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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 19, 2021 1:00am-2:01am PST

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hello and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and all around the world, you are watching "cnn newsroom" and i'm rosemary church. just ahead, on the eave of president-elect joe biden's inauguration, washington, d.c., is bracing for unrest with thousands of troops on the street for a transfer of power unlike any other. >> donald trump plans one more major move on his last day in
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office. covid-19 vaccine bottlenecks. where are the extra doses and why aren't more going into arms? good to have you with us. well, donald trump has just 32 hours left as president of the united states. with joe biden set to take the oath of office on wednesday afternoon. the assault on the capitol almost two weeks ago has forced much of the area into lockdown bracing for an unprecedented transfer of power. roads, sidewalks, and bridges are closed and barricades and fencing are in place to prevent another attack. the national guard is already out in force. the fbi is vetting all troops as details emerge linking some
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capitol rioters to the u.s. military. more on that in just a moment. meanwhile, the latest video from the january 6th attack shows how the rioters echoed the pre president's language and we have to warn you, it is explicit. >> protect our constitution. >> let's protect the constitution of the united states. >> that's treason. >> treason. treason. treason. >> antifa. antifa. >> antifa. guess what, america showed up. >> looking out at all the amazing patriots. >> these guys are fucking patriots. >> we have to get nancy pelosi the hell out 6 there. >> nancy pelosi. >> mike pence right now, i'm not hearing good stories. >> america first. america first agenda. make no mistake this election was stolen from you. >> from the elections being stolen, what is it going to
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take? >> as we've reported, donald trump will be the first u.s. president in modern history not to attend his successor's inauguration. he's spending his final hours as president hold up in the white house planning his last-minute pardons and meeting with advisers. cnn's kaitlyn collins has more now from washington. >> reporter: it's president trump's final full day in office his schedule looks like it has in the last several weeks. he has many calls and many meetings, but beyond that, not a lot of detail on his schedule. of course, we have not seen him publicly since last tuesday when he went to texas to visit the border wall. one thing we are expecting the final full day donald trump is in office is the list ever pardons to come our way. he is expected to pardon or commute 100 people today.
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he has spent several days reviewing that finalist and what that's going to look like including meeting with jared and ivanka trump as he did on sunday. he had another meeting on pardons we were told on monday. we were expected to get the list today of course because wednesday is going to be the president's final trip out of washington as a current trip. he's leaving before joe biden is going to be sworn in. there are new questions about just how many people are going to be at the sendoff ceremony at joint base andrews. the white house is inviting a lot of people. they can bring up to five guests per invitation. some guests are saying they are not going because of the travel restrictions happening in d.c. or the fallout from the president's response to that attack. it's an open question of what that ceremony is going to look like for the president. that's what we're monitoring. whether or not the president is going to be in public or just make that video that we know he taped on monday, that final farewell address highlighting
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his accomplishments. that is something we expect the white house to say today. kaitlyn collins, cnn, the white house. some 25,000 national guard troops have been authorized by the pentagon to help keep the inauguration safe, but fears of an inside attack have prompted additional screening of the troops themselves. >> they're screened and repeatedly screened a regular background check is enhanced with more screening, more details in its layers so the fbi is part of it, the secret service is part of it. >> acting secretary of defense christopher miller has said there is no specific intelligence of an insider attack, but since several rioters have known military service backgrounds, security services are taking the threats
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seriously. we have what they are doing to head off any trouble. >> reporter: case of where we're seeing the fbi and secret service and all the intelligence officials leaving nothing to chance, throwing everything out on the table. what they're picking up on social media chatter is you have the qanon conspiracy theorists thinking they can infiltrate the national guard and cause disruption. there are layers and layers of security. if you go through one section. let's say you do try to say you're a national guard member. very difficult to do. let's say you do. there are multiple and multiple levels of security to get through. these are all from the same division. all from the same state so they know each other so if someone comes in as a stranger, they would be able to pick that up.
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this person here doesn't belong. the other thing, one of the most secure areas right now is that inauguration stage inside the capitol. the national guard is not going to have access to any of that location. most of them are on the perimeter, on the outside securing the outside areas all across washington, d.c. and while washington prepares for the inauguration, justice officials are pushing ahead with investigations stemming from the riot on capitol hill. there are now 80 known defendants facing federal charges and here is one of them. this is riley williams. she is accused of stealing a laptop from house speaker nancy pelosi's office. williams facing charges including vile entry and this gentleman is charged with obstruction of justice. he threatened to shoot his own
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children if they turned him in. the january 6th insurrection was captured on video from hundreds of angles. now investigators are using that very same footage to make arrests. cnn's tom foreman has more. >> reporter: the videos are violent and triumphant. they can't do nothing. >> speaker pelosi, we're coming to get her. bitch, we're coming for you, fucking traitor. >> oh, my god, tear gas in the middle of our prayer. are you kidding snee we were kneeling down and praying. >> reporter: the gps signals are enormously valuable. we're identifying, tracking, perhaps prosecuting hundreds of people. >> very easy, one, to identify people. very easy to dictate in court
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where somebody was at a particular time. so it's going to be very hard for somebody who's on video at that time with a time stamp and gps stamp to deny that they were there. >> potential trespassing and property damage may be just the start. the videos include evidence of what appears to be attacks and threats aimed at police, journalists and others. >> traitor. >> reporter: remember that video of officer eugene goodman holding back the mob by himself? this is what it looked like from their side as he was chased up the stairs. there is video of rioters digging through the papers of republican senator ted cruz. certainly some in the crowd seema wear of their legal jeopardy. >> cover your face. >> reporter: and some suggest there are limits even during an
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insurrection. >> shut the door. >> don't break stuff. >> reporter: despite that, sedition, treason, murder may all be on the table and thanks for the rioters themselves, investigators may have all the video evidence they need. tom foreman, cnn, washington. in the leadup to the attack on the capitol and in the days since, many republicans in congress have refused to publicly acknowledge that joe biden fairly won the election. cnn's jake tapper asked one of biden's senior advisers if the president-elect is prepared to work with lawmakers who denied his legitimacy. >> reporter: 2/3 of your former col leegts in the republican caucus, including kevin mccarthy, including a whole bunch of republicans you probably considered friends voted for the lie, voted to
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disenfranchise millions of voters from arizona and pennsylvania after the terrorist attack. how are you going to work with those people? >> well, look, at the time you definitely look at them with the side eye. what we have right now, the disaster, we have so many families hurting, so many people dying. we don't have the luxury of picking who we're going to work with and who we're not. we're going to advance our agenda. anybody that wants to help us, we want their help. if we have to go at that time alone, we will but we don't want to. >> these are american people dying and can't put food on their table and can't pay their bills. president-elect joe biden is ready to hit the ground running after his inauguration. he plans to unveil a sweeping immigration bill. it offers a pathway to
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citizenship on the millions of undocumented immigrants in the u.s. it is a massive reversal from the trump administration's immigration policies. cnn's jeff zeleny has more on biden's plans. >> reporter: two days before taking office, president-elect joe biden and his family filling food boxes in philadelphia at a community service project to honor the legacy of martin luther king jr. it's his final stop before traveling to washington on the eve of his inauguration, where the pomp and circumstance will be far different on wednesday amid the country's stubborn pandemic and a capitol fortified by war time like security. he's still putting the finishing touches on his inaugural address with the overriding theme a clarion call for unity. after the ceremony biden is calling for swift and sweeping action. >> the first thing i will do, i will rejoin the paris accord.
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>> reporter: in addition to making good on rejoining the paris climate accord, biden will end the travel ban on predominantly muslim countries. and requiring masks on a federal property. >> it's not a political statement, it's a patriotic duty. >> reporter: biden will not be surrounded by his own cabinet when he a reaves at the white house. the confirmation hearings for secretary of state, defense secretary, intelligence chief and that will happen on tuesday. >> it's important for the senate to do its constitutional duty but also to do its constitutional duty to move forward on the appointments, on the urgent actions the country needs. >> reporter: biden believes the
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inauguration is one way to open the door to begin . garth brooks was asked to play and he said yes. >> i may be the only republican but it's reaching across. loving one another. that's what's going to get us through probably the most divided times that we have. >> so when joe biden does take office on wednesday at noon, none of his cabinet secretaries will be confirmed. that is far different from 12 years ago when he assumed the office of vice president and barack obama was president. at that time they had six cabinet secretaries confirmed. that is why the biden officials are looking across the government to find acting secretaries who will effectively be in charge of the government when president biden takes office. jeff zeleny, cnn, wilmington, delaware. nearly 400,000 people have died in the u.s. from the coronavirus. just ahead, we will find out why
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u.s. president-elect joe biden says his first priority in office will be tackling the coronavirus and his nearly $2 trillion covid relief package includes more money for vaccinations and testing, but new variants of the virus are forcing concern as cnn's erica hill explains. >> first, the good news. testing is up. the daily average of new cases is down in 35 states over the past week, hospitalizations also on the decline. >> all of the metrics point to the conclusion that we may have past the peak. >> reporter: but could more transmissible variants of the virus soon fuel a new peak. >> in about five weeks this is going to start to take over. >> it's going to take a while to turn this around. >> reporter: the pace is already increasing. 60% of all covid cases in the u.s. have been added since election day. 40% of the nation's covid deaths reported in that same period. >> by the middle of february we
1:20 am
expect half a million deaths in this country. i think we still have some dark weeks ahead. >> reporter: in los angeles county air pollution rules temporarily suspended to allow for more cremations to, quote, assist with the backlog caused by the covid-19 pandemic. on the vaccine front continued frustration. >> they were lying. they don't have any doses held back. >> reporter: pfizer telling cnn it has those critical second doses. noting the government only recently asked the company to send them. dr. fauci batting cleanup for the weekend. >> i think there was just a misunderstanding. >> reporter: the governors of minnesota and new york among several to call on the federal governments to allow states to buy the vaccine directly. >> public confidence is very important now. and they've created public chaos. >> i just don't understand how no one is able to give a straight answer to the question of how many doses are out there that are ready to be distributed and at what point.
1:21 am
>> reporter: what we do know, of the more than 31 million doses distributed, just 39% have been administered. >> our job is to make sure that the entire support of the federal government, that we get -- we address all of those bottlenecks wherever we are so you can get vaccine into arms. >> reporter: as we continue to track vaccinations, the state of florida is now highlighting those who have not yet returned for their second dose and are overdue. that's about 40,000 people in the state, about 5% of the total number of people vaccinated in florida. dr. fauci is reiterating the importance of that second dose. in new york, i'm erica hill, cnn. joining me now is dr. ak ter. he's an emergency physician and professor at the university of arizona's college of medicine. thank you for being with us and all that you do. >> thanks for having me, rosemary. >> so the incoming cdc director
1:22 am
predicts we could reach five,000 u.s. covid deaths by mid february. 500,000. >> i think we will hit 500,000 and the hospitals that are having a similar situation to what we did in the last summer in arizona and florida where we're getting a lot of patients coming in with covid like symptoms, a lot of them test positive. almost all of them, honestly. for some of them it's their third time testing positive. as you know, a significant fraction have been quite sick. a couple of weeks later they come in struggling. we can't get a vaccine until there's a long, long delay. you can imagine sitting in the e.r., waiting in the icu and a lot of them don't make it.
1:23 am
>> that is a horrendous story, but i did want to ask you how does someone test positive three times? what are they doing wrong here? how are they being exposed to that extent? >> some of them could be that they're remaining positive. they have a negative test in between and we keep track of it. some of it may be reactivation. some of it probably is, indeed, reinfection. got it early in the pandemic, got it a couple months ago and got it again now. it's very obvious to us in health care there are plenty of people who are not distancing, obviously not wearing masks. and probably others who say, whatever, it's just covid. lots of people die of covid. very young teenager just recently contracted covid a second time and this time died from it. >> that is a real concern. doctor, nearly 400,000 americans have already died from covid-19. vaccinations lagging. how optimistic are you that once joe biden takes office, he can
1:24 am
meet his goal of 100 million doses in 100 days? >> that is an optimistic goal but i think it's doable if done the right way. not to get too political, but it's hard to do worse than the current administration, honestly. what the president-elect does have a rollout plan. he's planning on utilizing multiple resources. it doesn't always go perfectly but a national coordinated effort, we know from other countries that works better than relying on federalism and every state does their own thing. the biggest roadblock is the people themselves. people who refuse to get vaccinated, that will be their biggest roadblock. >> doctor, thanks as always. >> thank you, rosemary. stay safe. an international group of experts is criticizing china and the world health organization for their initial handling of the pandemic.
1:25 am
the new report concludes china could have tried harder to contain the coronavirus a year ago. it also says the world health organization took too long to declare an international emergency. the independent panel will public recommendations on how better to respond to the pandemic later this year. there is good news and bad news for brittain today on the coronavirus. the good news, more than 4 million people have received their first dose of a covid vaccine. that is a far higher rate than other european countries according to the government. the bad news, the virus continues to rage. the u.k. has reported the highest covid-19 death rate in the world over the last seven days. overall in europe things seem to be looking a little brighter though. the continent is for the most part trending in the right direction and officials are doing their best to keep it that way. our melissa bell joins us live
1:26 am
from paris. good to see you, melissa. covid trends are looking a little better in parts of europe. how will officials ensure it stays that way? >> reporter: there certainly is, rosemary, a stabilization in countries like france, italy, germany. great fears still about what that variant that was first identified in the united kingdom could mean now that it is spreading on the continent. we heard from the french prime minister who spoke on french television last night explaining this week would be crucial. it is this week we will start to see the effect of what loosening there may have been over the christmas period. that's something to keep an eye on. the thing that is worrying authorities is the new variant. the french health minister spoke to t. he said whilst there has been new cases, there are 2 to
1:27 am
300 cases that involve the new variant that cause concern. similarly over the border in germany, there has been stabilization of figures. the government said restrictions are in place. the lock joup has already been extended beyond january 31st is beginning to bear its fruit. you need to only, for instance, look, rosemary, at the very latest deaths reported every day and into the week before they were at about 1,000 covid-19 deaths and that is below 1,000. the spread of that new variant authorities want to keep in check which is why lang merkel is meeting with the premieres from germany's 16 states to look at what further tightening there should be. not so much if there should be a tightening, what it should be. they're looking at making ffp 2 masks and a possible system of curfews and certainly trying to encourage people to work from home even though they have been and they're so worried about the
1:28 am
spread of the new strain. >> understandable. melissa bell bringing us the very latest. thanks. still to come, fueling the fire. we look at how social media is giving those with extremist views a platform and renewed boldness. back with that in just a moment. when we started our business we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation. one or two clicks and everything was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money. shipstation saves us so much time. it makes it really easy and seamless. pick an order, print everything you need, slap the label onto the box,
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welcome back, everyone. well, in a little more than 24 hours, joe biden will be sworn in as u.s. president amid some of the toughest security washington has seen in years. no spectators will be allowed on the national mall, as is normally the case.
1:32 am
the assault on the capitol almost two weeks ago has forced much of the area near the capitol into lockdown to prevent another potential attack. roads, sidewalks and bridges are closed and barricades and fencing are in place. already national guard troops along with other law enforcement agencies have been deployed to watch over washington. and the fbi is vetting troops as details emerge linking some capitol rioters to the u.s. military. meantime, republicans are grappling with what the events of the past few weeks mean for the future of their party. the state of georgia was a flash point in the original election misinformation. you'll remember president trump pressured officials here to find votes for him. well, now georgia's republican lieutenant governor is sticking out. here's part of his interview with jake tapper. >> i'm still astonished at the amount of misinformation that continues to fly in and folks
1:33 am
being misinformed to complete conspiracy theories. it's in the process of slowing down that chatter but it's still with us. certainly this is going to be a pivot point for us to move forward. the tragic events on the 6th were awful, but i truly see it as a catalyst moment for this party to move on to better and brighter days. i've said this before, jake. we let ourselves put a person in front of the party and that, i assure you, should never again happen in the republican party. >> from your mouth to god's ears. in a new cnn poll it's very clear that only 19% of republicans say that joe biden legitimately won enough votes to win the presidency. 75% of republican voters falsely believe he did not. how do you fix that when a majority of your party, not just people in congress but rank and file just normal citizens believe these lies and there are
1:34 am
so many members of your party who are spouting them, including elected officials? >> certainly we've got a lot of work in front of us. i'm -- you've heard me talk about this before, gop 2.0. we're actually starting the wheels in motion. we have an exploratory committee together not to create a new party or reinvent the wheel but to reform and start to heal the party to remind folks of the policies and remind us of the policies that make us republicans. community outreach, tone and messaging that rivals ronald regan and not donald trump. we've got our work cut out for us. there's brighter days ahead and more civil days ahead for the republican party, i can assure you of that. there have been two weeks to crack down on posts promoting violence and conspiracy theories, but many extremists to
1:35 am
promote their views and openly call for unrest. sara sidner has our report. >> reporter: the conspiracy fueled deadly capitol attack on january 6th may be just the beginning of an explosion of far right violence. >> the plots of tomorrow, the activities of tomorrow, the efforts for them to maintain this movement and create threats in the future are literally being planned today. >> reporter: far right radicalization has been building in america for years. evidence of it all over the largest social media platforms on earth. even after mega sites like facebook said they were cracking down, the tech transparency project, non-profit watchdog group found it's still easy to find extremist content calling for violence on the site. three days after the attack this post. we need to organize our militia. when they silence your commander in chief, you are in a war.
1:36 am
another posted january 14th, patriots, january 20th, 2021 is your tiananmen square moment. >> social media to extremism is like oxygen for fire. it's required. it has shown itself to be one of the organizing factors for extremists. >> reporter: facebook removed the post from the site and the public group calling itself the patriot party but the poison has already set in. in michigan after an armed rally at the capitol against the governor last year, federal and state authorities thwarted an alleged violent plot to kidnap the governor and the man who stood by some of the alleged plotters returned. as with the capitol terrorists, they are out in the open sharing their extreme views. >> tell me about the patch. >> this is bugalu. we do not want a civil war or anything. we want to exercise every
1:37 am
possible way for getting them out. >> is that an option in your mind, a civil war. >> i will not fire the first shot, but if it comes, i will fire it. >> the bugalu boys are an antigovernment group. some members are pushing for civil war. one michigan bugalu boy was arrested this fall in the plot to kidnap the governor. a plot that law enforcement thankfully stopped. those who support it are out in the open. >> would you have supported it if they kidnapped the governor. >> i would have supported a citizen's arrest on a felon because that's what the law states. if a felony is committed, a citizen can arrest another citizen. >> reporter: the governor has not committed a crime. the law persists threatening legislator's safety. they brought their weapons. they do have the right to open carry. some see their firearms as clear threats. this guy does not support violence and would only use his
1:38 am
ar-15 to stay innocent. >> reporter: that's the weapons you hear that are used in attacks that are not to save innocent people. >> yeah. >> why carry? have you been in the armed forces? >> i was in the national guard, yes. this right here is not dangerous unless the person behind it is dangerous. i would say this ain't any different than the muskets the minutemen carried back in the revolution. >> reporter: while he stood outside the capitol, current national guards men stood by at the ready to protect michigan's seat of government much like guardsmen are doing across the country in case the next wave of violence erupts. we should point out that a musket backed gun can shoot two rounds per minute. ar-15, 45 rounds per minute. we should also mention this kind of mentality spreads much farther and wider because of social media sites. experts say they have some responsibility in what happened on january 6th. sara sidner, cnn, lansing,
1:39 am
michigan. larry saab sabato is from virginia. always a pleasure to talk to you. >> thank you so much, rosemary. >> so president trump leaves office in disgrace wednesday with the lowest approval rating for a first-term president since polling began, and in the hours ahead he plans to announce more than 100 pardons and commutations after many wealthy felons paid large sums to trump allies to gain access to a part. what impact will his final ergs ergs of presidential power have on the legacy of president trump. >> you're the worst president ever and history is going to judge you that and you are already in the polling basement or maybe the basement of the basement, i don't think you can go any lower. so pardon away, mr. president. >> so what are you expecting
1:40 am
when he announces these 100 plus pardons and commutations. >> i put it this way, what are the odds that donald trump is going to pardon 100 people and there won't be lots of embarrassments in there? zero? that's what the odds are, zero. >> yes, exactly. so of course as trump focuses his final hours on pardons and his sendoff because he wants that to be spectacular, he leaves office as a twice impeached president and with a pandemic out of control that has triggered numerous other crises left for joe biden to deal with of course, should trump receive post presidency intelligence briefings and other courtesies offered to previous presidents? >> absolutely not. i've been arguing this for some time. he should be completely cut off in terms of briefings, certainly intelligence briefings, but also all briefings. he doesn't deserve the court sis that other former presidents have received. he doesn't deserve the perks.
1:41 am
certainly should be banned from running again, but i'm talking about the pension, the travel exp expenses, the office expenses. any help with -- it's hard to imagine, a presidential library built around donald trump. it will simply become a maga destination so i don't think we want that. >> and will impeachment -- an impeachment conviction do that? put an end to all of that? >> well, it should. usually the follow-up to impeachment conviction in the senate is a statement that's very clear passed by the senate indicating that that individual having been convicted on an impeachment charge shall never hold any office of public trust again, and the other perks can be taken away quite easily. a simple majority of both houses can take away all the perks i just mentioned. now the briefings are a matter
1:42 am
for the president to determine, the new president. and i can't imagine that joe biden would permit donald trump to learn one single thing about american policy abroad or a single piece of intelligence that could benefit him in his private business dealings which he would have no hesitation about using if he could. >> larry, many thanks for your analysis. >> thank you, rosemary. and this is "cnn newsroom." coming up, the world will be watching as joe biden becomes the next u.s. president. we will have some international reaction live from london. that's next. time to do money. without the commission fees so you can start investing today, wherever you are — even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood.
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term contract required. click or call today. u.s. vice president-elect kamala harris and her husband doug imhoff spent martin luther
1:46 am
king day volunteering in service in the community. they spent their monday in washington preparing bags of food for families in need. the vice president-elect said the commitment to serve others and fight against injustice are important parts of dr. king's legacy. >> when we look at where we are in the country today, when we look at recent events, we know that a fight dr. king engaged in is still a fight in america, just to recognize the connections and our connection for responsibility and addressing injustices. >> it won't just be the united states. the eyes of the world will be on washington wednesday as joe biden is sworn in as the 46th president. and world leaders are getting ready to work with the biden administration after a tumultuous four years of the
1:47 am
trump presidency. nic robertson has more now from london. good to see you, nic. what are the expectations and how long do some international leaders think it will take to restore relations with the u.s. to where they were before donald trump was president? >> reporter: look, i'm not sure that the world and the united states allies in particular really wants to go back to precisely what the relationship they had with the united states before president trump. it would be nice, but the real reality of the situation is, what the world has witnessed in washington on the 6th of january instigated at the hands of president trump and president trump's presidency and the support for him, 79 million people voting for him in the u.s. election, i don't think world leaders feel that the united states is quite the same country they thought it was prior to trump's presidency.
1:48 am
so while there's great hope, you know, and we've heard this today from former senior official in the british government that joe biden can help restore global diplomacy to where it was before president trump, and there's a reality to that and a desire for it and a hope for it, i think the relationship is ultimately going to be a little bit different. so how long before it gets back to sort of a normal even keel, if you will, one that is more familiar with than the united states and joe biden has already said that he'll roll back what president trump did with climate change accord, that he'll rejoin that paris climate change accord, that he'll work with his allies to find a coordinated and agreed position and measures on china. that's something president trump wasn't doing. on iran, biden is going to look to allies as well to find a way
1:49 am
to lower tensions with iran and bring iran back into compliance with the international group but the time frame, you know, only what i said about what trump has done over four years and the diminishment of confidence in the u.s. long term because of that and, of course, biden has his hands full politically at home. divided country handling covid and the economic outfall of it. >> nic robertson joining us live from london. many thanks. be sure to stay with cnn with extensive coverage of the biden inauguration. special coverage will take place all day this wednesday, january 20th. russia is defending jailing a prominent kremlin critic and authorities held an impromptu court hearing inside a police station for alexey navalny. we will have a live report from moscow next.
1:50 am
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what's inside airborne? a blast of immune support that's more than just vitamin c. it's a unique crafted blend of vitamins, zinc, other minerals, and herbs. take on your day with airborne. a strong earthquake has hit the province of san juan in
1:54 am
argentina. the u.s. geological survey says it was a 6.4 magnitude followed by a series of after shocks, at least one of which came almost 20 minutes later and 1,000 kilometers away. the quake was powerful enough to rattle clothing racks in this shop. there is no threat though of a tsunami at this time. russia is defending its detention of alexey navalny. a court ordered the kremlin critic to remain in custody for 30 days during an impromptu hearing at a police station on monday. governments around the world are slamming navalny's arrest, but russia's foreign ministry said the criticism is an attempt to distract from problems in those countries. cnn's frederick pleitgen joins us live from moscow. good to see you, fred. what more are you learning about the fate of navalny and his message to supporters? >> reporter: message to
1:55 am
supporters is go out on the street and protest. he said yesterday when he was inside that hearing when they determined he would remain in custody for another 30 days, he said that he was calling on people to come out. he told people to not have any fear. he said the only thing that they have to fear is fear itself. of course, quoting franklin delano roosevelt. they should come out for themselves and not him. actions should take place on january 23rd, this upcoming saturday. we'll wait and see how many people are going to turn up for the rallies. for alexey navalny, a difficult situation. he will remain in custody for 30 days. he has a couple of other pending criminal trials. one is a fraud trial in the case of 2014 which he says is politically motivated. that could see him remain in prison for another roundabout 3 1/2 years. a little word about where he's being held. a jail in the east of moscow. a really infamous jail in
1:56 am
russia, very tough conditions there. there is certainly a great deal of concern about the safety of alexey navalny, especially in light of the fact the last time he was in russia he was poisoned by the chemical nerve agent novichok. we are looking in the next couple of minutes, a conference call between the kremlin and journalists. might get more information from the kremlin or get their line and see how they see the situation. we'll have to update you hopefully in a couple of minutes, rosemary. >> fred pleitgen bringing us the very latest there. many thanks. thank you for your company. i'm rosemary church. cnn "early start" is up next. have yourselves a good day.
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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "early start." i'm christine romans. >> and i'm laura jarrett. tuesday, january 19th. it's 5 a.m. here in new york. this morning america's on the verge of a transfer of power unlike any we have ever seen. a presidency built on breaking norms and customs ending the same way. president trump has not invited the bidens to the white house, has not urged his supporters not once to accept the incoming president and of course he will not participate in the inaugural. there will be no


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