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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 17, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> good evening. ♪ >> announcer: live from cnn center, this is "cnn newsroom" with robyn curnow. >> hi and welcome to all of our viewers in to the united states and all around the world. you're watching cnn. thanks for joining me. i'm robin curnow. i want to get right to our top story. the u.s. president donald trump has annal two days remaining in office, and before he leaves he's expected to use his clemency powers one last time. sources tell cnn he's preparing to issue around 100 pardons and commutations on tuesday. he's not expected to pardon himself, but sources say anything could change between
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now and january 20th when joe biden is inaugurated as president. well, earlier democratic senator amy klobuchar blasted mr. trump's intentions. take a listen. >> it's just outrageous. he literally appears to be burning the house of justice down on his way out the door as if it wasn't enough that he sent a mad mob, an angry mob, incited a riot and insurrection at the capitol. >> all of this comes as officials are trying to ensure a peaceful transfer of power across the country. officials have been guarding government buildings as possible warnings from protesters who don't recognize biden's victory. in washington officials have further ramped up security ahead of inauguration day. the u.s. capitol now surrounded by barriers and fences and patrolled by roughly 17,000 national guard troops with thousands more on the way. police presence at the capitol, of course, is greater than it was on january 6th when rioters
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stormed the building with little resistance. now a new video from "the new yorker" magazine gives us a fresh look at the deadly attack. and a warning here, we've not sensored the language and some of the images you're about to see are disturbing . >> still disturbing scenes to
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watch. now, the streets of washington are a lot calmer than they were back then. alex marquart explains what police are doing to try to keep things under control. alex? >> reporter: here on the streets of washington, d.c. things are pretty quiet. there's a sense this is the calm before the storm. the question whether the storm comes, whether there's more violence in the days leading up to and on the day of joe biden's inauguration. they are not taking any chances. we are here just near the eastern side of the capitol building. you can see they setup what is essentially a fortress around the capitol. 8 foot fences. they have called them nonscalable. there's razor wire all along the top. there is just a staggering amount of security here on the streets of d.c. many of which have been closed down for traffic and for pedestrian traffic. thousands, 25,000 national guard troops may be mobilized for the inauguration of joe biden. you can see some of them right here behind me, they have been
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deployed near the capitol. they are armed, and they have been joined by various law enforcement agencies to create this patchwork of security, this incredible coordinated security operation. now, the fbi has said that there are no specific threats, but there is concerning online chatter. they have said in a bulletin that armed groups had expressed interest in carrying out protests in d.c. and in all 50 states. and one of the concerns expressed by the mayor of washington, d.c. on sunday was that because the federal buildings here in d.c. are so fortified and there's so much security in the nation's capitol, that would-be protesters or rioters could target other parts of the city or state capitols. take a listen. >> i'm not only concerned about other state capitols. i'm also concerned about other parts of washington, d.c.
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what we're showing is really the federal enclave of washington, d.c., not where the 700,000 of us live. so our police department working with our federal law enforcement partners and the united states army, quite frankly, also has a plan to pivot if we have any attacks in our neighborhoods. >> reporter: the mayor of d.c. also saying this is the most security this city has seen since 9/11. normally there is a lot of security for inaugurations but like this. they are confident, however, that they will have a secure event. the mayor of washington, d.c. saying that all hands are on deck. but this scene, this level of security is not what you think about when you hear that phrase, peaceful transfer of power. alex marquart, cnn washington. >> i want to take you back to our breaking news story, though, president donald trump is apparently planning to make a number of pardons in the next few days.
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here's jeremy diamond with that story. jeremy? >> reporter: president trump is expected to issue around 100 pardons on tuesday. that will be his final full day in office. the pardons we're told are expected to include a mixture of some more controversial pardons to white collar criminals, some high profile rappers as well as potentially some of the president's political allies. but there will also be in this batch several pardons that are more criminal justice reform minded. pardons that would be more akin to the one the president gave to alice marie johnson who herself has been advocating with the president for pardons for other individuals who have been incarcerated for a long time. now, this final batch of clemency actions comes -- will really cap off weeks of a scramble by the president's political allies to try and secure pardons either for themselves or other people. in fact, "the new york times" is reporting today some of the president's allies have been paid tens of thousands of dollars to secure pardons or at
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least lobby the president to try and secure pardons for certain convicted felons. as of now, though, our sources are telling us that a self--pardon up for the president is not expected at this time or at least that the paperwork for a self-pardon has not yet been drawn up. that is something we're told president trump has been considering in recent weeks, asking for of his allies or advisers whether or not it would be wise for him to do that. and we're told the idea of a self-pardon -- the chances of that have really gone down in the wake of these riots that took place on january 6th because of the optics of the president pardoning himself for something potentially hat he's now being impeached for. so, again, more than about 100 individuals expected to see pardons or commutations from the president of the united states on tuesday as the president winds down the final days and hours of his presidency. jeremy diamond, cnn, the white house. >> cnn political commentator
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alice stuart joins me now from alexandria, virginia. alice, hi. lovely to see you. so we're hearing that the president is going to be handing out a chunk of pardons. what does that tell you, and how damaging is this, these last minute reprieves for people who have been convicted in the american leagal system? >> it won't be damaging if their your commutations or pardons customary with any president leaving office or any governor leaving governorship. these are customary. these are part of the role and responsibility they have. the question will be and damaging aspect will be if he's pardoning people that should not be pardoned and people that have clear violations of the law, and he's doing it more for what donald trump, unfortunately, does a lot of things for. it's a transactional engagement. it is what can you do for me if
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i do this for you? and that will be the big question. look, it's not unusual for presidents to be granting pardons, but it is the scope and the scale of these that is causing a concern. i've spoken with people that have been at the white house recently, and this has been a big topic of conversation. but the key is if he goes and gets too close to his inner circle and starts giving out many that are questionable, it will be long-term damage for him. and it will raise the question of why did he do this? and there's also the question of preemptive pardons, which he could give to friends and family members and allies, and that would be for actions that may have taken place before -- before now, that they may potentially face federal charges later. and so those will be of concern because there are a lot of people that are friends and family members that names have
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been ventured about that may potentially receive them. >> preemptive pardons, it just sort of defies logic in many ways because by preemptive pardoning somebody or yourself it means you're actually acknowledging you've done something wrong in the first place. but let's also talk about the week ahead. goodness, what a week it's going to be. it should be celebrating the foundation of democracy, the smooth transfer of power. yet we see d.c. is a fortress in these terrible security fears about the inauguration. how sad does that make you? >> it's really sad, robyn. my heart goes out to joe biden. i didn't vote for him, but he won. he clearly won, and he zuvdeser all the pomp and circumstance befitting of a president. it's distracting from the celebration he rightly deserves as well as the incoming vice
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president harris, the first african-american vice president in the united states. >> many are challenging the legitimacy of this inauguration, this election. they're following the president's lies and conspiracy. qanon fueling this matter, sort of twisted logic. why is it so many republicans in particularly are buying into these lies? >> qanon unfortunately is getting too much attention. they are not representative of the republican party. they have not taken over the republican party. they are a far-right fringe group, and you're fully aware of this, that is made up of and believes in a crazy conspiracy theory that president trump is engaging in a secret war to go and weed out pedophiles and trap sex traffickers in business and politics. it is asinine. it's absurd, and it is completely ridiculous. but they have clearly made a point to latch onto president trump. and they see in their mind -- in
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their as you say twisted logic, that it was their responsibility to try and stop the certification of the results and stop joe biden from being the president and make sure that president trump continued to stay in power. >> broadly, though, i mean this is also fundamentally about the republican party at a cross roads. does the party stay on the course in d.c. or stwuwerve offe road to mar-a-lago? has the party been irvokably changed, broken even by this president? and what happens next? >> i think a lot of what happens next, robyn, will determine on what the democrats do in the senate with regard to impeachment. now, if they move forward with the senate trial and they go forward and convict this president with regard to inciting the insurrection at the u.s. capitol, then he would be prohibited from ever running for office again. so he would be restrained for running for president again and seeking some public office. that being said, i do think he
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will continue to be a voice in the republican party. he will certainly be a thorn in the side of many of his critics. he has raised a lot of money. he has a huge war chest and a long enemies list. and he's made it quite clear those who have opposed him, he will run against them which i think is unfortunate. >> thank you so much for joining us giving us your time and expertise. >> thank you, robyn. so coming up, the vaccine rollout in the u.s. has been plagued by lofty projections and distrust. just ahead we'll talk to a pregnant doctor about her decision to get the vaccine. so this aveeno® moisturizer goes beyond just soothing sensitive skin? exactly jen! calm + restorere oat gel is formulated with prebiotic oat. and strengngthens skin's moisture barrier. uh! i love it! aveeno® healthy. it's our nature.™
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ask your doctor about fasenra. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. facing collagen that's all hype? new olay collagen peptide 24 with derm recommended peptides. hydrates better than the $400 cream. for visibly firmer skin. olay. face anything. welcome back. it's 17 minutes past the hour. the incoming cdc director is making a staggering prediction. she says she expects the number of covid deaths in the country to reach half a million people by the middle of next month. she added that the impact of holiday travel and gatherings has yet to be fully felt. and although some states are making progress, others are still struggling to combat the virus. an assistant professor of
11:18 pm
emergency medicine at the columbia university medical center, and she joins me now from new york. doctor, great to have you on the show. these numbers we're getting from the cdc, 500,000 americans expected to die by the end of ncaa month from covid. it's just staggering, isn't it? >> it is. and we've been warning for the past almost a year and just to continue to see that happen. and we were hit the hardest at the very beginning so we were hoping the rest of the country would learn from new york. but unfortunately this is where we are. and now with the holidays just past people continue to travel and congregate unfortunately the numbers in the next few weeks are going to look grim. >> you've advised the ethiopian government on health matters in addition to your job as a physician there in new york. if you were advising the
11:19 pm
incoming biden team what needs to be done so you and your patients can see results quickly? >> so right now with the vaccine available i think in the past few week we've seen in the u.s. how the vaccine distribution has been very slow. it is not going with the same speed as the virus is going. so we wanted to see the revamping of the vaccine distribution, the logistics and ensure that the most vulnerable people and populations do get the vaccine in a matter of a few weeks. and we've seen that happen in someplacess now that have really have to take a big push from the government and from different volunteers for that to happen to reality. so i think it's very important. and also things like making sure that all the decisions happen universally, not state by state. this is something that we've learned in the past 7, 8 months
11:20 pm
how each state has been making their own decisions in a way that has caused the number of deaths that we're seeing. so i think universal masking all over the state, it shouldn't be a state decision but something all the u.s. should actually do. and eventually once the vaccine is distributed and hopefully by the summer, the next few months we'll be free from this disease and the spread. so that way it's important we really focus on the vaccine distribution. >> i understand you're pregnant and that you've also had the vaccine. why did you make that decision in. >> the pfizer and moderna data on pregnancy is limited, but we have decades of research of mrna vaccine. and both pfizer and moderna didn't have pregnant people at the beginning, but some of the cohorts, some of the experimental population ended up being pregnant. and so far the data is looking
11:21 pm
good. and those with the risk of adverse events related to pregnancy were not increased when compared to the placebo in the study. and, you know, looking at that all together and in addition to discussing with my own physician, my own oggyn doctor and also people who have done this for years, i went through the data, discussed with them. i took my time. based on all that i made the informed decision. you also have to understand i am at a high risk of being reinfected due to my line of work. i'm a high risk as a black person in the u.s. there are complications in the disease from pregnancy and also from covid is a lot worse compared to the general population. so all this added i made the informed decision to get the vaccine, and i want people to do that. >> it's been now a year since this virus hit.
11:22 pm
you're a professor of emergency medicine. as you've said, you've treated people from the beginning. what is the one question you still have about how this attacks the human body? >> so one thing i've seen is really the disproportionate rate of blacks and latinos dying from the virus in the usa. and this really could be because of the disadvantage and also the lack of access in these communities. but i still don't understand how in the u.s. really the equities could be this visible even when we have all the best medical interventions in this country. you know, being in a very rich country and we were discussing earlier as someone born and raised in ethiopia and seeing the lack of health care in countries and being in the u.s. seeing the disparities that exist is something that
11:23 pm
continues to process and how could this be such the reality here in the u.s. >> doctor, thank you very much for joining us. thank you for all the work you're doing there on the front line and good luck with your pregnancy. >> thank you. so in france covid vaccines are now available to all people over the age of 75. it's the latest move to help speed up vaccinations and stop the spread of virus there. let's go straight to paris. melissa, hi. lovely to see you again. to talk us through this latest stage where the vaccination process is in paris and france. >> reporter: well, the french strategy, robyn, were to first vaccinate all these people at nursing homes both residents and staff. they now move onto the second phase, those over 75 who can sign-up to get themselves vaccinated for that first dote. and it is important because things have been remarkably slow here in europe. when you consider it's now been more than 3 weeks since the eu's
11:24 pm
vaccination campaign began, when you look at the figures only germany and italy have so far managed to vaccinate more than a million people. spain is about 750,000 people. france hasn't yet vaccinated 450,000 people. that's how slow it's been. it's been a question of organizational problems and other countries it's been a shortage of supplies. the announcement by pfizer there would be a delay because of those modifications being made at its plant in belgium is cleatly clearly worrying to european countries. i've been hearing from a government minister in france this week who said it should not affect the next rollout part because they have the stocks they need to compensate for those delayed deliveries. but still when you consider, robyn, those countries in europe where so many of them where the situation continues to worsen. the indicators of the progression of the virus continue to get worse and suggests things are for the time
11:25 pm
being not being stabilized. so many countries that have either extended or expanded their lock downs, clearly the race is onto get as many people vaccinated in the eu as they can. >> thanks for the update. live in paris, melissa bell. it's not just the u.s. capitol on high alert. now leaders in state capitols across the country are also bracing for possible violent protests of their own. you're watching cnn. that story is next. sofi made it so easy to pay off my student loan debt. they were able to give me a personal loan so i could pay off all of my credit cards. i got my mortgage through sofi and the whole process was so easy. ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪
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great to have you along. i'm robyn curnow. it's 28 minutes past the hour. we want to bring you some more of that chilling new video from the attack on capitol hill on january 6. this time "the new yorker" video takes us inside the senate chamber and for a glimpse of the chaos and confusion as rioters searched lawmakers desks. take a look. >> ted cruz's objection to the arizona -- >> he was going to sell us out all along. look the objection to counting the electoral votes of the state of arizona. >> oh, that's a -- >> i think we're good. >> so the threat of violence has put police in all 50 states on high alert. national guard troops mobilize across the nation. they're aiming to prevent the repeat of that deadly riot in
11:30 pm
washington. and an fbi warning is in place for all state capitols. cnn security correspondent josh campbell is in washington where a small demonstration was held over the weekend. >> reporter: what you see behind me are military personnel patrolling american streets. these are members of the michigan national guard. they are here outside the state capitol. that following this fbi warning that we've been reporting on about potential armed protests in all 50 states. they've left nothing to chance here. a massive security posture. let me show you what the capitol looks like now which is similar to what we saw earlier in it day. you can see not a soul in sight. it is very desolate here, no protesters. there was a small group out here during the day, about 25 protesters including some self-described members of this so-called boogaloo movement. we talked to officials here what went into the planning and why
11:31 pm
this perhaps ended without a massive presence. take a listen. >> we wanted to ensure what happened in washington did not happen here in michigan, so we put a lot more security outside, a lot more visible security than normally would be there. naturally, we always have security here so it's not like a big change, but we wanted to make sure people that want today come out here and exercise their first amendment rights if that was their choosing were able to do so peacefully. >> reporter: now, when it comes to why they didn't see a large number of protesters it's worth pointing out security officials are saying it may be this large presence of personnel out here that served as a deterrent. perhaps people didn't want to incomm come out and engage in violence and then get arrested by authorities. it's also worth noting this wide net cast across the country after the january 6th attack arresting so many people could have also served as a deterrent. the feds saying if you were part of instigating violence, they will be looking for you.
11:32 pm
and also reporting prior to today there were messages on some of these online message boards frequented by extremist groups that were actually warning people to boycott protests today saying this may be a trap by law enforcement. they wanted people to come out so they could then take them into custody. law enforcement tells us that doesn't mean this security posture is going away anytime soon. a state official we talked to said they're continuing to conduct an intelligence assessment. that will then dictate how long we will see u.s. forces patrolling american streets especially up to the inauguration of the new president, joe biden. >> josh campbell there reporting from michigan. thank you, josh. so a disagreement over who should be responsible for vaccinating the palestinian territories. how israel's stance differs from that of the united nations. you ! more simplicity with what's in your fridge? which suggests meals based on what you have. more motivation with on-demand workout classes.
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more than 20% of population has received at least one dose of the vaccine. the u.n. says israelis has obligations to vaccinate -- hi, sam. what more can you tell us about this? >> well, robyn, as you say there is a sort of dangerous irony that israeli authorities accept that if you have a very successful vaccination program in israel rather but not in the palestinian territories, they're so close in proximity ultimately herd immunity in such achievements will not be reached. but nonetheless it is throwing up this disparity a great deal of friction and a great deal of incomprehension for many people. this is my report. this jewish man and this arab resident of jerusalem have something lifesaving in common.
11:37 pm
they've both got israeli i.d. cards and therefore benefit from israeli world leading vaccination program. on track to meet his claim of inoculating israel's entire 9 million population by the end of march. but that says the united nations isn't good enough. the u.n. insists that israel as the occupying power is responsible for ensuring more than 4.5 million palestinians also get vaccinated. morally and legally this differential access to necessary health care in the midst of the worst global health crisis in a century is unacceptable, u.n. experts said. a recent study produced by an israeli human rights group now says that the treatment of palestinians across the whole area under israeli control is so unequal they've labeled it a
11:38 pm
apartheid. israel also rejected claims that it was responsible for the health of palestinians insisting that the palestinian authority was in charge. >> we're trying to get as many vaccines as possible, but our calculation was based on israeli citizens. it will get to the situation where all those in this country who want to be vaccinated will be vaccinated, we will be more than ready to share the vaccines with our neighbors. at this stage we are talking about israeli citizens. >> reporter: this is a palestinian town annexed illegally according to international law to jerusalem by israel. it's cut off from the city by security war. some palestinians here like -- on the right can get the covid vaccine with their israeli
11:39 pm
i.d.s. others like -- on the left cannot. he says half the people here cannot take it and aul i'm not going to take it. why would i take it when they can't? i won't. the palestinian authority hospitals are struggling for funds after donald trump cut u.s. aid of 200 million to the palestinians in 2018. still the palestinian authority says it's hoping to import vaccines soon but is struggling amid a worldwide shortage. the percentage of palestinian patients infected with covid-19 who die is about 1.1%. israel's is 1.7%. but worse is the u.s. at 1.7% or the u.k. 2.6%. yet infection rates are climbing. and medics here cannot get vaccinations. >> we are starting to feeling
11:40 pm
get depressed because we're not getting the vaccines here in palestinian territories in palestine. and we are seeing our -- at the borders, the other side of the borders israels are getting i think three days ago a 1,600,000 people got vaccinated. and here in palestine the number vaccinated is zero. >> reporter: a statistic that shocks few palestinians. robyn, ulmltly this all boils down to the extent to which israel is considered or considers itself an occupying power particularly when it comes to control of the palestinians in the areas under palestinian authority control. now, 60% particularly of the west bank is under complete
11:41 pm
israeli security and administrative control, but that bleeds into more palestinian control the closer you get particularly into the heavily urbanized areas. robyn? >> thanks so much live there in jerusalem sam kylie, good to see you. thanks for that. thanks to you also for watching cnn. i'm robyn curnow. for all of our international viewers "world sport" is next. to all our viewers here in the u.s. and canada, i'll have more news after the break. scroll scrollaudible le scroll scroll scroll scroll, it's a lot. i downloaded audible and really, really enjoyed it. and then it kind of just became a lifestyle after that. audible allows me to find a space for myself. you just get way more than you pay for, one of those rare things in life. oh, the audible plus catalog is awesome. it's like having a streaming service, but just for audio content. there's audible originals... there's podcasts... i've used some of the meditations, it helps me relax. mythology, anthropology,
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> 45 minutes past the hour and the national mall in washington looks far less crowded than it usually does in washington. it's usually used as a viewing area for the swearing in ceremony but this year it'll be closed to the public due to security concerns. one official says seeing the empty mall is surreal but says it is necessary to ensure a peaceful transfer of power. but we do want to show you more of that shocking video of the capitol siege released by "the new yorker." we want to warn you again the images are disturbing, but we
11:46 pm
feel it's important to show you unfiltered violence that day. take a look.
11:47 pm
>> defend your liberty, defend your constitution! defend your liberty! defend your constitution! >> 1776. >> guess what? america showed up. >> knock, knock, we're here. >> where are they? >> while we're here, we might as well-set up a government. >> hey, let's take a seat, people. let's take a seat.
11:48 pm
>> so with just days left until the inauguration president-elect joe biden is preparing to hit the ground running when he takes office. his team announced about a dozen executive orders he plans to sign-on the first day and they're a direct rebuke to the trump administration's policies as arlet saenz now reports. >> reporter: president-elect biden wants to show he's getting right to work right after his inauguration and his team is preparing roughly a dozen executive actions for him to sign-on that very first day. a lot of these policies will build on promises he made during the presidential campaign. some of the executive actions are aimed at undoing policies from the trump administration including rescinding that ban on travelers from predominantly muslim countries as well as rejoining the paris climate agreements. there's also some executive actions focusing on the pandemic, ones that will halt evictions and foreclosures as well as continuing that pause on federal student loan payments
11:49 pm
throughout the pandemic. and the president-elect will also be signing an executive action to mandate masks in all federal buildings and interstate travel. and with his nog ration just around the corner the president-elect sernt a message to his supporters. take a listen. >> we relied on you through those hard fought early days, the ups and downs all the way through today as kamala and i get ready to become the next president and vice president of the united states. i can tell you that we would not have been here, we would not have this opportunity had you all not stepped up. you made this moment possible. >> and the president-elect is expected to participate in a service event for the martin luther king, jr. holiday. his inaugural committee is promoting a national day of service leading into the inauguration. arlette saenz, cnn, wilmington, delaware. >> mr. biden has already announced his first legislation,
11:50 pm
a $1.9 trillion economic relief package. investors are eager to see what will happen to that. so i want to talk to john deaf t teariose. the president-elect to hit the ground running in the first 100 days. he certainly has a lot to do, a lot to achieve. is he setting his sights too high? >> there is a concern this list is too long. i think priorities have to be political stability. that's what the international community is watching and also suppressing the virus as our reporter was suggesting there. let's look at this agenda you talked about $1.9 trillion. that's an ambitious surplus stimulus plan here if you can get it through. 100 million vaccinations in the first 100 days and he wants those masks in place at least for the first 100 days. to thurn this thing around so they can grow again. and also he's adding $1,400 to the $600 that we saw at the end
11:51 pm
of 2020 there. so $2,000, and this is where the biden finesse will come into play. appeasing the progressive wing of his party at the same time getting the senate republicans onboard and also talking about a minimum wage of $15. they'll need to make tax changes, and that corporate tax environment which is not going to happen right away, but keeping the business community onboard as well. the u.s. chamber of commerce and the business round table which is an elite gathering of ceos have both given support to joe biden, i think they kind of welcome the stability visa vi what they saw from donald trump over the last few years. but they're going to need to keep them onboard and not go too radical when it comes to the overall tax codes going forward. >> who would have thought political stability would be at the top of the list for the coming fpresident of the united states? what can we expect first and what sort of demands and pressures are now being made by many long-term allies of the
11:52 pm
u.s.? >> you can almost feel sorry for joe biden, right, probably because everybody's going to be pulling at him and his administration quickly. particularly the allies who have felt offended, if you will, under the trump administration. we've talked about a couple of them but let's look at the great american reset of joe biden internationally. the paris climate agreement is worth mentioning again. it is a priority for the biden administration. they're even talking about a green deal. the muslim travel ban we talked about, that was implemented in the first month of the trump administration. he amenlded ided it a few times. and the trade sanctions was a weapon donald trump used on many, many occasions, probably pulled it out far too many times. the french foreign minister was suggesting over the weekend they should suspend the u.s. sanctions. this again is going to be
11:53 pm
probably in the action list to joe biden. and then we can't overlook this one and two largest economies of the world. what do you do with china? you can't look soft on china but leave the relations where we are today which is torn because of the tit for tat sanctions over the last three years. >> something a lot in this inbox. we're talking about a lot during this coming week. always good to speak to you, though. thanks so much joining us live there. >> thank you. >> of course join us for extensive live coverage of the biden inauguration this wednesday, january 20th. and another story that we're following here at cnn, immigration reform is high on president-elect biden's list of priorities. he'll take office just as a tense situation is developing in guatemala. on sunday police used batons and tear gas to stop a caravan of thousands of migrants trying to reach the u.s. border. what happened during that clash.
11:54 pm
>> reporter: a caravan of migrants clashed at the border with honduras over the weekend. a cnn and espanol team witnessed them firing tear gas. guatemalan groups retaliated by detonating a stun bomb to force the group which included children back. some of the migrants were detained. cnn has been unable to confirm how many people were injured. the guatemalan government says up to 8,000 migrants have entered the country from honduras since friday. they're trying to gain access to highways to mexico and ultimately the u.s. border. the coronavirus strain caused by the pandemic along with two devastating hurricanes that struck the region late last year have pushed thousands of people to join u.s. bound caravans to flee the poverty and violence in their own countries.
11:55 pm
not responding directly to guatemala's request the national institute of migration of honduras said on social media it's reinforced the two border points between the two countries with immigration inspectors. mexico's government has sent national guard troops to guatemala to prevent the group from entering mexican territory as they try to reach the united states. >> thanks, patrick, for that. so a snow boarder has survived an avalanche in colorado and caught all of this heart racing experience on video. take a look.
11:56 pm
goodness. he was carving down the slopes for less than a minute when he really got swept up in that snow. he said he noticed the snow breaking looking like what he described as spider webs. he use said his backpack fitted with an air bag to keep him on top of the snow. he managed to escape without any injuries. he's calling the experience surreal. thanks for watching. i'm robyn curnow. the news continues with my colleague rosemary church. enjoy.
11:57 pm
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