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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  January 16, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> the vaccine rollout has been a dismal failure. >> we were note getnot getting doses out in the most efficient manner. new warning says there is a new variant that could become the dominant strain. >> we're seeing viruses mutate. this is "new day" weekend with victor blackwell. >> and a look at the white house as the president is there, president trump, for the last four days. leading up to the inauguration of president-elect joe biden. and we know right now law enforcement officials say they are tracking dozens of people who may be headed to that spot there in washington. the u.s. capitol bracing for more protests ahead of
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president-elect joe biden's inauguration and the department of homeland security and several other agencies say domestic there extremists pose the most likely stress. >> and there is an internal report that details the major security and intelligence failures. investigators have opened hundreds of criminal cases against the protestors and some of the right o on the rioters a several are facing charge. >> and pete muntean is in the nation's capitol. and this is an inauguration like we have never seen before based on what you are seeing there this morning. tell us about it. >> reporter: the security keeps getting tighter and tighter. we're pretty far away from the cap capitol, blocks away, and there was a security sweep taking
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place behind me. you can see the 8-foot fence that surrounding the capitol com complex. and on the other side this, 7,000 members of the national guard coming from all 50 states and the major general of the d.c. guard leading this situation tells me that 25,000 members of the guard could be here by inauguration day. they are armed with m-4s, and he says w4 while it looks like a warzone, it is not. here is what he said. >> the shear volume of guardsmen and some looking more like a foreign occupation for military overseas, like a warzone. how would you class guy it? >> this is not a warzone. anybody who has been in a war knows that this is not a warzone. >> reporter: and he spoke to me in his dress uniform having just
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left the house reassuring them that this will be a peaceful transfer of power. the flip side is that this will be a very quiet one. d.c. practically deserted right now. the road blocks stretched for miles and bridges from virginia into d.c. we're learning will be closed starting tuesday and through inauguration day. 24 w this will be an inauguration like no other. security clamped down. >> all right, pete, thank you so much about. and now to sarah westwood. the president is making plans for his departure, but he has someone now who in just surprisingly relevant in the last few hourses of of the trum administration who thinks that he has a chance at a second term. >> and that would be mike lyndell, ceo of my pillow and close personal ally of president trump who was photographed
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heading into the white house with notes containing what appeared to be suggestions that lyndell had for trump for his final days in office. and lyndell told cnn that during a meeting with the president, he tried to hand the president what he described as evidence of vavaet voter fraud. and he was drtrying to offer to president trump. and just a sliver of evidence of what president trump is spending his last days in office. and meanwhile vice president mike pence has emerged really more presidential leader on thursday, he called his soon to be successor kamala harris to offer her assistance. trump as we know has not offered that courtesy to joe biden. but also a security briefing at
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fema headquarters and he spoke publicly about the importance of keeping the nation's capitol safe on inauguration day. not a message that trump has spent a lot of time on, pence also stopped to greet the national guardes men. and trump has been quiet in his final full week in office, a amplified by the lack of his twitter account. and the press shop has been almost completely cleared out. so not expecting a lot from the press office. and sources say that trump is resisting a push from aides to delivering a farewell address during his final four days in office.
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trump expressed disinterest in that, really turning his focus to his sendoff at joint base andrews before he is expected to send off to palm beach. >> all right, thank you for the update. and let's talk now to congressman gonzalez who is a member of the problem solvers caucus. good to have you with us. >> good to be here. >> and we know the fbi is warn positio warning the armed protests could happen at any capitol in the country this coming week. what conversations are you having with your colleagues about how to tackle this? >> we expect to have a n
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overwhelming manifestation of security. and so people can rely on our democracy and it will not bible t be deterred by internal terrorists if you will. our democracy will continue and we'll continue to be the united states of america and lead the world in freedom and democracy and stability as we always have. >> and i want your reaction to something that senator rand paul said on fox last night criticizing the military presence in d.c. there. >> you know government, they underreacts or overreacts. so too little security last wee militarized zone and checking congressman to see if they have a sharp pencil? yes, we have to resist this. >> what does that mean and what is your reaction? >> well, there is an overreaction and it deserves an overreaction.
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five people died last week including four of president trump's own followers and a law enforcement officer. so this is surely something not to underestimate. so an overreaction would be appropriate in this case. now, is this going to be a permanent overreaction? that is something that i would be critical as well. at some point we need to tone it down, we need to have very good security to ensure that every visitor and staffer is safe in our capitol and on capitol hill to conduct government business. but the overreaction is also going to be a concern if they become permanent measures. but we do need to have permanent measures in place to ensure that what happened last week will never happen again. >> and i want your perspective to the news coming in, a joint bulletin that there are foreign agitator, russian, chinese, agitators using the capitol violence to amplify the
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narratives in their favor. talk to us about that potential threat and how the u.s. should respond. >> i clearly expected that, that our enemies our foes would take advantage of president trump's failures. they have been doing it for four years so this would be no different. clearly we need to respond to that, we need to assure the democratic world that stability is back in the united states, that we're back on track, that our economy is building back, that president biden has a plan to disrupt the viruses that killed hundreds of 24thousands d assure that we have an economic plan to succeed. and i see it clearly as a path forward and that is the message our friends and foes will receive very shortly. >> and you tweeted after what happened on 1-6 that i'm shaken to my core, but i'm undeterred. how has that attack and going
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through that, how has that shaped your focus now? >> that's right. well, when you are at work and you think you might not make it home, you are shaken to your core. but at that point, i can say right now, nothing makes me more proud than to have served with the brave men and women of the 117th congress. we were undeterred to go back and assure the progress of democracy was not stopped, we were able to assure the next president of the united states with peaceful transition of power. it is unfortunate that some members were on the wrong side of history and voted against it, but the vast majority didn't including many republicans who were on the right side of history and did what was right and appropriate for our democracy. and i'm very proud that men and women who have been elected to office are doing their job and assuring that small mob of domestic terrorists do not deter this country and our government. >> so i think that you are
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referring to your texas lawmaker ted cruz who voted inadv certifying joe biden's win. and have you spoken to them since then and how do you move forward at this point with that kind of a divide? >> clearly it is very disappointing that they took these votes. they did it out of fear. i don't believe that they believe that this election was stolen from them. not -- certainly not senator ku klux klan cruz or members of congress. they know the election was not stolen. they are fearful of their constituents who have been lied to by our president and our president has not been honest to them and told them that he lost this election and until he does, i don't know that he will appease the hearts of those that showed up at the capitol that really believe that this election was stolen from them. and if i believeded legitimately
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that this laelection was stoleni would be a protestor myself. but there is no evidence of that. it has been has been debinged ir 60 -- debunked in over 60 lawsuits. and they told the president you lost legitimately and he has not been able to have an honest conversation with the american people. and until he does, our democracy has cancer in it that we have to address. people have been lied to and many are gullible and have believed him and it requires him and these members of congress and senators to go back and be honest with their constituents and do what anywhertheir job is them let's try again in two years or four year, but this is our reality. >> and speaking of fear, let's listen to what representative john told brooke baldwin
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yesterday. >> i want to make sure i'm hearing you crystal clear. as you bring up the desire of some of these members of bringing guns into the kcapitol which is not allowed, are you concerned -- are you suggesting that one of your fellow members of congress might harm you? >> of course. why would you bring a gun on to the floor? >> what is your reaction to the representative there saying that obviously -- and as brooke pointed out, it is not allowed to bring a gun to the floor. but that he have he actually fears any of -- or some of his congressmen having one. >> i might not completely agree with him on this. we live in tense times and i hope this measure is temporary. but the rule for members to be able to carry a gun on capitol grounds has been available for 53 years and we've never had a
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breach of that rule, never had a member to do anything to compromise that rule. so believe that we should repeal that in any way. the rule is that you cannot carry the gun on the floor. tensions are running high. leader pelosi put these metal detectors right at the entrance to the claim per. chamber. i hope the members are temporary and once people calm down, that we get past it, unite again and have our freedoms back. i don't believe in taking freedoms around every time we have an event. we need to be very careful at every step that we take and if we do, i'm hoiping that it is a shorts term measure. for 53 years, we could trust members of congress to carry their weapon as an extra layer of security which i believe we need because we've been targets of violence members got shot at that baseball game, they have been shot and killed before, so
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that extra layer of protection is something that i will advocate for. do you -- the metal -- >> i'm sorry, congressman, do you carry and do you fear as the representative said congressmen who also carry may do something? >> yes, well, i own weapons. i don't always carry and i don't carry to capitol grounds because i feel that the capitol police does a good job. but last week was an issue that i believe members would advocate that it would be nice to have an extra layer of protection in a well planned way. we haven't talked about that in the congress. we didn't even know how to put our masks on. have not had drills on how to evacuate. so we need to have conversations about this and including the topic of members being able to carry. so i don't oppose members being able to carry because we've
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never had an issue with it before. the day we do, we need to address it. but for 53 years, that has been the rule and no member on either party has ever violated it. >> congressman, appreciate the conversation this morning. thank you, sir. just days before he takes office, president-elect joe biden is outlining his plan to get covid-19 vaccines to millions of americans. 100 million doses in his first 100 days. let's go to cnn's jasmine wright. this is an ambitious goal. >> reporter: that's right. and biden is pledging to use the full weight of the vaccinate americans. and also as you said to full felt the initial goal of vaccinating 50 million americans in his first 100 days. that is 100 million shots.
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and yesterday biden was candid when he addressed this ambuitios very large task ahead of him. take a listen here. >> some wonder if we're reaching too far for that goal. is it achievable? a legitimate question. let me be clear. i'm convinced we can get it done. and this is a time to set big goals. because the health of the nation is at stake. the honest is this, things will get worse before they get better. i'll always level but. >> reporter: on this is a multifaceted plan. let me read you some of the details. it includes mass vaccination sites like arenas or baseball fields, specifically for getting the shots in people's arms. it includes a public education plan to reach those measures who are hesitate to take the vaccine, it includes a federal
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push to increase vaccine supply by the defense production act. exactly how buy would use that defense production act to increase supply as well as how long of those vak vax nas nvaxz nation sites, they were not included. but he called the current rollout a dismal failure. and he was really candid when saying that things will get worse in this country before they do get the better. but he ended his remarks with a note of optimism saying that his administration will manage this administration. >> jasmine wright for us, thank you. a stunning admission from the trump administration on the rocky vaccine rollout, the stockpile so many hoped would
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help boost the lag in vaccinations, that no longer exists. one governor calls it deessende essential deessential on a national scale. what is the plan now some. and plus the "washington post" says that an internal report warned of violence targeting congress members days before the attack on january 6. get ready - our most popular battery is now even more powerful. the stronger, lasts-longer energizer max.
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a n projection from the universy of washington, the institute for health metrics and evaluation predicts close to 567,000 people dead couldue to coronavirus by 1 but more efforts could bring the number down. >> that despite more than 31 million doses that have been distributed thus far, actual shots in arms total 12 million.
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but we're lefsarning the reserv shots no longer exist. and here is what governors are saying. >> it is not debatable that the united states did this more poorly than any nation on earth. >> let me be clear, this is deception on a national scale. >> what we need is a new administration, we need president biden to restore sanity and if they have extra doses to get them out. >> polo sandoval is following this. any explanation as to why this happened? >> yeah, we heard from the recently resigned secretary of health and humidity an services. but they have been imploring to double done on the practices.
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and pointing to a relative starting assimilation from the cdc that now shows that this new variance of the virus, first identified in the uk, made potentially become the dominant form of the virus as many as this march. and that is really adding to this urgency and frustrations of governors across the country. pfizer hoping to reassurehe fru. and alex azar told nbc news -- >> no, there is not a reserve stockpile. we now have enough confidence that our ongoing production will be quality and available to provide the second dose for people. so we're not sitting on a reserve anymore. we've made that available to the states to order. >> reporter: pfizer says second doses are ready you and only recently started shipping them.
5:26 am
but nationally, there is still a lot of chaos and a lot of confusion among americans anxious to get their shots. this week closed with roughly 39% of vaccines into arms according to the cdc. over 1.5 million people have already received both necessary doses. speaking to the nation friday, the president-elect promised to push harder on vaccinations after he takes office. >> we'll be a part in other words to the states and cities so where things are working, we'll help do other wors to the states and cities so where things are working, we'll help do more. >> reporter: and they will have more pop-up sites. and there is a fresh warning about new variants first detected in the uk and that are
5:27 am
threatening to spread in the yind. and l.a. county is at a breaking point. that is where the national guard is backing up the coroner's office sharing the grim task of handling the dead. in some cases overwhelmed emts are the ones having to decide if a covid patient is rushed to the hospital or if they remain at home, possibly succumbing to the virus. >> it has gotten to the point where if smomebody hcoronavirus if not viable after 20 minute, we're making a rough decision. >> reporter: and now the u.s. is on track to hit 400,000 lives lost due to the virus in the coming days. that is about six packed nfl stadiums. emergency somebody's loved one filling each one of the seats. >> there is some at least hopeful news for people out west including test positivity rates that have been on a downwards trend for the last several days.
5:28 am
experts suggesting that this could be an apex, that people are experiencing. but still hospitalizations on the rise at least continue to be high there, a state that is home to about 40 million people. at one point, only had about 1,000 icu breds. so it speaks to the sense desperation that we continue to hear from workers out west. >> no doubt that is jolting. polo sandoval, appreciate it. the "washington post" says capitol police intelligence report which was published three days before the riots warned violent supporters of president trump could attack congress. we'll talk more about it next. o! more simplicity with the what's in your fridge? recipe feature. and more motivation with on-demand workout classes. the new myww+. don't pay until spring! your first three months are free!
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according to the "washington
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post," an intelligence report warned of violence. and here is part of it. this sense desperation and disappointment may lead to more of an send difference to become violent. unlike previous post election protests, the targets of the pro dump supporters are not necessarily the counter supporters as they were previously, but rather congress itself is the target on the 6th. let's talk about all this with jonathan wracro, former secret service a little. how does something like this slip through? >> good morning, victor. you know, how much more clear do you need to be to identify a threat? i mean, this is -- this is bonkers that this intelligence report wasn't widely distributed to not only every single capitol police officer so that they fully understood the potential threat at that time but also
5:34 am
shared with all of the capitol police law enforcement partners. having intelligence that stated that congress was actually a potential target with a high likelihood isn't just an intelligence failure, it is absolute negligence on the part of the leaders of the capitol police and those who held that intelligence back. and victor, what we saw on january 6, we saw the acute shock of the moment where officers were literally overwhelmed, they had no idea that this group of what they perceived was protestors would actually have the intent of storming the u.s. capitol and attacking our democracy. that led to a complete breakdown of the incident command structure and really made a bad situation so many more worse. and now we're understanding that this could have been avoided? that is shocking. >> let's look ahead especially to the inauguration and control room, put up the video of the
5:35 am
posture this washington and around the capitol building. and there obviously is a demarcation somewhere, right, where there isn't the fence, there aren't the thousands of members of the national guard. what is your greatest concern? where is that in the capitol? >> well, listen, victor, right now what has happened, and a really good decision by the outgoing dhs secretary was to accelerate the national security event structure. and what that actually does, it brings the whole government approach to providing protection to a region, not just specific locations. but your point is very critical here. there is this line of demarcation, we're referring to weigh washington as a warzone. but what is happening is you are seeing the fortification of hart
5:36 am
sites such as the capitol and the white house, but law enforcement is keenly aware that threat never remains at rest and will take the path of least resistance. and because of that, they are taking the appropriate actions to deploy resources whether it is overtly by the utilization of law enforcement, uniformed officers and national guard or covertly in terms of surveillance and looks for pre-attack indicators throughout the city. i assess really the risk in terms of a coordinated attack is going to be minimal for washington like we saw on january 6. i am really concerned about the lone actor, the lone wolf attack, whether it is in the district of columbia or at other key target locations around the united states. and that is why the warnings are going out by law enforcement, you will see amplified activity by law enforcement at key locations around the country to address this clear and present danger. >> and of course state capitals
5:37 am
are concerned over this weekend heading into the inauguration. i had a conversation a couple hours ago with department of homeland security and she talked about the need to control or limit some of the communication from those who would promote or plan through social media some violence in either the u.s. capitol or state capitols. but you say that those limitations cut both ways. explain that. >> listen, you know, you can -- you can take away some of the clear channels of communication for these groups. but their intent is to try to further their ideology. and think about this, we're dealing with individuals that are anti-government, anti-establishment, violent militia extremists. and what they are trying to do is further a goal.
5:38 am
and so while they are off traditional social media, they are still communicating on fringe websites, chat boards, and basically targeting in on certain locations around the united states. so this is the challenge for law enforcement, you have hundreds of thousands of conversations going on at the same time with some saying stand down, don't attack at this time, wait, we'll address things in the future, and others saying it is our right, we'll defend our rights on inauguration day and further our ideology. >> jonathan, always good to have your insight. appreciate your time this morning. >> thanks. and gop and election denialism, some in the party like my pillow ceo are still hoping that president trump will overturn the election results. ho recipes are just side dishes,
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5:44 am
fraud that he talks about, this alleged fraud. >> yes, this is kind of the new lost cause. sadly it is not going away. i don't know how i will sleep with my my pillow anymore. this is one of my my pillows, i fell for it, i bought a couple, they are not my cup of tea, but so strange to see basically an entrepreneur with a controversial past getting access to the white house to come up with ideas for voter fraud. instead of buying his way into the white house, he bought his way into fox news by running so many ads and is has made him a hero right wing immediate i don't. and he is on tluts out there tro win customers pchb but make no mistake, this is straight from the qanon well, the qanon ran bit hall, the idea that somehow
5:45 am
the president could declare martial law, could try to stay in office for a second term, this is conspiracy theory going straight to the white house. >> but does the my pillow help you stay asleep longer? >> i mean, this is such a strange -- it is not like the head of hmattress warehouse tris to help the biden administration. we're in such unless tune times. so i want you to send me one of those jugs of gum balls. i need that as a memory for the trump years. >> i got one too. my kids asked if they could eat it. >> i can't even believe that mike lynnindell is relevant or he gets to meet with the president. so the murdoch be sons, they are not going with the white house line here, they are speaking out against election misinformation. what are they saying?
5:46 am
>> yes, in a scathing statement, james murdoch who left the family business because he could not take it anymore, so disappointed by the disinformation from fox news, james and his wife saying overnight that the media property owners have just as much responsibility as elected officials who know the truth but choose to propagate lies. he is aiming straight at fox news and his family and brother. because we have to acknowledge that what happened in washington, it was a riot of lies. it was a riot built on this big lie about voter fraud that was promoted on fax you news and in some ways continues to be alluded to or indulged on fox news. and other fringe cable channels that say the riot was not that bad, on news max saying i'm so sick of hearing about the riot, they are trying to make us feel
5:47 am
bad. obviously federal authorities and news outlets want to get to the bottom of what happened and how coordinated it was. this story is getting bigger every day. but they are already trying to minimize it, and move on, because of course it is sich an embarrassment for the nation and they are trying to minimize it. i think it is important that the rest of us not let that happen because there is still so much that we didn't know about what happened on january 6. >> and tell the five families that lost somebody that it is not that bad, that they shouldn't be feeling so bad about it. brian, appreciate it. and so facebook is now facing some new scrutiny. they are taking action ahead of the inauguration. we'll tell you what the company is doing and what it means. sti. and now your co-pilot. still a father. but now a friend. still an electric car. just more electrifying. still a night out. but everything fits in.
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and free assistance from experts to get more californians covered. starting with you. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. users who repeatedly break
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facebook's new rules face new restriction through inauguration day. in the wake of last week's riot, the company will stop repeat offenders from streaming live videos or creating new pages or groups. >> and also banning the creation of new event pages tied to state capitols, a move to further prevent moves to invoke violence. and take us newthrough the new re1 restr restrictions. >> there are new crackdowns over the past week from platforms like facebook and twitter, twitter alone suspending 70,000 qanon accounts. so we are a really seeing these platforms finally getting
5:53 am
serious about misinformation, about this election. but the question is why now? maybe an insurrection could have been avoided here if this had been done last week. >> so what is the reaction to sandburg's statements? >> yeah, sheryl sandberg is trying to down play facebook's k culpability. and she 2k3wgave an interview. have a listen. >> i think these events were margin alally organized plat fo that don't have our standards and our transparency. >> she's sort of trying to cherrypick what facebook did
5:54 am
without mentioning that the whole stop the steal movement went viral on facebook, qanon was spreading on facebook for years. and just this week, i came being a cross a video that had 5 million views before facebook it ghig about anything about it and it was repeating antifa that were responsible for the violence here last week. so if you have a platform like facebook and in the days and weeks after an insurrection in which the country is mired in fee fear of more violence, if you have videos of that get 5g million views before you do anything about it, you have a major problem. so just a failure to acknowledge leaders in silicon valley and their culpability. >> thinking that stood out to you on other social networks? >> yeah, we have seen the high
5:55 am
grating a lot of the far right extremists and trump supporters my greats to new platforms and that will pose a new challenge for as need to get into now darker corners before so in the next few days we'll see how effective some of the new policies will turn out to be. >> great work, thank you. and that will do it for us. smerconish is up gheks. when you're through with powering through, it's time for theraflu hot liquid medicine. powerful relief so you can restore and recover. theraflu hot beats cold.
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the impeachment part was easy. but now what? i'm michael smerconish. donald trump is now the only american president to have been impeached twice. but like johnson and clinton, he will not be removed from office. there is not enough time for a senate trial, at least not a fair one. is what is next? it is complicated. the senate will come back into senate on tuesday the day before the inauguration. therefore the most significant punishment for trump, his removal from office, is off the table. but he still could be precludesed from running again. article on


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