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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  March 5, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PST

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stimulus checks, rental assistance, unemployment health, food benefits and paid family leave. all in the american rescue plan all being held up by senate republicans. did lawmakers help the mob that stormed the capitol. contacts before and after now under investigation by the feds. more states are expanding who can get a vaccine but dropping masks threatens america's return to normal. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "early start." i'm laura jarrett.
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christine, it's friday. >> it is friday. i'm christine romans. march 5th, everybody. it's 5 a.m. in new york. we begin with covid relief as millions of american families wait desperately for relief. what they're getting in washington is political theater. on the senate floor almost 11 hours and a few sore throats later the clerks are finally done reading all 628 pages of the $1.9 trillion covid relief package to a mostly empty chamber. >> theater without an audience. ron johnson forcing the clerks to read the entire bill aloud before the debate resumes this morning all in a doomed effort to slow relief to the many who desperately need it. cnn's daniella diaz is live on capitol hill. senator johnson's tactic didn't sink the bill. what happens now? >> reporter: it was a super late night here in the senate. they wrapped the reading of this bill around 2 a.m.
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we started early afternoon. this was more than 10 hours that they spent reading this bill on the senate floor. democrats are going to move forward on trying to pass this legislation without any republican support which is part of the tactic that republican senator ron johnson is taking by having this text read on the senate floor. let me talk about what's in the legis legislation. it includes $1400 stimulus checks. $400 a week of unemployment benefits. state and local funding and funding for vaccine distribution. what it doesn't include is the $15 minimum wage increase that a lot of house progressives and son senate progressives wanted. the senate will continue at 9 a.m. where they will continue debating. we're expecting at noon a votea-rama series. they will vote on amendment
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after amendment after amendment. it will go on for hours and hours and hours on through the weekend and overnight. we expect this to be drawn out. senator ron johnson is going to make this very difficult for democrats. the white house is feeling the pressure and senate democrats. they need to pass this before march 14th when millions of americans are going to lose their unemployment benefits. >> daniel, this is all happening in the middle of a national emergency of course. we showed pictures of people lining up at food banks. some of the help is going to expire. something that made this all the more outrageous. >> reporter: this has real world consequences on americans. another 745,000 americans filed for unemployment benefits.
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senate chairman said the benefits of $400 a week will run out by august 29th. this is where we're expecting the senate not to be in session. it's going to happen during the summer. we have to keep an eye on how this is going to play out especially with whatever happens with the pandemic. it's unclear how this will affect americans if this runs out. >> up bright and early. college age dependents would be eligible this time around. they weren't in the first two. everyone wondering what year of your tax returns, 2019, 2020. you might have to do some figuring. college age dependents, that's a really interesting change here for a lot of families. the need for relief is urgent.
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it's clear. any recovery has been for a leap not for low wage or the unemployed. we know another 745,000 americans filed for first-time jobless benefits. look at the two lines. that's more than three times the weekly average of 2019. far above the previous record. for 50 weeks in a row layoffs have exceeded that all-time record. there is more. more than 436,000 workers filed for special pandemic relief programs. that means altogether 1.2 million newly filing for government job benefits. the economy is still in a deep jobs hole. we'll hear from the government how many jobs were headed back in february. 182,000 jobs. even if that holds true, you're still down 9.7 million jobs since the pandemic began. that unemployment rate is expected steady at 6.3% this report, but really important
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here, the jobless rate doesn't count people who have dropped out of the labor market. treasury secretary janet yellen and the fed chief jerome powell said if you count all of those people, the real unemployment level is closer to 10%, laura. one of the biggest questions surrounding the riot at the u.s. capitol is whether any lawmakers have helped the insurrectionists. now the feds are looking at communications between members of congress and the rioters. evan perez has more from washington. >> reporter: christine and laura, federal investigators are examining records of communications between members of congress and the pro trump mob that attacked the u.s. capitol. one of the big questions that the fbi and prosecutors are looking to answer is whether lawmakers whitingly or unwhitingly helped the insurrectionists. data has been gathered so far includes indications of contacts with lawmakers in the days around january 6th as well as
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communications between the alleged rioters discussing their associations with members of congress. the existence of these communications doesn't necessarily indicate wrongdoing by lawmakers and so far there's no indication that investigators are targeting members of congress in this investigation. in some cases they're attending events around january 6th. they say some provided tours to people who later ended up participating in the riot. this phase of the investigation is in line with what the acting u.s. attorney, michael sherwin, told us to expect as investigators move beyond the rioters to people and they've provided other kind of help to those who carried out the attack. prosecutors have charged 300 people in the january 6th riot.
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christine, laura? >> thank you so much for that. movie theaters in new york city reopened today but no popcorn for everyone. some chains are keeping the concessions closed. theaters are also restricted to 25% capacity. masks are required. connecticut is dramatically rolling back restrictions. the mask mandate says they are lifting mask mandates. one republican governor doesn't understand why. >> i don't know what the big rush to get rid of the mask is. these masks have saved a lot of, lot of lives. i'm not going to let this become a political football. i really -- i don't want to be critical but so many people want to just move because it's the most politically correct thing they can do.
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it becomes almost a macho thing. >> macho thing and you can see the rate of infection is down in connecticut but going up in texas and other places that are dropping their mask mandates. cnn has reporters covering the pandemic coast to coast. >> reporter: i'm natasha chen. alabama governor kay ivey announced she will extend the state's mask mandate until april 9th. she respects people who object and believe this was a step too far in government overreach. she says wearing the mask is the greatest tool but now it's more of a personal responsibility. xu he'll continue to wear her mask while in public. this is part of the state's safer at home order which has been modified to remove seating limitations at restaurants. >> reporter: i'm nick watt in los angeles. now while some other states, mississippi, alabama, texas are going to do away with mask
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mandates, here in california the governor is doubling down now saying that californians should consider double masking, wearing two at a time. a disposable underneath, cloth mask on top. now the governor says that california will continue to be driven by science not ideology. >> reporter: i'm elizabeth cohen. nursing homes have been hit particularly hard in the covid-19 pandemic, however, news now that vaccinations have brought infection numbers way down. let's take a look. an analysis of federal government data shows that on december 20th before the vaccine program was underway, there were more than 33,000 new covid-19 cases in nursing homes. fast forward, there were only about 3500. that's a nearly 90% decline.
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>> reporter: i'm richard quest in new york. two u.s. air lines are to begin vaccinating their front line staff. american airlines and united airlines have received supplies of the johnson & johnson vaccine from the chicago authorities. they're only allowed to vaccinate staff from existing eligibility. flight crew airline crews, front line staff and those over 65. they say they hope to begin vaccinating employees more widespread shortly. >> richard and all of our colleagues, thank you for those reports. officials are looking into a mess in the covid vaccine program in shelby county, tennessee. the memphis county health director is looking into expired doses being injected into arms. 2500 doses were wasted or
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allowed to expire. there are some allegations some doses were stolen by a volunteer. >> a lot of questions there for sure. in the next hour pope francis arrives in iraq. a historic case.
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and taxes and fees included! you won't find this with the other guys. in fact, you'll pay more and get less. right now, pay zero costs to switch! and bring your phone -- we'll pay it off! only at t-mobile. breaking overnight. cracking down on the military in myanmar. the coup becoming more deadly by the day. military are trying to hold $1 million days after seizing power. u.s. officials put a freeze on the funds. spokesman for the new york fed declined to comment. youtube removing several channels and videos linked to the protests in myanmar. they killed one person overnight. the death toll is at least at 50. in the next hour pope francis arrives for an historic
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visit in iraq. it will be the first papal visit. senior international correspondent ben wedeman is there live in baghdad. what can you tell us about the trip? >> reporter: we know the pope will be arriving in baghdad in half an hour. this will be a trip that lasts until sunday and it is full of stops and meetings but most importantly he is here to express solidarity with the diminishing christian population here which in 2003 was around a million and a half. now perhaps 300,000. now the high point of his first day here in baghdad will be in the afternoon when he goes to visit the church of our lady of salvation where on the 31st of october 2010 terrorists from the islamic state in iraq, which is a precursor of isis, burst into that church in evening mass,
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killed 58 people. it was the worst massacre of christians in this country. so he's going to go there, be meeting with members of the clergy and members. not a lot of people. just around 70 people will be there. iraq is currently going through a spike in covid cases which with the number of daily reported new cases, about three times what it was a month ago. but this is just part of a very intense tour where in addition to expressing solidarity with the christian community here, he's trying to build bridges to the muslim world as well. christine? >> ben wedeman, thank you so much for that. team lebron versus team durant. who made the rosters? that's next.
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lebron james and kevin durant deciding which al stars they want on their team. could i wire has this morning's bleacher report. lebron didn't want to do this because of the pandemic but he got a good team. >> reporter: that's a good play, laura. there wasn't going to be an all-star game. now the best of the best are set to face off in atlanta. lebron and kevin durant elected as team captains. this is lebron's fourth year in a row drafting a team. he selects two-time mvp yanis.
2:24 am
durant won't play in the game due to injury but he took kyrie irving, took him with his first pick and james harden as a reserve. despite the you stau jazz having the best record, two team members were the last two picks. where's the love for utah? >> i'm not going for the utah jazz slander right now. best record in the nba, two best players are the last standing. >> you guys got to understand, you guys got to understand just like in video games growing up, we never played with utah even as great as carl malone. you never pick those guys in video games, never. >> all right. now the game is being played with a purpose this year. not only did the nba help raise
2:25 am
more than $3 million for historically black colleges and universities, the incredible pride and spirit will be on full display all weekend. the alumnae throughout around the country helped design the floor. seven artists will have pizza displayed. two get to be among the 15 a fans who are allowed to be there for the game. even the game's three officials, tony brown, courtney pick tom washington all attended hbcu. inside the nba crew was busy. four part docuseries. check out shaq's story about a recent meeting with cnn founder ted turner. >> i met ted turner the other day. he didn't know who i was. i said, mr. turner, nice to meet you. he said, you are?
2:26 am
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good morning, everyone. welcome back to "early start." i'm laura jarrett. >> i'm christine romans. just about 31 minutes this friday morning. millions of americans waiting desperately for covid relief. they weren't the focus on the senate floor overnight. >> from a general fund of the treasury but in no case shall much transfers occur after -- >> what you're hearing there, almost 11 hours of clerks reading all 628 pages of the $1.9 trillion covid relief package to a mostly empty chamber. >> i know this would delay the inevitable. it will accomplish few more than sore throats for the senate clerks who work hard day in and
2:32 am
day out to help. >> ron johnson who spent months pushing various conspiracies related to the big lie forcing the clerks to read the entire bill aloud before delay the resumes this morning. cnn's daniella diaz is live on capitol hill. some of the theater is over. the theater is never over on congress but some is now. now a very long day ahead. >> reporter: very long day ahead indeed. the senate worked until 2 a.m. last night by the senate i mean the clerks reading this senate bill legislative text of this covid-19 legislation. they -- it was more than 10 hours of reading. they started in early afternoon yesterday and concluded around 2 a.m. and we're expecting everything to start back up around 9 5u78 today with three hours of debate give and take with at noon this vote-a-rama.
2:33 am
democrats are moving forward without any republican support. that's important to know. let me talk a little bit about what's in this legislative text that the senate will vote on in the next couple of hours. it includes a $1400 stimulus checks. it includes $400 a week of unemployment benefits. it includes state and local funding and money funding for vaccine distribution. what it does not include is the $15 minimum wage increase that progressive democrats wanted in this legislation. what happens now, at 9 a.m. senate reconvenes for debate give or take and then noon vote-a-rama. it could take up 20 hours and go into the weekend. could go overnight. this is because, as you mentioned, senate republican ron johnson wants to drag this out. he wants to point out provisions
2:34 am
he does not agree with because this has zero bipartisan support. no republicans have signed on. he's recruiting republican colleagues to join him. the clock is ticking because millions of americans will lose their unemployment benefits in mid march. in 9 days. so biden wants this bill on his desk before then. >> time is of the essence here. daniella, whatever the senate ultimately passes then has to go back to the house again because this bill did actually have some changes since the house voted on it. some progressives aren't thrilled with those changes. how is that all going to shake out? >> reporter: that's exactly right. the house representatives are angry about that. the $15 minimum wage increase that they fought for is not included in this legislation. important to note is that biden needed to work with moderate senate democrats to be able to pass this in the senate. he needed all 50 democratic senators to sign on to this
2:35 am
legislation. progressives are angry they're the ones who have to compromise on what they want for this legislation to pass. there was debate about having vice president kamala harris overrule the senate parliamentarian. that is not happening. the white house has zero plans to do that and now house progressives are trying to figure out how they can work with the white house to get their needs met, what they want included in the legislation. >> daniella diaz, we know you're staying on top of it. thanks. did any u.s. lawmakers help the capital insurrectionists in any way? federal investigators are looking at communications between members of congress and those reotters to see whether lawmakers or their staff had a hand in it knowingly or even unknowingly. >> i actually wouldn't be surprised if members of congress were complicit in some of the riots. i wouldn't be. i just wouldn't be which is a
2:36 am
sad testament to the state of affairs in congress right now to be honest with you and state of affairs in our politics and there are some people that serve in that chamber -- >> what are the feds looking at? >> reporter: one of the things we've learned for certain is that there is information that the fbi has gathered from cell phone towers here at the capitol that indicates that members of congress were communicating with the rioters. there are pings off of cell phones that connect with lawmakers, cell phones belonging to lawmakers certainly raising a lot of questions. the fbi has gathered a lot of information. what they did is they went through the cell phone data to see who was inside the capitol on the day of the insurrection. also they were looking at data leading up to the insurrection and what they found was the cell phones, some of them belonging to the rioters, some of them belonging to members of congress
2:37 am
were communicating. some is during the attack while some of the people were inside the capitol on that day, on january 6th. some of it is leading up to it. the thing is they don't know exactly, at least they haven't revealed to us what exactly that data is, whether it's text messages, whether it's actual people calling other people. so that is still the information that we don't have. but they do have this data. this is data that is collected from cell phones that are communicating between each other. they have this information now. the question of course is what do they do with it next. >> shimon, thank you for that. jacob chansley speaking out from jail with his horns and face paint. chansley's one of the most recognizable members of the mob that stormed the capitol. that is not how chansley sees it. >> my actions were not an attack on this country. that is incorrect. i sing a song and that's a part of shamanism.
2:38 am
it's about creating positive vibrations in a sacred chamber. i also stopped people from stealing and vandalize that go sacred space, the senate. i stopped somebody from stealing muffins out of the break room. >> this is the same one who wants his organic food in jail. chansley says he regrets entering the capitol on that day but he does not regret his loyalty to former president trump. hey, texans, keep your mask handy. numerous major companies say masks are still required in their stores and on their factory floors after texas lifts the mask mandate next week. masks save lives and these companies need to keep their employees and their customers safe, but without a mask mandate it means workers are in the terrible position of confronting customers who won't follow company rules. >> i just don't think it's fair
2:39 am
because we are on the front lines. everybody needs groceries. in order for us to be safe, we need to get the vaccine. >> in the very beginning back in may some people were good and we did not expect it here and so people did it. no matter how you feel about your business or protecting people. >> i don't feel comfortable putting all of my staff at risk. >> i'm good with the 100% at restaurants. >> we were at 75%. it's basically two or three tables we get to reopen which is nice, which will be great for spring break. >> the texas restaurant association is calling on texans to, quote, show respect and patience and said employees should wear masks and diners should don a mask when they are not at their table. that is showing patience and respect. employees are not law enforcement officers and should not be placed in a difficult or potentially dangerous situation if a customer in texas refuses
2:40 am
to wear a mask. it's not just restaurants here, if you are flying through dallas love field, love field officials say you've got to wear a mask. the airport said masks will still be required despite the change to the mask order by governor abbott. mark cuban has said nothing is going to change at mavericks games. the team will follow nba protocol. keep a mask handy. just because the gov another has changed the mask mandate it doesn't mean the companies who work there will. >> everyone is still going to be wearing masks at private masks. >> or should. even if the governor doesn't think that's important. european companies have faced criticisms for rolling out too slowly. one company is invoking the p pop powers of the eu to make sure
2:41 am
vaccines don't leave the shores. explain what italy is doing here. >> reporter: this was an export ban mechanism introduced by the european union at the end of january in the middle of the massive fight with astrazeneca over delays in supply to the european union. it is the first time they used those new powers stopping 250,000 astrazeneca jabs from leaving italy to head to australia. italian mps speaking out today saying, look, this was necessary. they recorded more than 20,000 new cases, australia with 11. this is about europe, not a stral yeah, and the vaccines and these european companies desperately need the astrazeneca vaccine. they received fewer than expected and now countries and france has said it could well follow where italy has led. they will make sure that those vaccines produced in european countries cannot leave. it is a measure, laura, you mentioned a moment ago which is the figures here in europe.
2:42 am
not only the vaccines have been rolled out too slowly but the figures are worsening. the world health organization said the vast number of cases has declined. that has changed and that's as a result of the spread of the new variants. that figure is 40% in germany. as you know, those new variants spread extremely quickly. you need to look at that italian decision, such an extreme decision in the light of that extreme pressure that european governments are under. >> the context and everything with all of the variants circulating. thank you so much. appreciate it. we'll be right back. fixed rate of $70 bucks. and now get netflix on us. plus, switch and get a free smartphone for each line. plaque psoriasis, the burning, itching. the pain. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis
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the second woman to accuse new york governor andrew cuomo of sexual harassment sitting down for her first television interview. here's what charlotte bennett
2:47 am
told cbs news. >> he's lonely. he's tired. you just finished dictation and the governor is telling you he's lonely and looking for a relationship? >> yes. he asked if i had trouble enjoying being with someone because of my drama? >> this seems highly inappropriate. >> yes. the governor asked me if i was sensitive to intimacy. >> in his office? >> yes. during the workday. >> you have been quoted as saying that he also asked you about if you had ever been with an older man? >> yeah. he asked me if age difference mattered. he also explained that he was fine with anyone over 22.
2:48 am
>> and how old are you? >> 25. >> what were you thinking as he's asking you these questions? >> i thought, he's trying to sleep with me. the governor's trying to sleep with me. and i am deeply uncomfortable and i have to get out of this room as soon as possible. >> to be clear, what made you think that he was trying to sleep with you? >> without explicitly saying it, he implied to me that i was old enough for him and he was lonely. >> when asked for a comment cuomo's office referred cnn to wednesday's press conference where the governor apologized and insisted he never meant to make anyone uncomfortable. president biden may be focused on the coronavirus relief bill, the white house is pressing forward on other fronts. getting ready to appoint judges and appoint u.s. attorneys.
2:49 am
the president also sending a team to the u.s./mexico border to report about unaccompanied migrant children being held on average for nearly 80 hours. here's a look from cnn reporters covering the biden administration. >> reporter: i'm priscilla alvarez in washington, d.c. department of homeland security secretary said families separated at the u.s./mexican border may be reunited in the united states or their country of origin. now they are also dealing with a challenge on the u.s./mexico border. numbers of families increase daily presenting a challenge to the department as it tries to roll out new policies and manage the influxes at the border. i'm josh campbell. moving forward with gun reform legislation refiling a bill that's been called the
2:50 am
background check expansion act. this would require background checks for all commercial gun sales in the united states. current law does not require background checks for unlicensed or private sellers. gun reform was a major issue in 2020 for congress and joe biden. it seems like the first significant step for gun reform. finally, it's worth noting the bill faces an uphill battle where they hold a slim 50/50 majority. it will require significant republican support. i'm diane gall gher. the u.s. house passed a massive government reform bill wednesday, hr1 or for the people act addresses voting and redistricting. on voting it basically offers protections by requiring states
2:51 am
to do things like have 15 days of early voting, automatic and same-day registration and prevent them from prohibiting absentee and curbside voting. republicans have decried this as a great example of federal over reach. mike pence called it a reckless and antidemocratic bill and that might be a problem once it gets to the senate. senate minority leaders have said they have no interest in taking up this bill and because of the filibuster rule, democrats will need republicans if they expect it to pass. i'm bill weir. brooklyn, new york. in her first major speech, jennifer granholm promises that no fossil fuel workers will be left behind as the biden team transitions to a new industrial revolution 2.0. this comes as increasing tensions build between biden administration and labor unions as they promise these legacy
2:52 am
plus fuel, coal natural gas workers cleaner jobs. the question is whether they can fulfill those. right now solar and wind are paying the same rates as the legacy fossil fuel industries. ever since president biden basically shut down the keystone xl pipeline, a lot of protesters are hoping he would do the same in minnesota where they are running line three of a controversial pipeline through that state. but the big question now is whether those promises can be made. a lot of coal miners were promised better, cleaner jobs in appalachia, only to not see those promises ever fulfilled. now there's plenty of workers in the personal mean basin in texas and the shale fields of the dakotas wondering what will happen to them in the new economy. >> thanks to all of our correspondents for the reports.
2:53 am
pricing errors don't get much bigger than $16 billion. an independent monitor said ercot accidentally over charged power companies that whopping sum following the deadly sum that crashed texas's electric grid. the market monitor said ercot kept prices too high for nearly two days. texans were hit with sky high bills. no comment so far from ercot. let's look at markets around the world to end this trading week. asian shares all closed lower. europe has opened a trading mix here in the early hours of european trading on wall street. futures wavering down a little bit but those are not big moves. it was a tough day, an improving economy sparking inflation. the dow fell 345 points. the nasdaq fell 2.1% nearly dipping into correction territory. powell said while there is improvement to the labor market, the work is not done.
2:54 am
economists estimate 182,000 jobs were added back in february. we'll get the official number in a few hours. that would still leave us almost 9.7 million jobs down in the crisis. bye-bye sub 3% mortgage rates. freddie mac shows average rate topping 3% for the first time since july. it could discourage potential buyers from buying a new home in what has been a hot housing market. economists at freddie mac still expect strong home sales for the spring season. a minnesota woman hadn't seen her father in his nursing home during the pandemic, so she decided to get a job there. lisa racine now works two or three nights stocking cupboards, serving food at the nursing home. the work is hard but it's worth it because she gets to spend time with her father. they even got their vaccines together. love to see that. >> i love that.
2:55 am
that is so amazing that she went that extra mile to be able to see her dad. >> the lengths people will go just to see their loved ones. >> hopefully around the corner we'll be able to -- i can't wait to hug my grandma. i say it every week. >> i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. have a good day. "new day" is next.
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