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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  July 6, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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yours may explode and catch fire. a major recall coming out today. safety officials blamed the lithium batteries inside the toy for the problem. the recall involves products made by the company between 2015 and 2016. i turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, fbi chief under oath, his criticism of hillary clinton while declining to recommend charges earns fbi director james comey a trip to capitol hill. clinton may be bracing for more fallout over her e-mails, but for now she is on the offensive going after donald trump's business practices which she said led to lost jobs, lost investments, and piles of debt. >> and trump slams clinton over the e-mail scandal saying she
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lied to the fbi. can a fundraising surge help them close the gap. >> and a deadly police shooting. the justice department investigates a police shooting. and they spark protest and outrage across the country. i'm wolf blitzer, and you're in "the situation room." >> hillary clinton is ignoring the fbi criticism of her e-mail system. she is going on the attack targeting trump. she accused trump of multiple bankruptcies, stiffing contractors, and hurting the community. he is saying clinton lied to the fbi and added her time will
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come. fbi director james comey blasted her for her handling of classified e-mail will testify tomorrow morning. aides say that clinton will not discuss the probe until after that house hearing and her campaign is hoping that republicans will overreach. and video of white police officers shooting a subdued african-american suspect at point-blank rank is sparking protests and rage. i'll will speak with chris murphy and our correspondents, analysts, and guests will have full coverage of today's top stories. let's start with brianna keiler. hillary clinton is keeping quiet for now on the e-mail scandal, should she go on the offensive? >> hillary clinton hitting trump where polls show voters think he
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is stronger than her, on the economy. but she is still fending off criticism that she and aides were extremely careless with classified information over e-mail despite a move not to dii indict. >> what he did here in atlantic city is exactly what he will do if he wins in november. >> she is still facing criticism over her e-mail practices despite the fbi's recommendation not to prosecute. >> director comey's presentation sl shredded the claims that secretary clinton made throughout the year. >> the republican national committee calling out her statement with a new web video. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. >> 110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains have been determined by
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the owning agency to contain classified information. >> and house republicans called fbi director james comey to testify tomorrow to explain why the government is not charging clinton. donald trump is hitting clinton from the trail as she tries to shift the focus back to his record in atlantic city where three of trump's four bankruptcies affected businesses. >> contractors, many of them small businesses, took heavy losses and many themselves went bust. but donald trump walked away with millions. and here is what he says about the whole experience. he brags about it. >> her campaign is unveiling an online video about how his companies and bankruptcies hurt small businesses. >> a lot of the people that help build were stiffed at 30 cents on the dollar. >> if you don't pay a $100,000
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bill, it puts them out of business. >> trump responded on twitter blaming others. asking the democratic city council what happened to atlantic city. >> and hillary clinton is trying to cast herself as a middle class warrior and contrast herself with donald trump so that 80% of u.s. families qualify for free instate public college. this is a sign that bernie sanders is still pulling hillary clinton to the left. her college plan now looking more like his plan for free college and she wants to write it as a pie in the sky and impossible to get with. >> and donald trump is starting to raise some serious money right now. let's go to sarah murray, no let
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ups in trump's attacks against hillary clinton at all. >> that's right, donald trump is hoping to keep the pressure on hillary here in cincinnati, ohio. he wants to hammer home his idea that the system is rigged in favor of political elites. and it comes at a time when donald trump is getting better at raising money. >> donald trump is finally beginning to rake in some campaign cash. he is announcing he raised $51 million, a vast improvement from the 3.1 million he raised in may, but it still falls short of what hillary clinton brought in last month. he tries to prosecute his own
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case. >> and you know what, folks, she can't keep our country safe. >> the presumptive nominee casting clinton as a crocked politician operating above the law. that after saying she should not face charges. >> stupidity is not a reason that you're innocent. and i don't happen to believe that it was stupidity. today was the best example of what we have seen of our system being rigged. >>. >> and in the city, they're saying if i get hillary off the hook i will have four more years or eight more years.
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but if she looses, i'm out of a job. it's a bribe. it's a disgrace. >> and today trump is facing criticism for a separate tangent in which he praised saddam hussein. >> saddam hussein was a bad guy, right? he was a bad guy. a really bad guy. but you know what he did well? he killed terrorists. he did that so good. they didn't read them rights. today, iraq is harvard for terrorism. you want to be a terrorist, you go to iraq. >> and his quest for a running mate continues. but the short list is down a few members. bob corker told cnn he is withdrawning his name from the running. >> i'm more of a policy person.
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it's different if you will to be a candidate for vice president. i just think that people like me are better suited for other kinds of things. >> and iowa senator joony ernst says she has not received vetting documents from the campaign but is open to speaking at the convention. >> i am offering my services and i think it would be a nice opportunity. >> a lot of curiosity still out there about what a donald trump convention might look like and which of his former political rivals might speak at it. now he is saying it will be tomorrow. so we will see as he campaigns here tomorrow. even if newt is not picked, he could be on the list of convention speakers as well. >> thank you very much for joining me. the member of the senate foreign
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relations committee, and early supporter of hillary clinton, thank you for joining us. as you know, secretary clinton once again today did not talk about fbi director comey's remarks on her use of private e-mail servers. is that a mistake to ignore the questions that are out there right now? >> it's not a mistake because you know voters in connecticut and across the country i think are sick and tired of the name calling that has been at the center of this campaign. the focus on e-mails and the lack of focus on the things that matter to them like jobs, education, and health care. her focus today on whether or not donald trump will be a job creator or do what he did in atlantic city, which was steel money from the pockets of carpenters, drywallers, and contractors, i think they will be glad to have this
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manufactured controversy on her e-mail server behind her. >> are you accusing james comey of manufacturing this controversy. even though he recommended against charges, his criticism was brutal. >> no, he has a responsible like the department of justice to do their due diligence. it is the near excessiveness on this issue and this issue only. there are other important issues to the american public. i'm glad they came to a conclusion that they did that there is no enforcement action necessary on this issue. but people in my state want to talk about thing more relevant to their daily lives than this controversy. >> because comey former u.s. attorney and deputy attorney general had several scathing
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lines yesterday, he said it was extremely care less what she did, and she should have known that she should have known. the overall security culture at the state department, while she was secretary of state were lacking. these are words of comey. how worried are you about this? >> i'm not worried in part because hillary clinton herself owned up to the fact that she made a mistake. she admits she would have done it differently and i think that is refreshing and reassuring to know that she can admit she has not been perfect. the investigations currently of fraud have never admitted that he ever made a mistake in lis
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life, i think it is a positive that secretary clinton made it clear that she would do it differently. i can attest to the fact that her service as secretary of state defending this country is one of her primary assets that she will continue to run on over the course of this campaign. >> she said over and over and over again that she never sent or received classified information. yesterday the fbi director said that was not true, in fact some were marked classified, and they had a higher security level. that is a biting criticism suggesting that she was not telling the truth. >> well, as you know, there is a dispute between agencies about how many of these documents are classified. and at the heart of the legal determination, maybe the department of justice was whether there was any intent involved in potentially putting
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this information at risk. and there is single prosecutor that could say there was any intent on behalf of hillary clinton that there was any risk. and i think voters want to know that this candidate for president, for the trust of this country, was not intending to put this sensitive material at risk. she says she would have done it differently, but the fact that there is no prosecution means that voters questions have largely been answered on this question. >> do you know, i don't know if you had a conversation with her, what she was thinking when she became secretary of state and she decided all of her e-mail would be done on a private server. do you know what she was thinking at the time, why she decided to do it that way? >> she explained it was a matter of convenience. and there was precedent for
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that, collin powell conducted his e-mails in the same manner, but she admits that was the wrong way to go and she would have done it differently at ret retrospect. and again, i think what will happenow is that this campaign can hopefully move on to issues that matter and i don't think it is a coincidence that today you saw republicans running from donald trump when it came from potential vice presidents with this investigation behind hillary clinton. she will be a stronger candidate and donald trump will really have to go out of his way to create this as controversy to continue going. stand by, senator. we have more questions. we'll take a quick break and we'll take a quick break and we'll be right back.
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the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. we're back with chris murphy. senator, as you know trat decision is after the two conventions, the two presidential nominees recieve daily intelligence bereariefing from the cia. the speaker of the house paul ryan today said that hillary clinton should not have access to that because in the words of the fbi director she was extremely care less in handling
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confident information. >> we're getting close to the election so you will hear more of this from republicans. hillary clinton was a united states senator, secretary of state, did an incredible amount of great work to help keep this country safe during that time, and there is a reason why polls suggest that there is a huge gap when the american public evaluates who is better. i raise questions as to whether or not donald trump can hold on to classified information or if he will stand up at a rally and blurt out something to put the country at risk. i think it is an unfortunate instance of republicans trying to make headlines for themselves. but hillary clinton has proven time and time again she puts the security of the country first. >> are you suggesting the cia should not provide donald trump
2:22 pm
with that classified daily briefing after he is the official republican nominee. >> i think they should give him an elementary information as to the importance of classified information and the risk he could put the country at if he disclose it'd to get political advantage. she pretty clearly putting his political and business future first and puts the country second. he has done that over and over and over again. i certainly worried he might do that with classified information as well. >> i have spoken to high ranking intelligence officials, and they say they have to be even handed. whatever they give one, they have to give the other. should they tone down what they give to hillary clinton to protect the intelligence that would be shared with donald trump? >> what i know is today there is an article in a paper about a
2:23 pm
number of high level republican foreign policy experts endorsing hillary clinton. bob corker walked away from a potential vice president si today. and he can't stand next to donald trump when it comes to his complete absence of knowledge about how to protect this country about matters of international relations. so i think the establishment on the republican side is making it it clear they don't trust donald trump. and i think that has to be a consideration of our intelligence officials. >> chris murphy of connecticut welcome thank y. thank you for joining us. >> will donald trump have any big surprises in store. our political experts are standing by coming up. be taken. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else,
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hillary clinton now speaking in atlantic city today. she had plenty to say about donald trump's business record but she remained silent on the fbi's criticism of her use of private e-mail servers while secretary of state. rebecca bird is now joining us. hillary rosen is joining us and jeffrey lord who is backing donald trump. let's talk about hillary, she did not address the very sharp criticism of her use of the private e-mail servers for the last four years. should she address these
2:29 pm
questions publicly. >> here is what i think is going on right now in the clinton campaign. it is important to remind people that elections are about choices. for her to have that planned attack on donald trump, his business ethics, his problems with his own judgment issues was important. i think at this point they are just waiting to see how it dies down. we have jim comey now on capitol hill. she will address this, but she will address it in a way that responds to what voters care about, not the media. >> i'm assuming she will wait to see what comey says and then take it from there. it will depend on how much republicans can generate at these hearings. clinton is not running by saying she is perfect or even on issues
2:30 pm
or that she never made mistakes, she is running on saying i'm not donald trump. donald trump is something you don't want. she is going to, i think in the next two weeks before the conventions try to ride out the storm, address it if she has to but then try to move past the issue. the more she talks about it, the more it gives republicans an opportunity. >> you think she might stay silent? >> there will probably be a point in the next couple weeks he have have to address this, but if i were advising her, i would say less is more. >> i interviewed bernie sander this is morning who is still a presidential nominee. he didn't come to her defense, but he was not criticizing her, but he was not as enthuse yacia.
2:31 pm
how important is it for hillary right now to have the support from bernie sanders? >> it was not a problem, but it certainly wasn't helpful. someone with the influence of bernie sanders to be saying that this case is closed and let's move on. he did stop short of that today. bernie sanders is the one who says who cares about these e-mails right? in a very public way. in a way that surprise ad lot of people in the democratic primary. i thought he wasn't willing to go that far today to say the case is closed, i don't doubt he will get there at some point. and when he does, every democratic that says this is closed and over and we should move on that is helpful to hillary clinton. >> what is your reaction when you heard today, a lot of us were surprised at bob corker. he spent the day with donald
2:32 pm
trump yesterday. they were together up on the podium. he announced today he was withdrawing his name for consideration to be donald trump's vice presidential running mate. >> i think he would be a tremendous vice president, but aside from that i was not dispinted. part of the conservative movement lately has been the corker bill that had to do with iraq and the iraq deal. this was very unpopular with conservatives. and i thought as nice of a guy as he is, he would be controversial with conservatives and that's the last thing domd trump needs. >> why do you like newt gingrich so much? >> i think he is exactly what donald trump needs. he has been speaker, he knows the town, and as we all know, he is a very smart guy. he gets more ideas in a day than
2:33 pm
most people get in six years. he would be a tremendous asset from issue to issue. i think he would be a tremendous asset. >> okay, everyone, stand by, more coming up we'll take a quick break and be right back. we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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out with news that may help ease the fears of republicans and his fundraising camp. he raised $51 million last month and the last week in the may, that is pretty impressive when the month before it was about $3 million. hillary clinton raised about $60 million in comparison last month. >> i think this does a couple things, it gives him money he needed to start rolling out a more extensive campaign. he has been running on a shoe string. and it gives him a chance to change the narrative. and lastly i think also now with this, with the e-mail scandal surrounding scandal to secretary clinton, it is a message he can fund raise off of. he can self fund a lot of that campaign if necessary as well.
2:39 pm
>> i think from day one last year democrats assumes whoever the nominee was they would be better funded than our side. it is no reason to think when you have two non-incumbents that it would not be true. we're going to have a candidate that people are excited about for the democratic party. >> impressive numbers for trump considering the month before it was dismal. we'll see how he does this month. he was supposed to announce a list of speakers at the republican convention in cleveland earlier in the weekend. is this late in the game announcing a speaker lineup, what's your reaction? >> no, i don't think so. i hate to confess this, but the first page of my first convention, i was a 17-year-old
2:40 pm
page in 1968 and i pretty well have seen them from the bottom to the top. they can announce a speaker two hours ahead of time if they want to do it. i don't see any problem with this. >> and jared kushner published an article insisting that his father-in-law, donald trump, is not an anti-semitic. and jared is an orthodox jew. >> when someone who works for the campaign, like jared kushner does, has to write an article that starts with the sentence donald trump is not an anti-semit. this came days ago, and it is continuing to permeate the
2:41 pm
discussion. they could have just said we're sorry if we caused offense, it was not intended that way but they're not doing that. >> let me let jeffrey lord weigh in as well. >> there is a legitimate controversy, i wrote about it at "the american spectator." once i saw that tweet, without knowing any of the controversy, i thought it was a sheriff's badge because i grew up looking at six star sheriff's badges on the tv. i think we're going to go on, we're already on to the next controversy. >> here is why it matters going forward. not because donald trump is an anti-se anti-s anti-semite, he has run a campaign based on separating people and encouraging other people to --
2:42 pm
>> it's an us versus them, be against muslims or gaes ays and lesbians. people believe he could be because he has run a campaign of an us versus them. so it is harder and harder to convince people. >> very quickly, jeffrey. >> i disagree with that. i think that hillary clinton is one of the most decisive political figures in recent american history. so i certainly disagree with that. >> we will continue the conversations to be sure. also coming up, fresh outrage, new controversy over a deadly police shooting all caught on camera. this video has been shared across the world. you will see with your own eyes how he was handled unjustly and killed without regard for the lives that he helped raise.
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breaking news, new video of a deadly police shooting that is sparking outrage. there is now an investigation between a 37-year-old african-american man and two white police officers in baton rouge, louisiana. we have to warn our viewers the video is hard to watch. >> yes, and tonight there are calls for the police chief to step down. the shooting of a black man who was subdued by two white officers has torn apart his
2:48 pm
community, and the justice department and the fbi are on the case. within just a couple of seconds the confrontation escalates. 37-year-old alton sterling is pinned down by two white police officers outside of the triple s food market in baton rouge. someone yells "gun," and then -- a video recorded by eyewitnesss was posted on social media and sparked protests in the neighborhood. sterling died of multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and back. his son and the young man's
2:49 pm
mother made a powerful appearance before reporters. >> the individuals involved in his murder took away a man with children who depended upon their daddy on a daily basis. my son is not the youngest. he is the oldest of his siblings. he is 15 years old. he had to watch this as it was put all over the outlets. >> the owner of the triple s food mart says he allowed sterling to sell cds and dvds outside of his store and says he never saw sterling get in a confrontation with anyone. the situation was said to be prompted from a 911 call from someone saying he was on the
2:50 pm
corner with a gun. >> he pointed the gun at him and said he could not be around here. >> the store owner says the officers slammed sterling against a car and tased him before shooting him. >> i did not see him reach for a gun. >> he says one for three years, one for four. the justice department's civil rights division is leading investigation. the fbi and u.s. attorney's office are involved. louisiana congressman cedric richardson has been pressuring the feds to take on the case. >> one, if he was tased. what happened. two, was he reaching for a gun? three, where was the gun? four, what type of treatment did you give him after he was shot? >> some key answers in this investigation could come from
2:51 pm
remaping video footage. there is remaining footage and from body camera footage from the two officers. they were wearing body cameras at the time but the cameras came off during the struggle. the cameras did continue to record. all the footage is in the hands of federal investigators. wolf. >> joining us is the president and ceo of the naacp. we'll get involved in this investigati investigation. what's the reaction of the naacp? >> i'm reminded of this moment. those are not words from 2016 but words from 1909 by founder of the naacp, ida b. wells who
2:52 pm
spoke out against lynching. for an extended period of time. they reached out to law enforcement as we have. i should say reached out to the authorities to conduct investigations that are thorough, that are transparent, that are comprehensive and are timely. both state and federal. we're hardened by the intervention of the justice department but beyond that, wolf, we have seen this ugly situation again and again. this is the latest, horrific video and hashtag tragedy that over the course of the last several years. when a young black man is 21
2:53 pm
times more likely to lose his life at the hands of the police and his white counter part. we have 1,000 people who lose their lives in police custody in a given year, this is a moment where we have to say enough is enough. >> let me get a bigger frame work for you. the city of baton rouge, city of about 230,000 people, about half of the population is african-american. the police force is about two-thirds white. one-third african-american. is that okay from your perspective? >> it is not okay because the police force should be broadly representative of the community. this is not a call for quotas but a call for diversity. that police department and others in surrounding jurisdictions have had this problem of not having a police force that represents the community. we see challenges. with these kinds of police
2:54 pm
departments all around the country. we have seen police departments where they are supposed to reach out to community and hide and they have not. we need not wait to a tragedy before we respond. we have seen the justice department work with the police departments to ensure that they modernize their policing practices and they diversify their police forces. beyond that, we need a fundamental change in policing. the president has issued his recommendations in terms of the 21st citizen task force on policing. the justice department has lifted up certain protocols. we have law enforcement agencies that know what to do. at the end of the day we've got to develop the political will to respond to this problem. we got to be clear about this, we cannot continue to gather around tv cameras while our fellow citizens are literally taken out. these videos represent a kind of
2:55 pm
snuff film of our times where we see human beings literally losing their lives. in this video, we have two officers that appear to have a young man pinned to the ground and tased as has two bullets fired into his chest and there are three other shots fired. this is a moment of outrage but beyond outrage, we've got to call the country the action. that means congress passing the end racial profiling. we have not seen that as robustly as we should have. we need to see that. >> all right. i know you're heading to baton rouge later in the week. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. coming up, the fbi director
2:56 pm
will testify before republican led congressional panel tomorrow morning. why is hillary clinton keeping quiet for now on the matters? if you have medicare
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happening now, called to testify. the fbi director will face members of congress about a stunning review of hillary clinton's e-mail practices and the decision not to recommend criminal charges. this hour i'll ask the republican in charge of the hearing what he hopes to accomplish. changing the subject. hillary clinton is staying silent about the results of the investigation for a second day. she's choosing to trash donald trump's business record.
3:01 pm
attack and praise. donald trump is firing back at clinton and seizing on the fbi's findings. is his message being overshadowed by a surprising rant about hussein. another video surfaces of an african-american man shot and killed by police while pinned to the ground. new te details as federal sho authorities take over. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we're following breaking news tonight. another video surfaces of the fatal police video in baton rou rouge, louisiana. a 37-year-old african-american was shot while pinned to the ground. the new video obtained by cnn
3:02 pm
raises serious questions about whether alton sterling threatened police with a gun. new backlash over the fbi investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails. the fbi director will testify before a house committee tomorrow about the decision not to recommends criminal charges. there's no public comment about the fbi probe or its finding that she was extremely careless in handling classified information. clinton went to atlantic city to showcase donald trump's failed casino. donald trump is defending his business record and narrowing his vice presidential search. he's campaigning with v.p. choice. another contender, bob corker is taken himself out of running. the analysts are standing by with full coverage of the day's top stories. up first, let's go to our senior washington correspondent. he's in atlantic city with more on the e-mail controversy.
3:03 pm
jeff, hillary clinton seems determined to try to move on. >> she is trying to press ahead to define and discredit donald trump. today's installment came in atlantic city where he's had bankrupt businesses over the years. republican will be asking about the private e-mail server when the fbi director returns to capitol hill. hillary clinton is trying to keep a laser focus on donald trump. >> donald trump says he's qualified to be president because of his business record. >> reporter: visiting atlantic city today, she hoped to spotlight the fall out from a string of his bankrupt businesses. >> what he did here in atlantic city is exactly what he will do if he wins in november. >> reporter: her trip was overshadowed by fall out of her own. over the fbi investigation into her handling of classified
3:04 pm
e-mails. house republicans are calling fbi director james comey to capitol hill on thursday asking why he recommended no charges be filed against clinton despite saying she was careless with how she handled the nation's top secrets on her personal e-mail server. >> we have seen nothing but stone walling and dishonesty from secretary clinton on this issue. there's a lot more questions that need to be answered. >> reporter: paul ryan said clinton and her advisors should not be allowed classified briefings during the campaign. >> given how she so recklessly handled classified information. >> reporter: republican called fbi recommendation surprising and confusing. he said the fact pattern presented by director comey makes clear secretary clinton violated the law. republicans in congress feeling less helpless in the campaign finding a fresh way to take on
3:05 pm
clinton. an advisor says the campaign welcomes the hearing noting democrats will question comey about while he recommended no criminal charges. while clinton ignored the controversy for a second straight day, her previous explanations are drawing new scrutiny. >> even if information is not marked classified in an e-mail, participants who know the subject matter is classified, are obligated to protect it. >> reporter: eight chains contained top secret service. on the board walk today clinton was fixated only on trump. standing beneath the blazing sun. >> donald trump once predicted it will be the biggest hit yet. now it's abandoned. you can just make out the word trump where it used to be written in flashy lights.
3:06 pm
he had the letters taken down a few years ago, but his presence remains. >> reporter: trump pushed back defending his investment on the jersey shore. he tweeted i made a lot of money in atlantic city and left seven years ago. great timing, as all know. pols made big mistakes. >> reporter: she released statement saying she will accept the recommendation from the director of the fbi. it says late this afternoon i met with james comey. prosecutors who conducted the investigation of the personal use of the e-mail system. i received and accepted their recommendation that the thorough years long investigation be closed and no charges be brought. wolf, no surprise here. she already said she would accept this recommendation but by the attorney general saying
3:07 pm
this, this puts one close on it but tomorrow on capitol hill, house republicans have so many more questions and wolf, one final political note, bernie sanders, hillary clinton first joint meeting may be coming next tuesday in new hampshire. early talks are under way from both sides to have a joint appearance next week. these details are still being worked out. tomorrow all eyes on capitol hill. >> hillary clinton and barack obama, eight years ago have their first big event in new hampshire as well. you remember that, right? >> caller: i do. it was in the small town of unity, new hampshire. picked for a symbolic reason, unity. she's been out with elizabeth warren. yesterday she was out with the president. on friday hillary clinton will be out with the vice president. bernie sanders hardly getting top billing here. they are eager to get him on their side.
3:08 pm
the clinton campaign agreed to central free college plan that bernie sanders has been talking about for so long. the clinton campaign is giving well here. they are eager to unify this party and taking on donald trump. >> getting back to the statement that was just released by the attorney general, loretta lynch. no charges will be brought against any individuals within the scope of the investigation. yesterday we heard from fbi director james comey he was recommending no charges be brought against hillary clinton and now she's going one step further. none of her aides will be charged as well, right? >> reporter: which is important because some of those top aides, are key advisors in the presidential campaign as well. that is absolutely significant going forward here.
3:09 pm
the classify briefings will happen once she's the nominee. just because speaker ryan says so, that does not mean anything at all here. she will get the classified briefings. it's key that her aides will not be charged as well. that's one thing she was hoping out hope for. >> donald trump will get daily intelligence briefings as well. the exact same information they provide to the democratic nominee. it will be provided to the republican nominee. that's the tradition once the conventions are over. the headline right now, loretta lynch, the attorney general has accepted the recommendations of her fbi director that no charges be filed against hillary clinton or anyone else involved in this yearlong investigation. the state says it was a unanimous recommendation of these career professionals who conducted this investigation.
3:10 pm
>> it's a significant statement. it's sort of amplifying what the director of the fbi said yesterday. he said these are career prosecuto prosecutors, who is a republican and served in the last republican administration that he reviewed this and said the credibility of the fbi is on the line here. she is accepting his recommendation as she said she would. legally speaking, this is over. that's a relief for the campaign. politically speaking, it's not over at all. those harsh words from the fbi director yesterday which we'll hear tomorrow on capitol hill are going to reverberate and cause political issues. i've talked to several top democrats aligned with the campaign who say they were taken aback by this. they just assumed there were not classified e-mails in there. in fact there were. wolf, politically that is not over at all. legally speaking it is over. that's important.
3:11 pm
>> all right. breaking some important news for us. thank you very much. let's bring in our political experts right now. brianna keilar is with us. pretty significant statement from attorney general of the united states. late this afternoon i met with fbi director james comey and career prosecutors and agents who conducted the investigation of secretary clinton's use of personal e-mail system during her time as secretary of state. i received and accepted their unanimous recommendation that the thorough yearlong investigation be closed and that no charges be brought against any individuals within the scope of the investigation. from the legal standpoint, this ends it. >> absolutely. i think it's significant that james comey is the one who really led the charge in this
3:12 pm
direction. this is going to be widely perceived as a comey decision, not a loretta lynch decision which is fortunate for hillary clinton. there were a lot of ties include the airport tarmac meeting. it was director comey, not loretta lynch who really made the decision here. he had a lot more credibility on c capitol hill. they may try to attack him but he's going to be a difficult target. >> from the standpoint of politics, it's by no means over? >> no. it's going to be with us through november. there's no around that for hillary clinton and it's already taken up in the flesh in political terms out of her abilities to answer this question about trust, honesty. these are issues that she,
3:13 pm
herself, has acknowledged she has problems with. tomorrow not only with the republicans try to sort of press comey on why no charges. how can you have this scathing attack on what she did but no charges. you're also going to have the democrats, tomorrow, start to begin because they're going to get to ask questions too, to try to provide some cover for hillary clinton and put into context from their perspective some of the questions that remains. none of that will solve the issue. hillary clinton will still have to speak about this. >> she's going to have to meet with a reporter or reporters and start answering some of these questions. >> absolutely. without a doubt. she's been deflecting questions on the campaign trial when yelled into rope line situation.
3:14 pm
the clinton campaign understands they will have to put her out in some sort of formal interview process where she can start to deflect some of these questions in a formal way. >> what are you hearing? >> the thing is for hillary clinton is she can't change, i don't think we'll hear some entirely different way she's addressing this because the original sin of her e-mail controversy was that it was a move that avoided transparency. when people are asking why isn't she more transparent about this, she can't be and it's of her own creation. she made this move and said it was about convenience. she's going to stick to that and say it's a mistake and say if she had it to do over, she would have done it differently. the strategy is going to be contrition. she also struggles with that at times. we have seen that she is trying to explain herself more. she's trying to go, really just
3:15 pm
to greater lengths to do that. maybe you'll see more of that. i don't think her explanation will be a whole bunch different than we have seen. >> explain from the legal standpoint. you keep hearing she should have be charged of what's called gross negligence. the fbi director said she was extremely careless in handling classified information during her four years as secretary of state. what's the difference between extremely careless and gross negligence. >> it's very hard to define the difference. the short answer is gross negligence is worse. these are distinctions that even lawyers have a hard time understanding. i think the more important point that director comey made is if you look at all the circumstances and if you look at the history of prosecutions under this statute, he said the only cases that had been brought under this law were situations
3:16 pm
when an individual intended to violate the law. not gross negligence cases. cases where people knew something was classified, gave it to people who were unauthorized to receive it. he said that the classic case of prosecution here involves people who made false statements, who tried to cover up the fact that they were involved in wrong doing. that's what happened in the day petraeus case. he initially lied to the fbi which is a very different situation from hillary clinton's position. that's really -- >> does it make any difference if you made false statementst to the fbi. that's clearly illegal but david petraeus did talking about his particular case as opposed to issuing false statements to the american public. >> as a legal matter it's a huge difference. there's no criminal penalty lying to the american public.
3:17 pm
it is a crime to lie to the fbi as martha stewart learned and many others who lied to the fbi and went to jail. >> stand isby. we're continuing follow the breaking news. there might be that joint appearance. hillary clinton and bernie sanders in new hampshire of all places. much more coming up right after this. you both have a
3:18 pm
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for hillary, it's always been about kids. it's in the quiet moments when you see why she does this. and when millions couldn't get health care, this first lady worked with republicans and democrats to fix it. creating the children's health insurance program, so that every child gets the health care that child deserves to have. now eight million kids are covered. that's the kind of leader she is. and the kind of president she'll be. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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3:21 pm
we're back with our political team. the breaking news we're following, loretta lynch just announced she's accepted the findings.
3:22 pm
hillary clinton or any of her aides involved in this inve investigati investigation, none of them will face any charges. we're getting new information on donald trump what he's up to right now. jason, trump is trying to keep the heat on clinton over the e-mail scandal. >> he is. expect him to capitalize on that breaking news that you talked about. expect them to trump up and hear more about those e-mails at the trump rally later on today in ohio. trump speaking out on that issue and his fund raising efforts. he's feeling encouraged about the millions of dollars he's raised for his campaign. >> donald trump is stepping up his fund raising efforts announcing today his campaign and partnership with the rnc hauled in $51 million for the last week of may through june. it's an improvement from the $3.1 million trump raised in may
3:23 pm
but still short of the 68 million brought in by hillary clinton last month. >> she will be such a lousy president. >> he's also stepping up his attacks over her use of prooifs e-ma -- private e-mail server and the decision by the fbi director not to file charges. >> we know she lied to the country when she said she did not send classified information on her server. she lied. >> reporter: fbi director james comey did say clinton and her aids were extremely careless with the handling of classify information fueling trump's argument against the political establishment. >> today is the best evidence ever that we've seen that our system is absolutely, totally rigged. the republican national committee helping trump make the case against clinton. >> i did not send or receive any
3:24 pm
information that was marked classified at the time. >> in 2014, 110 mails and 52 e-mail chains have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information. >> trump also seizing on a new york siting democrats close. >> i actually found it hard to believe she'd say this. she said today that we may consider the attorney general to go forward. that's like a bribe. isn't that a bribe. >> reporter: all this as trump is facing criticism for controversial comments praising saddam hussein. >> saddam hussein was a bad guy. he was a bad guy. really bad guy. you know what he did well, he killed terrorists. >> she's unleashed isis across the middle east with her bad
3:25 pm
decisions and her bad judgment. she's going to do nothing about it because she's a weak, weak person. >> reporter: trump's next stop, the battleground state of ohio where he'll be campaigning with former house speaker and vice presidential contender, newt gingrich. the field of vp candidates appearing to narrow. iowa senator once viewed as a contender has not received vetting documents and bob corker also seen as a finalist with drew his name from consideration. >> i'm more policy focused person. it's a different kind of thing to be a candidate, if you will, for vice president. i think people like me are better suited for other kinds of thi things. >> trump said he's looking at ten candidates, include two generals. corker said he would be open to being secretary of state in a
3:26 pm
trump administration. he also said he's on tap to be one of the speakers at the gop convention. >> thanks very much. let's get back to our political panel. the news that jeff is reporting is very significant political news that hillary clinton and bernie sanders may finally have a joint appearance maybe as early as next week in new hampshire. it's not set in stone. it's still could be up in the air. if that happens, that's significant for hillary clinton. she really needs that bernie sanders base if she can beat donald trump. >> she does need it. it's unclear if a lot of bernie sanders supporters, the bernie or bust folks are going to go along with him towards her. he said today, and you interviewed him, he didn't endorse secretary clinton and that was significant. the fact we're learning they will be meeting, it's an endorsement, at least. that's very important. at the same time, you have elizabeth warren who has brought along some of these more liberal
3:27 pm
democrats that had gone for bernie sanders instead of hillary clinton and bernie sanders, i think, has maybe lost out a little bit on that role. it's not to say he's important. there's some people who are for bernie sanders who swear they will never vote for clinton. the clinton campaign will tell you they aren't expecting those people to come over, and they may not need them. they can rely on other voters to give her the support. >> bernie sanders said he will do everything he can do to prevent donald trump from becoming the next president of the united states. >> that's right. that's what he's been saying for a while. i thought it was poignant when he said that to you because there is all that attention around will he, will he not endorse clinton. are they meeting and going forward to the convention? that's stopping way shy of giving his full throated endorsement of clinton. everyone has big questions about. that's something he will continue to drum beat to going into the convention trying to get as much as he wants out of party's platform and trying to
3:28 pm
push clinton into accepting more of what he wants. >> everybody stand by for a moment. newt gingrich is now on the stage in cincinnati. he has a joint event with donald trump in cincinnati, oh. a key battleground state as we all know. we're going to listen to newt gingrich and we'll listen to donald trump a bit. stand by. much more coming up. also coming up, the newest video after a fatal police shooting of an african-american man. what does it reveal about the confrontation? we'll share that with you as well. this is how you apply the first paint that kills bacteria. sherwin-williams paint shield continuously kills 99.9% of bacteria. totally breakthrough. surprisingly the same.
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3:33 pm
we're standing by to hear from donald trump at a house rally. we'll bring you the latest developments as they come in. stand by for that. first, we're following breaking news. another video has emerged of a deadly police shooting of an african-american man while pinned to the ground. cnn is on the ground. nick, what are you learning? >> reporter: activist who is have seen the various angles of what happened to 37-year-old alton sterling has made up their minds. they're calling this the murder of a black man at the hands of two white police officers. the family has called for the
3:34 pm
riz resignation of the city police chief. new video obtained by cnn reveals even more from the fatal police shooting being investigated by the u.s. department of justice. the video shot by stop the killing inc adds a new perspective to earlier cell f p phone video shows the two officers attacking him. soon after the officer shoots sterling multiple times killing him. his teen son stood at his mother's side. >> he had to watch this as this was played all over the outlet. >> reporter: inconsolable as community leaders called for justice. >> we're going to root out the 1% of bad police officers that go around becoming the judge,
3:35 pm
the jury and the executioner. residents say sterling was well known in the community often celli ining cds outside the sto. >> this is a good person. >> reporter: the officers had seven years combined service and are on administrative leave. an anonymous call may show. >> he pulled a gun and told them he couldn't be around there. >> reporter: local officials, including the chief of police, the governor and the major addressed the fatal shooting ahead of possibly protests this evening. >> we believe that justice will be served. it's not like we need to be hand held and spoon fed when it comes down to doing what's right. >> reporter: sterling's family lawyer said police quickly c ll confiscated video from the store owner. >> he said they had him in his car and did not present him with
3:36 pm
a search warrant but went in and took his system. >> reporter: as for the body cameras, both were dislodged during the confrontation. >> that footage may not be as good as we hope for. the body cameras did become dislodged. they stayed on and active in recording at that time. >> reporter: the chief of police says no stone will be left unturned while sterling's loved ones vow to hold officials to that promise. >> i, for one, will not rest or not allow him to be swept in the dirt. >> reporter: if things look quiet, it's because they are. we have heard nothing from the police department since they handed over their investigation to the u.s. department of justice.
3:37 pm
wolf. >> we'll stay on top of this story. i'm going to go to cincinnati, ohio. donald trump is speaking out with sharp criticism of hillary clinton's handling of e-mails. let's listen in. >> she made so many false statements. is she going to be brought before congress or something? is something going to happen? is something going to happen? it's a disgrace. hillary clinton claimed that the reason for her illegal use of a private, insecure e-mail, she claimed this was that it was more convenient to use just one device. the fact is the f di director said hillary used several different servers and numerous mobile devices to send and receive e-mails. it existed for the reason we all know, to keep her e-mails from ever being read by the public had nothing to do with just
3:38 pm
wanting to use one device. we understand that. that's not what she said. she said something very different under oath. she said something very different to everybody. how about the 33,000 e-mails that were wiped out. how can you do 33,000 e-mails. in a testimony to congress, hillary clinton said she turned all her related e-mails. >> including e-mails that were classified. i used to say it, i'm the one that brought the word up. bernie sanders is rightfully what they did with him was not
3:39 pm
good. hillary clinton said there was nothing more classified on my e-mails either sent or received. i heard that. she didn't say that. benghazi also. hillary said fact number four, these are all lies. we say lie, lie, lie, lie. dirty, rotten liar. hillary said her private server. that's what it is. you know i'll tell you something, folks. i'll tell you something.
3:40 pm
you know what it's going to be said straight, in november, you're going to get out and vote. when you look at terrorism, when you look at her decisions, when you look at the fact she has got such bad decision making ability, when you look at what's gone on during obama's years. look at what's going on with radical islamic terrorism. i sort of shamed her into it just like i shamed her into not approving tpp. she's got bad judgment. you know who said that, bernie sanders. that hillary clinton has bad judgment. number one it's illegal what she did here, but it's also bad judgment. what she do it for?
3:41 pm
she knows why. false statement number four. hillary said her private server was secure. you can really never wipe it out. i don't think anybody's looked too hard. when you wipe out 30,000 e-mails. i hear 33,000. 30,000 e-mails. 30,000. i've always heard that if you like are in litigation, there's no way of really expunging those e-mails. they're always with you if you have the right people looking. there are probably a couple of sup super geniuses in this room.
3:42 pm
i don't think they look too hard. does that make sense to anybody? you just can't get rid of them. the fbi director said it is possible that hostile actors gained access to her personal e-mail account. she used her insecure e-mail account and the e-mail while traveling abroad in territory of s sophisticated adversaries. hackers breached the e-mail accounts of hillary's friends. they breached it. some friends. our enemies likely have a blackmail file on her, which should disqualify her for even running for office, right? then in her testimony to
3:43 pm
congress, hillary clinton said her attorneys conducted a rigorous review of her e-mails and said they went through every single e-mail but the fact is, fact, the fbi director said the lawyers doing the sorting for secretary clinton in 2014 did not individually read the content of all of her e-mails before destroying them. what's going on, folks? what's going on? it's very sad. it's very sad. we have a rigged system. we have a dishonest press. i was in north carolina last night. i have to say because i just love doing it. thank you. i love you too. it's a guy, but i love him.
3:44 pm
i love lihim. i love everybody here. i don't care. we have a rigged system. we have a crooked system. talk about the press. i love talking about how dishonest they are. if you're a republican. you're a conservative. when i was running and bing, bing, bing, knocking out one after the other. am i doing a good job for you folks? i'm knocking out one after the other. when i'm out running and it was bad. they had 17 people tt they didn't like too much. me, they liked the least by far. by far. now it's all toward me. i watch and i say things like there's a guy on "meet the press" called sleepy eyes chuck todd. the guy was dying on "meet the press" a year ago. nobody watching "meet the
3:45 pm
press." they were talking about taking him off. never treated me fairly. what happened was he called me and he wanted me to do an interview. i did it. it was one of the highest rated interviews in the history of "meet the press." these are disloyal people. after two days he forgot about it. "meet the press" is fine now. i'm not going to do anymore interviews with him. i watched like yesterday. i made the statement, something to the effect, i was talking about terrorism. i said saddam hussein is a bad man. you heard this. right, you heard this? he's a bad man. they wanted me to talk less. i spoke for 106 minutes. long time. long time without notes, without paper, without anything standing up in front of four or five networks. i said last night, i'm not reading and no teleprompters.
3:46 pm
i do like them. it's a lot easier. let somebody come up and do what i do, right. i'd have about 12 people instead of 7,000 people. i said, very simple, i said saddam hussein is a bad man, bad guy. i said it three or four times. really bad. i know what they're going to do. i said but one thing he's good at, they said this last night. they wanted me to talk about hillary for 106 or for like hours. i said, i went 15 minutes. i wroel the whole thing. she's crooked hillary. that's all you have to know. listen. after a while we want to talk about terrorism. we'll beat hillary. if we beat hillary, what difference would it make.
3:47 pm
what difference does it make? it makes a big difference. remember the famous statement green dress. green dress. yeah. green dress. she said green pants suit. so, look. last night i said, it was an unbelievable crowd in north carolina. standing ovations all over the place. i said, bad guy saddam hussein. bad guy. then i said again, saddam hussein is a bad guy, but he did one thing well. he killed terrorists. it's okay. just a quick statement. i wanted to emphasize because i know if i didn't emphasize and say i like saddam hussein. i think i said it three times. bad, bad. i started repeating myself. people will say is that guy
3:48 pm
okay. what happened, i said it very strongly. bad person. okay. now it's over. we talked about terrorism. we talked about trade. we talked about terminating obama care and replacing it with something great, which we're going to do. we talked about getting rid of common core and bringing our education locally and taking it away from washington. talked about voters. we talked about building a wall. we talked about our depleted military. we talked about our very depleted military. build wall. don't worry, we're going to build a wall. we're going to build a wall. we're going to build a real wall. such a low ceiling. we go a lot higher than that.
3:49 pm
every time they fight us on that wall, it gets ten feet higher. we're going to stop the drugs from coming in just in case you didn't know. the border patrol agents endorse donald trump. they know what's going on. they're job is much easier now than when they're with me. when they're with me, they're going to be working hard. right now they just stand there and say they'll go on through. hello. welcome to the country. we'll take care you have for the rest of your lives. it's a lot different and also sheriff joe. we love sheriff joe. endorsed me right at the beginning. we have a situation where we go on and we continue to go on and we continue to make speeches, and we continue to waste time because the politicians aren't listening. they're not listening.
3:50 pm
i made a speech and this speech last night was good. what happened? i wake up in the morning, and you had to see this crowd. this crowd was unbelievable. i wake up, i turn on the television. donald trump he loves saddam hussein, and i was just asked a question by the cincinnati inquirer. mr. trump, is it true that you love saddam hussein? essentially, like, sort of that, you know? i said that's not what i said. that's not what i said. so that's the narrative that goes around. i actually put a press release out, and now the people that saw it is a that was great, but they are liars. these are bad people. these are bad people, and what i did say -- and what i did say is that he was good at one thing. he was really good at killing terrorists. he didn't wait around. do you think they gave the
3:51 pm
terrorists trials that lasted 18 years? and then after 18 years if they had the right lawyer they'd erect a statue in honor of the terrorist, right? not with trump. so i said, bad guy, really bad guy, but he was good at one thing. he killed terrorists. next day, donald trump loves saddam hussein. i don't love saddam hussein. i hate saddam hussein, but he was damn good at killing terrorists, and now terrorists, the people that want to be terrorist, they go into iraq, and i said last night it's the harvard. it's the harvard university. it's the harvard of terrorism. that's where you want to learn to be a terrorist, you go into iraq. boom, you're a terrorist. boom! look at the problems we have right now. we are a very unsafe nation. we're allowing people to pour into our country. we are allowing people to pour into our country. we have no idea who they are.
3:52 pm
these are people coming from the middle east, we're taking in syrian refugees. by the way, i have a bigger heart than anybody, and we'll work with them, and i'll get other people to put up the money because we owe $19 trillion and now with the kind of budgets that get passed and we're going up to $21 trillion. we don't have the money, but i'll get the gulf states to put up the money and we'll supervise it, and we will build as wonderful as it can be in syria, safe havens. we'll build safe zones and we'll keep them there. we don't want them here. we don't want them here. they're moving people into ohio that you people don't even know about. they're moving people into ohio that very well this could be one of the great trojan horses of all time. they're moving people into ohio like nobody's ever seen in every
3:53 pm
state and you don't know and your government officials don't know and nobody knows what the hell is happening to our country and we have a president that won't issue the words radical islamic terrorism, and it's a real problem. it's a real problem! if you don't say what the problem is you're never going to solve the problem, right? so i watched these media people, very dishonest people, and i watched that and then i also watched it, and i get the standing ovations and i think it was on all three. i think it was on fox, and fox was very nice to me, i must say, but was to fox live. it was on cnn live. cnn's terrible to me. terrible. no, they're -- they're dishonest. did you ever see it where they'll have, like, seven people and they'll have jeffrey lord.
3:54 pm
i love jeffrey lord, and i don't watch it anymore. in life, when something is unpleasant, don't watch it. turn something else. that's what i do. i don't watch it anymore. when people treat you unfairly, turn your back or go some place else or knock them on their ass, one or the other. so -- i mean, cnn over the weekend, i'll give you an example. so one of my guys who is married to a jewish woman, this is a very fine person, dan skovino, he put out a tweet talking about crooked hillary clinton and on the tweet was a star. a star, like, a star, and i said because when i looked at it i didn't think anything. all of a sudden it turned out to be in the minds of the press only because it could have been a sheriff star. it could have been a regular star. my boy comes home from school, baron, he draws stars all over
3:55 pm
the place. i never said that's the star of david, baron, don't. so it's a star. have you all seen this? it's a star! and it actually looks like a sheriff star and behind it they had money. oh, but there's money behind it. actually, they're racially profiling. they're profiling, not us, because why are they bringing this up? why do they bring it up? so -- anyway, so dan is a wonderful guy. a really good guy. i didn't get angry at him. i said, dan, that's a star. don't worry about it. he said i'm so -- cnn, from morning until night, bigger than the fbi with clinton who is crooked as a you know what, bigger than the fbi, all weekend long, cnn dishonest as hell, cnn morning to night i have tweets where they're saying cnn won't talk about anything, but the star. they say it's the star of david,
3:56 pm
all right? i have a son-in-law who is jewish, jared, who is a great guy. my daughter is jewish. i have grandchildren who are jewish, okay? and i love them. i love them. and these are great people. ivanka married a jewish guy who i brilliant, who is wonderful, who has got a great heart. they have kids, beautiful kids, beautiful kids. so they took this star, it could have been a star for anything. to me it was just a star, but when i really looked it looked like a sheriff star, but cnn started this dialogue going it's the star of david, and because it's the star of david, donald trump has racist -- these people are sick, folks. i'm telling you. they're sick. they're sick. i'm going to tell you, some day i'll tell you the real story of
3:57 pm
cnn, but i'm not going to tell it yet. don't watch it. don't watch it anymore, and i have to say, fox is tough on me. bill o'reilly, a lot of these guys, but at least they're fair. they're tough, but they're fair and ms -- nobody watches msnbc so i can't tell you. nobody watches it, but i think they're better, but i hear they're better than cnn, okay? they call cnn the clinton news network. clinton -- think of this -- think of it, seriously! so the star which is a star, and not the star of david, when they told me the star of david, you have to be kidding. how sick are they? actual lie, they're the ones with the bad tendencies when they can think that way. they're the ones. remember what i said, but there's money around the stars and therefore, you know what that represents. these are sick people. they're bad people. they're bad people and what you
3:58 pm
do is don't watch cnn anymore. i don't watch it anymore. and they've done it. i like anderson cooper and i like a couple of people and mostly it's negative and they sit around the table. they talk badly about donald trump. what's to talk badly. we started off at 17 and here i am. you and me and look what we've done together, right? look what we've done together. what's so bad? what's so bad? what's so bad? [ cheers and applause ] so we have unbelievably dishonest media, so think about that. you have the star, which is fine. you shouldn't have taken it down. they took the star down. i said too bad, you should have left it up. i would have rather dfefended i. just leave it up. that's just a star. corrupt hillary, corrupt hillary, but she sent it out. she's the one that started the dialogue. you know why? because she wanted to get off the fbi. you know who got hurt worse by
3:59 pm
the fbi than anybody? burden bernie sanders because he was waiting for the fbi to make him the nominee, and it didn't work out! and he's the other one, you know. he copied my language a little bit, but he was starting to say with the superdelegates that the system is rigged, and you know what's happening? i just saw a poll, 22% of the bernie sanders voters are coming to trump. it's interesting. [ cheering ] >> i don't know. [ cheers and applause ] i don't know. who knows? who knows? >> we're having a good time. i thought it was one of the better speeches. hey, do i give a good speech? but i thought it was one of the better speeches. the place was packed. they never show how many people. can you imagine if i ever had an empty place? it would be the biggest story in
4:00 pm
the news business. the place was packed and everybody was having a great time considering the subject is no good because the subject is about our country and our country's in trouble. between the debt and between the joblessness and let me tell you with the phony 5% numbers you hear about unemployment, it's a phony number. it's a phony number. it's a number when someone looks for a job and i don't want to have you raise your hand because you might be embarrassed. i would be a little embarrassed. somebody looks for a job and they are good people and they're unbelievable. they can't find a job, right? and they give up. now they're considered statistically employed so we show this phony number and on that i don't blame obama so much because, frankly, this was to make the presidents look good and make politicians look good which is not an easy thing to do, okay? because they want to show how wonderful the economy. just as i was getting off the plane today, we announced trade defici


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