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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  March 11, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PST

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jesse, one more! a reflection of an unstoppable community. in the mirror. president biden's first primetime address is tonight. new details on how he plans to sell his american rescue plan a year to the day after the pandemic began. record surge of children at the southern border. new information on where the children can be sent. >> later today, merrick garland will finally be sworn in as attorney general. he has a full plate on day one. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is ea"early start." i'm laura jarrett.
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>> good morning. thursday, march 11th, 5 a.m. exactly in new york. i am christine romans. president biden gives his first primetime address to the nation tonight. the american rescue plan becomes law when he signs it tomorrow. he calls the measure a historic victory for the american people. there are stimulus checks, unemployment help, tax credits to lift children out of poverty. money for schools, states and local governments. support for schools and small businesses. >> more, help with rent, money for vaccines, internet for kids stuck with remote learning. bottom line, a lot of help for the poorest americans. biden is now armed with his first major legislative achievement. cnn has new information about what we will hear from the president tonight. our congressional reporter daniella diaz is live. good morning, daniella. now the president taking this on the road. >> reporter: that's right, laura. president biden is going to talk
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to americans directly tonight in the primetime address marking the one year anniversary since the covid-19 shutdown. he is going to speak with americans and level with them. he's going to tell them he understands the sacrifices they've been through. he's going to speak about the 500,000 americans that have died and the millions of americans whose lives have been up ended by the pandemic. he'll speak about how the pandemic has been the greatest operational challenge the country has ever faced and he's going to lay out the next steps that the administration is going to take to defeat the virus. he'll level with americans and be honest with them about what they need to do to defeat this virus. he's going to try to provide a hopeful vision. here's what he has to say. >> i'm going on to primetime and address the american people and talk about what we've been through as a nation this past year but more importantly i'm going to talk about what comes
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next. i'm going to launch the next phase of the covid response and explain what we will do as a government and what we will ask. american people. >> reporter: as you heard there from president joe biden, that's what he plans to announce tonight in the speech he will make directly to the americans. jen psaki said they are full speed ahead in implementing the massive $1.9 trillion covid relief bill. biden plans to appoint someone who will work full time to implement this in the country. he's using the two now nine stimulus as a cautionary tale. he didn't think obama did a good enough job promoting his stimulus package. biden plans to do just that with the covid-19 legislation. he plans to meet americans directly and promote this legislation.
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>> passing it was one thing but implementing is another thing. >> implementation will be the next part of the story after the signature from this president. for airline workers, this law means thousands of them can rip up their pink slips. american airlines and united airlines canceled 27,000 furloughs after the american rescue plan was passed and payroll funding was extended. the bill also puts amtrak's finances back on track for now. the struggling railroad said it secured $1.7 billion in funding and was going to bring back furloughed workers. the relief bill has critical funding for small business. there's another $7.25 billion for the paycheck protection program making for capable loans available. the loans will be forgiven if 60% of the money is used for payroll and the rest for mortgage, utilities, ppe or other expenses. the program wasn't extended and is still set to expire march
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31st. banks have to decide how long they want to accept new applications. there's $15 billion for businesses in under served areas, 29 billion to create a grant program giving direct relief to restaurants. that is key. another 15 billion for venue operators and additional funding for small business administration. now to the situation at the border. the biden administration is looking at a vacant nasa site in california for temporary housing for migrant children. staying in places that are simply not equipped for kids. just for comparison here, at the peak of border crossings back in 2019 there were around 2600 children in custody. so a real uptick here. here is president biden's coordinator for the southern border.
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>> we've seen surges before. surges tend to respond to hope and there was a significant hope for a more humane policy after four years of pent-up demand. the idea that a better policy would be in place led people to make the trip. we're relying on every method we have to get the message out. that leads me to reiterate like i did before. >> traps lags, the border is closed. officers encountered more than 100,000 migrants at the u.s./me u.s./mexico border. under the biden administration, unaccompanied children can remain in the u.s.
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merrick garland will be sworn in as attorney general after a senate confirmation of a huge margin, 70/30. he'll try to heal a work force that's been demoral lieszed and deliver on president biden's progressive priorities like policing reform. they'll oversea some of the most high profile investigations in a generation. two other cabinet nominees confirmed by the senate. martha fudge of ohio will be the next secretary of housing and urban development adding another african-american woman to the cabinet ranks. the new epa chief is michael ragan. the biden administration pledging to prioritize and diversify judicial nominations. democrats are flooding the white house with names trying to
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capitalize on the slim democratic numbers. there are 69 vacant spots and 27 others that will soon open up as judges have announced their intent to retire. the white house is keeping an eye on the seat of justice steven prior should he decide to step town and give president biden a supreme court pick. she was killed fighting for endangered democracy in myanmar. a young woman who has become a symbol of the resistance there. renae is not an influencer. she's more of a groundbreaker. just look at the way she's reshaping, and reimagining, her 4 acre slice of heaven. it's not hard to tell she's the real deal. renae runs with us on a john deere 1 series tractor,
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where people can use massive capacity, we have ultra wideband, the fastest 5g in the world. this is the 5g that's built for you. this is 5g built right. only from verizon. this morning, alarm over the treatment of detainees in myanmar following the military
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coup. this week a member of athe part has died. a girl has been the symbol of a fight of a vanishing democracy. ivan watson has more. >> reporter: she called herself angel. only 19 years old, angel was a small but fierce presence of protests against the military coup that swept myanmar's government from power on february 1st. she challenged the security forces. her defiance came to a sudden end when she was shot dead on march 3rd. the young woman in the everything will be okay t-shirt became a symbol of myanmar's
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deadly fight of democracy. before the coup, angel behaved like many other teenagers making tiktok videos. >> translator: she liked to live freely. she was a good-hearted girl. >> reporter: angel's friend hides his face for safety. you can see him here ducking for cover. >> translator: she was ready to risk her life way before that day. >> reporter: several days earlier she posted this message offering her blood and organs to anyone who might need them. >> reporter: cnn reconstructed angel's final moments around noon as demonstrators faced off against security forces. angel cheered on the protesters chanting we won't run.
2:15 am
around 12:30 activist video showed angel and the other protesters retreating amid the sound of gunshots. this was the moment activists say she was hit. they raced her on a motorcycle to a make shift clinic where this doctor who doesn't want to be identified pronounced her dead. >> translator: the primary cause of death was a brain injury. >> reporter: the doctor showed us the x-ray showing the bullet injury. hours later they dug up her body to conduct an autopsy. the next morning they found shovels, a bloody glove and razors which police apparently
2:16 am
left behind at the grave. police claim the bullet that killed angel is different from the kind of riot controlled bullets their officers used. police insist they used minimum force to disperse the protesters on march 3rd. it's unknown who fired the bullet that killed angel. friends are now calling her a martyr for democracy. ivan watson, cnn, hong kong. >> what a story. ivan, thank you for bringing that to us this morning. 16 minutes past the hour. new guidelines for nursing homes could mean a lot more visitors, even if you are not vaccinated.
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new federal visitation orders for nursing homes. more schools are preparing to open as coronavirus cases drop and vaccinations rise. in missouri some students are urging schools to deal with the mental health impact. >> you feel stuck and alone all the time. >> i could barely get up. i would have six mental breakdowns a day. >> they don't give us any resources to -- for mental health. they're just like social distance, save lives, whatever, they're not saying, hey, this is a really tough time for
2:22 am
everyone. >> important message there. the daily average of case ss at the lowest. hospitalizations the lowest since october. still, all of these variants you hear about, they are the reason to stay vigilant right now. new york city health officials say they make up more than half the new cases. >> be vigilant. today marks one year since the nba suspended its season due to the pandemic. reshaping the world of sports. andy scholes has this morning's bleacher report. what a year, andy. >> good morning, christine. i think a lot of people remember the night of march 11th, very well. that was the night that everything changed. the jazz and the thunder were getting ready -- set to tipoff for their game when they learned that utah center rudy gobert had tested positive and the nba called off the game and suspended the season
2:23 am
indefinitely. the ncaa tournament was canceled. for gobert, it was a tough time. he had mockingly touched reporter's mikes during a press conference and unknowingly exposed his team. gobert said he learned from that. >> when you go through tough times, it makes you grow. that's exactly it. everything, you go through life, i think it makes you or breaks you. you learn and grow from it. >> happened to the nba and sports and the world. the biggest thing, this was a year of when you sit in quarantine, you sit in your room for as many days as we did, you have time to reflect on a lot of different things. >> nba commissioner adam silver is encouraging people to get the covid-19 vaccine. the league has produced a number
2:24 am
of public service advertisements to raise awareness. lakers star lebron james over the weekend wouldn't say whether he planned on getting vaccinated. >> that's a conversation that my family and i will have. i'll keep that to a private thing. i think that's a conversation between me and my family and not for everybody so i'll keep it that way. >> the big dance just a week away and the ncaa senior vp told reporters as long as the team has five healthy players, they'll be allowed to play in the tournament. he did not say what would happen if the team didn't have a coach. the field of 68 for the tournament in indiana is going to be announced on sunday. texas rangers meanwhile plan to open their home schedule in front of a full crowd of more than 40,000 fans. a team spokesman tells cnn they will sell all ticketed seats for
2:25 am
their games versus the blue jays. the team plans to scale back attendance and use socially distanced sections after the home opener. fans will be required to wear masks. laura, we just talked about how this is a one year anniversary of sports completely changing. come april 5th the texas rangers could be the first team in the u.s. to have a full stadium since the pandemic started. >> i don't understand the scaling back of it. if you're doing 100% capacity, the damage is going to be done when you do that. we'll wait and see what you do. president biden hitting the road to sell his pandemic relief package. it starts tonight in primetime and will hit every corner of the country in the weeks ahead. we sweat the details. ask for what we want. get what we need. and we need more time. so, we want kisqali.
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all right. good thursday morning. this is "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. almost 30 minutes past the hour here in new york. president biden gives his first primetime address to the nation tonight. his covid relief bill. the american rescue plan becomes law when he signs it tomorrow. biden calls the measure an historic victory with stimulus checks, unemployment help, tax credits to lift kids out of poverty. support for restaurants and small businesses. >> there's more. help with rent. internet for children stuck learning remotely. the bottom line, a lot of help for the poorest americans. biden is armed with his first major legislative achievement.
2:31 am
cnn has new information about what we will hear. daniella diaz is live. this is a law when signed it will be the most progressive effort we've seen in a really long time. supporters call it transformative. so do proponents. they call it progressive, transf transformative, not in a good way. it's all temporary. are we expecting him to sell it better than stimulus was sold years ago? >> reporter: that's right, christine. president joe biden is expected to speak directly to americans tonight in a primetime address. he will speak with the sacrifices americans have had to make since this pandemic began. he will speak about the more than 500,000 americans that have died as a result of this virus and he will speak about the things that americans need to do to combat this virus. this will mark, as i said, one
2:32 am
year anniversary since the shutdown began. this is the greatest operational challenge the country has ever faced. he will lay out the next steps his administration plans to take to beat the virus and level with americans about what they need to do personally to combat this virus. here's what he had to say about his speech tonight. >> i'm going to primetime address the american people and talk about what we went through as a nation this past year. more importantly, i'm going to talk about what comes next. i'm going to launch the next phase of the covid response and explain what we will do as a government and what we will ask of the american people. >> reporter: biden plans to tout how his administration has approved vaccine distribution. he is planning to convince americans, as you mentioned, christine, about how these changes in this legislation, how it will reshape the economy should be made permanent because
2:33 am
the changes are just temporary. he plans to jump on air force one and travel across the country to meet with americans directly to convince them this legislation despite the large price tag will affect and improve american's lives directly. we are expecting others in the administration including vice president chaikamala harris tha will help them. >> laura? >> one year to the day since coronavirus was officially declared a pandemic, there are more signs of reopening. an average of 2 million vaccine doses have been given and because of johnson & johnson, one shot, more people are getting fully protected faster. now four former presidents have a message for the country.
2:34 am
>> we've suffered enough damage. >> in order to get rid of this pandemic, it's important for our fellow citizens to get vaccinated. >> i'm getting vaccinated because i want this pandemic to end as soon as possible. >> we urge you to get vaccinated as soon as it's available to you. >> cnn is covering the pandemic from coast to coast. i'm erica hill. a boost starting march 19th. they can increase indoor capacity on that date to 50%, up from 35%. on that same day the rest of new york state, which is already at 50% for indoor dining, can bump up to 75% capacity. >> i'm bianna golidriga in new york. massachusetts governor charlie baker announced 420,000 teachers, child care workers and school staff will be eligible to sign up for vaccine appointments as soon as today. to help facilitate, they will
2:35 am
designate four days where first doses will only be offered to the k-12 employees. teachers unions have been pushing for the vaccinations prior to in person learning. as of next monday, teachers will be eligible for vaccines in all 50 states. >> reporter: i'm jaclyn howard in atlanta. the pandemic has taken a serious toll on the mental health of medical workers. a new study revealed just how much of a toll. the study published in the journal plus one finds data on more than 97,000 workers across 21 countries, 22% showed signs deef press, anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder. that's much higher than the prevalence typically seen in the general population during regular times which is around 4 to 5%.
2:36 am
>> thanks to all of our reporters for those reports. the situation at the border. the biden administration is considering a vacant nasa site for unaccompanied migrant children. a surge is causing them to find shelter space. cnn's priscilla alvarez is joining us. help us separate fact from fiction about what is happening at the border and why is this surge happening now? >> now the reason the administration is tapping other agencies for space is because thirteen crassing are more. there are 3400 children in border patrol custody. these are areas for adults not designed for children. it's where they have to stay
2:37 am
until they can identify shelter for them. what's happening here, there is simply not enough space. the administration is having a hard time keeping up and having to look across the board to find shelter space. happening now in february, this is concerning on its own because the spring and summer months tell us that this is going to increase. christine, an evolving situation at the border and one they are racing to address. >> scrambling to find a space. when the economy starts to open up, when there's a change of leadership in washington, sometimes you can start to see bigger numbers at the border. priscilla, thank you so much for that. new this morning, the u.s. taking steps to fight a growing terror threat overseas. david mckenzie is live in johannesburg. this could be a real issue for the white house in the coming months. tell us what's going on here?
2:38 am
>> reporter: that certainly is the case. designations coming from state departments have very practical steps. targeting two groups both in the eastern dlc and the northern part of mozambique. they're isis affiliated. what there isn't any debate about is how these two groups have caused chaos in the regions of the country killing civilians and it is going to provide a headache for the biden administration as they try to develop an adjusted africa strategy. they are under the sway of the resurgent groups. i spoke to a senior state department official. particularly in mozambique, the level of violence and dramatic escalation and the combat tactics are evolving to become more sophisticated.
2:39 am
they say it shows more evidence that isis is directly linked to the groups and it could mean is an escalation of violence here in southern africa that hasn't been seen compared to parts of the horn of africa and the saar hill. regional actors are involved. not just the civilian impact. hundreds of thousands have been pushed out of their homes. some brutally beheaded by the insurgent group. there's a major natural gas find in the northern part of mozambique. hugely significant to the move to potentially clean energy. this will be an important geo strategic mission of the biden administration. talking to state department officials, i can tell you these
2:40 am
insurgencies could get further out of control. >> david mckenzie, thank you so much. the pandemic really highlighted inequality in the american economy. goldman sachs says it will take action to address it. goldman says blackman owned nearly 90% less wealth than white women. it will affect the lives of 1 million black women in 2030. there are disparities from education, housing, wealth. the wealth gap is stunning. black women make 15% less than white women and 35% less than white men. women make a disproportionate number of jobs and the hospitality sector is devastated by the pandemic. the imf says fully closing the participation gap would boost
2:41 am
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welcome back. thousands of texans set to lose their health care provider after the texas judge said they can drop planned parenthood as a medical provider. they have been trying to cut out planned parenthood. five oklahoma city police officers charged with first degree manslaughter in the shooting death of a 15-year-old in november. they were responding to an armed robbery call in november. the store clerk fled during the robbery and locked the suspected inside. the suspect climbed out of the drive through window and pulling
2:46 am
a gun from his waste band as officers yelled for him to drop his gun. officers opened fire killing him. no comment yet from the officers. the judge in derek chauvin's case now clear to reinstate an additional murder charge after ruling from the minnesota court of appeals. chauvin faces a more serious charge of manslaughter. the pending new charge will be addressed before jury selection resumes this morning. so far five of the 14 jurors have now been seated for the trial. idaho could cost itself millions when it stops participating in the powerball lottery after 32 years. state lawmakers are concerned about other countries taking part because their governments could use revenue for causes they oppose. powerball is expanding for australia. matthew mcconaughey has his
2:47 am
eye on a new role, governor of texas. appearing on a podcast, he talks about efforts to help the fellow texans recover from last month's disastrous winter storm and whether a run for governor could be his next move. >> consideration? >> i'm looking into now, again, what is my leadership role? i do think i have some things to teach and share and what is my role? what is my category in my next chapter of life that i'm going into? >> texas governor greg abbott is up for re-election next year. let's get a check on cnn business this thursday morning looking at markets around the world. asian shares have opened higher. wall street, looking towards the morning opening bell in a few hours. slightly higher here. nasdaq looks like it could have a good pop here. gains on wall street.
2:48 am
the first time above 32,000. the s&p 500 up slightly. the nasdaq flat after its rally on tuesday. another record high. another week of devastating jobless claims. economists expect 175,000 americans filed for unemployment benefits. they have been higher than the recession for nearly more than a year. they floor riched in the shutdown and how will they fair once people head out. lowe's, etsy, doordash preparing for a shift in consumer behavior. doordash expects demands to slow down and lowe's sales soared. lowe's expects revenue to fall this year. another sign of pent-up demand, reservations for disney world theme parks filling up. reservations completely booked next week.
2:49 am
reservations required at all parks because of pandemic restrictions. disneyland in california is expected to open by late april adding the select disney cruise line could set sail this fall. as the earth gets hotter, national surfaces for ice hockey are vanishing. russian hockey legends are playing in vulnerable locations to bring more problem. as only cnn can, fred pleitgen is there. fred, i hear you got to lace up as well. >> reporter: yeah, i certainly did. it was an amazing thing to do. i'm standing on the lake right now, which is the largest body of water in the entire world. it holds more water than all the great lakes combined. it's under threat. that's why the russian all stars put on the hockey game that i
2:50 am
got to play in as well. let's have a look at what happened. a power play to help save our planet. playing a match on the ma guess stick lake baical, largest fresh water reservoir in the world. organized by slava petisa. >> playing on the ice. ice melting everywhere. not only in north and south pole. doesn't need to be a scientist to figure it out. >> reporter: i had the privilege playing on a rink of ice blocks in this stunning venue. the last game where they play hockey endangered by global warming around the world. endorsed by the u.n. and blessed by pope francis. the reason is very serious. the warmer the earth gets, the less chance there is for games
2:51 am
like ice hockey and other sports as well. this is one of the areas. holding more fresh water than all of the lakes combined. there are a lot of unresolved issues here. the russian government recently relaxed regulations protecting the lake. russia is one of the countries hardest hit by global warming. record temperatures for several years have led to a massive melt of permafrost leading to giant sinkholes and releasing more greenhouse gases and massive wildfires that increase the world's temperatures. >> this is a catastrophe. >> reporter: and while hockey won't save the world's climate, at least the organizers hope it will cause some to take action to try to preserve the natural
2:52 am
playing fields of the game that so many love so much. >> all right. i think we may have lost fred, but thank you so much for that report. extraordinary. a beautiful scene. >> frozen live shot, how iconic. thank you so much, fred. a fed ex driver being haled a hero after he jumped in to freezing water to save a woman who crashed her car. brandon auld saw the woman go into the water. he was able to free the woman and call 911. he went back to his route wet clothes and all. the woman did not suffer any major injuries and is recovering at home. good for him. >> finally this morning, the cnn family is remembering a brave little girl on what would have been her first birthday. she was the daughter of our col
2:53 am
lying andrew kaczynski and rachel. she died of a rare form of brain cancer on this past christmas eve. she was 9 months old. >> in her memory we are launching team beans bean any. we are thinking of you today. i am just so honored as the cnn family -- >> there's the bean any. >> i'm going to wear it for the rest of the day. team beans. francesca would have been one today. for cancer everywhere, this couple has been so eloquent, honest, brave just their raw emotion. >> the amount of grace that they have shown over these past couple of months with just unspeakable tragedy. andrew said this is the dividing line in our lives and they are dedicated to fighting this cause and racing awareness about this rare form of cancer. >> cancer sucks. childhood cancer is just
2:54 am
unbelievable. we send you all of our love and we will help you raise money to help other parents maybe not have to go through this. >> thank you for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jared. "new day" is next.
2:55 am
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the house passes a sweeping $1.9 trillion covid relief plan. biden planning to sign it into law on friday. >> help is on the way. you will receive $1,400 checks by the end of march. >> we're doing damage to the future of this country by spending dramatically more money than we obviously need. health officials are urging caution as more than a dozen states are easing restrictions. >> the white house recruited some former presidents and first ladies to encourage americans to get vaccinated. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. all right. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." it's thursday, march 11th, 6:00 here in new york. and new details coming into cnn just now as to what president biden will say tonight in his first white house prime-time address to the nation. it comes as he readies to sign the $1.9 trillion relief bill into law. this contains the largest relief payments to the american people in history


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