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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  January 17, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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. this is cnn breaking news. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. this is a special edition of ""the situation room"" with three days to joe biden's inauguration, we see a country on edge, on guard, bracing for protests in the nation's capitol, right here in washington, d.c. as well as state capitols all around the country. washington is a city that historically served as a symbol of democracy, feeling more like a fortress right now with some 25,000 national guard troops deployed to prevent another deadly siege like the one we saw
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on january 6th and today, shocking new footage released by "the new yorker" gives a fresh look at that assault on the u.s. capitol. please be warned, what we are about to show you is very disturbing and the language is pro profane. >> let's go . >> easy. easy. [ all talking at once ] >> jeremy dimon is over at the white house for us. he is tracking the security
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setup. how prepared do city officials feel right now going into this his tore you can week? >> reporter: certainly, wolf, they do feel very prepared. we are going to see even more preparation and even more traffic restrictions and pedestrian restrictions starting tomorrow. the national guard really occupying all of washington, d.c. at this point and at every intersection, you see guards, like the ones you see behind me here, preventing vehicles from entering certain locations. tomorrow they will start restricting more vehicles as they build out the perimeter, the security zone, even more, wolf. >> yeah, it's very, tell us where you are. you are not exactly on capitol hill. you are closer to the white house, yeah? >> reporter: yeah, we are about two miles away from capitol hill. we wanted to give you a different perspective. because as we know, capitol hill is entirely closed off, all the streets are closed off.
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there's fencing everywhere. but even as you go further out into some of the district, the security is very obvious. there are national troops all across washington, d.c. at every intersection with military vehicles like the one behind me blocking roads, some of them blocking the pedestrian ways. this is all, obviously, the concern. their whole point right now is to keep a lot of vehicles out of washington, d.c. and for the most part, wolf, it has been a very relatively quiet night. there aren't a lot of people on the streets. there aren't a lot of cars on the road, less today than i seen in the last few days. >> mayor bowser is telling everyone to just stay away from any of those areas, telling people outside of washington, don't even think about coming to d.c. an time this week. jeremy, president trump has three days left in the white house right now and wednesday, i take it wednesday morning, he's going to fly down to florida, not attend the inauguration.
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how is he spending his final hours? >> reporter: well, wolf, for a president who made so much noise during his four years in office, all has been quiet. this weekend, the president with no events on his public schedule. in fact, we haven't seen the president in public in five days. wolf, that doesn't mean the president is going to be leaving office quietly. in fact, we are hearing the president is asking aides to organize a billtary biosendoff as he leaves the white house and joints joint base andrews for his mar-a-lago resort in florida. the president is preparing a flurry of additional pardons. we are hearing, wolf, while the president has already issued several dozen controversial pardons in the last few weeks, he is expected to issue more pardons. of course, there are a number of questions around what times of pardons the president will issue, whether he will pardon himself. there is also, of course, that question of whether or not he will pardon those rioters who
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stormed capitol hill just a week and a half ago. but, washington, lindsey graham, one of the president's top allies, the u.s. senator from south carolina, he was on another show this morning making clear that while there are people urging the president to pardon those rioters, he says that the president should not. wolf. >> all right, jeremy, thanks very much, jeremy is over at the white house. shimone is on the streets of washington. we will get back to both of you. right now, i want to play a little more of that newly released new yorker video showing the rioters as they stormed capitol hill. the video captures the state of their mind. i want to warn the viewers, once again, the language is distu disturbing. >> start making a list, put all those names down, one by one. >> give them the gil teen.
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>> hey, look. >> he was going to sell us out all alone. objection to votes on the state of arizona. i know, all right. >> look at this. >> it's got to be something -- scumbags. . >> this is good. . >> i think we're good. >> progress congresswoman nancy mesa is joining us right now. congresswoman, thanks so much for joining us. let me give you reaction to this shocking video that we just showed. there is so much more that we haven't showed, but we will. what's your reaction?
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>> reporter: well, my reaction is the more we learn the best it gets, exactly. our lives were put at risk, because millions of american people were lied to about the election. congress had no business, authority or power to overturn the results of the electoral college. neither did the vice president. the president of the united states set the date, the time, the location of this event that happened on capitol hill and the rhetoric leading up to it is why all of this happened. as you know, as i talked about with the press in the last week or so but my kids were supposed to be with me, because they're in a virtual school. i sent them home early. my worst fears as a poll came sure, thank god my kids weren't with me, i would have been devastated. >> thank god you are okay. i know you went through hell as they stormed capitol hill. what would be your reaction? if he were to issue a blanket pardon to those rioters, they all claim, so many of them, have publicly said they want to get a
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pardon. they were doing what they thought the commander-in-chief, the president of the united states was ordering them to do, storm capitol hill. what would be your reaction before the president pardoned them? >> reporter: dismay and shock. honest to god, i hope there are not folks encouraging him to do that. he's people every single 'earn who stormed the capitol needs to be held accountable. and i've read stories about family members that saw their family storming the capitol and turning them in. this was a very sad day for our nation. we got to heal. we as a party, we need to work on rebuilding the republican party as well. >> the rioters, they, as i said, they repeatedly say they were sent there by the president, by senator ted cruz, they say, senator josh hawley. the president has now been impeached by the house of representatives. do you think these senators, for example, should face consequences for their role and maybe some members, republican
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members of the house of representative should face consequences for stirring up these rioters? >> i do. and i think that any person of any party in any chamber should be held accountable. they should be investigated to the fullest extent of the law. we understand allegedly there was a member of congress who was the speaker of the house. i don't know how much you disagree with nancy nancy, i disagreed and that's not a reason to be in there when the doors are being stormed and there is a violent riot that killed five people so i do believe there are people that need to be investigated and held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. so i support those. >> there was one scene that shows some people building, you know, putting together a new scaffolding and then they were screaming elsewhere, hang mike pence, the vice president of the united states, hang him, because
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he did what he constitutionally was required to do, certify that the electoral college vote was accurate and precise. when you saw that noose and you hear the screaming, hang mike pence, what was your reaction to that? >> reporter: it was shock. it was shocking to see that. i have a friend that shot the video and one of the messages was send the women home and go grab your guns, storm the capitol. it's so insane to see the gallow out there. they were looking for blood. and it put so many lives at risk. these lives that we are told after the election, if you want to have a debate about voter fraud and election integrity. that debate is over. you don't have the ability to do that now. millions of people were lied to about certifying the electoral college. that rhetoric ratcheted up this event and caused this violence to happen. the same thing with the vice president. the president was saying that the vice president could overturn the results of the
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electoral college. thank goodness, mike pence stood up and said, no, actually, that's not true. it's going to take a long time for the country for us to heal and for republicans to realize that they were lied to about what could and could not happen on january 6th in the halls of congress. >> there is a new cnn poll that came out today, congresswoman. it found 19% of your fellow republicans believe that biden legitimately won the election. many of them sort of fed na what's called that stop the steal line for a long time. is republican leadership from your perspective doing enough to stop these lies. >> reporter: well, i'm always -- the amendment, i do believe that the republican party, that there has to be some reconciliation within our party to recognize that, number one, we have a problem in this country. even within our own party. number two, that we need to take responsibility for our word and our actions. three, we need to stop being a
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part of the problem and start being a part of the solution. one of the reasons i have been so vocal is i want to offer a new voice for republicans across the board going forward. no more qanon conspiracy theorists. those days are gone. that is behind us. which want to make sure they don't lead us into another constitutional crisis in the future. it is imperative that we lead ourselves out of this, that we heal our nation. that starts with joe biden being sworn in later this week and we start to find ways that we can start working together as a nation. >> i know you didn't vote to impeach the president of the united states. what do you think the senate should do once the trial begins there? >> well, we'll toss over the inauguration what can and can't get done, because the senate will be consumed with that trial. i have questions about the constitutionalality and there will be a debate in the senate chambers on whether or not you can impeach a president when he's out of office. so all these are questions we
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will have answered in the days and weeks to come. >> we will certainly continue our conversations as well, congresswoman, nancy mace, i know you went through hell january 6th. i am grateful you are okay right now. good luck. we'll stay in touch. >> reporter: thank you so much. president trump only has three days left in office, but there are new questions who he may pardon on his way out. we have new reporting. that suggests there is potentially a lucrative scheme. lots of money behind what's going on right now. we'll be right back.
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president trump is expected to use his pardon power during his last days in office. that has sparked already a rush to get on his pardon list.
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according to "new york times", some of the president's allies are actually collecting fees from wealthy felons or their associates to get access to the president in hopes of securing a pardon in these final days. former u.s. attorney preet herrera are joining us now. is this legal? >> depending on the circumstance, it certainly smells. we have people referring to the final day or days of the clinton administration and talking about some of the unseemly and smelly pardons he issued. with respect to the pardon issued to marc rich, he was a fugitive from prosecution in the southern district of new york. that caused a serious federal investigation for a period of months. no charges were ultimately brought. but there was enough of a stink about it that it required investigation. some of the things that you just mentioned may cause the same thing that happened. if you have someone like rudy
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guiliani suggesting for a $2 million fee, i can get you a pardon. that sound like more than a legitimate legal fee. >> the president issued so far what 42 pardons, nine commutations since the election. has the usual process been corrupted, from your perspective? >> well, in some ways, it's been corrupted. in some ways, it's been completely invaded. there is an office attorney among other things, that's these pardon application, commutation applications for the purpose of trying to make sure there is a good recommendation made to the president. is it a worthy cause? is it a worthy ka is? >> has it been investigated? then the president under the constitution has the absolute right to accept or decline the recommendation, but in almost every instance here, and probably going forward until wednesday, when he leaves office, the party attorney is completely bypassed, a, it's a bypass of normal process that give people faith and confidence
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that it's used for a just purpose. also like you pointed out, that story he mentioned a minute ago and the fact that the president wanted to pardon people connected politically or to him to absolve them soft guilt that may attract to him, because they helped him. yeah, i'd say that's a corruption of the process. >> sources have told cnn, preet, the president was talking about issuing pardons to himself and his kids, especially in the wake of the deadly insurrection up on capitol hill. the d.c. district attorney, the attorney general i should say here in washington, d.c., he says that prosecutors could charge him with a misdemeanor. do you think the president will pardon himself and does that save him from future prose prosecution? >> so, it's been my belief that begin what trump thinks and how he conducts himself and he doesn't feel shamed, he doesn't feel embarrassment from taking certain actions that should put
5:20 pm
blame on him like self pardoning, that there will be a charge, he probably will sometime on noon wednesday, that would absolve him of responsibility with respect to any case. it doesn't stop other cases being brought as we've discussed them before. have you the manhattan district attorney in new york city who was contemplating charges in an investigation of president trump's finances, it wouldn't absolve him of that, in georgia what he did with election interference there a self pardon, even if it was permitted and upheld in court, it wouldn't have any bearing actually in georgia, either. >> some of those that participate in the deadly insurrection up on capitol hill on january 6th. they publicly asked the president pardon him, pardon them. they say they thought what they were doing the commander-in-chief ordered them to do. senator lindsey graham urged the president not to pardon them. do you ung the president could grant pardons to those
5:21 pm
individuals who have been arrested and maybe even issue a blanket pardon to those who have not yet been arrested? >> so, i believe under the constitution, hes that power to do that. he doesn't have to name the people individually. it's happened before with respect to the draft dodging in the history. there will be federal cases, even though under d.c. local law in some instances. so he has the power and authority to do so i think maybe he feels that they're allies of his. after all, when that siege took place, he said to those folks, i love you. they're his base, reporting that he was enthusiastic about their bargeing into the capitol and engage in insurrection. i think the one possible legal slash/political constraint on him would be that congress is not done with him. there is to come, still, a senate trial that arises from his incitement of these very people from whom there is a pardon questioned. so to pardon these folks now over the objection of even very
5:22 pm
loyal ally like lindsey graham would be to beg. the question of whether or not senators on the republican side, would choose to convict him at trial. >> the president did also say he loved them and called them patriots. preet, thank you for your expertise. we are deeply appreciative. >> thanks, washington. and as we see a new video of the riot at the u.s. capitol, state capitols around the country are also now preparing for potential violence in the leadup to inauguration day on wednesday. we have new details coming into ""the situation room"" under preparations under way. we'll be right back. >> >
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. in state capitals all across the state right now, police and national guard units are keeping a high profile on wednesday, especially state capitol grounds and over at state houses. the fbi is now warning act the potential for armed and possibly violent protests in all 50 states by people unwilling to accept the fact that donald trump lost, lost the election to joe biden. julia is a cnn national security analyst, former assistant secretary for the department of homeland security. thanks for joining us. we have some more of this shocking new footage from the rampage at the u.s. capitol that has not been seen before today here on cnn. i want to play a little bit of it. i want to warn our viewers, once again, there is profanity in these videos.
5:28 pm
f -- you, police. >> well, there is a lot more of that horrendous video out there. we will show more of it coming up. them our viewers, julia, what you see in that video. >> so i see two different things. i see a group of men feeling righteous, having been told to go up the hill. having been told for weeks since the election online and various source by the president of the united states to fight and take back the vote. those are the two words that donald trump consistently said. he says it's going to be a party. right. in other words, he's expecting
5:29 pm
something to happen and so they're an made and i had every expectation of violence. the other thing that is shocking about that overall video is you can't watch it and not feel assaulted as an american. whether you are a democrat or a republican. the sort of disguttingness of how these domestic terrorists act. they walk into the most pristine role in the senate chambers and they say, this is our room. right. they lost an election. no big deal. lots of people lose elections. i think it's that sense of sort of ownership over the american, over america's democracy that should make us realize we have a real problem here. that this is a domestic terrorism problem of people incited by the president who fundamentally do not believe in our institution of government. >> julia, i want you and our viewers to watch this moment that happened right in the mild of the pandemonium of that day, the u.s. capitol police officer, seemingly all alone, confronts a
5:30 pm
number of intruders on the floor of the u.s. senate. watch this. >> yeah. >> okay. i want to let you guys know, this is like the sacredest place. >> i know, i'm going to take this chair. it's mike pence's f --ing chair. >> i want to let you guys know, this is like the sacredest place. >> i know, i'm going to take this guy's chair. because mike pence is a f --ing traitor. >> so julia, from a law enforcement standpoint, how did that police officer handle that confrontation? >> he was completely outnumbered. i am glad we are showing this i think there are speculation and stories, no question that what went wrong, in particular, pre-positioning. but the thorough review is absolutely necessary because in that moment he needs to do two things. one he is outnumbered.
5:31 pm
number two, he needs to deescalate. i think you saw both of those happening simultaneously. so the fact that he didn't use his gun or try to physically move them. sort of try to talk them out of sit appropriate. i should say for all that we're showing, this is a mobile video from "the new yorker." there is no other video you see. this is the thing that you should see. because it does show just how violent this could have gotten. i mean, look, they're dropping the f-bomb every other missouri where the f are the senators, where the f is nancy? they were clearly on a hunt. i think we can't forget just how close this came to satisfying, you know, donald trump's sort of perverse vision of how he would go out. like he was going to go out with a fight. >> they want to hunt for the vice president as well, because he did what he had to do, certify the electoral college.
5:32 pm
you can see that noose created over there. you can hear them screaming, hang pence, hang pence. thank you, very, very much. we will have more shocking new video from idz the u.s. capitol insurrection, just how dangerous it was that video shows us. this as our states around the states are stepping up security precautions right now. we have lots to discuss. it's time for the lowest prices of the season on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help with snoring? i've never heard snoring... exactly. no problem. ...and done. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is only $899. plus, free delivery when you add a base. ends monday. at panera, when we make a pizza... we don't just “make a pizza.” we use fresh, clean ingredients... to make a masterpiece. order our new pepperoni and four cheese flatbread pizzas for delivery or pickup today. panera. (naj) at fisher investments, we do things differently
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more now from that chilling new video shot and edited by "the new yorker" on the capitol hill insurrection on january 6th. once again, a warning that along with a truly shocking images you are about to see, you will hear more graphic language. . >> where the f -- are they? >> where are they? >> let's start up -- >> let's move your feet, people! >> did you see nancy pelosi?
5:38 pm
>> where the f -- is nancy? this is our house. >> that's my chair. >> i agree with you, brother, but it's not ours. >> it belongs to the vice president of the united states. >> he isn't here. it's not our chair. >> look, i lover you guys, we're brothers, but we can't be disrespectful. >> so we can't sit in their chair? >> no! >> 2020 democratic presidential candidate andrew yang is joining us. he is now formally running for the mayoral race in new york city to win the mayoral nomination thank you so much for joining us. let's talk politics in moments. but the fbi has not only put washington, d.c. on high alert but also 50 state capitals, major cities across the united states here in new york city. how concerned are you about what you are seeing as far as these ongoing threats are concerned?
5:39 pm
>> i think people should be concerned about what's happening around state capitals, washington. the reality is a lot of these extremists know d.c. will be on lockdown, that there will be a very, very stern reaction to anything that happens in d.c. and i think many of them will regard state capitals as softer targets and also they'll be more proximate to them. instead of everyone heading to d.c. they may head to their local state capital to pro techt. i hope those protests are peaceful. >> what do you blame, three days to go until the inauguration? i am here in washington and it's almost like a fortress. who do you blame? >> we have been having an ongoing accident graition in america for years, wolf. and when i was running for president, i talked about the fact that millions of americans have seen their livelihoods
5:40 pm
disappear over that number of years. the media is becoming more and more polarized. people are getting alternative sets of facts and conspiracy theaters, you have people in alternate version of reality fed bipartisan rhetoric. there are a lot of factors contributing to this. it's been building for years. unfortunately, it's not going to end with donald trump's removal from the white house. i think that this period, the inauguration is a very real threat and problem, but i am actually more concerned about what will happen ongoing, because there are many, many americans who are very much a part of this extremist movement that's going to persist for, in my opinion, years. >> so what are your deep fears? >> well, my deep fears are that it's too late. that our institutions are not going to be able to reform the fabric of our society. and right now, you have to look at it and say that there are
5:41 pm
more things that are pulling us apart than are bringing us together. it's one reason why i am thrilled that joe biden will be sworn in. joe is naturally a unifier and joe has been championing things like these $1,400 checks on top of the $600 checks that will get the boot off a lot of people's folks. a lot of folks are suffering extreme economic deprivation. i saw a recent study that said six in ten american families, 60% are suffering with some form of financial hardship right now and a significant proportion are suffering extreme hardship. i am seeing that around me every day. >> democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez in new york has said she doesn't think the biden plan goes far enough. do you agree with her? is she right? >> i think she is right. but i am confident that joe has a plan and then as soon as that plan is kicked off, that he's going to see what the needs of the american people are and just
5:42 pm
continue to gather resource and deploy them and put them to work. the $1,400 checks would be a game changer for tense of millions of americans. right now, the last thing i saw, 85% of americans support casualties during the pandemic. but that cash will not last that long. our economy is shattered. dpz not healing at all in the what i that people might have hoped a number of months ago. i mean, you are still seeing coronavirus rates increase in various communities that are keeping people locked down in many environments. so i agree with aoc on this. but i have a feeling that joe thinks the same thing. you know, i think that this $1.9 trillion plan is a fantastic way to start. but i don't think that anyone believes that that's actually going to be enough to heal the economy altogether. >> before i let you go, andrew, i know you are running for mayor of new york city right now. what, give me one or two or
5:43 pm
three of the main campaign issues you are focusing in on. >> the big thing right now, washington is, we have to get new york city back on its feet and make at this time post-covid comeback city. right now, new york city's unemployment rate is twice the natural average. we are seeing 60 million tourists that used to support over 300,000 jobs. so my plan is to make new york city a catalyst for people to be able to demonstrate they have been vaccinated so we can safely convene. imagine being able to flash your smartphone that says you were vaccinated two months ago and you can go into that office or theater or restaurant safely. that itself the kind of leadership we need to get new york city back on the road to recovery. it's a very, very tough time for many new yorkers. >> it's will be a tense time for all of us here in the united states in the coming weeks and months and this covid pandemic is by no means over. in fact, it's getting worse and worse. andrew, thanks, as usual, for joining us. >> thanks, go bills. >> go bills, indeed. we win, but we got two more
5:44 pm
games to go. we hope. a quick programing note for our viewers, like i said, you don't want to miss a cnn special report. kamala harris making history. we take a closer look at the woman set to make history as america's vice president. that's later tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern right after ""the situation room."" and we'll have much more on the security preparations under way in capitals all across the united states right now. we are also following major developments on the coronavirus pandemic. the u.s. is now on the verge of sur surpassing yet another horrific record. and now the incoming cdc director has a very, very stark warning. a prediction about what lies ahead. we'll be right back.
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as the as the u.s. closes in on a shocking 400,000 coronavirus deaths over the last year the incoming director of the cdc now warns it is going to get much, much worse. listen. >> nearly 4,000 deaths a day. almost 400,000 deaths total by the middle of february. we expect half a million deaths in this country. that doesn't speak to the tens of thousands of people who are living with yet uncharacteristicized sun droem after they've recovered.
5:50 pm
and we still haven't seen the ramifications of what happened from the holiday travel, from holiday gathering in terms of the deaths thereafter. i think we still have dark weeks ahead. >> joining us right now the dean of brown university school of public health. thank you so much for joining us. due agree with dr. walensky? >> good evening. thank you for having me on. unfortunately i do. the doctor is telling us where we are and how the administration is leading the pandemic, and what lies ahead over the next four to six weeks. >> how confident are you, dr. jha, that the incoming biden administration will address these critically important life and death issues and actually fix the problems? >> i do think they'll address them and that really becomes obvious when you look at who they've hired into the critical roles. they're bringing in experts,
5:51 pm
people with experience, people who actually understand the disease. that is a sharp break from the trump administration. a lot of people who seemed to fundamentally not understand infectious disease outbreaks. the challenge is it is going to be very difficult for them to turn this around quickly. it is going to take weeks if not months to do the set up things that are necessary. we're all going to have to be patient. i do think we'll get there but it is going to be hard. >> the key right now is getting everyone at least as many as possible vaccinated. there was some understandable confusion and outrage this week when we learned there was, quote, no reserve stockpile of vaccines. the trump administration has released all the doses it actually had. today dr. fauci said the whole thing was a misunderstanding. so what is your understanding? what is your assessment of what's going on right now? because we have to vaccinate millions of americans and do it quickly. >> i've come to conclude having
5:52 pm
spoken with the companies, watching dr. fauci and others, that it is just poor communication on the part of the white house. that actually is a real problem because when the white house communicates badly, gives bad information to states, it hampers states' ability to do what they need to to get people vaccinated. clear communication from the white house is really important. i think we have vaccine doses coming to the states in the days and weeks ahead. but, boy, this was a lot of confusion that did not help the american people. >> you've suggested some of the highest risk communities here in the united states are not getting the vaccine that they needed right now. explain your fear. >> i'm worried about this, wolf. we're seeing preliminary data. i don't want to over state what we have but the very early data suggests we're not doing a good job of getting vaccines into those communities that have been hit so hard. communities of color, african-american, latino, native american communities.
5:53 pm
that is not where the vaccinations are happening right now. i'm worried that unless we really make a concerted effort to set up vaccine sites, to deal with vaccine hesitancy in those communities, we'll end up creating a further divide we can't afford. >> and getting back to the fear expressed by dr. walensky the first two weeks of 2021 this new year have been the deadliest of the entire pandemic going back to january of last year when there was the first confirmed coronavirus case here in the united states. think about it the next few days maybe as early as tomorrow 400,000 americans will have died from this virus and so many more have gotten it and are still suffering. they've got long term ramifications from this disease. what is your assessment? how much worse is it going to get? >> so some of it is kind of -- there are so many infections
5:54 pm
that we're going to see 3,000 to 4,000 deaths a day, 20 to 25,000 a week. at least for the next three or four weeks. maybe longer than that. what happens after that is really up to us. it also depends how quickly the new administration can really ramp up things. i think the bottom line is through the end of february into march we should expect a lot of people suffering a lot of deaths. i am hoping things start turning around after that especially if we can really vaccinate people. >> thanks so much for joining us and for everything you're doing. we are grateful to you. >> thank you, wolf. vocal critic of the russian government who just survived a poisoning from five months ago is now back in russia and behind bars. we'll update you on that and all the breaking news when we come back. tionwide. and now that sprint is a part of t-mobile we're turning up the speed.
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>> a very vocal critic of the russian government who survived being poisoned five months ago returned to russia today and was immediately detained. alexei navalny is an opposition leader in russia and outspoken against president vladimir putin. he has been in germany since august after nearly dying from a
5:59 pm
military grade nerve agent. president-elect joe biden's incoming national security adviser is joining top european diplomats in condemning navalny's detention and calling for his immediate release. cnn's fredrick plotkin is in moscow. >> reporter: originally the plane was supposed to fly into a different airport here in the russian capital. a lot of his supporters and journalists were waiting. riot cops were also on the scene. people had been detained there and just minutes before the plane was supposed to land miraculously all air traffic into the airport was shut down and the plane had to divert to a different airport in moscow. originally alexei navalny was let off the plane. once he got to border control he was detained. the russian federal prison service is saying he is wanted in connection to another criminal case which he says is politically cooked up.
6:00 pm
they also say he has to remain in detention until at least january 29th when a hearing is supposed to take place. before he was detained, briefly spoke to some of the reporters with him on the plane. he says the russian government, that vladimir putin is afraid of him. one thing that he says shows that is because air traffic into a major moscow airport was shut down for an extended period of time as his plane was about to land. of course this comes months after alexei navalny was poisoned by the nerve agent. he believes the russian government is behind it. of course an investigation showed it was apparently the fsb that was behind it. the russian government continues to deny that but certainly tonight it seems they were quite nervous about alexei navalny coming back here to russia, wolf. this is cnn breaking news. >> w


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