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tv   The Presidential Election Congress Counts the Vote  CNN  January 6, 2021 12:00pm-4:00pm PST

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side, on the other stairways as it is here. but these people clearly are em bold boemboldened, they don't feel a urgency to move, and the real question here, jake, is when is law enforcement going to show up in force to try to get these people out? we do know the mayor has instituted a curfew for 6:00 p.m., but that's a few hours from now. the question is when are they going to show up to try to move some of these people out? they may be trying to address the situation inside the capitol first before they move on these people, because we did see some washington metropolitan police show up, about 20 of them, a short time ago and they moved around to the side of the building, seemingly to try to go inside. they may be inside dealing with the situation inside before they move outside and deal with this. but these people don't show any inclination at all to move, and right now they're not being forced to move at all, jake. >> for months, the president and
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his supporters on capitol hill and maga media have been lying to the american people, lying to trump supporters about election fraud that did not happen. court after court ruled that there was no evidence of it. the states have certified the election. the electoral college met. the election is over. joe biden won, donald trump lost, and yet this is what he has unleashed. you cannot put the genie back in the bottle when you unleash it, especially one that is fueled and motivated by lies and unhinged conspiracy theories. wolf? >> you know, it's really sad, jake, that just a little while ago when the president was speaking over at that rally not far from the white house, he uttered these words. he said, we're probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them because you'll never take back our country with
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weakness, you have to show strength, and you have to be strong as he encouraged these protesters to walk down to the u.s. capitol, and now we see what's going on, something totally unprecedented here in the united states capitol. protesters not only taking over the outside of capitol hill but inside as well, and they're endangering, right now, a lot of people. kaitlan collins is covering all this at the white house. kaitlan, what else is going on? where is the president of the united states? >> reporter: right now, wolf, we are told he is sitting in the oval office. of course, he has only sent one tweet on the matter we're seeing on capitol hill right now, with his own supporters wearing his sweatshirts and waving his flags. he has not called on them to leave the buildings they have breached given what we see going on. these are reports of armed standoffs, breaking windows, going into the chambers where restrictions are in place and they have breached security. the president is sitting in the
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oval office right now and has not instructed his own supporters to get out of the buildings. he only put one tweet out respecting capitol hill police. clearly these people are not doing that given they have breached these barricades, and even his recently departed adviser is calling on him to do more. condemning now, donald trump? we should note, wolf, before all this happened, the vice president was there on the senate floor. we are told he's been vevacuate but his office has declined to say where he is and we have not seen him return to the office yet. the capitol is on lockdown. we're told the white house is in an elevated security posture, meaning you can still come and go but there are armed division officers with assault rifles patrolling the grounds at this
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moment. >> people are watching what's going on around the world right now, and they're seeing protesters not only in danger outside the capitol but inside as well. we're seeing this order that mayor bowser has put out ordering a 6:00 p.m. curfew, three hours from now. the office of the mayor says this. during the hours of the curfew, no person, other than persons designated by the mayor, shall walk, bike, run, loiter, stand, motor by car or any other transport any street, alley, park or any public place within the district. john, you and i have been in washington for a long time. this is unprecedented, it is dangerous and it is so, so embarrassing for the united states of america. >> right, and you watch, these hundreds of people, many of them, let's be clear, many staying back but still supporting what's going on
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inside the capitol and on the steps of the capitol building. the d.c. chief of police was out a little earlier. normally they work very well together with the park police, with the secret service, with the metropolitan police who are the d.c. city police. clearly something was missed here. this demonstration was planned. the mayor had asked for national guard implementation to protect areas of the city. this is under the jurisdiction of the united states congress and capitol police, and they often share resources. clearly the capitol police did not expect this to happen because they were not prepared to keep them off the steps, to keep them off the security barriers. there are a lot of trump supporters on twitter saying, this is our federal property. yes, there is, but there are security rules in place here for all americans. democrats, republicans, visitors from overseas. now you have this dangerous scene playing out, and it just reminds me, wolf, over the years of the different security changes we have seen. remember back in 1988 a gunman stormed through those doors and killed two capitol police
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officers. after 9/11 there were additional security changes but clearly the capitol police caught off guard here today. >> manu raju, you're inside. there is a total lockdown and a really dramatic picture, something i thought i would never see, but i want you to describe what is going on inside the u.s. capitol right now. >> reporter: absolutely stunning, wolf. a protester breaching the senate floor where the members of the senate were gathering, where they were debating, and actually on the senate floor. wolf, there is a picture you're showing right now, a picture of the house floor where there is an armed standoff on the house floor where you can see capitol police with their arms drawn, and members of congress ducking under their chairs there as an armed standoff was occurring. that was happening right where the house members were debating, where they were discussing whether to certify joe biden's
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electoral votes for arizona, and a protester, apparently an armed protester with scores of other protesters, just feet from where the leadership of the u.s. house were gathered, where the members, rank and file members, were debating and causes armed standoff, multiple capitol police officers with firearms in a deadly situation and trying to de-escalate the situation. we're told some time ago this armed standoff occurred. we're not sure exactly what's happening in the chamber right now. there is also a picture we saw of one of these protesters in the senate chamber himself sitting actually at the chair that mike pence, the vice president of the united states,
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one of the protesters was sitting in the chair during the floor debate, so you're seeing protesters breach and actually get on the senate floor. in the house side of the capitol, members ducking, taking cover, wearing gas masks as an individual outside the house chamber with multiple police officers and their firearms drawn just moments ago. hopefully the situation resolved itself in a peaceful manner, but you can see, wolf, how scary the situation is right now, and the fact that members of congress are being evacuated wearing gas masks, uncertain where this all leads. >> this is the united states congress and you see these law enforcement officers with their weapons pointing toward that window. it looks like it was smashed. pamela brown, you're getting more information from inside as well. >> reporter: i sure am.
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a law enforcement source tells me, wolf, there is an nypd officer inside the capitol building who called in distress, saying officer in distress inside the capitol building. this was around 15 minutes ago or so and that officer is asking for additional assets to be deployed to him inside the capitol building. this is an nypd officer inside as we're seeing these getty images right here, in distress asking for more help. saying, hey, we're getting overrun here by people coming in, anarchists, we need some more help. i spoke to this law enforcement source who said we are stretched very thin trying to hold back. we don't have enough people. that is a direct quote. we're stretched very thin. of course, i asked, wasn't the police prepared for this possibility? what i'm told from this local law enforcement source is that they are just outnumbered, that there are higher numbers than they had prepared for at this moment. but right now as we speak, they are working on getting additional law enforcement there inside the building as well to
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help. wolf? >> this is metropolitan police department working with capitol police, park police. based on your reporting, pamela, where is the u.s., the national guard, the d.c. national guard which had been activated by the mayor yesterday? >> reporter: that's the question as we look at these pictures outside the capitol building, where is the national guard? what we don't know is if d.o.d. had given that approval. i think our last reporting at last check, wolf, nancy pelosi had asked for them to come help. i don't have the direct answer for you right now in terms of where that request stands from d.o.d., but that is certainly a question. this is no surprise, in a sense, wolf, that we're seeing these crowds at the capitol building told. the president had been essentially calling on his supporters to do just this. of course, the way this is playing out is surprising, in large part because it is so out of control because law enforcement is essentially overwhelmed by the protesters
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there, wolf. >> and we were bracing for this yesterday, the day before, all over downtown washington, k street, every place else. all these buildings were being boarded up big time out of fear these protesters would get violent and there was enormous concern by the mayor muriel bowser, others, get ready, this is awful. who would have thought this was going on? we see these protesters. we don't know if they're armed or not armed. they're actually engaging in breaching the u.s. capitol and their inside. >> reporter: absolutely. we are seeing a coup attempt play out as we speak. it's a remarkable scene, wolf, and it's also remarkable that given what we've known was potentially going to happen, that basically the capitol police and other law enforcement, they have had to scramble in this last hour or so to try to get help. they needed more help, and it certainly raises questions as to
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why that wasn't there and readily available. but as i told you, my one law enforcement source i spoke to said, we are stretched thin. we do not have enough people. >> and i want to show our viewers that picture, what's going on in the senate. list look at this, john king. you and i have covered this for a long time. a protester is sitting there on the senate floor where normally the president of the senate, which happened to be the vice president a second ago, a protester is sitting there in the well of the u.s. senate, john. who would have believed we would see anything like this? >> there are sadly, wolf, someone who will find this funny or they will say it's just a prank. or they will say, look at this picture, no one in this picture is getting hurt, and that is true. but it's part of something that is bigger, that is dangerous. forgive me, we are a nation of laws. that's what the republican party says we are, a nation of laws, a nation of rules.
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this gentleman has every right to his anger if he's mad at the results of the election. he does not have the right to violate the rules and protocols and storm into the senate at a time when the vice president-elect and the other elected members of that body and their staff, by the way, we don't give them enough credit, the people who work in these environments who don't get enough credit. it's not funny. it's part of what you can call sedition, you can call is a protest well beyond the line. it's illegal. it's illegal is what it is, and it will be interesting to find out what happened after this photo was taken. >> just a little while ago, senators were there. they were debate iing the motio try to do away with the democratically held election in the united states, debating in the house, debating in the senate, and all of a sudden we're told there is not only a
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lockdown inside the u.s. capitol, but all these senators, including the vice president of the united states, has been -- they've beenie va evacuated out safety concerns. >> we are seeing in the final days, the final two weeks of the trump presidency, more disruption. disruption has been a trademark of the trump campaign and then the trump presidency from day one. in the end, wolf, joe biden will be nainaugurated two weeks from today as president of the united states. i suspect as they calm down today, they will come back to make the point that they will not be disrupted. that will depend how quickly you can get enough security in there to make it safe, but if they have to wait until tomorrow, imagine that. the constitution and the u.s. code lays out that this will happen today. the federal law lays out it will happen today. it's part of our ritual, the celebration of american democracy, and yes, these trump supporters at the president's encouragement have disrupted it. i'm sure many of them are quite happy with themselves for doing that. in the end it's a disruption,
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it's a criminal act. joe biden will be inaugurated and they'll get back to it as soon as they can. >> and, jake, let's not forget what the president said just a few hours ago at that rally at the ellipse in washington. he told all the supporters of his, you'll never take back our country with weakness, you have to show strength and you have to be strong as he encouraged them to march toward the u.s. capitol. that's exactly what they've done. they've not only marched but they're inside and they're endangering a lot of people right now. >> that's right, and, in fact, we have on the phone right now congressman mike gallagher. he's a republican from wisconsin, a trump supporter who has said that it is the duty of the members of congress to count the electoral votes. congressman gallagher also a veteran, thank you so much for joining us. first of all, are you okay, are you safe, where are you? >> yes, we're hunkered down in our offices here. i'm not in the capitol, but this is insane. i've not seen anything like this
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since i deployed to iraq in 2007 and 2008. this is america. and this is what's happening right now. the president needs to call it off. call it off! call it off! it's over. the election is over. and the objectors need to stop meddling with the primal forces of our democracy here. they need to stop it. there is a cost. they think they're just having a protest debate, and they can get away with it because it's not actually going to overturn the election. well, now we're seeing the cost of that play out in realtime. if we don't think other countries around the world are watching this happen right now, if we don't think the chinese communist party is sitting back and laughing, then we're deluding ourselves. so call it off, mr. president. we need you to call this off. >> let me just remind and reinforce for our viewers, you are a loyal conservative republican. you represent a district in
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wisconsin that trump won, and you're a supporter of his but you're just acknowledging the reality that he lost. what do you want him to do, because he has not -- he could go to twitter right now and say, please go to the mall or please protest peacefully or please get out of the capitol, but he's not doing it. what would you want him to do, congressman? >> this will be the first time in the last four years i'm encouraging him to tweet. go to twitter, say it's over, please go home, thank you for your support, i support the peaceful transition of power. >> congressman, you went to iraq, as you note, to help that country, to try to bring democracy to that country. what goes through your mind when you see these images here of people actually, americans, some of your colleagues in the house who also served, by the way, actually trying to stop democracy? >> i don't understand it. i think it's easy to get lost in
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a maze of constitutional abstract arguments when common sense suggests that what we're doing here has no constitutional consequence. think about giving thousands of people false hope that you can somehow change the result of an election. right now we're seeing the consequence of that. someone said earlier, i was listening to your program, that republicans are fond of saying we're a nation of laws, not men. well, that's true in part, but we are a nation of free people, and free people need to govern themselves long before they encounter any law. that's what holds the country together more than any law. there may not be any law against what the objectors are trying to do, but there are serious consequences every time we break an unwritten rule, a norm, in this country. it is harder to repair than any statute or any statue. there are costs to what is happening right now. >> i want to bring in one of
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your colleagues, a fellow midwestern republican and fellow veteran, congressman adam kinsinger. congressman, where are you, are you okay, are you safe? >> yes, i won't give my specific location. i'm good, and this is disgusting, and i second, you know, everything that mike just said. he's right on. >> the fact is, and you've been making this point very vocally, congressman kinsinger, but the fact is that president trump unleashed this. >> yeah. yeah, that's true. all he had to do, and i know you look at twitter and see what's going on, and you see these people that now start calling this thingie kwif le equivalent. that's why for weeks i warned there would be violence on
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january 6. you have leaders that do not have the courage to tell people the truth which is that congress cannot just come in and on its own whim make a happy report of who is president, and when you don't tell people the truth, you end up getting people to believe the conspiracies and the false proof and you get storms like the one today. this is utterly despicable and every single republican leader has to call this out and hold everyone accountable. >> congressman gallagher said he hasn't seen anything like this since he was in iraq. what about you? >> same thing. this is something that, you know, you guys would be covering right now if it was happening maybe in belarus or anywhere else around the globe. anywhere else around the globe, we would call this a coup attempt. i think that's what this is. have no fear, the guardrails of the democracy and the
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constitution will hold and we will succeed, and i think when this is over, we will look back and realize where this cancer has come from and go after it. >> congressman, president trump tweeted, quote, i'm asking for everyone at the u.s. capitol to remain peaceful, no violence, remember, we are the party of law and order, respect the law and our great women and men in blue. thank you. end quote. is that enough, congressman gallagher? >> no, he needs to stand up and say, i lost the election. let the count go ahead. the conspiracies i've been spewing out are false, period, and this is not 1776, and the pentagon needs to do everything that is requested in terms of the deployment of the national guard, et cetera, to restore order to the people's house because that is what makes us different since so many failed countries that we look at all
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around the globe. >> this is jim himes of connecticut. you're sheltering in place in the u.s. capitol. set the scene for us. what is happening right now? >> a very scary moment 20 minutes ago when we were on the house floor and it was very clear that protesters had breached and had gotten right around the floor, though they barricaded doors. i was just talking with some of my colleagues about the fact that we spent an awful lot of money on security but they were putting coat racks in front of the doors. they evacuated the chamber because lots of weapons drawn, gas masks were out. we were ordered to get gas masks and be prepared to put them on because apparently gas had been used in the rotunda. but now they've evacuated all of
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us who were in the chamber to a location we've been instructed not to talk about, but you've obviously got a lot of anxiety here. >> which is understandable. we have seen photos of the house floor, presumably after you left. you talked about coat racks and tables moved in front of doors. we saw a photo that is just unbelievable that's happening in the u.s., never mind the u.s. capitol, that looked like law enforcement with their arms drawn. we're actually looking at video right now of these anarchists and these people who were involved in this insurrection. they broke the glass in the united states capitol and now they are climbing through the window. this happened moments ago on the grounds of the united states capitol. this is likely what you're hearing inside, and this is the reason, you said, that you were told to shelter in place, moved
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to an undisclosed location. how much of this can you hear and even see, or at least could you when you were still on the house floor? >> well, when we left the house floor, we were taken out through a door where they had tactical teams keeping protesters on their bellie ss, literally outse the house doors. windows had been broken, and like i said, when we left, there were officers with guns drawn pointing at the door, obviously indicating that they thought there was a threat about to come through. anyway, my colleagues and i right now are a little shell shocked. you can imagine emotions are running pretty high right now. this is something that didn't need to happen and it's something that shouldn't have happened. there is a lot to take stock of here in terms of how we got to this place, what president trump said and did to set this off, and quite frankly, how the capitol could be so vulnerable. i've been working in this building for a while now, and i
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always assumed when things got ugly, they could push a button, doors would be sealed and everything would be fine. that obviously turns out not to be the case. it doesn't feel like we're through it yet but we have a lot to learn from what happened today. >> stay safe. let us know if you see or hear anything more and we appreciate you giving us an update. jake? >> congressman himes, congressman gallagher, stay safe. i want to bring in pamela brown right now, because pamela, we're only seeing some of the violence on the outside of the capitol building. you have more information what's going on inside in this armed insurrection, in this attempted coup going on by president trump. tell us more. >> reporter: a woman is now in critical condition after being shot in the chest on capitol grounds. this is according to two sources familiar with the matter. the sources couldn't provide any more details on the circumstances of the shooting, but sources i've spoken to and to my colleague, noah gray, are
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telling us there were shots fired there on the capitol grounds, and they additionally add that a woman is now in critical condition after being shot in the chest on capitol grounds. again, we don't know the circumstances surrounding that, but that just tells you right there how much this has escalated, how quickly he's escalated and how out of control this has gotten. i'm told from a local source on the ground, a law enforcement source, that police from surrounding areas, from maryland, virginia state police, have all been called in by nypd to help them with the crowds and the anarchy that's taking place right now. >> horrible, horrible news. blood now spilled. we don't know any more details about it, but again, this is violence that has been inspired by president trump, by president trump supporters, by senator cruz, by senator hawley by the more than 100 members of the house who were objecting to the constitutional responsibilities,
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the fact that joe biden was elected. it is an absolutely disgraceful moment in american history, and there are specific villains who are responsible for it. i want to go to manu raju. manu, tell us more about what you're seeing on capitol hill. >> possible good news on the senate side of the capitol. our colleague ted barrett has been told by police officers on the senate side that it has been cleared of rioters, of protesters, of demonstrators. there's debris on the senate floor because that was breached by protesters, but there's no more protesters, demonstrators, rioters, they're not on the senate floor, they're not in the senate wing of the capitol. these demonstrators have been pushed to the rotunda of the capitol area. the rotunda is the dome in between the house and the senate. there are many protesters that are there. at the moment police are escorting out these rioters outside of the capitol, on the
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east and west front steps of the capitol. they've been escorted out one by one on that side. it's uncertain what's happening on the house side of the capitol. what we do know is that the house members have been evacuv e evacuat evacuated. they've been told to go in their offices. they're not leaving their offices, similar on the senate side, but we do know there is a house standoff that occurred on the house floor. don't know what the latest is on that situation because everybody has been told to clear from that area, including the pool of reporters in the gallery that witnessed that armed standoff. unsure what's going on with that. but still there are many riot rioters, demonstrators who have breached the parameters and have come into the building. they have now cleared the senate side of the building, they're in the rotunda and police are trying to get them out one by one as this unfolds. uncertain, again, what's happening in the house as we saw that video of an individual breaking the window entering the
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building. that happened to be on the house side of the capitol. there are many rioters still in the building. there are members staying away from this and the senate side appears clear at the moment. >> it's an embarrassing, dangerous, frightening spectacle that we are witnessing. alex, we hope you are staying safe out there. what are you seeing? >> reporter: we are seeing a number of local police officers from montgomery county, maryland who has arrived in the past 20 minutes. it feels like the cavalry has arrived. more than a dozen vehicles, police coming out of those vehicles putting on gas masks, presuming there will be tear gas at some point.
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seeing the rioters storming through those barricades. it's a very aggressive crowd, a very violent crowd, and i have to say, jake, they figured out who our team was, and they mobbed us and pushed us out of there calling us traitors which is a stunning thing to have happen in your own country by citizens. it's a very dark scene, but there is a feeling right now that finally there is a law enforcement response and that they are about to take control of the situation. >> all right. stay safe, alex. this is, of course, one of the final days of the trump presidency, and this is a moment of trump's legacy. this is trump's legacy. a divided people, millions of americans who have been fed lies about the election. millions of americans who have
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told journalists they're defying trump, they're traitors, and they're expressing their disgust by violence. the lies have been amplified. the lies have been given credence by the likes of ted cruz and senator josh hawley, the leader of the house republicans, kevin mccarthy, giving these deranged conspiracy theories credibility by acting as though there is something there. there isn't. judge after judge, governor after governor, democrats, republicans, independents have all looked at it and said there is nothing there. the election was clean, or as clean as elections go in this country, and joe biden is the president-elect. abby, i have to say, it makes no sense the president a would have to end this way, but it is no less shocking and frightening to
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witness. >> reporter: it's really shocking ha we're seeing this right now, and it's a result of the president who instigated this from the very beginning, when months ago he refused to say he would support a peaceful transfer of power, this is the moment that would come into play where he can say, i lost the election, joe biden will be the next president, evacuate the capitol right now. he won't say it. but what's also really notable about watching this scene, a few months ago in washington where we live and where we work, you couldn't drive down the street without being stopped by national guard vehicles, by law enforcement of every type and every stripe. the bureau of prisons was here in washington, every block of this city was in lockdown because of black lives matter protesters. now you have thousands of armed protesters who happen to all be trump supporters who are mostly not black lives matter protesters, they're mostly white, and they're storming the capitol with violence, someone
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has been shot, glasses being broken, lawmakers are in lockdown wearing gas masks, and looking at these pictures, where is law enforcement? capitol police struggling to control this, and you don't hear the president saying, we are sending reinforcement. you don't see him saying, we are sending help to protect this federal building, to protect the lawmakers who are inside of it and the people who work there and the people of this city. that is incredibly shameful. >> you're exactly right. what we're looking at, you see the scaffolding there. first of all, look at this. it's getting violent outside. >> i think these are images from earlier. >> they're images from earlier, but part of the reason why we saw scaffolding on the west front of the capitol is because that's where the inauguration for joe biden is going to happen on january 20th. it was four years ago almost to the day, january 20, 2017, that
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donald trump stood in that spot after he took the oath of office and talked about american carnage, and it's come full circle. after all of the drumbeating, after all of the, you know, unbelievable tweeting and inciting of violence that he has done, both at rallies and on social media. he got what he wanted. now they're trying to put the genie back in the bottle, they're trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube, pick your analogy, and you can't do it. you can't do it. and i'm not trying to -- i'm guessing, jake, you're going to say you're not sure the president wants to do that, but we do know the people around him want to stop this from happening. >> what i want to ask is, because i saw conservative commentator jonah goldberg, who is a critic of president trump, because he's somebody who
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actually cares about conservative values, jonah tweeted something about the 25th amendment which is when a president is not capable of carrying out his constitutional duties, the cabinet gets together and basically removes him from power. i'm wondering if -- you know, i don't think he would tweet something like that lightly. you know he wouldn't. and when you're looking at what's going on, the violence going on on the u.s. capitol right now, something we have never seen in the united states, i'm wondering whether or not that's something that the cabinet should consider. we'll talk about that in one second. i want to go right now to the white house where kaitlan collins is, and kaitlan, this is absolutely disgusting, and it is entirely president trump's fault aided and a bbetted by his supporters. is he going to do anything to
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stop it? >> so far he's not, jake. he tweeted that people should remain peaceful, and if you look at that scene, nothing about it is peaceful given we're seeing armed standoffs, a woman being shot, people breaking windows. he is not doing anything even though i'm told he is watching this. so far he has declined to stop his supporters and he has declined to tell them to get out of the building. instead he only sent those two tweets asking them to remain peaceful saying we are the party of law and order, but clearly they're wearing his sweatshirts and wearing his flags, and the president is refusing to put out a stronger statement on what you are seeing happening right now. >> is there anybody with a conscience in the cabinet who is considering doing anything to
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stop this, because this is a nation of laws and there is a provision in the constitution, the 25th amendment, to step in when the president is not capable of governing. let me go to jim acosta right now. jim, what are you hearing from people inside the white house? this is an absolutely revolting, in both senses of the word, display, and it is president trump inspired this, encouraged this, is not stopping it, is entirely responsible. >> oh, he's totally responsible, jake, no question about it. i should point out in just the last minute, kayleigh mcenany, the out going white house press secretary, she just put out a tweet saying the president at his direction has ordered the national guard over to the u.s. capitol to get control of the situation. her tweet says the national guard is on the way along with other federal protective services. we reiterate president trump's call against violence and to
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remain peaceful. that is the totality of that tweet from the white house press secretary, jake. but i will tell you, this is not sufficient. as you know, jake, we have a white house briefing room. it has lights, it has cameras, it has people ready for the president of the united states or the white house press secretary or the chief of staff, at the very least, to come in and call for calm. that is not happening. they're putting out tweets. that's it. that is the entirety of their response at this point, and it's just insufficient. i walked up to the upper press area of the west wing a short time ago. that's where the press secretary has her office, other staffers and so on. these young press aides, they're the last ones who are here, they're sort of the dead-enders of the trump organization. they seem dumbstruck, they seem shell-shocked. looking at their faces, they don't seem to understand what is unfolding around them, and it is astonishing. i will tell you i've never seen anything quite like it in my
12:39 pm
eight years covering the white house. a white house staff that appears to be immobilized, incapable of dealing with the situation, and as kaitlan was just saying, part of the reason why is because the president is just watching this on tv. he is now a spectator of the destruction that he has unleashed. he is not acting as a commander in chief anymore, he is just a television viewer in chief watching all of this unfold. it's disgraceful. it's just one of the most disgraceful things i think we'll ever witness in our lives. >> absolutely shame on him. shame on what he has brought to this country, the destruction and the division and now the violence we see at the u.s. capitol stopping the u.s. constitutional duties of the members of congress from being carried out, to his everlasting shame. anderson? >> jake, as you said, this is the legacy of donald j. trump, and frankly, of every member of his family who have worked around him, have supported him and enabled him. his sons, his daughter ivanka
12:40 pm
trump, jared kushner. this is what they and all the enablers around him have wrought. the administration which has called themselves the law and order administration, the president who liked to call himself the law and order president. this is what their vision of law and order is. imagine this was a group of black protesters, imagine this was a group of thousands of muslims who had stormed the capitol. imagine what would happen then, how the reaction would have been different. senator santorum, you've worked -- you know the senate building. seeing these images, what do you think? >> well, it's heartbreaking. i understand people's anger. i understand a lot of people feel that the country is at sta stake. but what i don't understand is how people have lost faith in our country to the point where they feel they have to do things
12:41 pm
like this. that somehow or another there is just no other opportunity to deal with the challenges we have in front of us other than to storm the capitol building, that that is considered to be a rational act by people who say they love america. if you love america, you understand the greatness of our country is the great institutions we have and we defend those institutions, we defend our constitution, we don't try to overturn through violence and protests the things that you say you value. and so i see what's going on, i see people breaking into the capitol and breaking into the senate chamber all because they think that their country is being taken away from them. i would just say that you are adding to the hopelessness of people and you're not doing
12:42 pm
anything to restore the greatness of america by tearing it down. >> we hear a lot of talk about, understandably, they are aggrieved. there have been generations of people in this country who have not had rights, who have not had the right to vote, who have not had the right to marry, who have not had the equality that we all -- that most of us are able to take for granted because of the zip code we were born in and the color of our skin or our status in society. the idea that these people feel themselves so aggrieved, i mean, there were generations of people who actually had real grievances. these are wannabe weekend warriors who are hopped up and filled with self-righteous
12:43 pm
indignation built on lies. >> this is treason. this is resurrection. this is rebellion. period. i have heard people, looking at small protests in portland, oregon where people were teargassed, beaten, kidnapped, and they said, no, no, no, whatever you do to those people are okay because we have to have law and order. we have to have law and order. this is rebellion, it is treason, it is lawlessness, it is unacceptable. and we are on a glide path at this point to having -- to look down the barrel of possible civil war. all the things we talk about up here sounds so abstract, when we talk about the peaceful transfer of power. it just sounds like something from a book. this is what it looks like when you don't have a peaceful transfer of power.
12:44 pm
abraham lincoln talked about some people want rule or ruin. if i can't have it my way, i'll burn the whole country down. if i can't have it my way, i will burn the country down. so now -- i don't think that republicans and conservatives can look at this and say this is okay. i'm calling on all of my conservative friends, my republican friends to say, what would i do if black lives matter dropped 30,000 black people on the nation's capitol and laid siege to the seat of power in the middle of a joint session of congress and broke in? what would i say if black lives matter did that? i'm going to say it right now. if muslims did it. if muslims dropped 30,000 muslims on the seat of congress and ran in there and there was blood on the floor and tear gas, what would we be saying? if you believe we are all one
12:45 pm
people, you don't like the hyphenations, if you believe in one people, if you believe in law and order, if you believe in patriotism, there needs to be a uniform denun kri denunciation . what i want to say to keisha lance bottoms, when they started riot ng ing in atlanta, she stop and say, you stop it. you don't do this in atlanta. she stood up to her base and told them to go home. where is the president of our base? where is donald trump? show the wisdom of a black woman in the middle of this riot and maybe we can get someplace. >> the difference here is that the mayor did not incite the riot. >> that's right. >> and the president of the united states did. rick, i really respect what you said, but i don't understand how you don't understand how we got
12:46 pm
here. we know how we got here. we know that words matter, and when the president of the united states says again and again that these institutions are corrupt, they're rigged, the election was fraudulent, they're stealing it from you. the he goes out to these very people today and tells them they have to be strong and urges them to march down to the capitol, i don't understand how you don't understand how this happened. we know how it happened. he is culpable for this. you know, winston churchill said dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount and the tigers are getting hungry. the president sits in the white house and the tigers are loose at the capitol. i want to say one more thing, gloria. i'm the son of an immigrant who fled a country because of scenes
12:47 pm
like this and came to the united states because this was a country of law. this was a country of laws, and many of us share that story. i am in tears today to see this scene. this is not an american scene, and this was not a necessary scene. i understand completely why it happened. >> gloria? >> i'm heartbroken. i spent ten years walking up and down those steps covering capitol hill, having a great deal of respect for the people who serve in that capitol. most of the time, by the way, talking about policy, even with senator santorum over there. and i watch this today and i said, that's my capitol. that's my house. that's our house. and these are domestic terrorists. they're ripping it apart. then i saw a tweet by ivanka trump which she took down which called them american patriots.
12:48 pm
she said, you know, any security breach is unacceptable, et cetera, but she called them american patriots. that is not what i call them. these are people who march there to do damage. and they march there to do damage in the middle of a constitutional session in which a presidential election, free and fair, was being certified. you have to go back to the president -- this is what david was talking about -- what the president said earlier today in his speech. and he said, we're going to walk down to the capitol. we're going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women, the ones who support him. we're probably not going to be cheering because you'll never take back our country with weakness. you have to show strength and you have to be strong. so we'll walk down pennsylvania avenue, and that was permission.
12:49 pm
that was permission. sdp >> as we speak, the man who is responsible for all of this, donald j. trump, is in the white house watching this on tv, as he has been for much of his administration, both a president and just an observer, watching these moments pass by, and this is all part of his grift. these people have stormed the capitol, have threatened our democracy, have spurred insur c insurrection and treason in order for a grift in the white house. the grift and a president raising money off of this, raising money off these lies, and the president is just standing there watching it on television surrounded by his coterie of enablers. i want to go back to wolf. >> it's hard to believe what's going on in the united states
12:50 pm
capitol. i've been here a long time. i've never seen anything like this. i never thought i would see an armed mob like this break windows and get into the united states capitol and do what they're doing. you can see what's going on. these individuals, they should be arrted they are illegally breaking into the united states capitol endangers members of the house of representatives, members of the u.s. senate, as well. you see what's happening on the floor of the senate and the house, law enforcement raising their weapons to deal with these mob individuals. i don't want to call them protesters, they're not protesters, they are people who are engage withed in an inspur ration that will fail, they will be arrested. we are now told that members of the u.s. military's national guard from maryland and virginia are on the way. major numbers are coming in to deal with this enormous threat to the u.s. democracy. only 14 days left -- 14 days
12:51 pm
until the inauguration, when joe biden will become the president of the united states. i can only imagine the security that is going to be around washington, d.c. over these next 14 days as we await the inauguration of joe biden as president. 14 days until donald trump leaves office. pamela, you're getting some new information? >> that's right. we're told that multiple officers have been injured in the midst of the chaos that we are seeing with at least once offer, wolf, transported to the hospital. multiple sources tell me and my colleague noah gray, just to give you a sense of what this means, with this officer being transported to the hospital, seems to be they are only transporting higher priority cases, so, although we don't know what the injury is, that gives you a clue. we know that ems is on the scene there, they are triaging, a woman was shot in the chest earlier today. we don't know the circumstances of that, but what we do know, wolf, is that law enforcement is
12:52 pm
simply overwhelmed. you report that the national guard is now on its way, but earlier today, one law enforcement officer sent a distress call from inside the capitol building because it was getting so out of hand. i do know from talking to sources that police from surrounding areas are coming, virginia state police, montgomery county, maryland police, prince george's county, and now multiple officers have been injured with at least one transported to the hospital. and weir now seeing police in riot gear there, wolf, trying to contain the crowds, trying to bring a sense of calmness to the chaos. >> yeah, the entire d.c. national guard has now been activated, pamela, and they're going to be joined by maryland and virginia military personnel, military troops, they're coming into washington, d.c. right now. manu, you're inside the capitol. we knew that there was a session going on, the vice president was there, the members of the house and the senate, they had to be evacuated under emergency circumstances. what's the latest? >> yeah, we don't know yet if
12:53 pm
the joint session of continue will convene, when it will happen, will it happen tonight, will it happen afterwards, because, of course, this is a critical step in making sure that the next president of the united states, who got the electoral votes to make him the next president, joe biden, is inaugurated by january 20th. uncertain. i've been checking in with top democrats and republicans about it, right now, the situation is the one before them. they need to get this under control. there are still protesters in the building who are gone into all corners of the building, in a stunning photo that we are seeing right now, protester actually in the office of house speaker nancy pelosi, leaving -- i want to direct you to that manila folder right there, as you can see, look in there, it says, "we will not back down." someone leaving a message for the house speaker in her suite. and i can tell you, from spending time -- there's a
12:54 pm
protester right there, you can see this individual here, rioter who has broken into the capitol, in nancy pelosi's office, there with his feet up, leaving that note, "we will not back down." and i can tell you, wolf, in covering this building for many years and covering nancy pelosi's office, it is a heavily fortified office. there are detail around her at all times, there are police officers nearby, you can't just walk into the speaker's office, but here, you're seeing a pro-trump demonstrator, someone who broke into this building with scores of other individu s individuals, this individual coming into the speaker's office and saying, leaving that message for the speaker. now, the speaker herself has just put out a statement, along with the senate democratic leader, saying, we are calling on president trump to demand that all protesters leave the
12:55 pm
u.s. capitol and capitol grounds immediately. we're hearing some concerns, too, being raised by republicans, as well, not demanding going as far as the democrats are, but nevertheless, it's uncertain how this get resolved, when they'll have that joint session of congress, but protesters getting inside the building. but as i reported earlier, there is still -- the senate's wing of the building appears to be secure at the moment. protesters have been pushed to the center of the capitol. they are being escorted out. where else they are in the bu d building, it's a very big building, big complex, remains to be seen and whether police can get it under control. the national guard will be there next, wolf. >> it's a horrible, horrible situation that's unfolding here in washington, d.c. and we can't overemphasize how dangerous this is right now. kaitlan, i saw a statement that the vice president, mike pencen, who was evacuated from the u.s. senate, put out, he went further
12:56 pm
than the president, saying the violence and destruction taking place at the u.s. capitol must stop and it must stop now, anyone involved must respect law enforcement officers and immediately leave the building. he added, peaceful protest is the right of every american but this attack, he used the word attack, on our capitol will not be tolerated and those involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. the vice president mike pence clearly angry. >> yeah, and wolf, he was there as this broke out, as they st t started briefing the building and that's why the vice president and other leadership had to be evacuated because of what is going on. he's put out a much fmore forceful statement than president trump. mike pence is actually telling people to leave the building. that is a pretty simple request that you have not seen the president carry out, wolf, and that comes as we are told staff are trying to get the president to put out a more forceful statement, but wolf, he has so far refused to do so and i'm
12:57 pm
told is much more focused on the events that were happening shortly before this happened and of course that was the vice president up on capitol hill, as congress was meeting to certify these electors and joe biden's win, when, of course, shortly before, he said he was going to defy the president and noll try to make any attempts to overturn the results of the election or reject these electors, which, of course, he did not have the power to do. but the president has been consumed by that. he has not stopped talking about what mike pence has done and he is more focused on that than what you are seeing unfold from his own supporters on capitol hill, this chaos that is going on and the president so far is still watching all of this go on from the white house. he's not gob to the podium, he's not gone on television or in front of cameras to say that these people, that his supporters waving his flags and wearing his apparel get out of the building. the president has been more focused on what pence did before what all of this broke out than
12:58 pm
what is actually going on now. >> really an awful situation that the president of the united states is totally neglecting his responsibilities as the commander in chief. he's got enormous responsibilities, got 14 days left, he only cares about himself. john king, what does that say to you, that we have a president here i i i in washin, d.c., onl 14 days left, but clearly has only one thing in mind, how can he overturn a democratically-held election in the united states. >> it is sad to say, wolf, but not a surprise to say that the president has been consistent in failing this leadership test when there are obvious questions of right and wrong. black and white questions of right and wrong before him. we covered the white house for quite a long time. donald trump is the president who said there were good people on both sides in charlottesville. no, there were not. donald trump is the president who refuses to criticize the qanon crack pot conspiracy theo theory, he says he thinks they are good people. these are his supporters. they are storming the united states capitol. many of them may have come here
12:59 pm
for protest, but it has developed into something much worse than that. dangerous, destructive, illegal, scary. violent. and it is his job to call it out as it is. the fact that kaitlan says the vice president is being more forceful tells you quite a bit. the fact that the president has been watching this all day long, he's watching this and doing nothing. now, he will say, as he has said in the past, his second tweet was a little tougher than the first tweet. he has authorized the national guard to go and help. those are steps that may help a bit, but the challenge of leadership is to stand up to your people when they're doing something that is wrong and tell them they need to back down. and it begins with the president, but it's not just him. the people in that building who keep saying, let's appoint a commission to look again into allegations of election fraud, that have been brought to more than 60 court cases across the country and reject gd out of hand. one of the tests of leadership is to look the people who support you in the eye and say, we are wrong, or, it is over, and we are done. so, it's not just the president.
1:00 pm
it's those supporting him in that building, too, and it will be fascinating to see if the president wakes up here and says something publicly with a camera pointed at him, and then, what will his supporters in that capitol when they resume the debate about certifying joe biden's election as president, will some of these republicans realize what they're doing is not only a fantasy, but it's a dangerous fantasy and they need to back down. >> we're told that the entire d.c. national guard, thousands of troops here in the nation's capital, the entire national guard, has been activated by the u.s. department of defense following this mob that has attacked the u.s. capitol. phil mattingly is up on capitol hill right now, you're getting more very disturbing information. what are you learning? >> yeah, wolf, i was talking with a couple sources aligned with the capitol police who are trying to walk me through what's occurred over the course of the last hour and a half. in the words of one, they were, quote, simply overwhelmed. they did not suspect the outline barriers, the ones that are 100 yards away from the cap titol
1:01 pm
building were breached. they were stunned that the protesters walked up the steps on the house side, the senate side and then were willing to break through the windows. now, what's been going on inside the capitol is a couple of things. the first priority for capitol police and for law enforcement inside is to secure leadership, make sure they are in a safe place. i'm told they are in the safe place, the senate pro tem, chuck grassley. all lawmakers are safe, as well. they are in an undisclosed location. we're going to keep it that way for the time being. now, the process is what's been, i think, most unusual is the capitol police try to get their arms around this is how to actually get the protesters out of the building. they have been moving kind of starting with the floors, the house floor and the senate floor and trying to push the protesters into a single place. not going to call them protesters. push the rioters, trespassers
1:02 pm
into a single place where they can escort them out. slowly but surely, i'm told, they are making progress. i hear manu report earlier, they believe the senate floor is clear. they're on the bath to thpath t the house side, as well. it appears that once that is complete, they will start to move in terms of what's going on on the outside of the building. but wolf, i will tell you right now, my vantage point, this side of the capital, you can still see the steps on the senate side, on the house side and the center steps, guys have camera footage of it, are still packed with individuals, some of them moving towards the doors right now, in the words of one source of mine inside the capitol, this is not under control yet, but we feel like we're starting to get our arms around it. obviously, it's a very fluid situation and the most interesting thing, one of the more interesting things, wolf, i'm getting text messages from lawmakers asking me if i know what's going on. they've been moved to a secure location and at this point, they are just looking for information, because they are
1:03 pm
seeing less than know less than pretty much everybody else on the outside, wolf. >> yeah, a lot of these -- i don't want to call them protesters, i want to call them rioters or mobsters, they're going to be arrested. one thing about capitol hill, there are closed circuit cameras all over the place, they have video of these rioters, these mobsters. they will be arrested if they broke windows, if they stormed the floor of the u.s. senate and the house of representatives, they will go -- they will be going to jail, many of them, for what they are doing right now. they probably are too stupid to know that they're heading for jail at some point down the road. brian todd, you're up there on capitol hill, i want you to be safe, but tell you what you're seeing. >> right, wolf. i'll set the scene for you as we walk a little bit toward the center steps of the capitol here on the east side where the crowd on the actual steps themselves has thinned out a little bit in the last few minutes. not as many packed on the steps there. we saw two groups of riot
1:04 pm
gear-clad police coming in about 20 minutes ago, probably not more than about 30 of them and they did not come in with any sense of urgency, but they came into the plaza and they moved kind of forwatoward the south t way a little bit, but not with any sense of urgency. you are seeing capitol hill police up there on the balcony to the left side. now we don't see them. now you see more protesters up there on the balcony. there were some police up there a short time ago, but they have since pulled back. you do get the sense that whatever police have come so far have probably gone inside the building to try to address the situation there. they have not come in force to this plaza of the east side of the capitol. we also know there have been confrontations with the police and others on the west side, that situation has been very tense. earlier today, we saw a lot of flash -- heard and saw a lot of flashbangs going off, so, that got very intense, as some people, as we reported on cnn, have gotten injured, as well, at least one woman shot in the
1:05 pm
chest, very seriously injured. we also know that a police officer has been injured and taken to the hospital. let's have eddie go past me here and i can set the scene, too. this was the most densely packed set of stairs. this is the east front. and as you can see, still a lot of protesters there and they don't seem to be too worried. they may get pushed out of there soon, we don't know. we don't know when larger groups of police or national guardsmen will show up here and what they're going to do when they do, but we can tell you that this crowd has thinned out a little bit and eddie, if you can just move to your right, to our right, you see some police over there on that side, that's the senate side of the capitol building. you see some police officers standing there, there were more people on that set of steps earlier, too and going almost up, you know, towards the top but they've kind of contained that group over there. there was another set of protesters here on the house side steps and eddie, let's go forward here -- >> hold on a minute, brian.
1:06 pm
the president-elect is about to speak. >> i'm sorry for the reason i've delayed coming out to speak to you. i initially was going to talk about the economy but all of you, all of you, have been watching what i've been watching. at this hour, our democracy's under unprecedented assault. unlike anything we've seen in modern times. an assault on the citadel of liberty, the capitol itself. an assault on the people's representatives and the capitol hill police, sworn to protect them. and the public servants who work at the heart of our republic. an assault on the rule of law
1:07 pm
like few times we've ever seen it. an assault on the most sacred of american undertakings. the doing of the people's business. let me be very clear. the scenes of chaos at the capitol do not reflect a true america. do not represent who we are. what we're seeing. are a small number of extremists dedicated to lawlessness. this is not dissent. it's disorder. it's chaos. it borders on sedition. and it must end. now. i call on this mob to pull back and allow the work of democracy to go forward. you heard me say before in different contexts, the words of a president matter.
1:08 pm
no matter how good or bad that president is. at their best, the words of a president can inspire. at their worst, they can incite. therefore, i call on president trump to go on national television now to fulfill his oath and defend the constitution and demand an end to this siege. to storm the capitol, to smash windows, to occupy offices? the floor of the united states senate, rummages through desks. on the capitol -- on the house of representatives. threatening the safety of elected officials. it's no protest. it's insurrection.
1:09 pm
the world's watching. like so many other americans, i am shocked and saddened that our nation, so long the beacon of light and hope for democracy, has come to such a dark moment. through war and strife, america's endured much. and we will endure here and we will prevail again and we'll prevail now. the work of the moment and the work of the next four years must be the restoration of democracy, of decency, honor, respect, the rule of law. just plain, simple decency. the renewal of a politics that's about solving problems, looking out for one another, not stoking the flames of hate and chaos. as i said, america's about
1:10 pm
honor, decency, respect, tolerance. that's who we are. that's who we've always been. the certification of the electoral college vote is supposed to be a sacred ritual which we affirm -- which purse is to affirm the majesty of american democracy. but today's reminder, a painful one, that democracy is fragile and to preserve it requires people of good will, leader s t have the courage to stand up, who are devoted not to the pursuit of power or the personal pursuits of their interests at any cost, but of the common good.
1:11 pm
think of what our children watching television are thinking. think what the rest of the world is looking at. for nearly 2 1/2 centuries, we the people, in search of a more perfect union, have kept our eyes on that common good. america's so much better than what we've seen today. watching the scenes from the capitol, i was reminded as i prepared other speeches in the past, i was reminded of the words of abraham lincoln in his annual message to congress, whose work today has been interrupted by chaos. here's what lincoln said. he said, "we shall nobly save or merely lose the last best hope on earth." he went on to say, "the way is plain, peaceful, generous, just.
1:12 pm
a way which, if followed, the world will forever applaud and god must forever bless." the way is plain here, too. that's who we are. it's the way of democracy, of respect, of decency, of honor. commitment as patriots to this nation. not withstanding what i saw today, we're seeing today, i remain optimistic about the incredible opportunityies. there's never been anything we can't do when we do it together. in this god awful display today is bringing home to every republican and democrat and independent in the nation that we must step up.
1:13 pm
this is the united states of america. there's never, ever, ever, ever been a thing we've tried to do that we've done it together we've not been able to do it. so president trump, step up. may god bless america, may god protect our troops and all those folks in the capitol who are trying to preserve order. thank you and i'm sorry to have kept you waiting. >> president-elect joe biden in wilmington, delaware, he will e be -- he will become the 46th president of the united states in two weeks from today. he asked for president trump to step up, to have a televised press conference to stop the violence being committed in his name for his conspiracy
1:14 pm
theory-fed cause that the election was somehow not fair. i do think, abby, as you noted when biden said that, that that probably will make trump even less likely to do it, even though, of course, it is the right thing. >> to do the right thing in this moment and as our colleague kaitlan collins has reported, the president is preoccupied with other things. he has not done what many of his aides want him to do, which is to be more forceful on this, and it's because he doesn't want to. the people who are in the capitol right now are his supporters, they are doing this in his name and if there is one thing that president trump doesn't want to do, it is to condemn people who love him. and the nation is kind of in a catch-22 moment right now. president trump could come out and say something but i guarantee you, it is not going to be the right thing. but if he says nothing, this madness will continue, so,
1:15 pm
there's really not a great way forward here, but i do wonder if the members of congress who were, at some point, in that building, who were standing up and backing up this ridiculous coup attempt, will have a moment of reckoning for themselves and think about what the con consequences are of humoring this kind of misinformation and these kinds of lies. that might be the really important question as we move forward, because at some point, congress has to reconvene and finish the work that they started this morning so that the country can move forward. >> i think one other point that we need to make here is, this didn't just happen, right? these aren't just people who -- who decided to take matters into their own hands. they were encouraged to do so -- >> today. >> today, at the rally that president trump spoke at, rudy giuliani, his, whatever he is,
1:16 pm
attorney, said that they would engage in trial by combat, trial by combat was the term he used. donald trump jr. said about republicans who were not going to -- we're going to go to manu right now, he's being evacuated from capitol hill. manu, tell us what's going on. >> yes, we're being evacuated from where we were in our office. the news from the senate side of the capitol, we're being taken to an undisclosed location here in the building. as i'm walking through the capitol -- there are dozens of police officers in riot gear and wearing gas masks and i can tell you, it smells like there's tear gas that came off in this building. it has a certain smell to it, in this building, as i'm walking through the tunnels here, there's debris everywhere. the rioters clearly have gone -- i'm sorry. these rioters have clearly go gone -- have gone, breached all
1:17 pm
elements of this building. you're seeing debris, trash, all in the -- in the elevators, things knocked down, posts knocked down and this is clearly a sign of how they are gone into all parts of this building, but as i can tell you, walking through here, there are no -- there are no -- none of these rioters i've seen as we're walking through. capitol police have struggled, but they have clearly gotten, ensured that some areas of this building are secure, as they are gotten ahold, tried to get ahold of this situation and they're escorting a bunch of us to an undisclosed location to ensure that, as they try to get ahold of these protesters and arrest them, these rioters, trespassers, get them out of the building, and trying to make sure that all of these locations
1:18 pm
in the capitol can be secure, guys. >> yeah, well, stay safe, manu. and if they're not protesters, they're insurrectionists. we have a name for people who commit violence in the name of various political ideology, we call them terrorists. that's what we call people that commit acts of violence for a political of religious cause. what i wanted to finish saying, rudy giuliani this morning called for trial by combat, donald trump jr. said to members of congress who were not going to join this deranged attempt at a bloodless coup, well, now it's not bloodless anymore, said, quote, we're coming for you and we're going to have a good time doing it. i suggest you choose wisely. now, i'm sure that rudy giuliani and donald trump jr. will say they were merely speaking figuratively or talking about engaging in political combat -- maybe they were, maybe they were not. i think it's pretty clear that a lot of people took a different message from the rally in general. >> because these are people who
1:19 pm
have been completely fired up, i mean, there was a tinderbox. they were sitting in front of a tinderbox and with those comments, they lit a match and then they lit another match and then they lit another one and they threw it on. and they're not -- rudy giuliani is not a dumb person. they know what they have in front of them. they know what they have created for all of these -- they're very well aware of it. you know, the irony is so rich p, it's frankly, disgust i lly this is a campaign that veered into the law and order campaign, i'm going to be the law and order president, that's the opposite. jake, i think you were up on capitol hill around 9/11. >> absolutely. >> and i was, too, and this was very, very different in a million ways.
1:20 pm
the way it is not is the fear. i remember being where manu is and having to walk, you know, having to run and having to be told by people who are there to protect you that they can't protect you, that they're not equipped for it because of something that they didn't expect. now, this probably should have been expected, at least to some degree, but it is a frightening thing when that happens when you are in the belly and the symbol and the center of our democratic institution, the united states capitol. and that happens. and that has happened and it continues to happen and you have the people who are elected by americans all over this country, just a couple of months ago, in that capitol, in undisclosed locations because it is not safe for them to go out. and i will just say one little glimmer of hope, i was told that there are some house, top house members in an undisclosed
1:21 pm
location together, republicans and democrats together and i was told that hakeem jeffries, the democratic conference chair, liz cheney, the republican conference chair, jointly said to these members who are gathered there, they had a defiant message, saying, we're not going to let them stop us, we're going to get back out there as soon as it's safe and go back to the house floor as soon as we can and continue the business that is constituti constitutionally mandated. >> yeah, this is not going to end in anything other than joe biden being sworn in in two weeks and kamala harris being sworn in in two weeks. but i want people to remember how they feel right now as they watch these images live, because there is going to be an attempt by the people who were part of this effort, president trump, house minority leader kevin mccarthy, senator cruz, there's going to be an attempt to whitewash what's going on right now. president trump has delivered a message that has been taped and
1:22 pm
we are going to bring that -- are we ready to go with that live right now? okay, we're going to go to that right now. here's a message from president trump. >> i know your pain, i know your hurt. we had an election that was stolen from us. it was a landslide election and everyone knows it, especially the other side. but you have to go home now. we have to have peace. we have to have law and order. we have to respect our great people in law and order. we don't want anybody hurt. it's a very tough period of time. there's never been a time like this where such a thing happened, where they could take it away from all of us, from me, from you, from our country. this was a fraudulent election. but we can't play into the hands of these people. we have to have peace. so go home. we love you. you're very special. you've seen what happens. you see the way others are
1:23 pm
treated that are so bad and so evil. i know how you feel. but go home and go home in peace. >> we brought that to you because president trump on the tape says to his supporters who are right now conducting an armed insure next on the u.s. capitol, he tells them to go home, but i also want to note that in that video he lies about the election being stolen and pours more fuel on the fire. he continues his shameful behavior of lying to his supporters about what happened. it is absolutely disgraceful. i hope they listen to the part in which he said for them to go home, but to be completely frank, there are mixed messages in that video. and i feel ambivalent about the fact that we even aired it, to be honest, though i understand and support the idea that we did, but the idea that the president is not even capable of saying, please go home, he continues to lie to his supporters and what i wanted to say before, abby, is, i want people to
1:24 pm
remember how they feel watching these images of the united states capitol being taken over and these clear acts of sedition and violence and terrorism by trump supporters, because there's going to be an attempt to whitewash and pretend this didn't happen. >> people might attempt to do that, but what we're seeing is pretty clear what is happening and i think now we have to ask the question, is president trump capable of leading this country even for the next 13 days? he is inciting violence against the government itself, lawlessness, valndalism, and hes also completely m.i.a. in terms of his principle job, which is to keep this country safe, to protect americans. let's not even talk about the fact that we're still in the middle of a pandemic. we haven't talked about that today. >> yesterday, the deadliest day of the pandemic so far. >> this is a president who is not paying attention to the job
1:25 pm
and is focused on just one thing -- which is his own sense of grievance. that video was a disgrace. the idea that today, on the day that congress intends to count the electoral votes for joe biden, who will be the next president of the united states, donald trump still refuses to say that he lost a democratically-held election in the united states of america, is a profound shame. and it makes us a mockery in the world. as we go around the world talking about democracy, we have a president who is inciting violence at the capitol and won't acknowledge he lost an election. >> i don't understand how the united states, which regularly objects to elections taking place in other countries, pakistan, russia, hong kong, i mean, taiwan, regularly engages in criticism of other countries' elections. what does senator hawley or
1:26 pm
senator cruz going to say when vladimir putin says, it's interesting you're faulting us for this, because you, yourself, objected to an election and you yourself helped inspire an armed insurrection on capitol hill. >> you're exactly right. and the notion of consistency and clarity of message and purpose is unfortunately so far behind us. with these issues. and we just have to say over and over again, because what we just heard from the president was -- aside from the fact that he said go home, which was the appropriate thing to say, he said that the election was stolen from us. no, that is what you're seeing on capitol hill right now. >> exactly. >> what you're seeing on capitol hill right now are people, to quote you, abby, in his name, going to the capitol, trying to steal the election for donald trump, the election that mitch mcconnell stood on the senate floor just hours beforehand, not
1:27 pm
even, minutes before this happened, and said this wasn't eve close. this wasn't even close. donald trump didn't even come close to winning this election. that is the reality. that is the top republican in the united states senate saying that and saying it for a reason and the republicans you were talking about, josh hawley, i don't know yet about him, but senator cruz, i'm already hearing from an aide to him, you know, this is not what he wanted -- i think he also tweeted, violence is not the right way to go, so on and so forth, he was doing his constitutional duty, which might not -- not duty, he's doing what is allowed in the constitution -- >> no, but he wasn't. he was calling for something else. >> right. well, democrats in the past, this is almost besides the point because of what's going on , bu democrats have objected during this process, but they haven't done it at the behest of a candidate who refuses to concede the election. that has never happened and that is the big difference here,
1:28 pm
because that is what these -- these people, these rioters, are responding to. they're responding to the president and his enablers on capitol hill. >> you know, i think about how we started this day and i, you know, not looking back too far, but just to recall that hours ago we were talking about the way in which republicans had fed these conspiracy theories and coddled them for many, many months and even years, living in this imaginary world created by donald trump and they lost control of that. not knowing that hours later we'd be looking at this incredible scene, but this is the consequence of years of people in washington refusing to have the courage to stand up and say, right is right and wrong is wrong and there are facts and there are fictions in the world and there was a time in this
1:29 pm
town when the differences between the two parties were about policy, they were about taxation, they were about the role of government. now, the difference is between the two parties are about who believes in facts and who doesn't. that should not be the case, but that is what we are dealing with right now and i know, because i talk to republicans all the time, who privately will say that they want to get back to that time where they were talking about things that really mattered, but they can't, because they have nurtured this monster and now it is devouring them. >> ulysses s. grant said in 1861, there are now but two parties, patriots and traitors. and it is time for the kevin mcckacaccarthys and the josh ha to decide what party they are in. anderson, wolf? >> jake, thank you very much. we -- >> in the midst of all of this,
1:30 pm
all of this horrendous news that's going on here in washington, something that none of us ever expected we could see in the nation's capital, i want to make it official right now. cnn can now project that the democrats will be the majority in the u.s. senate, jon ossoff, the democratic candidate in georgia, he is defeating david perd perdue, the republican candidate. earlier, we projected that the democrat raphael warnock will beat kelly loeffler. the republican candidate. so, it's 50/50 in the new u.s. senate, but the new vice president of the united states, kamala harris, she will be, according to the constitution, the president of the senate, so, she will break the ties, so, the democrats will be in the majority, the republicans will be in the minority. anderson, this is important, but let's get back to this explosive situation that's developing here in the nation's capital as i keep saying, something i never thought i would see. >> yeah, we started out this day saying that it is going to be historic and it certainly is, in a whole bunch of different ways.
1:31 pm
obviously georgia turning blue is one of them, but we continue to watch the situation, where there are still insurrectionists, treasonous people on the grounds of the capitol, high fiving each other, as you see there, just wandering around, police are trying to maintain order, trying to get control back of the building and its grounds. david axelrod, we heard from president-elect biden, saying, president trump, stand up, speak out, president did release a video that was frankly, shameful. >> not exactly what biden had in mind, i think. >> what -- i mean -- how do you see this day? >> well, you know, first of all, let me say about biden's remarks, it underscores what we've seen since the election, because basically donald trump has resigned the presidency p as of his election, he's just been
1:32 pm
working on this project of persuading people that the election was stolen from him, as we've dealt with a pandemic, a cyber attack from russia and many other problems. >> he's been running a grift while people are dying. >> and in each instance, biden has stood up and played the role that people expect a president to play, and he did it again today and said the things that you would expect a president of the united states to say. as for the president's video, dana was exactly right. i mean, there was a profunctionary message, which is go home, let's not play into their hands, but yeah, as he called these treasonous folks very special. and he repeated the idea that the election was stolen from us, stolen from you, stolen from our country. that is what -- that is the jet fuel that is propelling this insure nerection at the capitol. this lie. and he just used the video to --
1:33 pm
to repeat it again. >> can i just say, we're watching these images of people, some of them leaving the capitol grounds, wandering back, high fiving each other, smiling, quite pleased with themselves to what they have done today and it's truly just outrageous and pathet pathetic, each of these people should be shamed for what they have done today. we should look at their faces and if i was standing on that street -- look at them, they're high fiving each other for this display of completely unpatriotic, completely against law and order, completely unconstitutional behavior -- it's stunning. and they're going to go back, you know, to the olive garden and to the holiday inn they're staying at at the garden marriott and they're going to have some drinks and they're going to talk about the great day they had in washington and they really did something and stand up for something and they stood up for nothing other than mayhem and a man who is, you know, in the despicable bewanin
1:34 pm
days of a presidency. >> where are the arrests? that's what i want to know. these are people that invaded -- >> look at this buffoon dressed up at the revolutionary -- there's nothing revolutionary about him. >> nothing. nothing. but where are the arrests? these are people who are breaking the law. who are breaking into a federal building, which joe biden called the citadel of liberty. and the president of the united states spoke about -- not at all. didn't talk about the capitol. didn't talk about the importance of the capitol. he certainly wasn't going to talk about the importance of what was going on in the capitol, because it was certifying joe biden's election and not his election. and it was so stunning to me that the president, in his little speech, first of all, by the way, did not give it from inside the white house, not from a podium inside the white house, david axelrod, you know a lot about this and about the optics of this, not from a podium with
1:35 pm
the presidential seal, but rather from the garden somewhere. >> he stood at one podium today and that was at the rally of these people. >> that's right. stood outside the white house and then just did a little twitter thing, after joe biden said to him, you better go out there and do this. >> how is it possible -- >> then he said, we love you. >> how is it possible that the police, the capitol police, the department of homeland security, i know the head of the department of homeland security is on some sort of farewell tour in the middle east, i believe, right now, chad wolf, but how is it possible that all of these law enforcement organizations, who, i mean, i got to say again, van raised this point earlier, when it was black lives matter, they had people in riot gear ringing the capitol, you know, as if it was going to be stormed when it wasn't. today, when it was clear the president himself was encouraging people to march on the capitol, it's just -- officers not even in riot gear. >> look, i think that double
1:36 pm
standard is something that's driving a lot of people nuts. but just take a step back. we don't know what we're looking at yet. is this the end of something or the beginning of something? is this the death throes of something ugly in our country, desperate about to go away and then the vision that biden talked about is going to rise up or is this the birth pangs of a worse disorder? that's where we are right now tonight. and i think the country's got to make a decision. i don't want to be partisan. i understand some of these people, their social media feed is only showing them example of example of anecdotes of vote threat, statistical, magical thinking that says that the election was impossible, so they've been bombarded with that. and because they've been bombarded with that, they're angry. fine. you have a right to be angry. you don't have a right to insurrection. you don't have a right to
1:37 pm
sedition. you don't have a right to break into buildings and to hurt police officers. there has to be a line. and i think if we can just come back together and assert that line, we can disagree, but we have to do a better job of understanding each other. so, what i want to say is, let's declare that this is the end of something. this can never happen again. we need to snuff this out tonight. we need to hear from every leader, left, right, black, white, brown and otherwise, that this is unacceptable in america, period. and we can work through our differences in another way. but if we're not careful, we could talk ourselves into this being the beginning of something and i don't want to do that. >> yeah, i would just first off, i think that's a good statement. i can't imagine -- i know you disagree with me on this, i can't imagine that this is what the president wanted, that he wanted his people to break into the capitol and storm the united states senate and break windows. >> of course he did! of course he did. he wanted to delay this day as long as possible. that was his -- i'm sorry to
1:38 pm
interrupt, but that was his whole strategy. his whole legal strategy was just have the vice president object to this, have it go to the courts, not that it would mean anything, but it would just delay it and this is another delaying tactic. >> i understand that he wanted the people to go to the capitol. i disagree, i don't think, and if he did, then he's more foolish than i think he is, because this is a bad, bad day for donald trump and a bad day for what donald trump is trying to accomplish and a bad day, to answer van's question, you know, my big concern is going forward that donald trump is going to stay on the scene, announced he's going to run for president again and continue to mobilize and rally people to -- to tear apart the republican party and the conservative movement going forward and take on everybody with vengeance whoever opposed him, run against him in the primary, try to defeat him. and this, i think, sets back that movement in a very, very big way, because i don't know of
1:39 pm
anybody -- i've been hearing from a lot of people and they, you know, as they said, they understand, as van said, we understand people's anger because they've been fed a lot of information about how crooked the election is, but they don't understand this, and they don't understand, you know, breaking windows and taking over the house and senate chambers and having potential -- i don't know who was armed and who wasn't, but the bottom line is, this is wrong on everybody's count and not something that we are -- >> let me ask you, the republicans just lost the senate and, you know, you had donald trump jr. earlier this morning saying, you know, this is donald trump's republican party, which we have said over and over and over again, which clearly it is now, why would any republican continue to follow this man? as he goes off to mar-a-lago with his quarter 0 of a billion dollars, i know they want some of that money, i know they're afraid of a bad tweet, but i mean, just -- the gop is becoming like a death cult if
1:40 pm
they follow him. >> again, i think, today -- yesterday and today were two moments within the republican party that hopefully will give people in the party the opportunity to step back and say, do we want to sign this death pact? because i believe it is a death pact. >> and you really think that people may be at that point? >> well, i think so -- look, i'm hearing from a lot of people. and what i'm hearing is that, you know, we didn't sign up for this. >> yeah. >> and -- >> and this is the moment. >> this is not acceptable and we're not going to play along. >> i just want to say, let's try to create a glide path for people who want to breakaway from this. in other words, i think people have been saying it different ways, i want to say it clearly, if you want more of this, sign up for it, but if you don't, you need to be -- >> what did ted cruz and josh hawley do now? >> exactly. >> what do they do now? the fact that they haven't said, okay, you know what, we're come back, maybe we need to reconsider this, because this is what they are doing donald
1:41 pm
trump's bidding here. they know that their concerns are not going anywhere. and let me tell you one more thing. i just heard from somebody who is a good friend, has been a good friend to the president over the years, who is so disgusted and this person said, the president incited this. >> yes. >> and he should be treated appropriately and promptly. what does that mean? and, to echo what abby said earlier, the question i now have is, what happens over the next two weeks? this is not over. does congress come back now, do cruz and hawley -- >> i think you are underestimating the impact of what happened here. >> let's see what they do. >> curb any kind of enthusiasm -- >> i just want to say, when the president said, there's never been anything like this, where they can take it away from you, that is the essence of trumpism. >> yeah. >> his message is, they are
1:42 pm
taking this country away from you. and, you know, we talk about, how -- this is an insurrection, which it is, we talk about our constitution, which it is, they have been told -- van talks about their social media feeds, the president himself has been telling them for months and months and months, they have stolen the presidency of the united states away from you. these people feel like they are patriots. >> they do. >> they feel like they are patriots. and that is really dangerous. >> i agree. and there's one thing to peacefully protest, there's another thing to do what's going on here and looking at the results from georgia, from last night, any -- any serious politico is going to look at that and say, donald trump on the ballot may help us win, but there's no evidence that donald trump not on the ballot is a winning combination for the republican party if we follow him. >> so, does the republican party disown him? no. >> i think you have, what, ten united states senators out of 50
1:43 pm
and you heard the comments before this whole thing happened with mcconnell and toomey and many others standing up and saying, we're not following donald trump anymore. >> van, and then we have to go to -- >> other countries like south africa and other countries that have tried to get you a multiracial democracy that works for more people have a lot to teach us. we should be looking at mandela and other people around the world. we are in danger of, you know, democracies are fragile, as biden said. there are examples around the world that we can rely on, i wanted to just to point that out. >> wolf? >> all right, anderson. just moments ago, the president-elect of the united states said our democracy is under unprecedented assault. he is absolutely right, what's going on right now is unprecedented. pamela brown has more headlines. >> yeah, that's right, wolf. here is the very latest right now on this major breaking news of a coup attempt as a pro trump mob of rioters invaded in u.s. capitol. we've been seeing this playing out. here are live pictures right outside the capitol, where hundreds of rioters have been
1:44 pm
for the last couple of hours. and just moments ago, we learned u.s. marshals, the atf and u.s. park police, as well as fbi agents, are headed to the capitol, some already there, all 1,100 members of the d.c. national guard have been activated and hundreds of state troopers and local police officers from neighboring virginia and maryland are being deployed to deal with this unprecedented disturbing and frankly undemocratic coup attempt. sources tell cnn multiple officers have been injured with at least one being taken to the hospital and inside the capitol, on the house floor, you can see multiple officers right here with their guns drawn, locked in an armed standoff as rioters outside broke the glass and tried to get into the house chamber. the members of congress eventually evacuated. some currently at an undisclosed location. and on the senate side, multiple
1:45 pm
rioters were able to get onto the senate floor. senators had just been debating an objection to the electoral vote count. and you can see them in this video roaming the floor where lawmakers were debating earlier today. and at one point, a trump supporters stood on the platform there where vice president mike pence had been minutes earlier. look at this. also at the capitol, a source tells cnn one woman is in critical condition after being shot in the chest on capitol grounds. we do not know where exactly this happened or who shot her. wolf? >> yeah, these are really, really awful situations that are unfolding and continuing, by the way, right now. alex mar quaquardt is right out the capitol. what are you seeing? >> wolf, we are on the northeastern side of the capitol on the senate side that pamela brown was just talking about and the situation that we're seeing right here might be best
1:46 pm
described as a standoff. it's been a bit of a status quo for about the last hour here. what you're looking at there is the northern side of the capitol, hundreds of rioters, insurrectionists, as we've been calling them, gathering on the edge of the capitol building. we did hear a number of bangs just a short time ago that did sound like flashbangs and movement from these rioters, which would indicate that they are to some extent and to a very small extent, wolf, getting pushed back by law enforcement. we do see some law enforcement. i'm going to ask my cameraman ronnie mccray to point up at the steps on the senate side, you can see a line of police there. i'm not sure what agency they're from, whether they're capitol police or metropolitan police, but just a little ways farther down, you can still see that there are those rioters on the steps. so, this is a faceoff between law enforcement and the rioters
1:47 pm
here. we have seen riot police showing up -- sir, i'm on tv. we are seeing law enforcement show up over the course of the past two hours, but so far, there has been no serious response by law enforcement just yet. wolf, as you know, a curfew will go into effect in around and hour's time. there is no indication right now that these protesters have any indication of going anywhere. there's no indication that they had heard the message from the president to go home. and i just want to highlight one thing that our colleague anderson cooper said. back last summer when the president walked over to st. john's church and had that entire area cleared out, those protesters were doing far less than something like storming the capitol and so far, we have seen very little in terms of response from law enforcement, wolf.
1:48 pm
>> i want you to be careful over there. i know it's going to be dark very, very soon. i'm really worried about what's going to happen once it's dark outside. pete is also just outside the u.s. capitol. pete, what are you seeing? >> apparent lly between this mo of trump supporters and police. police are way outnumbered by this mob here. you can see on the capitol steps here, this is the senate side, capitol police standing there, in fact, just a few moments ago, we saw two from this group of -- this mob, these rioters, walk up to the police, actually even walk beyond them for a moment. we also heard three loud bangs over on this side of the capitol, what we think are now flashbangs, possibly tear gas, we heard about that from alex marquardt. that led a lot of this group to file over here. from the steps leading up to the
1:49 pm
capitol on this east side, just to put this in a bit of context, you would never, ever see this many people, this many civilians up on the capitol right now. we're just on the topside of the capitol visitor's center, which would be very, very locked down during normal times. one interesting thing that i have to note here, we're just now hearing a metropolitan police helicopter here and we have seen some police officers, i assume police officers, on the roof, potentially snipers, they have been moving into place, vacillating here between peaceful and very quiet, but also a loud mob behind us, as well. wolf? >> the d.c. curfew order bid the mayor goes into effect two hours from now, 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. brian todd, you are also up there in the middle of all of this. tell us what you're seeing. >> right, wolf, we're at the center steps of the capitol, on the east side. we're going to take you in tighter. you still see some protesters here, really not concerned about
1:50 pm
the police. there's a protester on top of a government vehicle there, they've been standing on these government vehicles over here. this staircase, this center steps, was packed a short time ago and the police were standing just kind of to the side, watching them. the area where we saw, kus me, the area where we saw alex and pete reporting from a little bit earlier is over there and we did see some smoke from some smoke gre nads being deployed over there. and as they reported, you see that line of police officers there on the steps, kind of containing that area, but listen, the protesters had overtaken those steps earlier. three sets of steps here on the east side of the capitol had all been overtaken by protesters. now, two of the three are pretty much clear. this one is still not. and as you can see, let's take another shot of the protesters on top of this government vehicle. the police have not moved in enforce just yet and it real really -- as everybody's been talking about all day, this just
1:51 pm
kind of reveals the stunning vulnerability that the capitol has been left under today and, you know, it's -- in evidenced here on the east side, the west side, where the confrontations with police were very tense and we saw protesters climb these risers that were built specifically for the inauguration and start waving trump flags on top of the risers. so, they were allowed to, you know, get almost anywhere they wanted on the capitol grounds today and as of now, you know, we hear reports that the police are coming, we hear reports that the national guard is coming in great numbers -- you're not seeing it here, wolf. you know, if they're coming, they're taking their time and these protesters are seemingly, you know, they're not inclined to leave and they don't seem to be very worried at all right now. >> does look like the crowd is thinning out a little bit right now, as it is beginning to get dark. >> they are think out. they've been thinning out a little bit over the past hour, but again, they're leaving on they're own volition.
1:52 pm
they're not leaving because the police pushed them out. we did see two lines of riot gear-clad police come through here walking fairly slowly and there were some protesters trailing behind them, yelling at them, kind of harassing them a little bit. so, you know, again, there's tension here, but the police, even though, you know, again, we were warned about the curfew at 6:00, we're told that the police and national guard are on the way here, but right now, these crowds are leaving, they're leaving on their own. and we can show you another shot of over here, there was some movement of protesters, again, where the smoke zbgrenades went off and the rioters have been pushed back there after some smoke grenades went off a short time ago. so, again, these people, you know, are still here, some of them say they're going to stay here, but when the police arrive in force, there could be some real tension here and possibly some violence, wolf. >> two hours until that curfew goes into effect. brian, be safe over there. be careful.
1:53 pm
the former d.c. police officer chief, charles ramsey, the police commissioner of philadelphia, is joining us right now. one hour from now, little bit more than one hour from now, chief ramsey, you were the police chief here in the nation's capital. what do you think about this decision to have a cue fur from 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m.? >> well, i mean, it's a good move. these folks aren't going to pay any attention to it, though, but the mayor's got to do what she's got to do. the bottom line is, they got to start clearing this -- the capitol grounds. i don't know what they're waiting on. i know they've activate and brought in national guard supposedly from a couple different states, maryland and virginia, as well as the district, maybe they're assem e assembling somewhere and trying to get their battle plan together in terms of how they're going to handle it. i can look at the flags and tell the wind is blowing pretty good, so, you probably want to move in with the wind to your back in case you have to use chemical munitions or pepper spray or what have you. you have to get them off the
1:54 pm
grounds. they have to re-establish a perimeter. they have to get them out of the building. and they need to get started as soon as they possibly can. >> because the mayor, in her statement that was released, chief ramsey, said as far as this curfew is. upon any street, alley, park or other public place. did you ever have a curfew like that? >> i don't recall, i mean, during the imf world bank, back in the early 2000s, there may have been a curfew. didn't recall offhand. we didn't have anything like this. the capitol police got overwhelmed. there will be a lot of people looking at what happened there. there's about 2,000 capitol police. i don't know why they didn't have enough people available to and least me prevent this from happening in the first place. of course, you can always hit a
1:55 pm
tipping point where you can just get overwhelmed. but they got overwhelmed quick and they shouldn't have gotten into that building. we'll look at that later. that's kind of the hot wash after the event. right now, they have to retake the capitol. and they're going to have to do it with force. >> i assume they have to start arresting so ining some of thes that broke windows, that entered into a secure area. >> anybody inside that building as far as i'm concerned ought to be face down in handcuffs right now. that's what they ought to be doing. i don't know what they're doing in there, but they need to be locking them up. without question. but first they got -- they got to gain control. and right now, they don't have control. so, yeah. but -- >> as you and i know, there's a lot of closed circuit cameras inside that u.s. capitol, so, they're going to have a lot of evidence if they want to start doing all of that. what also worries me is there's 14 days until the inauguration and i suspect local police, the
1:56 pm
area police, maryland, virginia, military personnel, national guard troops, they're going to be on alert right now, getting ready for the january 20th inauguration because the president has basically suggested he wants these individuals, rioters, to come back. >> well, there's chatter on the internet now about occupy d.c., and so i don't know if this is part of it or not but that's not surprising, so, yeah, they're going to have to be on high alert. they're not going to be able to let these folks establish camps or anything like that, but the next challenge will be january 20th on the inauguration. but in the meantime, these next couple days are going to be pretty dicey. and hopefully you don't get counterprotesters show up that decide they're going to come out now in support of, you know, biden or what have you. i mean, this is a mess. so, they better establish control as soon as possible. let me tell you, it's not going to be pretty.
1:57 pm
they're going to have to use physical force to get these folks moving and out of there, but they've got to take back the capitol. there's no two ways about it. >> chief ramsey, stand by. we're looking at the riot police that are now beginning to converge up on capitol hill. brian todd, you're up there, you're watching what's going on. tell us. >> okay, wolf. we just saw a line of rye grot police move up the right side of the center steps on the capit capitol's east side there and you see them at the top of the stairs. they are pushing some of the rioters -- they're not really pushing. they're just lining the top of the stairs. some of the rioters have started moving down the stairs on their own. but again, not necessarily being pushed by the police. though the police, now you can see them walking down, so, they are slowly walking some of these rioters off the steps, the center steps of the east side of the capitol. and this, you know, they're doing this now after several hours that these people have
1:58 pm
been out here, you know, going inside the building, occupying the balconies, occupying the center steps and also the, you know, the south end steps and the north end steps of the east side of the capitol here, now you see the police kind of walking them slowly off of the steps. now, this is unfolding peace. right now. a short time ago, we can tell you that rioters were standing on top of these cars and waving flags and really just kind of flowing caution to the wind and there were police not too far away just kind of watching them, but now some of the riot police are just kind of slowly and peacefully moving people off of these steps. >> yeah, let's see what happens, these are critical, critical moments. chief ramsey is still with us. you know, you were the police chief in the nation's capital. we just got a statement from samuel holiday the director of scholarship and operations with the u.s. capitol historical
1:59 pm
society and listen to this. he says this. this is the first time the u.s. capitol has been breached since the british attacked and burned the building in august of 1814 during the war of 1812. just to give us a little historic perspective of what we're seeing, chief ramsey, right now, you and i -- i never thought i would see this and i assume you agree. >> yeah, i never thought i'd see that, i mean, i was always concerned about monuments like the lincoln memorial and places like that, that would be a little more susceptible to having someone just show up and kind of, you know, take it over, but not the u.s. capitol, i mean, that's pitiful, when you really stop and think about it. there's no way they should have been able to breach the capitol, period. but now that they have, now you have to get them out of there and you have to do whatever you got to do to get them out of there. you just cannot allow this to continue. this isn't a protest. this is about as close to a coup attempt the country's ever
2:00 pm
gotten to. you got a very weak guy sitting down there at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, i would call him president, because in my opinion, he's not a president, i don't know what the hell he is, but he sure ain't my leader, and he's inciting all this, and you have other people that are really egging it on by doing what they're doing. i mean, this is crazy. it's absolutely insane and someone's got to take control. it's not going to be the guy sitting at 1600 pennsylvania. it's got to be taken control of. it will not get better on its own. >> john king is with us, chaief ramsey, i'll get back to you, but john, the president earlier in the day was basically telling these individuals, walk down pennsylvania avenue, head to capitol hill, we got to get tough, basically, that was his message and we heard even stronger words from his so-called lawyer, rudy giuliani. >> yeah, and other allies of the president have talked about holding the republicans who will not stand up and help the
2:01 pm
president push false claims of election fraud. so, this environment was created by the president and his allies. they will say they didn't tell anyone to climb through the capitol windows, they didn't tell anyone to break into the chambers, they will say that, but they encourage this climate and they incited it. the president at one point today saying he wanted to walk with them. of course he did not. that's what he does. he says things and leaves it to others to do it. now you're in the leadership test challenge and wolf, to follow on your conversation with chief ramsey, i've been texting with a member of the democratic leadership on cop toll hill, there's a lot of anger and questions about how this happened. about how the building was breached. how they got to sit in the president's in the senate, about how somebody got into speaker pelosi's office and left a note. and what i was told is that the cop toll police say, yes, they understand a lot of questions to answer, that in the moment they were overwhelmed and they made a decision to put a priority on the safety of the lawmakers and the staff, to get them to safe
2:02 pm
locations, understanding that that would mean that you're leaving offices unprotected, your leaving entrances unprotected in some cases and they would deal with that after the fact. now you see in the pig surecture calvary has arrived, but there will be a lot of questions here with the inauguration two weeks away. >> the republican naishl national committee offices right here capitol hill, just like the democratic national committee, the offices are right here capitol hill and we're being told that the headquarters of the rnc was cleared after a suspicious device was found nearby and the democratic national committee building was also evacuated after another suspicious package was being investigated. so, this is really an expanding and very worrisome development that's unfolding. >> right. and without a doubt, not everybody there had any intention of anything like this, but they were there and part of it and you see, again, these are supporters of the president leaving alleged pipe bombs outside the offices of the
2:03 pm
republican national committee. so, not a lot of thought going into this and i'm being very polite. so, you have thugs here, knuckleheads, terrorists, criminals doing things. and there will be a lot of questions, how does this happen? who was involved? and i'm sure some people have been arrested and we haven't seen it yet. people on the inside. but what has been done to send a statement from law enforcement will be a very big question after this. and then there will be longer term questions about, forgive my language, wolf, but how the hell did this happen? this protest was not a secret. it was publicly announced and the capitol police clearly did not flooef was a threat to the building and we've watched it play out. there was a serious and significant threat to the building at a time the entire united states congress was in there, again, including the vice president of the united states and the vice president-elect of the united states, the speaker of the house, the senate majority leader and so on and so forth. there are going to be giant questions about how this happened. and as you see, they have come down to the bottom of the steps now, they're slowly starting to
2:04 pm
move them away. hopefully that happens without violence, but there will be a lot of questions there. we have a ton of questions now and there will be more and more as we learn more. >> just anxious to get your reaction, the president tweeted a little video that he -- that he filmed just outside the oval office over there and among other things, once again, he repeated a lie, he said the election was stolen, he said he won a landslide election, of course another lie, but then he told these rioters, he said, so, go home, we love you, you're very special. very special. what was your reaction when you heard that? >> again, this is -- this is a consistent failure of leadership from this president to step up and moments of crisis and at moments when he needs to ch challenge his own supporters and tell them to behave and pay attention. so, what does he say? there were good people on both sides in charlottes ville -- no, there were not. here, in that video, yes, yes,
2:05 pm
he said please go home. that is a good thing. that was necessary. but all around it, before it, after it, sprinkled in with it was continuing to say the election was stolen, we were defrauded, i know why you're mad, i'm supporting you. you cannot take one log off the fire and then pour a barrel of gasoline on the fire. that does not solve the problem. it may have given temporary respite to any of these protesters who maybe saw on their phone the president tweeted to go home. maybe it was part of some of the people starting to go home. maybe it's just the hour of the day. we don't know that. but that is not the answer. and again, we've watched this from the president consistently. he will say it when he's questioned about it, i did tell them to go home. when he's challenged on the fraud part, he'll shrug and find a reason to distract. but he lost the election. he lost the election. that is not in dispute. he had several opportunities, more than 60, to make his case, the way we do it here in the united states, in a court of law, where you are challenged to present evidence. and it's not just the democrats saying this today, so, to the trump supporters out there, this
2:06 pm
is not repeating what the democrats said. judge after judge after judge after judge, many of them republicans, several of them donald trump appointees, said, sorry, ladies and gentlemen, you have brought me zero credible evidence, go away. this is over. the president needs to tell these people right now, it's over, go home. organize for the next election. don't do this. >> it's so, so incredibly important. looks, brian todd, like they're beginning to clear these individuals, they are beginning to tell them, you better get out of here, you better leave now, otherwise you're going to be arrested. >> that's right, wolf. we can kind of take you in a little bit here. i'll walk forward it a little bit. riot police just kind of came to the foot of the steps and moved more rioters off the steps. the rioters are pretty much completely cleared off the steps. these police that are in the green jackets.
2:07 pm
people lining the steps on the balcony, on top of the cars. i got to say, most of them left on their own, wolf. they were not pushed off in any forceful way by the police. the remnants of them that were there were walked down the stairs by about maybe 12, 13, 14 riot police that just kind of gently walked them down the stairs. now, you do have, and eddie, let's go over here to your right, you do have a little bit of a larger crowd over there by the north side of the senate side of the capitol, where we saw smoke grenades going off and the crowd kind of pushed back that way a short time ago, but it looks like that has calmed down, as well. so, you know, we could see a calming of the situation on the east side of the capitol. we are monitoring the situation on the west side of the capitol, where it was very, very tension earlier today, as it was here. we're standing in an area right
2:08 pm
now that was, when we got here this morning, it was barricaded off completely. there were police all over the place. there were bike rack barricades, there were several other barricades and you got the sense that you couldn't penetrate it. but clearly, the rioters took control, the police were overwhelmed, the police pushed back and you saw the chaos ensue inside the building and all of that. so, right now, they seem to have things under control, but i do have to tell you that most of that is due to the protests -- excuse me, the rioters leaving most of them on their own, wolf? >> yeah, let's see what happens these next few hours. they're going to be critically important. only about 50 minutes until the d.c. curfew goes into effect, the 12-hour curfew from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. nobody's supposed to be out on the streets unless they have the complete authorization from the mayor herself. pete, you're still up there, as well, different location. tell us what you're seeing. >> well, wolf, this is not a
2:09 pm
protest, as others have mentioned. this is a mob. you know, we heard from president trump earlier for this group to disperse peacefully. not many people really got that message. in fact, only a few minutes ago, there was a group of media equipment sent over just east of the capital and we saw a group of this mob essentially destroy it, using their fists, trying to dismantle the first amendment coverage of what is happening here. it's ironic, because the first amendment protects us, but it protects what the protesters here are doing, not a protest anymore. at times, this is turning relatively violent. we have seen the movement of police not too long ago here. this is the metropolitan police department of d.c., but we have yet to see the national guard here. we have heard from d.c. mayor muriel bowser that the national guard is on its way and that state police from maryland and virginia will also be coming here to help, but i have to tell you that police are way
2:10 pm
outnumbers here by this pro-trump group that essentially has taken over the capitol. there is more police presence ramping up here as night falls on washington, but this group seems to be in it for the long haul and it seems like this will last well after sunset. wolf? >> do we know, pete, if there are still any of these rioters roaming around inside the house or the senate, the u.s. capitol, as we saw these ugly pictures emerge over the past couple of hours? >> i cannot speak to that, wolf. there are plenty of people still outside here tonight and i'm sure plenty of people would like to be inside, especially considering the fact that it's going to be 30 degrees in washington tonight. this is not going to be easy for the folks who are out here, but they shouldn't be here. this is a spot where you can't be, as an everyday person, as a civilian. this is a spot that's very closed down, just above the capitol visitor's center. the east side of the capitol and the steps here is a spot that the public would never be on, not even for special events.
2:11 pm
this is a spot that is very, very, very locked down and folks are still here after nightfall in washington. >> and there's still coronavirus going on. nobody is supposed to be inside the u.s. capitol, but they broke windows and they entered into that building. donnie o'sullivan is also on the scene for us. tell us what's going on. >> we're at the west side here of the u.s. capitol and people are streaming out of the grounds of the capitol and we've been asking them if they're proud of what's happened today and most of them say they are. they view themselves as patriots, these trump supporters. when i asked them what they thought they were achieving by being here, by doing all of this, this violence, they said that they wanted to win back the election. and some of them are still living in this alternate reality, thissal f alternate une where they believe joe biden is not going to be inaugurated up on that rising in just two weeks time.
2:12 pm
and wolf, there is a sense here on the ground that it isn't over in terms of both trying to overturn the election, which is obviously a fantasy, but also that there could be more trouble to come here in washington tonight. my producer overheard somebody saying as we were walking in here, it's going to get real tonight. wolf? >> yeah, i suspect it's going to get even more intense in the next few days as we get closer and closer to the january 20th inauguration of the next president of the united states. joe biden. alex marquardt, you're getting some more information, update our viewers. >> well, wolf, we've moved back a little bit, since we spoke to you last, a large crowd of these rioters, a mob of them, descended on the press area where we were, i believe that was the area that our colleague pete was talking about, clearly not fans of the way that we have been depicting them, which is a mob of violent rioters.
2:13 pm
and so now, the question becomes, when does law enforcement go in and clear this area? it has just been a surreal afternoon watching this crowd go in and get into the capitol building. so, what we've seen over the course of the past couple of hours is different kinds of law enforcement gathering around the capitol. what you're seeing right here is metropolitan police department, so, washington police, as you've been noting, wolf, we are under and hour now from the curfew. it is not clear whether they plan on going in and helping clear out those rioters before the curfew, but that is certainly what we have seen in the past when there has been a curfew in this city. now, there has been a steady stream of rioters coming from this northern side of the capitol building, where they have been gathering for most of the afternoon but there is still a significant contingent of them and as you've heard from our
2:14 pm
other colleagues, many have said that they plan to stay here and as someone was just mentioning, that it may get real overnight. i want to point out that some of these rioters who are coming out from here, these are, i believe, oath keepers, we have seen members of that far right extremist group that supports the president, out here this afternoon, shouting insults at us, at members of the press, shouting insults at members of law enforcement, of the police. things have been relatively quiet for a little while now, but as i was saying to you in the last time we spoke, this is still very much a standoff. we have not seen law enforcement go in and clear them out. rioters are still in there. law enforcement on the outskirts, on the perimeter of the capitol building. and we will see what happens as we get closer to this curfew at 6:00 p.m. in just under an hour's time. look at this scene here, wolf.
2:15 pm
this is more, what i believe is metropolitan police. these guys are very much in riot gear, as you can see. head to toe with protection, helmets on, batons at the ready, they are going down delaware avenue and we understand that there is all sorts of coordination going on between local law phonenforcement, fede law enforcement, capitol law enforcement, to clear out these rioters from the capitol building. >> and i assume it's only going to get more intense. we just got a statement from the acting defense secretary miller, saying he's hat separate conversations with vice president pence, speaker pelosi, leader mcconnell, senator schumer, representative hoyer in the house of representatives and says this. let me read it. we have fully activated the d.c. national guard to assist federal and local law enforcement as they work to peacefully address the situation. we are prepared to provide
2:16 pm
additional support as requested by local authorities. and then adds with this. our people are sworn to defend the constitution and our democratic form of government and they will act accordingly. so, we see capitol police, we see local police from d.c. police are coming in from maryland and virginia and military personnel, national guard troops are coming in, as well. we're going to see a whole lot more troops coming in, not just today, but in the next 14 days, as we all get ready for the presidential inauguration. pamela, what else are you learning? >> going to tell you what we can't see inside the capitol building, and that is law enforcement still clearing out the capitol building. as we speak, rioters who trespassed, went inside, police are in there right now still trying to make sure it is safe, secure, so that legislators can go back and finish their work under the constitution. as we heard alex marquardt there say, he's not seeing a lot of
2:17 pm
activity on the outside in terms of clearing out. still seeing a lot of protesters there, but i'm told from law enforcement that in addition to clearing out rioters inside of the capitol building, they are also clearing them out at the inauguration stage and bleachers. so that is another area that the rioters took over. and i can tell you law enforcement sources i'm speaking with, they are gearing up, wolf, for a very long night. >> and i'm sure they're gearing up for a very, very long two weeks until the inauguration, as well. kaitlan collins is over at the white house for us. what else are you learning? >> well, wolf, of course we saw the president after hours of his own supporters bree s breachin halls of the cop toll in this manner finally put out that video earlier after he was urged by staffers to put out a more forceful statement. something he declined to do and instead for hours complained about the vice president defying him earlier today. we're now seeing even former members of his administration criticize this and say that it
2:18 pm
actually is the responsibility of president trump. and that includes his first homeland security adviser tom bossert, someone who is offering analysis on what is going on and saying the white house sometimes advice, sometimes criticism, sometimes praise. listen to what he says now. this is beyond wrong and illegal. it's un-american. the president undermined american democracy baselessly for months and as a result, he is culpable for this siege and an utter disgrace. despite of him, not because of him, police will regain control and prosecute those involved. of course, let's also look at what his first chief of staff, reince priebus said earlier today, he said many are criminals and troublemakers, all acting in a manner opposite of patriotism. wolf, those are much stronger words than y s that you are hea the president's former senior staff than you are hearing from the president tonight.
2:19 pm
the president's video that he released, say that people should go home peacefully, go home, but the president also said, we love you and said that he understood where they were coming from. and of course, baselessly alleged what is at the root of a lot of this, which are these claims that the election was stolen from him, which, of course, it is not. that is the only time we've seen the president since that rally earlier today, where he was encouraging people to go to capitol hill and so far we have not heard any other comment from the white house tonight, wolf. >> same video, the president insisted as he has now for weeks that the election was stolen, he insists he won in a landslide election. he's still continuing to lie and in effect egg on these rioters to continue what they're doing. phil mattingly is up on capitol hill. phil, what are you seeing? >> wolf, right now, you're seeing really the crowds in the east front start to stream out at a pretty steady clip. but the biggest thing that i'm hearing now from lawmakers is, they want to finish what they started today. and this goes for both parties,
2:20 pm
lawmakers, i've been texting back and forth with, lawmakers that have been in undisclosed locations surrounded by law enforcement officials. they are making clear they want to finish today. now, the big question that they have, and i think what everybody's waiting for right now, a couple of things. one, they need to ensure that the capitol is completely cleared, but we've seen and heard that law enforcement is sweeping through office buildings, as well. talked about the alleged pipe bombs in places just outside the capitol complex. law enforcement has a bigger job here than just trying to figure out where things stand inside the capitol building itself. that's one piece of this. the other thing, as well, and i think this is what a lot of lawmakers are focused on right now, how quickly can they get back into the chambers and what state are the chambers in? some of the rioters got into the chambers, what they did in those chambers, that needs to be figured out, as well. one thing that's been consistent, and again, i say this from a bipartisan manner,
2:21 pm
lawmakers i've been talking to, they have gone from very rattled, very unsettled and how quickly they were moved off the house floor and into undisclosed locations, surrounded by law enforcement, into very firmly believing they want to finish this process and finish this process tonight. and i think one other point, a couple of democratic senators tweeted this out, staffers actually grabbed the documents needed to complete the process of tallying the electors for certification on their way while they were rushing out of the united states senate. so, they still have those, and i think one of the concerns in the madness, or the rush when this was all happening is, what happens if those were left there while the trespassers were on the senate floor? multiple senators say staff has those, those are safe, they are ready to go, it's just a matter of when they can actually get inside the chambers and go. as one senator texted me just a short while ago, we're ready to rock and roll.
2:22 pm
we just need the green light, wolf. >> when they reconvene, i don't know if they will tonight, tomorrow, whenever, are they going to certify what the electoral college did, the 50 states and the district of columbia and approve the electoral vote, naming joe biden the next president of the united states or will they continue with these objections and try to continue this debate, which is futile? >> wolf, this has been, i think, the big question we've been trying to get answers to over the last several hours. and this came from a republican lawmaker who said, i don't know how we can continue to pursue the objections that occurred. they made very clear they weren't trying to overturn the election, though they aligned with the president who very much wants to overturn the election and those that rushed the capitol who want to overturn the election. i don't have the answer to that right now. i don't know who the lawmakers
2:23 pm
who have the objections have the answers right now. but i can tell you there is a critical and growing mass of lawmakers, including some of those who may have been on the fence on whether or not to support the objections, just want to get this done, get this over with and move on. this has been kind of a splash of cold water in everybody's face that these aren't just words, these aren't just people making things up. this isn't just the media. this is reality. things got very, very real in very close proximity to a lot of lawmakers, particularly in the middle of a pandemic when you haven't necessarily been able to have town halls, meet face-to-face with a lot of people. you only hear from your most dedicated constituents and on the republican side, they are all very dedicated to president trump. this got very real very fast. and it will be interesting to see how this plays out when they get things back together again and reconvene, because to be completely frank, wolf, i haven't talked to a lawmaker, including several, you spoke to several on air, several who were deployed down range in iraq or
2:24 pm
afghanistan who aren't coming away from this experience pretty shaken about what they saw. >> i don't know what they're going to do, either. i saw a tweet from senator josh hawley, one of the architects of this futile challenge and in that statement that he tweeted, he ended by saying, congress must get back to work and finish its job. finish its job. i don't know what that means, but we'll try to figure that out. jim acosta is over at the white house getting more information, as well. what are you learning, jim. >> wolf, just an update on the state of mind of the president right now and the state of mind of staffers inside the white house who are shell shocked by some of these events up on capitol hill. i talked to a white house official just a short time ago who said, you know, before the president released that video, before the president made the decision to call in the national guard, aides to the president had to go to the president in the oval office and almost beg him to make these decisions. to beg him to make that video, to record that video and also to make this decision to call in
2:25 pm
the national guard. why is that important? because this president is going to be in charge, presumably, for the next 14 days and if the president can only throw gasoline on the fire, it is going to be up to the skeletal staff that he has left over here at the white house to go to the president and get him to try to do the right thing from time to time. i think that is a worrying development. the other thing i heard from a source familiar with some of the discussions over here is that white house staffers are just horrified by what is going on up on capitol hill, but wolf, that begs another question, it begs the question, i think, we're at a critical stage now given what we've seen up on the hill, do we see resignations from white house staffers? aren't we at a point now, wolf, where we should see resignations from white house staffers? this -- this scene that we saw up on the hill today, the siege on the capitol, should be enough, one would think, in a normal world, to prompt the resignation of staffers inside a
2:26 pm
white house, inside an administration, obviously we haven't seen that at this point, but wolf, you know, talking to another trump adviser about this, do not expect the president to try to cool things down over the next 14 days. in the words of this adds visor, the president is a, quote, entertainer. he is not a leader. he is not a president. and he's not going to e be have like one for the next 14 days. so, a lot of concerns over here at the white house among white house staffers that this president is just not up to the job. he is up to the job when it comes to fanning the flames and causing this awful scene that we saw up on capitol hill today that's still unfolding, but he is not equipped to take things down a notch unless these staffers go in there and essentially beg him to do it, which is what happened earlier today, wolf. >> it is so, so awful. john king is still with us. john, so many people are emailing me, texting me, they're accusing the president of being an accomplice to what these
2:27 pm
rioters and these mobsters were doing up on capitol hill. >> well, again, he will say he did not encourage them to break into the building or to break glass or to violet security rules and go into the chamber or go into the speaker's office, that is what the president say, but the president encouraged those people to march on the capitol. the president keeps saying, even in his third statement he released today, that the election was stolen when it wasn't. the president is try to rewrite the truth, as he has done almost every day in the last four years, but he incited this, encouraged this and supported this, because he wants to continue this fantasy that the election can be overturned. so now wolf, here we are, two weeks from the end of the trump term and the drama continues and what you could call domestic terrorism, certainly disruption, illegal conduct continues here. we're going to watch as the police push this out. so, a number of interesting political things happening. you have groups like the lincoln project, long a critic of the
2:28 pm
president, saying he should be impeached in his final two weeks. that's not going to happen, but you have this political debate again in the final two weeks. you have the national association of manufacturers, one of the business groups in town that represents manufacturers, saying the vice president should consider invoking the 25th amendment and removing the president from office in his final two weeks, all because of this scene and more importantly, the much more dangerous scene we saw earlier in the daylight hours that the united states capitol. and i've been in communications with leadership aides on both sides, both in the senate, the republican leadership still in the senate and the democratic leadership in the house about how important both leaders, speaker pelosi and leader mcconnell believe it is to get back in that building tonight and to at least get back -- whether they finish tonight is an open question, that depends on if you have more objections, but they both believe it is absolutely critical to send the signal that you may have disrupted us, you may have knocked us out of the builds, but you will not stop us from doing what we came to do today, which is supposed to be a cherished constitutional tradition in the united states.
2:29 pm
embracing and affirming and accepting the election of joe biden as president of the united states. >> a peaceful transfer of power. that's what we've always seen. alex marquardt, what's going on where you are, alex? >> well, wolf, we are back on the western side of the capitol. what you can hear there is a flashbang, presumably from this police force that has just moved in. wolf, what you're looking at now is metropolitan police from washington, d.c., who just before this 6:00 p.m. curfew have moved in here to push out the rioters. they have been shouting, "move back" at this crowd of hundreds, if not more, trump supporters on the western side of the capitol building. this, wolf, is where in exactly 14 days time, president-elect biden will be inaugurated. in the background, you can see the washington monument, the police have now decided, after several hours of these, this
2:30 pm
huge mass gathering on the western side of the capitol, to flush them out. we have heard reports of tear gas, i have not seen that in the last few moments, but there's no question that the metropolitan police department, as well as the other law enforcement agencies will not hesitate. we're being asked to move back. yes, officer, we will. >> thank you. >> you can see this officer, for example, fully equipped with riot control gear and as i was saying, golf, we do not get the impression that they will hesitate to use those riot control measures to get these masses of rioters away from the capitol, which they attacked and have been -- which they got into over the course of the afternoon, wolf. >> yeah, they should use all means necessary to get this under control. this is a disgrace, what's going on up on cop toll hill right now. just be careful over there. we'll stay in very close touch with you, alex. and we can see crowds are still
2:31 pm
there, john king. we can see them, they are beginning to leave, but it's a really dangerous situation. donie o'sullivan is still there. tell us what's going on. >> hey, wolf, yeah, some tear gas was deployed here in the past few minutes. that's why you are seeing these people coming down, the sort of last stragglings that are left at the capitol. we've seen thousands of people move off the lawn in the past few hours and they've all been telling us how proud they are, how proud they are to be apart of this mob. they're repeating all the conspiracy theories that president trump has been spewing for months and that he spewed outside the white house today. and it's really just quite a surreal scene here, and i think we better move beyond this police line, as they're really now moving all of us out of here, wolf. >> just want you to be careful, donie. >> be just some --
2:32 pm
>> go ahead, donie. >> we're just hearing some really, you know, vile language being directed at members of the media, people just, again, repeating these lies. people who are totally in denial that in just a few weeks, only a few hundred feet from here, joe biden is going to be inaugurated president of the united states. and you can see, we're stepping over the fences and barriers that were broken by these members of this mob earlier today. we were here, we marched from the white house after trump's address, we marched with trump supporters and when they breached this barrier, it happened all of a sudden, shortly after he concluded speaking and people just started pushing and moving up and we've seen destruction all around this area, wolf, and we keep hearing over and over again, i just heard somebody else saying, this
2:33 pm
is just the beginning. wolf? >> yeah, i assume they're saying what the president himself just said in this video tape that he posted on twitter that he said the election was stolen, it was a landslide election that he claims he won, he says everyone knows it, especially the other side. these are total lies, but it comes from the president of the united states and it's encouraging these rioters to do what they're doing, right? >> yeah, that's right, wolf. and, i mean, you and i have discussed how conspiracy theories have really just are now playing such a prominent role in american life that you're seeing this all play out here, you know, we've spoken for years about facebook and twitter and their failure to act on conspiracy theories and hateful speech online. and we're seeing the results of that play out here on the streets of our nation's capital today. i mean, we're beyond the fact, in 2016, we heard about russian
2:34 pm
trolls and people tried to write off anything about social media, saying oh, it's only a few facebook posts, what harm? here's the harm. the harm of conspiracy theories, the harm of lies, the harm of people living in these online and trump media echo chambers where they are so deluded, they can't get to grips with reality and understand that joe biden will soon be president. >> in 14 days, he will become the president of the united states. donie, just be careful over there. i know that we're less than a half an hour from the curfew that will be imposed here in the nation's capital. hard to believe that this is going on at this sensitive moment right now. brian todd, you're getting more information, as well. what are you learning? >> well, wolf, several law enforcement vehicles have just moved into the plaza on the east side of thecapitol. there's an ambulance over here, as well. eddie gross, our photo journalist, they can pan over
2:35 pm
there. they just put someone inside the ambulance. i believe they took that person out from inside the capitol and put them in the ambulance. you see the riot police over here forming a line around the center steps of the east side of the capitol. short time ago, they moved the remaining rioters that were on the steps off, slowly and peacefully, but you know, look, as i heard donie and some of our colleagues saying earlier, a lot of these rioters are basically crowing. they believe that they kind of won the day here. i heard one rioter yell at the police, "you didn't take it back, we gave it back." so, they have some swagger here tonight. most of them have left the plaza at this point, but i think a big question now is, what's security going to be like overnight and into tomorrow morning? i just heard alex reporting that they're moving people off the west side and we're expecting more police to come in shortly on the east side here as some stragglers remain. but the question is, are they going to clear everyone out of this plaza, as they did in the
2:36 pm
morning, because again, i can't emphasize enough how quickly this all unraveled, you know, in the place where i'm standing right now, this was completely clear of people, the protesters were behind a barricade of just kind of behind us over here and it just unraveled in an instant, both here on the east side and on the west side of the capitol. eddie, let's move over this way a little bit and, you know, we can tell you that, we did see some flashbangs and some smoke grenades going off over here on the north side of the capitol a short time ago, as they pushed rioters back. so, the question is going to be, what is security going to be like here in the overnight hours and later tonight, wolf? >> do these rioters, these mobsters, do they understand that there is a curfew that's going to go into effect in less than half an hour that if they're in the streets of washington, d.c., they could be arrested? >> well, wolf, we broadcast that, but we don't know how m h much -- excuse me. we're being harassed a little bit here, wolf.
2:37 pm
>> all right, go ahead, just be careful over there. i want you to be safe. john king, you know, it's hard to believe, john, people all over the world are watching what's going on in washington, d.c. right now, including world leaders. i'm getting statements, john, from world leaders who are shocked. the nato secretary-general says shocking scenes in washington, d.c., the outcome of this democratic election must be respected. and there's more and more world leaders, people all over the world, can't believe what's going on here in washington, d.c. there's a threat to a peaceful transfer of power. >> no, and these foot soldiers of a movement, they say, will make america great again are making america an embarrassment of the world today. boris johnson, the prime minister of the uk, issuing a very similar statement. i'm getting messages, as you are, from friends, from sources, from government officials, ambassadors around the word, some here in washington representing overseas country, they just simply don't understand what is going on and they can't believe what they are
2:38 pm
seeing in the united states of america. which is supposed to be the beacon of the global democracy. it's supposed to be that shining city on a hill. it's supposed to be, as many of the conservative republicans helping the president with his fantasy challenge to an election that is over, they always say america is exceptional. well, this does not make america exceptional. to that point, wolf, i want to come back to something you reported to our viewers earlier today about what we're seeing. the deployment of the national guard. you read the statement from the acting defense secretary, where he said, the acting defense secretary and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff spoke with the vice president, speaker pelosi, leader mcconnell, what's missing? the president. they spoke to the vice president. not the president of the united states. where is he? does he want any part of this? he's the president of the united states who doesn't attend coronavirus task force meetings. who refuses to meet with the experts on the pandemic that is sweeping across the country.
2:39 pm
and now the vice president has to coordinate with the pentagon on the response? he's president for two more weeks, at least that's what the constitution and the calendar says, but when you read that statement, it just jumped out at me that this is his job. thankful that the vice president's helping coordination the security response here, if you agree or disagree with the trump administration's politics, you should be grateful the vice president is helping with that, but where is the president at this time of national crisis that he won't get on that phone call and try to protect the capitol, protect the lawmakers and protect this country? >> if the president of the united states, john, the commander in chief, isn't doing his job, even though there's only 14 days left, should the 25th amendment to the u.s. constitution be invoked, which namely suggests that members of the cabinet can come forward and say, this president is unfit to be president, to be commander in chief? >> as i noted earlier, there have been some democrats who have said that today, there are some democrats they said, let's impeach him. a republican-leaning
2:40 pm
manufacturing group has raised the 25th amendment question today. there are two weeks left. it is impossible to see that happening, but what is just the stirring of this debate again, what does it tell you? that this administration, which has been toxic from the beginning, is even more toxic at the end when you would think that even the trump administration, even for all the outrage and the disregard of norms and truths and institutions and facts and election math, you would think after all of that, the presid t president, normally we think the president is about himself, that he would think, if i want to run again, if i want to have a legacy, i would at least exit with some dignity, but that's not happening, which is why these questions will continue about the 25th amendment, about his willingness, his ability, his capability, to do his job to the very end. >> we see a standoff unfolding between police and these rioters. doni donie o'sullivan is there. what are you seeing? >> yeah, wolf, we are here at the police line, the police have
2:41 pm
pushed the members of this mob, these trump supporters, away, off the capitol grounds and we are here at the west front of the u.s. capitol. we're also at the spot where the barriers were originally broken earlier today when we were here. and it's quite surreal, wolf, because we're seeing these trump supporters shouting at the police accusing these police of being traitors. of course we always hear from the trump white house and trump supporters how much they love the police, but seemingly not tonight. as we mentioned, tear gas was deployed a few minutes ago. that's how they were able to move these people down off the lawn outside the u.s. capitol. and you can still taste remnants of that tear gas in the air. but wolf, if our photo journalist jeremy can just pan to the left here, i mean, you
2:42 pm
see these trump supporters, people wearing the maga hats, just shouting abuse at these members of the police in washington who are doing their jobs. wolf? >> yeah. all right, stand by, donie. i want to go back to jake. jake, i understand you have a special guest. >> that's right, wolf, thank you so much. joining us on the phone, the mayor of washington, d.c., mayor muriel bowser. thank you so much for joining us. you put in place a 6:00 p.m. curfew. how worried are you about what might come tonight in d.c.? we're already hearing from these, whatever you want to call them, rioters, terrorists, anarchists, insurrectionists, we're hearing from them they're planning to get even rougher when it gets darker. >> well, thanks, jake, for having me on. we have a curfew in place, where we're advising everyone to leave the area, to vacate the capitol grounds and to go to their place of residence or wherever they
2:43 pm
are staying and preferably go back to their state. what we've seen at the capitol today is certainly unpatriotic, it's wrong and illegal. i have fully deployed the metropolitan police department, my, the d.c. police department to assist the u.s. capitol police. our police have entered the building and will establish a perimeter and enforce our curfew. >> i have to say, i'm surprised that these rioters were able to get into the capitol to begin with. they were breaking windows, there was blood spilled. i know that the capitol security is the responsibility of u.s. capitol police and they don't report to you, they report to congress, but what's your best understanding about why this was able to happen? >> well, certainly we are there
2:44 pm
to assist the u.s. capitol police with any and all requests. i think you know the very significant perimeters we established around d.c. strees s and we're right there to support them and now to enter the building to make sure we have control and maintain control in order in the district overnight and over the next days. >> do you think, if this was a black lives matter protest, they would have been able to get into the capitol and wreak the havoc that these pro trump people were able to cause? i mean, it -- i think there are a lot of people watching this and saying it seems like there's a real double standard that these maga protesters were able to commit acts of violence they can't imagine any other group being able to cause in congress. >> well, i can certainly talk about our response to all of the
2:45 pm
protests and our assistance to our federal partners and vice versa. and what we've seen here is a breach of our very democracy. and so, we will continue to work with our partners to get it under control. >> in 15 minutes, the curfew drops and anybody who is still out will be in violation of the curfew. will they be arrested? >> our police are moving and will work with not just the d.c. police, we have called in to support d.c. streets and the u.s. capitol response. our neighbors, as well as the d.c. national guard, i've requested the guard from maryland and virginia to also come in. so, people will be held accountable. we want everybody to move out and to move out quickly. but the curfew will be enforced. >> so, is that a yes, they will be arrested? metropolitan police department has been told that if these protesters are still there after the curfew, they will be arrested? >> they are going to deploy and
2:46 pm
deploy in a safe way and enforce the d.c. curfew. >> so that's a yes? >> well, i can't tell you every single strategy that the police are going to use. but they have the curfew as a tool to move people out. >> has anybody been arrested today, do you know? >> there have been many arrests today and yesterday. i don't have the full readout of the number of arrests, we expect to provide that by this evening. >> the entire d.c. national guard has been activated. do you have the resources you need, mayor bowser, to keep washington, d.c. safe, to get control of the capitol? >> we have -- we have been in touch with -- we're working with many federal resources including the guards from a number of states that i just mentioned and we will continue to get the resources that we need throughout the night. >> president trump released a sa
2:47 pm
video, he told his supporters to go home, but he also expressed sympathy for them, he said he loved them, he also continued his blatant lies about the election. do you think that video was helpful or did it end up throwing more fuel on the fire? >> well, the fuel has been thrown on this fire for four straight years. and certainly in the last week we heard this president, outgoing president, other current elected officials incite violence. and we see the result of that violence, so i didn't get a chance to see the video, but we continue to urge the president to tell his supporters that they are putting police officers, innocent people in harm's way and they need to go home. >> do you know anything about the shooting today on capitol hill, a woman was shot? is she okay? do you know, was she one of the rioters or was she -- >> i know, jake, that matter is under investigation and we can't confirm the details at this
2:48 pm
time. >> is there anything you can tell us about the pipe bombs that have been reported having been found outside the republican national committee, the dnc and the u.s. capitol? >> we know that we responded to a credible report of at least two incendiary devices. i can't give you any specifics about them right now. >> is there anything more you want to tell anybody watching this who might be in washington, d.c. right now? >> we're telling -- our residents have heeded our guidance to stay at home. we want everybody protesting and rioting on the cop toapitol gro and anywhere else to go home. and they need to start moving out right now. >> all right, we see some people moving, i don't know if they're moving out right now. i certainly hope that they are. mayor bowser, best of luck battling this. i know in addition to this, you have the covid crisis you're dealing with. you need this like you need a hole in your head. thank you for your time. >> thank you.
2:49 pm
bye. >> you know, one of the things that i think looking at these images, you have to ask yourself, just as an american is, donald trump is going to be president for two more weeks and can the united states last that two weeks with him as president of the united states? this is somebody who is not only turned a blind eye to a deadly pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of americans. yesterday was the deadliest day in the u.s. for the coronavirus pandemic since it began, but we have a president now inciting violence and praising those who commit acts of violence and i think it has to be asked, does the vice president, does the cabinet need to step in, envoik the 25th amendment and remove him from office before he wreaks even more damage? abby, you and i were talking, jay timmons, former republican operative, now the head of national association of manufacturing, put out a statement today, saying that pence should think about
2:50 pm
invoking the 25th >> we've already heard that the acting secretary of defense spoke not with president trump but with vice president pence about deploying the national guard to the streets of d.c. to protect the capitol. why would that be the case? we have a sitting united states president who is supposed to be on the job. and apparently is not. and i think that this is a real concern. it should be a concern for congress. it should be a concern for pence. for the people who are still working in that building at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. this is a president who is absent in a moment of crisis and beyond absent, has instigated this moment of crisis. you know, i live in washington, d.c. watching what is going on in the capitol is really unbelievable. i have seen all kinds of things happen at this capitol building, at this capitol compound. i've never seen what seems to be
2:51 pm
such a lack of control over the situation. it seems almost that even in your conversation, jake, with mayor bowser that she's very carefully threading this line between what she can control, which are the forces under her command, and what the federal government is responsible for. >> and she wouldn't criticize -- >> she would not criticize the federal government. but she's in such a tenuous position. who is going to establish order? or to quote president trump, law and order on the streets of washington, d.c. this is really important because they have stormed the capitol. they have put people in danger. people today have been seriously injured or potentially worse, and we have not gotten a sense that there is really anybody in charge. >> and as you were interviewing mayor bowser we got word that the virginia governor issued a curfew for the d.c. suburbs in virginia, alexandria and
2:52 pm
arlington, also 6:00 p.m. so we're talking about eight minutes from now there's supposed to be a curfew in place there as well. another thing that we've got some reporting on, of course all of this is happening and what is on hold is the very big, very important constitutional duty that the united states congress has that they were in the middle of doing when all of this happened, which is to certify the electoral college and to make it even more official that joe biden will be president and will be inaugurated on january 20th. behind the scenes because these senators and house members are in undisclosed locations a lot of them are together and there are conversations going on. and i am told and manu raju was told similar that particularly in the senate because as we talked about earlier you need a -- if a house member is going to raise an objection they need
2:53 pm
a companion in the senate to stop the proceedings and have two hours of debate. that democrats and some republicans are trying to convince the republicans who had planned to object to the next states after arizona. we knew that it was georgia. we knew that it was pennsylvania. trying to convince them okay, enough, back down. clearly the point was made and we need to move on and wrap it up. the plan is still to try to get back into the senate tonight to get back onto the house floor tonight, but those conversations are happening as we speak. >> yeah, the point is made. meaning the lie has been given credence by you protesting house minority leader kevin mccarthy, senator ted cruz, house minority whip steve scalise. you have given credibility, and that's why these people are so mad and they're rioting. congratulations. i want to go to manu raju right now, who last we heard from him he was being escorted through the bowels of the u.s. senate,
2:54 pm
taken to an undisclosed location. manu, where are you? are you safe? >> reporter: yeah. we are safe. we are in a secure location. we are -- lots of law enforcement officers here. and a bit of good news. after a chaotic day, law enforcement is now telling the capitol, telling people in the capitol the capitol building is now pu now secure. they feel the building is now secure. the message from the from the sergeant at arms. key people ensuring the security of this building after rioters stormed the building, damaged the property and created havoc and gave violent confrontation with police, now law enforcement believe that the capitol building is now secure. so what does that mean going forward? going forward, it means that they are pushing to get back to their business, to do what they were supposed to do at the onset of the day, which is of course
2:55 pm
the electoral vote certification. i'm told by various house and senate sources that there is a major push to get this done tonight, to go through the proceedings on both sides in the house and senate, to go through all the -- if there are still objections to go through those objections. and as dana just noted there is pressure building on these house members and some senators who want to object and drag the proceedings out, republicans are leaning on some of these members to say drop the objections, we've just been through this chaotic situation, let's show the country we're united and get through this quickly. i just had a chance to talk to senator roger wicker who's been a large portion of the day in an undisclosed location with other senators as they were put in a secure spot. i asked him, are you urging your fellow republicans to drop this effort? wicker said we are trying to expedite things. other senators have made that very clear as well.
2:56 pm
so jake, bit of good news, the capitol building is now secure and they can hopefully go on, go forward with the business and we'll see how quickly they're able to do it. no word yet how those individuals, senators who want to object will continue to do so. but clearly pressure's building after this chaotic day to show some unity here on capitol hill, jake. >> yeah, it's surreal. i feel like i'm talking to a correspondent reporting from bogota. the capitol has been secured. wolf? >> yeah, it's a dramatic moment. the d.c. curfew is about to take effect 3 1/2 minutes or so from now but i see a lot of people still waunging around capitol hill. you know local police, the national guard personnel, they're going to be focusing primari primarily around capitol hill trying to get these people off the streets but it's a really, really dangerous situation that's unfolding right now. we heard the mayor, jake, in her interview with you, mayor bowser making it clear that everyone,
2:57 pm
almost everyone except if they have authorization from the mayor herself, they have to be off the streets of washington, d.c. from 6:00 p.m., that's in four minutes or so, until 6:00 a.m. but looks like a whole bunch of people are ignoring that order for this curfew. doany o'sullivan, you're there. i suspect you're seeing a lot of folks ignoring this curfew order as well. >> reporter: hey, wolf. yes, there are a whole lot of people still here in front of the police line at the capitol. perhaps ironically listening to a beatles song "all you need is love." we've seen very little of that today. these folks will clearly not get back to their homes or hotels by the 6:00 p.m. curfew this evening. and we have seen some more police movement in the past few minutes. police gently trying to push people a little bit further. we've seen some additional
2:58 pm
police come here to the line and we're not quite sure what is going to play out here at 6:00 p.m. but certainly as far as i could see here there are dozens, perhaps over -- i can see at least probably 100 people in my line of sight here, but there may be many more and they look like they have no intention of going anywhere, wolf, by this curfew. >> donie, have you seen the police actually arresting individuals who may have broken the law, trespass, broken windows, entered secure areas, or are the police based on what you've seen simply trying to disperse these individuals and telling them to get out of there? >> reporter: yeah, it looks for the most part that they are just trying to disperse these people peacefully. we did see a little scuffle with police a few minutes ago on the far side of the police line here. somebody who seemed not to be cooperating. they were actually still coming
2:59 pm
off the lawn of the capitol. and they seemed to be the final few people at least from what we can see on our side, the trespassers to be evicted from the lawn. but as you can see here, wolf, a whole lot of people, whole lot of maga hats. all these people who supposedly love the police do not want to comply with the police orders tonight. and things as we approach this curfew, we may see some movement in the next few minutes. wolf? >> yeah, this curfew is going into effect in a few seconds from now. let's see what happens, if the police actually move in. alex marquardt, you're in a different location. are folks ignoring the curfew where you are as well? >> reporter: they are ignoring the curfew, wolf. i just want to piggyback on what donie was saying, that there are a huge -- a large number of trump supporters here.
3:00 pm
i will say they are entirely peaceful at the moment. there is this long line of metropolitan police. so that's the washington, d.c. police who in the past half hour have slowly, methodically, peacefully pushed these trump supporters back from the capitol. you can see the western side of the white house, of the capitol building, excuse me, that has been entirely cleared. wolf, that entire lawn this afternoon was filled with people. now as we have gotten closer to the curfew we have seen that area cleared. so a lot of this crowd, the vast majority i would say of this crowd that was out here this afternoon has melted away. but there is still a large number who have gathered down here. if you know washington, d.c., this is the capitol reflecting pool. and at least for now, wolf, they show no sign of going home.
3:01 pm
there has been some tear gas fired. our colleagues have seen that. we have seen that throughout the afternoon. there are a lot of riot police in full riot gear with gas masks, the ones you're looking at now do not have that same sort of gear. so it's a bit of a mix. this has been a cooperative effort between local police departments, not just from washington, d.c. but also from virginia and maryland as well as their federal counterparts, u.s. capitol police up in the capitol as well as various federal agencies and of course the national guard that we now know has been fully mobilized by mayor bowser. this curfew now effectiin effec. wolf you were asking about arrests. if we go by past precedent, curfews in the past, that doesn't mean they're going to start arresting people on sight because they're out and about. but that certainly could happen as the evening wears on. and people stay out. so the curfew is in effect but these trump supporters many of them still out here.
3:02 pm
>> it's an awful situation. the curfew now is in effect but i don't see the police going about starting to tell these people they're about to be arrested for violating the curfew. they should not be on the streets of washington, d.c. right now. they should be heading to their hotels or their homes or someplace else or just get out of the area because the curfew, d.c. curfew is now in effect. john king, just got a statement, let me read a sentence or two, from the former president, george w. bush. you have it, john. go ahead and read the statement for us. >> wolf, i will read it. and it is striking just the contrast of the last republican president, george w. bush, compared here to the current president, republican president, donald trump. "laura and i are watching the scenes of mayhem unfolding at the seat of our nation's government in disbelief and disarray. dismay, sorry, former president bush says. it is a sickening and heartbreaking sight. this is how election results are dispute nad banana republic, not our democratic republic. i am appalled by the reckless behavior of some political leaders since the election and
3:03 pm
by the lack of respect shown today for our institutions, our traditions, and our law enforcement. the violent assault on the capitol and disruption of a constitutionally mandated meeting of congress was undertaken by people whose passions have been inflamed by falsehoods and false hopes. insurrection could do grave damage to our nation and the reputation of the united states of america. it is the fundamental responsibility of every patriotic citizen to support the rule of law. to those who are disappointed in the results of the election, our country is more important than the politics of the moment. let the officials elected by the people fulfill their duties and represent our voices in peace and safety. may god continue to bless the united states of america." now, again, george bush is not a perfect man and he was not a perfect president. but wolf, someone who understands, a man who himself lost the popular vote, won the presidency. it was a controversial time. lived through the iraq war. very controversial time.
3:04 pm
but served two terms as president in the middle there. he doesn't mention president trump but he says this assault today undertaken by people whose passions have been inflamed by falsehoods and false hopes. we know who he's talking about when he says that. >> yeah, and he says let the officials elected by the people fulfill their duties and represent our voices in peace and safety. we know one person who was elected by the people. that would be the president of the united states who's clearly not fulfilling his duty as commander in chief and as president of the united states. it's interesting, john, that the statement released by former president george w. bush is entitled "a statement on the insurrection at the capitol." that's a very strong word, "insurrection." >> but it's a fair word. he's calling it like he sees it. george w. bush, again, whether you supported him or not, whether you agreed with him or not, he was always plainspoken. and it's also true, look, there's -- it's just a fact. there's no love lost between the bush family and president trump
3:05 pm
and so there is some history, if you will. but remember, george w. bush, president for two terms, the son of a president who also served as vice president, a man who again, there can be a debate about his faults and policy and people can have that debate. he so respected the office. he so respected the building. he so respected the institutions of government. he so respected the relationship. he so respected, even when he sparred with it, the news media. a president who understood because of how he was raised, because of the family he came from, because of his public service in texas and his public service in washington, he understood there are lines, there are ways to protest, there are ways not to protest. look, there's a debate about this president. there's a debate in the republican party about what to do now that this president is leaving. george w. bush largely silent since he has left office. he speaks very rarely and he speaks when he thinks he is compelled to speak. so a very important statement
3:06 pm
here talking about the mayhem, ins rex as you say. he doesn't mention president trump but there's just no question. falsehoods, false hopes-s and essentially calling on other republicans to step up. that's the main point of the statement, calling on the other republicans who will get back in that capitol building as soon as the security forces tell them it is secure and it is safe for them to go back in it. the former president george w. bush hoping, hoping -- the bush name has become a dirty word in the trump era of republican politics but hoping that people i'll say look to their better angels and get it right when they come back in that building. >> this is a sick, sick situation that has developed here in the nation's capital and you've got to quickly and directly point to the president of the united states for failure to do his job. presidential historian doug brinkley is joining us right now. doug, give us a little historic perspective on what is unfolding in washington. i've been a reporter here for a long time. i haven't seen anything like this. >> nothing like this at all, wolf. i mean, this is the siege of the
3:07 pm
u.s. capitol. we usually have had the word siege in a war like the civil war. perhaps the democratic 1968 convention in chicago. but here watching fellow citizens break in and vandalize our u.s. capitol, rioting in the streets of washington, disregarding public and federal property. it's a heinous moment. and usually when you think of being atakds in washington you tend to think the war of 1812 when the british attacked us or 9/11 and the scare that the capitol was going to be a target and you had an anthrax scare going on. this group of trump supporters who refuse to accept the outcome of this election are now terrorizing the entire washington, d.c. metro area and are ostensibly shutting down other aspects of our government
3:08 pm
and country. the good news is there are surveillance cameras in the capitol. people are going to have photographic evidence. and some of the face that's we've been watching on tv today will end up doing serious prison time for their crimes against the united states today. >> and what's your perspective, doug, on the behavior of the current president of the united states, who has 14 days left in office? >> i think donald trump is ill. he's -- we've known he's an autocrat. we've known that he has a dictatorial bent. we know he has no sense of history. but since the election his ego has been so bruised that he has organized an insurrection against the u.s. federal government. he has now burned his bridge with a vice president pence who could have perhaps pardoned him if pence had become president for a day or week. and now there's talk of the 25th
3:09 pm
amendment. people at the department of defense or cia, state department, is trump stable for the job? it appears not. not from the little video that he did on the white house lawn today saying he loves, how wonderful, he loves these people that are breaking into the capitol and turning people to flee in a sense of terror. we have two people that are shot. we have a curfew going. and donald trump will be implicated in this. this is a day of sedition. it's a word you usually use with the john adams era or something in american history and here we're witnessing it in real time. i think that you almost have mike pence right now is serving as the commander in chief of our country while anybody in any federal bureau has to be keeping a close eye on donald trump because he's acting and thinking in an irrational way. >> and in order for the 25th
3:10 pm
amendment to the constitution, doug, to really go into effect it's the vice president who has to initiate all of this, the vice president has to insist that the current president is simply unfit to be commander in chief, to be president of the united states. tell us a little about that. >> well, that's exactly right, wolf. vice president pence now, if he chooses to, could try to organize that 25th amendment. our country's being held hostage right now by donald trump. mitch mcconnell and speaker pelosi can't even meet on the capitol today. it was supposed to be the day of our great coronation to celebrate the beginning of a new presidency for joe biden and kamala harris. so i think we now have to go into our constitution kit bag and find what we can do to contain donald trump. and certainly the 25th amendment is there. it's an extreme measure. i never thought, wolf, i'd even think that could even occur in our lifetime.
3:11 pm
but we're living in very weird and strange times, as always the images of mayhem going on in washington, d.c. shows us. >> yeah. and if you want to he appreciate how let's say unstable the president is right now with only 14 days to go, look at this tweet that he just posted. and let me get your quick reaction, doug, before i move on. this is what the president of the united states just said. hard to believe but i'll repeat it. "these are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously and viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly and unfairly treated for so long. go home with love and in peace. remember this day forever." we will remember this day forever, doug, but it's not the way the president wants us to remember it because this is an awful day in american history. this is not a glorious moment. >> no, president trump's right, it is a day that will live in
3:12 pm
infamiliar yib, as frai infamy as franklin roosevelt said at the time about pearl harbor. but it's about what happens in a democratic society when you have a totalitarian as president. we at cnn have had pundit and speaker and expert for the last four years trying to warn the american people about who this man was. and here today we've watched his behavior. he incited this rally and riot and he will pay a very high cost in history and hopefully in the law -- you know, in law also. >> and he's praising these rioters. let's go to pamela brown. she's getting more information. pamela, the curfew went into effect, what, 22 minutes or so -- 12 minutes or so ago. but give us a little bit more information that you're learning. >> well, we've just learned that what we saw today, there has been a death. i just got off the phone with a spokesperson for mpd who tells me that the adult woman who we reported was in critical condition earlier today, she has now been pronounced dead.
3:13 pm
she was pronounced dead at the hospital. and now i'm told that d.c. police will take the lead in investigating this. we don't have any information about the circumstances of this or the identification of this woman. but there is video circulating that we are not showing right now, a disturbing video of the woman being treated inside, apparently inside the capitol building today on the capitol grounds. she is being treated there. she was transported to the hospital and she has been pronounced dead. wolf, there have been multiple injuries amid the mayhem today from not only the rioters but also police officers there who have been injured. some have been taken to the hospital. we know of at least one. but this is the first death that we know of from what we've seen unfold there today, wolf. >> so a deadly day in addition to everything else. alex marquardt, we see these individuals who are still marching. they're still moving around. there's a curfew supposedly in
3:14 pm
effect here in the nation's capital. they don't seem to care. >> reporter: no, they don't, wolf. we have to say that the number of trump supporters, of rioters has dramatically decreased but there's still a very strong contingent. they are being pushed back forcefully, aggressively, but not violent ly by members of th metropolitan police department. as we've been saying, this long line of mpd officers, some in riot gear, some not, have been slowly and methodically pushing them away from the western side of the capitol, which is where much of this riot started this afternoon, this incursion into the capitol building started this afternoon. so we have seen over the course of the past hour or so as we built toward this curfew that as you mentioned has now been in effect for about 15 minutes, we have seen them slowly and methodically pushing people away. one interesting thing, wolf, we
3:15 pm
just saw a group of around two dozen fbi agents heading toward the capitol. that is one body, one law enforcement body that we had not seen earlier today. so far it was mainly limited to different other federal law enforcement agencies as well as local law enforcement agencies. but what you're looking at now, wolf, are the remnants of these rioters. at least from this side of the capitol. i don't have visibility on what's happening on other sides of the capitol, who continue to chant and shout obscenities at law enforcement. they've been calling them traitors. they've been calling them sellouts. and they've been very, very angry. so there has been -- a large number of rioters have left, but there is still a strong presence. and i want to say something quickly about the symbolism. of course there are a lot of american flags out here but i would say that those flags are outnumbered by trump flags and that really does give you a sense of where i believe the
3:16 pm
allegiance lies of so many of these rioters, wolf. >> yeah. it's a really, really dangerous situation that's unfolding and i suspect in the days to come, 14 days until the inauguration, it's going to become even more tense here in the nation's capital. donie is still with us. he's in the midst of one of the crowds that's still there. they're refusing to obey this 6:00 p.m. curfew. what's the latest there, donie? >> reporter: hey, wolf. yeah, we have been moved back about 100 feet beyond where the trump supporters, members of this mob, broke through a barrier. that's where the police have moved them back to 6:00 p.m. when the curfew came in place. and a few minutes after 6:00 p.m. they began pushing the crowd back. the crowd did cooperate. it was peaceful. but as we were moving you could hear instigators, people telling members of this crowd here,
3:17 pm
saying make the police move you, make them move you. almost trying to provoke some form of confrontation here. the crowd is thinning out a little bit, and behind me we can see some people who are taking down barriers and moving barriers around. there seems to be some commotion. it is quite a tense scene here, wolf. the police seem -- more police actually seem to be coming down the steps of the capitol that i can see. so it's possible that these people who are now in breach of the 6:00 p.m. washington, d.c. curfew will be moved further away from the capitol and we may see -- sorry, just one second. yeah, we do see more people now moving in behind this police line. so we may be moved here in the next few minutes, wolf.
3:18 pm
>> people moving in closer to the police? they're refusing to move away? is that what you're saying, donie? >> reporter: yeah, we see -- we're seeing sort of some backup coming in for the police. but yeah, as you can see, you see there are some trump supporters here who are trying to get in the police's face. another thing, wolf, is there's a lot of guys who are playing soldier here. they're dressed up in khakis. they're dressed up in camouflage and armor. but they don't serve their country. they're here, they think i guess that it's all a game. and that's the thing, wolf. all the people here, the folks that i've been speaking to here, they all just believe in this conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory taking over not an insignificant part of the american population. and we're being moved here a little bit again, wolf. i think we should just move down the street here.
3:19 pm
you can see some police with shields have been brought in here. and there's a sense i think in the next few moments that the police will try to push these trump supporters further away from the capitol. and of course they've been here all day. they've been here from a few minutes after trump finished speaking, that speech which was, again, full of lies and conspiracy theories. and when those supporters reached the capitol and breached through those barriers. this is finally clearing the mob out after many hours, wolf. >> are these people that you're speaking to over there, you've done excellent reporting over these past many months, on some of these fringe conspiracy groups, qanon among others, in various parts of the country. are you seegs thoing those kind people where you are right now, donie? >> reporter: you know, wolf, what we've learned from traveling the country over the past few months, speaking to many trump supporters, is that
3:20 pm
so many people who support this president buy into these conspiracy theories. although right now i can't see anybody with a sort of qanon sticker or flag, what i have found, and it's unfortunate, that as you begin talking with any -- many of these folks, that is they begin echoing these lines from qanon, these conspiracy theories that get bopped around in the right-wing media circles, online, on trump media networks, alternative networks, some folks that i've spoken to here today say they no longer watch fox news because fox news called the election for biden. so that is sort of how far down a sort of rabbit hole of misinformation and mistruths that many of these people have gone down. and we are moving now. the police, as you can see there, are beginning with shields to gently and slowly try and move this line further away
3:21 pm
from the capitol. and as you can see, these trump supporters taking baby steps. they're going nowhere in a hurry even though we're now well beyond the 6:00 p.m. curfew, wolf, and we're moving down a little bit from the line. >> i just want you to be very, very careful over there, donie, because this looks like potentially it could get even more ugly and dangerous in the coming minutes as we see the police beginning to move in. are the police telling these rioters over there, do they have a bullhorn, are they saying you must be off the streets, there is a curfew in effect, you will be arrested if you refuse to obey the law? supposedly these are individuals who claim they support law and order. are they hearing these instructions from the police? >> reporter: so the police, not at least from our position here, we haven't heard those sort of announcements come out from police. but there has been a lot more movement in the build-up and
3:22 pm
after that 6:00 p.m. curfew hour. i spoke to some folks here asking them, you know, did they care that they were breaking this curfew, and some folks asked me sort of sarcastically, oh, what time is it? oh, should i get out of here? people didn't seem too bothered by this. these of course the folks, many of these folks, some of them are actually holding, wolf, pro-police flags and things like that while they create disruption here in the capitol for the police. there is no end to the irony, which is very often the case when talking to a lot of these folks. the people here today, some of these folks who caused the destruction, who drove through these barricades, they told me earlier they view themselves as patriots. they view any person who lives in the real world and sees joe
3:23 pm
biden as president-elect of the united states, they view them as the traitors. so folks are so far down these rabbit holes of misinformation. as we see the police, now moving forward here just a bit again, wolf, and folks, as we've seen all along here, we haven't seen so much the trump supporters pushing back on the police line but just taking those baby steps. and of course past curfew here, wolf. >> yeah. the president just moments ago in that tweet called them great patriots. really a sick, sick situation unfolding. alex marquardt, where are you? >> we're a little bit not too far away from donie o'sullivan and what he is seeing as well. and what you're really getting a sense of right now, wolf, so we're 23 minutes after the curfew, is a sense of significantly dwindled enthusiasm.
3:24 pm
these are not the fired up trump supporters, not the fired-up rioters who we saw protesting for much of the afternoon, this is much more muted. they are now being pushed westwards away from the capitol toward the washington monument. the police line is encircling that group of protesters in their reflective vests with their helmets on, batons at the ready, pushing what is -- what has been an aggressive crowd but not a violent crowd at least for the past hour or so. we're not necessarily seeing violent altercationstaker taking place as the police pushed them back, in the time we've been back over here on this side of the capitol. and certainly since the curfew has gone into place we have not seen the police having to use things like pepper spray, tear gas, some of those pepper balls
3:25 pm
that we have seen in previous protests here in the nation's capital over the past year. but you are very much seeing this large crowd, and it still is a large crowd, no matter how much it has dwindled, there are still significant numbers out here of trump supporters being pushed away from the capitol. i spoke to what appeared to be a senior police officer as they were asking us to move as well. he said the intention was very much to clear the area, to make the capitol a safe area after an incredible, surreal afternoon of violence. we have been using that word over and over again, surreal, because it simply is. to watch americans breaking into the capitol building, scaling the walls of congress has just been absolutely extraordinary to witness. what you're looking at now, wolf -- i'm going to ask my
3:26 pm
cameraman ronnie to point over to the right. that line of police that we were talking about, they now have riot shields, tall plastic clear riot shields that will help them in their efforts now to push back these protesters, these rioters. as you know all too well, wolf, things can change very quickly when darkness falls. it is now dark out here. there is now a curfew. i would imagine many of these people out here know that there is a curfew and are still resisting going home. so this is if you will a more hardcore element that has yet to melt away. but given the sheer magnitude of law enforcement out here i would imagine that they will be rather effective in getting these rioters to leave this area. as we speak, wolf, you can see them moving forward and pushing them away.
3:27 pm
we'll to move out of the way very soon also. >> this curfew has gone into effect, almost half an hour, but those rioters have no intention apparently, at least not now, of honoring the law and agreeing to leave. you know, manu raju, this information that we just got that a woman who was shot inside the u.s. capitol during the riots earlier today was now pronounced dead at a local d.c. hospital. you're there. you're inside the capitol. give us the latest on what's going on. >> reporter: well, wolf, i can tell you that senior law enforcement officials in the capitol along with some key officials who deal with the house and senate floor just had a meeting and they walked into a meeting with a larger group of senators, presumably to brief them about what the plans are going to be tonight. and i can tell you that leaders on both sides of the aisle are pushing to continue with what they tried to do, these rioters, trespassed and broke into the capitol, was to continue the electoral vote certification process. the goal is to get that done tonight. also the goal among republicans
3:28 pm
in particular is to persuade those republican objectors, the ones who have been dragging out this process that's inevitable that joe biden will be presidential, they've tried to urge those objectors to drop their plans to drag out the proceedings. and right now behind the scenes some of those key senators are meeting. senators josh hawley, ted cruz, marsha blackburn, mike braun, among others, are having a private meeting to discuss their strategy. no word yet about whether they'll continue to push ahead with their objections but that's going to be a big question going forward. also, outrage building among a lot of republican senators and democratic senators about what just transpired, a very, very strongly worded statement just came out from mitt romney, the 2012 republican presidential nominee, utah republican senator, saying that -- he said he was going to deliver this speech on the floor of the senate today to say that they are gathering to deal with the selfish man's injured pride who has deliberately misinformed his supporters.
3:29 pm
and he goes on to say that what happened here today was an insurrection, incited by the president of the united states. those who continue to support his dangerous gambit by objecting to the results of a legitimate democratic election will forever be seen as being complicit in an unprecedented attack against our democracy, "they will be remembered for their role in this shameful episode in american history. that will be their legacy." very, very strong words from the republican presidential nominee from 2012, nine years ago. and wolf, it just shows you the raw emotions that a lot of members are feeling on both sides of the aisle, trying to appeal to some of these republicans who have been objecting to drop their objections, move forward quickly, show some unity after what we've all witnesses here on capitol hill today. >> yeah, and the acting -- manu, the acting attorney general of the united states, jeffrey rosen, just issued a statement saying "the violence at our nation's capitol building is an intolerable attack on a
3:30 pm
fundamental institution of our democracy." the words continue to flow right now, dana. but i don't know what's going to happen in the coming hours. will these republicans who want to try to block the democratically held election here in the united states, whether steve scalise or kevin mccarthy or ted cruz or josh hawley, will they now recognize -- they were going to lose anyhow. just get it over with and move on. >> it is the question we're waiting to know the answer to, wolf. in the meantime, err getting some dramatic pictures of what happened in the moments, the minutes when these rioters came to the outside of the house chamber. and on the phone is congressman jason crowe of colorado. and congressman, we have a photo that's on and we're going to put up right now that shows you reaching out on the floor of the house chamber, reaching out to congresswoman
3:31 pm
susan wild, and you are -- there you go. and you are -- it looks like you're trying to comfort her. take us in that moment. what was going on? >> yeah. that was a very, very difficult time. i haven't been in a situation like that since frankly i was in iraq and afghanistan as an army ranger. we were actually 2r57d in the house chamber at that time. a mob had descended and broke through the security cordon of the capitol. they had already evacuated the leadership and the members who were on the floor. but those of us who were up in the gallery watching the debate had been trapped because the mob closed off the stairwells and had surrounded the chamber. so the police were unable to get us out. so they actually closed and locked the doors and started to take furniture and barricade the doors and the windows with furniture as the mob tried to ram them down and were breaking through the windows. the police had their guns out and were prepared to defend us on the floor. we were told to lay down. my friend susan of course, a
3:32 pm
dear friend, i wanted to make sure we were comforting each other. >> that's interesting. now that i look at it, it makes sense. you were up sort of looking down on the house floor in the gallery. you mentioned you were a u.s. army ranger. you did three tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. you were an 82nd airborne platoon leader. you were awarded the bronze star. how did that experience play into the moment that we're seeing now and what you just described in the beacon of -- the home of democracy, the u.s. capitol, as an elected member of congress? >> well, when i was an army ranger, i was trained to fight. and i joined because i love america and i love our country and i've always wanted to defend her. and i went abroad and served three combat tours in iraq and afghanistan to do that. i never thought that i'd have to be in a situation of having to fight, certainly as a member of
3:33 pm
congress, at the united states capitol on the house floor in the year 2021. it's surreal, and to be honest with you i'm still processing that experience and coming to terms with it. but we have some very serious questions that we need the answers here in the days ahead about what this means and what we have to do to respond to it. >> and as we were speaking speaker pelosi announced that the process is going to resume tonight. do you know anything about what the plans are and how quickly that is going to begin? >> well, i think it's important that we do resume it tonight. it's my understanding that they are clearing or maybe they've already cleared the capitol at this point. we have to go back as soon as we can and we need to complete this work, certify this election, and move our country forward. we will not be intimidated and we will not be browbeaten. we will keep doing our work. it's the people's work. and the vast, vast maintain of americans are good, decent
3:34 pm
hard-working people. their votes will be heard. their votes will be counted. and they will either be counted tonight or they'll be counted tomorrow. i believe we'll get this work done. >> congressman jason crow, thank you so much for calling in, and thank you for everything that you've done there. and you're absolutely right, there are so many questions that i know you're asking, everybody's asking about how this happened, these pictures. that's one of them. lots of other pictures of these rioters sitting at desks they should never be sitting at on the house floor, on the senate floor. thank you so much. jake, i know you have a lot of relationships with members of congress who were in the military. >> yeah. >> and they come to congress as the next step in their service to this country and just a different form of service. and you don't expect that this would happen in the united states capitol as an elected official, that they have to call on that service, on the
3:35 pm
battlefield, to help protect the people around them. >> yeah. and we talked earlier, we talked to congressman mike gallagher of wisconsin and congressman adam kinzinger of illinois, both republicans, both combat veterans from iraq, and both of them talking about how they haven't seen any images like what we saw today since they were in iraq. we also need to acknowledge, look, members of -- veterans run the gamut politically. and for every crow and gallagher and kinzinger you also have a crenshaw or a mast, combat veterans who served honorably who are part of this big lie, who are objecting to a free and fair election. so i wish i could say there was some sort of through line on all the combat veterans. but no, some of them are part of this monstrosity. people who have been fed lies by the president and his supporters. and again, as we've talked about many times, i don't know if the president believes it or he
3:36 pm
doesn't understand what happened or there's some sort of psychological issue i'm not capable of diagnosing. but whatever it is, he keeps lying and you see the domestic terrorism that results, which is exactly what this is. domestic terrorism by trump supporters. >> and as all of this is happening, you're hearing almost parallel conversations unfolding in washington and elsewhere among elected officials. you have democrats talking openly about even at this late stage with 14 days left bringing articles of impeachment against this president, top democrats, not, you know, lower-level rank-and-file members but people in senior leadership talking about that. and you also have republicans, several of them, now talking about whether the 25th amendment should be invoked. the vermont governor phil scott just a few minutes ago stwetwee that president trump should resign or be removed from office by his cabinet or by congress.
3:37 pm
he is a republican, an anti-trump republican but a republican nonetheless. and that is a very significant statement. this is a president who only has days left but clearly people in positions of power, in positions of government in this country are more alarmed now than they have been in the past. and the reality is we very well could be facing the darkest 14 days of this presidency yet. we just have a few weeks left, but this is a president who's becoming increasingly desperate and you're hearing from his staffers. mike pompeo has tweeted condemning the violence. the national security adviser, robert o'brien, tweeting condemning the violence. also tweeting in support of what mike pence did in carrying out parts of his duties today. it suggests people around the president, even the ones still
3:38 pm
working for him, want to distance themselves from what he's doing today, which is inciting this violence, in this last tweet encouraging this violence, patting his supporters on the back for this violence. so there's something happening he here. what it will amount to is really unclear. and of course time is running short. >> i mean, those are all really excellent points. and look, we have the former chief of staff of the department of education under trump, josh venable, he posted on facebook, "if the cabinet is not right now preparing to invoke the provisions of the 25th amendment to remove trump from office, it is a complete dereliction of their duty and a betrayal of their constitutional oath of office. but i won't hold my breath." that is the former chief of staff to secretary of education betsy devos. he's sending a message to her, you need to be invoking the 25th amendment. >> he sure is. >> and i posted that on twitter and barbara comstock, former
3:39 pm
republican congresswoman from northern virginia, former department of justice official under george w. bush, agreed. there is a real movement by conservatives -- we shouldn't overstate the case. most of them are still pretty cowardly. to just acknowledge that like oh, my god, i don't know if the united states is going to be able to survive two more weeks of this guy. >> i spoke to a very close ally of president trump earlier today after he put out that video, and this ally called it a piece of you know what. a piece of shit. literally called it that. was so angry at that. because he was completely and totally, you know, energizing, even though he was saying go home, he was continuing to energize and repeat all of the lies that led to this situation. and this person said you know what? maybe we can at least, at the very least, convince him to go to joe biden's inauguration.
3:40 pm
maybe that can save him from being the worst president of the united states. don't hold your breath. >> i don't know. historians will weigh in on that. we should point out the curfew in washington, d.c. which was imposed by mayor muriel bowser of washington, d.c., the curfew was imposed, it started at 6:00. at 6:40 you still see lots of people in violation of the curfew. let's go out to brian todd, who is among them reporting. journalists are exempted from this. but it really is, brian, pretty remarkable. i don't see a lot of action against people violating the curfew. >> no, no, no. >> what's up, guys? >> reporter: that's right, jake. we're going to walk you down toward this crowd a little bit. eddie, let's go down a little -- okay. some of these people are starting to harass us a little bit as we go down toward the crowd. these are people who were pushed back, way back in the perimeter from the capitol toward the
3:41 pm
reflecting pool by some of the riot police. and you're right, a lot of these people probably are at risk of possibly being arrested at this point. and what you have over here to the left -- >> brian. it sounds like you're -- it sounds like you're in a hairy situation there. so we're going to let you escape. people who believe in the -- people who believe in the first amendment only for their point of view is always an interesting situation. one of the -- manu raju is also reporting from the capitol for us. manu? >> reporter: senator chuck schumer, the democratic leader, soon to be senate majority leader, walking in to meeting with senators and other key staff. we asked him what isext here in the electoral vote certification? he said 8:00. 8:00, meaning 8:00 eastern, is when they expect the senate to reconvene to begin to continue
3:42 pm
with the process that was interrupted by these rioters who trespassed at the capitol, to continue with the electoral vote certification process. schumer said 8:00 p.m. eastern. he walked into his meeting, didn't answer any other questions. we'll see if we get any more clarity coming out, especially if some of these objectors on the republican side still plan to drag out the proceedings. we know there's a lot of pressure put on them to drop their effort. uncertain if that's going to be the case. but at the moment house and senate leaders plan to move ahead. nancy pelosi sent a letter to all house members saying they planned to move forward tonight. more details about to come out on that as well. so expect this to reconvene tonight. it could be a long night. maybe it will be a short night and a show of unity. but nevertheless, at least by 8:00, jake, we should expect these proceedings to continue. >> all right. manu raju. and we should note, president trump has not had one word of criticism, not one word, for any of the activities by these trump
3:43 pm
supporting domestic terrorists who stormed the capitol today. not even for the individual who left the pipe bomb outside the republican national committee headquarters. kaitlan collins covers the trump white house for us. and kaitlan, what is going on inside that building? i know there's a lot of ride or die folks there. but even they must be shocked and dispirited at what they're seeing. >> reporter: i think they are. and i think the president is feeling very isolated right now. because he has been hearing all day from staffers who said he needed to put out a more forceful statement. of course the president then put out that video and then later tweeted defending what we saw happening on capitol hill today. his national security adviser robert o'brien, who is incredibly closely allied with the president and typically is a pretty fierce defender of his, is tweeting that he is in agreement with the vice president and the actions he took today, saying it took courage to do that. of course as the president has been criticizing him and complaining about him all afternoon and focusing more on what pence did than what has been happening with his
3:44 pm
supporters on capitol hill. and right now the president is still in the west wing, we are told. and jake, i'm learning that the president does not want his republican allies to drop their efforts to challenge biden's win, to object to his win. what we're expecting to play out for several hours on the senate floor today before of course the pro-trump mob breached the building. and the president does not want them to stop. there's been some discussion, our colleagues reported, among republican senators about abandoning those efforts but i am told the president wants them to keep fighting, he wants them to keep going and does not want them to drop those efforts even though despite what the president did earlier today, holding that rally, of course resulted in what we saw this afternoon on capitol hill. >> all right, kaitlan collins, thanks so much. again, president trump has spent so much of his presidency accusing his critics of what he is, of what he has done. and i would just like to remember -- remind our viewers that president trump for years has referred to journalists as the enemy of the american
3:45 pm
people. ask yourself who's the enemy of the american people right now. it pretty clearly seems to be president trump, who's encouraging a mob, an insurrection to storm the capitol, threatening democrats and republicans alike. somebody left a pipe bomb outside the republican national committee headquarters today. president trump has not had one discouraging word to say about any of this. and in many ways we should not be surprised. this is somebody who had a supporter, cesar sayoc, who mailed pipe bombs to democrats and media organizations. this is somebody who both sides in terms of the white supremacist march in charlottesville. jim acosta also covers the trump administration, the trump white house for us. and jim, i think there are a lot of calls right now from republicans including a former republican congresswoman, for the cabinet to meet and invoke the 25th amendment. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, jake. and i think that talk is only going to continue. the head of the national association of manufacturers has
3:46 pm
also put out a statement suggesting that vice president mike pence somehow put together an effort to remove the president from office using the 25th amendment. i will tell you, jake, i talked to a source, a gop source close to the president who speaks with him regularly and i take no pleasure in reporting this, but this source tells me that he believes the front president is out of his mind. the quote is "he is out of his mind." and the source says the president is so traumatized by his loss in the election it is all he can talk about, it is all he can think about, it's all kuming for him in this source's opinion he is out of his mind. now, i talked to a separate source close to the white house, an adviser to the president. when i asked this adviser about the prospect of invoking the 25th amendment and forcing the president from power with his cabinet coming together and saying he's no longer fit to be
3:47 pm
president of the united states, this adviser said because the president has installed so many lackeys on that cabinet, of course the president always has loyalists on his cabinet but there are lackeys on his quabnet including acting secretaries who have been installed recently, that it's just unlikely the probability of that happening is just not going to happen. and in the words of this adviser, "i just don't think the cabinet is going to invoke the 25th amendment." but it is interesting, jake, and according to this adviser, aides and allies of the president have been having these kinds of conversations about whether or not the 25th amendment's time has come when it comes to donald trump. but you don't want to get into that kind of conversation when talking about the president of the united states. you don't take pleasure in that as a reporter, using that kind of language. but when a source close to the president, and this is a source who has known the president a long time, talks to him a lot, says he's out of his mind, i think that is serious, jake. >> well, and beyond that assessment is the fact that the president is inspiring his supporters to commit acts of
3:48 pm
domestic terrorism against the u.s. capitol, against republicans and democrats alike. and of course this is not just shameful behavior by president trump. it is a shame in front of the world. it is an embarrassment in front of the world. and let's go to clarissa ward right now, who is in london. clarissa, what is the reaction from world leaders to this? let's start with american allies. what are they saying? >> reporter: well, i think there's a mixture of shock, disbelief, horror. we are hearing very strong words coming from world boris johnson, the prime minister here in the united kingdom. he said disgraceful scenes in the u.s. congress, the united states stands for democracy around the world and it is now vital that there should be a peaceful and orderly transfer of power. that sentiment also echoed by the canadian prime minister, justin trudeau, who said "canadians are deeply disturbed
3:49 pm
and saddened by the attack on democracy in the united states, our closest ally and neighbors. violence will never succeed in overruling the will of the people. democracy in the u.s. must be withheld and it will be." and we're definitely seeing as well, jake, the gloves are coming off. if any one of the u.s.'s allies had tried to adhere to diplomatic norms, had tried to avoid calling president trump out by name and laying this blame at his feet, we're now seeing a change in that. you're seeing the irish foreign minister saying "a deliberate assault on democracy by a sitting president and his supporters. the world is watching," jake. >> of course it's not just our allies that are watching. it's our enemies as well. countries that do not stand for democracy, do not stand for human rights, do not stand for the freedoms that america tries to serve as the shining city on a hill, as ronald reagan once said. what are they saying about this, those who sayoc.
3:50 pm
>> well, it's interesting. quite a few of them are remaining circumspect, presumably don't want to be seen as gloating. turkey, which is not necessarily an enemy of the united states, throw there have been strong disagreements with president erdogan, they released a statement we invite all parties in the sus united states, we recommend our citizens in the u.s. stay away from crowded places. to american citizens that might be in a city in the mid east during a crisis and riot of this nature, this language being used by turkey, warning its citizens of dangers of warning around the united states capitol. >> clarissa ward.
3:51 pm
that's disturbing to hear, but not unexpected. we have been talking about this for weeks. how can the united states, and look, the united states doesn't always live up to the standards we hold for ourselves or impose upon the world, but how can the united states issue a statement about an election in belarus or venezuela when the united states is experiencing this right now because of president trump and his enablers. >> look, the united states is not as you said always right about everything or always doing the right thing in accordance with our values. that's clearly not the case. but in this particular case when it comes to the fundamentals of democracy from beginning to end, this has been an embarrassing chapter in american history, from the point at which president trump even before the votes were counted was calling
3:52 pm
for the count to stop because he didn't want additional votes to be counted that might come in for joe biden, to the point where he continued to talk about fraudulent votes that he just claimed were fraudulent because they weren't for him. these are all things that in another country would be signs of, you know, a democracy that was not strong, that was failing and that was back sliding. here we are with our capitol building having been vandalized by violent mobs. that's something we have not seen, we have not seen that in this country in a very, very long time. we've never seen american citizens charging our capitol and barging in and putting lawmakers in a lockdown. i think the significance of that is obviously going to be historic but it will have lasting impacts on the united
3:53 pm
states and our ability as a nation to export democracy around the world, which is a key pillar of foreign policy. >> a horrible day for america, a horrible day because the president of the united states is not able to acknowledge reality and because he has inspired his followers to commit an act, many acts of domestic terrorism. wolf? >> jake, we're almost an hour into the curfew in the nation's capitol and d.c. plenty of folks are still out there, ignoring the law and curfew. phil mattingly is on capitol hill. an hour from now or so, i take it leadership of the house and senate are going to convene again to try to deal with certification of what the electoral college has already decided, that joe biden will be the next president of the united states. >> reporter: that's exactly right, wolf, in the senate making clear 8:00 p.m. start time. nancy pelosi putting out a letter to all members, she spoke to the pentagon, justice department, and vice president pence's team. they're going to restart and the
3:54 pm
plan according to multiple people involved is to finish. there will not be any stopping. the question is how long will it actually go. manu has been reporting this, i hear from republicans there's been pressure and effort to get those republicans that plan to object to stop, not do it any more, take what they've seen in the last six, seven, eight hours, accept the reality of what's happening, reverse course, and certify that joe biden is the next president of the united states. we haven't heard from the senate objectors. a group of them have been meeting behind closed doors. what they're going to decide is still open question. we are seeing some movement. kathy mcmorris rogers, washington republican that told her hometown paper yesterday that she planned to object to several states has now changed her mind. she changed her mind based according to her statement on facebook what she saw today.
3:55 pm
she will now vote to confirm that joe biden, certify joe biden's electoral count and called on donald trump to condemn what occurred the last several days. this is the thing we have been trying to figure out, we spoke earlier, what kind of effect, tangible effect will this have on proceedings we know will restart tonight. every lawmaker we spoke to said absolutely, we're getting back to it as soon as we can. we now know the time of that, both chambers will do it. the big question is are the republicans that are going to object, they knew they would object to at least three states, do they plan on doing that, are they going to try to make it quick. i can tell you from talking to republicans, while they're not on the side of the objectors, see what deal can be made to end it as quickly as possible. one aide said this is for the good of the country at this point. what we've all seen is horrifying. >> everybody knows what the end
3:56 pm
result was going to be, whether it was in a one our discussion or 12 hour discussion. they didn't have votes to block what the electoral college certified. they were going to lose. why bother, especially at a dangerous moment like this. that's the argument. i assume a lot of republicans who originally wanted to object will come around, say let's get it over with. >> reporter: that's exactly right. i think if there was any level to understanding what was going to happen today in terms of objections, it was that you have 12 to 15 hours, get your forum, five minutes to make your case, get your publicity, represent what you said the constituents wanted you to represent. it will take awhile, be a long night, going to need a lot of coffee, we'd get through it. and reality would remain the same. now after what everybody has seen, lawmakers had to go to undisclosed locations, lawmakers on the floor as capitol police were pulling guns to keep people banging on doors from breaking in, there was significant
3:57 pm
pressure and significant move to get people to say look, we get it. we understood what the objections were, you spent the last seven days laying it out. this is different now. it is time to change course. i will make clear, we don't know anybody is changing course. keep in mind when this all happened, when two chambers were shutdown and lawmakers were evacuated from house and senate floors, we were in the middle of the objection to arizona. we have to see how it plays out, what the plan is. the key thing is not when it will start, we know it starts at 8:00. we know they're pushing forward until it is done. what are the objectors, the senators going to do in the wake of everything we've seen in the last seven or eight hours. >> don't the senators like ted cruz and josh hawley, they're intelligent and have experience, don't they understand what they're doing and words they're uttering, they're encouraging the terrorists, theese rioters o go out, storm the streets of the
3:58 pm
capitol, do more of what we saw today. in effect they're telling them it is great, go ahead and do that. don't they know how dangerous their words can be? >> reporter: i can't speak for where the senators are, they put out tweets and statements condemning violence and what we've seen today. one thing that today rips the veil off of is senators who were involved in the objection process, wanted to be objectors that said this has nothing to do with overturning an election, nothing to do with what the president is saying, ignore what the president is saying. we're doing this just to raise the issue, just to have the conversation, just like democrats may have done in the past. i think it was specious to begin with, given the fact the president was calling to overturn the election, but now in the wake of what we've seen in the course of the last several hours, it is particularly specious. i think everybody is cognizant of that. i don't have the answers in terms of what they'll do. they were serious about the challenges. they laid out the plan and strategy, how they were going to
3:59 pm
layout what their thoughts were on the process during the allotted five minutes. how they change course, if they change course now, still waiting for answers. >> john king, john, it would be different if there was a chance they might succeed ted cruz and josh hawley, they have no chance of succeeding. get it over with. >> no chance of conceding because the president lost the election convincingly. lost the election convincingly, challenged the results in court after court after court, presented zero evidence. it is over. which makes this a moment of choosing for republicans. the president of the united states today again failed the leadership test, again, embarrassed the united states on the world stage and lied to his own supporters, that's the more reprehensible leadership failure, lying to your supporters saying we won in a landslide. i love what you did at the capitol. it was an insurrection, domestic terrorism, it was illegal, and the president of the united states said he loved it. what does senator cruz or hawley
4:00 pm
do, what do house republicans do? what's more important, the country and constitution or donald trump and his ego and your fear of his voters in the next election. moment of choosing. >> the president's behavior underscored why he lost the election, why he is now a loser. special coverage continues now with erin burnett. good evening. i am erin burnett. we have breaking news this hour. of course, terror in the nation's capitol. a curfew is in effect as we speak in washington. you wouldn't know it if you looked at pictures. you have mobs in the streets, standoff with police. we are learning the insurrection turned deadly. a woman was pronounced dead at a hospital after being shot on capitol grounds, amidst this, at this


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