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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  January 14, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PST

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in a bipartisan way, the house demonstrated that no one is above the law. >> he feels betrayed by the fact that he has been impeached a second time. >> unless we make sure to send ooh resounding message that this is not acceptable, we risk just papering over some of these divisions and the wounds will never truly heal. >> the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack. he should have immediately denounced the mob. >> the president is in self-pity mode. he is upset that no one is defending him. >> thousands of armed troops keep guard both outside and inside the capitol. >> it is a major security threat and we are working to mitigate those threats. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day."
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it is thursday, january 14th, 6:00 here in new york. and this morning, preparations are underway for the senate trial of donald trump. the twice-impeached, soon-to-be former president of the united states. but that trial will only begin after trump leaves office next week. house managers tell cnn that they have not yet decided whether to seek witnesses during that trial and subpoena documents. overnight, president-elect joe biden urged lawmakers not to let whatever this trial is going to look like get in the way of fighting the pandemic and resurrecting the economy. ten house republicans voted in favor yesterday of trump's impeachment. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he has not ruled out voting to convict donald trump during that senate trial upcoming. as for the president himself, naturally, he's casting about for who to blame. at the moment, rudy giuliani, his longtime attorney and i guess pr guy, is becoming the
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fall guy. spoiler alert, our reporting is that trump does not want to pay him. president trump is still debating who to dole out more pardons to. >> really, the major questions this morning are, what happens in the senate now? what does donald trump do now? what does joe biden do now? and what do we know about the scope, depth, and planning of the attack and the safety of the inauguration next week? on that last point, developing this morning, a new intelligence poll warns that domestic extremists are likely more emboldened now. online chatter is, quote, off the charts. the federal law enforcement official tells cnn that the evidence uncovered so far suggests that the siege at the capitol was planned. we have new -- brand-new video of all of this to show you. the fbi says it has received tens of thousands of tips, including some that appear to show members of congress with individuals who later showed up at the insurrection. we'll start with cnn's sunlen serfaty live on capitol hill, where some time soon, there will be a senate trial of donald
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trump, but at that point, we will no longer call him president, sunlen. >> that's exactly right, john. and capitol hill is essentially now gearing up for this next step in this whole process. the senate trial of president trump. this after that historic day up here on capitol hill yesterday. the house making president trump the first president to be impeached twice. >> announcer: inside the u.s. capitol, now protected by armed national guard troops -- >> the ayes are 232, the nays are 197. >> reporter: the house voting to impeach president trump for the second time, exactly one week after a pro-trump mob stormed the building in a deadly riot. >> he must go. he is a clear and present danger to the nation that we all love. >> reporter: house democrats explaining why they believe trump should be charged with incitement of insurrection. >> donald trump is a living, breathing impeachable offense.
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if inciting a deadly insurrection is not enough to get a president impeached, then what is? >> every one of us in this room right now could have died. >> reporter: and in a rare bipartisan move, ten house republicans joining them. >> my vote to impeach our sitting president is not a fear-based decision. i am not choosing a side. i am choosing truth. >> last week, there was a domestic threat at the door of the capitol. and he did nothing to stop it. that is why with a heavy heart and clear resolve, i will vote "yes" on these articles of impeachment. >> reporter: house minority leader kevin mccarthy voting against impeachment, but saying this about the president's role in the riot. >> the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack on congress by mob rioters. he should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. >> reporter: trump's fate is now in the hands of the senate, and majority leader mitch mcconnell made clear his trial will not start until after
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president-elect joe biden begins his term. mcconnell, who has said he thinks impeachment will separate trump from the gop, has told republican colleagues he's undecided on conviction. the president is still taking no responsibility for the attacks on the u.s. capitol. and did not mention impeachment in a video statement posted by the white house. but capitol hill democrats think trump should be held accountable. >> though the intent and his actions can be presented very quickly to the united states senate, i hope republicans will join in convicting him. >> biden stressing it's crucial for congress to multitask in the weeks ahead, writing in a statement, quote, i hope that the senate leadership will find a way to deal with their constitutional responsibilities on impeachment while also working on the other urgent business of this nation. >> we can both do the trial as well as get the work of the nation done simultaneously. >> and the focus now shifts, of course, to the senate
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impeachment trial and the big question is where mitch mcconnell stands. does he support conviction or not. a source telling cnn mcconnell is keenly aware of this moment in history. >> this morning, "the new york times" is reporting that the president is still telling people he won the election. the video he released overnight, the ones his aides had to cajole him to release, he did not admit defeat, but he did ask his supporters to remain peaceful. joe johns at the white house with how this came to pass and what we can expect today. >> reporter: a second impeachment on the books. the president buttons it up by essentially telling his supporters in a video to stop the violence, but there's just so much the president did not say. he did not talk about all the lies he told to rile up his supporters, which led to the violence up on capitol hill.
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he didn't talk about losing the election, didn't talk about joe biden, didn't talk about the transfer of power that's expected next week. one source telling cnn that the president is essentially in self-pity mode right now, blaming others for the situation he's put himself in. this is essentially in many ways the state of denial we've seen from the president since he lost the election. one adviser telling cnn that at the end of it all, it came crashing down because he could never tell the truth. this will be the story you tell your kids when you lecture them about telling the truth. we're also told the president has told people to stop paying rudy giuliani his legal fees. that's potentially unfortunate, because there's some suggestion rudy giuliani will be involved in the president's trial for the impeachment up on capitol hill. it's not clear if the president
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is entirely serious about that, but what is clear is that the president blames giuliani as well as others for not defending him enough. we're also told that the latest batch of pardons from the president could come down as early as today, even though people have asserted to the president, it's not a good idea for him to pardon himself or members of his family. the indication is, the president would like to exercise his power to the extent possible now that we're down toward the end. back to you. >> isn't rudy giuliani kind of exhibit "a" in whatever trial happens anywhere? he's the person who encouraged trial by combat. seems like he will be part of whatever trial is coming up. joe, thank you very much, for all of that. joining us now, cnn political analysts, david gregory and rachael bade. rachael is a reporter for
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politico. david, i'm having a hard time imagining what's next. a senate trial for a former president. how long would this last? who would the witnesses be? there's skads of evidence of people like rudy giuliani and president trump inciting people to violence. but as you, i think, have pointed out last night, i heard, that mitch mcconnell is not doing joe biden any favors by kicking the can down the road. joe biden needs to be laser focused on the pandemic and getting us out of that. and now a senate trial, too? >> i just think it's really hard to maintain the momentum for this. in this world we're living in, especially in trump world, these news cycles move so quickly and attention changes so quickly, to move into a biden administration and to be pursuing a trial seems hard. i mean wing you said it, you know, for joe biden, there is still a pandemic that's killing people all over the world. he's got to address that.
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he's got to address the economy. he wants to lower the political temperature. the idea of looking backward without full bipartisan support. look, i think the vote was extremely significant yesterday, not just because it made history, but because there were ten republicans. because republicans did not whip up the vote to impose impeachment. it was a strong statement, even if some -- most republicans didn't think impeachment was the right answer. but if the goal to move forward comes down to, and this is what may fortify democrats. if it comes down to the potential to convict and then add on to that the idea of barring trump from ever pursuing office again, democrats may want to go for it. republicans, some of them, at least, may want to go for it. that is what mitch mcconnell has been suggesting. but i just think, combination of a new president, the fact that you don't have the republicans to convict.
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it seems difficult to move forward. >> they don't have a choice. at this point, once you've impeached and you send the articles over to the senate, there has to be a trial. so it's going to happen. the trial will happen. the question is, how, rachael? what are we going to see? what's your reporting on that? >> i mean, they could vote to dismiss right away. i mean, if -- there was some talk last weekend privately amongst some moderate republicans and democrats about appealing to president-elect joe biden to call for unity and put this aside after the impeachment vote. now, i'm skeptical that will happen, because, again, there is a desire for accountability. but i do think what this speaks to is this sort of debate happening, and as democrats are taking power in the senate, how do they balance this need for this accountability with this desire, frankly, to put trump in the rearview mirror? i mean, a senate trial can last from i mean, in history, we've seen it last from anywhere between 21 days and 83 days. and that's a long time with
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biden wanting to do another covid relief bill. he wants to get his cabinet confirmed. the reality is, it's very hard to quote bifurcate an impeachment trial while also doing the work of getting a new administration up and running. that's something that joe biden has floated. but technically, we'll have to see if they can really do that. because as you remember, impeachment trials suck up 24/7 the news and the energy and, you know, obviously, biden wants to get his people in place. but, but, again, there's this opportunity right now, if they can convict and get 67 republicans and democrats, they can put trump away for good and keep him from ever running for office again. and i think that's what mcconnell was specifically mentioning, when he talks about privately wanting to use this to potentially, you know, get rid of trump and move on with the republican party to a next phase. >> i mean, david, part of the problem is it was so bad what
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happened on wednesday, what we all witnessed, the violence, heinous acts of violence. officer brian sicknick is dead. five americans are dead. i mean, look at this! just, it was just so astounding yesterday, david, to hear people like congressman jim jordan say, where's the evidence? i don't know, maybe it's all the trump flags, the trump hats, the hand-to-hand combat that we're watching here. i mean, it looks like scenes out of the civil war, frankly. there was a confederate flag in the background a second ago. it's insane what happened on wednesday. and so, there is a feeling of, okay, so a second impeachment, is that enough for what brought all of this on? >> yeah, it's a good question. and i think a lot of people agree with that. and it's a tricky time to seek that ultimate accountability. you know, this is why -- two things that i think are important. is the president going to try to
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pardon himself? there's no question that he'll face legal jeopardy. that's the only thing that's gotten him moving, making these other videos, trying to act like an adult, way too late to try to quell the violence. the other piece of it is what happens between now and the inauguration. the capitol is on a war footing. statehouses are on a war footing. our intelligence apparatus, fbi, police chiefs around the country are preparing for more violence. it's a very tense time. my hope is that that showawaren hardening of all of these targets means there will not be an incident, but we don't know and we have to be prepared for the worst. i think that will denser what happens next, as well. but this is, it's just, it's tricky. we've never been in this situation before. where you're trying to get some accountability. the only -- the bright spot about yesterday, if i can add another one, is that i think that this jim jordan chorus of,
3:14 am
hey, i think what democrats are doing is illegitimate because they've always wanted to go after the president, i don't think that holds water for most people. >> if that's bright side, yes, if it doesn't hold water, that is a bright side. >> i'm looking for a little bit of bright side. >> the fact that there were adult human beings making that argument on the floor of the house, not so bright in some ways. literally and figuratively. >> not so bright. right. but i'm saying that was more muted than it was certainly the last time. >> rachael, there are some concrete decisions that need to be made in this trial if they don't vote to dismiss. number one, will chuck schumer who will be running the senate and do the house managers want to call witnesses? what types of witnesses do you expect to see? it could people that suffer during the insurrection or it could be georgia secretary of state brad raffensperger -- >> nailed it! >> i've been preparing for days to say that out loud. what's the plus/minus? what's the advantage of these types of witnesses? >> you know, the other thing about a senate trial, not just
3:15 am
to convict trump and potentially keep him from running for office, but there are millions of americans who believe this lie that president trump has told that he won the election and that the election was stolen. if they're going to have a trial, i think democrats and, you know, republicans who want to get trump in the rearview mirror, if thaur ey're going to this, they really do need to do it. they've got to call in witnesses, they've got to have evidence. tell the story. the full story. there are americans, again, who voted for the president and who still believe these lies. so there is an opportunity here, if they end up doing a trial, to really lay everything out and tell the story in perhaps a bipartisan way. a lot of the managers that pelosi has selected are people who have been calling for impeachment for a long time. it will be interesting to see if they call republican witnesses, as you just said, republicans who, you know, have something to offer, whether they were being pressured by trump to try to swing the election toward him,
3:16 am
or, you know, republicans who were sitting in the chamber and seeing their lives threatened. those are the types of witnesses that can potentially be moving for this large group of trump supporters, who are still out there, and believe these lies. and so beyond voting to, you know, convict and can they really get that conviction to keep trump from office ever again? there is something else here. and that is sort of changing the hearts and minds of this trump following or these trump supporters or people who don't know what to believe. so i think, you know, these are questions i don't know the answer to, who are they going to bring in on witnesses, are they going to do an extended trial. but these are things they'll have to weigh. again, like we've talked about before, there is a desire to move on, too. and there are arguments on all of these different sides. it will be sort of interesting to see what biden and chuck schumer and pelosi decide. >> and i don't want to be debbie downer -- >> can i get one comment -- >> hold on. that the president's chosen
3:17 am
information networks yesterday were not providing much coverage of the impeachment. and so i'm not sure that the people who need to hear the truth, as you were saying, rachael, will hear it during a senate trial, because i'm not even sure they would provide coverage. david, i'm sorry, we're out of time. hold that thought and we will talk to you as soon as possible. >> we're going to talk to him right after the break. david's back right after the break. >> that's sooner than i thought, david. that's fantastic. another round of pardons could be announced as soon as today, as president trump tries to distract from that his second impeachment, we have cnn's brand-new reporting to share with you next. rapid tone repair 20 percent pure vitamin c. a serum so powerful dark spots don't stand a chance. see what i mean? neutrogena® cell phone repair. did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote.
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new this morning, multiple sources tell cnn that donald trump could issue another round of pardons, a new round of pardons, as early as today. what does this all mean? back with us, as promised, david gregory. also with us, cnn legal analyst, e elie honig, a former federal prosecutor. elie, part of the reason for these pardons, donald trump wants a shiny object, wants
3:22 am
people to focus on something else. what we're all curious about, will he pardon himself, his son, rudy giuliani? all people implicated, who could face serious legal prosecution for inciting the mob that invaded the capitol. your take? >> john, with respect to the distraction point, let's just all agree not to be distracted. if he issues a bunch of really offensive pardons. we need to talk about them, it's important, but the real thing that really matters here is what went down at the capitol and the consequences of that. with respect to these pardons themselves, the kind of pardons you just laid out, they will backfire in a couple of ways. first of all, there is going to be a senate impeachment trial in all likelihood very soon. if the president abuses his power through an abuse of the pardon power, that very much could color the way that the senators look at the president and it could influence some of the verdicts. second of all, it will motivate state prosecutors who are not covered by a pardon to dig in and investigate. and third of all, back when i worked at the justice department, we used to say,
3:23 am
don't pull the lion's tail. the justice department is already on record that a self-pardon in their opinion is not valid and binding. i don't think you want to go down that road. >> if president trump pardons himself for inciting the violence at the capitol today and there's a senate trial and he's convicted, does the pardon negate that conviction? >> it does not negate the impeachment. a president cannot unimpeach himself or unimpeach anybody else. >> but can't he un-convict himself. >> he can prevent himself. if a self-pardon is valid and constitutional, which dwwe don' know. if the president says, i pardon myself for anything relating to the capitol riot. either the doj charges him, they'll tell us whether a self-pardon is valid. or if doj does nothing about it, that's where the pardon stands. duh don't give the doj a reason to challenge your self-pardon.
3:24 am
>> and you can't pardon a senate conviction. a senate conviction is beyond the power of any pardon completely. david, first of all , there was somethinged up to say before the break. another claim you brought up, the president's continued claim that he won the election, which is why it's important to point out "the new york times'" reporting, that as recently as tuesday, he was telling people, i won, i won the election. if he continues to say that, to what extent does that undercut whatever other sounds he's making out of his mouth about the peaceful transfer of power? >> it undercuts everything and it's a really important point to bring up this morning. i think that's the overriding issue in the impeachment drive. we cannot be a mature, functioning democracy if we have political leaders at the highest level, at the presidential level who seek to attack and invalidate our elections. it just doesn't work.
3:25 am
every four years, one party or the other could launch this assault, metaphorically, against our election and then lead to what this was, which was an attack by one branch of government on another, that was a bloody attack. that's not what democracy is about, and it's why the liz cheneys are so important. this statement of conscience, saying, this is bigger than trump. we cannot abide by this. the one thing i was going to raise about a potential impeachment trial that may be significant is, to what extent is donald trump is president culpable for the incitement? and what was planned in advance? i think learning more about what was put in motion, who was responsible for that, is very important, from a law enforcement perspective, to understand the section of violent people that we have in the country, who want to bring that violence to capitols or to any level of government. >> and in fact, that's what the
3:26 am
doj said in their long-awaited press conference. they said, basically, when we learn more, when we see what they know about what was going on in there, that we will be shocked, i think, is the word that they used. and yet, yesterday, you heard people like congressman jim jordan and others saying, i don't see any evidence. i mean, let me just play for you, because it was so -- the audacity of what they tried to claim. the same people who were, of course, hiding in the capitol under chairs for their lives. so here was yesterday. >> they impeach the president of the united states for saying peacefully and patriotic, make your voices heard. >> the president didn't incite a riot, the president didn't lead an insurrection. and there are no high crimes and misdemeanors requisite of an impeachment. >> you know congressman arrington, just because you say so, doesn't make it true. so somehow he missed the evidence and just to remind people, here's a little taste of
3:27 am
the evidence of the incitement. >> today is the day american patriots start taking down names and kicking ass! >> if we're riot, a lot of them will go to jail. so let's have trial by combat! >> you'll never take back our country with weakness. we fight. we fight like hell. >> are they going to have any problem presenting evidence at a senate trial? >> alisyn, this case is a prosecutor or an impeachment manager's dream. the evidence is clear as the clips we just saw. the evidence is, the president's tweets. the evidence is the videotapes of the statements made to the crowd. the evidence is the videotapes of what's in the capitol. and i think, if i'm in charge of putting this impeachment on, we used to say another old prosecutor saying, thin to win. keep your case clear, concise, and credible. get it in, get it done. i don't know that the american public has an appetite for
3:28 am
anotherm month-long trial. i could try this thing in a week. >> our thanks to both of you this morning. on the subject of new evidence, new evidence uncovered by federal investigators reveals that the attack on the u.s. capitol was planned. we've got this new information for you, next. ar battery is now even more powerful. the stronger, lasts-longer energizer max. did you know that some aluminum-free deodorants only mask odor? secret aluminum free helpser, eliminate odor lasts-longer instead of just masking it. and is made with 3x more odor fighters. with secret, keep it fresh every day. secret. start the year smiling at aspen dental where new starts happen, every day. get exceptional care at every step, unparalleled safety at every visit, and flexible payment options for every budget.
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developing this morning, a new intelligence bulletin warning that the attack on the u.s. capitol will likely motivate extremists to commit more violence and that online chatter is, quote, off the charts. this as cnn has learned that federal investigators have uncovered evidence that leads them to believe that the capitol siege was planned. cnn's jessica schneider is live in washington with more. what have you learned, jessica? >> video continues to emergency that shows many of these rioters had an intimate knowledge of the layout of the capitol and they came armed with tools and weapons to force their way in. so prosecutors are now looking at all of this to determine how
3:33 am
the attack was planned and organized, and they're also following the money for clues. and this as we've learned fbi director chris wray gave a briefing to law enforcement officials across the country on wednesday, warning violent domestic extremists still pose the most significant threat next week at the inauguration. >> reporter: a federal law enforcement source tells cnn that surveillance footage indicates the domestic terror attack on the capitol last week was not just a protest that spiraled out of control. >> look, there's no doubt that there were at least some conspiracies, people wandering around exercising their first amendment rights don't bring ropes and ladders and sledge hammers to a spontaneous event. this was a planned assault, as if going after a castle. >> reporter: the tactics and weapons seen on surveillance video suggest a high level of planning went into the attack, the law enforcement source says. some attend yees of donald trums speech left the rally early, possibly to retrieve items to be
3:34 am
used in the attack on the capitol. law enforcement officials are following the money to rye to piece together the money of the events of january 6th. >> we're looking at everything. money, travel records, looking at disposition, movement, communication records. >> officials are also investigating reports that groups of people received tours from members of congress the day before the attack. investigators stress that does not mean any members of congress are under investigation. more than 30 house members have called on the sergeant at arms and capitol police to investigate what one house democrat is calling a reconnaissance mission. >> no one is above the law, not the president, not his attorney, and certainly not any member of congress. if any member of congress incited the insurrection or gave inside information, the fbi should investigate them and if prosecutors looking at the facts and say they should be charged, they should be charged. >> new video shows chilling communication efrforts at the ed of the insurrection. >> hey, guys, i've been in the other room. listen to me. in the other room on the other
3:35 am
side of this door, right here, there is a glass that if somebody -- if it's broken, you can drop down into a room underneath it. so, people should probably coordinate together if you're going to take this building. >> reporter: more have been arrested on charges related to the attack, including two off-duty virginia police officers. they posted a photo from inside the capitol and had htheir firs court appearance wednesday. this man who wore a sweatshirt that read camp auschwitz has been charged with entering the capitol without permission. and olympic gold medallist klieg keller has been charged with his involvement in the insurrection after investigators say he was photographed in the capitol wearing a team usa jacket. and looking ahead to january 20th, the national guard has upped its troop count to more than 20,000, and multiple defense officials tell cnn that the guard expects that explosive devices could be a threat.
3:36 am
now, because of these concerns, president-elect joe biden has now decided not to take the amtrak train from delaware to washington next week as originally planned. and of course, alisyn, that upends what has been a decades-long tradition for joe biden. >> that is a shame, but, safety over tradition at the moment. jessica, thank you very much for all of that. so why did investigators miss key warning signs about the attack on the capitol? one expert on pro-trump extremists saw this attack coming weeks ago. he joins us with what he saw, next. (announcer) carvana's had a lot of firsts. 100% online car buying. car vending machines. and now, putting you in control of your financing. at carvana, get personalized terms, browse for cars that fit your budget, then customize your down payment and monthly payment. and these aren't made-up numbers. it's what you'll really pay, right down to the penny. whether you're shopping or just looking. it only takes a few seconds, and it won't affect your credit score. finally! a totally different way to finance your ride. only from carvana.
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cnn can report that federal investigators have uncovered evidence leading them to believe that the attack at u.s. capitol was planned, not some spontaneous riot. our next guest studies online extremist chatter of pro-trump supporters and he saw this coming a month ago. joining us now, aria kofler, who studies extremism on social media. great to have you here. it's amazing what you were able to see that somehow
3:41 am
investigators missed. you wrote on december 21st, okay, weeks before this insurrection, you tweeted, on january 6th, armed trumpist militias will be rallying in d.c. at trump's orders. it's highly likely that they'll try to storm the capitol after it certifies joe biden's win. i don't think this has sunk in yet. yeah, it hadn't sunk in. what did you see that allowed you to know this? >> well, the first thing that's important to remember is that all of these people, by chi mean, a very significant portion of the american public, maybe the majority of trump's base, a absolutely convinced that president trump won the election. and not just that he won it, but that he would be revealed as the winner in some way. because they believe that donald trump is incredibly wise and
3:42 am
therefore, he knew that the democrats would cheat and that therefore he would have a plan. so that's where these people start. and the last possible day that they could keep clinging to that fantasy was going to be january the 6th. up until then, they could always say, maybe tomorrow this could happen, maybe tomorrow the courts, maybe tomorrow the legislatures. on january the 6th, that fantasy was going to be proved to be a fantasy. the congress was going to need to count the votes and they were going to be angry. so when the call was put out by president trump to come to d.c., they thought this was their mission. the only thing that would make sense, why would president trump summon us to d.c. unless we're there to stop the count. >> yes. i mean, this is very interesting, arieh, what you say, because they, according to you, parse his words to within like a syllable. i mean, as though he's some oracle, and they listen for
3:43 am
exactly what he says and what he doesn't say. and so when he said, "be there on january 6th," that was like a call to arms, obviously, as you can see, how many people turned up. so now, because you study this, tell us what we need to expect this weekend. and for joe biden's inauguration. what are they saying now? >> so, i think the mass event that we saw on january the 6th was in some sense, unique, because president trump was calling for it, supporting it, and because, you know, the various institutions around donald trump and his campaign were trying to make it happen. without that, i think we will see something significantly smaller in the coming days. inside these pro-trump forums, there's a lot of confusion right now. they really thought donald trump was going to win. until really a few days ago, they haven't had months to process the election results. and they don't understand what's supposed to happen next. they saw this video from the
3:44 am
president last night, and they -- they're not sure. they think maybe he's warning them to stay in their homes, because the military is going to conduct a coup for him. there were some people who were even going as far as to pass his hand movements, and this hand signal a couple of times. and some of them think that's morose code. >> they thought maybe he was signaling the letter "q," maybe the letter. you can't really do morose code with your hands, so i don't really understand the theory. but right now, there's a lot of confusion that there were even some parts of the trump base, the most extreme, who are angry at him, because they think, of course, if president trump knew that there were going to be cheating, why couldn't he stop it. how could he possibly leave office and abandon us? my sense is that there's not going to be anything like an
3:45 am
event of the size or scale in the inauguration or in the days running up to it. and i think what we're -- sorry, go ahead. >> well, only -- we hope you're right, we hope you're right. and you seem to know more than so many investigators did. and so i suggest that everybody follow you on twitter, because, again, you track this stuff and it's really interesting to hear the just complete cognitive dissidence that these extremists have having today after everything that's happened over the past few days. thank you very much, arieh. i really appreciate all of your information this morning and we'll talk again. >> thank you for having me. we have new data on what would be the first one-shot coronavirus vaccine in america. how effective is it? when will it be available? more simplicity with the what's in your fridge? recipe feature. and more motivation with on-demand workout classes. the new myww+. don't pay until spring! your first three months are free! before discovering nexium 24hr don't pay until spring! to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine
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3:49 am
overnight, the u.s. reported 3,848 new deaths from coronavirus. the cdc now forecasts another 92,000 americans will die in just the next three weeks. that averages out to more than 4,000 a day.
3:50 am
joining us now is dr. carlos del rio, the executive associate dean of the emory school of medicine. doc, thanks so much for being with us. the news about the deaths is horrifying, just horrifying, and it is hard to get your arms around. one of the things long-term that we need to do in order to turn this around and it won't happen in weeks, is get more people vaccinated. president-elect joe biden speaks to the country tonight about his plans to accelerate the vaccinations, and by that i mean, actually getting shots in people's arms. he's promised 100 million vaccinations in his first hundred days, but at this point, there's a lot of skepticism around the country from state officials and from people actually doing the vaccinations that this can happen. how do you see it? >> i think it's going to be hard, but i think it's also doable. and as we say, we must do it. the only way we can start decreasing mortality and decreasing hospitalizations, john, is really by vaccinating people. it's not going to be immediate,
3:51 am
but if we don't vaccinate the number of people that president-elect biden is suggesting, we are not going to get that. and i would say even a million day, which is what he is proposing, is low. we need to shoot for higher goals. we need to shoot for 2.5 to 3 million people a day. i know it is going to be hard, but with resources and ingenuity, we can do it. >> look, dr. del rio, we all admire your aspirational goals of 3 million a day, but we can't even do a million a day. 30 million dose have said distributed right now. in a dream world, 30 million doses would have been administered. but 10 million have. as you well know, that is half of what the trump administration promised and projected would have happened by the end of december. and so just to get to joe biden's goal of a million a day, what has to happen. how can states make that happen? >> i think they're going to need to do -- first of all, they're going to need resources. so second, they're going to need
3:52 am
to have very innovative plans. in other words, we've got to get our health care system. i'm excited to see disneyland. i'm excited to see, for example, in new york, at the mets statement. we need to go emory university, my employer, has been doing im immuno immunoizations and in the first weekend, they immunized over 1,000 people. we need too this massive campaign and we need to do something in africa it's called task shifting. we need to take the task of the doctor or the nurse and instead of having them immunize, move it down to other people. move it down to medical students and nursing students and recruit them, be open 24/7, work on weekends, and if we do that, we'll get to where we need to get to. >> very quickly, johnson &
3:53 am
johnson, which has a single-dose vaccine, is reporting 90% efficacy in producing an immune response, or an immune response in 90% of participants. what would the response be in having a single-dose vaccine. >> that would be a game changer. some of the challenges we have right now is some people are getting the first shot while some people are coming in for the second shot. having a single-dose vaccine will be a game changer. all of us are looking forward to seeing the results of the phase iii johnson & johnson study, which we're saying will be available probably some time in january. if phase iii shows s efficacy a high as that, we have something that will revolutionize the way we can immunize against covid. >> dr. del rio, thank you, as always, for being with us this morning. >> thank you. we have new information just into cnn about who will perform at joe biden's inauguration. we will tell you the big-name stars, next.
3:54 am
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3:58 am
ceremony for the 46th president of the united states at the u.s. capitol. lady gaga will sing the national anthem. she has a history of activism, campaigning for biden during the election. and lopez will also give a musical performance. she has used her voice during the pandemic to speak out against the disproportionate toll on communities of color. an all-star lineup, to be sure. let me make this one personal plea when it comes to inaugurations. there is a history of some performers lip syncing at the inauguration. i hope that doesn't happen. >> lady gaga doesn't lip sync. >> in 2012, beyonce,, you know -- i'm just saying, lady gaga and j.lo, i'm dying to hear your voice live. >> first of all, don't dislip s syncing, you know it's the only thing i can do. >> here's praying you're not going to do it at the inauguration. i do it every day, john. yes, i am going to do it at the inauguration, number one. and number two, obviously, these are megasuper stars. >> do it live. >> i do lip sync live.
3:59 am
no one wants to hear the actual singing voice. >> not yours! lady gaga's, i do! >> you're back to lady gaga. >> please, do it live. both of you have lovely voices. "new day" continues right now. >> trump made history as the only president ever to be impeached twice. this time on a bipartisan vote in the u.s. house. >> there was a domestic threat at the door of the capitol and he did nothing to stop it. >> this was a vote of conscience. this is where my conscience led me. >> he's in self-pity mode. he feels like not enough people have come out to defend him. >> people wandering around, exercising their first amendment rights don't bring ropes and ladders and sledge hammers to a spontaneous event. this was a planned assault. >> more protection than protesters here now outside of the united states capitol. >> this is "new day," with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day," so what happens now. what happens to the
4:00 am
twice-impeached social media pariah, soon-to-be former president of the united states, who according to "the new york times" is still telling people "i won the election." what happens with the senate trial? what does trump do next? what does joe biden do next? what do we know about the scope and depth of the attack on the u.s. capitol? we have new reporting on all of this morning. the senate trial after trump leaves off next week. house managers have not yet decided whether to seek witnesses or subpoena documents. overnight, joe biden urged lawmakers not to let the trial get in the way of doing the crucial work of fighting the pandemic. ten house republicans did vote in favor of trump's impeachment, that's ten more than last time. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he has not ruled out voting to convict trump and there are new developments as to how many republican senators feel the same way. >> also developing this morning, a new intelligence bulletin warns that domestic extremists are likely more emboldened to carry out attacks after the insurrection a


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