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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 8, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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five or less of terrible presidents. >> the trouble is, though, in a different information bubble, with still the vast majority of republicans based on public polling he's a great president despite the facts. that's the alarming reality. david gergen, jeremy diamond, much to discuss in the coming days. thank you for joining us now. the headline there, the president has said he will not attend the inauguration of his duly elected successor, joe biden on january 20th. thank you for joining me today, i'm jim sciutto. "newsroom" with kate bolduan will start right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. hello everyone, i'm kate bolduan thank you for joining us. things are moving very fast this morning. just moments ago, president trump announced that he made -- announced that his plans for the inauguration are official, tweeting out he will not be
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attending joe biden's inauguration. this is coming just less than 24 hours after a violent mob, egged on by president trump, stormed the u.s. capitol over the election. and today, congressional democrats are signaling that they could be moving to impeach the president in just days. next hour, house democrats are going to be holding a conference call to discuss their next move, which could include beginning impeachment proceedings as long as the middle of next week. but with only 12 days until joe biden's inauguration, do they have time? if this would happen, donald trump would become the first president in the united states to be impeached twice. how is that going to play out? how that is going to play out is still very much in the air. but what is clear is that the president is losing more support from more probabrepublicans aft this. two republicans are telling cnn that they would consider voting for impeachment if the articles seemed reasonable.
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and the president's cabinet has been discussing invoking the 25th amendment to remove him from office. but also that vice president mike pence is unlikely to pursue the option. but more than a dozen trump officials have resigned, including two cabinet secretaries, transportation secretary and education secretary. within the last hour, cnn also learned that white house counsel, pat cipollone is considering resigning. a lot going on. it's clear the pressure on the president is mounting today and all of those who egged on what became a riot. let's begin with the breaking news. john harwood is at the white house. manu raju is at capitol. john what are you hearing from the announce from the president that he will not be attending the inauguration. >> reporter: kate, i think the pressure you referred to brought to bear on donald trump from his aides within the white house, cabinet members, republicans on
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capitol hill, democrats on capitol hill, all of that is beginning to bring some clarity, reduce to some extent the uncertainty about these remaining days. obviously we got the video last night where the president acknowledged he wouldn't be president after january 20th. that is something his supporters needed to hear. specifically those people who stormed the capitol the other day, but many more people. and now the president has said he will not attend the inauguration. that will come, i believe, as a relief to the biden team, because everyone would have been bracing for whatever spectacle the president might cause at the event itself. likely leaves mike pence to represent the outgoing administration. again, i think this is simply the president feeling the heat, responding to the heat, and it is -- we're all aware the president can change his mind at
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a moment's notice and he tweeted shortly before the tweet at the inauguration that his 75 million voters are going to have a giant voice going forward, as he put it. but obviously his voice, his stature has been diminished and the odds of a less eventful last 12 days appear to be going up. >> this announcement from the president i would like your take on what it means, how sincere he was on the video yesterday, he said my focus turns to a smooth, orderly, seamless transition of power. >> reporter: nothing he said in the video is sincere, that's not the question. the question is does he say the words that might quell to some degree the rage of his supporters. don't know if they will, but it's better for him to say the words than not say the words.
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that is a step forward from saying this is viciously stolen from me and with we have to stand up and fight. he acknowledged there needed to be a peaceful transition. does that reflect his actual state of mind, no. but aides and close family members browbeat him into doing that for a reason. and i think that is welcome for people who want to try to reduce the temperature of this situation. >> manu, when it comes to impeachment talks, what are you hearing right now? >> reporter: they're seriously considering it in the house. nancy pelosi i'm told is full steam ahead. she's angry at the president's actions. she believes he needs to be held accountable. she's pushing for vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment along with the cabinet to remove the president from office in an extraordinary manner. there's no indication that pence is going to move in that
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direction so democrats are planning to take matters in their own hands. i'm told there were a couple descenders last night but overwhelmingly democrats were on board pushing for a impeachment vote next week. and nancy pelosi has indicated she's willing to do that as well. the full democratic caucus is having a call in the next hour to discuss how to proceed. right now they're drafting the language for an impeachment resolution that would include an article of impeachment about inciting an insurrection. we'll see what else they can agree on but they can move this quickly to the house by next week. probably get enough support, they need a majority in the house, they have a house majority, the democrats do to get it pass, but will it go through an impeachment trial in the senate? that is the question. mitch mcconnell showing no indication he would move quickly to bring the senate back. they're out of session until january 19th. he wants to run out the clock
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until january 20th and not have to deal with the question. but that's something the republicans have to deal with in the days ahead. joining me is congresswoman deborah dingle. i want to get your reaction to what we learned from the president's twitter feed, he will not be attending the inauguration. >> i guess i have mixed reactions. it shows that he's not real about the smooth and orderly transition of government. but after he said that on wednesday night. what we saw on wednesday already showed he had zero commitment for good faith in those words. on the other hand, he won't be a distraction. the comments he continues to make, hearing about this democracy, it would have been goo good, i hope the american people know he decided not to
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participate in something every other president has done in the united states history but we won't be sidelined by his antics that day. >> more immediately, i'm very curious, your thoughts, because you're always very candid about this. how real is this move toward impeachment? >> i think it's very real in the house. i have talked to a lot of members. you know, i have -- i think it's complicated. i think that life isn't as crystal clear as everybody wants it to be. i would have preferred the 25th amendment. i think i had a number of conversations with people that are very worried about the president's behavior in the last few months that have seen a noticeable change in it, in the last few weeks. and we're all worried about the damage that the president can do in the 12 remaining days of this presidency. that's very really. i think a lot of americans -- i
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hoped that wednesday was a wakeup call to america about what is happening by the division of fear and hatred. but the democrats in the congress feel very, very strongly that president trump must be held accountable. and we have had the signals in the last 12, 14, 16 hours that vice president pence, who's critical to any exercise of the 25th amendment isn't interested in pursuing that. so democrats who do believe that this president needs to be held accountable are looking at that. i've talked to many of my colleagues who want to go that route. we'll have a caucus meeting, nancy is always very good about listening to her caucus and hearing what they want to do. but i think we're probably getting ready to go down that path next week. >> we heard from republican senator ben sasse this morning. he said that he would definitely consider, definitely consider it if it came over to the senate if the articles of impeachment were reasonable.
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what are you hearing from other republicans? >> so i've talked to a number of them. i think yesterday they were hopeful that it would not come to this, although i have to tell you very blunt, a lot of republicans are as worried as we are about the damage that could be done in the next 12 days. i think they would prefer to not be put on the spot about having to vote on impeachment, but i have had conversations today as it has become more real that this is the path that democrats are likely to go down. and there are a number of them who are -- you know, feel they're not going to have a choice but to support the impeachment. they're talking to each other. so it's a very challenging time for the congress. how do you hold somebody accountable for the damage they have done to our democracy? that is a real question. and how do you manage this without causing further division to this country?
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and still holding someone accountable -- >> your sensitivity to that, i think is very important and very interesting. because if it -- it would -- for him to be removed obviously it would need to go through -- it would need to happen in the senate. if there was no action in the senate on this, i'm curious if you think it is still worthwhile for the house to go down this path. i'm looking down at my email only because senator lindsey graham supporter of the president he posted on twitter that he thinks that impeaching the president would do more harm than good, he will not support impeachment, which i guess is no surprise as he says it would be unsuccessful in the senate. >> you know, i've heard -- i've not talked to any republicans in the senate, but i think the ben sasse statement today was a very significant and i think it's very significant that he is opening to censuring one of his republican colleagues for their
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behavior. i do believe that we need to hold our colleagues accountable for not inciting violence on the street. many people want to censure colleagues that have encouraged that kind of action as well. i do believe we have to figure out how to hold this president accountable and how we ensure there is no more damage to this country. what happened on wednesday has shaken people's core faith in our democracy, i think in many ways. i was very worried about what was happening that day prior to what happened happening. i said to me, we knew that joe biden was going to get elected that day, but were we putting a crack in the foundations of our democracy. and when the french president has to go and have a press conference in front of the american flag and say democracies are strong, america will survive this, that's what we do when we see a crisis in another country. we all have to participate in
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protecting our democracy. i do a daily blog, some days i wish i had never started because i have to do it every day, but i found a will rogers quote that he talks about democracies are very hard to preserve and that people that participate in them normally commit suicide. i'm not going to let that happen if that means we all to work. >> i know i'm keeping you too long, but quickly. if mike pence -- the thing we heard from nancy pelosi was, if mike pence doesn't act to remove the president, then we will, you know, move forward on impeachment. where's the deadline? when will you move forward, do you think? >> it's only 9 days left as of monday, so the notice will have to go out to leadership, i think the democratic caucus there will be a vigorous discussion on the path in which we go, but then if we're good to do this, if that's
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where the caucus wants to go, you will see something soon that will call the house back in next week. there's only nine days left, so you're limited in your time frame, ability to take that action. and at the same time, i think all of us are very focused, how do we make sure there isn't any other threat. >> congresswoman, thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up for us, new reporting on how white house aides convinced the president to release the scripted video he did last night, that concession. and what is being planned now at the white house for the final days of the trump administration? having the new myww+ to help me through this crazy time has been amazing. it has given me such a sense of control. the program puts everything you need for overall wellness all in one place. you don't have to give up your life to lose weight. you can still eat the foods that you love. i've lost over 90 pounds and i feel the best that i've ever felt. why would you wait to feel better, your time is now. myww+. more holistic.
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moments ago president trump announced that he will not attend joe biden's inauguration in just days. his tweet is following his attempt that somehow cleaning up his role in inciting the mob that stormed the capitol wednesday. this was something forced he make by his aides. they woarned him he could removd from office if he didn't do it. but the side by side of trump one day to the next is remarkable. here he is last night in that video we just discussed versus what he said as the violence was unfolding on capitol hill. >> to those who engage in the acts of violence and destruction, you do not represent our country. go home. we love you, you're very special. >> and to those who broke the law you will pay. >> we're going to the capitol.
8:20 am
we'll try and give them the kind of pride and boldness they need to take back our country. >> joining me right now is olivia troy, covid task adviser to vice president mike pence. thank you for coming in. should anyone trust that the president will -- forget he believes it but stick with this position condemning violence the next 12 days? >> no. there is absolutely no way that donald trump has had an apuffny and decided he is wrong about everything that has happened. he is the same person from when he was campaigning to the day he got elected to who he is today. and anyone using this as an excuse to get out of what has happened in this administration is delusional and wrong. >> you worked for vice president
8:21 am
mike pence on his team, there's a lot of talk of what moves will happen on capitol hill against the president here. what do you think mike pence should do here? >> i think he should invoke the 25th amendment. i think, you know, every day that passes is another day that this dangerous man sits in office, so he should convene the cabinet and have a serious discussion about what has happened and look in the mirror and do what's right for the country. if not, i believe this president should be impeached. >> i want to play for you what -- something that trump's former chief of staff, john kelly told jake tapper yesterday about the president. >> from a distance you have -- it's impossible to understand who he actually is. but when you work closely with him, you understand. he's a very, very -- he's a
8:22 am
very, very flawed human being. when you first meet or start working with him, in my case at least, no idea at the flaws. and when you start working for him and begin to understand how flawed he is, then it's a matter of staying in the job as long as you can stand it to try to prevent some disaster. i stood it as long as i could until i left. >> i'm wondering if that's how you see it, if you were with john kelly because you have a lot of people jumping ship now resigning after what happened on wednesday but a lot of people sticking with the president and what you see with the people around the president right now? >>, you know, donald trump's language and rhetoric has been consistent from his campaign days. this is a president who espoused
8:23 am
racist language, let's not forget that he called mexicans thugs and criminals. that is the same person who continued to speak this way while in office. he has enabled the culmination of movements as conspiracy theorists, like the qanon-ers, the far right, the proud boys. these movements existed and he enabled and empowered them. while i respect john kelly for sticking it out and trying to contain the chaos from within. i disagree. you can't go into this administration without eyes wide open when the president is true to himself and shows you every single day what he is. this is the same man. >> and 12 days left. olivia troy, thank you so much. appreciate your time. still ahead for us, beyond the president, who is to blame for the massive security breach
8:24 am
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new this morning following the deadly riots on capitol hill, attorneys are planning to launch a murder investigation into the death of a capitol hill police officer.
8:29 am
brian sicknick he died as a result of injuries sustained while engaging with the rioters on wednesday. house speaker nancy pelosi has ordered the flags at the capitol to be lowered to half staff in honor of officer sicknick. in a statement she said this in part, that the perpetrators of officer sicknick's death must be brought to justice. his death makes a total of five people now who have died because of the chaos that played out on the capitol on wednesday. in addition the chief of the capitol police is resigning his post. both the house and senate sergeants at arms are also resigning. the mobs have gone away but the threat here is not over. and that is a critical point as president-elect joe biden's inauguration is 12 days away. joining me right now is former secret service agent john
8:30 am
lackrow and former assistant district attorney ellie honag. this was a koe los sal security failure. we've heard from the highest levels there was a concern about the -- about the security situation ahead of the inauguration but also there is a level of confidence there could be a real attempt from what they tried to do on the capitol wednesday, they could try to do with the inauguration. how confident are you about the security situation with the inauguration? >> kate, hi. thank you for having me on. let me give a level of reassurance. the inauguration will be safe. that is a guarantee. having participated as a inauguration coordinator with the secret service in the past, i will guarantee that. i will guarantee the secret service with their law enforcement partners will have
8:31 am
the appropriate security plan in place predicated upon the current threat environment. so in terms of, you know, what's going to happen in the future for the inauguration, it will be safe. however, we have to look at what had happened two days ago at the capitol. this was a catastrophic breakdown in security. and it really needs to be looked at in two ways. first, the capitol police, there was an inability to respond to the acute shock of that moment. they were caught off guard. they were overwhelmed, self-admittedly. the second part of the problem is there are chronic issues with the physical security structure of the capitol. a lot of people have been trying to compare the white house and capitol hill. they're two different separate and distinct entities the way they're protected. so there are chronic issues there with physical security that the rioters were able to leverage easily to overcome
8:32 am
officers and, you know, essentially fermeant an insurrection on capitol hill. >> there's now a federal murder investigation into the capitol police officer's death. but in terms of where fault lies the acting u.s. attorney in d.c. was asked if they'll be looking at the role that president trump played in many inciting this riot and the u.s. attorney did not rule that out. let me play for you what he said. >> we're looking at all actors here, and anyone that had a role and the evidence fits the elements of a crime, they're going to be charged. >> what do you think of that? >> as a former prosecutor, kate. that statement makes me proud. that's how prosecutors and investigators should be approaching this situation. it doesn't matter who you are, how powerful you are, until a few days from now, you can't hide behind the powers of the presidency. so they absolutely should be
8:33 am
looking first and foremost at the people who directly, physically caused the death of this federal officer and the other people killed inside the capitol and other people who caused property damage, violated a number of statutes but also the president. the president needs to be investigated and does have real potential criminal liability for incitement for spurring people on, motivating people to go in there and commit these crimes. it's not an easy case to make but if you look at the words, the language he used, the way he urged people to do it but applauded them while they were doing it, after they did it. that leads me to believe that he knew exactly what he was getting into. >> congresswoman debbie dingle was on at the top of the show and she said she had mixed feelings about the fact that the president announced he's not attending joe biden's inauguration. does it change an assessment, if president trump would or would not be attending this event from
8:34 am
a security standpoint? >> it changes slightly. having the president there or not will only move the needle a little bit in terms of risk. the threat is really the followers, the people. the president didn't run up to capitol hill the other day, the people following his lead did that. so that is what law enforcement needs to focus in on and be keenly focused on the risk intelligence that's coming in on those groups. what are they doing, who are the organizers -- >> let's been honest, that might be the thing that failed the most ahead of capitol hill. >> absolutely. law enforcement failed in that. they didn't calculate the likelihood of this threat manifesting and miscalculated the vulnerabilities. they undercalculated the risk of this group and the level of violence they were going to
8:35 am
brill towar-- bring towards cap hill. >> coming up, for the first time the u.s. reports more than 4,000 deaths in a single day due to coronavirus. up next we have the new details on how the biden administration is planning to speed up the vaccine rollout across the country. is now a good time for a flare-up? enough, crohn's. for adults with moderate to severe crohn's or ulcerative colitis, stelara® can provide relief, and is the only approved medication to reduce inflammation on and below the surface of the intestine in uc. you, getting on that flight? back off, uc. stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection,
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in what would be a major change to the country's current
8:40 am
vaccine rollout, president-elect joe biden plans to release every available dose of the coronavirus vaccine when he takes office, instead of holding some in reverse. here is why they are looking to speeding things up. with 20 million doses promised in the first month we are now only at around 6 million shots administered at this moment. and the need for these shots could not be more critical. just look at the latest data, more than 4,000 deaths reported yesterday from coronavirus. it is a horrific milestone to pass. it's another record and it also comes as daily new cases, these new infections, they're hitting new peaks and the number of people in the hospital because of coronavirus is hitting new peaks as well. cnn national correspondent krist kristen holmes is joining us with details. what's the approach the biden administration is looking at. >> reporter: this would change the way the distribution is done. an official telling our colleague that the government
8:41 am
doesn't believe they should holding back any doses, they should be getting the shots into americans' arms instead. this is a big gamble. there's a reason why the trump administration has held them back. this is a two-dose vaccine and they want to ensure that every american who gets the first dose has a second dose to get. there's a finite amount of time here and all of the data we have seen shows that one dose is not effective. however, the biden administration and multiple health officials say they believe it's important to get the shots out there now and rely on production, pfizer, moderna we know they've been using the defense production act to get that done quickly so when the second doses come we have more and more pieces going. but despite the risk and gamble we are hearing praise from health officials. scott gottlieb tweeting this, this is a prudent move that will help expand covid vaccine access
8:42 am
to high risk patients at a time the pandemic is worsening and the vaccine can be an important backstop. waiting still, of course, to hear how exactly the biden administration plans to ensure that second dose but this would change things likely. >> very much would. scott gottlieb has been pushing for this move for quite some time. thank you very much for the reporting. joining me is one of the nation's governors in charge of rolling out vaccines in his state, kentucky's governor, andy bashir. what's your reaction to hearing this plan as my colleague laid out that the biden team is looking at? >> i think your colleague has it exactly right. we have to vaccinate as many people as quickly as possible to defeat this virus. we're losing people to it every day. our hospitals are filling up, cases are increasing in most parts of the united states and the vaccine is the most effective way that we cannot only help people now but ultimately defeat this virus.
8:43 am
she's also right in that we need some assurances that those second doses are going to believe there. i believe in following the cdc's and fda's approach of needing both shots, the original and the booster, and i believe we have to make sure those logistics aren't just turned over to the state but we know the second doses are coming. >> this is interesting. if the biden team would come in and release all of the doses and say, the new guidance is you need to get it in as many arms as possible, regardless of reserve. you as a governor are the person that makes the final call. you would still want to reserve a second shot without, you know, extending it the way they're talking about it? >> what we would do is we would certainly pick up the speed of our vaccinations and, in fact, that's happening right now. on monday, i expressed my displeasure with the speed that
8:44 am
it was going well all over the country but in kentucky too. at that time we vaccinated about 6,000 kentuckians. so we are building the infrastructure, building the plane while we're flying it and we're ready to vaccinate a lot more people and this would help us. statement we have to ensure that the second doses come, three weeks after for the pfizer vaccine, four weeks after for the moderna vaccine. so we would make sure if it's just sending them to the states that we are getting those second doses right around that time period. we have to hit that 95% effectiveness if we're going to truly defeat this virus this year and hopefully for good. >> what has been the hold up? what has kept you from getting more shots in arms? >> i think the federal government underestimated a lot of how we were going to get this vaccine out. i think they do the shipping
8:45 am
piece, the logistics just fine but you have to get them into people's arms which is a more time intensive endeavor than i think anyone anticipated. no dollars were provided to build up real infrastructure that's needed here. what we need in kentucky and really around the country are high volume and i think drive through vaccination points where you can vaccinate thousands of people every day. our drugstores, our pharmacies do a really good job but they are not set up for thousands upon thousands of vaccines. so this takes new infrastructure that we're having to build and that we have the dollars to build after we got the initial vaccine but we're going to get there. no excuses. we've almost doubled our vaccinations in the last three days and we're going to continue to pick up that pace. >> i read that one issue you've been having is the people in the priority groups have been turning down the vaccine.
8:46 am
if that is happening, do you want to move now to go past the first priority list? if people are turning them down are you ready to open it up to the general population to get shots? it's better to have someone who's willing than people not willing to get it in the priority group? >> what we have learned is the smaller the group you're providing the vaccine to the longer it takes because everybody knows there's one there waiting for them. and they don't schedule them as quickly as they need to. our priority now is to use 90% of the doses we receive within a week of receiving them. so we're telling our providers if you don't have enough in 1a in that very first group, you go to the next priority group. you make sure you hit that 90%. that has worked. even in the last thee days we see that clear instruction on getting it out as quickly as you can, even if you have to move to the next groups for a period of
8:47 am
time is certainly the way to go. look at who those next groups are, they're individuals for us over 70, which represents a large portion of the deaths we've seen in kentucky, they're our school administrators, teachers, bus drivers that will help us get our kids back in the classroom. and when we get to our 1c, they are people who have conditions that we need to get vaccinated because they are vulnerable. we have a chance here to stop the death. this climb in catastrophic level of death we see in this country, we have the tools to do it, we just have to get it out there and in people's arms. >> thank you for coming back on, governor. appreciate the update. >> thank you. coming up, a major break with tradition. president trump announcing he will not be attending joe biden's inauguration. we'll get to wilmington, delaware to get the reaction from the biden team next. more simplicity with the what's in your fridge? recipe feature. and more motivation with on-demand workout classes.
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♪ oh, we could be the stars ♪ falling from the sky ♪ shining how we want ♪ brighter than the sun oroweat bread. gathering, baking and delivering the goodness of nature... from one generation to the next and from seed to slice. ♪ this just in to cnn. in a new letter to house colleagues, speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, says that she spoke to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, mark milley this morning, and in her words to discuss available precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike.
8:53 am
the speaker of the house calling the chairman of the joint chiefs about that this morning. she called in this letter, called the president unhinged, said he could not be more dangerous at this moment. we'll continue to report on that. cnn has also learned this morning that the former presidents, obama, clinton, bush, all plan to attend joe biden's inauguration 12 days from now, that's likely not surprising, that is tradition. president trump tweeted last hour he will not be there, refusing to take part in this step to demonstrate peaceful transfer of power. jessica dean is in wilmington, delaware, following the biden transition. jessica, any reaction yet from what we heard from the president and from the biden team? >> reporter: we have not heard anything officially from the president-elect or biden team, no announcements or any sort of official comments on the case. it is really not surprising. often times biden and his team let trump's tweets be what they are.
8:54 am
we do expected to see the president-elect later when he announces new cabinet nominees. sometimes he takes questions at the events, we'll see if he does that, if he is asked about this. so far no official comment on this. this also comes as our sources are telling us, kate, that he has no appetite for the 25th amendment or talk of impeachment, said he wants to focus on getting an office and leave that to vice president pence, congress, and cabinet members. kate? >> jessica, talk to me about cabinet picks joe biden is introducing today. >> reporter: later today we're going to hear from his nominee for secretary of commerce, rhode island governor, boston mayor marty walsh, his nominee for labor secretary, isabel guzman for small business administrator. these are important as the biden/harris tries to wrap its arms around getting the economy on track, hand in hand with
8:55 am
getting coronavirus under control for sure. kate, expect to hear more about plans for that and what they plan to do moving forward to get more people back to work. they know it is critical as they assume office january 20th, kate. >> they get another bad sign of the economy that they'll be inheriting just this morning. jessica, thank you very much. sincerely appreciate it. still ahead, coming up, some republican lawmakers are now saying that they will consider voting for a second impeachment of president trump. he would be the first president in u.s. history to be impeached twice if this happened. will congress do this? will they have time to pull it off? we'll be back. keeping your oysters business growing
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welcome to viewers in the united states and around the world. i am john king in washington. thank you for sharing a busy news day with us. momentum building toward another impeachment confrontation. a critical call happening among house democrats who say president trump must be held accountable for inciting the capitol rioting that spiralled into a deadly insurrection. house speaker nancy pelosi says it would be best if the cabinet declared him unfit to finish his term but there's little sign that will happen. sources tell cnn the vice president is dismissive of suc