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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  November 30, 2021 4:00am-5:00am EST

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yeah. that's all for this edition of "dateline." i'm craig melvin. thank you for watching. [theme music] see you tomorrow time for concern but not panic. new reporting on the virus mutation i'm shepard smith, this is the news on cnbc racing to understand the new covid omnicron variant how america is preparing >> i'm sparing no effort and removing all lroadblocks to keep the american people safe >> why president biden says it's a cause for concern, not panic the holiday shopping blitz under way. cyber monday poised to set records. >> we expect about one million orders to come out of this building today
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>> can retailers keep up >> ghislaine maxwell finally gets her day in court. what to expect in the criminal trial of jeffrey epstein's close associate. a huge announcement in the tech world the twitter ceo jack dorsey steps down what we know about the man taking over. the deposition tapes of former governor andrew cuomossie >> us see -- jussie smollett in court for his hoax attack. major league baseball toward a possible strike. live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith. good evening it's an uncomfortable position this one, but familiar as well the virus mutated again and the scientists say they don't yet know too much about it health experts say in a week, possibly two weeks, they will have a better understanding. the early word, lots of changes to the spike protein
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that's what it uses to get into our cells and infects us beyond that, there's simply more questions than answers the main ones, is omicron more contagious than the delta variant? does it cause more severe disease? how do the vaccines hold up against this brand new variant health experts and scientists say they need more data to answer those questions and that will take time here is what we do know as of this news hour the world health organization reports omnicron poses a very high risk because it has so many more mutations like i mentioned, than the previous strains. agency officials say the variant could fuel new outbreaks and could cause severe consequences in some areas. here is what else we know. researchers have detected omnicron cases in 19 countries including the uk, israel and
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canada the new variant has not been identified in the united states but the experts admit if it's not here, it will be president biden says the u.s. is prepared to fight and beat omnicron with the tools we already have readily available >> the best protection against this new variant, or any variant out there, the ones we have already, is getting fully vaccinated and getting a booster shot as additional protections, wear your masks when you're indoors, in public settings around other people >> just today, new york city reimposed a mask advisory. city officials not mandating but strongly recommending that everybody wear a mask indoors in most public settings vaccinated or not president biden calls covid omicron a cause for concern, not panic. but he says the white house will not issue new ockdowns to deal with this new variant. we have coverage from all angles
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tonight, dr. celine gounder, kayla tausche, but first meg tirrell. meg, you spoke with the top vaccine makers today what did they tell you >> well, work got under way at these vaccine companies last week to understand the impact the new variant may have on the current veens and also design new omicron specific vaccine should they be needed. moderna ceo is assessing whether a full dose booster shot could provide sufficient protection which would be a faster solution than a whole new design. >> the higher dose could be done right away, but it would be months before the omicron specific variant is ready to ship in massive quantities i think the big thing is the vaccine efficacy impact.
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when we learn that in week or two depending on how much it drop, we might decide the higher dose of the current vaccine around the world >> that information from lab studies on how well current vaccines neutralize omicron will be key both moderna and pfize estimate they could have new vaccines targeting omicron ready within three months. the fda would need to clear them and from there manufacturing would also need to ramp up pfizer ceo told us they believe they could pivot quickly if needed >> if there is a need for a new one, we can make doses of a new one. with that in mind, viability will not be but the efficacy is high i'm optimistic we have been preparing for that. and we are going to win this battle as well >> he said the company's antiviral drug for covid is likely to hold up against the variant, and pfizer increased its manufacturing plans for the
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medicine merck also said it expects its antiviral drug to remain active against omicron. and that medicine goes in front of a panel of advisers tomorrow. >> moving quickly. thank you. the u.s. and countries around the world announcing new measures to slow the spread of the omicron variant. the biden administration now banning travel from south africa and seven other countries in that region. the restrictions do not apply to american citizens and before the ban took effect today, there was no requirement to test those who arrived in the united states other countries required testing upon arrival for travelers arriving from southern africa. the u.s. didn't. why? >> reporter: good evening. passengers received take home testing kits when they landed but completing them was a recommendation, according to a
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senior recommendation official and to require them, you would need an order from the centers for disease control. that takes time and consensus to move in that direction a group of top officials from relevant government agencies have ramped up discussions around omicron and travel. those are now happening daily. the administration's new travel restrictions backed most vocally by the president's top doctor anthony fauci meant to buy time to get more information and also to get more shots in arms. they also represent something of a snap back to travel bans on other countries, the u.s. just rolled back in november after 20 months of intense lobbying from top officials, companies and top cabinet members. today president biden was asked whether he would reinstate restrictions on the uk and europe where large clusters of omicron cases have emerged >> the degree of spread impacts on whether or not there's a need for any travel restriction
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but that's not -- i don't anticipate that at this point. we'll see. we'll see that works >> mr. biden also said vaccine and testing requirements for domestic travel are still unlikely a new plan to fight covid this winter is expected to feature renewed push for vaccinations, boosters and masking in public and the white house is expected to unveil that strategy on thursday >> kayla, thank you. dr. celine gounder now doctor, thank you. the cdc is now encouraging every adult in america to get a booster. medically, why does it make sense to get a booster before we know how well these vaccines work against this new variant? y >> the idea, shep, is really to buy ourselves time if omicron does turn out to be an immune evading variant. so in other words, vaccines are not as protective against omicron as they were against prior variants -- if that turns
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out to be true, giving a booster is a way to override that relative immune evasion. it's a strategy that we saw would have worked with the beta variant, an earlier variant that was also immune evading. fortunately that one did not become widespread. but it's really a way of protecting people, buying ourselves time until companies like pfizer and moderna are able to develop second generation, omicron specific vaccines. >> their treatments beyond vaccines, including antibody treatments and we may soon have anti-viral pills is there anything in the mutations that you have seen here that suggests these treatments will hold up against covid omicron? >> the mechanisms of action are very different for antibodies. we are concerned that the antibodies may not be potent against omicron. however, the merck drug, the pfizer drug, those work through
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very different mechanisms of action and the mutations in the spike protein really should not have an impact on whether those drugs should work. we believe they will still remain effective >> so much love for the south african scientists who were able to detect this thing and their transparency since then. the experts agree it's likely omicron is probably here in the united states, though it hasn't officially been detected is the u.s. behind other countries in our ability to identify and trace these variants >> we are. and i really have to say, i used to work in south africa on hiv and tuberculosis and know many of these scientists who are doing the work on covid. these are top, world class virologists. and they've really cut their teeth and honed their skills on the hiv pandemic before this we are not doing nearly the scale of sequencing that they are doing. we really should be sequencing about 20% of our cases here in the united states and we still, while we have ramped up, we're still not doing nearly enough.
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>> the travel bans, medical or political? >> honestly, i think that's largely political. travel bans can work but we really would have needed to implement them sooner. they didn't go until effect until today. they need to be applied to every one. a bit like what australia and new zealand did. if americans are exempt from our travel restrictions, those flights from atlanta to joburg, i can tell you, are more than half americans >> delta took over and just ran rough shot and a lot of us still have a delta wave to come that may really mess up the winter. that said, how worried are you based on what you know about covid omicron? >> i'm concerned i'm not panicking. i think there's still a lot we're waiting to find out. i think in about two weeks, we
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should at least have some answers as to whether omicron is immune evading and how well our vaccines will hold up against omicron. >> doctor, thank you our coverage of omicron is just getting started. coming up, mask mandates, boosters for all adults and phone tracking technology. the aggressive steps that some countries are taking to stop the potential spread, ahead on the news first, an update on president biden's vaccine mandate. federal workers will not get punished for refusing to comply until next year. that's new from the white house. last week was the deadline for federal workers to get a shot or risk getting fired or suspended. the white house says more than 96% of workers have complied with that mandate. the trial of ghislaine maxwell, is at long last, under way. how prosecutors tied her directly to jeffrey epstein's crimes and how her defense is firing back jussie smollett standing by
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aged man epstein was a convicted sex offender authorities say he killed himself in prison two years ago or in jail maxwell's attorney said that's why she's in court instead of him. quote,ing -- quoting now, ghislaine maxwell is on trial as a scapegoat for epstein. maxwell faces six felonies tied to sex trafficking, conspiracy and enticing minors. she also faces two felony perjury charges. set to be tried separately she's denied it all. valerie castro outside the courthouse in manhattan. valley -- valerie? >> reporter: after a morning of finalizing the jury, the opening statements began this afternoon. the prosecution began by telling the jury about one of the alleged victims in this case saying that she met maxwell and epstein at a courtroom camp, calling the pair predators and going on to say, quote, this defendant was trafficking kids for sex. that is what this trial is all about. the attorney went on to outlin the claims and said they will
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hear from the alleged victims as well as see photos of massage tables where the alleged abuse took place as well as flight logs to prove the girls were trafficked to various locations. the defense started out with a reference to eve tempting adam with an apple saying, ever since women have been blamed for things men have done maxwell's attorney went on to say, quote, she is not jeffrey epstein. she's not anything like jeffrey epstein. maxwell was present in the courtroom and not in handcuffs but escorted by two marshalls. also in the courtroom, her sister who came to show her support quickly making her way into the courthouse and ignoring any questions. a woman named sarah ransom also arrived this morning for the trial. she claims to be one of th victims and set to release a memoir entitled silence no more. she is not expected to testify the first witness to take the stand this afternoon was a pilot who testified he was hired by jeffrey epstein to fly private planes his testimony is expected to
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continue tomorrow. this trial is expected to last about six weeks. it's still unclear if ghislaine herself will take the stand in her own defense. she has pleaded natural gas to a -- she has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges in this case she does face life in prison if convicted. >> valerie, thank you. nearly three years ago, jussie smollett claimed he was the victim of a racist attack on the streets of chicago now the actor is going on trial, accused of making the whole thing up the jury selected and seated today. opening statements have begun. smollett has pleaded not guilty standing by the story he told police back in 2019. he's black and gay he told officers two men roughed him up, poured bleach on him, hung a rope noose around his neck yelled anti-gay and antiblack slurs at him and shouted this is maga country chicago. investigators say he staged the
4:18 am
hate crime against himself as a publicity stunt and hired two brothers to carry out the fake attack on the trial, here is cnbc perry russom >> turn it off >> yeah. >> reporter: walking into a chicago courthouse this morning. the former empire star charged with felony disorderly conduct he's pleaded not guilty. in january of 2019, he said he was attacked by two men. >> i was talking to a friend and i said, i just want them to find them she said they're not going to find them. it made me so angry. >> reporter: police body camera show him with a rope around his neck >> you want to take it off >> i do. i wanted you to see it >> police accused the actor of making it up >> smollett was indicted on 16 felony counts of disorderly
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conduct. the charges were dropped >> i'd like nothing more than to get back to work and move on with my life >> do i think justice was served no >> reporter: a special prosecutor was appointed and smollett was charged with disorderly conduct the actor quickly went from being supported. >> we have to love each other. >> reporter: to being a punch line >> they gave me a role on empire i got to fake a hate crime. >> reporter: danny is a legal analyst. >> the challenge is not that he's given multiple statements but he's given a lot of statements anywhere. >> reporter: opening statements started tonight. he staged the attack because the studio was not taking hate mail seriously. the trial should last about a week >> thank you another flash mob style smash and grab robbery this time at a home depot, and this time four people in handcuffs. revealing testimony from the
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they are -- theranos founder, elizabeth holmes the allegations she made that no one had heard before ones she said led to start of her company.
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where's mom? she said she would be home in time for the show. don't worry sweetie, she promised she'd be here for it. oh! nice shot! thanks! glad we have xfinity. with wifi speeds faster than a gig. me too. [claps] woah! look! [chuckles] mom is on tv! she's amazing! [screams and laughter] yeah! xfinity brought us together after all. get started with xfinity internet and ask about wifi speed fast than a gig. click, call or visit a store today. an suv through a christmas parade is now facing a sixth intentional homicide trial prosecutors in wisconsin added it just today. police say last sunday the man sped through a crowded parade killing six people and hurting more than 60 others.
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the sixth charge for an 8-year-old boy who died two days after the tragedy his names jackson sparks, his s loved obituary notes he loved baseball, fishing, catching frogs, playing with his brother and his dog. 8 years old. jackson's family says the funeral is set for thursday. they are encouraging young kids everywhere to wear baseball jerseys in his honor doctors say seven children are still recovering in a hospital more than a week after that tragedy. they say they did discharge two kids over the weekend. the los angeles county sheriff's department says it arrested four people in connection with this robbery at a home depot on black friday it's the latest in a string of flash mob robberies in california cops there say eight people walked into this home depot south of los angeles on friday night.
4:24 am
they say the suspects picked up a bunch of hammers, sledge hammers and crowbars worth about 400 bucks. they are still searching for the other suspect. last week mobs of people robbed high end stores in the bay area. the district attorney said cops arrested nine people but they are still searching for other suspects for months now, we have been waiting for a decision will matthew mcconaughey run for governor of texas. yesterday he gave his answer >> as a simple kid born in the little town in texas, it never occurred to me that one day i would be considered for political leadership it's a humbling and inspiring path to ponder it is also a path that i am choosing not to take at this moment >> all right, all right, all right. instead of running for governor, the oscar winning actor says he will focus on supporting entrepreneurs, businesses an foundations that create what he calls pathways for people to succeed in life. matthew mcconaughey has described himself as a centrist
4:25 am
and criticized extremes on both sides. a recent poll showed mcconaughey beating the current republican governor of texas, greg abbott, by eight points in a two-way hypothetical case. the cuomo tapes. the definition of girlfriend, sexual harassment training and the use of the phrase strip poker. the revelations out today from the more than ten hours of testimony from former new york governor andrew cuomo. we go through the recordings jack dorsey steps down as ceo of twitter so who is stepping up? insight from andrew ross sorkin live with us next. new mask mandates in the uk. concern over a phone tracking technology the new measures that countries are taking suddenly in response to covid omicron as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc
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jack's out the man who developed and co-founded twitter resigned as the chief executive immediately. jack dorsey's replacement, the company's chief technology officer. in a statement, dorsey wrote in part that he's decided to leave twitter because he believes the company is ready to move on from its founders the news got mixed reaction on wall street.
4:28 am
twitter stock dropped about 3% by the closing bell after soaring more than 10% when our own david favre broke the news on cnbc this morning andrew ross sorkin now, co-host of "squawk box". why did he leave the company >> that's going be one of the great mysteries of our time. as you know, jack dorsey, effectively, is the ceo of two companies, as of today at least he was, twitter and square he's been very involved in bitcoin and wanted to do that. there was a lot of pressure on him frankly to leave activist shareholders who have been pushing for his departure everything in life, nothing is black and white, it's probably somewhere in the middle there. the chief technology officer taking over the company. what do we know about him and will he change how twitter operates >> i think that's the big question the answer as of now is, this is
4:29 am
going to be a very similar plan to the one that jack dorsey was running in terms of the play they are running, if you will. the truth is jack dorsey, because he was also operating square wasn't as involved at twitter on a day-to-day basis than many people understood. as a result, the new ceo was one of the people who was running the company. so in terms of a major strategy change we're not likely to see it i think some investors wanted to see a bigger strategy change because they see this as a company with great opportunity they only have 211 million users which you look at facebook, 2.9 billion users. that's opportunity the question is what's he going to do to get there >> big picture, andrew, the markets bounced back today, at least a little bit after friday's big omicron selloff is this a sign wall street is s shrugging this off, waiting for data what are we seeing
4:30 am
>> combination of both the market is looking at what the world looks like 12 months from now the question is 12 months from now are things better or are they worse and i think the view is that even if this variant isn't great and obviously it isn't, but if it's not terrible, that by the time new vaccines and anti-virals and some of the pills that pfizer and merck are coming out with and other therapies, that that three months from now, four months from now will change the dynamic all over again >> andrew, see you in the morning. thank you. amazon workers getting another chance to unionize that's what's topping cnbc on the money. the national labor relations board authorizing a new election at amazon's alabama fulfillment center in the first vote back in april, no votes won by more than a two-to-one margin. in august it was recommended those results be set aside determining that amazon violated labor law. no date set for this second election
4:31 am
amazon offered no comment today but is expected to appeal the decision nissan investing billions on electric vehicles. the ceo of the japanese car giant says the company is spending nearly $18 billion to accelerate its e.v. product line the automaker aims to roll out 23 new models by 2030. 15 of them fully electric. big thanksgiving weekend for movie theaters people spent around 1.42 or $142 million on tickets over the five-day weekend disney's encanto and ghostbuster's afterlife among the top attractions. the haul not as robust as previous years but still its fueling confidence that a recovery is under way for theaters on wall street, the dow up 237, s&p up 61, and look at the nasdaq up 291. nearly 2% its best daily gains since may.
4:32 am
i'm shepard smith. on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news former governor andrew cuomo in his own words >> it doesn't matter how i define -- >> the tapes released today. what new evidence shows about the role his brother played. avoiding a strike. a major league baseball lock out potentially just days away what is driving the dispute and how long could it last but first, travel restrictions grow as the new covid variant spreads. >> japan, israel and morocco all banning all foreign travelers. australia was set to reopen its borders in the coming days, but officials just pushed back the date by two weeks. in the uk, the government is also imposing new restrictions after researchers there identified at least 11 cases of this new covid variant
4:33 am
only portugal, the netherlands, and south africa have reported more infections. here's matt bradley. >> reporter: the uk is trying to manage this with the same light touch that we're starting to see in the u.s not panicking. the uk has just expanded booster shots to all adults. everybody over 18. it used to be that only those over 40 were eligible for boosters they are making masks mandatory in shops and stores. also on public transportation for the first time since july. since then, mask wearing was basically just something that was recommended. now, it's going be mandatory some countries are going even further. israel, morocco, japan are banning travel to all countries for non-citizens of their own countries. israel is going even further than that. they are enlisting intelligence agencies to try to track those who have the disease this is getting some opposition from human rights groups that say that the same method that's used to track and investigate
4:34 am
terrorists shouldn't be applied to citizens when it comes to questions of public health whether or not that will prevail in court is another question we're hearing opponents from south africa they said the travel bans that we are seeing throughout the world, that they are discriminatory and unjust. he is saying their message especially from just about every one in the global south, don't ban us from traveling. just give us more access to the vaccine. shep >> matt, thanks. new york's attorney general releasing videos of former governor andrew cuomo and his accusers testifying under oath to investigators nearly 12 hours worth of testimony made public. the videos give us an up close look at how then governor cuomo handled questions about the allegations that ultimately ended his tenure as governor >> do you swear or affirm the testimony you're about to give will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? >> yes, i do >> reporter: former governor
4:35 am
cuomo appeared sour from the start of his deposition. during his hours of testimony, he was seemingly, at times, uncooperative, even combative. >> how do you want to define girlfriend >> did you date her? >> how do you define date? >> how do you define it? >> doesn't matter how i define it how do you define it it's your question >> reporter: he denied ever touching, groping, harassing any of his accusers. >> that never happen. >> reporter: in addition to video testimony, the attorney general released videos of six accusers all who alleged wrong doing by cuomo or a toxic work environment. >> i remember him going straight to my butt definitely trying to touch me. i remember standing there like, like, okay, i kind of froze. >> reporter: for first time we see testimony from cuomo's former top aide melissa de-rosa. she testified she did not see cuomo harass anyone. investigators seemed to touch on
4:36 am
unsubstantiated rumors which she and cuomo deny they had an affair >> has the governor ever kissed you on the mouth >> no. >> reporter: after hours of questioning. >> would it surprise you to learn that the governor kissed annabell on the mouth. >> i'm sorry i'm so tired. >> reporter: she called it a day and questioning resumed the next day. transcripts also released of cuomo's brother, cnn anchor chris cuomo. he admitted being looped in on conversations and e-mails when the allegations surfaced in march of this year, de-rosa texted him about rumors of mor people coming out and asked him to check his sources chris responded he was on it later answering that no one herd anything yet under oath, chris denied taking part in any opposition research on his brothers accusersm not in i'm not in the oppo research business that's not what i'm about. in albany, the district attorney is still deciding whether to proceed with a misdemeanor
4:37 am
groping charge against cuomo amid ongoing debate if the sheriff properly filed charges without first consulting with the da >> tonight, in a statement, cnn said it will review the attorney general's documents regarding anchor chris cuomo and have additional conversations over the next few days about how they relate to cnn. a stunning new revelation out of the fraud trial of elizabeth holmes today the theranos founder told the court that she was a rape victim when she was a student at stanford university. she says that is what propelled her to start her blood testing company. she testified i was raped when i was at stanford and i decided to leave to pour myself into building theranos. i was going to build a life by building this company. she says she then got into a relationship with sunny balwani.
4:38 am
her former long-time boyfriend former president of the company and now co-accused she testified he said she was safe now that she met him. too,k abus she said that too -- that he too abused her balwani has denied that. >> reporter: court has wrapped up for day an intense day as you recounted. as elizabeth holmes could be leaving at any time now. this was a different elizabeth holmes than we have seen or anybody has seen in public before emotional, frequently breaking down and revealing or claiming that the elizabeth holmes we came to know, the deep voice, a a desperate attempt to supremely confident persona was, in fact, a desperate attempt to please her abusive boyfriend at the time, sunny balwani. she dropped out of stanford not just because of her dream but
4:39 am
claims she had been raped in college and wanted to rebuild her life by building a company and that is when she turned to balwani who is 20 years her senior she met him while in high school he's a successful businessman and she asked him for help, but she says he took advantage of her. controlling her diet, clothing and yes, even her voice. he told me i didn't know what i was doing in business. that my convictions were wrong he was astonished by my mediocrity and she says, he told her that in order for her to be a success, i needed to kill the person who i was and create a new elizabeth. she said he also frequently forced himself on her sexually to prove, he says, that he still loved me asked by her attorney if she was claiming that balwani forced her to make the statements she did to journalists, investors and business partners, she said, no. but at the same time he impacted everything about who i was
4:40 am
balwani, through his attorneys, has denied abusing holmes. he does face his own trial 12 criminal counts scheduled to go on trial next year tomorrow it's the government's turn cross-examining her on four days of testimony which she blamed a lot of other people but saved the worst for sunny balwani. as you see, elizabeth about to come out of the courtroom. we will see if we can get a question to her. she's going the other way. but elizabeth holmes wrapping up an intense day in the courtroom. difficult day for her. interesting to see how that connects with the jury and again, tomorrow, the delicate task that the government has, prosecutor robert leech, of cross examthrough long break there's no court the ri inning . they do expect they will be able to get through that cross-examination in a day we go through long break there's no court the rest of the week or next monday. the jury will come back with holmes back on the stand next
4:41 am
tuesday. back to you. >> scott, thank you. jury selection is set to begin tomorrow in the manslaughter trial of kim potter she's the now ex-cop charged with shooting and killing dante wright during a traffic stop earlier this year in the minneapolis suburb, brooklyn center she said she accidentally pulled out her gun instead of her taser and didn't mean to shoot wright at all i'll tase you. taser, taser oh, i shot him i just shot him. >> potter has pleaded not guilty she's facing first and second-degree manslaughter charges. police digging in land fill searching f l.a. police digging in a land fill, searching for the remains of a mother who's been missing more than a month now. she was last seen on october 17th at one of her son's football games in southeast los angeles. her ex-husband says he saw her leaving in a range rover with
4:42 am
her dog named 7. but in a twist, someone later discovered that dog wandering the 28th floor of a los angeles high-rise apartment building her husband says he has no idea why he would be that close to that police. but police say they found th forensic evidence that led them to the land fill northern los angeles. law enforcement told nbc news they are unearthing a specific area the search expected to take 7 to 10 days. cyber monday still in full swing at least for next few hours. what we have learned about america's new spending habits now that the five-day shopping blitz hit the final stretch. plus the mlb labor dispute, the state of negotiations, and the possibility of a major league baseball lockout as we inch closer to a critical deadline but first, one of the best known designers in street ware fashion has died
4:43 am
virgil abloh died yesterda after a private two year battle with cancer.e men's wear in 2018 he louis vitton hired him to head the men's wear in 2018 he handled his own label called off white five years earlier he styled a long list of stars he also worked closely with ye, the former kanye west. he earned a grammy nomination. as the artistic director for ye's 2011 album with jay-z the ceo released a statement after abloh died saying we're all shocked after this terrible news virgil was a man with a beautiful soul and great wisdom. virgil abloh was just 41 years old.
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major league baseball on the verge of its first work stoppage in nearly three decades. the league's current collective bargaining agreement set to expire on wednesday at midnight, there's a last-minute deal, the commissioner would be forced to initiate a lockout the move would freeze all operations, including trades and free agency. right now neither side seems likely to budge despite large contracts for stars, the players say they feel their earning power has been marginalized. among the owners' concerns, the long-term viability of the local tv rights. they rely on those deals for big money. well, despite the threat, teams aren't wasting any time upgrading their rosters. today the new york mets signed max scherzer to a three-year, get this, $130 million contract.
4:47 am
43.5 mill a year over the weekend, the star pitcher kevin gozman inked a five-year, $110 million deal with the toronto blue jays john, reporter and broadcaster for the mlb new york do you see any world where they come up with an agreement before wednesday night? >> it's possible officials are meeting this week in dallas, texas they are scheduled to meet again tomorrow as you point out, $1.65 billion spent on players salaries in less than one month. as one executive said to me today, to have a work stoppage because of the players' concerns over how much they're getting paid in that kind of environment is the dictionary definition of irony. we'll have to see if perhaps this spending in the last couple of days, gets things moving in
4:48 am
the right direction. think about it, shep, th texas rangers, the last place team this year have already spent more than half a billion dollars this month alone >> why do that right before a lock out what's the advantage >> it's a great question one key thing here is that teams are motivated and the agents and players are as well to get the deals done before the potential transaction frees on the evening of december 1st. no one really knows what will be waiting on the other side of that deadline. what we know is for now, the mlb and the players in baseball are the only group of players in north american pro-sports wh have no salary cap on their salaries here in professional baseball we'll see what happens here in the days ahead as we move towards what could be transaction freeze >> old enough to remember the last lock out almost sunk this sport. in your estimation, how long could this last? how far apart are they >> i think the core economic issues are easily understood the players want there to be a little bit more inducement for some of the clubs to spend more money. in fact, there have been some
4:49 am
proposals along those lines from the mlb within the last several months the core economic issues are easily understood. we also heard from some players indicating for them, december 1, is not hard deadline but rather the start of spring training in middle of february why this may appear to be on the surface, a dark time we're a long way away from losing games. opening day is march 31st. >> looking forward to that john, thank you. >> thank you only few hours left for cyber monday and final moments of the key thanksgiving weekend stretch. this year in-store sales did improve from last year but they were still down, like 28%, from pre-pandemic levels back in 2019 that's according to solutions. shoppers online spent big. $8.9 billion according to adobe. but that's down slightly from the 9 billion last year. still up significantly from before the pandemic. so things are changing courtney reagan is watching it all for us what are you seeing in the way that patterns and how people are
4:50 am
doing their shopping is moving >> shep with every year digital sales are getting to be a bigger and bigger portion of the total overall sales pie and in-store traffic falls. the pandemic really poured an accelerant into online spending. so far, shopping solid total retail sales grew more than 14% black friday through sunday. with in-store spending up more than 16.5% from 2020 up 1.6% from 2019. this is across all payment forms. adobe analytics says e-commerce spending on thanksgiving day and black friday failed to grow year over year. flat and down 1% respectively. now the company says shoppers have already spent more than $99 billion between november 1st
4:51 am
and 28 that's up 13.6% over last year and points to the early spending for the digital disappointment over the weekend plus, online shopping surged in 2020 so holding almost steady isn't really so bad. the end of the big five shopping stretch is just hours away, through 3:00 p.m. eastern time, online sales are up 9%, according to mastercard. today's cyber monday results will mark the biggest online sales day of the year with $2 billion more in sales the peak isn't expected until 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. pacific time. we have a lot of shopping. >> all these concerns about supply chain the president met with ceo and really big companies today he was supposed to hold a news conference but cancelled it 20 minutes before that's curious, if it's improving, why isn't he talking about it what's the plan? >> the president did sort of a pulse check with ceos for major retailers at the white house including the ceos of walmart,
4:52 am
etsy, best buy, food lion and some others. and walmart's ceo did thank the administration for its work extending operating hours to help unclog the backlog at ports in california, but retail lobby groups sent a letter detailing further short term and long term solutions that are needed president biden was supposed to detail more about that but the administration and what they are doing to strengthen supply chain, lower cost for families but that was pushed off until wednesday. he said he wanted to spend more time with the retail ceos while they were there. >> all right thank you. >> thank you pub owners get creative when a concert spins out of control, but maybe not in the way you're thinking will one of the best players in tennis remove himself from the australian open? the new rule that has his father crying foul. but first, the nation has lost yet another black trailblazer. lee elder shattered barriers in the golf world
4:53 am
as the first african-american to play in the masters. the pga confirms he died yesterday. tiger woods said elder paved the way for guys like him. he called him the first, the one he looked up to. but it did not come easy lee elder was orphaned at 9 years old, dropped out of high school in the tenth grade, he broke into the game and the civil rights era when black golfers were still unofficially barred from the masters. elder finally qualified for the tournament in 1975 he was 40 years old then in the runup, he says he faced death threats, harassing phone calls, and at one course was even forced to change clothes in the parking lot, because he and other blacks were not allowed in the clubhouse. he didn't make the final cut for that masters in '75 but on his last hole, elder recalled that most of the staff, all black, left their duties to line up for him on the 18th fairway. lee elder told golf digest in 2019 that on that day he could
4:54 am
not hold back the tears and of all the acknowledgements of what he's accomplished, that one meant the most lee elder, golf great, was 87. s. and there's no off-season. just work that builds on itself over and over and over again... becuase the only way is through.
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new vaccine rules mean the tennis star, novack djokovic is likely to miss the australian open the rules state unvaccinated players will be banned he's declined to disclose whether he's vaccinated his father slamming the requirement, telling reporters that under these blackmails and conditions he probably won't play he's won a record nine australian openings. he's tied with rafa nadal and roger federer for the most grand slam wins in tennis history. 61 strangers finally free after being stranded for three days in a pub in northern england.
4:57 am
on friday, the group of people filled the inn to listen to an e oasis tribute band, but you can see what went wrong. snow blanketed the area about five hours north of london mound piles kept them trapped for three days they slept over, played games, sang karaoke the pub owners jokingly referred to the bunch as their new inmates. they even laid out a buffet free of charge. nikola townsend is the pub manager, she told the local news, some people were fine with being stranded >> last night there were a lot of people were saying they would really like to stay longer they hoping the plow doesn't get through this morning >> the plow did get through. today around 2:00 p.m. local time, most of the inmates were freed. only two guests remained waiting for the icy roads to thaw. pub posted this image to facebook, reminding the guests they can always say, i was there. 60 seconds left on a race to finish president biden describing the covid omicron variant as a cause
4:58 am
for concern, not panic but he says the white house will not issue new lockdowns. health experts say it could take one, possibly two weeks before they know more about the new variant. the federal sex trafficking trial of ghislaine maxwell continues tomorrow in new york city she's charged with recruiting and grooming under age girls to be abused by convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein. jack dorsey stepping down as ceo of twitter effective now he will be replaced by the company's chief technology officer. and now you know the news of this monday, november the 29th, 2021 i'm shepard smith. grateful to kelly evans for filling in over the thanksgiving holidays follow us on twitter and the gram at the news on cnbc we'll see you back here tomorrow night.
4:59 am
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from pandora jewelry. this is called momentum. and there's no off-season. just work that builds on itself over and over and over again... becuase the only way is through. it is 5:00 a.m. at cnbc and here is your top five at five. here we go again stock futures down big over 500 points we could wipe out all and more of the gains from yesterday. this as the ceo of moderna and some new comments overnight casts doubt on how well the current vaccines will work against the latest strain of covid. also worried fed chair jay powell as he prepares to testify in front of congress today alongside janet yellen oil also hit back below 70 bu


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