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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  February 16, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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tonight. president joe biden answering questions from americans in our cnn town hall in milwaukee. the president's first town hall since taking office. the top moments promising that 600 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine will be available by the end of july. and saying that life in america may be back to normal by christmas. as the president of the united states speaks to americans, the former president rages from com exile in florida, attacking mitch mcconnell and attacking any republican who sides with the leader. calling him a dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack. that as we are learning tonight that the former president's also on the outs with rudy giuliani. we'll tell you why. i want to bring in kaitlan collins, senior political analyst and reporter nia-malika henderson, and the author of the
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book "joe biden: the life, the run and what matters now." good evening to all of you. kaitlan, good to see you again. long time no see. i'll start with you. president joe biden made -- 30 minutes. >> lasted 30 minutes. the president made news tonight on vaccines, getting back to pre-pandemic life. give us some of the headlines. >> reporter: yeah, when it comes to vaccines, he was asked by anderson when is it going to be that there are enough vaccines for anybody who wants one to get one? and for that time line he said that's end of july. you know, just earlier today we heard dr. fauci said it could be around may or june when it starts -- those restrictions of who can get one starts to fall away. but president joe biden said end of july is what they're looking at. but don, he had that really important caveat that that does not mean everyone is going to have one by the end of july because the next challenge is going to be actually administering those vaccines. so that's going to be a big
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question. but what you said about christmas, that was some newsworthy headlines that biden there. he was asked when is this going to start to look like normal? when will start start to look like normal again, and he believes it's around christmas when you're going to start to see those differences in the restrictions of what people can do, how they can gather, those kinds of situations. that's a surprising time line given what we've seen from when the vaccines are going to be available. but that's what president joe biden says he's gleaned from meeting with his experts and having those conversations. >> he talked about getting kids back to school. how does this compare to what we've seen and what we've been hearing from his administration? >> reporter: so this is a really good question because this is a massive debate happening in the country right now. the other day we heard the white house press secretary define biden's campaign promise of getting the majority of schools reopened in his first 100 days as having most schools open at least one day a week for
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physical, in the classroom learning. that seems to be a far cry from what he said on the campaign trail. he said tonight that was a miscommunication. he said his goal is to have k through 8 in schools by the end of those 100 days five days a week. he said that's that he wants a majority of that. the question of what that's going to look like by the end of 100 days is still a big one. high schools is another matter given the level of spread that changes from the age group of the children. and then he even suggested this idea of having summer school potentially as basically another semester in school given how much time in the classroom children have missed out on in this last year. i think still a lot of questions, but he his goal about a majority of schools being open is still five days a week by the end of his first 100 days for k-8. >> i want to ask about the package for getting covid relief and getting americans back on track. did he make the case? do you think the president made the case for this $1.9 trillion
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package and money for the american people? >> what's interesting about this package that he has proposed is that it's actually widely popular among americans. 60%, 70% approve of it. it's also popular among republican governors and state and local officials because it will mean something for their municipalities to help them through this health and economic crisis. the question is, has he convinced people in washington? republican senators, some of whom have signaled that epithey may -- they may be open to a piecemeal effort. he said now is the time to go big. he's got the votes mainly from democrats, some democrats, moderate democrats, people like joe manchin, but he's going to be able to get this through with just democratic votes and not
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need republicans at all. but i do think he did connect with americans. he connected particularly with that little girl, for instance, where she assured her, don't be scared. you likely can't get covid. you won't get it from your parents. >> pwe'll listen to it and then finish it off. here it is. >> leyla, 8, is here, they ask if they will catch covid and if they do, will they die. they're watching as others get the vaccine and they would like to know when will kids be able to get the vaccine? >> first of all, honey, what's your first name? >> leyla. >> leyla. beautiful name. first of all, kids don't get covid very often. it's unusual for that to happen. and it's not likely mommy and daddy are able to spread it to you either. so i wouldn't worry about it, baby. i promise you. but i know it's kind of worrisome.
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are you in first grade, second grade? >> second. >> you're getting old. second grade. well, have you been in school, honey? >> no. >> no. see, that's kind of a scary thing too. you don't get to go to school, you don't get to see your friends, and so what a lot of kids -- and big people too, older people, their whole lives changed from when it used to be. you used to go outside and play with your friends and get in the school bus and go to school and everything was normal. and now when things change, people get ready worried and scared. but don't be scared, honey. don't be scared. you're going to be fine. and we're going to make sure mommy is fine too. >> important to see that empathy coming from the president of the united states right now? >> so important not only for kids, for average americans too, adults. a lot of americans are hitting a bit of a brick wall in terms of dealing with this pandemic.
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it has changed our lives drastically, almost half a million dead from this and the houses more infected and sick. a classic joe biden. that is forum that he has shined in because he's just a man of fundamental human decency. he himself has gone through difficulties in his own life, so he is able to relate to people in similar situations. so a real, real touching moment for him that i think a lot of americans draw some relief from. don't be scared, help is on the way, and part of that help is obviously this almost $2 trillion relief package that he is hoping to get through the senate next month. >> i'm glad you brought up that little girl so we could play that and have the american people hear it. kaitlan, i want to play another moment from the town hall. biden was asked about his predecessors. here it is. >> have you picked up the phone and called any former president yet? >> yes, i have.
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>> do you want to say who? >> no, i don't. they're private conversations. by the way, all of them have with one exception, picked up the phone and called me as well. >> okay. so we know who he probably called, all of his former predecessors, kaitlan. i mean, duh, it says so much, doesn't it? >> i don't know, someone joked on my twitter feed tonight that it was maybe jimmy carter who had not called president joe biden yet. >> maybe it was barack obama. >> without saying -- i think without saying it, the implication was clear, especially given how we've seen how former president trump has responded, given his second impeachment trial happening this week. but that was a notable moment tonight of just how much president joe biden did not want to talk about his predecessor. we were talking earlier, you know. donald trump kind of loomed in the background of his first several weeks in office, given that trial, given his comment,
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his refusal to acknowledge biden or call him as he pointed out tonight. what you're seeing is this turn where it's all the focus is going to be on biden and his agenda and how they handle this pandemic and vaccine distribution. at one point in the night he referred to former president trump as that former guy when was asked in other situations, he said he just doesn't want to talk about him. he is willfully trying to turn the page from those nurses office. >> there's something i have to agree with. i wonder if he was talking about us because he said the next four years should be about the american people. i'm done talking about donald trump. i mean, there is a whole lot of truth in that. there's one president in office at a time. kne he was asked about division in the country. take a listen. >> the nation is not divided. you go out there and take a look and talk to people. you have fringes on both ends. but it's not nearly as divided as we make it out to be. and we have to bring it
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together. you may remember the trouble i go to in, there were three reasons i was coming, decency, honor, integrity, talk about the things that mattered to people, treat people with dignity. second, i said to rebuild the backbone of the country, the middle class and bring everybody along and have a chance, and the third was unite the country. on my own primary, united the country? what are you talking about? you cannot function in our system without consensus other than abusing power at the executive level. so i really think there's so many things that we agree on, that we don't focus enough on, and that's in large part, i think, because we don't just condemn the things that are so obviously wrong. >> so this nation is not divided? really?
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>> i know. i have to say, i had the same reaction that you did. this is him really trying to paint a much rosier picture than actually exists. this is a country that is incredibly divided along party lines, which also overlap with racial lines, along class lines, which also obviously have a racial component as well. it's incredibly divided. there are two different parties that have two different takes on reality. one lives in reality and the other doesn't. one flirts with conspiracy theories and another doesn't. so listen, i mean, joe biden knows that the country is divided, otherwise he wouldn't be saying this is a battle for the soul of america and that there needs to be some unity. so there was a bit of, you know, painting a much brighter picture, i think, than actually exists in this country because there's so much work to do. and joe biden those that. this is a president who talks
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about systemic racism more than anyone else in the country, the ways in which black and white people are treated differently in this country. so this notion that america is just one big happy country, that isn't born out by the way americans lived and, frankly, that's never been the case in american history. you can't really point to any period in american history where there was, you know, sort of this kumbaya spirit where everybody was getting along and everybody felt united and equally invested in the country and equally protected in this country either. so there you had joe biden, i think, a little off message in not really leveling with the american people. >> it was a good old college try, as we say, nia. but yeah. >> but you're right on in your point. we do have divisions now, and the divisions are stark, but also not that long ago we had a division we had separate water fountains and that was a huge
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divide as well. thank you very much, both of you. good to see you. ind kaitlan, any other appearances you want to make on the show before it's over? >> i'll hang out here just in case you want me to come back. >> all right. you guys be safe. good to see you. take care. so president joe biden calling for what he calls common sense gun law reforms. next, i'm going to talk with congresswoman lucy mcbath. you might remember her son, jordan, was shot and killed in 2012 by a man who complained about his loud music. the congresswoman writing an emotional open letter to her son today on what would have been his 26th birthday. here's what she writes. she says i do this work for you now to honor your legacy and make sure downgrade people like you have a bright future and a chance to thrive. congresswoman lucy mcbath, there she is. i can't wait to talk to you. that's right after this break.
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and his cnn town hall calling on the united states to deal with systemic racism. he also condemned the rise of white supremacy. joining me now, democratic congresswoman lucy mcbath. congresswoman, thank you so much for joining. i really appreciate it and i can't wait to have this conversation with you. there's so much to talk about. you heard the president tonight addressing issues of racial justice in this country. how important is it to hear that from the leader of this country? >> extremely and vitally important to hear that, don. these are the kinds of words and sentiments we've needed to hear. and yes, there's a great deal of work that needs to be done with the divisiveness and the rhetoric that we've heard over the last four years, so to hear that this administration is willingly and really wanting to make sure that they're dedicated towards moving us in a direction where we are beginning to make sure that there's equity for
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everyone and there's a sense of respect and decency for every person in this country is long overdue and i'm glad and excited to see the country moving in this direction. >> the president is also promoting his covid relief plan. listen to what he said. >> the fact is that the economy now has to be dealt with. look at all the people. you have over 10 million people unemployed. we need unemployment insurance. we need to make sure that, you know, you have 40% of the children in america are talking about food shortages. did you ever think you would see a day, milwaukee, you'd see in the last six months people lining up in their automobiles for an hour or officers you can s -- as far as you can see to get a bag of food? this is the united states of america for god's sake, >> could he pressure republican lawmakers to get on board? >> absolutely.
8:20 pm
i think we need to be doing everything in our power right now to make sure that we support relief that is so badly needed for the american citizens. people are still hurting as the president has said. it's going to take some time for us to get through this pandemic successfully, making sure that everyone -- there's no food insecurity, that our children are educated again, making sure that our frontline workers are safe as they're providing provisions and services to us. we've got a long way to go. >> let's talk about the $15 minimum wage because biden making the case tonight, but there are moderate democrats in the senate like joe manchin who aren't on board with this. what will the house do if the senate sends back a bill that strips the minimum wage increase? >> well, i believe that, you know, of course we cannot control what the senate does, but i know the house has been committed for some time in
8:21 pm
making sure that we are increasing the minimum wage. of course no one can afford to live on $7.25 an hour. and we have to make sure that people have a livable wage, especially now with covid-19. people are suffering, so we got to make sure we're putting people in a position where they're able to thrive again, making sure that they have a livable wage, put food on their table, make sure their children are educated. that's direction we need to be going on going forward too. i know my colleagues and i in the house are committed towards making sure that we are giving people that sense, that ability to have a livable wage stto be able to make sure the economy works for them. >> i want to talk about something that's difficult. you have made it the mission of your life, one of the reasons you became a congresswoman, maybe the reason, and that is i want to talk about your son,
8:22 pm
jordan's 26th birthday today. he was senselessly killed in 2012 after being shot by a man who complained about loud music coming from a car he was in. you post add moving letter to your son on twitter. i want to read part of it, okay? you said i do this work for you now, to honor your legacy and make sure that young people like you have a bright future and a chance to thrive. to fix the laws that have created this gun violence epidemic, to confront systemic racism, to address the climate crisis, and all that ails america. do you have confidence, congresswoman, that progress will be made on those issues with a biden administration now in place? >> i have absolute confidence. as president joe biden has stated over and over again, he has laid out his complete national plan going forward as to what he expects to be able to accomplish within the next four years. he's a man who truly, really
8:23 pm
cares. he has a wealth of experience, all the years politically he's been working on these policies. so this is nothing new to him, and he has the compassion and the wisdom and the sense of determination and strength that it takes to really kind of bring the country back together. and so i have no doubt that he will work as quickly as he possibly can. but there, again, as he's stated, it's going to take time. it's going to take time to heal the wounds that ail us now as americans. and so i look forward to being able in congress to help him put forth all the efforts and policies that we need to put america back on its feet again. >> we're looking at beautiful pictures of jordan. is that one right behind you? >> oh, yes. actually, i'm so proud. this is a brand-new piece of artwork that was given to me, actually, today by a beautiful artist here in atlanta.
8:24 pm
>> wow. i had no idea. i just noticed that is a really beautiful piece and i think it's jordan behind her and i wanted to ask. i couldn't see through your head, but it's really -- it's really beautiful. thank you for telling us that, congresswoman. >> thank you. >> let's talk more about gun violence because this is your mission. sunday was the third anniversary of the parkland shooting. president joe biden put out a statement calling on congress to enact common sense gun violence, including banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. how does this get done with republican opposition in a 50/50 split in the senate? >> well, of course i know that we can't control the senate. we can't control what they do, but i know we've already had some success in the house. of course last year with the cdc, i was able to lead a letter with all my colleagues, which actually helped secure
8:25 pm
$25 million for the cdc to study the effects of gun violence. so we are making some progress. and i do believe that based upon what we've seen with, you know, the insurrection at the capitol and the everyday gun violence, not just only mass shootings, but the everyday gun violence the country still continues to be plagued by in our communities, i truly believe that my republican colleagues in the senate also know that this is not a democratic issue, this is not a republican issue. this is a public health crisis that has to be addressed. i don't believe there's one person that can honestly say they don't know of someone or some instance within their community, family, or whatever, that someone has not been affected by gun violence. so i know that i will continue to work as hard as i possibly can. i'll be talking with my -- with republican senators myself trying to help move the needle forward and continuing to do
8:26 pm
everything that i can to make sure that i'm saving as many lives as i can. >> i am so thankful you're here and grateful you would share today especially with us and with our audience, with the american people. thank you, congresswoman. be well. >> thank you. you too. next, a former president coming out with a nasty personal takedown of senator mitch mcconnell. no surprise, right? declaring war on his own party, and ahead, why the naacp is suing trump.
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into lift zones - wifi enabled safe spaces to study. so more students can be ready for anything. i'm trying to do some homework here. so as president joe biden was answering questions from americans in our town hall, the former president ripped into
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mitch mcconnell with a blistering personal attack, calling him a dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack, going on to say that republicans senators are going to stay with him, they will not win again. even threatening to get involved in primary challenges against republicans who didn't support him, writing that he will bad primary rivals who espouse making america great again and our policy of america first. joining me now, cnn political commentator and a former top aide to paul ryan. good evening. i just -- i mean, y'all, you know. can he just go away? he's such a negative force. it's like we have such a great conversation about getting the american people back on track, trying to get the coronavirus behind us, and then we have him calling somebody dour. it's just -- it's just
8:32 pm
disgusting. brendan, i'm sorry. he just fired a warning shot, threatened to keep other republicans in line. is this going to work? how much longer is this going to work when he doesn't have the bully pulpit and he's been stained by insurrection? >> i don't think there's any real evidence that his power has waned at all since he left office. there was a poll out just this morning that showed him with 53% of the vote among republicans wiping out the other 20 or so they talked about. but i actually am really excited about this conflict between donald trump and mitch mcconnell. look, there aren't a lot of people -- >> you look excited, brendan. >> -- going after the president. i am excited because, look, this was always going to be messy. if we're going to move on from donald trump, it was going to be messy. there was going to have to be conflict. there was going to have to be republicans being the ones who
8:33 pm
take him on. we could sit here and talk about our problems with donald trump, but people who support him in little ecosystem bubbles, they don't hear us screaming that we're so fed up with what he did tonight and all of these things. you need republicans going after him, people like mitch mcconnell willing to say it. amanda doesn't want to give mitch mcconnell too much credit for it because he's not pure on this, but we can't wait for purity. we need anybody we can get who will finally say something. >> amanda, i think he has a point. you need republicans like mitch mcconnell going after him, go on. >> i would like to see mitch mcconnell do it because mitch mcconnell the person that backed president trump in two elections and acquitted him twice. no wonder trump and the rest of the maga media universe is mad at mitch mcconnell because it seems like a betrayal. i just don't know -- yes. i want people to fight trump and trumpism, but we need to be very clear about what we're fighting.
8:34 pm
the substance of donald trump's long release today was not about calling mitch mcconnell nasty names. he was setting up a litmus test for the 2022 primaries which revolves around the big election lie. he's laying the groundwork now, and i guarantee you, that will be the litmus test for trump support in 2022. who won the election? donald trump? was it a fair election or was it rigged? these are not questions that many republicans can answer clearly yes or no, biden or trump, fair or rigged. that deeply concerns me. part of the reason that is it's so ingrained on the republican side is because people like mitch mcconnell went along with it for so long. even today while mitch mcconnell gives that big speech on the senate floor about how we have to move on, he's giving interviews saying i'll back whatever republicans can win. okay, so is he going to back lara trump when he wins
8:35 pm
republican nomination in north carolina campaigning on the big lie? i guess so. don't tell me he's excited to welcome mitch mcconnell to the fight quite yet. >> yeah. it's mind-boggling to me considering all the court cases that were lost by republican judges, republican electors, republican secretaries of state, trump appointed many of them, and the supreme court that people are still saying the election was stolen or rigged. it is, like -- >> reality versus not reality. it should be an easy thing to have. i welcome it too. >> yeah. listen, brendan, fox news, sean hannity, critical of mcconnell, even going as far as suggesting republicans in the senate might need new leadership. here it is. >> clear the seven republican senators voted to convict donald trump and other republicans who have turned their backs on the former president are way out of touch with the base of their own
8:36 pm
party. where is the isnsanctimonious mh mcconnell? the time has come for new leadership in the u.s. senate. >> brendan, mitch mcconnell of all people. he carried so much water, i'm sure his arms must hurt. he should have giant muscles. can they really replace mcconnell? >> there's very little donald trump accomplished that you can't thank mitch mcconnell for getting done. this actually feels very quaint and sort of like it's normalizing. hannity's entire shtick is going after republican leadership and telling republican voters why they're bad. this isn't a fair fight for mitch mcconnell. i don't want to suggest that it is. he's got people like sean hannity and all kinds of senators who will probably take donald trump's side. but i think mitch mcconnell understands that. mitch mcconnell is just a political animal, and i think we have to accept that's what he is. when he's looking at it and saying i don't want to elect a kelli ward in arizona or
8:37 pm
nominate them when you know they're not going to win, being a realist is the best we could hope for. it's not going to poof go away. we need to take steps towards becoming a normal party again and that starts with at least having that fight. so i'm glad he's doing it. >> brendan is excited about this riff between trump and mcconnell. this is glee for him. that's excitement. >> i'm not sure where the rift is. where is the meet on the bones for this fight? >> you're right. >> i'm confused. >> there's no real there there except he said that the president is responsible. he still voted to acquit him and voted with the president, like, 99.999% of the time. >> this is the highest ranking republican in the country saying that the former president of his own party is responsible for an insurrection, was feeding people lies. i know you wanted him to be there earlier, but we got to take any converts we can get.
8:38 pm
>> yeah -- >> if you're going to be able to make the point. >> i got to go, amanda. >> how does that draw the line for the people that want to follow trump's playbook and campaign on a fraudulent election in future races? that's my big outstanding question. >> well, we'll have to see about that. let's see who runs next. i'll see you guys soon. thank you very much. so senators didn't convict trump, but could the naacp beat him in court? they're suing him for inciting the insurrection at the capitol. plus, a spike in disturbing attacks on asian americans, sparking urgent calls for action. and even worcester. and tonight... i'll be eating the chicken quesadilla from...tony's tex katy. (doorbell) (giggle) do ya think they bought it? oh yeah.
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$500 public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. so the former president is facing new legal trouble over the capitol insurrection. house democrat benny thompson filing a lawsuit earlier today backed by the naacp against trump and rudy giuliani. the suit accusing them of conspiring with the far-right groups, the proud boys and ethiopia keepers to incite the attack on january 6th. the suit cites a law from right after the civil war that was designed to protect elected officials from ku klux klan intimidation. team trump still claiming the president didn't incite violence, so let's talk about that, naacp president and ceo derrick johnson is here and cnn
8:44 pm
legal analyst elie honig. derrick, we saw symbols of hate marching through the capitol that day, the confederate battle flag, a new setup outside, a gal lows, and last week we learned shocking details about what black officers experienced. this obscure anti-klan was designed to protect lawmakers from violence. why do you think this law in particular would be effective? why this approach, sir? >> the law was created to ensure congress persons could area out their duties free of intimidation and threats. it came in the backdrop of the civil war to protect southern lawmakers who were seeking to reunify the country. as we have learned after decades of experience, much of the demographic terrorism we see across this country is rooted in white supremacy. we find it's important for us at
8:45 pm
naacp to represent congressman thompson and other members to ensure their carrier out their duty to make sure our democracy is protected. >> ellie, could this civil case succeed where impeachment stalled? >> absolutely, don. so basically what the naacp has to prove here is essentially that donald trump and rudy giuliani were responsible for and caused that riot. if you remember, i mean, it was just last week. i think the impeachment trial established very clearly, even people like mitch mcconnell agreed donald trump was responsible for what happened. if the naacp can reprove what the house managers already proved last week in court, they're going to have a real shot at success here. >> i want to talk about, derrick, the proud boys and the oath keepers named in this lawsuit. what do you hope this process of discovery will reveal about these extreme groups? >> it can show there was a conspiracy to disrupt the
8:46 pm
peaceful transfer of government. it could also help us highlight how to curb this type of demog domestic terrorism for the future. if we don't hold others accountable, we open ourselves to other acts of violence. but if we take aggressive action where congress failed to do so, particularly republicans in the senate, we can, in fact, begin to heal this nation. we cannot get to healing until we have accountability. the lawsuit is about accountability. >> this lawsuit, ellie, is alleging conspiracy both about the timing of the speech and the way trump sent out his message. how tough is it going to be to prove? >> well, look, discovery is going to matter here, as derrick just talked about. i'm interested in whether the naacp is going to try to depose not just donald trump and rudy giuliani, in but others who may be able to prove what donald trump was doing during those key
8:47 pm
times, mccarthy, meadows, tuberville. if they plan to pursue the depositions under oath, they can shed light on what was going on behind the scenes. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> thanks very much. unprovoked violent attacks against asian-americans spiking amid the pandemic. the disturbing story next.
8:48 pm
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8:51 pm
a young man is under arrest in san francisco, charged with murder in the death of an
8:52 pm
elderly immigrant from thailand. it's an attack that the district attorney calls senseless. asian-americans say it's a pattern of hate and violence brought on by the covid pandemic. i have to warn you that some of the video you're about to see is graphic. ♪ happy birthday, dear grandpa ♪ >> reporter: turning 84 was a milestone for this man and his family. >> ooh. happy birthday, grandpa. >> reporter: the san francisco grandfather had just received the vaccine and stayed healthy through the pandemic. walking for an hour in his neighborhood every morning. it was on his walk when an unprovoked attacker ran across the street. how did you find out what happened to your father? >> an officer was on the phone. he told us, they found him. he got assaulted.
8:53 pm
he got injured really bad. his brain bleeding. and he never wake up again. i never see him again. >> reporter: a 19-year-old suspect is charged with murder and elder abuse. f the family calls it something else. >> this wasn't driven by economics. this was driven by hate. >> reporter: his death is part of a surge of reported attacks against asian-americans during the pandemic. in oakland, a man walked up behind a 91-year-old man and threw him to the ground. 1 of more than 20 assaults and robberies like this one. in oakland's chinatown. in portland, more than a dozen asian-owned businesses in recent weeks have been vandalized. these incidents are not new. in new york, the mta retweeted this video of what they called racism. this man sprayed febreze at an asian-american on the subway at the start of the pandemic, prompting an nypd hate crime
8:54 pm
investigation. >> asian piece of -- >> oh, my god. >> reporter: a coalition has tracked 2,800 incidents between march of last year. like this one at a california restaurant. before the election, this man invoked president trump. >> [ bleep ]. you need to leave. >> reporter: the then-president's words? >> china virus. kung flu. >> reporter: has lasting impacts, who tracked the incidents through stop aaip hate because no governmental agency would. >> mainstream society doesn't believe we face racism. we need to document what is happening. >> we're offering our support to the community. >> reporter: identify and change them, says this group of bay area volunteers, offering escorts for the elderly. and offering a bridge to those who may not even know how to talk to the police. >> you take that rage and, what
8:55 pm
can i do? this is what we're doing. >> reporter: his daughter spent the last year ignoring what people said to her. >> you bring the covid. spitting at us. we just walk away. >> reporter: she won't do that anymore. >> we have to be proud. we protect a lot of the other people in this city, or the whole country. >> reporter: san francisco police department has not charged the suspect in the murder with a hate crime because, as in many of the cases, it's so difficult to prove. activists believe that incidents of hate against asian-americans in this country are probably far higher than anyone realizes, especially when you consider this community is often immigrant and has language barriers. >> thank you so much. thank you for watching, everyone. our coverage continues.
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