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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  June 14, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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have to say. >> i don't hate it i think it's a lousy environment for banks. i don't like the energy stocks i hate biden's trip to saudi i don't think it fixes what they think it's going to fix. i'd be a seller of the xle >> all right, guys, thanks for my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer! welcome to "mad money. i'm just trying to save you some money. my job is not just to educate but to entertain, teach, put in context. call me or tweet me. on the eve of the biggest federal reserve meeting in ages,
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i come to praise jay, not bury him. i know this market is awful. i know he won't be able to thread the needle perfectly, but i do have faith in his decisions. the second decision at this point is pointless and at times demeaning. today the dow 152 points thank you for jog. nasdaq inched up 0.18% go figure. i want to say our latest battle of inflation isn't the fed's fault. we had two big rounds of inflation. the first round of the fed's inaction to much bond buying. these were mistakes on powell for certain. and they have heard us but the second is all about geopolitics. let's start with oil and gas prices is jay powell responsible for the prices at the pump
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did jay powell invade ukraine? there is tremendous oil authority. this is hitting every country in the western world and there is not much the fed can do about it, but we still blame jay americans can pump more aggressively the technology exists for us to pump two billion barrels a day which could send the prices down but the oil companies need more pipeline capacity. they need support additional infrastructure otherwise they can't get enough product to market to make it worthwhile i thought there was a chance we could see a deal wheen the white house. his base hate it is oil industry when i thought things might be closer, the president decided to trash exxon. quote, the reason they're not drilling is they're buying back their own stock which should be taxed, quite frankly, buying back their own stock and making no investments so i always thought the
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republicans are for investment pay your taxes, thanks for example, exxon has expanded its drilling budget dramatically sure they buy back stock they always buy back stock but they boosted their capitol budget by 45%. it is up from pre-pandemic levels it was a big exxon special pointed out they pay all their taxes. if you want cheaper gas prices, he needs the oil company's help. the real bottleneck here is, guess what, it's exxon the only company building into the fire in this country. mal imagine how exxon feels. what does biden do he'd rather make a deal with the murderous government of saudi
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ar arabia powell can't solve the war in ukraine and he can't get more oil in ukraine and the same goes for the other base of inflation. food farmers can't keep up with demand on top of that, the weather is not playing ball there is a global food price and of course it is going to scream higher when you take out all that capacity. in the meantime, we don't have enough staff in our slaughter houses thanks to covid poor times all around. yes, there will be massive famines in africa because of ukraine. i hope you pay attention getting the food to the stores next that requires trucking and an amazing number of truckers are retired. it could not be predicted. we don't have enough younger truckdrivers to take the place because younger people have been told it will be autonomous driving so why go into it.
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what's fascinating, though, is the ceo of coca-cola told me yesterday when they introduced the new jack and coke cans aluminum sheeting is finally coming down in price and add capacity which he thinks will bring costs down first guy i have heard on air saying costs will come down. the lack of new capacity and everything has kept prices higher than it should be even the fed on the supplier side of the equation wouldn't be any better next is everything that goes into the home. the velocity of the work from home scenario was pretty shocking totally unforeseen nobody else did. given most of the companies we deal with in our day-to-day life didn't think we'd get a covid vaccine so quickly, they cut back on their plans for 2021 and 2022 they haven't caught up most of the demand came from china. we tried to rely on our supply chain but the ports in southern california are run by the
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unions, notoriously tough and the whole situation is a mess. it is not his fault we use that inventory and keep few parts on the shelves waiting to be used, so we didn't have them when we needed them. when it looked like we had a fix, a new version of covid took off. we didn't know if it would be more or less deadly. powell chose to wait and see in retro spect, wrong. the chinese, look at what they have done. they went into a complete lockdown how can jay take that possibility off the table for the u.s. because the chinese did it china is a major supplier of our semiconductor, especially short chips. cars and trucks have been hurt the most because there are so many electronic parts in them. it forces up the price of used cars, another key inflation component. all sorts of appliances need
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these as well. they can't produce as much as consumers want and that causes prices to go up further. in retro specific the fed provided way more liquidity than it needed to it should have stopped buying bonds a year ago it should have been buying bonds. when powell saw what was happening it might have occurred to him if he could just slow everything own, we mightbe able to get through this without a hard line for the economy. after all, we have way too many job openings and not enough people to fill them. with the great application era will soon be upon us beyond selling trains and bonds, we got to stop blaming powell for all things inflation there were circumstances beyond his control in the second wave affecting every country on earth. now he has to hit us with monster rate hikes to cool things down while selling at least i hope $2 billion in bonds a month, twice the current
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schedule the bottom line, it is a tough call but powell needs to tighten aggressively if only just to say we mean business, whatever business that might be jeff in california, jeff >> caller: hey, jimmy chill. we love you here in downtown l.a. thanks for your hard work. >> man, you're terrific. thank you. i used to love downtown l.a. what's happening >> caller: yeah. the stock i'm calling about is roku strong rumors have it that roku will actually be bought out by netflix. and if that does happen, obviously we're looking for 20% rise in more roku. also roku is only in about 21 countries. so it seems like there is a lot of room for growth in europe mottly fool says that roku is currently a cash machine and generating a very solid stream of cash flow and its user base is growing by leaps and bounds and it seems like it is a buy, but there is mixed reviews.
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so, jim, two questions two questions. is it currently a buy? and will it be bought out by netflix? >> i don't think it will be bought by netflixand we don't speculate on take-outs here. a cash machine no they are lucky to make money this year. we don't recommend stocks that lose money on "mad money." it is just too hard. let's go to mike in louisiana. mike >> caller: hey, jim. this is mike from shreveport long-time viewer thanks for all you do for us individual investors. >> i appreciate it it's not an easy market, so i really appreciate those words. >> caller: jim, i'm going with one of the three major defense contractors. i'm looking at them all and all three are relatively equal with price of sales, pe, leverage free cash flow, et cetera. as it stands, i'm focussed on lockheed martin. what is your take? >> i think lockheed martin is a terrific stock we need to do something with
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ukraine. they're starting to use the same check-in they're using the play book from putin 1999/2000 now. just wipe out everybody and unfortunately it is working. lockheed martin offers the possibility that we could get them the weapons we need the ceo has been on the show a number of times. that is a very good stock. inexpensive, good cash flow, good dividend. it can be done powell needs to tighten aggressively at this point on mad tonight, this is a tough, horrendous, unforgiving market especially when it comes to stock discovery. i'm screening to see if we can find some high yielding and high growth names like we did in 2008 in 2011 we did it. in 2015 we do it and now we're doing it now if this market you can't afford to make emotional decisions. so i'm turning to tech to see what the future will hold for the s&p 500.
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it's dicey and could semifactor be the bucks the bad news trend i'm talking to the company's top brass and i know you have asked many questions about them. so stay with cramer. don't miss a second of "mad money. fo follow jim cramer. send jim an e-mail to or call us at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something med to you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates
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average since the covid crash in march of 2020, down 20% as we pummelled almost 9%. nasdaq lost 10% of its value i'm telling you, this is a hard market, hard we're worried about inflation and how bad the fed will have to damage the economy we're hearing now it will be a crash landing. however, taking down the good with the bad the s&p that i followed for years and years just came in tonight at negative 7.66 anything lower than minus five means the market is oversold whenever i see areading like this, i know it is time for us to hold our collective noses and do some buying even if it hurts us in short-term performance you have to be selective that means picking up the kinds of defensive stocks that will hold up just fine with the real possibility that the fed man didded the recession we're searching for the baby thrown out of the bath water over the last six months
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in particular, we want cheap names with healthy growth. like i have been saying for months, if you want your portfolio to survive this market, you need to circle the wagons around dones that make real things, turn a profit, turn those profits to shareholders. look, i know that's a long list. but i don't know what else to do it is a picky market we don't want to lose a lot of money while we're waiting for better times whichwhen we are this oversold could happen any single day now with that in mind, we have three criteria: first the average stock currently trades at 16.5 times earnings that's an important number so in terms of valuation, what we are looking for are stocks thatare cheaper than the average stock, 16.5 less than earnings as for the s&p components that don't have earnings, forget about it we're not talking about those
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anymore. just shut those down second, we want growth it doesn't have to be huge, but it has to be positive. why? in a bear market like this one and we are in a bear market, there are a lot of stocks that are cheap for good reasons their earnings are declining we call those value traps. we only want companies that are expected to grow earnings this year and next year third, you need protection from a high dividend yield. a big dividend is your next friend but companies that pay you literal cash to own their stocks are another story. that's money in your pocket and it offers real downside protection the ten-year treasury yields roughly 3.3% we only want stocks that yield 3.5% or higher we saw today anything less than that is being taken out and shot, too. that's how fast rates have risen. pe pepsico, great company did nothing wrong. do you know how many stocks
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there are that fit our criteria in the s&p 500 just 23. 23 that pass all three tests that's a tough, tough market some of these are better than others let me give you the rundown on my ten favorites of the 23 the first one is you might guess if you remember of the travel investing club man. we're really scraping the bottom of the barrel when we're looking at these devon energy i talk about devon all the time. it is probably no surprise, but it is one of the highest yielders in the s&p. based on their payout last quarter, a 7.2% yield. although in reality it might be higher now throw in the fact they expanded their buyback to $2 billion and you can see why i still love this one most importantly, it is pulled back from its last week's highs. i think it is a gift for you
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put on an analysis of a recent acquisition just last week devon works for us second is another energy one of a really good pipeline company a lot of natural gas liquids exposure ngls to the rocky mountains. we don't have enough pipeline in this country, but this one has a 6.2% yield i know the people that run the company. it is a very solid company that's an interesting stock. third is verizon okay not run that perfectly right now. but the old joke is you buy it when it gets to $50 and sell it when it gets to $60. now it's at $49. yield is 5.2%. even better, it is exactly the kind of enterprise that should do fun with a mandated slowdown and of course these companies have been raising rates as of late this is such a good -- hunting ton bank
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the ohio based regional bank trying to take over the midwest. i tried to recommend this before no one is listening. as the fed raises interest rates they get more profitable because they can take your deposits and earn a higher rate on them but the banks have their stock going down as we go into recession. these guys have a 5.1% yield when we had them on, they're incredibly solid vici is a real estate investment trust that owns gaming, hospitality, investment properties you might think it is crazy to buy this kind of stock when we're worried about a recession, but we're also living through the great reopening. it's got a juicy 5.1% yield. we had them on double fantastic more controversial
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coleman, sharpy and others newell has been strong 5% yield i think it could be ready to bottom i was looking at best buy, too right around 5%. everything in consumer i just hate setting aside ibm and other stock that's hated, any tech in infrastructure business, i turned around last quarter it's good. even if you break up the dividend, which is how the stock yields 5% here and it is really despised it's incredible. they're better than they used to be eighth is cisco systems. that was due to the lockdowns in china. when the lockdowns end, the supply chain problems could continue more important, borders are delayed, not canceled. 3.5% yield again, it's been an underperformer for the trust
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but we do want to own this one long term. we do not run a hedge fund number nine, advanced auto parts. we still gota car startage, meaning people need to spend more parts used cars are too expensive so they keep trying to repair the old ones they have a cheaper stock 3.5% yield to boot. plus, they just raised the earnings forecast. stocks came down, so you are getting that forecast for free finally another one, fast growing utility, nrg utility been a good year for the utilities. nrg is doing well. the whole market has rolled over i think you are getting good opportunity to buy something consistent with a 3.5% yield so the bottom line here -- in every bear market we have done these screens and they don't always work. they don't work the day we put them out but i look back over the 18 years we have done this show,
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and i can tell you that these have been so valued by our viewers, but they don't go up tomorrow bottom line, when the market comes down so far so fast, you can find genuinely good buying opportunities, but only if you are very, very selective in what you pick, like these ten names that will not only go up tomorrow but you will say, wow, i had a chance to buy them that cheap. i should have taken them. it might feel like the dog days of summer have gone year-round, but a key indicator could spell out the near future for the s&p. more next. okay. ahhh!
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emotional decisions like that, especially when that emotion is panic. i'm always urging you to take your feelings out of the equation focus on more quantitative measures that's why we're going off the charts with a brilliant technician she's the co-founder of carley trading. now, lately we have been bombarded with bad economic news but garner wants you to remember that markets are forward looking, not backwards looking the averages don't reflect the present. they don't reflect what we're seeing in the future march of 2020, every industrialized country was shut down most of the workforce was stuck sitting on their couches watching news of the pandemic in horror after the market crashed hard, that didn't stop us from bottoming in late march as investored started looking toward the future. they didn't want to admit stocks
6:28 pm
had seen new lows. it took a few months for the big guys to recognize that the market was over. they couldn't fathom that stocks would go higher when the economy was on life-support. they come on tv and tell us to endlessly sell stocks. we have seen what happens. they get slaughtered but garner says the same thing could happen to complacent bearers. take a look at the june futures contract in start term in this market, in particular, is as emotional as it can get. forget lithium this market needs more garner thinks the s&p 500 is headed for a critical turning point, one that could set the tone for months. in order to happen what happened in early may, the s&p dipped, only to rebound back above that trading range by the end of the month. see that nice yeah it proved afemoral
6:29 pm
the s&p wasn't able to hold on above its key floor of 4,030 add to that breakdown last week, the bears took control and we went back down in a straight line then yesterday, the s&p futures broke down below 3800. which triggered a bunch of stop loss orders and plunged down to the mid-3700 we have dipped into 3700 to 3750 with today's sell-off. but garner is seeing signs they might be unsold. meaning it's coming down too far too fast and could be ready for a bounce that's what i'm thinking she's saying check out the relevant strength index or the rsi right here down at the bottom. this is an important momentum indicator. prices are getting oversold. plus, we started seeing somedy
6:30 pm
v dy ver against the sellers are starting to get exhausted. right there is probably the most positive thing i have seen in this entire page if the s&p can make a miraculous recovery above 4,030, that would be mirmiraculous, then garner ss we could chalk this whole decline into a bear trap, something that will send the s&p soaring around 4400. but if we don't get that miraculous rebound, if we fail to break out, then the bear rate supreme and she wouldn't be surprised if it gets around 3550, which would be pretty horrible she thinks theheavier it will get. that's pretty much the conventional wisdom now. but the conventional wisdom has been winning look at the monthly chart. the 4,000 area is critical
6:31 pm
because it represents the big break-out in 2020. you can see what's going on. the current decline takes us back towards 3550. that's the old resistance that's now become a floor of support right there. if the s&p can't break out above 4000 again or stuck below 3750 where it is now, the possibility, the probability of a decline to 3550 becomes extremely high, and that is her bear case. this is what we would have to expect that's not that bad, by the way. but, and this is a very big butt, if we get a decline in the 3500s, she thinks it could be a buying opportunity she could be wrong recently put out a bear case projection of 2900 garner doesn't think it will get that bad, so she's looking for a chance to buy. which wouldn't be so wrong provided that it bounces back. well, why is she not all that negative because she's lived through
6:32 pm
these fed tightening cycles before the market managed to go higher after we have gotten used to the fed rate hikes it happened in 2005 and 2006 on top of that, take a look at the s&p 500 going back to 1990 we recently learned that michigan consumer sentiment index mcs, fell below 60 for the first time since the financial crisis but garner thinks that's a good sign for the stock market. it often means that the worst is already behind us, at least for wall street. going back to the '90s, those moments came when the s&p 500 had already gone through the bulk of its decline. that same history says it could take weeks or months to rebound. but these hideous numbers suggest the s&p is already reaching the tail end of its pull back. so you can see with this we just have a really record breaking number right here, and you can see where we had bad ones before, they were often the
6:33 pm
beginning, the signal, that it was time to buy. she thinks we could go either way. there is a nice chance of a rebound. she says more likely some stabilization right around here or break down to 3550, which i don't think that's that bad. at that point she would want you to be a buyer, not a seller. some of the sidelines will come back in the market this is a bullish scenario, people, versus the one i think a lot of people expect, which is this isn't that what most people expect the charts suggest this week could be a key moment to ask if we could get a big update, that would turn things around. but without it, one last leg down to 3550 at that point she's recommending turning more positive because even the bears can get too complacent so two positive scenarios out of garner even though i think a lot of people think this is headed to
6:34 pm
3500 d gary in california. >> caller: good evening, jim i'm calling you because i'm calmed down. my two stocks in my portfolio, i'm hoping you will add some clarity. you will like the stocks they gush money. the first is pfizer. and the second is kinder mortgage we have seen money flowing into pfizer but in kinder morgan, we have seen their primary product, their natural gas, go from $2 and change, looking back maybe a year, year and a half, to now trading at least at $8, up to $9 and this is a quadrupling of their cash flow. >> right, right. well -- >> caller: in my investment experience, i have always considered cash flow some kind of an indicator for share price and what it should be.
6:35 pm
in this instance, both of these companies will end up pipelining through in general they're saying, you know, it's kind of funny, they're moving their money with wheel barrels. >> gary, nicer is an expensive drug stock and kinder morgan, i like both groups you were absolutely right. i like kinder morgan more. i think that's a terrific stock here because we are indeed running out of pipeline space for all the oil we have found, and we need help from anybody including kmi. all right. the chart suggests it could be a key move for the s&p an update might turn things around one last leg down to 3550, and that's where you buy both are bullish scenarios watchmore "mad money." i'm going to learn more about the tech line of the future with the company's ceo. today, remaining shares of
6:36 pm
continental resources sent the stock flying what does this deal mean for you and the oil bull market? i will give you my take. and then the lightening round. so stay with cramer. how do we show strength and stability? (eagle call) a mountain? a tree weathering a storm? (thunder) lions? nope. (lion rumbles) we do it with our people.
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as i say every night, this is a hideous market, but few groups are more hated that stocks that are the start-ups that became public by mernling with special acquisition companies. just yesterday we got the first bankruptcy declaration that won't be the last but some of these names are legitimate even if their stocks might be too risky in the current
6:40 pm
environment. take chips and software for the auto industry. think radar, autonomous driving, advanced systems this stuff has gone from $16 last november to $6 and change today because wall street has no patience for fast growing companies that aren't turning a profit better than expected quarter that's lont and a triple digit growth rate. while this is out of style, it is a real enterprise let's find out more about it let's take a look with the co-founder and ceo welcome back to "mad money." good to see you, sir. >> good to see you. >> have a seat have a seat. >> thanks for having me. >> you're in connectively and ev we know this is a very exciting space. other than tesla, no one seems to be making a lot of money in it how can you make money in disruptive auto trends now
6:41 pm
>> well, we are fairly spread in the market as you mentioned, we're in the user experience space. and we're beginning to enter into the ev vehicle space, so we're very much a what's for lunch company. we're really focussed on products and projects that can bring us money to date we're not talking about things that are coming in ten years time or sort of autonomous driving which will come to the market. >> right. >> we're really looking at things that will give us revenue within a foreseeable amount of time. >> let's talk about the acquisitions, what they have done and what they have meant for you. is it working out? >> yeah. i mean, we made three acquisitions two in radar space we did two car bouts one semiconductor. >> okay. >> and then one from adi we are their software and systems team probably sub scale inside their own businesses but that combined with the business we had been building ourselves and the technology we
6:42 pm
were building internally allowed us to put the three together and we attached to one of the biggest design wins in the business as a result of that. >> tell me more about the design win because iwant people to understand we're all trying to figure out how the stock went duop so it's just that it's good stuff, we want to know about it. >> well, for sure. i mean, as i said, we're very much focussed on real business. >> right. >> so anything that we talk about publically we expect to be really in the find of fat part of the market where they're predictable, they're going into regular vehicles, which you and i can buy today or within a few years. so really that's the main focus. >> you mention your q & a that apple car play that you are involved with that how are you involved with apple car play >> apple car play has been a long story for us. we started shipping in 2015.
6:43 pm
we delayed that product. it's a large piece of business for us we ship millions of parts every year it's a running, solid business and sort of high profile area of the user experience market. >> so let's deal with the numbers. on "mad money" we don't recommend stocks that -- you have to make things do stuff, be profitable, return money to shareholders and be reasonably valued that's why it is so hard for me to get behind indie because you are supposed to lose money in 2023 is there any way you can make money? >> we'll cross over that barrier in 2023. we won't be profitable for the whole year but we will be profitable at the end of the year we're committed to that. it is the number one focus for me at the ceo of the company we're growing between 16 to 20% quarter to quarter, so we're marching towards that. >> will you have enough money or do you need to fund-raise before you get to profitability i know you have almost a couple
6:44 pm
hundred in the bank. >> no, we're good. we have $100 million cushion on that we have no need for operational reasons to go to the market to look for funding that's what we're laser focussed on right now we're building a business. somehow we have to break out of the spak mold, which we can do i think we're doing it but we're getting overlooked. >> i was confused when you say it took two years to do ipos i have done ipos and it never takes two years. so i was trying to figure out it would have been just be better to do an ipo no one has ever said they wished they did an ipo. so you can be in that company or you can say, yeah, i wish we had done it. then we could go further. >> there is a great deal of irony in there. >> yeah. >> the rule of thumb in a semiconductor company is you get $200 million running and then you can go that's where we will be in this
6:45 pm
quarter. so we would be filing now. in this market, we would be stuck on the landing strip waiting to take off. >> well, yes and no. how far away are we on autonomous driving >> i mean, autonomous driving will slide slowly into existence. there is not going to be a big bang point in it. >> you raise good points at the beginning of your call talking about the number of fatalities word wide that would be prevented. but it does seem like from a public relations nightmare if one person has an accident it is like a thousand accidents. >> that's true they do get unfairly punished for it nobody talks about the thousands of lives they save. >> how do we change that narrative? >> over time as people get used to it and frankly as there are more autonomous cars interacting with autonomous cars over time that will become true. >> that's true you got a number of calls from the lightening round about your company. look, as i said, it is just in
6:46 pm
many ways this market is horrendous. >> yeah. >> and it's very punishing could be punishing -- it was starting punishing toward companies losing money now it is punishing toward the pepsicos of the world. you have great names, great logos, an interesting product line what more can you ask for? >> that's my point of view we're executing to pretty much flawlessly as we said. and as long as i keep keeping my word then the investors have nothing to worry about. >> very good okay co-founder and ceo of indie. you have asked many times on lightening round now you have heard it. $6 we're back after the break. >> let's make money together what do we got >> cramer is bringing the thunder and answering your burning questions in today's edition of "the lightening round. next, tracking the markets and the economy before the fed's big decision plus, catastrophic flooding in
6:47 pm
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lightening round is sponsored by td ameritrade ♪ >> it is time for our lightening round. play the sound and then the lightening round is over are you ready? mark in iowa mark >> caller: good evening, jim i hope you're doing well today. >> thank you >> caller: joyce and i are both club members, and we appreciate all the work you and jeff do providing marketing. >> thank you. >> caller: the company i'm calling about today is $2.7 billion. however, its recent breakup sounded like a good idea has led to a stock drop into the 20s to about $7 and change. >> mark, it's been a disaster.
6:51 pm
i have tried i talked to joe multiple times i cannot believe this has worked out as bad as it has it is one of the worst picks i have had we brought public this at a bad price. it has to come back on the shelf. it's got to come back on the shelf. let's go to steven in california steven >> caller: boo-yah, jim! you're awesome >> thank you thank you very much. >> caller: yeah. up 114 the price has just 30% from the peak short-term and long-term deals thank you! >> i thought equinix would be a big stock but big with a building with plumbing in it is not doing it for people. we have to stay away from now. we have to
6:52 pm
we have to okay the market frank? >> caller: keep up the good work. >> thank you what's up? >> caller: you're welcome. the company is mls i have stock at a loss do i lick my wounds and walk away or take another shot at it? >> this is a true bear market situation. the price is $3. people think the pricing is going to collapse. there is absolutely no nine that it is going to collapse. but that means you are in a classic tug of war here battle, which i find way too hard to win. i cannot recommend buy or sell because it is at a level that is just right at the precipice of either going back up or going down big i have to stay away even though it's very lucrative. go to jared. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. >> thank you thank you. it's a tough time right now. we're doing our best
6:53 pm
thank you for recognizing that appreciate it. what's up? >> caller: on what the gentleman farmer thinks about farmland partners fdi >> i like it it fits the zeitgeist. it's profitable. it is just very, very expensive. it has a high pe let's go to john in new york. >> caller: hey, jim, i'm calling you from the banks of the mighty niagara river. i'm looking at a stock that looks like it is going off the falls but it is a play on the travel industry, and it's saver corporation. fabr what is your thoughts? >> well, you know, it is an interesting israeli company. but once again i find myself loathed to recommend something that is not making money and i know that it is just such a bummer that i'm so cut and dry, but i've got to be cut and dry in this bear market. i just have to
6:54 pm
and that's the way i feel about it that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightening round. the lightening round is sponsored by td ameritrade coming up, the markets handing out a lot of lemons, but cramer might have found something sweet. stick around and find a bull market next. when traders tell us how to make thinkorswim® even better, we listen. like jack. he wanted a streamlined version he could access anywhere, no download necessary. and kim. she wanted to execute a pre-set trade strategy in seconds. so we gave 'em thinkorswim® web. because platforms this innovative aren't just made for traders -they're made by them. thinkorswim® by td ameritrade
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coming up, tracking the markets and the economy before the feds big decision. plus, catastrophic flooding in yellowstone. a live report on the news minutes away the facts.
6:57 pm
the truth. the news with shepard smith next on cnbc. with the market this horrendous, it is easy to look anything but positive. but believe it or not, there are real positives out there take this morning's news about how the founder of continental resources wants to take it private at $70 a share i'm sure he's serious. sometimes he could be wrong. he was too bullish on oil prices in 2014. but there are many other moments when he picked the right time and place to explore he's one of the guys who has pioneered the fracking business, which is how he became a billionaire. so if he wants to take it private here, he can the stock is trading well above the big price. being there are likely other buyers for continental properties this must be sun sign of the
6:58 pm
top. but i beg to differ. we're releasing a million bottles a day. we can't do that forever second, we know that russia isn't sending all its oil to europe so we have to get it somewhere else even if the russians can win in ukraine, the sanctions won't go away when they go back to normal, the demand for oil will go way up. opex seems to have a problem boosting production. how much continental's cash flow which is gigantic, he doesn't want to share with others. he doesn't have to same goes for the travel trust i mentioned earlier. i metric when he was the head of operations of resource and development in continental related assets of rim rock oil and gas. because of the monstrous cash flow, it will be added to movements. yesterday it came up
6:59 pm
the oil rallied. today natural gas tumbled 15%. i heard the same thing. i disagree oil stocks make up less than 10%. not that long until they fell 2% oil's waiting has since doubles. given these companies are paying outrageous dividends, i think they deserve higher valuations this market only likes companies that make stuff and do things in a profit even then only if their stocks sell a reasonable valuation. no one fits that profile better. they can go straight up and then pull back, but when they come down, you got to buy one previously i was worried that president biden might strike a deal but biden's recent comments at exxon showing he's not trying to be diplomatic there. without that, there is no reason for the oil companies to cut into the profitability by raising production as long as they give you that
7:00 pm
cash flow, as long as smart guys want to take their own companies private, i think oil remains in bull market mode and the oil stock makes for great buys on my kind of pullback i like to say there is a bull market anywhere. i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow the can the federal reserve fix that this is the news on cnbc >> call back to congress, they're doing everything they can to stop my plans to bring down and cause ordinary families. steve liesman on the big interest rate decision ahead as the dow and s&p drop again. historic rain in yellowstone national park. roads turned to rivers entrance gates locked shut we're live on the damage and the


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