopping you from being able to get closer? >> um-hmm, yes.
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>> witness after witness saying that they wanted to do more. they wanted to do something to stop what was happening to george floyd. >> i would have requested additional help. i would have wanted someone to call 911 for the paramedics and fire to come. i would have asked someone to run to the gas station and look for an a.e.d., and i would have checked his -- i would have checked his airway. i would have been worried about his spinal chord injury because he had so much weight on his neck. i would have checked the airway to see if there were obstructions. and i would have checked for a pulse. and when i didn't find a pulse, if that was the case, i would have started compressions. >> why weren't you able to do any of that? >> because the officer didn't
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let me in to the scene. >> so that was minneapolis firefighter and emt genevieve hansen who was off duty that day and out for a walk. when she got to the corner, she saw police lights and heard a woman across the street screaming, they were killing him. she has medical training. she knew what to do. but she says officers on the scene wouldn't let her. she captured what happened in her own video. >> are you really a firefighter? >> yes, i am, from minneapolis. >> okay, then get on the sidewalk. >> check his pulse. >> get back on the sidewalk. >> the man ain't moved yet, bro. the man ain't moved yet, bro. >> he's not moving. >> bro, you're a bum, bro. you're a bum bro, you're definitely a bum, bro. >> tell me what his pulse is right now. >> wow, she was the third witness to call the police on the police.
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>> and on the block of 38th and chicago and i literally watched the police officers not take a pulse and not do anything to save a man. and i literally have it on video camera. i just happened to be on a walk. >> so, think about this. this is the reality here. an emt, a 911 dispatcher. a professional mma fighter all so disturbed by what they saw happening that day that they called the police on the police. that emt, emotional on the stand over not being able to help george floyd. >> when you couldn't do that, how did that make you feel? >> totally distressed. >> were you frustrated? >> yes.
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>> witness after witness upset about not being able to do anything to save a man's life, to save george floyd as derek chauvin kept his knee on his neck for 9 minutes 29 seconds. teenagers feel haunted by what they saw. a 9-year-old girl testifying in court about something no child should ever have to witness. none of those people should have to witness that. none of us should. but if there's ever going to be justice, we cannot look away from what happened to george floyd. and we cannot ignore the powerful testimony from witness after witness today. the question is, what did the jurors think when they heard this?
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when you save money with allstate you feel like you're winning. safe drivers save 40% saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate. click or call for a quote today. dramatic testimony in the trial of ex-police officer derek chauvin who is charged with murder for kneeling on george floyd's neck, one eyewitness testifying that he called the police on the police because he believed the witness -- he witnessed a murder. and an off-duty firefighter who
11:22 pm
is a trained emt testifying police prevented her from giving medical aid to floyd. let's bring in now cnn political commentator doug jones, former senator from alabama who is also a former federal prosecutor. and captain ron johnson who retired from the missouri state highway patrol. thank you so much. good to see both of you gentlemen. thank you so much. ron, it's been a long time. it's good to have you on. >> thank you. >> i'll start with doug first. doug, incredibly compelling day of testimony from multiple minor, including the teen who took the viral video, an offduty emt who wanted to help. what do you think the jury took away from day two? >> i think they took away a lot, as a matter of fact. i really believe that the testimony today was some of the most powerful you will hear, especially the 17-year-old who took the video. i'm telling you, don, her line about having, you know, at night
11:23 pm
apologizing to george floyd and to say, i should have done more, but then looking the defendant in the eye and saying, but really he should have done more. that's the prosecutor's closing argument right there. although the people across the country couldn't see it, i guarantee, i've been in court rooms a lot of times, and that was a powerful moment in that courtroom. >> captain johnson, multiple witnesses testified that chauvin leaned in pressing hard on george floyd's neck. this is some of what he heard. here it is. >> if anything, he actually was kneeling harder. looked like he was shoving his knee in his neck. >> i saw him kind of digging his knee into his neck more. he was putting a lot of pressure on his neck that wasn't needed. >> and how could you tell -- or what made you think from your point of view that mr. chauvin
11:24 pm
was putting more pressure on george floyd's neck? >> you could see like his foot movement, officer chauvin seemed very comfortable with the majority of his weight balanced on top of mr. floyd's neck. >> captain, kneeling harder, digging and shoving his knee more. officers trained to do this for extended periods of time? >> no, they're not. that is no training that i've ever had or that i know has ever been given. you know, i know when you have a hold called a comply hold, when someone complies, you release your hold. you can also see, i think the witnesses stated that his feet are bent and his toes, you could tell he's twisting and putting more pressure. it is obvious. you can look at both his feet and tell he's putting more pressure on mr. floyd. >> doug jones, digging your knee into someone's neck after their
11:25 pm
hands are cuffed, what is the significance of that testimony, do you think? >> well, i think it's really important because remember, don, they don't have to prove -- to prove a murder charge under the charges he's faced, second and third degree, they don't have to prove that he intended to kill him. what they have to prove is he was doing something that was such a force that it ultimate caused that death. and i think the more that you show that he was digging in as george floyd was crying for his life, saying he can't breathe, but the witnesses say that he was digging in deeper. i think that's really important for the prosecution going forward, and it's a tough, tough rebuttal for the defense. how do you get to say that? because the other officers are looking at the crowd. we know that now. and so is the defendant going to take the stand and say, no, i didn't do that, i was doing exactly what captain john just said. it's going to be tough. >> let me ask you one more question. the off-duty firefighter,
11:26 pm
genevieve hansen got emotional on the stand because she said police wouldn't allow her to render aid to george floyd when he clearly needed it. several of the witnesses cried on the stand. does that undermine the defense argument that the crowd was angry? >> absolutely. i don't think there is any question about that. i mean, you're seeing videos across the board here. you're seeing a lot of the things. the crowd was certainly getting a little agitated. you can imagine. but the fact that they were controlled, i think the defense is really stretching things if they go down that path, unless they have something -- some evidence we haven't seen just yet. that could backfire on them very, very quickly. >> captain, you can see if there was another officer there, right, he was sort of running interference as the former officer chauvin, the ex-officer was doing his thing with the now deceased man. how significant, captain, is it that we know at least three people called the police on the
11:27 pm
police, the 911 dispatcher, the bystander donald williams and the offduty firefighter who happened to be at the scene. donald williams said he thought he witnessed a murder. >> it shows how impactful what they saw on their life and how it touched the moral compass of humanity. and i think for them to call the police said, when i see a crime, i'm supposed to call the police. and so they called the police because those policemen there, in their eyes, weren't being policemen. and so it took a lot of courage for what they did. the dispatcher who works in that police department. but those people that were there, the firefighter, mr. williams, and so it says a lot about what they saw, and that at that moment, they knew that mr. floyd's life was -- he had lost his life. >> yeah. i want to ask you as a -- >> and don? >> go ahead. >> can i say something real quick about that? because it's absolutely true. folks shouldn't under estimate
11:28 pm
the power of the emt because those officers were there to keep control of the scene. she came forward to try to help a victim who she saw in distress, and they said, no, we've got this. and he dug that knee in deeper. that is a serious, serious issue that the defense has got to try to figure out how to overcome. >> even saying that -- even after she said the ambulance arrived, chauvin still kept his knee on floyd's neck. captain, i've got to run, but just real quickly if you will, as you were watching that, as a member of law enforcement, what are you thinking? >> i'm thinking that really tarnishes the good work many officers do in our country. i'm also thinking this is a time in our country where we have to stand up and say that that is wrong, and we begin to gain trust for people of color and all people that encounter policemen. >> captain, thank you. i hope to see you soon.
11:29 pm
doug, i'll be seeing you as well as you are employed by this network. we'll see you both soon. thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> thank you, don. >> we've got a lot more from today's trial. i'm going to speak with a member of george floyd's family right after this.
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so, powerful testimony in day two of the derek chauvin trial, reopening emotional wounds over george floyd's killing. the floyd family having to re-live all of this pain every day the trial goes on, so joining me now is brandon williams, george floyd's nephew and benjamin crump, the attorney for the floyd family. thank you both for joining me. brandon, let me say i'm sorry you have to re-live this. but i appreciate you coming on. this is very important stuff. you were in court today. you heard darnella frazier she has been up at night apologizing to george floyd for not being able to do more to save his life, and that she sees her own family in him. how did it feel to hear that? >> well, it was heartbreaking, man. honestly, it was very difficult.
11:34 pm
it's already heartbreaking for me and the family to have to, you know, watch the video, but i feel for her because, you know, she's younger and to be there and see the emotion and feel the energy in the room and, you know, it was heartbreaking honestly, man. and to watch her cry up there and go through those torturous moments all over again. i couldn't do nothing but feel for her. >> ben, i thought it brought home to me, it solidified what many black families are feeling around the country and how they relate personally to this to people in their own lives. many people saw or see george floyd in their brother, their nephew, their father, their uncle. it resonated -- i think it resonated with many americans, but it resonates especially for black folks. >> yeah, don, because all of us
11:35 pm
know that but by the grace of god, that could be one of our loved ones. i think about brandon and the rest of his family having to sit in the courtroom by themselves, it just seems everything about this case just seems so unfair. the fact that, you know, he kept his knee on his neck for 9 minutes 29 seconds, and i kept thinking, don, the average human being can only hold their breath for 30 to 90 seconds. you can only imagine george was probably just trying so hard to hang in there and chauvin dug his knee into his neck, and we have to get justice, not just for the floyd family, but those young people, don, that witnessed this up close and personal. and the other young people around the world to know that there is respect for black life. america, this is your chance.
11:36 pm
show us that we can trust the system. show us. >> ben, this defense argument that the crowd at the scene was angry and threatening, does that make sense to you? because all the witnesses said they were kept on the sidewalk by officer thao. and a lot of them said they were afraid of chauvin. >> don, you know, you and i have witnessed so many of these atrocities, miscarriages of justice dating back to trevon and michael brown and eric gardner and all of these cases. and we know the playbook is let's assassinate their character. they have a trace amount of drugs in their system or some unknown health condition. but you're right. this takes the cake. they are actually trying to say part of the reason derek chauvin did what he did to george floyd in torturing him to death was because of the bystanders.
11:37 pm
the people who were exhibiting humanity for a human being that you were killing, and you're going try to blame them? why do they do that, as they say in the neighborhood? how does that make any sense at all, don? so that's why they have to convict this killer because there is no other word. don, i can only imagine if the roles were reversed and it was george floyd who had his knee in derek chauvin's neck and he was digging down, what would we call george floyd? we would call him a monster, an animal, a thug. but because this guy had a badge, i think some of america is still giving him respect when he doesn't deserve any respect at all. >> well, listen, brandon, you know, having heard what ben just said, three witnesses called the
11:38 pm
police on the police. that's what they said. genevieve hansen felt helpless because she couldn't provide medical help to george. and she said -- and i quote, this human was denied that right. i want to know what went through your mind as you listened to her. she could have saved your uncle it she had just been given the opportunity. >> my mind was racing at the time. i was actually in the courtroom when she said it. i dropped a few tears actually because it was hard for her to re-live it. and you can see the sincerity in her, that she really, really wanted to assist and help, and she felt like she could have done something to save his life. and at the same time in my view, i'm looking at derek chauvin as well and, you know, he's going, hey, man, why didn't you take your knee off of him? so it was real emotional. it was emotional to say the least. but all in all, we just want
11:39 pm
answers, and more than anything we want justice. justice has to be served and that's the only thing that honestly keeps me strong enough to be in the courtroom and listen to it. till this day, ten months later, i still haven't watched the full video. every time they replay it, you know, you have to, you have to just kind of like brace yourself, which i can never brace myself because that's my loved one. that's a person that was like a father to me. and to see that happen to him, it's hard to stomach. >> let me ask you something real quick. when you said that's a loved one and it's very tough, to watch them, you know, the character assassination and try to impugn the reputation of your uncle, nobody's perfect. we all struggle with something. what do you think of that, them trying to -- they're actually
11:40 pm
putting him on trial instead of the officer, what do you think of that? >> it's disgusting, disrespectful and almost like a slap in the face to my family and the world because if you watch that video, you know that derek chauvin murdered him. no drug stayed on his neck not allowing him to breathe for 9 minutes 29 seconds it. and they're ready to question where had he not encountered derek chauvin and the police department that day, does he still -- is he still not able to breathe and he passes away, i don't think you can pay anybody in this world, anybody that watched that video to believe that. and, you know, it's right in front of our eyes. here they are trying to tell us we're not looking at and hearing the video that we're hearing and seeing. >> brandon, ben, thank you. i'll see you throughout the trial. i appreciate it. be well. >> thank you, don.
11:41 pm
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republican congressman matt gaetz denying he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl and claiming he is the victim of criminal extortion. that's after "the new york times" is reporting -- a "new york times" report said the justice department is investigating a possible sexual relationship with the girl and whether he paid for the girl to travel with him. gaetz is telling cnn in a statement, no part of the allegations against me are true and the people pushing these lies are targets of the ongoing extortion investigation. let's bring in now senate cnn congressional correspondent ryan nobles to tell us what he knows about this. good evening, ryan. it's a really wild story.
11:46 pm
i'm not sure -- it's just kind of bizarre. so make sense of all of this for us. what do we know about the "the new york times" reporting and what gaetz is saying about it? >> it's really two different story, right, don? we have these claims that "the new york times" is reporting on, that there is an investigation into congressman gaetz about an alleged inappropriate relationship with an under age girl that could lead to charges of sex trafficking because if he was traveling state to state and paying for this young woman to stay in hotels and ride on planes and also engaging in a sexual relationship, that could be criminal. but then there's gaetz attempting to a certain extent to deflect from these accusations and claiming that he is the victim here, the victim of an extortion attempt. listen to what he told fox news tonight. >> on march 16th, my father got a text message demanding a meeting wherein a person demanded $25 million in exchange for making horrible sex trafficking allegations against me go away. our family was so troubled by
11:47 pm
that, we went to the local fbi, and the fbi and the department of justice were so concerned about this attempted extortion of a member of congress that they asked my dad to wear a wire, which he did, with the former department of justice official. tonight i am demanding that the department of justice and the fbi release the audio recordings that were made under their supervision and at their direction which will prove my innocence. >> and tonight the department of justice is not commenting on gaetz's claims on extortion or about the investigation that "the new york times" is reporting on tonight. and we should also say that gaetz did actually name this person that, a former department of justice official. we are not naming the individual, but we did reach out to that person for comment on gaetz's claim. and have not heard back yet. as you mention, don, there is a lot about this story we don't
11:48 pm
know yet. we should also point out that "the times" is reporting that the probe into gaetz happened during the trump administration. there is not a bigger supporter of the former president than matt gaetz. >> and matt gaetz is denying that report. thank you, ryan. we appreciate it. we're going to have much more on this story in our next hour so make sure you stay with us. next, a 65-year-old woman attacked in broad daylight. yet another horrific attack on an asian american. that video is next.
11:49 pm
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plus, now all patients can get 20% off their treatment plan. find every reason to smile. every day at aspen dental. call 1-800-aspendental or book today at . i want to everybody to watch this segment because it's just -- it's outrageous. the nypd investigating what they say is a hate crime assault against a 65-year-old asian
11:53 pm
woman who was punched and kicked monday in midtown manhattan by an attacker who allegedly made anti-asian statements towards her. that's according to the police. now, i have to warn you, though, the images, they're graphibc an they're disturbing. you need to see them. it's just awful. you see the attacker approaching the 65-year-old victim outside of an apartment complex, kicking her to the ground, then repeatedly stomping and kicking her head. the video appears to show onlookers not reacting to the attack. the organization that owns the complex says, quote, the staff who witnessed the event have been suspended pending an investigation. they're just looking. the nypd asking for the public's health in identifying an individual wanted in connection with the assault. look at your screen now. look at this, okay? if you know this person, if you have an idea, make sure you get in touch with the nypd, okay? ji joining any now to discuss,
11:54 pm
democratic candidate for mayor of new york, andrew yang. andrew, thank you for joining. this is an important story. the attack we see in that video is shocking. give me your reaction to seeing an older woman assaulted like this in broad daylight. >> don, this hits close to home in part because i live in that neighborhood and so does my mom, and so seeing this, it really does make me know that an elderly asian woman walking around that neighborhood in hell's kitchen could easily have been my mother. and obviously this woman did nothing to instigate this sort of racist attack. so it's heartbreaking. it's horrifying. it's disgusting as you said. but it does feel very personal. my children play in the playground opposite that building quite regularly. >> oh, i just -- you know, i could see -- oh, my gosh. every time i see it, it's just unbelievable. i should be there to -- listen,
11:55 pm
there's violence. there's a violence in the attack, but then there's also the man, and if you look at that, they stood by. they didn't intervene. they've been suspended from their jobs. how do you not jump in and try to help her? >> that's exactly right, don. we all have to start looking out for each other and know that if someone needs help, it's on us to provide that kind of help. i mean if the men in that building had gone out and interrupted this attack, i believe that they could have done a lot of good. and certainly they could have helped this woman get medical attention sooner and more actively. instead, it seems like they actually closed the door on her while she was seeking help. >> listen, i know that people are afraid. they don't know, you know, if somebody has a weapon or what have you. but when you have a number of people, especially grown men, or the attacks that i've seen the videos, andrew, of people on the subway, right? no one intervenes. they just stand there and look.
11:56 pm
if you have a bunch of people there, shouldn't they all like -- someone at least try to help or jump in or do something because it's just one person against all the people who are there on the subway or all those men who were standing around in the lobby of that building or the people who were on the street? >> don, that has to be the message to people in new york city and really everywhere around the country, that if you see something, you have to do something. and i was in a situation like this not that long ago. if one person acts, then other people will act along with them. but a lot of folks need someone to lead the way. so if you're watching this and you see something happening, you be the person that leads the way, and i guarantee you that others will help you. >> andrew yang, thank you, sir. we'll have you back. we'll talk about all this. it's awful. it's got to stop. i appreciate it. >> thank you, don. an emotional day in court. eyewitnesses including even a
11:57 pm
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