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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 22, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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biden gets down to business. the new president signals a war time effort to fight coronavirus as he signs a slew of executive orders. meanwhile, donald trump awaits his second impeachment trial, but might that trial be delayed? republicans are floating the idea. and coronavirus has canceled many events for a second year in a row, but japan's prime minister says he's determined to host the tokyo games this year. live from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, welcome to all of you watching here in the united
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states, canada and around the world, i'm kim brunhuber, this is "cnn newsroom." joe biden is quickly laying out his agenda in his first few days as u.s. president. he's expect ted to focus on the economy and how they will provide economic relief to those suffering from the pandemic. lawmakers must sign off on some of those plans and the lawmakers may meet with congressional legislators as soon as today. his plan is coming into clear focus. it relies on bolstering production of vaccines and better coordination from the federal government. phil mattingly reports. >> let me be very clear, things are going to continue to get worse before they get better.
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>> reporter: on president joe biden's first day, a singular focus, the fight against the pandemic. >> we will get through this. we will defeat the pandemic. >> the biden administration unveiled a wrath of executive options. >> to a nation waiting for action, let me be the clearest on this point. help is on the way. >> reporter: one that includes new uses of the defense production act to surge supplies, development of advanced therapeutics, data collection and the establishment of a pandemic testing board as well as new actions to extend masking requirements during interstate travel on trains, ple plains and buses. re-establishing trust in the federal government. >> the idea that you can get up here and talk about what you know, what the evidence, what the science is and know that's it, let the science speak, it is somewhat of a liberating
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feeling. >> reporter: but the problems facing the nation's administration are significant. the white house correspondent saying, quote, what we're inheriting is so much worse than we could have imagined. biden echoing that point. >> the rollout has been a dismal failure thus far. >> reporter: but dr. anthony fauci pushed back on the idea that the biden team was left with nothing. >> we certainly are not starting from scratch because there is activity going on in the distribution. >> reporter: did acknowledge a ramp up as biden pledged an all of government approach. >> we'll move heaven and earth to get more people vaccinated for free and create more places for them to get vaccinated. >> reporter: even as he bristled at the question of whether 100 million shots in 100 days was less than ambitious. >> when i announced it, you all said it was not possible. come on, give me a break, man. >> reporter: biden through
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executive action has moved to undo some of his predecessor's key initiatives. >> no time to start like today. >> reporter: already moving to refund the paris act. >> we're going to need legislation for a lot of things we're going to do. >> reporter: working behind the scenes to build support for the $1.9 trillion relief package but first a need to confirm top appointees. only one confirmed so far, a number, one, that falls short of biden's predecessors. looming over everything on capitol hill, the impeachment trial of president donald trump. >> it will be soon. i don't think it will be long. >> reporter: while the exact dynamics remain unknown, one thing is for sure when it comes
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to capitol hill, the biden administration wants a legislative win out of the gate and they need a legislative win when it comes to the things they are facing. they need congress to act. what's going on behind scenes is their effort to push congress into that place. efforts from the legislative affairs team, top economic official to get not just democrats but republicans on board with a bipartisan proposal to address the economic and public health issues raised by the pandemic. right now republicans are blanching at the idea of a $1.9e$1.9 billion price tag. his time is coming. whether that ends up being the case, well, that remains an open question. phil mattingly, cnn, the white house. >> the trump impeachment trial
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may not begin as quickly as some had hoped. mitch mcconnell is calling for it to be delayed a few weeks. they're considering it if it means more senate confirmations. >> reporter: they are talking about delaying the impeachment trial until mid february. his argument, the trump team needs time to prepare. the former president has had a hard time getting an attorney to represent him. told from sources he has talked to various people. now he has settled on one, south carolina based attorney to lead this case. we expect other attorneys to be named as well. mitch mcconnell has spoken to that attorney, says there needs to be some time for them to prepare for defending the president against a charge of inciting an insurrection. democrats have to agree in order to delay the trial. it's possible they may. they are considering it right now. they also want in exchange some
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assurances that some of joe biden's nominees could get confirmed by the united states senate. we'll see how that shakes out. we'll see if republicans break ranks and vote to convict donald trump. mitch mcconnell, one of the key votes everybody is looking at. he has said privately he believes donald trump committed impeachable offenses but publicly he is telling his colleagues and privately he has not decided what to do just yet. i'm told from republican senators that if he votes to convict donald trump he could face a hard time retaining his leadership position in the next congress. there is a lot riding on this for mcconnell as well. some democrats concern that relaying this could have cooled by the time it comes to convict donald trump. if he is convicted, then there
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will be a vote to bar him from ever serving elected office again. donald trump is awaiting his political future as they weigh what to do. manu raju, cnn, capitol hill. joining me from los angeles is jessica levenson. she's a professor of law at the loyola law school and coach of the passing judgment podcast. thank you for joining us. we just heard nancy pelosi say impeachment will be soon. mitch mcconnell is saying not so fast. this would start essentially in mid february. do you think democrats will agree to the delay as a quid pro quo for quick confirmation of biden's top nominees and all of the air and momentum will have gone out of impeachment and lessen the pressure on mcconnell to convict? >> that's a great question.
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i'm going to dodge the question by saying this is the first big test for the democrats. it's razor thin because you need vice president kamala harris. i have a strong feeling if the rolls were reversed that sen for mitch mcconnell would say, that's our majority. again, i think this is going to be an initial test of how much will democrats say absolutely not republicans. how much will they try to take frankly i think a little bit of a hon moon period. here's what we're going to get. confirmation of these nominees and the senate trial, not in two weeks,, now. >> so we're hearing more and more from republicans that they and the president's legal team are likely to focus on the
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unconstitutional argument that a former president can't be convicted by putting a private citizen on trial. >> if this is your argument, if you're facing a senate impeachment trial and this is your argument, i think the weight of the law absolutely indicates the senate can go forward even when somebody is out of office. why do i think that? number one, the senate has done that in the past all the way back almost centuries to a secretary of war. why else do i think that? the punishment is not just removal, it can be if convicted you can't run for office again, and that's part of the constitution. that's a specific and concrete punishment that obviously holds huge sway even when you're talking about a private citizen.
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it wouldn't make sense to put that in the constitution if you could just resign from your current post, avoid the senate impeachment trial and keep running for things. >> thanks to jessica there. >> the world rejoiced when effective vaccines for coronavirus were announced, but in the u.s. vaccination numbers are still low. we'll have that story and more straight ahead. stay with us. infused with natural essential oils into a mist. to awaken your home with an experience you can see, smell, and feel. it's air care, redefined. air wick essential mist. connect to nature.
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the united states leads the world in covid cases and deaths and the virus is taking a terrible toll on the country. there have been more than 410,000 american lives lost to the virus in the year since the outbreak began. the states shown here in the darkest red have the highest number of deaths and as you can see, vaccination numbers are still very low. about 38 million vaccine doses have been distributed but less than half of those have been administered. our nick watt picks up the story. in california it could take about five more months to
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vaccinate 75% of the over 65s if the current sluggish rate continues. >> we're out here. >> reporter: new york state has just two or three days worth of doses on hand. >> you will see a constant pattern of basically running out, waiting for the next week's allocation and then starting up again. >> reporter: if the nation continues at this sluggish rate it will be more than a year before 75% of american adults are fully vaccinated. >> we've seen all hands on deck, really a war time effort. >> you just heard the new president has a detailed plan and more vaccines are coming, likely among them a single dose option from johnson & johnson, but will vaccines work against the various variants? >> from the reports we have, literally as of today it appears that the vaccines will still be
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effective against them with the caveat in mind you want to pay close attention to it. >> reporter: nationally average new case counts are falling for now. rising in just one state, virginia. >> right now it looks like it might actually be plateauing. >> but the more contagious variants could change that. >> the one that is in the u.k. appears to have a greater degree of transmissibility. twice as much. >> i worry desperately in the next 6 to 12 weeks we're going to see a situation with this pandemic unlike anything we've seen yet to date and that is really a challenge that i don't think most people realize yet. >> inauguration day, a near record covid death toll reported. 4,375 dead. now among the dead the sign language interpreter at covid briefings in hawaii. patty was also a mother and a
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grandmother. >> the virus just took hold in her body and ravaged it. >> reporter: the cdc now projects this nation could reach over half a million covid dead, maybe 100,000 more lives lost before valentine's day. >> so these new vare yapts that they say are more contagious, they're apparently not more deadly but here is the problem, if they're more contagious, there will be more cases, there will be more hospitalizations, therefore, there will be more deaths. so if you get it, you're not more likely to die but overall more contagious could mean more death. nick watt, cnn, los angeles. coronavirus cases in england are no longer falling despite a third lockdown. in fact, a study by imperial college london found that cases might even be rising. brittain's environment secretary says the government is considering fully closing the
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u.k.'s borders to contain the spread of the new virus variants. the situation is dire. the u.k. is now nearing 95,000 deaths. daily fatalities averaging more than 1,000. it's the fifth most effective nation from the pandemic worldwide in the number of cases and deaths according to johns hopkins. it comes as european health authorities warn nations to take extra measures now as cases surge in western and eastern new york, some countries are posing tough restrictions on travel. portugal is banning flights and the netherlands will pose a nightly curfew starting this saturday. let's bring in our team. melissa bell is in paris. let's begin with scott mcclain in london. scott, what can you tell us about potentially closing all borders? that would be a drastic move which reflects the seriousness of the situation there. >> reporter: absolutely, kim.
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important to know that any travelers coming in from abroad have to test negative before they get on a plane and quarantine for ten days just for good measure. this morning a british cabinet second said it will make them safer and keeping out new coronavirus variants that could spread easier or be more resistant. the u.k. is dealing with its own variant. they have averaged 1200 covid-19 deaths per day. you have to look hard to see signs things are getting better in this country. the head of the national health care service in the london area said while icu beds and calms
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and calls and the numbers are lowering. the government started to say yesterday there continues to be a small number of people who do not want to follow the rules. it's planning to impose stricter penalties on them. the government saying the lockdown restrictions are not going to be eased any time soon. >> boris johnson apparently holding a press conference later today. we'll see if he announces any more on the potential border closure. let's go to melissa. there are growing concerns across europe how slowly vaccinations are rolling out and how quickly that variant is spreading. >> that's precisely it. that's what the centers for disease control here in europe is warning about, that these new
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variants, they warn, could lead to more hospitalizations and deaths. here in europe which has born the brunt of a particularly vicious second wave, hospital staff in so many countries are exhausted, icus in countries like germany continue to be at near capacity. with a further tightening of restrictions that were already substantial, an extension and a tightening there. lang merkel speaking of her fears over the spread of this new variant in particular, the one first identified in the united kingdom. it is at the heart of concerns here in france and elsewhere in the e.u., european leaders met digitally to look at how they could better coordinate travel restrictions. france requires a negative pr
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trip. they want to know how to beef up the travel restrictions. it is the spread of the variants causing deep concern here in the european continent. >> melissa bell in paris and scott mcclain in london. we appreciate it. earlier i spoke to dr. jerome kim, the director general of the international vaccine institute. i asked him about the significance of the united states return to the world health organization. >> the u.s. rejoining the world health organization during a pandemic, the u.s. joining covax to help with the distribution of vaccines around the world is a very, very important step. united states has an opportunity to show global leadership. the appointment of dr. fauci is another sign that the united states is planning to lead with
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science and can provide the leadership around covid vaccination that it did around covid vaccine development. i'm hopeful this is a sign the united states is stepping up and bearing responsibility -- helping to bear responsibility for what is going to be a global fight against covid-19. >> part of that global fight is against these new variants that are popping up in different countries. there's preliminary evidence suggesting the vaccine might be less effective against the south african variant and we're seeing how fast they're spreading. there's a projection the u.k. variant could be the dominant one in the u.s. by march. that doesn't give us a lot of time to get people vaccinated. how worried should we be that the spread of these variants will outpace our vaccination efforts? >> we have to be very concerned. we have to be concerned at multiple levels. we wanted to have a lot more people vaccinated, for instance,
1:25 am
in the you statsd and in europe than have been vaccinated. as with many things, preparation, planning, institution of a nationwide program for vaccination, these are all things that need to be done not only in the united states but countries around the world. it's going to be difficult to prevent the spread of new mutants. it's going to be difficult to get a hold over the pandemic if we don't start officially vaccinating. remember the mutations, the changes in the virus occur as the virus is growing and spreading. effective vaccination, the use of masks, vaccination, keep distance, avoid crowds, it's going to be very important. the pandemic has already taken out over $20 trillion in the global economy.
1:26 am
if we want this to be fixed. if we want to go back to a life somewhat close to what we had before, then people around the world are going to have to help and cooperate. we're all in this together. coming up on "cnn newsroom," authorities have announced new charges for several people who stormed the capitol in a deadly siege. we'll have more on that and the connection to hate groups after the break. loves me not. new neutrogena® skin balancing! 3 made-for-you formulas with 2% pha exfoliate and condition for soft, balanced skin. find the one. neutrogena®
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term contract required. click or call today. and well come back to all of you watching here in the united states, canada and armed the world. i'm kim brunhuber and you're
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watching "cnn newsroom." national guard troops are now being allowed back into the capitol complex after they were banished to a parking garage. lawmakers erupted in outrage as they were told they could no longer use the complex. thousands of soldiers were using designated areas in the capitol to sleep and rest. just one day ago the troops were protecting the complex against antiwar attacks. more than 25,000 troops were deployed to washington, d.c. alex marquardt has more details. >> reporter: two weeks after the insurrection at the capitol the arrests and charges are mounting by the day. around 120 people have been charged and federal investigators have said there could be hundreds more. >> u.s.a. u.s.a. >> reporter: among the new arrests is joseph randall bigs, arrested and accused of
1:31 am
organizing some of the violence. he posted or parler that followers should be blending in. the fbi believes biggs and others wore earpieces. new yorker patrick mccauhey was accused of assaulting police officer daniel hodges. he told cnn one attacker was so violent he was foaming at the mouth. >> the absolute zealotry, they believed what they were doing was right, they were the patriots, no one would get in their way. >> another new yorker, samuel fischer is alleged to have written on facebook the day after the riots, it was awesome. people died but it was f'ing great if you ask me. in the case of a michigan man michael foye seen with the stick
1:32 am
and allegedly attacked police officers with it. the fbi arrested california jorge riley, a member of the state's republican assembly and posted at length on facebook admitting to being a rioter. >> is this the way to nancy pelosi's office? i got pepper sprayed three times. >> reporter: there were repeated mentions of the insurrection during the inauguration. took place in the exact spot the rioting started. among those watching joe biden become president were qanon followers who were duped into thinking trump would declare marshall law and not let it happen. >> we were promised military regimes, classified documents. one spoke to done o'sullivan. >> i was shocked. i had to re-evaluate my life now because it's so different than my expectations.
1:33 am
>> reporter: we've learned the fbi has raised its reward leading to the people or person who left the pipe bombs outside of the national committee buildings on january 6th. that reward now at $75,000. a law enforcement official tells cnn that the elusiveness of the perpetrators may indicate a more sophisticated operation. cnn, washington. as you just heard, some qanon supporters were those 120r78ing the capitol. they watched their conspiracy theories dwindle. >> so help you god? >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> reporter: the election was stolen. biden would never become the president. trump would round up the so called deep state in a reckoning. it was all part of conspiracy
1:34 am
that many are supported. >> this sounds crazy but i don't believe joe biden is going to be worn in as president today. >> we met him early on the morning of the inauguration. he says he's not a qanon believer but he does espouse some of the theories. >> everyone wants to tag facts as con sir si theory so it's a way of discounting facts. >> what if he doesn't declare martial law? >> no. then i will feel my vote will no longer count in the united states and that's not a good thing. >> he and many other trump supporters are living in a world of conspiracy theories.
1:35 am
as the reeight of joe biden's presidency fit in, people came and there are a lot of them have been misled. many of them are still doubling down. >> joe biden was just sworn in about 15 minutes ago. >> reporter: so i met you right here -- >> last night. >> reporter: last night. it was about 3 a.m. you were out here streaming live on youtube. do you feel like you've been duped, tricked, fooled? >> no. the way i felt, when i saw -- i waited up until the minute, i, joe biden -- >> i'm watching him walk up. i'm thinking, my leave's about to be either a conspiracy
1:36 am
theorist or a profit. i had to re-evaluate the way my life is going to be because it's so different than my expectations. i was walking around like what now. >> reporter: where are qanon followers going now? what's next? >> some, probably a minority, will give up on qanon and fallaway, still others will probably be recruited into more dangerous militant movements. >> reporter: it's not as if this is going away if biden is president. >> no, i think not. >> reporter: do you think you might be around the election rigging? >> no. >> reporter: as you can see there, he was able to accept
1:37 am
that he had fallen for a con sir si theory in some way about how the election was stolen. i thin that highlights it. just because biden was inaugurated that the challenges are going to go away. i think for silicon valley and all of is us to address in the years to come. cnn, washington. much p. the france finance committee and worldwide are denying a report that japan is going tool. the government privately concluded the games cannot go on because of the covid pandemic. the prime minister is
1:38 am
determined. the rumors set off a lot of panic. what do we know? >> reporter: that's right. we have seen strong rebuttals from the government, prime minister. they say japan is still committed to hosting the olympics. just yesterday the olympic president said there is no plan b. the games will go on as scheduled, but no surprise that speculation right now is growing. the outlook, the reality in tokyo is grim. we are in a state of emergency. japan is dealing with a severe surge in covid-19 cases. right now travelers from around the world are ban from entering japan. when it comes to the vaccine, they're not expected to start the rollout until later next month. even though in public there has been unwavering statements from the government that these games will go on, i spoke to dick
1:39 am
pound, he said they aren't 100% sure. take a listen here. >> can have deconfident. it's not a guarantee. everyone understands that. >> reporter: it's hard to over emphasize how big of a deal it was canceled. kim, in modern history it has only been kurl. they've already sunk more than $25 billion into the olympic games. the prime minister wants japan to host the game as proof humanity has overcome the pandemic. you're dealing with growing opposition. nearly 80% of people think the games should not be held and
1:40 am
that very much tracks with what i'm hearing when i speak to people here on the ground. kim. >> celina wang in tokyo. joe biden will pick up the phone. we'll have details on the camaraderie they're expected to discuss. stay with us.
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make this year's resolution better solutions. bounce forward with comcast business. get started with a powerful internet and voice solution for just $64.90 a month. plus, for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. switch today. accused her of creating a stocks i can work space. she flew on shuttle missions as a canadian astronaut. she was canada's head of state for queen elizabeth. her role watts largely symbolic. the canadian broadcasting corporation said that her employees complained of her bullying so severe.
1:44 am
she took it seriously but didn't apologize or admit to misconduct. canada's prime minister will be the first to get a call from the new u. ss. president joe biden. they're likely going to discuss vice president's executive order to revote the mer mitt from the xl pipeline. let's bring in john deftarios. i imagine that phone call will be warm but trudeau's tone might be fost jie fostyer on the time. killing keystone is a piece of his larger climate agenda. >> i think that's a fair comment, kim. joe biden has tow have high impact in the first 100 days,
1:45 am
covid-19, package of sim position, a quick history president obama halted the project, president trump brought it back. for prime minister trudeau, he has so say i'm. >> adam: in these statements and that he's very closed the e.s. is coming back into the paris climb agreement. he wants to have a $2 trillion stimulus process later in the year. 100% renewables by 2035. he's putting john kerry as the special envoy to make it happen. prime minister trudeau, he has to take a step back saying all of that rustling with donald trump after nafta, it will be
1:46 am
smoother. >> she's been angry in the west. here in the u.s., republicans quick too criticize biden for killing jobs. he faces headwinds. >> the prime minister of alberta needs to change that stance. canada is the number one of coming down. joe biden's not saying we're going to scrap texas with the majority of jobs but if we want to hit the target of capping global 1.5 meters excel ler rate
1:47 am
creating new jobs through the green energy transition. he has to get financing within the u.s. senate. >> thanks so much, john deftarios in dubai. we appreciate it. there's no love lost between china and the old trump administration. the chinese government has slapped mike pompeo and 25 other officials with sanctions. we have more details from hong kong and the china information. >> reporter: it was just hours before joe biden was sworn in when china's state run news agency bid, quote, good riddance
1:48 am
donald trump on social media and online. shortly after that, again, on the day of the inauguration that they had 18 people on the list. the sanctions followed final moves by the trump administration against china including additional sanctions as well as that declaration saying beijing had committed, quote, genocide and now the officials and their family members are now banned from entering main land china, hong kong, macao. any organization or institution linked to them would have their activities restricted. on thursday we heard from the
1:49 am
spokeswoman of the ministry of foreign affairs offered a roadmap ahead. >> translator: the trump administration, especially pompeo, has laid too many land mines. dism dismantled. it needs to show administration to were another. in this same he received this. the biden/harris administration has noted china sanctioning. imposing these sanctions on inauguration day to police play, part, deny.
1:50 am
president obama looks forward to work with them. kim, this may be a new administration but there are multiple points of contention on multiple fronts and the relationship remains rocky. back to you. >> it will be interesting to see whether that front relationship will thaw under the new administration. thank you so much. there were mainly spectacular images. bernie sanders keeps warm with his grumpy sheep gloves. stay with us.
1:51 am
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whenever the u.s. holds a presidential inauguration attention is inevitably drawn to what the first ladies past and present wear, but this year a pair of mittens left everyone smitten. cnn's jeanne moos comments on bernie sanders mitens. >> can i remark about how flawless michelle obama is. >> reporter: some gushed about the $2,000 sneakers.
1:55 am
>> some rocking some d.r. air jordans. amazing, amazing. >> reporter: none of that gushing came close to the gusher of memes for bernie sanders with his -- >> grumpy chic look. >> the pose, distance, social distance. one is rushing to turn bernie into a bobblehead. his image on a set of birch coasters. he's been transferred to forrest gump's bench behind the resolute desk seated in the game of thrones appropriately dressed for crossing the delaware. >> old man on his way to the post office. >> as if he had an appointment at the dmv. >> reporter: taking a break with the boys. true, bernie's mittens may be on the far fringe of fashion, but so what if he seemed dressed for
1:56 am
riding the subway rather than attending the inauguration. looking warm tweeted dionne warwick. people were smitten for the mittens. >> i gave those mittens to bernie as a gift just expecting nothing in return and i think it's beautiful that they've gone so far. >> reporter: made out of old wool sweaters with fleece from recycled plastic, sadly i have no more mitens for sale after a flood of requests. maybe the look isn't everyone's cup of tea. maybe he'll never be described as -- >> absolutely flawless. >> reporter: but bernie saw no flaws in his inaugural look. coming from vermont. >> we know something about the cold and we're not so concerned about good fashion. we want to keep warm. >> he's not just warm, he's hot. ♪ oh, my ♪ >> reporter: capable of making pottery and love in mittens. jeanne moos, cnn, new york.
1:57 am
that last image is going to haunt me. that wraps this hour of "cnn newsroom." i'm kim brunhuber. new day is next.
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things are going to continue to get worse before they get better. >> we're going to be building on things. we're not going to be destroying it. >> cdc has shocking predictions. the u.k. variant can be the main


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