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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  January 19, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PST

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top of the hour. good morning, everyone, i'm poppy harlow. >> and i'm jim sciutto. soon a scene we've never witnessed in this country as the nation's next commander-in-chief arrives in washington, le be greeted by 25,000 national guard troops. many of them armed. here to protect him, to protect
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you and me and others on his inauguration day. we're told that president-elect joe biden is finalizing a speech that he hopes will help unite this deeply divided nation tomorrow as he stands on very same steps where the deadly insurrection took place just days ago. it damaged the podium where all of this will take place. >> but tomorrow he will deliver that speech in front of more flags than americans. this because of the raging pandemic and threats of more violence, both a stark reminder of the chaos that is left behind for him. as for president trump and his final hours as president, he is set to issue a number of pardons, also to issue a farewell video. he will then snub the bidens by not welcoming them in person to the white house. something that he had praised obama's for doing so graciously four years ago. he will also skip the
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inauguration. there is a lot to get to this hour. let's begin with our jeremy diamond at the white house and our senior political analyst mark preston. jeremy, to you first, tell us about the video the president will leave and if you could remind people, it is just so sad to see the state of affairs even after the birtherism lie, the obamas still gave him and the first lady a warm welcome on inauguration day and he will not extend the same to the bidens. >> reporter: that is right. president trump not coming anywhere close to giving president-elect joe biden an ounce of the peaceful, dignified transfer of power and the humanity that president obama was able to show president trump after the election as a sign to the country it is time to move on and that a new president has been installed. president trump has not invited joe biden to the white house for the traditional oval office meeting, he won't be greeting
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him on the steps of the white house tomorrow after joe biden is inaugurated. and he also, you know, is not expected to attend the inauguration tomorrow. instead flying out in his final hours as president after an elaborate send-off ceremony with military guard standing by at joints base andrews tomorrow. but president trump has taped a farewell message. he's not delivering a live prime time address like most departing presidents. instead, the president recorded a video message, a fair well address, touting his four years as president, yesterday in the blue room, we understand that video is expected to be released at some point today but the white house has not provided any details on that. it stands to be noted that this is far from the kind of dignified peaceful transfer of power that has been the hallmark of american democrat. president trump the first president in 152 years not to
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ascend the successor's inauguration. >> the absence of dignity. mark preston, you've covered your share of transitions here. trump will be gone. joe biden is the new president. there is a lot of talk about him attempting to unite the country with his words tomorrow. it is a tall order. given the division. what are you looking for, from not just what he said tomorrow but what he does in his first several days in office. >> well, jim, as you and i both know and as our viewers know, joe biden is good at being em pathetic and understanding and being a shoulder for somebody to lay their head on. tomorrow he'll have to try to start reaching out to the 74 plus million americans who voted for donald trump who might not think that he is the right person at the right time for this job. but i do think you're going to see him really try to do bite size major things. and i do think that covid
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obviously has to be front and center and we've already heard from his administration, we've heard from health officials that they are trackling this right now. in addition to that, you have to look long-term and wonder what could get done in a divided congress in a senate that is a 50/50 split. and there is a big question if anything could get done. but perhaps one thing that could get done is an infrastructure bill that could put people back to work, start putting money back into the economy and quite frankly rebuilding this infrastructure that we've left just in tatters for all of these years. >> yeah. >> jeremy, on the pardon front, there are a lot of names being floated, do we have any reporting on who is to be pardoned? and a lot of presidents do a lot of pardons at the end. it is not unique to trump. it is a question about who. >> it is who and the way in which president trump has gone about pardons in the final weeks
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in office and throughout his presidency. it is case-by-case basis. he's doll ug out pardons as political favors to some of his allies. now we are expecting more than 100 pardons in this last batch of pardons that is in come mutations there have some rappers including potentially lil wayne and kodak black who are on the list of pardons for later today. but what is not expected at this point is a self pardon which is something that has been floated for weeks now. we're told that that consideration of a self pardon, the chances of that went down after the january 6th riots on capitol hill because of the idea that a self pardon now would be perceived as even more of a self dealing maneuver and perhaps something that would make it look like the president has done something wrong which, of course, the white house and the president insists he did not incite that riot on capitol hill.
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but will you see controversial names. and also see a little bit of criminal justice reform pardons as well in the list of names coming later today. >> mark, i'll have to look up in the dictionary for the opposite of graciousness, right, in terms of simple steps. not just recognizing the election, but welcoming the bidens into the white house as the obamas did to the trumps four years ago and something the president hasn't done nor the first lady. how is that being received? on the right, do they look at this as somehow just desserts. is he getting criticism from the right nor not extending even the slightest of dignities to his successor. >> i think the further you get to the right and continue down that line, he's finding more and more support. as you come more toward the middle, and when i say that i mean republican establishment, like your parents might have been republicans, old school
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republicans. as as you move back toward the center, i do think you're finding criticism. and i was thinking, there is so much talk about the republican party in a focus on ronald reagan being the father of the new republican party. when he left office, when he gave his final speech, he talked about this shining city on the hill, right, this beacon for people to come into to make something of themselves. just really inspiring. when donald trump gets on that airplane tomorrow and he flies out, he's going to look down on a washington that is militarized because of him, entirely because of him and it is going to be more of like sodom and gomorrah than a city on the hill. >> we shake hands with the other team whether you win or lose. we teach them that lesson. what is the lesson to them, goodness, when adults let you down. thanks very much. to wilmington, delaware. m.j. lee is there ahead of the
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president-elect biden's departure for d.c. he won't ride the train, largely because of security. so tell us what his plans are today and in the next 24 hours. >> reporter: yeah, today does mark joe biden's final day here in wilmington, delaware, as president-elect. he expected to attend a farewell event when we expect him to speak briefly. he had planned and hoped on taking the amtrak train down to washington, d.c. ahead of tomorrow's inauguration. he is no longer doing that because of security concerns. this is a train ride that he has made hundreds and hundreds of times throughout his washington career. this evening in washington, d.c., when he gets there, he and vice president-elect will attend a memorial at the lincoln memorial reflecting pool to honor the thousands lives lost throughout the covid-19 pandemic setting the tone for his upcoming presidency and a
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reminder of how much this pandemic looms over the biden/harris time in office. and vice president-elect harris spoke about the challenge ahead yesterday. here she is. >> we have a lot of work to do. it is not going to be easy. as we've discussed, joe outlined our plan for vaccination and relief for working people and for families. and there is a lot to do. some would say that ours is an ambitious goal but we believe with hard work and the cooperation and collaboration of the congress that we could get it done. >> reporter: and we're also learning new details about how biden plans on spending tomorrow morning. he is going to be attending church services in washington, d.c. and he has invited congressional leaders to join him sand among those who will be in attendance include kevin mccarthy and mitch mcconnell. just noteworthy and sort of remarkable, given that this is
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the kind of deference and respect and a sign of national unity that the outgoing president donald trump, as jeremy talked about, has not been showing the incoming president joe biden. so that is a fascinating dynamic and remarkable dynamic. and lastly i will just note, as far as his inauguration speech is concerned, it is something that he has been working on for a number of weeks. we know that the theme of national unity will be a big one and will be especially important given what we saw happen on capitol hill two weeks ago. >> no question. >> m.j. lee, thank you very much for being there for us. a new reporting just into cnn in last hour, we're learning that the biden administration will make domestic terrorism a key focus of the national security council according to a person familiar telling me. a reflection of the significant threat the country is facing as it deals with the aftermath of the capitol hill riot. we're told to expect early announcements of staff on the nsc where they are focused very
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much on this threat and it speaks to the seriousness as we see all of the troops there in d.c. >> well, i think a good development, right, jim, that they're taking this as seriously as it needs to be and putting the power there to try to get a handle on it. good reporting. thank you for that. well massive force, 25,000 national guard troops are right now this morning deployed across washington, d.c. but "the washington post" is reporting that the fbi has warn law enforcement that followers of the conspiracy theory qanon has discussed posing as national guard members. >> alarming. cnn's pete muntean and brian todd join us now. and brian, the security is real. they are taking everything seriously here. and you see the security out there. but we should note, to date they haven't uncovered evidence yet, have they, of an insider threat. they're looking for it but they haven't uncovered evidence of that? >> reporter: that is right, jim
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and poppy. officials telling cnn they don't have intelligence indicating there is a specific insider threat in the national guard. but you mentioned that washington post report about the qanon followers discussing possibly posing as national guardsman to try to breach security just discussing it, according to the post. no significant plots as of yet according to officials and officials telling cnn they do not have any intelligence about an insider threat inside of the national guard. but they are vetting the guardsman further. more and more layers of vetting for the guardsman just to make sure. here is another layer, this is the 14th street bridge from virginia to washington, d.c. extraordinary scene here. empty. this is one of the most heavily trafficked bridges in the mid-atlantic region, part of the 14th street bridge shut down only to people who are -- to everyone except for people who could prove they live in this area or security vehicles.
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but really hardly any traffic coming this way. they are letting traffic go from d.c. into virginia. but this extraordinary measure, this bridge seeing no traffic on this is really incredible because between these two bridges and the two others, the memorial bridge and the theodore roosevelt bridge to the north of us, those are also shut down. about 800,000 cars a day pass over those two bridges. so to not see any cars on the bridges, an extraordinary visual and extraordinary example of the security measures here. >> totally. and remember why it is happening. it doesn't have to be this way. pete, you've been watching as these national guard members take up their positions. what is it like? >> reporter: you know, it is a little startling, poppy. especially when you consider the fact this is different from inaugurations past. things get more and more clomped down here in d.c. all of the time. this is one of the national guard check points. you mentioned that fbi reported to "the washington post" concern about possible armed protesters
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posing as members of the guard. we know 25,000 members of the guard here right noer, it is a secure area but when you consider the size of the area, it is relatively small when you consider the entirety of washington, d.c. and there is a bit of a rub there, considering the fact that this could potentially spill over, if there were armed protests, in to other neighborhoods. here is what d.c. officials have to say about that. >> the metropolitan police department is redeploying forces across the city. and we certainly recognize that as we harden the federal enslave in the center of the city, that other parts of the city could be viewed as soft targets so mpd is making sure that we have security in our neighborhoods, for our residents, for the over 700,000 people who live in those neighborhoods, to make sure that they have access to police and fire resources. >> reporter: jim and poppy, i want to put into context where
7:16 am
we are. we are blocks away from the capitol and this is about as close as a member of the general public to get to the capitol on foot right now. you could see more businesses are boarding up here in washington. more and more of this happening all of the time. metro public transit stations are closing and the air space is about to be more restricted, truly an inauguration day like no other. >> for sure. pete, brian, thank you both very much for that reporting. join us here on cnn for all day live coverage tomorrow of the inauguration of joe biden. a history-making event, an unprecedented times and it starts tomorrow on cnn. important words to hear tomorrow. still to come this hour, a showdown on capitol hill. confirmation hearings have begun this hour for president-elect's cabinet and treasury secretary janet yellen is making waves over coronavirus relief push by this administration. also sharing power in the
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right now on capitol hill, really important hearings underway for three of president-elect joe biden's cabinet nominees. janet yellen and avril haines. this afternoon we'll hear from fro tony blinken and lloyd austin for defense secretary. >> they are typically in place by inauguration. it doesn't appear they will be this time. so it is unlikely, and that is a problem with all that is on the plate of this new administration. so who are these people, who
7:22 am
have been tapped to fill the key positions in the biden administration. let's gib with christine romans covering the janet yellen hearing. and the testimony fired a shot but at least about the administration's intentions when it comes to covid. she said the smartest thing we could do is act big in terms of a new stimulus plan. so that is clearly going to be a priority this incoming administration. will they get it. >> and she's battle tested, an economist who ran the most central bank in the world, taking over this top job in this crisis makes her one of the most powerful women in the world. all former living treasure secretaries have endorsed her swift confirmation. her job today is to be the salesperson for the rescue of the battered american economy. $1.9 trillion to expand medical leave and sell a vaccine program, more money to state and local governments, money for schools and small businesses and $1,400 stimulus checks and $400
7:23 am
extra in jobless benefits through september. that's what she has to sell on the hill. it is a big haul after $4 trillion already spent but she will argue that the cite is demands it. neither the president-elect nor i propose this package with the debt burden but the smartest thing we could do is act big. years of job market gains have been wiped away by the crisis. we're down 9.8 million jobs in the pandemic. the prepared remarks show this new tact from the administration to address income inequality within the crisis, she notes before the first person was even infected with coronavirus, guys, wealth built on wealth and working families fell further behind. she called it a k shaped economy before it could recover later this year. >> and it is so remarkable to hear someone who is a nominee for treasury secretary talk so much about being from a working
7:24 am
class family and in brooklyn, remember when mick mulvaney lambasted her for sticking her neck out on the issue and now it is septs ral to her pitch to get a secure nomination. >> it is central to the entire economic biden team. these are labor economists and studied stressors on families and working families. so it is a completely different tact that you're seeing. the last administration focused on tax cuts for companies. they're focusing onn inequality for families. >> let's go to kylie atwood now onnal hand raw mie orca who would be the first latino immigrant to head the department. >> he is prepared to give a hearing today before the senate homeland security committee. and i want to point out that he is well-known. so he is well-known in the department of homeland security already. giving you alittle bit of the
7:25 am
background, he was the deputy secretary for the homeland security folks when he was in the obama administration. and then he was also the person who is the director of citizenship and immigration services at dhs and if confirmed as you pointed out, poppy, he was born in cuba. he would be the first latino and immigrant to be a dhs secretary. that's huge news here. so one thing that he's going to be addressing, we saw the prepared remarks that he's going to be delivering this morning before senators. he's going to be directly talking about the insurrection on january 6th and he's going to be committed to the senators that he's prepared to investigate what happens there. and i want to read you an excerpt from the prepared remarks saying we still have much to learn about what happened that day and what led up to the insurrection. if i should have the honor of being confirmed, i'll do everything i can to ensure that the tragic loss of life, the assault on law enforcement, the
7:26 am
desecration of the building that stands as one of the three pillars of our democracy, and the terror felt by you, your colleagues, staff and everyone present will not happen again. he is committing not only if he get this is job, if he is confirmed, to defend american homeland security, but also to defend capitol hill. these senators faced the insurrection on january 6th and the terror was real to them and he's committed to defending them specifically as well. >> other big appointment up there on the hill and that is the director nor national intelligence in this country, vivian covering. going back to the iraq invasion, we saw in this administration the deliberate transparent politicizing, simplest example is the president flat out denied that russia interfered in the
7:27 am
election. how does avril haines intend to counter act that. >> you said it. there is no overstating how important the job of the director of national intelligence is. they oversee 18 agencies including the national security agency and the cia. but avril haines comes in with this enormous task of having to repair morale in the intelligence community and rebuild the image. she worked under president obama and served as deputy security adviser and deputy director of the cia and if she is confirmed she will be the first woman to serve as director of national intelligence. now the hearing, with the senate intelligence kmut committee, just got started a few minutes ago and we have some excerpts from remarks where she said that she wants to really build up and enforce transparency within the intelligence community and she also said that she wants to protect whistle-blower which is
7:28 am
an issue that we saw numerous times under the trump administration where he lashed out and went after whistle-blowers. she's going to speak truth to power, another issue that came up during the trump administration during the impeachment inquiry when whistleblowers were calling out the president's actions so this is something that avril haines has to take on and really just try to reinforce the role of the intelligence community, the importance of the information they provide and that relationship with the president, jim and poppy. >> in the contrast to rick grenell who very deliberately make it a political position, right down to having purges of folks who weren't seeming to be sufficiently loyal to trump, any way it is -- well, things are changing. >> she's been so outspoken. thank you for that reporting. >> georgia's two senate runoffs may have delivered control of the senate to democrats, but an
7:29 am
evenly split 50/50 senate means concession will have to be made by both parties. imagine that, jim? >> imagine that. we'll see. chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell expected to meet later today to hash out that power sharing agreement. manu raju, correspondent, this is not unique. we saw this. and we had trent lott and tom dashel speaking about their effort a number of years ago. where is the actual sharing. because at the end of the day the vice president could break the ties on legislation. so where do they have to make nice in effect? >> reporter: well it is interesting to see the committees how they're broken up. committees are determined to take the first whack at legislation. they determine the nominations through the committee process and they investigate a wide range of hearings and have issues and they expect to have an even number of senators on both sides serving on the committees. but if there is a tie vote, in those committees, it would
7:30 am
advance to the senate floor. and then on the senate floor it would be 50/50 and the senate would be broke down between each party and kamala harris will break the tie on any tie-breaking vote. so they're are also a huge slew of issues that they have to sort out. how quickly will they move on the nominations that we were just discussing, when will the senate actually vote. these two men have to reach a deal on the scheduling of the votes and get their own respective caucuses to back the schedule. also when will about the impeachment trial begin. that is a big question. when will nancy pelosi send that article of impeachment over to the senate and how will the trial take place. how many hours, how many weeks will that last. questions that they don't have the answers to. but logistics where the two men still need to work out. and also the question is will any republicans break ranks and vote to convict donald trump, how many will there be, the 17
7:31 am
senators. i just asked mitt romney, the lone republican senator who voted to convict in the last impeachment trial would not say this time. he said he would listen to the evidence once it is presented. guys. >> manu, thank you for that reporting up on the hill. up next, feeling the trade. capitol police officers rattled after the insurrection and they're not just blaming the rioters. why some say their own bosses let them down.
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this morning already more than 90 known defendants are now facing federal charges in connection with the u.s. capitol riot and their involvement in it. that number expected to grow. >> it comes as the fbi announced it has received tips since the deadly insurrection. we have the latest on the arrests connected to the capitol. good morning, jess. >> good morning. federal agents have been working fast, at record speed to charge and apprehend what have been dozens of suspects. racking up arrests by the hour. and a few have been particularly notable. first a pennsylvania woman actually sur rendered to law enforcement last night after allegations that she stole a laptop from speaker nancy pelosi's office and even information from her former boyfriend who was telling the
7:37 am
fbi that she intended to sell that laptop to russia's foreign intelligence service. this is all an ongoing investigation. it is still not clear if she actually did steal a laptop or maybe even if her former boyfriend informant to the fbi was exaggerating some of the details. so that was one. that was reilly williams and also against a retired firefighter. thomas fee who entered the capitol on the 6th. he was found out because a witness reported to the joint terrorism task force in new york that their spouse saw fee's girlfriend post on facebook that fee was at the rally and that witness went a step further. he texted that new york city firefighter and then the firefighter allegedly sent a selfie he took from inside of the capitol rotunda. so this is a common thread we're seeing here. the suspects, facing the serious charges, they're often flaunting
7:38 am
their involvement and being open about it and getting caught. >> getting caught on the basis of these pictures. as we saw those folks march, they were marching under the dais where the inauguration will take place. that white sheeting here just shows the severity of the threat. so tell us more about how u.s. capitol police officers are responding to all of this, how they say they feel betrayed by their leaders. tell us why. >> reporter: a lot of criticism because they say there was no planning, no pre-planning. just no direction an how to handle what they knew was going to be thousands of people who descended on the capitol. they also say that there was no all hands planning session that usually goes before the major events and when they do finally get reinforcement from metropolitan police here in d.c., some had to shout out, hey, we're officers too. so that no doubt jarring. some of the officers told our team some quite jarring quotes.
7:39 am
here is one. they said there was not enough people to stop what was coming. what hurt us was these people, they planned for it. they knew we weren't going to shoot. one black officer we talked to also talked about the racial slurs and he said that there was a lot of racism that day. i was called racial slurs and in the moment i didn't process this as traumatic. i was just trying to survive. so those tales are harrowing, guys. and we've seen video of capitol police officers acting valently. we saw eugene goodman leading the violent mob away from the senate chamber. so their starting to speak out. this is under the guise of anonymity because they are concerned about their jobs but they feel be trayed and a lack of leadership and there was no management to tell them to be prepared, guys. >> i'm curious how the rioters knew they weren't going to shoot. that gets to tactics. remarkable. we're learning more every day.
7:40 am
thank you very much. hope and excitement among black voters in georgia after they help put democrats in control of the white house and the senate. find out how they view the incoming administration. never run dry of... killer attitude. or hydration. neutrogena® hydro boost. the #1 hyaluronic acid moisturizer delivers 2x the hydration for supple, bouncy skin. neutrogena®.
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so through ancestry, i discovered my great aunt ruth signed up as a nursing cadet for world war ii. she was only 17. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at black voters in georgia turned out in record numbers this election season. putting not ome joe biden in the white house but elected to democrats to the senate in that state. >> now, after a chaotic and
7:45 am
divisive four years under president trump, they're hoping to see a change under the biden administration. ryan young has more. ♪ >> my hope is that we could all come together as a nation. >> it is not about a republican or a democrat. it is about united everybody together as one. >> the number one thing is the morning culture. >> on the radio and in the streets across metra atlanta, black voters turned out during the runoff. the state of georgia sent a resounding message about the political foot hold and importance. >> atlanta is the culture epicenter of black america and we have to be leaders in that. continue to do our job. >> what is happening? >> i want to be excited. >> the vibe in atlanta after the election was amazing. >> now we could get a better path. it is not all going to get fixed immediately. >> 2020 was full of a lot of
7:46 am
hopeless moments but you're looking forward to the inauguration. >> voters plan to hold the biden administration accountable for campaign promises. >> in georgia, voter turnout made an impact turning a red state blue in this election cycle. >> i was encouraged. we have young daughters ourselves and it was their first time voting and they were excited and i was ziexcited for them to see realtime, one vote means something. >> in a election that saw a glass ceiling shattered. >> we helped elect the first ever african-american vice president, the first female vice president, and the first african-american senator from the state of georgia. >> when you saw all this stuff going on the in the country, how did it hit you? >> it was very hurtful. very hurtful. and to see how divided we are, and i was looking at it and i
7:47 am
came in from the store and i thought it was another country. i couldn't believe that our country was actually fighting each other. >> do you feel hopeful about what is coming? >> oh, yes, i do. i do. i feel very hopeful. >> the question for some is whether or not joe biden is the man to unite this country. >> absolutely. of course. i think and kamala is the woman for the job and i think the senate and the house are the people for the job. so i think they'll do what they need to do. >> what has the last four years been like, especially as you've been watching from the outside? >> a wake-up call for the direction of this country. and, i mean, we're coming to an end. we're about to change the era right now. >> as the city celebrates the legacy of dr. king and congressman john lewis, you could hear an excitement about the country turning a page. >> people of color have shown
7:48 am
that there is only so much that we're going to tolerate and our voices do matter. >> you think about this, i heard over and over again, criminal justice reform and health care are two options that people want to see the biden administration focus on. the black community said that every four years people come and make promises and then they disappear. not this time. especially with the vote. but i want to show you something. look behind me, there is a living embodiment of how important it was in this community. you see stacy abrams there and the words vote and jon ossoff and warnock and over and over again you heard people say just go vote and that is something that they are very proud of and make it part of the culture to see a significant change in the future. jim and poppy. >> ryan young, what a piece. thank you so much for bringing it to us. and we'll be right back. oost. the #1 hyaluronic acid moisturizer delivers 2x the hydration
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now we have a plan we can afford. enrollment ends january 31st. well, the world will certainly be watching tomorrow as president-elect joe biden and vice president-elect kamala harris are sworn into office. >> certainly a pivotal moment for our allies, especially the u.k. cnn editor nic robertson has been covering this in london and i think of the loss of the u.s. soft power and the denial of an election loss. for decades we've been lecturing companies to accept the results of free and fair elections and i wonder how quickly is confidence restored with the new president? >> i think a lot of it is go to depend who happens within the
7:54 am
republican party and how many continue to support president trump's last big lie that he won the election and what does that do to the political landscape in the united states. because if the image that is created outside of what president-elect joe biden can do, if the image is created that a trump or a trump-like figure could come back to center stage in the white house in the future, then this is of course going to be great concern to the united states allies. yes, 100% they welcome that they're hearing from the incoming administration we heard the british secretary saying that he has confidence in democracy in the united states and confidence in the checks and balances there and ready to work on issues like iran, no doubt ready to work on issues like russia and china. but what is the long-term future of the united states. we talk about what happened january 6th, the end of something or the beginning. and that is what capitols around europe and other allies and
7:55 am
asia, south korea, japan, et cetera are going to be watching for. >> that is a big question. >> nic, thank you very much. and thank to you will after you for joining us. i'm poppy harlow. >> and i'm jim sciutto. "newsroom" are kate bolduan will begin right after a quick break. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan. thank you forr joining us this hour. a presidential inauguration unlike any ever seen before in this country. this is president donald trump's last full day as president n. a little more than 24 hours joe biden will be sworn in as the 46th president of the united states. but this transition and transfer of power has been anything but peaceful and the country is anything but united as ron brownstein put it, america is more divided than any time since the civil war. making it critical clear that the enormous task ahead for joe biden and his team. he'll inherit a set of challenges, division and kayot and a pandemic that donald trump has all but forgotten it was his job to leave. donald trump will leave office with 400,000 americans killed from coronavirus and millions of


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