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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  December 22, 2013 3:00am-4:31am PST

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korean-american? does one create one's own world? i don't know if i'm any smarter than when i came to k-town in the middle of the night and found a delicious slab of america that i never thought was there, but i'm trying to figure it out. \ s ice, rain, and freezing temperatures gripping the northwest as gooding sinks backyards. despite the storm stem, the northeast is enjoy spring in december. >>. the conflict in south sudan has now become an american problem when u.s. military members there were fired upon and injured, they had to abort their rescue mission. so, the question now, how to evacuate the stranded american civilians. and it is a new day in
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canada after the supreme court ruled unanimously to strike down prostitution laws. what the decision means for one of the oldest professions. "your new day" starts right now. good morning, everyone. thanks for waking up with us on sunday morning, i'm pamela brown. >> i'm victor blackwell. well, let me just say this off the top. i feel great. i'm breathing well. i feel good. it's just that, you know -- >> just the voice. >> just the voice. when you live alone, you don't speak to anyone in the morning. i discovered this when i came into work. >> very anchormanesque. >> really? "anchorman it 2" december 24th. >> i'm here to capture -- >> thank you very much. let's start with the weather. that's the talker. it's deadly. the weather is still grinding its way across the country and already causing serious problems. >> possible tornadoes in arkansas carved a path of
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destruction four days before christmas and mississippi, four storms are blamed for killing two people. let's go further west. an ice storm left branches frozen in mid-air and forced air travelers to scramble to rebook canceled flights. some places got more than a foot of snow. meantime unusually warm temperatures to the north led to dangerous flooding there. i take a look at the strange weather mix still sweeping the country. the first day of winter brought a massive storming paing snow, rain, ice and floods. an official in mississippi said two people were killed and several injured of aa line of storms moved through the state. in arkansas a possible tornado hurt three people and destroyed three buildings. this one is demolished but everyone survive. >> what is left of the house? >> approximatically nothing, no clothes. christmas gifts of demolished. everything is gone.
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>> and blew the windows out of the van, too. >> totalled the van. totalled the van. it's a mess. >> reporter: and parts of the midwest, heavy rains caused flooding in the entire river valley leaving cars, streets and backyards under water. today snow, ice and frising rain was the focus. >> i just got home. i figured throw salt down, beat the ice. >> more than 94 million americans traveling for the holidays, treacherous road conditions from oklahoma, kansas to missouri make driving difficult. but this weather system is getting even stranger. temperatures will feel like spring for much of the east. in new york, bikers, joggers and baby strollers were out in full force to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. >> i love it. it feels like it's may in december. it's like 60 degrees right now.
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it's beautiful. >> not too bad here in atlanta, either, huh? >> not too bad. been a great 24 hours. >> mother nature not making it easy for those trying to get out of town for christmas. >> jennifer grey with more who is affected by travel plans? >> we'll see a lot of rain, but basically going to deal with more snow and ice if you're traveling extreme northern sections of the country. i want to give you a peek from yesterday. these are the storm reports we had. hail reports, severe wind reports, flooding reports and as mentioned a moment ago, we had a couple of tornado reports. you can see one near arkansas and they'll send surveyors out to confirm these but they did indicate three tornado reports from yesterday.
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here's the line of showers and storms. you can see on the outskirts of atlanta. big story, we have a lot of snow to the north. around chicago, basically to the north, right around green bay, seeing snow and look at this. we're seeing even ice and freezing rain in northern portions of vermont, new hampshire, upstate new york. if you're traveling to the extreme northern sections, you're going to deal with snow and ice for just one more day. these showers will track to the east for today, like i mentioned before, i think the tornado threat is down today. we'll still see thunderstorms. we could see anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain anywhere from atlanta all of the way to charlotte and 2 to 4 inches of rain as you get into portions of virginia and just on the outside of d.c. could see 3 to 6 inches of rain in portions of michigan, maybe even wisconsin. so we are going to see minnesota even, so we'll see some of that as we go through the day today. here's the radar. we're forecasting the storm to
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basically set up shop on the east coast, throughout today, should be pushing out by later tomorrow. if you are making travel plans, looks like tomorrow is going to be a much, much better day. today should gradually get better but tomorrow will be even better. look at these temperatures, guys, new york city, 66 today. you'll be feeling like the holiday, 38 on tuesday. >> that's a considerable drop. >> i know. >> jennifer, thanks. overseas to africa, the pentagon is scrambling to get roughly three dozen americans out of the city in south sudan. the fighting trapped them in a u.n. compound in bor. bor, out of civil war is moving dangerously close to civil war itself. four members of the american military are recovering in kenya this morning. they were wounded saturday when their osprey helicopters took ground fire. their mission, to evacuate americans in bor, aborted.
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weir now are on the phone with the reporter in sudan. how much danger are they facing? >> reporter: it was undoubtedly a tense night. the aerial option was pretty much the only option. look at geography. in a difficult region. bor is as extreme as you can get. it's up very close to north sudan. very little option to go in by roads. going in by helicopter seemed the safest way to get them out. that was before u.s. helicopters came under fire. these 30-odd americans are working with aid organizations. part of the hugely crucial humanitarian push in south sudan. that all now is unraveling.
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the worry is that we're moving closer and closer to what president obama proved. north just in other towns, but other towns have fallen to rebels. the concern is that when you start targeting aid organizations, the only life plan, pretty much, for most civilians in south sudan, and they end up having to be evacuated, it's the people that are left behind in the most difficult of circumstances. >> and we've seen that in conflicts around the world. i also want to ask you to just explain quickly why the south sudanese are now fighting each other? as we mentioned, this country was born out of civil war, maybe at the threshold of civil war itself. why this fight, right why now? >> i guess it is the oldest story. you have a country that's been
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incredibly resource rich, but the decades of con splints, people have not managed to set up institution or infrastructure, so it becomes this struggle to get into power. that's the only access people have to fulfill their daily needs. this is one of those countries where people live under $1 a day. when you compound that with this battle for power, and things only continue to get worse. some of the aid organizations we've been talking to on the ground. even they still have definitive numbers for those who are caught in the crossfire. the u.n. said already 600 people have already been killed since the fighting began late this week. >> nima on the phone from sudan this morning. thanks so much. a public relations executive and her company parted ways.
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justine posted, going to africa, i hope i don't get aids. just kidding i'm white. a company spokesman said, in part, quote, there's no excuse for the hateful statements that have been made and we condemn them unequivocally. we hope time and action and the forgiving human spirit will not result in the wholesale condemnation of an individual who have otherwise known to be a decent person at the core. there's been a lot of talk about obamacare and questions about what will and will not be implemented. now obamacare, the word, involved in an arrest. police say hundreds of packets of heroin were stamped with obamacare. and have you heart about
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this? george zimmerman's oil painting sold on ebay for -- you heard it. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ deserve a cadillac, the fastest growing full-line luxury brand in the united states. including the all new 2014 cadillac cts, motor trend's 2014 car of the year. get the best offers of the season on our award winning products. like a 2014 ats and srx. hurry in, offers end january 2nd.
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if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. more grief this morning in denver. really a sad update here. 17-year-old clair davis has died. this is 8 days after she was shot in the head by a classmate in arapaho high school. investigators say davis did not know kyle petersen. who fired and killed himself.
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our affiliate has the latest from centennial, colorado. >> reporter: it was a place to share thoughts of hope for the critically wounded teenager. >> i just wanted to support arapaho and the family of clair as much as i could. >> reporter: has now quickly become a memorial for clair. >> it just touches so close to home. she just had a beautiful smile. she loved animals. you know she had a kind heart. >> reporter: friends, classmate, and parents stopping by with flowers and candles, and heart the heavy with grief. >> we went over and said a prayer for her. >> reporter: tiffany came here with her 17-year-old daughter. >> trying to explain it to my little ones, it's unexplainable. i don't know what to tell them. >> reporter: clair's family issued a statement saying although we have lost our precious daughter, we will be grateful for the indelible
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journey tee took us on over the last 17 years. we were truly blessed to be claire's parents. the light she brought to this world will not be extinguished, by her death. to the contrary, it will only get stronger. >> i felt a need to do something and be as supportive as i can. >> reporter: that light burns so brightly along with the question of why? a question no one can answer. >> when kids start killing each other, i don't know what more to say about that. >> reporter: jim howly from our affiliate. thank you. a biker accused of assaulting a driver of asuv. you may remember the story, the footage, being chased by the group after bumping one of the
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bikers. he was later pulled from his suv after heighting a biker. the group could face up to 15 years in prison if charges are reduced. this morning, four men are facing murder and felony murder charges for a carjacking in a mall in new jersey that left a young lawyer dead. they left charges for basim henry. kevin roberts and hanif thompson and karif ford. he was christmas shopping where he was shot and killed last sunday. his wife was not hurt. >> you have the right to be safe and expectation to be safe in this county in the state of new jersey. in particular, you shouldn't have to worry, wherever you go, downtown, whether the shore hills mall or anyone else that someone would put a gun to your head and take your car. >> the four suspects are facing
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life in prison. police in massachusetts have seized 1200 packets of heroin labeled with the word "obamacare" on them. plois say the label is only a marketing ploy so drug users know what kind of product it they're getting. a painting said to be by george zimmerman has sold on ebay for a little more than $100,000. >> unbelievable. >> it's an 18 by 24 blue american flag in oil. here it is right here. zimmerman said he will personally deliver the artwork to the buyer. >> he awas acquitted after a racially-charged trial. zimmerman had several brushes with the law since. >> i need someone to explain this to me. >> this phenomenon of people who, i won't say infamous.
3:18 am
he wasn't convicted of anything. painting and selling it on ebay. jodi arias did a similar thing. it's interesting how they -- >> it is. this is what they're turning to. >> we got sports news for you. another setback for skier, lindsey vonn. >> how it might affect her chances of going for the gold in sochi. we'll be right back. ♪ i wanna spread a little love this year ♪ [ male announcer ] this december, experience the gift of exacting precision and some of the best offers of the year at the lexus december to remember sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. at the lexus december to remember sales event. wout of landfills each year? plastic waste to cover mt. rainier by using one less trash bag each month, we can. and glad forceflex bags stretch until they're full.* so you can take them out less often. you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. i didn't know the coal thing was real.
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an injured knee let her down again. raising doubts about wetter she'll be ready to compete at the winter games. >> jared greenburg has more on the winter olympic reports. >> good morning. >> better than lindsey vonn. >> exactly. olympic dreams aren't totally dashed yet however knee issue continue to make her life very difficult. trying to obtain her goal of yet another olympic medal in france. she lost her balance and miss aid gate during the race. von said the same knee she had surgeically repaired completely gave out. this was the first time that her boyfriend, tiger woods, was on hand. there he is, the masked man. and what -- he didn't like what
3:22 am
he saw at all. after the race, von in obvious pain there. she said she's not giving up. i'm going for the gold in sochi. this is just six week as way. this is the only hockey gold you'll see this year. on the penalty shot, he runs the spin cycle. you have to see an added look to see another degree of difficulty. he goes between the legs for the game winner as sweden beats the czech republic in olympic tune-up. bowl season is upon us. and trending on bleacher a swing and a miss. actually more like a swing and a foul tip. the kicker got just enough to make it a line ball. san diego state wins the very famous idaho potato bowl, 49-24. the famous idaho potato bowl. >> yes. everybody has heard about that. >> lindsey vonn decided to go to
3:23 am
sochi, she could do more damage to her knee. why wouldn't she just sit that out? . that's just the olympic spirit. these athletes that are olympic competitor have some sort of fire inside of them that you and i just never under. that's the thing, she trained her whole life to win another gold medal. >> she seems determined that's for sure. a winter storm moving across the great plains and midwest could affect some nfl games. i know victor is really concerned about that. >> the dvr is set. >> let's bring in meteorologist jennifer grey. frozen tundra, we saw they were hiring people to shovel out the seats there. >> they were. they could see a snowy day today. it is starting to clear out. temperatures will be gold. it will be 22 degrees. you were telling me, rougher on the players with the wind. 16-mile-per-hour winds at kickoff with temperatures at 22. that's going to make it --
3:24 am
>> the temperatures bad for the fans. for the players it's not that big of deal. even the snow is something they trained for and they practice outside to get ready for this. when there's windy conditions that's when it changes game plan for the players. >> i imagine, i just imagine, i can't tell you how many times i've thrown a football. maybe a dozen. yeah, this is the picture of the fans cleaning out the stands there, that you got to recalculate, recalibrate when the winds are heavy. >> i'm no strapger to this kind of weather that's for sure. >> guys, stick around. singer justin timberlake brought some holiday cheer to "snl" last night. the friend was the show's musical guest appearing alongside jimmy fallon for a variety of skits. instead of singing about his you know what in a box. he traded in that sultry song for a holiday rap. take a look.
3:25 am
♪ 1. >> let's rap you en ♪ put some diamonds in it ♪ with some windows in it ♪ what you got in that bag ♪ what you got in that bag ♪ roll it out ♪ bring it on down to wrapin'ville ♪ list ton this ♪ i think it's very vital ♪ to wrap a gift ♪ here you go it's tricky to wrap a gift ♪ ♪ it's tricky to wrap a gift ♪ bring it
3:26 am
♪ bring it on down to wrappin'ville ♪ >> that skit can go on and on. my favorite is omelet vil. that's my favorite. >> see this man, recognize him in mayor ploom berg, outgoing mayor bloomberg. and paul mccartney last night. they had quite the cast. still to come on "new day" an ice storm in the plains while springlike temperatures got everybody outside in new york city. mean my mom in baltimore watshe the car yesterday. we'll tell you what you expect to see out your window today after this break. stay with us. a subaru...
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welcome back, everyone. great to have you here every hour, i'm pamela brown.
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>> i'm victor blackwell. here's what you need to know. the u.s. is working to get 3 dozen americans out of a u.n. compound in sudan. the americans and ssudanese hav jammed the pace. and number two, more grief this morning in the denver area. 17-year-old klaire davis died. investigators said she department know kyle pearson. she had been in a coma since the shooting. ned vizzini has died at 32. his book is kind of a funny story about a teen contemplating suicide was made into a movie starring zach galifianakis.
3:31 am
number four, be careful driving today as a huge storm system dumps rain, snow and ice. in wichita kansas, the storm for fed into a blizzard. it made many roads impassable and frozen drivers right there in their tracts. and the brunt of the storm may have passed for many. but millions in the upper midwest and through to new england are in for a blast of winter weather today. areas of new york could be in for near record temperatures. meteorologist jennifer grey is here with the forecast. this is unbelievable a couple days before christmas. >> there's so many different components. we've had the flatting, the severe weather, ice, snow. this has been a complex system. we're still dealing with snow and freezing rain, extreme northern sections of the country. we're looking at that line of showers and storms heading to the east coast. still seeing snow south of
3:32 am
indianapolis to the north of chicago. we're also see the freezing rain extreme upstate new york, northern vermont, new hampshire, and even maine, guys. this should push out today, getting better tomorrow. >> jennifer grey, we'll watch for it. thank you. >> pope francis is getting ready for his first christmas as pope. >> bon giorno. >> this hour, it's his weekly player at the vatican. yesterday he delivered his christmas message to the vatican staff, earning them to stay professional, avoid gossip and stay dedicated to serving the rest of the search. >> then he spent several hours at a local children's hospital greeting patients who gave them a bag full of notes with their wishes on them. most of them hoping to get well. >> john allen is in rome this morning. john, friday, the pope tweeted, and i'm paraphrasing here, to
3:33 am
continue to serve the people of the church and stay focused on the center mission of christianity this christmas. what can we expect from the pope this christmas message? >> hello there, pam and victor. i think he's going to continue to emphasize, as you say, this idea of the spirit of service. that was the heart of the speech he gave to the cardinals and other senior vatican officials yesterday. and then he provided a visual of ha that spirit of service looks like with that remarkable, almost three-hour visit to rome's hospital yesterday. providing another one of the iconic images of this papacy, that shot of pope francis reaching out and kissing a small child that's bald because of a tumor and wearing the surgical mask. that's going to be the scat let thread that runs through the christmas celebration. he'll preside over the christmas eve lit you aurgy.
3:34 am
but i suspect it will be gestures of him reaching out to ordinary people and trying to bring them a taste of god's love. that's the hallmark of the papacy so far and that's what we'll continue to see. >> he's really walking the talk. givens a message about power. how do you think he's changed the vatican's administration? >> he's made a number of performances. he's changed the membership of the vatican's department that names bishops around the world, trying to find more moderate and pastoral leaders of the church. he changed the process how the vatican consults and on and on. but the most important reform he's achieved over nine months he totally changed the public conversation about the catholic church. nine months ago talking about the church we were talking about
3:35 am
pedophile priest scandals and vatican bank and crackdowns on nuns. while none of those stories have gone away, today the dominant story about the catholic church is rock star pope takes the world by storm. if that's not a rev luse, i'm not sure we've ever seen one. >> john allen, thanks so much for covering your perspective. appreciate it. still to come on "new day" the world's oldest profession -- you know what it is -- it just got a little easier up north. >> we'll tell you by why call girls in chili canada are warming up the legal system. ♪ call me call me ♪ call me any time with new fee you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. how naughty was he? oh boy...
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a sex worker in canada just got a little easier. >> prostitution is easier in this country. but until this week a series of laws make it difficult to make a
3:39 am
living in the sex trade. >> nadia, this is not something you usually hear. s it ate other way around. >> as you said prostitution has always been legal in canada but it's been difficult to practice. three primary laws have been struck down unanimously by the supreme court in canada. they are the following. number one, visiting brothels is no longer illegal. number two, living off the proceeds of a prostitute, no longer illegal. and public solicitation, no longer illegal. >> that sounds like the whole game here. so, essentially, what has changed, i can open a brothel, bring in women from wherever, and force them to have sex for money and keep the proceeds? >> it's quite not like that. what was proved unanimously by the supreme court. for example, let's take the living off the proceeds of a prostitute. >> okay.
3:40 am
>> up until now. they couldn't have a tax consult and, couldn't have a bodyguard, couldn't hire a driver. now they can. what the canadian court realized the positives of striking down the law outweigh the negative. let me quote the chief justice, interesting, a woman justice who said parliament has the power to regulate against knew saunss. remember the laws were originally there because they wanted to present the knew saunss of public solicitation. they said not because of the health and safe tiff the lives of prostitutes. in the end these laws were put in place to prevent knew saunss, but they didn't make prostitutes' lives easy or healthy. that was the idea of striking them down. >> that's the legal justification of doing it. the woman who filed the lawsuits, one was a dominate trix. they were surprised.
3:41 am
you can understand women's add voe cassie groups, what is does is say it's okay to sell women and girls. don't you think it's interesting that it was unanimous? >> 9-0. >> still the original laws are in effect this entire year until such time as parliament decides what to do with them. so, interesting debate. >> are we expecting this conversation to continue? >> it will be interesting to see, but will parliament reinforce the laws, or will they change the laws so that in fact these three things are then struck down? >> in the meantime, the older laws will remain in place until those changes come about? >> right. but it's a big victory for the sex workers in canada. so many things like being able to hire an accountant. >> also a pimp. >> that's the other side of the law. >> if it's now legal, i can give you 10%, take the 90.
3:42 am
and you have to live in this house. >> what about a sex worker's childs care giver? also isn't health care more regulated in a brothel than outside of a brothel? that's a longtime argument. again, press and cons but certainly you have three very happy prostitutes in canada today. >> at least three. >> thank you, nadia. stick with us for a moment. new york city mayor michael bloomberg made a surprise appearance on "saturday night live" last night. >> that's right. he joined the host of weekend update to share his plans for retirement. he also took the opportunity to poke fun at policies and how can we forget his spanish accent. >> leaving your current job as early as next year, are you excited? >> i'm so excited to be hosting the tonight show as well as bringing it back too new york city. i know it's been late night for five years, now the tonight show and five years after that i'll
3:43 am
host the nightly years, five years after that, the "today" show and five years after that i'm the new carson dailey. >> what is next for you? >> ill ahe be fulfilling a dream of sipping a small soda on a beach? >> you don't have another job lined up? >> i applied to speak spanish at a few units but i'm told my accent isn't bueno. >> i have to ask the question, would you ever consider running for president? >> i don't know what the future holds, president, pope, naked cowboys? >> yeah, i have lots of action sents. >> shirley mclean said it best. if you learn to last at yourself you'll be forever amused. >> people make fun of his accent and his laws but he can stand there and make fun of himself on
3:44 am
the way out. that's a good thing. thank you, nadia. after a huge breach of credit card data. many are feeling the fallout. >> just a few days before christmas, banks are limiting access to customers' own money. we'll have details after the break. [ male announcer ] for every late night, every weekend worked, every idea sold... ♪ deserve a cadillac, the fastest growing full-line luxury brand
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welcome back, everybody. 6:45 eastern time, taking a live look at capitol building all lit up. it's still dark in d.c. and the high today. 74 degrees. not what you expect in our nation's capital. time to take a look what is in store for the new week. monday, last day to sign up for obamacare if you want to have coverage. enrollment is far below the goal of 7 million by march. let's take a look at tuesday, the international space station. astronauts will replace broken pump that was renewed yesterday. in what was expected to be a
3:48 am
quick quick quicker space walk than was expected and christmas day, pope francis will give his message to the city and world on wednesday. and thursday day the l.a.x. arraignment shooting suspect. is abused of murdering a tsa agent. he was shot and injured by police but has since recovered. and saturday, let's see. the federal jobless benefits expire. about 1 point 3 million americans expected to lose benefits. congress did not lose benefits. and unemployment is at a five-year low at 7%. victor, i survived the wall. >> you made it. >> jpmorgan chase is taking a hard line with its customers after a massive breach of bank
3:49 am
account data at target store. chase capped spending limits on debit cards until it issues new cards that shopped at target. they started the day before thanksgiving. the limits include a $100 a day limit on cash withdrawals. a $300 cap on total purchases. all of this with just three days left to shop before christmas. a lot of people are going to hit that $300 a day cap. the move appears designed to limit jachases exposure after tt data hit put as many as 40 million shoppers at risk. target said the problem has been resolved but chase has not put a limit on credit card holders. wall street was feeling, let's say festive on friday. lots of green. both the dow and s&p 500 closed at record highs after the government said the u.s. economy grew at 4.1%. that's the fastest rate of
3:50 am
growth in two years. this week is a short week of trading. they're open half day crass miss leave and all day wednesday, christmas day. one in three thefts involve a smartphone. officials are proposing a new law at curbing that trend. they want manufacturers to install a kill switch which makes it impossible to use a lost or stolen phone. if thieves cannot use your phone, there's no point in stealing it. iphone's new operating system already has a kill switch. some mobile carriers are impo posed. they say it invites hackers. wall street is getting ready to sell bright christmas after a week. they will be closed for a day and a half but monday might be interesting. >> it's the first day of trading for one social network. zain asher has that from new york. >> reporter: facebook will start trading on the s&p on monday.
3:51 am
certainly validation that facebook is one of the most important companies. the move will open up to a lot of investors, people like you and me, for example. there are 1,000 mutual funds that use s&p 500 as their benchmark. it could be part of your retirement portfolio sometime soon. of course that does mean more money for facebook. wall street will celebrate christmas. christmas eve, trading will end three hours early. financial markets will be closed christmas day. it's also the final week of the year, the time we see a santa claus rally. they typically gain 1 1/2%. it's unclear if santa will appear this year. data on manufacturing, housing, and spending could also impact trading. that's what is coming up this week on wall street. pamela, victor. >> zain, thank you so much.
3:52 am
appreciate it. it's no secret the first family will not be attending the olympics. >> but an openly gay athlete will be attending. billie jean will be one of those athletes and last night, "saturday night live" decided to have fun with the little trip. >> so excited to go to sochi? >> i'm president obama's big game middle finger and this bird is about to get tripped. >> that's quite a big thing. >> bjk is about to double down and putin fill wind himself in the epicenter of a gay nader. i'll drive my subaru outback into the square and blast melissa etheridge. i tell you what, i'm no melissa etheridge, but if you come to my
3:53 am
window i'll punch you right through the glass. >> what's with the subaru outlook reference? >> not sure. not surprised they poked light at that. the obama administration is not so subtle in the message they're sending. >> i wonder if there's a message sent when the athletes and the rest of the delegation is there. russia is warned not to have any outward demonstrations of protests, so i wonder if they will actually do something. >> what it will be like when they're actually there and what happens. >> sometimes showing up, being in the room is enough. >> yes. absolutely. almost every child has dreams of what they want to be when they grow up. >> including chelsea wheeler. but when i hear what he's up against, tra that dream will mae true. you don't want to hear this story.
3:54 am
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3:56 am
we want to introduce you to a connecticut girl with a passion 'plan.\ we want to introduce you to a connecticut girl with a passion 'plan.s we want to introduce you to a connecticut girl with a passion 'plan. we want to introduce you to a connecticut girl with a passion 'plan.\e we want to introduce you to a connecticut girl with a passion 'plan. she says she wants to become a chef. stacy wheeler. although she loves cooking in
3:57 am
the kitchen, she cannot taste the food she prepares. >> reporter: 10-year-old chelsea wheeler loves preparing dinner with her arenparents. her dream is become a chef and open her own diner when she grows up. but chelsea essentially can't eat food. >> i know my stomach doesn't work. i can't eat real food. so i have to have iv fluids. >> reporter: those fluids come from a specially equipped backpack she has to wear 16 hours a day. >> do you feel it's unfair you can't eat and other kids can't? >> not really but sometimes, yeah. i get fed up with it. >> reporter: she has been sick since birth. she was already diagnosed with pseudo obstruction and she's had more than 30 surgeries. and once even went into septic shock. >> i have to finish home work.
3:58 am
>> reporter: her parents recall she barely survived. >> last year was the worst. on halloween she went into septic shock and woke up in the morning, couldn't use half her body. >> reporter: chelsea tries to fit in with her peers. the day we came by it was elves day. she refused to wear the backpack with the nutrients in school. next up, she need ace smabowel transplant. >> we've referred her for possible intestinal transplantation. >> reporter: their community in oxford, connecticut is pitching in. they set up a giving tree in town hall and the children's organ transplant association is taking donations to help with medical gils.
3:59 am
>> she has a tube in her stomach, her intestine, she had a tube in her nose. i mean she's -- it would be nice to have a day where she's eating food, pain free, and not through a tube. and be happy. >> at the skinner table, chelsea can only have one popcicle. that's all her stomach can take. she's already thinking about the menu of her future diner? >> you don't need to be a millionaire to eat there every night, it's like you feel like a millionaire when you eat there. that gave me chills. >> i was just thinking there that i was complaining to myself about having to work at christmas day, not being home to eat with my family but the fact that i will be able to chew and swallow and enjoy a meal at all is a blessing.
4:00 am
>> something that most of us take for granted, you know. >> if you got to work on christmas or you won't be with your family, you will have a meal and taste it and enjoy it. be grateful for that. >> absolutely. >> we have much more ahead on the next hour of "your new day" which starts right now. good morning, everyone, we appreciate you being here with us on this sunday morning. i'm pamela brown. >> i'm victor blackwell. it's 7:00 on the east coast and 4:00 out west. this is "new day sunday." p we want to begin with the winter weather making its way across the country. >> in wichita kansas, an ice storm morphed into a blizzard that dumped heavy, wet snow that made roads impassable. look at this. it froze drivers right there in their tracks. it's a scene being repeated all over the map, with the busy
4:01 am
holiday travel and cnn is all over the story with the radar center. and kansas city, missouri where we find nick valencia this morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're waking up to the snow falling overnight in kansas city. that's creating a mess for the roadways out here. that's really the case for much of the midwest. >> the first day of winter brought a massive storm, packing snow, ice, rain and floods. officials in mississippi say two people were killed and several others injured after a line of storms move through the state. in arkansas, a possible tornado destroyed buildings and hurt three people. this home was demolished but everyone survived. >> what's left of the house? >> practically nothing. no clothes. the christmas gifts were demolished. everything is gone.
4:02 am
>> and blew the windows out of the van, too. >> totalled the van. totalled the van. it's a mess. >> reporter: and parts of the midwest, heavy rains caused flooding in the entire river valley leaving cars, streets and backyards under water. on sunday, snow, ice, and freezing rain, will be the focus. >> i just got home. i figured throw salt down, beat the ice. >> more than 94 million americans traveling for the holidays, treacherous road conditions from oklahoma, kansas and missouri, where at least one person has died. driving has been made difficult and more ice and freezing temperatures sunday morning will make it dangerous. but this weather system is getting even stranger. temperatures will feel like spring for much of the east. in new york, bikers, joggers and baby strollers were out in full force to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. >> i love it. it feels like it's may in december. it's like 60 degrees right now. it's beautiful.
4:03 am
>> reporter: back here in kansas city, it give knitly feels like winter. there are not too many people on the roadways like rite now. that's expected to change. the kansas city chiefs pride of the snee. they're playing a game later today. expact traffic in kansas city. nick valencia, trying to stay warm in kansas city. >> we appreciate it. >> he's bundled up. thanks so much. americans all over are gearing up for christmas trips. this weather really reeking havoc on travelers. george, good morning to you, are you seeing any delays, cancellations there? >> reporter: pamela, so far, so good. a very different scene than what we saw with nick in kansas city. no snow on the ground here in chicago, yet. and "yet" is the operative word as weather conditions will change throughout the day. guys, this could time out just right through travelers at least
4:04 am
through this airport, again one of the world's busiest airports. so far the weather is cooperating. keep in mind also a lot of travelers are getting on the roads. getting to the airports early. you see the lines building at chicago o'hare. right now look at the boards, no delay, that's great news at this airplane. look at other airports around the country. keep in mind the weather through chicago is chaining. we can expect delays from 1 to 2 hours through chicago. through washington, d.c., through new york, throughout the day as this storm system continues to pass through. the good news right now, again, pamela, if you're a traveler here in chicago, if you're coming through this airport, better to do it now, rather than later. right now we're flirting on the freezing mark, around 32, 33. that temperature expected to drop. we'll see snow as the day go on. >> all right. good advice there, george howell, thank you so much. people, as we mentioned,
4:05 am
gearing up for the holidays. it's really incredible what we're seeing across the country, tornado, blizzards, warm temperatures in atlanta? >> really warm in the northeast. jennifer grey has more on how the crazy weather could affect some. severe for some and beautiful for others. >> it's been a melting pot for all different types of weather. we've had ice, flooding, rain, snow. but we're still dealing with showers. however the tornado threat has gone down. it doesn't look like we're going see as many severe storms but we could see a couple of thunderstorms. we are dealing with the snow right outside of chicago. we'll zoom down on some areas. you can see around milwaukee, grand rapids. seeing some snow all over the great lakes region. as we head into upstate new york, northern vermont, new hampshire, northern maine. we're going to see quite a bit of snow and freezing rain. we've seen an accumulation of an
4:06 am
inch, inch and a half of ice across some of these areas. for the south, it's going to be the rain. you can see it's pushing towards atlanta right now. this is basically going to set up shop for today and into tonight and it should be pushing out by tomorrow. we could see rainfall amounts anywhere from 3 to 5 inches, right around the atlanta area, through charlotte. could see anywhere from 2 to 4 and that will be around d.c. as well a little later today. you asked about the very warm temperatures. it has been warm across the east. boston, you'll be at 56 today. just wait until christmas eve, your high temperature will be 33. new york city the same. you have one more day of this warm weather. 66 today, but then by tuesday, your high temperature will be at 38. so the weather will be changing once this system pushes through. this is monday morning around 2:00 in the morning and the rain will finally start to taper off. push off the east coast by then. we should be in the all clear by
4:07 am
monday. looking at travel delays, this is for today. could see one to two hour delays in chicago due to the snow in d.c. we could see showers, thunderstorms, even gusty winds. could slow you down up to two hours. new york city, we could see the same deal. thunderstorms forecasted later today. you could see slowed down one to two hours. just be patient today. it does improve tomorrow and then we'll get better and better by christmas eve and christmas day, guys. >> thanks. how long is the break from this snow and ice, how long does that last for them? >> looks like we could see another winter blast, looking ahead as early as maybe the new year. we'll see a possible another storm system roll through new year's eve time frame, around there, give or take a day or so. so, temperatures do get back to the 30s, though, guy buy christmas eve. looks like as far as the break in the weather with snow and ice and all of that, we have about a week to breathe, hopefully. >> just in time to freeze in
4:08 am
times square. >> exactly. checking our focus, more grief in the denver area. 17-year-old claire davis has died. 8 days after she was shot in the head by a classmate in arapaho high school. >> investigators said she didn't know kyle pearson. davis has been in a coma since that shooting. still to come on "new day." you heard the uproar. backlash that led to the suspension of phil robertson "duck dynasty" star. >> but could this controversy benefit the a&e network? we'll dive into that right after this. a subaru...
4:09 am
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4:10 am
it's very real... david rivera. rivera, david. [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq. that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. wout of landfills each year? plastic waste to cover mt. rainier by using one less trash bag each month, we can. and glad forceflex bags stretch until they're full.* so you can take them out less often. well, be careful what you tweet. that's the lesson a pr executive is lettering this week. she's learning that the hard way after she post aid tweet that
4:11 am
ignited a firestorm on social media. here's what she said on friday. she said going to africa, hope i don't get aids. just kidding, i'm white. >> this morning justine sack cois out of a job. they've parted ways with sacco. let's bring in brian. it has she spoken out since this tweet? >> she hasn't. i think a lost people would like to hear from her and hear her side of whatever story she has. we've been texting her. i tried calling her cell phone. no answer. she is in south africa for a vacation. maybe she decided to lay low, not apologize, or say anything. but not now. we haven't heard anything yet. >> read her tweet. here's a pr executive for a media conglomerate.
4:12 am
. if anybody should know better she should. >> then you wonder, was her account hacked or what is going on? seems like she tweeted offensive things in the past. is that right, brian? >> that's right. first of all, i didn't know she was on twitter. i worked with justine for years. i would call her when i had questions for years. her tweets did not sound like the justine i knew. her twitter account had a clear tone to it. i don't think there's anything as offensive what she posted friday about africa. but there were incensensitive ps in the past. seems nobody ever in theed them until friday. everything on the internet is public. sometimes you don't mow which message, which moment, is actually going to blow up. >> that's probably why she was emboldened to tweet back. >> also i wondered if what she was tweeting wasn't on its face of what it said.
4:13 am
if she was trying to make a point, because she is white, she's afforded health care in america. maybe that's what she was trying to tweet. i don't know. but i can't imagine a professional in public relations would think that makes sense. >> the form of the story, brian, is that you can't joke or make those types of points. >> that's true. >> there's other ways to make that point if that's what she was trying to say, right? >> and doing it, on an intercontinental flight is the wrong time. she was defenseless. even if she had the best of intentions for that post she couldn't explain it for 12 hours. i was glad when iac had her part. when they said they were parting ways with her. they said they know her to be a decent person at core and people don't go through a wholesale condemnation of her. none of us should be judged based on our worst twitter post. >> 12 words. it's a 12-word tweet. >> it may have ended her career. >> let's go to another tweet. we don't want to just pick on
4:14 am
sacco. steve martin is in hot water after he stopped a twitter follower that asked, is this how you spell ed lasonia? >> it depends. are you in an african-american restaurant or an italian restaurant, or neighborhood, there it is. african-american neighborhood or italian restaurant. it's on your screen. later he apologized and twedele the tweet. >> not smart. >> to his credit, he quickly apologized. that's something sacco didn't do. at least steve martin got ahead of it. there are different standards for people. if you're a comedian you'll get away with more, for better or worse than if you're a pr executive. >> it shows the danger of impulsively tweeting.
4:15 am
you should always think twice before sending it out. >> let's go to another topic that's been a talker. everyone is talking about. the duck dynasty star, fill robertson has been suspended after he made inappropriate comments calling homosexuality illogical and sinful and said black people were happy before the civil rights movement. do you think suspending robertson was a good move? do you the show will survive? >> i think a&e was in an impossible situation. they had openly gay employees, black employees who were understandably offended by robertson's comments. but a&e also knew that by suspending him there would be an outcry by other people. fans of phil robertson didn't say anything wrong. i think they were caught in impossible position.
4:16 am
unreliable sources will get into that today and figure out if there's anything differently they could have done. >> you see this played out in other circumstances with paula deen and others. >> companies are sometimes very eager to get ahead of these stories. to go back to justine sacco for a moment. that's why they put out a statement before her flight even landed. a&e was in a similar situation where they wanded to get out ahead of this and suspended phil robertson pretty quickly. after the holidays they'll regroup and try to figure out how to keep the show alive. >> that's interesting. that they had people inside a&e, cutting promos, working for the show who disagree. >> thank you so much for joining us. you can watch eliable sources this morning at 11:00 a.m. eastern. right here on cnn. >> up next on "new day sunday." now president obama's stern warning for south sudan. >> it come as the pentagon work on a plan to get americans
4:17 am
stranded on this u.n. compound out of that nation. ç= waffle bars... fancy robes... seems every hotel has something to love... so join the loyalty program that lets you earn free nights in any of them. plus, for a limited time, members can win a free night every day. only at every weekend worked, every idea sold... ♪ deserve a cadillac, the fastest growing full-line luxury brand in the united states. including the all new 2014 cadillac cts, motor trend's 2014 car of the year. get the best offers of the season on our award winning products. like a 2014 ats and srx. hurry in, offers end january 2nd.
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4:19 am
let's go overseas to central africa. the pentagon is scrambling to get about three dozen americans out of the city of bor in south sudan. the fighting between south sudanese troops and sources
4:20 am
loyal to the president has trapped them inside a u.n. compound. >> four members of the american military are recovering in kenya. they were wounded when their helicopters took ground fire. their mission to rescue the americans in bor aborted. we have alyce in washington and athena jones travel wth president in alisa, we want to h you. the question looms how will the meant gone get these americans out of south sudan. but without any more u.s. troops taking bullets? >> reporter: very difficult. this is what they're assessing. defense secretary hagel and miss advisers are trying to review how to move forward.
4:21 am
now they're not coordinating flights out at this time because it's too dangerous. often in these cases they'll try to organize ground transport but i think they also want to look at the terrain in terms of ground transport and want to wait and see for right now. >> alyce, secretary kerry announced an envoy, president obama announced 45 u.s. troops going over to south sudan. are we expecting those numbers to change, or those -- the envoy to continue to go, knowing that americans are taking fire? >> reporter: well, i think they're going review this situation right now, victor and see whether it's safe for him to go in. these ethnic tensions have been brewing for some time. now they're worried that the country is all out on the bring of civil war. so i think this envoy, donald booth, wants to go in. wants to see if he can organize some talks between the government of president keir and the rebels, run by the former vice president, and the
4:22 am
government says that they're willing to talk. so, i think that's what they want to try to do. because, you know, this young country, this world's youngest country, decades of civil war with the north. they claim independence, he was instrumental in that, and now it's on the bring of civil war once again. i think the u.s. wants to see if they can get everybody to get back from the bring, sit down and talk before this really escalates any further. >> foreign affairs reporter live in washington, thank you, alyce. >> the white house said president obama is being briefed on the situation in south sudan while on vacation in hawaii with his first family and he has a warning for the people and the government there. cnn's athena jones is live in honolulu. athena, how is the president reacting? >> reporter: good morning, victor. we know immediately upon landing here in honolulu late friday night, the president was briefed while still aboard air force one
4:23 am
about the status of those four american service members who were injured in this attempt to evacuate those american citizens from bor. later saturday morning his national court team led by susan rice had a meeting on the situation in south sudan and briefed the president again via conference call. we know he's having continuous briefings. he directed his national security team to continue to work with the united nations to try to evacuate these american citizens. those americans were working, of course, for the u.n. while in south sudan and he had this warning for the leaders of south sudan, it's a very young country, only 2 years old. he said south sudan's leaders must know continued violence will enganger the people of south sudan and hard-earned progress of independence. the president also said it's the responsibility of south sudan's leaders to help the u.s. secure
4:24 am
these american personnel in that country. he's directed his national security team to continue giving him updates. victor? >> it's only 2:20 where you are. but i can imagine, athena that the president will be briefed on the situation later this morning. do you know if he's been in touch with any officials in sudan? >> i don't know if he's been in direct contact with officials in sudan. he's being briefed through the national security team in washington. who are in touch with all of the necessary officials. we know every day he receives his daily presidential briefing. certainly not for several more hours will he get that briefing and we would expect he would be updated again on whatever the latest plans are, or plans to be considered or how to deal with the situation there in south sudan. pam, victor? >> athena ajones in honolulu, up at 2:20 a.m. thank you. >> coming up with a few days left to live, a community in pennsylvania, helps a girl's
4:25 am
wish come true. >> up next we'll show you what they did to help her check off an important item on her bucket list. first let's check in with dr. sanjay gupta. hey, sanjay. >> pamela, ahead, we have all of your medical news, plus pastor joel osteen who will join us about the power of prayer this holiday season and the top five thins you should do this week to make your holiday meals healthier. celebrity chest richard blais will show us. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult.
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4:28 am
this is the pursuit of perfection. good morning. this is new york city. wet, a little rainy. >> dreary. >> they got great temperatures. as you head back to new york today for your flight, envoy that. >> and you're talking about me, victor. >> yes. >> yes. >> all right, everyone. good morning, thanks so much for being here with us. ♪ >> i love that music. it gets you in the spirit. >> it's perfect for this segment. this is the good stuff. the part of the show where we feature stories with some good news. first up, a really heart-warming story out of pennsylvania. a community there helps make a dying girl aes wish come true. >> last night nearly 10,000 people showed up to sing
4:29 am
christmas carols in support of laney brown. she was diagnosed with leukemia seven months ago. she said she always wanted to carol. doctors said brown had just days left to live. >> i can't even express how i feel. >> this is god's way of saying, okay, listen. i need you to go over and see my little angel and give her off that singing that she deserves. >> and to top it off the outpouring of support came one day of aher 8th birthday. >> a postal worker became one dad's hero when he helped rescue two baby boys from a burning building. the postal worker was leaving for the bronx when he smelled smoke. he shouted for everyone to get out. >> one man was trapped on the top floor with 11-month-old twins. the postal worker got in position and caught the boys as the father dropped them to safety. the dad got out as well we're told and he said they're so
4:30 am
grateful. fire crews said it was an electrical fire. >> understandable why it's so great. you don't have to do something valiant or courageous as that. you can did do a little thing every day. we'll see you at the top of the hour. but first, sanjay gupta sits down with joel osteen to discuss the power of prayer on sanjay gupta md which starts right now. >> thank you for joining me. coming from d.c., later in the program, richard blais. and celebrity chef. and first, just in time for christmas, i'm delighted, i finally found time on our schedule to sit down in person with pastor joel osteen. >> pleasure to have you on the program. >> my pleasure. >> happy holidays. >> same you to. >> i've been fascina


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