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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  March 3, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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those are the things that i miss. ♪♪ ♪♪ good morning. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm jim sciutto. president biden has made a bold pledge. he's vowing to have enough vaccines for every adult in the country by the end of may. and he's pushing for all teachers to get their first dose by the end of this month. but as those timelines dramatically speed up, and that's good news, some states are already rolling back key
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restrictions that have kept coronavirus under wraps. >> that's exactly right. you have the governors of both mississippi and texas now defying recent warnings by the cdc, both lifting mask mandates and green lighting businesses to fully reopen. this is a major gamble as we're seeing the recent drop in new covid cases and deaths nationwide level off and new variants threaten to wipe out any of the recent progress we've seen. let's begin at the white house with jeremy diamond. he joins us with more on the best news that i have seen in months, jeremy. >> no doubt, poppy. this is going to be a relief for many americans to see that this vaccine timeline is being accelerated. president biden announcing yesterday that the united states will have enough coronavirus vaccine doses to fully vaccinate every american adult by the end of may. moving that up from previous timeline of the end of july. that is being facilitated in part by this new partnership
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between johnson & johnson, which has developed that single shot coronavirus vaccine and merck, a pharmaceutical company that's normally a competitor for johnson & johnson, but in this case, with the help of the biden administration officials, they are partnering up to scale up johnson & johnson's ability to manufacture that coronavirus vaccine. that's part of the reason why we're seeing this more rapid timeline here. but listen, it's important to note, even as these vaccines are being developed, there are still tough months ahead in this pandemic. and that is the message that we've heard from the cdc director rochelle walensky from president biden just yesterday making clear now is not the time to take the foot off the gas pedal and that's exactly what we're seeing in texas and mississippi, and the white house really saying that's the wrong move here. listen to andy slavitt just yesterday. >> we think it's a mistake to lift these mandates too early. so i really hope the businesses and the community and people in
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texas, the mayors, the county, will rethink this. i hope the governor rethinks this. it's only a small piece of cloth that's needed. >> and, of course, there's nothing the biden administration can do to actually force these states to implement these mask mandates, even though the president has put in some federal mask mandates as it relates to interstate transportation. but many of these businesses can still keep those mask mandates in place. and that is something that you will hear from biden administration officials in the coming days. they are also working to wrap up this coronavirus relief bill. it's expected to begin moving in the senate as early as today. >> we'll be watching that closely. we know republicans are trying to slow it down. jeremy diamond at the white house. one week from today, people in texas will no longer be required to wear a mask. the mask wearing, it seems, has made a difference there. >> yeah, businesses allowed to open starting next week at 100% capacity. lucy kafanov joins us.
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what do texans want? >> it's a mixed reaction on the ground. it's a stunning decision by the governor to remove this mask mandate and to allow all businesses starting next wednesday to open at full capacity with no restrictions because we have not, as a nation, or the state of texas, turned the corner on this pandemic. yes, cases and deaths are down compared to where they were, for example, last december, but they're still at the same level they were over the summer. we have this new element of the worrying more contagious variants and houston is now the first city in the u.s. to have all major variants documented by genome sequencing. it doesn't mean they're not in other cities but they definitely documented all of those here. but the reaction on the ground among ordinary texans is mixed. take a listen. >> just to rip them off and go back to like it was old times, i don't think is going to happen.
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i don't think we're ready for that yet. >> no more six people in the store waiting in a line outside. so silly. done. >> i'm not at that comfort level yet. i don't think our staff is either. >> and this does put it now in the hands of businesses and local officials to decide what to do, whether to continue to enforce those mask mandates to continue on a local level or in terms of individual businesses. i want to read you some of the reactions from local officials. the houston mayor said that he is disappointed with the governor's decision to open up and lift the mask mandate. armando, the mayor of mission, texas, he says that all city buildings will continue to require masks. he said in a statement that the virus is still here even though those precautionary measures taken have been working. and eric johnson, the mayor of dallas, says the people of the city should continue to mask up and take all precautions to slow the spread of covid-19.
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and, guys, i have to say on a personal level, i hope my team and i are not going to be back here next month talking to you as we see a surge in deaths and new cases because, again, we have not turned the corn er on this pandemic. >> lucy, thank you. joining us is emergency medicine manages dr. regina bessette from baylor college of medicine, of course, in the state of texas. good morning, doctor. thanks for joining us. so it's interesting. i always feel like if leaders read the history books, they would know what to do because if you look back to the 1919 pandemic, data shows the cities that opened too quickly saw a resurgence in the flu then. that's what the doctors recommend. so what happens in a state like texas now? the good news of vaccinations accelerating, but now you have a premature draw back of these restrictions. what do you expect to see there? >> well, jim, not only am i an active emergency medicine physician and frontline worker,
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but i look at the texas data almost daily. so to say that i'm petrified didn't really even explain the gravity and depth of my feelings. throughout this pandemic, and especially over the last two to three months, texas has consistently ranked in the top three states that is showing the highest number of daily new cases. right now, of the 48,000 people hospitalized, 12% of those are in the state of texas. and, yes, the rate of vaccinations is increasing, but we've only fully vaccinated 6.5% of the state. well below what we need for herd immunity here. so i'm definitely a little bit worried and also hopeful that this decision isn't going to have us turn the corner and get back to where we were at the beginning of january and end of december. >> you make such an important point, doctor. because on july 2nd when governor abbott issued that mask mandate, there were 7310 new cases on that day. on march 1st, two days ago, there were 7778 new cases.
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was the decision by the governor based in data and on science? >> to be honest, i can't say that i know what the governor was thinking or i know who was on his advisory team, but i know what the data shows. and i am choosing to follow the cdc and the w.h.o. recommendations. i'm choosing to follow the recommendations of science and the recommendations of medicine. to all texans, i would recommend that you still continue to wear a mask. business owners, you do still have the ability to require masks in your business. and to limit capacity. >> so if we can, for a moment, i want to talk about the good news. the supply of vaccines is accelerating. now the biden administration saying enough for every adult in the country by may. that's just remarkable. now delivery is another thing. but i wonder, are you already seeing the effects of this in texas, and do you have hopes at least the rate of vaccination will increase there markedly in
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the coming weeks? >> well, we know that there are two major vaccination hubs that are going to be opening within the next week. one here in houston at the stadium and another in dallas. so we're definitely hoping to see the rate of vaccinations increase. i think across the nation, we definitely have seen that rise as in the middle of january, we were vaccinating about 800,000 people a day. that number has jumped up to 1.9 million vaccinations per day. this new collaboration with merck and johnson & johnson is a huge deal. we have two big pharmaceutical giants that are typically competitors working together. so we have all hands on deck and definitely hoping to try to reach herd immunity by this summer. >> do you have any concern, finally, doctor, about, this was highlighted in "the washington post" yesterday. it stood out to me. the fact the government is sending the j sg j single dose vaccine to harder to reach communities, and that does make practical sense. they don't need two shots.
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but they fear it could create a two-tiered system, sort of the even more efficacious, you know, at least on the surface, pfizer and moderna vaccine for certain groups of people and the j&j for others? >> no. we have to stop looking at the johnson & johnson vaccine as almost a second class citizen. >> right. >> the johnson & johnson vaccine is extremely effective against what matters most which is protecting against severe disease, preventing hospitalizations and preventing deaths. so it perfectly makes sense that we're putting it in those harder to reach communities because it's easier to manufacture, easier to distribute n and easi to store. perfect for rural areas. >> thank you, doctor. we're so glad you joined us. >> thank you so much for having me. still to come -- as military leaders prepare to answer questions in the next hour about january 6th insurrection, we are learning of a new threat by extremists to attack the capitol tomorrow. we're going to speak to a senator on the homeland security
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committee about that and broader threats. that's coming up next. also an escalating crisis for new york governor andrew cuomo after several allegations of harassment and inappropriate behavior. we will speak to a new york lawmaker, a democrat, who is calling for his resignation.
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you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at this just in to cnn. sources tell myself and my colleague whitney wild that the fbi has now warned the capitol police about a new threat to attack the capitol tomorrow. officials sounding the alarm about chatter on social media and the internet of violence. this tied to the baseless conspiracy theory that former president trump will somehow become president again on march
6:16 am
4th. military leaders have adjusted the posture of the d.c. national guard in light of these and other threats and one hour from now the commander of the d.c. national guard will testify on the overall response to the january 6th deadly insurrection. joining me to discuss this and the broader threat is california senator alex padilla. he is a member of the homeland security and judiciary committees. senator, thanks for taking the time this morning. >> thanks for having us on and staying focused on this very important issue. >> senator, you heard the reporting just now at the top. to our knowledge, this is based on the fbi sharing a warning with capitol police based on chatter of an attack on the capitol tomorrow tied to march 4th. are you aware of this threat, and how seriously are you and others taking it? >> very seriously. there's a reason why there's still national guard
6:17 am
servicewomen and men deployed in the capitol at this time and the fencing and the barriers that we see. it's because of what happened on january 6th. we still have yet to hold everybody accountable for what happened on the 6th. and we still haven't made the many changes necessary to secure the capitol going forward. so this is evolving in very realtime. frankly, this information from dhs may be officially new but not really surprising. >> it's cnn's reporting as well that a review of capitol security led by retired general russel honore will recommend add something 1,000 capitol police officers here in d.c. and in members' home districts, as well as more permanent or longer term fencing around the capitol, particularly the kind of fencing that can be easily deployed. retractable and deployable. i wonder in light of what you've been briefed on, what you heard from the fbi director yesterday, do you believe those changes are sufficient? >> look, i think there are
6:18 am
general categories of changes. some ideas. there's going to be different types of fencing, different levels of increase in the use -- in the number of police officers, for example. i think that's still very fluid. it's important to maintain the balance of security and accessibility. we cannot have the capitol, the symbol of democracy in our nation look like a fortress. it needs to be accessible to the people of this country, and safe, not just for the members but for everyone to works here and visits here. so i think expect a lot of conversation about the various proposals, but part of securing the location going forward is still understanding completely how january 6th happened. and that's where the ongoing inquiry needs to focus. >> i'm told that members of the house and senate are particularly concerned about their own safety and their family's safety in their home districts. even in their homes.
6:19 am
threats from these kinds of extremist groups. i wonder if you share those concerns for yourself and your family? >> look, i absolutely do share them. many reasons for why we've seen the rise of domestic violence extremism in recent years. for the last six years, i served as california's secretary of state overseeing elections in the most populous, diverse state. we know the january 6th insurrection was premised on the big lie. the big lie that donald trump continues to perpetuate. most recently this weekend at the cpac conference. as long as they are perpetuating the big lie and other disinformation, we have not just the threat of violence, but the real imminent danger of extremists. in the nation's capitol and so you can't take this too seriously. >> speaking of the big lie, remarkably, the former vice
6:20 am
president pence whose own life and the life of his daughter was threatened on january 6th. penned an op-ed that again repeats the big lie citing voter irregularities in the last election to justify new election laws. what's your response to that, to see not just trump but pence and other sitting lawmakers like ron johnson continue to spread that lie. what damage does that do? >> yeah, look, it's -- any person who -- especially the president, the vice president of the united states, members of congress, both houses. when we take our oath of office, it's to uphold and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic. not to uphold and defend conspiracy theories and baseless lies about election integrity. we've seen the consequences. it's not just dangerous. it's not just violence. it's deadly, and it continues to propagate it. so we've got to keep the focus
6:21 am
on the truth and honesty with the american people and make the changes necessary to hold people accountable and make the changes to keep us all safe going forward. >> very quickly before we go. last week when we heard from the capitol police and others on the hill they all said it was an intelligence failure. we didn't hear enough or anything about threats to january 6th. director wray yesterday contradicted that. he said intelligence was shared three times in three different ways with capitol police. who do you hold responsible for the failure january 6th now? >> again, those inquiries continue. and the way i -- i share your frustration. did anybody see the house impeachment manager's presentation on how january 6th developed? it was not spontaneous. it did not start that morning. it was months and years in the making. so the intelligence community, what this agency shared with that agency. just look on facebook and twitter. it was all there. we all saw it coming. and to take it one step further, the intelligence community and
6:22 am
capitol police -- there was a gathering in november. didn't turn violent. a gathering in december, didn't turn violent. so january 6th was unexpected. if we have learned anything from foreign terrorist organizations you should identify when they are test events, test efforts going on to confirm vulnerabilities and exploit them at a future event. that's, in my opinion, what happened on january 6th. wray equated it with international extremists. senator alex padilla, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you, jim. have a good day. >> all right, well, new york governor andrew cuomo's troubles are growing. calls are becoming grower for him to step aside amid allegations of sexual harassment. also, looking at the markets ahead of the opening bell, futures are mixed. markets are reacting positively to the covid stimulus negotiations. also boosting investor confidence, president biden's
6:23 am
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damage. barbara starr is at the pentagon with more. barbara, there was more last month which the u.s. attributed to iran and led to a retaliatory attack. do we know who is behind this? >> no word from the u.s. about who may have been rebehind it but this is less than a week after the u.s. responded with a small air strike against a border crossing trying to push back against these iranian-backed militias which are the -- the u.s. believes are responsible for many of these rocket attacks against u.s. troops inside iraq. so this is less than a week after that strike which was the u.s. response just yesterday. the pentagon press secretary john kirby talking about how they hoped the strike the u.s. did would push back the militias, discourage them for further rocket attacks. not so fast because now somebody clearly has launched another attack, ten rockets targeting this base. we are awaiting word on any
6:29 am
casualties, any damage. we don't have that yet. one of the big questions now is what is next if the iranians are testing president biden, how will the white house now respond? jim? >> no question. it's a test. barbara starr, thanks very much. this morning, a growing number of new york democrats are calling for governor andrew cuomo to resign or be removed from office. three women have now accused cuomo of making unwanted advancements. this comes as the embattled government is dealt with another political blow. state lawmakers striking a deal yesterday that would immediately strip him of the emergency powers he was given at the rise of the pandemic. joining me now, new york democratic state senator alesandra, the first to introduce legislation to take away those powers from the governor. she also worked in cuomo's administration as an attorney in the executive chamber. good morning, and thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me, poppy. >> senator, you tweeted last week, new york governor cuomo, you are a monster. it's time for you to go. this was before an independent
6:30 am
investigation was agreed on. now we know there will be an independent investigation. do you stand by that decision? should he still go or should the process of investigating play out? >> so i am still calling for governor cuomo to resign, and the reason why is because the hallmark of my campaign, which got me here to the new york state senate and also my time in albany so far has really been to change the culture on sexual harassment, abuse, misconduct. i have a zero tolerance policy in regard to this issue. based on the totality of the information that we all know and from my time also working in the governor's office, there's a very clear pattern of abusive behavior from our governor. the assertions made by charlotte bennett, lindsey boyla nrks anna ruch, they reflect this behavior. i've been disturbed by the g governor's response. notably, he was attempting to be playful when asking about one of his younger staffer's sex lives.
6:31 am
so even though we should, of course, be looking forward to an independent investigation, i have seen enough. the governor has not denied these assertions, and for me, a zero tolerance policy. >> your democratic colleague, jay jacobs went on new york 1. let me quote what he said. he spoke to the governor. he said, i think he feels when this investigation is complete, there's going to be a different view of the matter, and then he said let's remember you don't wipe out in one fell swoop the achievements of someone who has done a lot of good as well. what do you make of that? >> well, i think we can do two things at once. we can both understand that the governor has done things that many democrats, myself included, have really appreciated. things like marriage equality. raising the minimum wage. but the governor is responsible for his own behavior, and he will be responsible for whether or not he wipes out the things that were good that he did before. and it's really important for us to be able to hold our own accountable. otherwise, we are hypocrites as
6:32 am
democrats. and so that what jay jacobs is saying is not surprising because he's one of the governor's closest allies. but let's just remember here for a moment that not only has the governor tried to -- or attempted to influence the investigation that's going on into him with regard to sexual harassment, but we are still waiting for the results of another investigation, two federal investigations for the cover-up of covid patients in nursing homes. >> we'll talk more about the nursing home crisis in a moment, for sure, but for our viewers who may not be as familiar with the inner workings of new york politics, you have long been critical of cuomo after leaving the administration. critical of a number of his policies. what do you say to viewers who may look at this and wonder, is this just a personal grudge? is this politics coming from the senator? >> so the most important thing, i think, for viewers to know is that for me, i am centered around making sure that the people that i represent, the
6:33 am
thing that motivates me every day, not only have the truth but also have the best representation possible. and part of that is telling them the truth. and being transparent. and what we have seen from this governor and one of my main critiques of him is that his administration is opaque. there is a lack of transparency. there's a lack of willingness to work with anybody other than those who are closest around him. and that is not government. and i think we can all agree, no matter what party we're in, no matter where we fall on the ideological scale that we'd want our people who are in the highest offices to be transparent. >> you mentioned hypocrisy in your earlier answer. i have a broader level question for you about higher ranking democrats on the national stage. we have just not heard a lot in terms of directly condemning the governor from them. i want you to listen to this exchange yesterday between a reporter and white house press secretary jen psaki. >> one of the most vocal critics
6:34 am
of justice brett kavanaugh and al franken when they faced similar allegations. at what point is the first female vice president going to say something about this? >> well, i know that's how the vice president continues to feel, and the benefit of doing a briefing every day is that i can certainly speak on behalf of the president and the vice president and let me reiterate that they both believe that every woman coming forward should be heard, should be treated with dignity and treated with respect. >> you'll remember new york senator kisten gillibrand was the first senator to call on al franken to resign before an investigation took place. same with senator schumer. congressman jeffries has been reluctant to directly criticize the governor. all three of them have. and i just wonder why you think that is from democrats on a national level and if you think it's hypocritical? >> so here's what i'll say about that. i think that there is a reticence to call for the resignation of governor cuomo for many reasons.
6:35 am
i think number one, he's been an ally to several of the names you just mentioned, which is fine and good, but also, i think it's because of the culture that surrounds him. a culture of fear, a culture of retaliation. it is no surprise to any of the democrats that you mentioned or myself or frankly anybody in new york politics that andrew cuomo, when you criticize him or when you have crossed him in some way that he's decided you have is vindictive and i think it's really probably on the top of minds of many people who are reluctant to really come out full swing and ask for him to resign but for those of us who have really just gotten to albany who are not the traditional kind of elected official who come here as insurgents but also have come here with an independent thinking and independent voices. we are calling for these things because it's the right thing to do and, frankly, it's the future of what our elected political leaders should be. >> before you go, to nursing homes and the crisis.
6:36 am
and the devastation that played out as a result of covid in those nursing homes and the numbers we did not know until now. even before these harassment claims came forward, do you believe the handling by the governor of the nursing home crisis alone disqualified him to be able to continue to serve as governor? >> well, i mean, i domainly because it's not just about the nursing homes. i also called for an independent investigation into the governor on the nursing home scandal and how they've handled just sharing basic information. how many people have died? it's one of the first things you ask in any kind of crisis, whether it's a hurricane, a pandemic, a tornado, it makes no difference. so there are real lack of -- not only transparency but willingness to just tell the public and tell the families, the 15,000 families who have lost their loved ones in nursing homes the truth is a problem. but it's not just that. you can look at just the history of the pandemic and, yes, there are things the governor has done
6:37 am
well. and i think we have to give credit where credit is due but when we look at just how he has handled the nursing homes, sending covid positive patients to nursing homes when we knew from the beginning that the most vulnerable people in this pandemic would be seniors, sending covid positive patients into a nursing home was devastating. and that was supported -- that conclusion supported by the attorney general's report that was issued on january 28th, which essentially says that this was one of the leading factors of increased death. >> senator biaggi, i appreciate you joining us. i want to note for people we did reach out to invite governor cuomo on the show to respond to the senator's answers there and we did not hear back from his office. we'll be right back.
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the fbi is warning of extremist chatter and a possible attack on the capitol tomorrow. it's a qanon conspiracy theory that somehow on march 4th, trump will become president again. >> security up through march 6th as a result. officials say these enhanced security measures include additional personnel. here's our sara sidner. >> re >> on march 4th, trump will be reinstated as president. >> i'm about to enlighten you. are you ready? >> then the real president, president trump, can be inaugurated. >> reporter: qanon followers are at it again. not able to let go of the conspiracies that have proven false time and time again. now they have grasped on to another impossible theory. >> trump will take office as the 19th president of the united
6:43 am
states on march 4th. >> reporter: they believe in an old inauguration date in place before the passage of the 20th amendment. it changed from march 4th to january 20th only in 1933. what's the significance of march 4th? >> the real inauguration will happen on march the 4th when our dear leader donald trump will actually be publicly inaugurated as the president. >> the problem with qanon is that it's kind of like a big tent conspiracy theory that welcomes everyone, regardless of what wild conspiracy theory you happen to believe. >> reporter: the latest conspiracy was made popular by a movement known as sovereign citizens. the fbi has called the movement a domestic terrorism threat. >> we have many examples of shoot outs or attacks or sovereign citizens who literally went after police officers or sheriffs. >> reporter: that's what happened here. members shot and killed two deputies in west memphis.
6:44 am
while qanon believers don't necessarily share all sovereign citizen ideology, they use what they need. >> they move the goal posts in order to wait for their reality to come to fruition. >> reporter: qanon followers are not monolithic. the followers can be rich, poor, educated or not from the city or countryside, black or white and everything in between. we encountered this group in 2020. >> i do think there's a sex trafficking ring. i think that's going on from d.c. to hollywood. trumps been talking about sex trafficking and they bury it in the news and that's suspicious to me. >> do you have any doubt that anything you believe about that is incorrect? >> in my heart and gut, no. but anything is possible. >> in hollywood, they're killing our children and using their blood and stuff and sacrifices in hollywood. we're trying to save our children. our children matter. >> reporter: there is no evidence whatsoever of blood sacrifices of children in hollywood or anywhere. there have been no mass arrests and donald trump has not exposed a massive ring of blood-drinking
6:45 am
pedophiles. there's not one shred of evidence to support all these beliefs, but the believers persist. even though president joe biden is already working after being sworn in as the legitimate u.s. president. >> they don't believe things because of like actual, you know, evidence. they believe things because it excites them to be a part of this grand story. so as a consequence of that, really no amount of real reasoning or counterargument or debunking is very effective on them. >> reporter: and one thing that we've noticed here in d.c. at this time is that they have been preparing. there are barricades up. there are sefencing up all over the city and some of those 5,000 members of the national guard who are here just to case they certainly in this city and in the country do not want to see a repeat of january 6th. >> the fact you have to utter the words there's no evidence of
6:46 am
blood sacrifices of children in hollywood is just a remarkable measure of where we are today with these things. good to have you on the story. thanks very much. >> yeah, it really is. all right, this morning, former vice president mike pence is still spreading the big lie, raising questions about election integrity? leftists not only want you powerless at the ballot box. they want to silence and censor anyone who would dare to criticize the unconstitutional power grab. his words come as a consequential debate offer the future of elections in georgia heats up. the state senate taking up a bill that contains a host of voting restrictions. mark nice is with me. he's very focused on covering voting rights, elections and georgia's government. he's been doing it for years for the "atlanta journal constitution." thank you for being here. i want to hone in on house bill 531. three big things it would do if it passes the senate. limit early voting from just
6:47 am
9:00 to 5:00 on weekdays when people work. limit sunday voting to only one optional sunday. limit severely a number of ballot box locations. what is the goal from republicans here? what do they want to see happen? >> they want to see standardization of election hours, times, manner, place. they want to see greater security and republicans want to, most of all, answer to their voters who want them to do something after they lost the presidency and two u.s. senate seats in georgia. >> is there any argument this would expand voter access? >> there's some argument, you know, for example, in many counties now, there were, i believe, 43 counties that did not have any drop boxes. this bill would require at least one drop box in every county but they'd be required to be indoors. so that isn't really the purpose of drop boxes. you know, you'd still have to go to an early vote location to drop off your ballot.
6:48 am
and also currently sunday voting is optional. this bill would require either sunday or saturday voting on an additional day. >> is it going to pass? i know this is 1 of 70 bills, but does it look like this will pass? >> we'll see. you know, some bills will pass, but there are different options for different bills. i'm sorry the lights just went out, but, yes, there are different bills. there are different bills that will be merged together as the debate continues in the house and senate. there's strong support for absentee voter i.d. and everything else as far as no excuse absentee ballots or drop boxes. it will have to be negotiated. >> this is why you hear people like stacey abrams calling for a federal law to pass that wouldn't allow things like this to happen. we're going to stay on this. we've got to go, mark, but come back and talk to us as this progresses through the senate. thank you. >> okay. thank you.
6:49 am
>> it's a story we'll keep our eyes on. four mass vaccination sites are popping up now in florida this morning as officials work to get more people vaccinated. it's great to see these things happening across the country. we're live from one of those sites, next. the gold standard, so to speak ;)
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covid has made clear that having health insurance is more important than ever. at covered california, every plan is comprehensive, covering everything from preventive care to mental health. and it's the only place that offers financial help for health insurance. enrollment is open due to covid-19. if you or someone you know isn't covered, now is the time to sign up. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll now at this morning the country's covid vaccine efforts -- wait for the pun -- gets a shot in the arm. four fema-supported vaccination sites open today in florida, each giving up to 2,000 shots a day. >> great news.
6:54 am
two mobile units will also travel to some of the state's underserved communities. rose sa florez is at one of those sites in miami. nice to talk to you about good news, rosa. what are you seeing? >> reporter: fema gave us a tour of this particular site. everything takes about 30 minutes. these white tents behind me are air conditioned because this is south florida. the first tent is registration. after that, the individuals taking the vaccine are placed in a queue, and then they choose between the johnson & johnson vaccine and the pfizer vaccine. there are only 500 johnson & johnson vaccines available here daily, so it's on a first come first served basis. we talked to guillermo munoz, a principal in miami-dade county. he got the johnson & johnson vaccine today. he said it didn't hurt.
6:55 am
he was excited to take the shot, especially because that is one-shot-only. he doesn't have to come back for a booster. here is the key to the fema-supported sites. these are extra vaccines allotted for the state of florida. these are not part of the normal allotments that the state is getting. these are in addition to. this is helping more people in the state of florida to get the vaccine. jim and poppy. >> okay. rosa, thank you. thanks for the good news. in minutes a really consequential hearing. the head of the washington, d.c. national guard will testify before lawmakers about the insurrection at the nation's capitol. his voice is critical in getting more information on the response that day.
6:56 am
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good wednesday morning to you. yet another busy news morning. i'm jim sciutto. >> i'm poppy harlow. we're glad you're with us. the breaking news right now, sources tell cnn the fbi has warned the capitol police about a new threat to breach the u.s. capitol tomorrow. officials sounding the alarm about the possibility of violence again tomorrow at the capitol tied to the baseless conspiracy theory from qanon that former president trump will somehow become president tomorrow, march 4th. jim, this is your reporting. we'll learn much more about this chatter online from extremists in a moment. this as the commanding general, major general william walker, will testify on capitol hill about that day. so many questions about the response of the deadly riot. we have a preview of his testimony. >> we're told that the national guard has increased its force posture from today through march 6th as a result of this and other threats relate


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