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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  January 24, 2022 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it is 5:00 a.m. in new york. here is the top five at 5:00 stocks trying for a monday melt up after wall street's worst week after the pandemic began. new warnings from the state department on russian activity on the ukraine border. call it a triple play. three investors call for big changes at unilever and kohl's and one bikemaker.
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crypto crush the technicals are not promising. call this the anti-arkk. it is all happening on monday, january 24th this is "worldwide exchange. good morning, good afternoon, good evening. welcome from wherever in the world you may be watching. i'm brian sullivan there a lot going on let's jump in and get to it. we are coming off the worst week for the american stock market since the pandemic began the dow dropping 4.5%. believe it or not, that was the best performing major index last week nasdaq well 7.5% for the worst weekly drop since march of 2020. same for the s&p 500 in the 6%
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drop that was the past. let's look ahead futures are holding up i'm not going it say soaring they are not up .20%. dow up 70 points they are in the green nonetheless. all of you investors out there are dealing with really a triple play of tough headlines. first and foremost, the threat of russia invading ukraine that is looming large. number two the big move in bonds to kickoff the year that is slamming technology stock valuations three, slowing earnings growth and inflation. i guess 3.5% is a technical breakdown which i'll talk about in the show. those are three things that have the market concerned the benchmark 10-year note is lower. it has come down off the peak of
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the couple days ago. and the russia threat is a major energy story some suggesting oil could go to $100 a barrel or more if putin decides to go into ukraine oil right now is slightly higher a couple of cents off where it was at its peak last week. nothing is worse than crypto bitcoin down 23% this year ether down 30% smaller coins are worse. all of them are down across the board right now. we talked about russia, ukraine and the world concerned. let's get a look at the trading in the world rosanna has that and more. >> good morning, brian wall of worry this morning we have seen a lot of red. inheriting a mixed lead in asia. the ftse 100, if you can say that, is an out performer.
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down by .75. that is a lot with unilever. i know you are covering that in the show without unilever who knows i want to point out ftse mib it has been down on monday morning. italy is heading into the presidential elections secret balloting starting today. add that to the list of concerns you see the cac down 1.5%. we have not seen much movement beyond that. we are keeping an eye on philips with a 10% slide in the fourth quarter sales. you are seeing it down 4.5%. renault and nissan set to triple investment into electric vehicles that is according to reuters citing sources familiar.
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and orange set to name the first female ceo she would become the first woman to lead a cac listed company back to you, brian >> a little more green than red. rosanna lockwood, thank you. more on the news with the entire world on edge russia with the land war with the invasion of ukraine threatening. we have bertha coombs with more. >> reporter: good morning. a a antony blinken says if forces are invading, it will be met with a response from united states and europe. this comes as the state department orders a do not
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travel an hlert for ukraine ordering members of the embassy staff to leave the country now authorities in china are lifting the lockdown for xian. this comes the following restart of the commercial flights to and from the city over the weekend the xian lockdown had been one of the clearest examples of the china zero tolerance strategy to covid. it has 600 miles west of beijing. and solana is recovering and the weekend instability. they blamed network congestion and surge in demand for the breakdown. solana is asking for the software fix to meet network
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demand it is a tricky thing with the cryptocurrency they all depend on the technology and access. i'm not saying it is not hard to access cash, but that's one of the things that makes me nervous about it >> it is also to be the anti-fed and anti-fiat krcurrency crypto is getting hit as other risk assets. an interesting time for crypto investors. interesting time for the world bertha coombs, thank you. let's get back to the broader markets coming off the worst week since 2020. the nasdaq, of course, suffering the brunt of the selling nasdaq is kicking off the year with the worst start since the financial crisis all the way back in 2008 to find the worst start to the year for tech than right now.
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wow. this week is a heavy week for earnings headlined by some of the biggest of the big apple and microsoft. you also have the fed reserve on tuesday and wednesday. they are likely to signal an interest rate hike soon. of course, the russian threat looming over everything. let's bring in robert teeter robert, good to have you on this monday morning i guess i'll take a bit of a different tact given everything we have talked about -- by the way, i ignored the pandemic with omicron running rampant across much of the united states. maybe you can take the view it is surprising the market isn't down more. >> good morning, brian thank you. it is a challenging time you could make that point. i think there are a couple of corrections going on here. i think there is a correction in the end of pandemic story which
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you you referenced that change in fed policy pulled the rug out from those stories you had a rebalancing story which is to say with the omicron wave which hasn't been as much in the headlines lately because it has been crowded out by other geopolitical news. it will make the economic data challenging. there will be a loss in economic activity from oimicron there will be an increase in inflation. we have a couple of months of probably not great news on the economic front and inflation front. longer term, it is a better picture. you are right. this is a challenging environment here >> okay. let's talk about what we know. the market prices in what we know and what it expects we know the fed is likely to raise rates this year. they told us the fed, while a big deal, should be a known known.
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you have the known unknown of vladimir putin and ukraine what will he do? hopefully, fingers crossed, we are seeing some turn down in the pandemic as bad in the south and west and midwest right now, we look to be rolling over. robert, knowing that, how do you see the few months in risk >> the next few weeks, brian, will be challenging and risky. what you touched on in the end there is the pandemic and how it has been occurring will be positive it will alleviate inflation. that will take pressure off the fed. i think as we get the millions of workers back to work, that will provide strength. i think over the course of several months, we do see a good picture for earnings we do see a good picture for the economy. we are going through a tough transition right now.
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>> quickly as we wrap, what are you advising your clients to do? >> anytime there are tricky transitions, it is important to have balance that is the key. some exposure with the sicyclicl with the industrials and materials is great the real technology companies. companies with real earnings and business models deliver regardless of the environment. that balance is remaining important here. >> robert teeter, i appreciate you getting up for us here it is an important time. thank you. have a great day. >> thank you, brian. >> areyou are very welcome. coming up, why your next guest says the next crypto crush could actually be a good thing. and the biggest threat to the markets and your money and the world. fred kempe is here with the
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latest on russia. and nelson peltz's newest target the billionaire is going big we will tell you who he is targeting next 'rba rhtft ts.
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stock futures are very, very volatile we are seeing futures down a bit right now. could be another tough day the toughest start to the year since the financial crisis. in other news, bitcoin is looking for its footing with the cryptocurrency with the selloff in stocks. bitcoin is back below the 35,000 mark after bouncing, testing and bouncing off 34,000 over the weekend. bitcoin overall lost half the value since the all-time high of 69,000 back on november 10th declines is not limited to bitcoin. check out this chart courtesy of coin geko. the crypto complex has fallen by more than $1 trillion. many of the smaller crypto assets are down 60 or 70%. for more insiinsight, let's chei
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with dominic great to have you back on the program. i'm looking at the charts. i don't know as much as you do the chart, to me, technically, the think the term is ugly what are you seeing? let's start with bitcoin what are you seeing? any support, meaningful support anywhere >> the support has totally broken down over the last few days we had support of 40 k that was minor the last time i was on the show, i talked about the declining trend since the november peak of 69k. we had over sold signals for a while. you remember over sold signals tend to be short-term in nature. we haven't seen that capitulation yet theres were minor at 37k
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it is choppy and volatile just like traditional markets in the futures. there is risk of further pull back to the previous low around 30k. that is critical if you break 30k, that is a trend from bullish to bearish. i'm monitoring that carefully. there is really not sign of short capitulation it could be rocky going forward. >> so 30k, not 34, but 30, would be, to you, the next major test for bitcoin? >> yeah, that's stronger support. right now, you are looking at the short-term support levels. those favor the intraday traders. you are looking for brief price or stabilization over those points for longer term traders, you look for the stronger support levels that have been tested
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another way to look at it is the levels were resistant. you look at the averages they define the long-term trend. look for the lows. 30k is around there. if you break through that on a consistent basis look for two weekly closes below that level, that would indicate trend weakness which means upside from there is limited over the intermediate term >> what the crypto crew will tell you and they he are correct, damanick, we had 50, 60, 80% drop in bitcoin over the past decade or longer. back when $1 go back to 10 cents and $30 and $5
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this is nothing new. they are hold on for dear life is the selling, perhaps, any way positive that it forces out the weaker hands and consolidates the market or am i looking for something positive on a monday morning? >> definitely. you have the long-term traders it is a sentiment driven market. they tend to stack up when the price declines at an extreme level. same for the down side i say flip the chart over as a technician in extreme moment there is a lot of folks looking to buy back in at the 20k to 30k range. that could be it we have the upside moves over the last year. that is extreme greed in the market now you are seeing that retest and flush out of the hands like
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you said it is helalthy. volatility and crazy markets have deteriorated. it is a more mature market we are looking for the sentiment to come through and conviction on the lower support level to come through time will tell >> you know what i love that line of thinking because we're always asking why is it falling? we should ask why is it accelerating so quickly last year we never talk about the wild upside moves you have the same psychology behind it. damanick dantes. thank you very much. watching 30k thanks on deck, will we get our first fed rate hike in four years when the fed meets on wednesday or is america's rushing debt mean jay powell and america has to be more passive than we think?
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♪♪ at cdw we get your teams work in different places, in different ways and across countless different networks. so how do you get everyone on the same page? microsoft surface devices, orchestrated by cdw. they adapt to each user and deliver multi-layered security, so your workforce gets seamless experiences wherever they roam. for devices that fit your unique workforce, trust microsoft surface and it orchestration by cdw. people who get it. welcome back 5:23 here on the east coast. time for a special edition of big money movers three stock stories, that on cnbc, is talking about today it is about investors taking on
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big board rooms. stock number one peloton. hits keep coming blackwells capital which has less than 5%, is pushing for peloton to fire its chairman and ceo john foley and consider selling the entire company shares of peloton have come ap apart. down 77% in the past six months. no comment from peloton or blackwells or foley yet. they have super voting shares of the stock. that means it would take significant pressure and stakes from other shareholders to make any changes at the company stock number two kohl's and a possible bidding war days after $64 billion -- $64 per share bid. private equity firm sycamore partners is preparing an offer and reuters show the offer
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values kohl's at $9 billion or $65 per share. number three, nelson peltz's hedge fund has built a sizable stake in unilever. that is part of the bid to ratchet up pressure on the consumer goods company the size and stake and timing of the buying are not known, but the move comes amid unilever's failed $68 billion consumer health business. in 2017, peltz's bought into p&g at that time peltz loves consumer products companies and served on the bo board of heinz. let's get into the other key headlines. including a simple and insane football weekend we're all exhausted.
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frances rivera is in new york with more. give the super bowl to the chiefs or bills. that was insane, frances >> all of the yelling in my house. let's start off with the uae which intercepted two ballistic mis missiles fragments of the missiles fell in different areas. option sening statements ben today in the civil rights trial of the three ex-officers over the death of george floyd. king and tao are failing to intervene in may of 2020. and to the action. there were four. a wild weekend in the nfl with divisional round games coming
5:27 am
down to the wire >> from the 19 17 seconds down the middle to the end zone. there it is! >> a fourth quarter fall of lead changes. bills ahead with 13 seconds left and forcing overtime kansas city did not get low. the chiefs now on the way to the fourth straight afc title game with the 42-36 win earlier in the day tom brady and the bucs erased a 24-poin-point lead, but left to much time. matthew stafford led the team downfield and the game winning field goal here is the playoff picture. the chiefs could go to the third straight super bowl if they win and the rams win means l. aa. plays the super bowl at home
5:28 am
those are the headlines for the morning. >> i think they scored 25 points in two and a half minutes or something like that. everybody screaming they have to change the overtime rules because they got the coin flip and scored and buffalo never had a chance which is a terrible way to go out. buffalo. thoughts to them a lot of broken hearts up there. buf buffalo, we are thinking about you. you have a good, young team. coming up, we are coming back after the break how president biden's first year in office stacks up stock wise as we head to break, a check on the worst performers on the dow and s&p last week. goldman and disney and boeing and others we're back right after this.
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could it be another tough week of trading? the worst start to the year since the financial crisis and futures are losing steam. the white house making threats of sanctions or more over russia and ukraine. is the rest of europe on board fred kempe is here and betting against. cathie wood is paying off for one etf. one anti-arkk strategy
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it is happening on monday, january 24th this is "worldwide exchange. welcome or welcome back. good morning it is 5:31 hope you had a great start to the week by the way, we are all exhausted if you watched the amazing football games yesterday a double thank you for getting up early and joining us. all right. i wish i had something better to tell you we are coming off the worst week for the u.s. stock market since the pandemic began dow down 4.5% last week. that was best. nas daq 100 with the worst start to the year since 2008 right now, we are seeing futures sell not a lot. they are down a tick or two. they were green when we got on the show this morning. now in the red a little bit. stock futures are something to watch. we will get back to the markets
5:33 am
and your money in a moment let's get a check of the headlines. bertha coombs is here now with those. bertha >> reporter: good morning, brian. the ongoing inflation surge could push the federal reserve to get more aggressive with the rate hike strategy that according to goldman sachs. in a note over the weekend, the latest policy meeting kicks off tomorrow the central bank is not expected to raise rates this week, but expected to rollout four rate hikes this year. goldman says the spread of omicron and impact on price increases could push the fed into a faster pace of increases and raises the risks of more than four hikes this year. the growing number of blank check companies are abandoning bids for deals before they begun. since the start of the month, seven spacs informed they are
5:34 am
cancelling plans for ipos. that is after five last month. that is compared to the three withdrawals for the first 11 months of 22021. and the red hot area is waning due to poor performance cnbc index is down 24% so far this year and 41% over the last six months another etf that has been down is the arkk. a fund aimed at shorting that is seeing a boom in popularity. the capital short etf tuttle has now accumulated $234 million in assets according to bloomberg with $200 million coming from
5:35 am
inflows. a fund that debuted back in november is up 57% since then. woods ark innovation etf is down 42% over the same time a pretty good hedge, brian >> isn't that amazing? how sentiment changes? everybody into the ark now out of the ark, but betting against the ark and everybody into the anti-arkk bet i'm not sure what i just said. >> reporter: it's one of the big changes almost like all of the games where you thought it will go one way and with 45 seconds left, it's a different score a wild, wild ride. >> like last night bertha coombs, thank you a more serious note. the situation with russia on the border of ukraine is growing more tense by the day. over the weekend, u.s. government advising families of american embassy workers to
5:36 am
begin leaving the country. all on a concern that an all-out war could happen with vladimir putin sends troops into ukraine. blinken set to meet with the counterparts today to handle russian aggressions. speaking with nbc news yesterday, blinken said any response by the u.s. would be a strong one >> in the event of a renewed incursion of troops going into ukraine, the u.s. will respond cyber attacks or et cetera, we have been clear of a swift response and calibrated response and united response. >> president biden has warned of sanctions on russia if it inn v vads, but many say that is not
5:37 am
serious. in germany, one of the leading naval officers was forced to resign over the weekend by saying that putin, quote, deserved respect the next guest says biden needs to look at history to resolve the situation. fred kempe is a cnbc contributor. fred, we hear those words by the secretary of state swift, severe and united maybe swift. i'm not sure severe. it is unclear how united it may be the rest of europe is very quiet on this matter >> brian, good morning you know, people said it was a gaffe last week when biden said putin could take invasion and could divide allies. that is not a mistake at all i think he spoke the truth i think that could be the outcome. what the biden administration
5:38 am
has done and should be praised, they intensified the engagement. they have drawn up a list of sanctions. in 2014 under the obama administration, and those sanctions did not go far enough. they need to make this a deterrent. it will be a deterrent if it is unbearable to putin. you could do export controls get at everything from consumer electronics to aviation systems. you could go after major banks access to markets. that is the only thing that comes close to making this unbearable for putin >> yeah. to your point, fred, if the 2014 sanctions did not work and it appears they haven't because we are here once again and europe is more under the knife of the russian natural gas hold
5:39 am
why do we think it would work this time? what exactly does vladimir putin have to lose right now >> at the moment, i don't think he has seen enough to make him change whatever plans he has he amissed 600,000 troops, but has a major military extroops o the country of belarus i don't think he has changed his cal calculus my view is if he escalated, we should have escalated. we should have moved to nato countries onputin's borders. we said we would do that if he inv invades. what good is that after he invades? the administration is reluctant to do that for fear of provoking. you look at 2008 and the bush
5:40 am
administration and then in 2014, he takes parts of ukraine. brian, you are right i don't see anything yet we offered to make him change his calculus >> we could ship liquidfied natural gas to poland and talked to qatar germany does not have an lng part on thport on the water. over the weekend, you wrote an excellent piece. you said president biden needs to channel his inner harry truman one of the more underrated presidents of all time what did you mean? what truman-esque diplomacy does biden need to make >> i made that comparison in 1950, you could compare that because this was a pivotal time
5:41 am
coming after world war ii. truman had problems with progressives and conservative southern democrats republican party was torn with i isolationists. despite that, he had the berlin air lift against the soviet blo blockade what biden has shown is he recognizes he is at an inflection point that is similar. the test with the democracies and autocracries he shifted into the direction of freedom at that point and really set history on course with the cold war years later that is what joe biden has done. that's why i wrote that op-ed
5:42 am
piece for cnbc >> i urge you to read it fred kempe, a critical and tense time we will see how europe responds. fred, thank you very much. >> always good to talk to you. thank you, fred. on deck, shares of netflix suffering the biggest plunge in a decade slowing demand hammering the tus veurd wnant. fureha tnedo we're back right after this.
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welcome back let's talk about media, movies and netflix and china. a lot going on in media. netflix shares crushed losing $49 billion in value has the entire market value of zoom and all four of the latest marvel releases from disney. let's talk about it with sara fisher i loved your piece on china let's talk about netflix first netflix. everybody loved it actors loved it. producers loved. it they spent a lot of money how does this reckoning, if you will, by netflix, change the media landscape, if at all >> a great question, brian really, it sends a big signal to anyone in subscription streaming
5:46 am
there may be a slowdown to come. they took down stock values to the news, but competitors with roku and disney and at&t what it signals is netflix forever was the litmus test for growth across the industry they are the first to report among the streamers. now concerns that others may not be able to grow as quickly because there is so much saturation especially in the north american market you see streamers say we didn't add any subscribers in the region this is where you can get the most money for subscriber in the world. folks will want to grow abroad as netflix is doing now. analysts are saying that is harder than you imagine because people are not willing to pay as much they may not have the technology and infrastructure to get the same streaming >> you look at what is happening with streaming, sara
5:47 am
i think it was jim gaffigan who said how about we bundle all of the streaming services all together and call it cable we get the point you fire up roku or apple tv, it looks like cable where does this all shake out? >> the latest data from research says the average household is willing to pay for four services and no more than 10 dollars per service. i think consumers like having the choice they like the fact they can do an ala carte service maybe they get hulu and cancel after "ted lasso" and then they change there will be consolidaconsolid. if people are willing to pay for four services a month and north america is the lucrative market.
5:48 am
you don't have room for seven or eight services the next step is what about companies with low hanging fruit? how do they consolidate? >> i hate to say it, but to your point, you sign up for something and binge watch and cancel binge watch and cancel the next. i'm told sara, we don't have time to get china. we will get you back on. that story is not going away sara fischer thank you. >> thank you all right. on deck,-year anniversary of president biden in the white house, how does his stock market stack up against history? we will show you. and morgan stanley lays out what to expect for the fed meeting. dow futures are down nasdaq as well it could be another tough abnday gr a coffee. we're back after this. just sent. ...with a typo.
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welcome back time for the morning rbi president biden celebrated one year in office he had a good stock market run in that time over the first year, the dow rose 12.3% we look at the dow and the other index because the dow is around longer so there is most history to compare how does that 12.3% return compare to other presidents first years? biden's market year would come in ninth not bad. the top half of the 21years in history. who is on top? thing fifth best is lbj with 24%. harry truman at 31%. third is trump
5:52 am
bheeting truman by 1%. and president obama's 33.4% first year dow return. all pretty good. none of those are remotely close to the top spot which is the incredible 91% return from fdr's first year in office in 1933 that was coming during the depression and the market drops ahead of it. still it is pretty incredible. if i had to guess, random guess, my guess is that is a record that will never been broken. random, but historical this past year is shaping up to be the top one for something else that is inflation. right now, running hotter than anytime since ronald reagan's second year in office. the federal reserve meets for the first time this year and your next guest says they will not raise rates at this meeting,
5:53 am
but all but hold up a sign and hit us over the head with it and say it is coming in march. we have ellen with us now. you think march is the first go date for rates >> i do. i think for market pricing, you see markets expect that as well. as you put it, the fed doesn't need to hit the markets over the head by signaling the march hike they need to deliver on the expectation. >> what do you mean by deliver what would threading the market needle perfectly look like for jay powell and company we know what they will probably do what do they need to say the words that matter, ellen, as you know. >> i think in the statement itself, they need to basically say we're knocking on the door of full employment and met mandates and it will be
5:54 am
appropriate to begin lifting rates. i think what they avoid saying is just as important as what they do say. that is that i think they avoid using the words measured or gra gradual. that is taken as a guarantee at the pace that is what they need to remain flexible on. measured is that 25 basis points every meeting that was used back in 2004. gradual is every other meeting with the four major meetings a year they don't know when they will deliver the hikes at which meeting. you want flexibility chair powell and the q&a can rely on every meeting. what they are telling us at this meeting is we will start hiking in march we don't know how many and we don't know when. >> and there is, ellen, a lot of talk of a more hawkish fed
5:55 am
some say four rate hikes some say eight or nine whatever it may be here is what i have not heard anybody talk about national debt. when interest rates go up, it costs more for the u.s. government, i.e., taxpayers, to pay those interest payments. we have never had debt like this we added trillions in debt since the last rate hike cycle in 2018 is there a level of hawkishness they can get to if they want to get more aggressive, ellen, because the u.s. government could never pay the debt >> a good question, brian. i get that question quite often. the way i view it, the higher the debt as a share of the economy, the lower the neutral rate in the u.s. so what that means is, it doesn't mean the fed can't raise rates. it means every 25 basis point
5:56 am
hike they deliver is that much more impactful so it argues for a gradual remove of policy an accommodation. it requires chair powell as he has reminded us, it requires a lengthy cycle. he is looking for something on the order of ten years plus as the last two cycles have been. i don't think we'll get as long as a cycle i don't know the fed will be as far off zero as they like. if youdo it in a predictable way, be flexible and stretch the cycle to have a long time to lift rates, then you will get as far as you can that debt is the moderating factor of how far you can go >> can we get to a 3% ten-year anytime in the next couple of years, ellen >> i think in the next couple of years. i'm glad you didn't ask 4%
5:57 am
ber >> ellen zentner, thank you. i appreciate it. have a great day she nailed it. watch the language on wednesday. it is all about the fed's words. we're done with our words. we will see you tomorrow morning. i'm leaving you with stock futures in the red the nasdaq gets off to the worst start since 2008 a lot more to do have a great day see you tomorrow "squawk"s xt ine yep, it's go time with wireless on the most reliable network.
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good morning stock futures down again after a tough week on wall street crypto prices continue to plummet over the weekend and this morning 40 we'll show you what is moving
6:00 am
right now. u.s. state department urging americans to get out of ukraine as the threat level of the russian invasion rises some say it could come anytime details straight ahead. a busy weekend for activists and investors. the new moves with kohl's and unilever and peloton it is monday, january 24th, 2022 "squawk box" begins right now. good morning welcome to "squawk box" here on cnbc i'm becky quick along with joe kernen and andrew ross sorkin we needed a week to get our heads back on straight the dow had a rough week


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