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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  January 5, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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level. i think it's turning higher here >> guy >> would you say ben roethlisberger played his last game >> thanks for watching fast. see you back here. mad money starts right now my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now >> hey, i'm cramer welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica i am just trying to save you money. my job is to entertain you, educate, teach you, coach, too so call me at 1-800-843-cnbc the fed is tired of keep interest rates low too much easy money.
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it's time to tighten, tighten harped or in plain english, if you believe the federal reserve plays a role in the direction of the stock market, and it does, you won't like the minutes they released today it's clear they want to hit the brakes on the kpli hence, the hash declines this afternoon and then the dow closing down 393 points. and the nasdaq plunging 3.34%. the worst since february of last year now, i don't think these minutes single that we are about to have repeated the fourth quarter of 2018 these are just minutes they are not policy. not even transcripts and jay powell is now more cognizant of the power of his words. back then, he was a rookie but it's clear the fed is no longer your friend so what does this mean to us as we look for opportunities in 2022 same thing i have been saying since powell pivoted in november swap out of the conceptual swaps and swap into the boring
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tangible ones with profits and dividends. maybe buybacks at these intense moments i like to look at the indices in real time as the day goes on when minutes came out at 2:00 you could see the nasdaq got slammed. here there were worries, but the really nasty stuff in the minutes was not in the market. this is when it got digested into the market. the sellers fleeing like rats from a sinking ship. does this mean we are about to have our first real correction in ages or is the nasdaq selling offprecisely because havest vifrs predicted we would hear something like from the fed? i don't think this is what wall street was anticipating today. or else it would have gone like this the fed minutes are hawkish. most people didn't believe they would taper bond buying. they are talking about finding ways to start selling bonds. again, had it been a guard variety prince it would have gone like this
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it didn't. this shocked people. it went down like this might do the same in the morning if the strategists get a hold of this and think i am too bullish. when the fed sells bonds, that takes money out of the system, money that could have gone to finance growth, the economy and the stock market some of the actions suggested by the minutes are novel. the last couple months i have been telling you please don't fee fight the fed. the stocks get hammered when the fed tightens doesn't matter what they are doing. doesn't matter whether they are doing rate hikes. >> this is what happens. you want to sidestep that decline. if you like these stocks, circle back to a lower level. market's way too overbooked thoi we can bottom right away although some stocks will. in my experience these incredible obliterations of growth stocks do end in fact, they tend to end at the end of the third day, today, and they start bottoming as early as tomorrow as the growth stocks have been pulverized since
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powell's fipivot in november. in other words, can syou can se the market opens down tomorrow if it opens up tomorrow, don't get fooled it will go down again. that's scalpelers who bought it here and it will flip here in my opinion. how should you position yourself not this trading stuff the fed's serious aboutfighting inflation. first, the companies with no earnings or big losses per share, in other words. >> the ones that are losing money per share, they can try to -- but they have no place in your portfolio right now they are just not as good as their profitable peers with good balance sheets many of which have could come down, especially in tech. there was negative chatter about salesforce today salesforce seeing the business slowing. that stock is down 80 bucks from the high, including 20 points today. it sells at 48 times earnings. that's not cheap but it is not an average company it's rarely cheap and it looks
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loo a lot like past bottoms. can it go down 15, 20 points of course. i liked it at eight, all right every time to got crushed i ew, i'm scared how about meta platforms, that stock is down 60 from the high how it sells for 20 times earnings is this a cereal company 20 times earnings for one of the fastest growing companies in the world. that's attractive. paolo at owe networks down but selling at 70 times earnings. if it drops under 35 points, that's like a blink of the eye finally, you are getting a chance to get back into nvidia, which is very expensive, as always it's down 70 points from the high, sells at the 50 times earnings, had a great talk from the cfo today and a j.p. morgan conference yesterday, you know what i'd say if the stock opens down
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i'd start buying it tomorrow there. now, understand i am highlighting how far they have fall frn the highs because i always hear people complaining that they bought at the high they bought these high-quality tech stocks when they were flying you are certainly not buying them at the high today if you bought them. certainly not tomorrow if we go down again you are buying them after they have been down for days and days and days if not weeks and weeks and weeks. and you might be clobbered again tomorrow pick your spot here. you can't act as if in was the first day down the ones that trade at multiple in sales, they are too hard, okay you can try them i have no idea when they are going to bottom. it's not worth it. the tangible stocks, stocks with companies that make real things and real money they have spiked and i am actually for less confident on daily trading basis i think they come down a little bit. the tech names just got beheaded price matters to me. let me give you an example the great steel company, travel
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trust, i said over and over again i like this company, no one else did the stock was getting clobbered, high 90s, low 100s i told subscribers to buy shares in september if the stock had been crushed today whether the stock was up seven in the mid 120s we sent out a bulletin saying we'd peel some up. we sell up seven, particularly if it's up a $20 that's called discipline you want to buy into weakness and sell into strong why i am thinking about buying and why am i -- why am i thinking about buying anything if the fed is no longer a friend that's not wrong you want to -- when the fed is fighting you, you got to be more selective. first, let me give you some reasons. the nasdaq is down huge and you have to pick among the rubble when it does that. it's already down. second, some stocks actually do well when rates go up. for instance, this is wihen you take a look at the banks that
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came down at the end of the day. they benefit from higher rates third, there are plenty of special situations out there with an upcoming event, a catalyst eli lilly with the decision about the alzheimer's or obesity drugs. breaking up into three companies, joepa pa said boeing with the gigantic sales, an airbus client. those are special situations finally, there are -- let's think about this they are merely minutes, right they are not the actions after you get a strong employment number on friday that shows the big jump from wages and we were going to get that, if we get a lot of woe is me inflation numbers the next two weeks, it's possible you might see a peak in inflation because of maybe a peak in omicron and that's a thing you will hear about later in the show. you never want to go overboard on something versus the minutes even as hawkish as they were if the nasdaq were up more than
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3% this week, i would be perturbed. but down 3.5%? down 7% since the year began somebody got so right to sell. how long can they stay right. >> when they toss high quality babies out with the stinkdy bath water that the investment bankers have been pumps out for 18 months, that's an opportunity to buy, not sell the quality companies. don't come to me -- don't, you know, don't rent the lemonade, you know what i mean don't do that to immediate don't tell me i got to buy the real -- no, man. get real, real, will ya? bottom line. let me put it this way if you buy here, you certainly aren't buying at the top you are about as far away as you can be without going into it, it's just bear market, which i think is unlikely. get real, real anne in indiana. >> caller: jim, thanks for taking my call.
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>> of course. >> caller: you have been talking about companies with real profits this year. but could you talk a little bit about -- more about that could that sometimes mean ebidta, gross profit >> no see, that's the problem. >> caller: like airbnb. >> no. ant airbnb is great. doordash is great. these are stocks that you can probably buy lower than they are now. they are down a lot p but they can probably go even lower because they are not making money. but they are great companies let's add this terrible trust for young people, okay? in your 20s. you have to buy these now. someone in their 20s, got their whole life ahead of them, they can afford to have airbnb down 30 people who to have their whole lives to make a comeback if they don't rally. is this an age situation
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okay thank you. let's go to lucas in minnesota, please kri >> caller: booyah, jim i am following the advice of your book, grow rich care think, looking for good companies with high dividends i noticed on the investment club you are also looking for that. so i have one i'd like to suggest for clorex. >> 2.6% yield. my wife came home with the code, you know, the probiotic. i mean, new life, i have been using them for ages. i think clorox is right. i think clorox is right right here do some buying just a second. see, that's what you do. you hold it up to it and you say, um, australian denied entry
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to -- no, that's a news things i got. the fed is serious about fighting inflation. i gave you a playbook. there are a handful of winners in the dow in 2021 then the dogs in the dow were focused at the end of the year but could every dog have its day or do some have fleas and stuff? i will give you my take and the shampoo. the market is hyperfocused on inflation going into the new year we will see what 2022 should have in store. so -- stay with cramer >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." fol on twitter have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets. send jim an email to or give us a call at 1-
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or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. ♪ sniets look. it's looking like 2022 may be the year of the dow jones industrial we need boring stocks with real companies that make real products and generate real profits which is what this index is all about which of the dow's -- let's do the ten top performers for 2021, which can repeat gains in the new year this is more about psychology than sales and earnings. the biggest winner in the dow last year, home depot. while the series of amazing quarter, the stock finished up 56% because underneath the
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market i believe there is a believe housing will stay strong with a retailer that caters to rebuilding and renovation, home depot over lowe's, bus so much hidden technology going for it, it's tough to compete. in the end i think the remote zeitgeist drove this higher in 2021 the slower the fed tightens going forward, the more likely home depot will a great year the fed is more hawkish than we thought. if you like this one, let if go down a few more points it is very close to its high second, how did the stock of microsoft soar 51% last year well, pretty simple. price increases. also linkedin. how about a great gaming business with, strong pc business azure. we own this one for the -- it's been a battle to deep it on the sheets because the stock is going up so much and it is certainly not cheap.
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microsoft has become the biggest momentum stock in the world and i bet it will stay that way because it las a habit of crushing the estimates it's down 30 points from the high now, momentum stocks aren't just companies that have no earnings, okay momentum stocks can be companies where they just keep beating the numbers. but down 30 points is a lot for this stock and it might be time to start a position. third, goldman sachs got the -- rallying 45% but i just keep thinking that my old investment plura has to do something to get more respect from the stock market after this monitor run the darn thing sells at less than ten times earnings. i find that preposterously cheap. wall street is getting its collective head around goldman no one seems to want to give them credit for that it has an amazing -- it never got to the point where that's what the stock trade on. it has a private blackstone private equity business. people don't care about that
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either swapped out of goldman and swapped into morgan brennan because morgan stanley is easier to understand. it's a wealth business goldman is beloved internally. wall street could care less. goldman has the apple credit card no one can figure out if they are making money on it the 2% yield is paltry and there is no sense that goldman will raise that dividend any time soon this is a good brokerage and advisory firm it gets no respect because people can't figure out why it doesn't could something more growth oriented with the capital. plg. will tell you it has plenty of growth no growth stock sells for less than ten times the earnings. then again maybe i am making a mountain out of a molehill because the perfect is clearly the enemy of the good. if you own the stock and have a fabulous run last year, what's more to ask? if you want to know which of the dow winners is most likely to put on a repeat performance, as i said on halftime today on scottie's show, i prefer and i bet it would be unitedhealth group, whichis number four, up
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43% last year. they are the dominant player in the management care space. but we are just waiting for a dip. unfortunately, they rarely have one. plab we just start buying. fifth, did you see cisco moving up like crazy? it jumped 41% in 2021. that's without the orders should come this year cisco is solidifying itself in the data center and service provider wurltds the order of growth is the best in ages and orders are the best predictor of earnings in the business i think it's still a buy you should hope this comes down, too. speaking of buys, sixth, chevron, which las a big dividend, portfolio of growth properties and a buyback chef's figured out that oil and gas companies need to commit actual money to help the environment. they put $10 billion into various cleaner energy
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initiatives some that make money. we bought it for the charitable trust, yeah, the ceo, ah, we got -- this guy's just too good. we got comfort with the money used to fund growth initiatives not just ones that hurt the earnings in the out years because a lot of companies that do greenwash or spend a lot of money in go green and they ain't going green at all seventh is american express. the stock is paused as the travel and leisure industry takes an omicron -- i think the stock can start running again and reprise the 35% gain last year st stephanie agreed on halftime i like the fact that there is tremendous travel demand and we know that from figures and it's only going to get better when omicron burns through because people want to go somewhere. if you think it will be the roaring '20s, american express fits that theme perfectly. apple. what can i say other than own it. don't trade it i still think the real story is the ancillary products like the watch and airpods with the
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burgeoning service revenue stream in other words, it's not just about the phone. if you don't own it yet, you can probably wait for some apple-hating analysts to knock it down and get a better buy this is a winning by default situation. it couldn't have been managed more poorly before ros brewer from starbucks took over she is a genius. powerful covid tailwinds and a stock at considerable discount to cvs 30% in 2021 because roz is so good i like it. tenth best is mcdonald's i bet it can replicate 25% last year mcdonald's has the best balance sheet and scale to be a great core holding for many of the big institutions portfolios. we should have i mean, sometimes that's what i do i kick myself. and i ckick it openly people come on air and say, oh, we're just waiting
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no, i should have pulled the trigger. it was wrong i should have pulled the trigger on united health as joey brown said at the end of some like it hot, nobody's perfect. just like united health this never comes in and you have to hold your nose and do some being. i like chipotle more, down about 350 points from the high, mcdonald's is the more defensible and defensive name because it triumphs over any competitor it's a pro se beast with few genuine surprises at this list certainly hasn't done anything to change my mind. it's not easy to say because they are -- they are cheap because of the exception of cisco, goldman and maybe chevron. they aren't that cheap the latter needs to cool off before i buy more shares bottom line, of all the stocks i have covered so far this week, this is the group that i think has the best chance of repeating its unbelievable performance even with the fed being your foe. it will be led by united health,
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mcdonald's, and walgreens. stick with cramer. >> announcer: it's january, which means it's time for "the biggest loser" of the dow. cramer's reviewing last year's laggards to help get your portfolio into shape next. this... is the planning effect. this is how it feels to have a dedicated fidelity advisor looking at your full financial picture.
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♪ people call them the dogs of the dows, hated by all wa waiting for the pound or the last chance ranch. these are supposed to be reborn in the new calendar year guess what i think there is some truth to that i think they do bounce and you flow what? when you look at the biggest losers of the dow there is some redemption factor as we bow to 2022 for the most part, there are
6:28 pm
p much than purebreds. i am a dog rescue loving kind of guy, i don't see a lot to like the worst performer. walt disney. we own this one for the travel trust. it hasn't been fun it experienced -- it's down 15% last year. some is pew optics the disney plus story is the old espn story it plateaued i think it's nonsense. disney has the perfect balance of at home, at theater, and on vacation assets. one is unparalleled and never to be duplicated. once covid runs its course i bet they get more credit right now disney seems rudderless one step forward, two steps back it has no momentum whatsoever. i think that could clang in 2022 memo to the team there, you have to really get into the ametaver. let me save bambi's mom. i have to do it.
6:29 pm
verizon. what can i say a real dog a real bad part of the stock market these companies are competitive utilities. they are not supposed to compete. come on, man i don't know how verizon can become something else. at the moment it's pretty much a higher yielding bond but a higher yielding bond, the stock went down 12% last year. the offset of the yield didn't help third, boeing, generally tough, travel trust, we have a nice gain, we are not idiots. i believe in the future of this business i think there will be huge demand once omicron dwindles but bogey caeing can't get out own way. 787 hangups, cost boeing shareholders billions, 737s hit by -- defense losses customer defections. the saving grace, they have one competitor i just wonder why boeing's stock is this high perhaps because they just want a huge order from allegiance ebt
6:30 pm
for 5737 maxes happens to be a airbus -- fourth biggest, amgen it's a dud it truly is. i don't know how it got into the dow. that was a mistake it has the same market cap as seven years ago. i thought it was supposed to be a growth company it's a fossil. i am aghast at the inability to create blockbusters of any sort given the tremendous track record in the earlier years of the last decade. could it be because it's run by bob broadway, a former bank,er, who created flovalue? it is a science firm, by the way. finally, the best thing that amgen has done is a deal he is banker a psoriasis drug that was -- forced to sell that in order to get ready for approval with a -- with bristol-myers maybe they need to spend more time helping boeing.
6:31 pm
explains a lot fifth biggest loser makes me sad, honeywell i can't believeit's on this list a terrific ceo this company's been a long-term winner under his leadership and under his predecessor. it dropped 2% last year. why? a sizable aerospace business and they can't diversify away that well we are big believers in all the other businesses we broke bases meaning we paid from our vast buy with which we hate to do because of how much we believe in the stock. perhaps it's showing its true work, up a couple smackers merck. it's failed in its best efforts to do anything meaningful for the pandemic while not growing its other drugs in the interim really disappointing merck's cheap. an anti-bio drug wasn't fleneary
6:32 pm
as good as pfizer. i am not saying sell, but how about sell, sell, sell no i mean, something -- how about one sell seventh is visa. this is horrendous stock for the last year along with mastercard. however, that's often the prelude for this stock for a big move it tends to have that. it's like biblical, like a jubilee year, lean year kind of thing. that sounds optimistic the recent pullback has to do with smaller companies that we think are trying to take share in the payment space they are so big and powerful these competitors are like gnats to them. if you want to buy one, mastercard has the better growth visa rarely stays down long. if borders open, post-covid. terrific flm eight is walmart it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation whether it looks good, it's broken hearts. whether it looks bad, you have
6:33 pm
to pull the trigger. the problem is you don't want a stock that looks bad and then very -- very good, very good, very bad and that's what walmart is if they can't get more users of their plus offering where it looks like they will put the stuff in the fridge for you noup and the stock goes higher as it did today, i might sell. not buy. because there are plenty of more consistent rookie retailers. i would like a six of pacifica, put in my -- can you set that up for me okay done right in my fridge a nine thre 3m in the black despite guidedowns 3m couldn't profit it has been trying to get out of the deep cyclical stuff and more into health care but nothing that makes you want to jump and down they have groundwater contamination issues and that can heard as they breed class-action lawsuits over the place.
6:34 pm
i can't think of anything to turn it around dow, the commodity chemicalcal company. like it. i don't like where we are in the chemical cycle and they've almost all hit peaks bad stock when the fed starts tightening there are better fish to fry do you think walmart would object to sending liquor to me how about a couple of t-bones? just thinking outloud. there are a few comeback stories in the dogs of the dow i don't expect these dogs to have their day in 2022 i am betting on diz for the travel trust, honeywell, there, too. i am skeptical, you know, like wilf i don't know the rest it's all up to you. craig in maryland. >> caller: hey, jim, how you doing? >> i am doing well, craig. thank you for something. how about you? >> caller: well. long-time listener, first-time caller appreciate all you do.
6:35 pm
>> thank you. >> caller: i'm calling about rh, restoration hardware they have been making customers and shareholders laptop almost ten years. i have not been among them and i want to be december 8, record earnings, raised 2022 guidance, the stock rallied 5% the next down, down 100 points or 16% since then jim, is this my time to establish a position >> actually, the high wasn't august at 744 and now it's at 505. if you buy it now, you are snot hitting the top. this is the kind of stock i with buy tomorrow in a great quarter, it will have a great year and i feel people are, like, it's expected if it's that expensive, it's a lot less expensive whether it was whether the darn stock was at 744 i agree with craig from maryland you know what i say about craig? he's got horse sense sometimes dogs turned darlings
6:36 pm
i don't expect these dogs to have their day in 2022 ain't no offense could a top be in store for inflation in the first quarter i am going off the charts with the help of larry williams to find out and omicron variant seems to be an unstoppable force i am discussing who got it right, who got it wrong in the fight against the disease. hmm. you got it wrong, it's like -- anyway and rapid fire in "the lightning round. so stay with cramer. american express
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♪ right now everybody's, obviously, worried about inflation. that's the big story at the moment, especially release of the minutes. for most of last year the federal was willing to go easy
6:40 pm
and allow inflation to run its course because they wanted to promote job growth with unemployment at 4% and prices rising and a red hot employment number on friday, they clang course in late november and fed chief jay powell retired the term transitory, started talking about persistent inflation but three hor more rate hikes in the year to cool down our overheated economy of which, by the way, i agree with it is overheated this is causing a sea change this the stock market. one that's very obvious this week is the tech-heavy nasdaq just keeps getting obliterated, down almost 7% for the year already while the tech light dow jones industrial average keeps drying the fed is no longer your buddy. it's your foe. that changes the universe of stocks that can work by the way, when i say change, it shrinks it. doesn't just make it more oriented towards profit. it actually makes it so there is fewer stocks that we are going to like. what if we are being too
6:41 pm
pessimistic. larry williams, the legendary technician, has been trading stocks, futures and commodities since i was in eighth grade. he has written a dozen books and created tons of his own proprietary indicators at his amazingly cool website i really trade dot-com. some of our interactions, too, which i think is good -- it just shows you how right he has been, frankly. more important, he made a series of stunning contrarian calls since the pandemic took the world by storm two years ago, including a brilliant bottom call in april of 2022. at the time everybody thought the sky was following because he predicted we would reopen in may and that's exactly what happened home run call. every year we like to check in with larry in january to get his forecast for the new year. don't forget, he called the incredible santa claus rally for 2022 he has another contrarian call. everybody is terrified about inflation. this is the big story of the stock market we get our arms around how it will play out, we will have a better sense of the broader
6:42 pm
market trajectory. as williams sees it we are too worried about inflation. he expects it to cool down faster than most experts do and most of the experts love to predict we are headed for a germany style hyperinflation all day every day, 24/7. but first take a look at this inflation inflation expectation clart by the federal reserve. this is for the consumer price index, okay? it's really interesting. the purple line at the bottom shows the inflation expectations curve in december 2022 then the consensus was that inflation was on the rise and sure enough that's exactly what happened in 2021 but the green and blue lines show that inflation expectations from november and december of last year and williams points out they are curving lower, not higher, lower. already there is an expectation that inflation should abate in a couple years because the fed is promising a series of rate hikes, sometimes just promising
6:43 pm
them takes inflation down. at this point williams believes the purveyors of pessimism will be proven wrong. i think he is going to be right. it should be easy for the fed to get this situation under control, especially if today's minutes and we finally beat covid we can easily take care of the bottlenecks causing price increases. i know you don't believe that, but trust me the bottlenecks are incredible there is more to the story look at that chart of the consumer price index going back to 2010. the cpi is in the black, okay? and larry's cycle forecast for the cpi is in the red. he is a master at looking at the historical data and putting these cycle forecasts together he thinks that the consumer price index should be already peaking. who thinks that? while the forecast isn't a precise tool, it suggests that the cpi should cool down over the course of the year williams thinks we'll start seeing evidence of this after we
6:44 pm
get through the first quarter. in his view, that should be really the last quarter for inflation. remember, you have to jump ahead of that. you can't wait to see it if you want to buy stocks, which brings us to the stock market if williams is right and inflation abates faster than wall street expects, stocks should get a boost because the fed shouldn't need to be as rulesless with the economy he is searching for patterns one of his favorite is the pattern which can seem silly, but is useful. this is going to knock your socks off. reason with me check out this chart which shows the action the past year coupled with forecasts for years ending in the number one in red number one the red line is only showing you points with the market is likely to change course look at the direction of the moves. and by that standard it was a pretty helpful guide in 2021 ridiculous, right? this method work
6:45 pm
who cares about the years ending in one, two, or three for that matter sometimes you want to try to make money, you need to embrace the market's seemingly irrational behavior a year that ends with a two, the forecast is pretty choppy with a substantial low expected in june or july. then you tend to get another terrific buying opportunity around september with the market tending to take off in the fourth quarter would be pretty bullish. williams points out historically you want to buy a sell-off maybe that's what we are having now. usually you end up being very good at -- well, it's a very good year for plarkts. got for your portfolio finally, how about larry's cycle forecast for the s&p 500 itself? on an immediate basis he thinks the rally will hold up through the middle of this month, then the s&p will get hit with a first real correction, which is going to be brutal, okay
6:46 pm
and that correction could take you a while to play out. but larry's cycle forecast suggests you will get a wonderful buying opportunity by late febl. if you want more detail on this or any of this stuff i went over go his website, i really trade dot-com, kind of like i really trade. i really trade dot-com here is the bottom line. the chart suggests that inflation may cool down faster than most money managers anticipate which means that in 2022, which ends in the number two, could be a much better year for the market than we're expecting. i like this. "mad money" will be back after the break. >> announcer: coming up next - >> let's make money together. >> cramer is bringing the thunder and answering your burning questions in today's edition of "the lightning round.
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is spopsered by td ameritrade. ♪ it is time it's "the lightning round. are you ready? "lightning round." dianne >> caller: hey, jimmy boy! >> yo, yo! >> caller: how are you. >> >> well, thank you. >> caller: live from flork city. i am loving your investment club. >> thanks a lot. everyone should join us. what's up in. >> caller: so, my question is about illum that. >> i thinkit's great not just because gottlieb is on the board. they have unbelievable technology and i love the diagnosisic business steve in california. steve.
6:51 pm
>> caller: hey, long time, first time booyah to you. >> booyah back >> caller: thank you, thank you, from me and my awesomely autistic son chris, who is afuge fan, who loves your rants and ravens and buzz ers. >> thank you. >> caller: see if we can - >> thank you. >> caller: me way. so, hey, i'm wondering if you think peter steel's atai has the magic money for my son's future. >> look. this is one that's down so low that it's now -- and you don't know it's a roll of the dice. it's a spec. i would be a buyer eli in new jersey. eli. >> caller: thank you so much, jim, for all you do for us little investors i love your show. >> thanks, eli. >> caller: i learn so, so much. >> thank you, buddy. >> caller: my question, a stock that ipo'd in july, rsk --
6:52 pm
>> no, ipo july, that's just an invitation to be peloton i think you should buy if you want that security, buy norton life lock it's closing on a big deal and i think that's the one to be from. barb in michigan >> caller: hi, jim last for taking my call. >> thank you. >> caller: i was wondering what you think of the stock - >> i was right for a while now i have been wrong. i think the doctors love it. ask inyour doctor. this is not tele-doc, which has been completely peloton'd, if not toasted. i think it's good. i have been wrong. i think it's an indispensable product and they plak money, which to me says good growth jeff from indiana. jeff. >> caller: hey, jim. i wanted to know what your thoughts were on epd. >> i like epd. you got a good dividend. you have growing volumes now you have solid plg yield 7.8. that's my kind of stock.
6:53 pm
22 bucks that is a winner i which jim teague would come on andrew from michigan. >> caller: hi, mr. cramer. young investor looking at ticker cnhi. >> i like that one very, very much anything ag, i like deere, i like yours, too. i also like that it's a winner. one more matt in new york matt >> caller: booyah, jim >> booyah, matt. >> caller: how are you happy new year. >> same you to >> caller: thanks for having me. i am calling you with regards to show sofi. they are down almost 50% from the 52-week high. >> that should have never been up there someone did a secondary and got the hell out much that thing i would like to know more about the secondary than the stock and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of "the lightning round"
6:54 pm
>> announcer: "the lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade as omicron continues to rage, cramer is eying the nation's covid strategy and sharing a few choice words with the cdc next it's a thirteen-hour flight, that's not a weekend trip. fifteen minutes until we board. oh yeah, we gotta take off. you downloaded the td ameritrade mobile app so you can quickly check the markets? yeah, actually i'm taking one last look at my dashboard before we board. excellent. and you have thinkorswim mobile- -so i can finish analyzing the risk on this position. you two are all set. have a great flight. thanks. we'll see ya.
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♪ we know that omicron can't be stopped even if we had the tools, we don't have the political will. that has been the story since the beginning of the pandemic. last year we had a chance to wipe out covid or make it less dangerous. then the government wimped out by refusing to issue a serious mandated and we did very little to spread vaccines to the rest of the world which is how omicron ink bathed overseas. the vaccines can't prevent you from getting infected it can keep you out of the hospital the real problem is that we can't stop the virus in its tracts with the new pfizer pill. something that can't be made
6:58 pm
fast enough and may require the president to invoke the defense production act in order for all drugmakers to make the bill. that would be easy but biden seems hesitant if we stockpile these things, we would be golden things, even with our terriblevaccination rae obviously, it's inharnltly more dontageous what made this thing unstoppable is the cdc that organization seemed to believe as is did the president we could have unlimited covid tests. you would be able to know when you were stick. we don't have enough tests every time the virus recedes the manufacturers stop production once the cdc realized we don't have enough tests, they threw in the towel saying you can go back to work if you feel good five days after a positive test even though there is ample evidence that you are still highly contagious on days six and seven. without enough tests i guess the cdc said the hell with it.
6:59 pm
knock yourself out in short, they have given up what lapd to the 500 million tests that president biden promised. >> could we have clslowed it wih more testing of course. somehow the fda seems to be blocking tests maybe only smaller players at abbott labs which las plants working # 24/7 the concept of a pcr test and thinking you are fine that day is complete think false. as you can easily test positive a few hours after you get it time to stop that nonsense antigen tests before you go into public are what's needed thanks to our hapless public health, we don't have them be blew it again not having enough test even as many developed countries have them. we let the scientists and omicron zombies infect us. and not putting circuit breakers to prevent hospital chaos that are suggested by doctor jeremy faust. this is a marshall otter of natl
7:00 pm
security you are probably going to get omicron and we have no one to blame but a timid government the bureaucrats at the fda, cdc and nih good deal doers who have crushed us i like to say this, there is always a good market somewhere i'm jim cramer see yo the boston marathon bomber got covid relief money on death row. and a raging fire disaster i'm shepard smith, this is the news on cnbc flames raced through a converted apartment building in philadelphia, at least 13 people dead including several children. >> losing so many kids is just devastating. >> the challenges that prevented more people from making an escape closed for covid, chicago now ground zero in the battle to keep schools


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