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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  January 18, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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when you look at these photos of the national mall from sunday, this is typically a viewing area for presidential inaugurations. i mean, on any sunday when the sun is out like that, the mall would be filled, even in the winter, it's just completely empty. it's closed to the public this week. we have learned that all of the 25,000 national guard troops being deployed to washington are being vetted because of the concern of the possibility of an attack. the fbi screaming, we have this disturbing new video of the invasion of the capitol, stunning images that reveal what the terrorists were doing, who they were after and just what inspired. and this morning, cnn has learned that president trump is preparing to issue roughly 100 pardons and commutations tomorrow, his final day in office. the list includes white collar criminals and high profile rappers. it does not appear he will pardon himself and his family
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members, but there are many hours left. he has new details about the special orders president-elect bind plans to issue on day one. we are live with our top story. how does it look, steve? >> reporter: good morning, allison. things here in washington get more and more restricted by the minute. in fact, this is about as close as one can get to the capitol on foot right now. you can see one of the dozens of road blocks set up staffed by members of the u.s. aguard. that number is up to 25,000 by inauguration day and the fbi to vet soldiers coming in from out of state. the national park service that oversees the national mall and it says that it is being cleared out right now, all of these steps being taken are unprecedented for ninauguration
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day. >> there is nobody there. that's not the business of the parks service is in. we're in the business of providing access to these sites. so i think when the 20th get here and there are few, if any, people around, i think it will be unfortunate, but it is being done to guarantee that the constitutional mandate of a peaceful transfer of power on january 20th takes place. >> reporter: it will only get harder and harder to get to d.c. 13 metro stages here. bridges will close tomorrow morning through inauguration day. the faa is for restricting the already restricted airspace in d.c. preventing non-commercial flights from flying in here. this will be ani inauguration
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like none other. >> ken, you are here because of your remarkable reporting over the last 24 hours about what has been going on behind the scenes with pardons. just to set the stage here, cnn the reporting over the next 24 hours, we could see as many as 100 pardons and commutations right now, as of this second, the president doesn't seem to pardon himself. i wouldn't bet your life on that. your reporting is on a different angle of this it's on what has been going on behind the scenes by people connected to people in trump's orbit to get these pardons. so what have you learned? >> well, a couple factors here, john, playing into this robust and booming market for party lobbying. number one, is that trump has largely rested control of the pardon process away from the justice department, which has in almost every other presidency largely overseeing the process,
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vetting and identifying people who are worthy of pardons or commutations. instead, trump has brought this process into the white house and it is a relatively small circle, jared kushner, who are overseeing this process and trump also has this long history in office of really a transactional approach to governing, where he is going to award his friend, allies, family members or people who ared a voektd or by those people -- who are advocated by those people seeking pardons to get someone to put their requests right in front of the president and some of these people, some of these allies of the president are charging tens of thousands of dollars, potentially much more in order to go and lobby and advocate for these pardons and commutation-seekers. >> give us a little more about this. so john dowd, former personal attorney, is apparently in on the take here and rudy guiliani, i think, is asking a king's
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ransom for some of these things. i mean, is this legal and how much are they getting? >> well, the short answer is, we don't know how much they're getting. because there are very few disclosure requirements or rules around the pardon process. the president is one of the unchecked powers that he has that there are few restrictions on and that extends to disclosure requirements. they're not aloud disclosure requirements, if you are a lawyer representing someone seeking a parten, you are advocating for that person before the president, so in the case of john dowd, it's a little unsure both john dowd and rudy guiliani, it's interesting. these are actually representing president trump, you know, in the case of both of them and the mueller investigation in the case of rudy guiliani also in the first impeachment and potential lima ib the second impeachment. and so they're kind of working
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both side, at least in the case of dowd, who we understand accepted tens of thousands of dollars from this former professional gambler who was convicted of insider trading is now seek ac pardon. rudy guiliani says he is not involved in this part of the process, though, we have an associate of his offering to get a former cia employee convicted of leaking classified information. this associate, this former cia employee said that guiliani associate said that guiliani could help for $2 million, yet a part of guiliani says no, totally untrue. he's not in the pardon business, everyone around him knows that, it's because he sees it as a potential conflict of interest between his role as the president's lawyer and someone who may be pleading a case before the president. >> fill in the swamp. it's good work if you can get it. a lot of money handed out to fill the swamp right now. john harwood, it is interesting
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as we sit here today with 50-ish i guess what is the math? have-hours left until joe biden takes the oath of office. the president, donald trump, will fill some of that time with these pardons. but the spectre of the senate trial has to be hanging over him. and i do think it will color what decisions he makes about pardoning himself, maybe don, jr., rudy guiliani, people, if he does pardon could hurt him in a senate trial. >> well, john, i think you identified the key variable, it's the one ken pointed to a moment ago when he talked about donald trump being transactional. that is all what donald trump is. what makes donald trump and this situation different from previous presidents. there is always las vegas at the end of a presidential term. but there are two guardrails that tend to apply. one is the pardon process through the justice department and the second is, the president's sense of right and wrong, shame, morality in
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applying this. there is an interaction of those two things. with donald trump, neither of those two things apply. right and wrong does not figure into his calculations. what figures into his calculations are his own self interests. we've seen the pardons he has issued already. we saw him protect himself by pardoning people who may know things related to the russia investigation, people like mike flynn, paul manafort. roger stone. all those people who were prosecuted pursuant to the mueller investigation. donald trump has cleared them, having dangled those pashde pardons before. we saw, interestingly, over the weekend the president in his administration trying to burrow in a former devon nunes. so the senate trial, if donald trump thinks that pardoning himself would heighten the
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chances of being convicted in the senate, that's a reason for him not to do it. in addition to the fact that many lawyers think it wouldn't stick. so all of those things are swirling around in donald trump's head. the same with his children. again, what is going to determine donald trump's decision is not propriety, it's not morality, it's going to be his perception of what benefits him the most as he prepares to leave the presidency and face legal jeopardy as well as jeopardy. >> i want to ask you as far as axios, as you were reporting, they talk about president trump in the oval office, some of his lawyers, meaning sild my powell calling. what happens? she has been a grand conspiracy theorist as we know saying dock cockamamy things. he puts her on speaker phone and says, like, he thinks the is
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stone cold crazy. he tells the crowd and takes her off speaker phone, what are you going to do about it, this multi-national corruption scheme that stole the election, what are you going to do about it? puts her on mute and talks about how crazy she bejinning her up and it leads to qanon, as well. that's quite a window of what he has been doing over the past weeks? >> well, as the fun emhas narrowed on the end of donald trump's presidency, he is increasingly been isolated in confining himself to the company, to the conversation of people who are as crazy as he is. sidney powell is one of them. he may take some ironic pleasure in saying, oh, look how crazy she is. she is on the phone with him.
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mike lindell, my pillow guy, was in the white house on friday. the president may have only given him five minutes. these are the kind of people, rudy guiliani as well, spouting these utterly insane conspiracy theories about the election since november 3rd. that's what donald trump's circle is now. the people who have the capacity to act with wisdom and reason and rationality have almost entirely fled. there may be a couple. maybe pat cipollone, the white house counsel has some control of the president. this is the world of donald trump. it's the world we saw january 6th. it is the world he is going to walk out of the white house within a couple of days. >> gentleman, ken, john, thank you both very much for all of your reporting. we have some incredible newly-released video to show you inside the siege of the u.s. capitol. how it will help authorities
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track down the trump supporters in this violent mob and just what they were saying and doing when they were in there.
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this morning, we have newly released video to show you. it's been put out by the new yorker. it captures the mob of trump supporters maraud through the capitol looking for lawmakers. the washington post reports that the extremists were minutes away from reaching vice president
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mike pence. we want to warn you, the video is, of course, disturbing and we have not censored the foul language because we want you to see this in its full meaning. here it is.
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freedom! freedom! freedom! freedom! you are wanted for treason. >> 1776! >> yeah. >> guess what, america's showed up! knock knock, we're here. >> where the f -- are they? where are they? freedom! >> let's take a seat, people.
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let's take a seat! >> no, this is our chair. >> i agree with you, brother, but it's not ours. it belongs to the vice president of the united states. it's not our chair. look, i love you guys. but we can't be disrespectful. >> they can steal an election, we can't steal their chairs? >> no you must understand, this is a war. we can't lose the war. >> we are better than that. >> information operation. we can't do it . >> look. >> this is going to sell us out
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all along. look, objection. i know, that's objection. they were going to sell us out all along. it's got to be something. >> get the information, man. >> we're not going to fold! >> this is great. this is all good. >> yeah! >> i think we're good. >> i got a shot of some kind of plastic bullet. >> you know what, i'm making sure i ain't disrespecting the
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place. i just want to let you guys know, this is like the sacredest place. >> i know. >> i'm not one to usually take pictures of myself, hey, you in the red, can you take pictures of me on my phone? >> yeah. if i ain't got a choice. >> one, two, three, four, five. i'll make sure you guys don't do anything else. now you have done that? can i get you to walk out, please? >> yeah. >> i feel like you are pushing -- >> c'mon, man! common, man. >> this is our capitol, let's be respectful to it. there is 4 million people coming in.
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lack of control. it's only a matter of time. justice is coming! 4 million people are coming, everywhere, all the way down to the monument. >> let's all say a prayer! we want to thank you, heavenly fa father, thank you, heavenly father. >> amen. >> father, we stand up for our unalienable rights. thank you for meeting with these police officers to allow us to send a message to the communists and the globalists, that if you are not involved in america. america is going down. we have a creative god.
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with your white lies and love, thank you for patriots that love you and that love christ. we know you are doing your job. >> joining us now, cnn senior law enforcement analyst andrew mccabe the former deputy director of the fbi. trump derangement in full technic color on display for everyone to see. it's jaw dropping to listen to these trump supporters and what they thought they were doing and the guy that took that video, andy, is a war correspondent, normally. because this is the kind of behavior and foaming at the mouth extremism you see in a war zone, rather than the u.s. capitol. what do you see here? >> well, that's exactly right. i mean, allison, i look at this video and it takes me back to watching the internal security
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camera video from the raid on our compound in benghazi, libya. it's the same thing. it's a crowd that is just drunk on propaganda. they are high on the idea that they are executing some sort of righteous, you know, settling the scores and addressing some deep grievance. they have clearly been radicalized and it explodes in an orgy of violence and mayhem and just insanity. it has all of the hallmarks of a riot as extremists who have been pushed to that point because they have been radicalized by a charismatic leader. in this case, that happens to be the president of the united states. >> i hope people are listening to what you say and understand, andy, that you spent decades fighting terrorism. so when you talk about someone being radicalized, you are talking about it as someone who fought al qaeda for decades, who
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fought people who were radicalized by osama bin laden and who are drawing a direct line to the type of behavior and the type of psychological response that people give. and one of the first things he heard in that video from the invaders, when they took over the capital was, we're listening to trump. they told us. >> that's right. i mean, it's absolutely explicitly clear, which, by the way, is not going to be helpful to the president as he tries to defend himself in an upcoming impeachment trial. it's pretty solid evidence that people took in his message as a direct order, incitement, encouragement, to go in and whereic that havoc opn our capital. this has all of the hallmarks radicalization of a group and execution of violence by a group of extremists. that's what happened here. we saw it with al qaeda, the
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islamic state. how is it that they were able to encourage normal every day americans, our fellow citizens to lead their lives, travel to syria, live in austere conditions and put their lives on the line? they were radicalized by a leader and prepared to throw everything away in support of that cause. that's essentially a vision of what you are seeing here on the capitol. it's a remarkable -- and i should say, john, it doesn't end here. you know, many of these people who have been caught under this spell, you can see in the video, you can see the exstacy, you know, how satisfied, they feel like this is a victory. they are going to take that sense of victory and, you know, and satisfaction back with them to their communities. they're going to share that with their like-mind associates on social media or in person-to-person groups and this
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moment, 1/6 is going to continue to be a moment of inspiration and a continuing radicalizing element for that population of right-wing extremists here in this country. mark my words. >> andy, thank you. it's chilling to hear. we appreciate you helping us understand what we are seeing. i wish we didn't have to get this dose of reality right now. but thank you. >> yeah. thanks, john. all right, president-elect joe biden will be sworn in, in less than 52 hours from now. we are getting new information about what the inauguration will look like. the security in place for all this and what he might say. that's next.
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president-elect joe biden will be sworn in wednesday that was just stormed two weeks ago. his inauguration comes amid more deadly violence, a second impeachment trial against president trump and so many challenges facing our nation. joining us now is democratic senator amy klobuchar. she serves on the senate
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judiciary committee and the committee for inauguration. so you are the perfect person to talk to. look, joe biden is taking office with a global pandemic that by then will have killed 400,000 americans. this time of tremendous unrest and extremism that has bubbled up to the surface, an economic crisis that is worse than the great recession. this is not the celebratory moment he probably dreamed of. >> but what it is, allison, is a moment where our democracy can basically dust itself off and start afresh and i think if no one appreciated our democracy before and kind of took things for granted, they can't do that anymore for what they saw at the capitol. my second answer to your question is there is no one better to do this than joe biden. he has the track record of working across the aisle and
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bringing people together. he's put a tremendous team in place that already has a plan that's been commend about how to get the vaccine out, about a how to open up our economy again, about how to open up our schools again. and you only do that by ramping up in a major obsessive way of the distribution of that vaccine and the production of the vaccines and you prove it with additional vaccines. so it's that combination of the compassion of the people in this country, not waking up in the morning, not saying what mean tweet can i write? what insurrection can i start? instead waking up and thinking, what are the coronavirus numbers right now? what's happening in l.a.? what's happening in green bay, wisconsin. that's what we need in a president. so that's how i look at it. he's the perfect man for the right job right now and not only that, we need to have a reset in our democracy and that's what january 20th is all about. >> senator, bun everything that
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happened less than two weeks ago at the capitol, they were playing this newly-released video that shows, once again, the blood thirst that enters the capitol. are you losing any sleep whatsoever about whether or not president-elect joe biden and vice president-elect kamala harris will be safe on wednesday? >> we are listening to the security experts and whatever shift they make, that happens. but at this point, they have as you know a heavy military presence, which by the way we've had in other inaugurations. i remember my own minnesota national guard coming out for barack obama's inauguration to help. because that had a big crowd. this inauguration is different. there are multitude less people for one reason. we wanted to keep people safe from the coronavirus as did the president-elect. and so it is a different kind of inauguration. you won't have as many crowd
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issues, yes, there are security issues. that's why they're here. i don't think in a minute we should let these thugs and insurrectionisting, who, by the way, are getting charged with major felony crimes as we speak. over 100 of them have been charged with crimes, with many, many more to come. people have information based on the videos you just showed or other videos, they should call 1-800 call fbi. the tips are coming in all the time. i don't want us to forget what happened on january 6th was horrific. it led to this increased security. it also led to something else. that is a major moment for americans to cherish our democracy to tune into this inauguration. to give joe biden that opportunity to layout his vision for america and to see the first woman vice president, first african-american vice president, first asian american vice president be sworn in. so there will still be a magesty
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to this ceremony that you cannot take away from america. >> i want to ask you something else that might be happening in joe biden's first 100 days. that is the senate trial of president trump. some of the experts say that you can't have a trial, a senate trial once he's out of office for the purpose of an impeachment is removal of a president. once he is removed, it certainly negates the purpose of the senate trial. here's what the former u.s. court of appeals for the 4th circuit judge says, the very conof constitutional impeachment pre-supposes the conviction and removal of a president who is at the time of the impeachment an incumbent in the office for which he is removed. what are your thoughts on that? >> well, i think it's precedent. you go back in time and there was a case on point of a secretary of war back during the 1,800s who was, in fact,
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impeached after he had left office. after he was no longer the secretary of war because at the time congress actually made a ruling with looking at the law and said you could do that. and i pointed to something else, the remedies you have a separate vote, you can after impeachment vote and that vote says you can never serve in office again. so there was a strong argument that remedy would apply no matter if you were in office or out of office and that's the second argument i make to you. and we have a strong case that this could happen. one last thing, he has been impeached while he is in office by the house of representatives. it's simply the trial that would be happening after the fact. >> and we only have ten seconds, your strongest case for his conviction. what is the case, as you see it? >> the case is what you showed on that video. he incited a riot. he sent an angry mob down the
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mall to attack a branch of government. he did nothing in the hours while that attack was raging until pushed by his aides to make a very weak statement. he did nothing to try to stop it. in fact, reports are that he relished in it. so given all that yes, that's insurrection. i think liz cheney said it best. a number three republican in the house of representatives when she said that she's never seen anything like this in terms of a president betraying his oath. so you see bipartisan opposition to what he did. you will see it over in the senate. i do want to say something to your viewers. you request do three things at once in the senate. moms are juggling their moms on their knees and their laptops right now. there is no reason we shouldn't be able to do the impeachment for the afternoons every day and do a confirmations and pass pandemic legislation at night. that's what america has been
5:38 am
doing all year. >> that's what moms have been doing, as you say, you want to get it done, give it to a busy woman. amy klobuchar, thank you for all that. >> thanks. president trump will leave the officer with the lowest approval rating since his incitement on the attack on the capitol. we have the answer next.
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amy klobuchar, thank you for all
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donald trump has made history as the only president impeached twice. now he is setting the record as the lowest rated president ever to leave office. dwight an accomplishment. senior writer harry joins us. it turns out an insurrection hurts your approval rating. >> look at these from a bunch of pollsters. you see donald trump's approval rating basically between 30 and 40%. the pew research and quinnipiac and c in n/ssrs poll, the lowest rating. so clearly this supports the
5:43 am
events of january 6th. >> his historical election. >> and all the presidents, the last ten presidents. you see donald trump at the very bottom of that table there with a 39% approval rating on average. that's below jimmy carter's 44% who got a bump after the iranian hostage crisis evolves itself. donald trump, the lowest ever after first term last time president since fdr. >> joe biden gets measured in a different way. we don't have a presidential approval rating yet. but in the transition what do they say? >> the exact opposite of the current president of the united states. what you see is that joe biden, the job approval rating for his transition 54% approve, 37% disapprove to the exact opposite ratings, in fact, the inverse basically what trump sees, most folks like what joe biden is doing at least at this particular point. >> one of the things you noted,
5:44 am
people that don't read harry should, he is a small taste. you know joe biden did in the campaign gave trump space to hang himself and dig his own hole. he's done that through a certain extent of the transition as well? >> that's exactly right. one of the things we look at this, what shares the media, each of the president-elect and the parting president, how much are they getting? what you essentially see here is something that's really amazing. and that is the president-elect joe biden is getting about 30% of the media mentions between him and trump. trump getting 70%. that is very unusual in the internet era going back to the clinton-to-bush transition back in 2001, every single time the president-elect gets a larger share of the media mention in the final month of the transition, this is the exact opposite that is something that goes back to the general election campaign, where trump was crushing biden among media mentions. so biden was more than willing
5:45 am
to get the spotlight, let trump hang himself and essentially let bind lead into the transition and do the job and people seem to like that. >> where is trump at this point with republicans? >> yee, so, this basically is very interesting. what you essentially see here is that, you know, donald trump's approval rating has dropped among republicans. it's down to 79%. it was 95% on election day, so it's very clear that over the last say few weeks, there really has been some degradation of that approval rating for trump among republicans, but here is the thing if we go to slide six, that i think is really important. even though that approval rating has been dropping, republicans are still much more favorably inclined to view trump favorably than the overall population. you can see this among these three different metrics here. should be the 2024 nominee. 54% say yes. versus 26% overall. the gop is basically split among republicans. 47% say yes and should be
5:46 am
removed from office. only 15% of republicans say yes. right now the republicans are a catch-22, their voters like trump. the overall population does not. a twice-impeached president. it's amazing. thank you very much, congratulations on the buffalo bills. >> thank you very much. so richard nixon resigned. trump did not. but they both left office in shame anonymity. one man knows the similarities as much as anybody. paul bernstein joins us next.
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in a little over 51 hours now, donald trump will exit the presidency as the only u.s. president impeached twice. cnn has learned that trump is lashing out at comparisons to richard nixon in his final days. but in some ways, the parallel is hard to escape. let's get the bottom line with legendary watergate journalist carl bernstein. carl, they are both leaving in
5:51 am
shame and anonymity. what is the comparison? >> no comparison. richard 96 isn't a madman. these pictures that you have shown this morning, we have been looking at the landscape of trumpism. a map of his mind and what the logical result of his mindset and sensibilitys are. who is donald trump? we now know he is a seditous uncontrolled, out of control madman. that's what we have seen. we haven't seen anything in the history of the united states presidency such as we witnessed in these final days. the final days of donald trump are something that is so out of total comparison to anything in the history of this democracy. he is an autocrat. he has no command of his own faculties at this point, according to those closest to
5:52 am
him, who are surrounding him. they're trying to put him in a constitutional straight jacket in these last days because of his total inability to govern as the president of the united states with sanity, with sensibility and also she a criminal president. nixon was a criminal president. she a constitutional criminal and we are seeing every evidence of it as he leaves office. let's hope the next few days as he leaves that nothing terrible, more terrible than what we have seen occurs. >> yeah. we do have 51 more hours. we've heard, carl to prepare for a flurry of pardons. and also, this weekend, at the nsa, a trump loyalist who was just installed as the general council at the nsa. why? why now? why is this happening? >> this so-called general council is an accolyte of
5:53 am
congressman devon nunes of california, a certifiable almost whacko congressman, a slavish to donald trump, who furthers trump's delusional thinking. and he is going to be a spy for the trump family, for trump in the highest echelons of the national security agency. that's what the people of the nsa believe. i am sure the biden people are going to try to move him out of there. there is no earthly reason. he has no qualifications to be at nsa, to be in such a position. he's not an intelligence expert. he's a plant. it is, once again, shows trump's total disregard for the national interests and the national security interests of the united states. it's no accident that all of trump's national security advisers, members of the defense sergeant states secretary,
5:54 am
tillerson, others, all left office concluding that donald trump, the president of the united states, was, himself, the gravest threat to national security to the united states that we faced. you can not say that about richard nixon. you cannot say that richard nixon was an enemy of the united states. what we are seeing is a president who is an men i to the interests of the united states. >> his lawyer, because she a civil servant will be hard to fire. but according to most reports, the biden administration might be able to move him to say someone who monitors environmental regulations in guam, the pentagon. that's how they may be dealing with that. carl, the nncnn reporting is no inclined to pardon himself or his kids. how badly do you think he wants to do that, though? how badly do you think he wants to issue himself a pardon and donald trump, jr., a pardon today? >> look, i can't be in donald
5:55 am
trump's head. it's the most dangerous place in the world. it's rabid and totally irrational. so i don't know his calculations on this. >> all right. i mean -- that's the perfect note to end. >> no, really, i think, look, i am a native of washington, d.c. i started reporting in washington when i was 16-years-old. some 60 years ago. what we are witnessing. those videos that you have shown this morning, those are the result of trumpism. trumpism that has been coddled by one of our two major political parties and still is being coddled. those videos are what we are left with after the horror of this presidency, after a seditious presidency. similar to jefferson davis to
5:56 am
the confederate states of america. trump has taken the government of america. the presidency, itself, out of america and put it into another state, his state. and the legacy of this has got to be removed, we have got to cleanse ourselves of what he has done to our country, including his negligent homicide, really, in terms of the hundreds of thousands of american who's have died because of covid. partly because of his standing by and not be on the job. >> carl bernstein, we appreciate you being with us today, thank you very much. >> thank you. we will leave with you pictures of the martin luther king memorial in atlanta. our breaking coverage begins right afte
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good monday morning, everyone, i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm jim scuitto, welcome to a holiday. the nations capital is on lockdown as president trump's days in office wind down. just two to go, fencing, barricades and listen to this. some 25,000 national guard troops filling washington, d.c. as president-elect biden


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