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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  March 14, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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by the time we get into the early summer, the fourth of july weekend, we will really have a considerable degree of normality, but we don't want to have that escape from our grasps. >> vaccinations are rising but spring break can bring a spike in cases, too. >> you know the risk coming out here. >> you are not wearing a mask, and that's the normal compared to people that do wear a mask. >> governor cuomo has lost the confidence of his governing partners and for the good of the state he should resign. >> the governor should look inside his heart and he loves new york, and see if he can govern effectively. >> our cities and counties on the border don't have the resources to deal with this. >> the flow of humanity arriving
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at our front door never stopped. the donald trump administration didn't stop them. i am pamela brown in washington. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you are live in the cnn "newsroom" on this sunday. in florida, brspring breakers a cutting loose after a year of lockdowns and quarantines, and health experts warn highly contagious variants rapidly can spread. joe johns has more on the collision offing spring break and the pandemic. >> that's true, pamela. good evening. the cdc said there's about 4,900 cases involving variants that have been spotted all around the
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country, but the biggest concern right now at least this weekend at least is there could be a spike in the numbers because spring break is upon us. spring break in south florida where college students might not be the only ones hitting the beaches. experts fear covid-19 and variants of the virus are coming, too. as the decline in cases across the country starts to level off. >> even though the numbers have gone down over the last couple of weeks they have plateaued and when you see a plateau at a level as high as 60,000 cases a day, is that a very vulnerable time to have a surge to go back up. >> adding to the concern, air travel is setting pandemic records, more than 1.3 million people screened at airports on friday, the highest number since march 15th last year. but it's not just spring breakers causing concern. in arkansas the republican
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governor said there's trouble in his state with loyalers of the last president that don't want to get vaccinated. >> in arkansas it's a pro-trump state in terms of the last elect summ electtion, and we see that resistance when we are opening up eligibility for the vaccine, we are moving through it quickly because we are not having everybody to sign up to take it. >> if you think it's just arkansas, you would be wrong. only 50% of republicans say they have gotten a dose of the vaccine or plan to get one according to a new cnn poll. for the record, then president trump himself quietly got the shot before he left office. trump's failure to participate in the joint covid messaging campaign did not help, but -- >> you can't pin all of it on him, there's a lot of disinformation campaigns from the right and left and a lot of
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people are vaccine hez stkpupbt we are doing everything we can to overcome with that public information spots. >> governor larry hogan is defending his own decision as of this weekend to relax capacity restrictions at bars, gyms and other businesses while keeping in place social distancing and face covering requirements. on twitter the current president encouraging to keep social distancing and washing hands and wearing masks. dr. anthony fauci said some cdc recommendations on travel and the workplace could be resized soon as more people get vaccinated. >> they just want to make sure they get it right. >> the good news is that across the country there are signs that for now people are still keeping their guard up. st. patrick day parades in many cities have been canceled this year, though a bit of tradition survives as the city of chicago, once again, died the river
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green. and a bit more good news, at least 107 million doses of vaccine have been administered in the united states so far. 69 million people have gotten at least one shot, pamela. >> that is encouraging. joe johns, thank you so much for the latest there. now we turn to cnn's natasha chen that is at miami beach where he says far too many people are coming to his town to let loose, and mix messaging on masks are making a mixed message there. >> signs along ocean drive, vacation responsibly. they don't want this to become a spring break destination, per se. they have had problems with crowds here on friday night at this intersection, miami beach police tweeted two officers were
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injured as they tried to disperse the crowd. restaurants could really build their outdoor dining space here, and that's where a lot of the activity has been happening this week. now, the florida governor does not allow local jurisdictions to fine anybody for not wearing a mask, so the city of miami beach can only have ambassadors and officers set up stations like this to hand out free masks in hopes that people will wear them. >> natasha chen reporting from miami beach. thanks so much. tonight astrazeneca is doubling down on the safety of its vaccine as yet another country suspends its use. next hour i will ask the doctor if the concerns are genuine or if this is an overreaction. just in time for crowds and spring breakers, texas is open for business and no masks or social distancing requiring.
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a republican representing texas in congress since 2003, and he's one of several medical doctors serving in the house and before going into the politics he was a obgyn in dallas. thank you for coming on. on wednesday, as we all know, texas became 100% open for business and the governor lifted mandates for covid and the pandemic, and you know a doctor and you know how serious covid is. why not wait until more people are vaccinated and the virus is more under control there? >> two things can happen simultaneously, i think, and we have had good response to the vaccine hub set up at the texas motor speed way, and they are doing 10,000 vaccinations a day throughout the week, and that's great news. some additional data is coming up, and the single shot could be more effective than originally thought, and more people will be a dead end as far as the virus is concerned.
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>> in texas only 2.8 million texans have been vaccinated out of a population of 29 million, so do you think it would have been more prudent to wait and enforce the mask mandate until those numbers go up and until there's a better control over the virus? >> look, this last year has humbled a lot of us who think we know something about health and think we know something about policy and think we know something about health policy. with all due respect, it might have been better to get this through the fda a month earlier and i do believe that was possible, and at the same time in texas, at least a. month ago we were shutdown from an ice storm and now the governor has released the mask mandate. i think you see people behaving responsibly, and people know they are at risk and they know there's an additional risks, and they are always taking precautions. if you are worried about it, wear a mask, and wash your hands
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and watch your distance. >> let's talk about people acting responsibly, because since wednesday obviously we know there have been a lot of spring breakers going to travel and a lot of them at gal galveston beach in texas, and we have photos of people not masked and in groups together and so forth, and you see that and there's no mask mandate and so forth are you concerned there will be a spike after spring break? >> look, we still do have to be careful and the news that is coming out of italy is concerning and not sure why what is happening there is happening, so people need to keep an eye on the fact that the virus has not left us. the good news is, you know, a year ago, nobody thought we would have any vaccine let alone three vaccines with 95% of protections, and that's truly an
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unbelievable accomplishment of the men and women that put their lives on hold and developed these measures. >> no doubt it is a huge accomplishment. i want to ask you about the vaccine and the hesitancy we are seeing. according to polling, there's more hesitancy among republicans. what is your message to them? have you seen that in texas? how concerned are you about that, that hesitancy about republicans in particular? >> well, it's not anything new. i do live in an area where vaccine hesitancy, even back in the days when i was in practice, it was something that i recognized that perhaps our educational efforts have to be a little more precise because people do have -- seem to ask a lot of questions, but on this one, let me just tell you, people who are listening, i have had the vaccine and i didn't break in line and got it at the right time, and my family has
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had the vaccine and they did not break in line, they went when they were called, but take the vaccine when it's your turn. >> let's turn to the border now with another wave of unaccompanied line of children are arriving, and do you see a way to get beyond the partisan finger-pointing stage and actually come up with some solution here? >> well, 2014 was when i first became acutely involved with what was going on at the border, we had a surge of unaccompanied migrants, unaccompanied children, and of course, the agency that my committee is responsible for, energy and commerce, we have health and human services under our jurisdiction and they have the officer refugee settlement in their organization, so the kids essentially are the responsibility of our committee
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and our sub committees. it was important to me back in 2014 to make sure we were doing the proper screening exams, and making sure somebody had a tb test before they were released with the family out in the country. none of that was happening in 2014, so i credit the folks on the energy commerce committee for allowing that and getting that to happen. now, look, it has taken various trysts and turns through various administrations. i will be down on the rio grande valley tomorrow. it requires constant vigilance and attention. the answer, unfortuna khau -- unfortunately, is not just more beds, and it's looking at what is causing this, is it coyotes and traffickers monetizing in their neighborhoods, or is it fearing for somebody's safety,
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and we have to address that and get on top of that. that should be a bipartisan effort. it's costing an enormous amount of money. >> it certainly is. i want to get your response to a democratic congressman that told nbc he has a basic requirement before he can work with a republican. at the fundamental level i need an affirmative statement that joe biden is the legitimate president of the united states and the 2020 election was a fair election. can you agree with that? >> i have not been asked that -- >> can you agree it was a fair and free election and joe biden was legitimately elected. >> we saw the president inaugurated -- >> no, no, no, was glegitimatel
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elected? >> there are always going to be questions. >> but you are making it sound like -- so you cannot just say definitively that joe biden, the majority of americans voted him into office? is it accepted -- go ahead. >> i saw him inaugurated. >> is this really a good standard to say, well, back years ago they also used russia to request legitimacy, with donald trump hillary clinton conceded and he was welcomed into the white house, and can you say a majority of americans elected joe biden into office. >> we have a big pandemic to get over and let's get to work. trump conceded and -- >> thank you for coming on the
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show. appreciate it. >> thank you. later this hour, half of italy goes into lockdown tomorrow to try and stop the rapid test of contagious new covid variants as president biden kicks off his road show. a food bank in vegas said it will take more than short term stimulus checks to fix its economy. and this just in, a trash folder on the investigators's device. i will talk to laura coates about it in our next hour. plus, as fema is called in to help meet a migrant surge, a sobering reminder of why so many people are desperate to reach the u.s. >> i crossed in two times because i was desperate because i didn't have a job here in mexico, and we don't get that
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many opportunities here in mexico, that's why you do it. >> first, lawmakers under fire. two democratic governors who were praised early on in the pandemic are facing an uncertain political future tonight. meantime, senator ron johnson is facing pressure to resign after his controversial comments about the deadly capitol attack. but they can't be held back. they want to be set free. to make the world more responsible, and even more incredible. ideas start the future, just like that. ♪ and a little bit of chicken fried ♪ ♪ cold beer on a friday night ♪ ♪ a pair of jeans that fit just right ♪ ♪ and the radio up ♪ get 5 boneless wings for $1 with any handcrafted burger.
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nearly daily extremist or racists comments, and some of them include, you're not jew isjewish are you? jew jewish people are running everything. that's something who stormed the capitol while allegedly recording himself shouting obscenities at a female police officer. he joined others armed and on a mission, and republic republican center ron johnson said this was a fine group of citizens. >> i knew those were people that loved this country, that truly respect law enforcement and would never do anything to break a law so i was not concerned. had the tables been turned -- this get me in trouble, and had
3:22 pm
the tables been turned and those were black lives matter and antifa mob, i would have been concerned. in york governor andrew cuomo continues to tune out the chorus of voices for resignation. both senators from new york, including senate majority leader chuck schumer doubled down on their stances today. >> there are multiple serious creditable allegations of abuse so that governor cuomo has lost the confidence of his governing partners and of so many new yorkers, so for the good of the state he should resign. >> it's clear that governor cuomo has lost the confidence of his governing partners as well
3:23 pm
as the people of new york. that's why i believe that the governor has to resign. >> cnn political commentator louis joins me now, and he's a political anchor for spectrum news and he is no stranger to new york politics, and he covered it for year, so give us the breakdown of what is going on behind the scenes. does his response surprise you? >> his response does not surprise me. he turned down publicly any offer to go into the biden administration, even as a high level, as attorney general a job for which he was qualified and might have been considered. he liked being governor, really liked being governor. he travels and makes sure without exception he's back in new york before the sun goes down, and that includes trips to puerto rico and the middle east and so on and so forth. i am not surprised he has not
3:24 pm
resigned. pam, i also have to say new york has had a very high level of dysfunction in its state government, and we have had periods of time where weeks and months the budget was late, and we have had periods of time when two contending groups both claim to be in charge of the state senate and were both dry trying to conduct business at the same time, and so the fact that we have a governor nobody wants to work with will not stop >> you're saying new york has been dealing with dysfunction for many years, but how ten tauable is this for him to hang
3:25 pm
on after calls for him to resign. >> we in the media raise the question, of course. the reality, pam, is that the relationship between the governor's administration and his partners in government was never all that great. we have a ten-year documented history of angry phone calls and people being shouted at and competent people being driven out of government, and it was standard operating procedure for this administration. what you are seeing right now with the rest of the world, a bunch of people are saying enough of this. the mayor of new york, most of the congressional delegation, and our two senior and junior senator. people are saying we have had enough of this and this doesn't work, because if the tradeoff is supposed ton cuomo and his people act like savages and we get things done, well, lately they have not gotten things down
3:26 pm
and there are real problems and there's misrepresentations and concealment of information related to nursing home deaths and that's when a lot of folks in government said this is not worth it, and then when the sexual harassment allegations came, it led people to reach the ultimate conclusion which is that it's time for a change. >> all right, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> next hour i will speak to a senator that worked with cuomo for seven months, and her experience as a work culture as toxic. and president biden hitting the road to sell americans on his $1.9 trillion stimulus bill, but how will that help those in need? >> italy, headed for another lockdown.
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overseas tonight, new coronavirus cases are surging so high in italy that government health officials are taking very drastic measures. full lockdown for about half the country starting in a few hours from now. we're in rome tonight. >> italians are preparing once again to head into lockdown starting on monday. half of italy's 20 regions including cities like rome, milan and venice will be a full
3:32 pm
lockdown. although italy's hospitals are still able to manage, we are not yet in an emergency situation. they are seeing their daily case numbers rise. the latest count was just over 26,000 cases daily, and is that a record since november and they are particularly concerned about that presence of variants that increase the rate of transmission, so the prime minister said on friday these measures are necessary to avoid a further deterioration of the situation. the prime minister is also promising to accelerate and expand the vaccination program. italy got off to a slow start like many european countries and they are now vaccinating 170,000 people a day, and the prime minister saying he wants to increase that to 500,000 a day. the covid commission saying this weekend that the plan is going to be helped by the fact that italy now has approved the johnson & johnson vaccine which only requires one dose, so that
3:33 pm
should enable them to reach their goal, they say, of vaccinating all italian adults by the summer. cnn, rome. the white house help tour kicks off. las vegas, its economy relies on tourism which is decimated as covid kept people from traveling. the unemployment rate in las vegas is the highest among major u.s. cities and has been since the pandemic began. larry scott is from the largest food bank in southern nevada. thank you for coming on the show. what do you want to hear from vice president harris tomorrow? >> we certainly hope we will hear that the stimulus package will continue to provide both funding and food, and it might
3:34 pm
be able to be protracted out. >> i want you to hear what president biden said on friday about the relief bill. let's listen. >> in the coming weeks, jill and i and kamala and doug and the cabinet, members of congress, we will travel to speak directly to the american people about how this law will make a difference in their lives and how help is here for them. >> help is here, but for las vegas is there enough in the stimulus bill to help those who need it most? larry, can you hear me? i think he froze there, so we will have to circle back with larry later in the show. larry scott, thank you so much.
3:35 pm
to help your local food bank, go to the website. the dhs secretary says an overwhelming number of migrants are in custody and lawyers say kids are being held in overcrowded and dirty conditions. former assistant secretary of the homeland security under president obama joins me when we come back. what is humana doing sending me a diy test kit? old health insurance reminds you to schedule a screening, say, for colon cancer. humana does you one better and sends you an at-home test kit, when it's overdue.
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as a migrant surge pushes america's immigration facilities to the limit and unaccompanied minors are showing up at our southern border in record numbers the two parties are sparring over who is to blame and how to fix it? this morning a democratic representative said this. >> we have a broken immigration system and we don't have a lot of time and we have to move fast. >> the biden administration
3:40 pm
deployed fema to help, and mccarthy will take a group of republicans to the border tomorrow, but behind the politicking are people. there's a massive humanitarian crisis. cnn went on the scene in mexico to ask migrants why they were trying to make the dangerous journey to america. >> we are only asking for an opportunity. that is why we try to be as peaceful as possible, so they can see that we want to do good, so they won't have a negative perception of us on the other side. i crossed to the other side two times because i was desperate, because i didn't have a job here in mexico. we don't get that many opportunities here in mexico. that is why you do it. >> i am seeking asylum, and i ask the president with all my heart to help us, to assign people to help us, to help us with the opening of the border
3:41 pm
because we are here because we would like a better future for our children. >> former homeland security assistant secretary under obama. good to see you, juliette. let's get to it. the white house says it's handling the issue of unaccompanied minors differently than the trump administration, and then you have lawyers for those kids detained at the border that says they have not showered or have not seen their parents for days, and so why is that? >> there's a surge of unaccompanied minors, and that's different from separating parents and children. these were teenage boys sent up for a new life and the surge ph meant we did not have the capacity to handle it, and so there's an intent to deal with the humanitarian struggles.
3:42 pm
what people have to remember is the entire infrastructure at the border was ae eviscerated at the trump administration in favor of the wall, and that wall was a big nothing except it was quite expensive. basically the shifting to a new way of dealing with the pressures at the border will mean that there are incidents where people don't -- children don't get showers or teenagers don't get showers, and that's why fema is coming in. the intent -- the difference in intent does matter in terms of dealing with the influx coming in. >> with fema going to the scene, how exactly will that change the situation. bring us into what that means materially? >> well, it's really hard. it's all response on this side, and that's not going to solve the long-term problem. the response is you have teenagers or unaccompanied
3:43 pm
minors, and you have to process them and determine who their family is here and what kind of status they were seeking. not everybody that claims asylum status can get it. we are a nation of border laws, and so the woman that you interviewed tragically, you know, wants to come here for humanitarian reasons. those don't necessarily mean she would get asylum, simply wanting a better life does not necessarily qualify you, but the real challenge is migrant flow, and that is happening for a variety of reasons, mexico's government has changed its tune, tragedy and deposrivation in th southern hemisphere, and the belief that the biden administration is more humanitarian, and smugglers tell them to come and require them to pay money, and you are seeing a
3:44 pm
magnet. >> so i want to read something you wrote in the atlantic last month, and you hit on what you said about biden's policies. you said biden's more humane policies led to rumors that the u.s. and mexico border is open for asylum seekers that show up at ports of entry, and smugglers are eager to spread that idea for the moment the humanitarian interests of the u.s. shows kindness and in stemming the flow of people that undertake the journey in the first place. in light of that should the biden administration be more forceful in its messaging to convey the border is not open? >> yes, and they continue to do so. one of the challenges, though, pamela, to be clear here is republicans are going around saying that biden is opening the border. what that does is that is echoed south, and everybody who wants to migrate hears that and they
3:45 pm
come. part of it is the paul olitics , and it's causing the migrant flow. people during the primary, president biden was almost alone in going against the pry mimary challengers saying i recognize we need a strong border, and you mention a bunch of republicans are going down to the border wanting to use this tragedy for political purposes and saying the border is open, so we have to be forceful that the border is closed and forceful that covid limited a lot of the capacity at the border, and then work with other governments to try and stem the flow. look, it's a tragedy with no single solution, but i do believe that where the heart is matters in this, and i think the two administrations couldn't be more different in that regard. >> certainly they have been different in their approaches.
3:46 pm
that is for sure. you have republicans that are claiming the border surge is a direct result of biden's policies but the fact is we saw similar border numbers in trump's term, 2019. how much difference does a president make when it comes to the raw numbers? >> that's a great question. migration is a result of many things and ultimately it's a result of people wanting to seek a better life, and what we do here may have incremental changes but most of it is people willing to leave their countries, so it's more of an international effort, working with mexico in particular and the president there was a strong supporter of donald trump's but needs to keep his borders in force as well as in countries in central and south america. so we have seen these kinds of trends before. they are often predictable, but they are -- it's now occurring
3:47 pm
at a time when because of covid and because of the lack of, say, immigration judges, of facilities that can take these children that is just harder to deal with the surge at this time, and ultimately it's a solution that america cannot alone solve. you can be as harsh as donald trump or as humanitarian as president biden, but until we deal with the systemic and root causes that draw people here, we will continue to have challenges at our border. >> all right, thank you so much. we'll be right back. atching the stove instead. (customer) tell me something i don't know. (burke) with your farmers policy perk, guaranteed replacement cost, your home can be rebuilt, regardless of your limits. (customer) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ struggling to clean tough messes with wipes? try mr. clean magic eraser sheets. just wet, squeeze and erase icky messes in microwaves and on stovetops for an amazing clean, get the power of mr. clean magic eraser in disposable sheets.
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. well, president biden has been in office for 54 days. but he has yet to hold a formal press conference. that is the longest wait in a century. to put this in perspective, by day 50, bill clinton had given five news conferences. george w. bush held three. barack obama, two. and donald trump five. now, zero pressers might be preferable to five trump pressers that were jam packed with lies and propaganda. but why are those the only options given to americans by the two most recent administrations? it is not that biden is avoiding the media during his covid relief road show this week. he's expected to interview with local outlets, and he'll reportedly sit down with abc's
3:53 pm
george stephanopoulos while vice president harris will appear on cbs. but why hasn't he carved out some time to answer some tough questions for multiple reporters live about the covid relief package or school openings or the immigration surge at the border? here's what his deputy press secretary said about it earlier today. >> he will be doing a press conference that will happen. but i do want to add, alex, this is a president when, you know, he's doing an event and reporters shout questions at him. he answers them. he's answered, gosh, close to 40 if not more than 40 questions that have been shouted at him by reporters. a press conference for sure is coming. >> for the record, the administration previously said biden is too focused on multiple crises to hold a press briefing. and of course he is busy. but if he has enough time to crisscross the country, it is fair to ask why he hasn't had enough time to stand at that podium and take reporters'
3:54 pm
questions. meantime, award season soldiers on tonight despite the ongoing pandemic. tonight's grammy awards will offer something much more exciting than acceptance speeches. >> from bad bunny to black pumas, thee stallion to styles, hitmakers are lined up to perform live at the 63rd grammy awards. but who will be watching? the pandemic-era golden globes and emmys were far from ratings gold. yet the grammys has one advantage. >> you've got a whole lot of performances interspersed with awards, which is awesome because that's what people want to see. >> reporter: the show is also coming off a tough 2020, which saw the recording academy accused in a series of scandals, including questions about its nomination process. the recording academy denied the accusations. the controversies then eclipsed by the death of kobe bryant the
3:55 pm
morning of the show. this year the controversy is back swirling around the weeknd. >> they did not get a single nomination and this is the biggest snub in grammy history. >> in response the singer calling the grammys corrupt. ♪ blinded by the lights ♪ >> just the song "blinding lights," it's been in the top ten of the billboard top 100 for a year! and no record has ever done that before. >> the recording academy responded saying they understand his disappointment. the interim ceo adding, i was surprised and can empathize with what he is feeling. queen be leads the nomination with nine. roddy ricch. taylor swift. and dua lipa are each up for six grammys including song of the year. moving from its usual home here at staples center, most of the
3:56 pm
grammys will be filmed in and around the los angeles convention center right across the street. and the only audience members that will be in attendance will be other performers and some of the nominees. stephanie elam, cnn, los angeles. coverage of the 2021 grammy awards is brought to you by l'oreal paris because you're worth it. and fine castor oil strengthens hair's length and helps seal split ends. now with more complete long hair care. elvive dream lengths from l'oreal paris. you're worth it. voiceover: riders. wanderers on the road of life. the journey is why they ride. when the road is all you need, there is no destination. uh, i-i'm actually just going to get an iced coffee. well, she may have a destination this one time, but usually -- no, i-i usually have a destination. yeah, but most of the time, her destination is freedom. nope, just the coffee shop. announcer: no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year.
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by the time we get into the early summer, the fourth of july weekend, we really will have a considerable degree of normality. but we don't want to let that escape from our grasp. >> vaccinations are


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