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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  November 24, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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everybody is so scared >> a lot of attention when it comes to retailer's comp saechlts so far those times are okay but this market has been unsure about how much to extrapolate from the recent strength >> that is going to do it for us mike, thank you very much for "closing bell. happy thanksgiving, we are thankful for you, our audience "fast money" begins right now. >> live from the market site in new york's time or scare tonight our lineup on "fast" the countdown is on. a mere 30 shopping days left until christmas and the buying bonanza kicks off in hours as black friday gets under way. we'll break down the holiday season plus a big bet on bitcoin, tom lee calling for prices to nearly double by the end of this year why he sees a big breakout building later, bring out the fancy silver ware, thanksgiving, traders are serving up a heaping
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helping of their favorite food snack. and a few names there with leftovers. we start off in a festive move this thanksgiving eve after a two-year race. the balloons are fast ready to go for tomorrow's thanksgiving day parade, santa claus is set to be the star attraction. but, has st. nick already come and gone for wall street this year the s&p 500 eeking out a gain today. it's still down nearly a percent from the record hit on monday. the nasdaq down more than 2% is it too late to get in on the seasonal rally in will investors be left with a lump of coal in their stockings this holiday guy adami. happy hump day the day before gobble-gobble day. what do you think? >> this set me up to be a little ebenezer scrooge here. i'm not going to get involved in your reindeer games here i've done this long enough to know this market is impervious the sell-off probably happened already. we're in the seasonality period.
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we probably will continue to greened higher i thought a couple months back in october, we closed 2,100. down to 4270 here we are. the grind continues. if you want to take something out of a quiet day, if there is one thing to take, just in my opinion, the moving right was interesting. traded up to 169 closed lower on the day. i think that should assuage some of the concerns for people as we get into what is as you know, mel, the gobble-gobble day after this hump day that we find ourselves on >> you said assuage. i thought you said suede, referring to tim seymore's vest. what do you think, have we seen the best s&ps tore 2021? >> i don't think so. it is toasty by this fire. i am on the location on central park west. so we have sightings of underdog and many other balloons out there. if you think about it, while you
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were waiting for santa to come he dropped presents under the tree we're up 10.5% on the s&p since that october 4 low so you can make an argument, we've had a pretty darn good rally. if you look at guys talking about interest rates look at the short curve. look at where we are in terms of how much fed we're going to have next year and any time you have the fed involved, i mean involved from a tightening perspective, it's not a good backdrop for markets i think we have more room to run here i think we've had the type of leadership both from megacap tech that will take the market higher if you look below the surface, there is some pain but i think next year's the conversation to be more concerned about. i think santa's already come early because of supply constraints and disruptions. i think there is a lot of stuff up to date your tree already i wouldn't be expecting a lot more. >> i mean the yield move the guy was highlighting today, steve, it seems to point to a desire
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for bonds to test 174, which, of course, was a high from earlier this year. >> yeah, i think we should test that level whole we'll probably actually break through that level we'll have the fanfare and we'll explode with inflation yada, yada, yada i don't think we will see inflation despite what everybody thinks i think it will be accommodative most of the year i think the fed will do some things around the edges, but nothing to hamper the rally. i think the large tech names will be just fine. the meg go growth names will continue to fade i think that the problem that i and many others will have is when did the cyclical's really start to move forward if we're going to be looking more at deflation versus inflation so i think it's going to be a little rotation but i think the markets can go
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higher >> dan what are your thoughts >> i don't think anybody is capable of reading dan's lips. oh, there we go. dan. >> i just downloaded skype on a new computer here. i think tim had it right here. they say there will be a lot more fed in 2022, regardless of what steve thinks they will do around the edges the perception is there are going to be taperings. they will be done at some point in 2022. the expectation for rate hikes have been pulled forward here. so at some point early in 2022, the market for investors will have to reprice things they're starting to reprice a lot of high valuation growth that's not particularly profitable they will eventually get to these megacap names. i'm telling you, there is no way to avoid it. if you think back to q1 of this year, what was the massive under performs that we saw and what
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groups were rates rising it was megacap tech the nasdaq did reverse most of it early year gains and obviously it's gone up quite a lot since then i think what was most troubling as we head into the new year is microsoft gained a half a trillion in market cap in less than two months. so has tesla nvidia gained 200 become apple is trading at an all time high, under performing the nasdaq it's up 16% in a little more than a month-and-a-half or so that's not particularly sustainable especially if you will be repricing growth here. those are expensive names. unless you are telling me at 28 times, okay, that this is a new valuation regime, i don't buy it there is nothing in my 25 years in my history of the market that tells me otherwise so the more you get right now into the holiday season is the more that comes off at some point in early 2022. >> there is a vast difference
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between a zoom or peloton or microsoft or apple guy, do you think the writing is necessarily on the wall, that it's just a matter of time before this tech sell-off reaches the megacap? because if it does, then we do have a problem right. the overall marks have a problem for sure >> we started this show. you tasked us with, is santa going to come? that to me is the next month or so i think, yes, we will face that. i don't think we will face it until mid-2022 or thereabouts. i think these big cap names that are still relatively fairly valued like microsoft, apple, facebook, google, to a certain extent even amazon, believe it or not, i think they'll continue to do the grind. i apologize, dan actually asked me to go to the application forum to buy the skype thing i wasn't able to get there there was too much traffic i apologize to our "fast money" audience >> the lines are real long for
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the applications these days. that's popular steve grass so, what sectors? is there a seasonal trade sector wise to your end interview >> yeah. i mean one of the names that i hold is still sonos. i think a lot of their headwinds where you couldn't get products on the shelves you couldn't get products for them to actually get in the hands of consumers those are, have gone by the wayside. i think names like that, i think travel names will be up. names like costcowill be up. there will be a chase still for some portions of retail. other portions as we've seen that don't have pricing power will fall out of bed i don't think you are going to see. i think you will see vacation stocks come into vogue again people couldn't get out of their home now they're planning vacations, six, eight, nine months out, because they don't want to lose a spot on the plane. so airlines, hotels, retail,
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some of the names in the higher end retail and then if you want to go cyclical, you can go with the banks if you think rates are moving substantially higher. >> what do you think is the trade for the next month i mean, talk about "fast money"? that's "fast money", right for the next month until year end, tim, where do you think you get the most bang for your buck? >> i am comfortable with that time horizon, that works if you look at the durable goods numbers today up 9.8%. if you look where ppi have been, these are trades very good for resources essentially inflation type trades, the dollar has been a bogey here to watch. it's up almost 4% in the month of november. on some level it's actually supporting that. on some level it's a headwind. clearly, it's a headwind for other parts of the world, especially big producers for these resources or machinery i think that's the trade energy will continue to be i think supported.
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we can talk all we want about what's going on, on the politics of oil but the reality is there are supply/demand constraints that are pushing the case higher. we have a case resource around infrastructure i know this has been talked about, this isn't a new idea you are seeing miners that are run better now have you the financial market conditions to see these things run higher. that's the trade i'm not too worried about megacap yet. i think they will be more defensive than the high multiple names in a rising rate environment. that's exactly what we have seen of late. >> dan >> no one is worried about the megacap tech that's the problem i'm telling you, it's all going to happen quickly. i will say one area i think is worth a shot in year end, snap, twitter, pinterest all down 30% in a little more than a month. ily i think lyft is down i think there are some real opportunities there. i think there are gaps to be
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filled in those names over the next couple months >> i smell a segment for the december 31st edition of "fast money" for our predictions of the best trades to year end, guy to round it out what are your picks? >> essentially, zoom you might have had capitulations i understand what dan is saying. some of the names have gotten beaten up. maybe a lot of the sellers exhausted theremselves. we hadassah hill bloom talking about twitter, twitter is worth a look at well i think lyft is a much better company than uber. i'm with tim on this one, these resources trades which had a huge run, have sold off, i thithin alcoa can rally into the new year as well we'll talk new year's eve. wall street is on the cusp of a rally the managing partner and cnbc contributor, tom, it's always great to see you. >> great to see you.
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happy thanksgiving >> happy thanksgiving to you i'll ask you the same question what are the best trades in your view to year end >> you know, i think interest rates will be one of the key piff pivots but from an equity perspective, we're entering a strong period powell is renominated. there is a lot of cash on the side lines i know there is a lot of volatility that put money on the sidelines and tax law selling. so i think we will finish quite strongly but i see this led by not only cyclical's but also the fang complex. so it's almost a fang plus epicenter rally. >> and you're still sticking by your 48 hundred to your end? is that right? >> i think we will surpass 48 hundred into year end. part of it is going to be to the extent that some of the things that have scared people like the european lockdown, those aren't going to be for six weeks.
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so i think as soon as those lift, we're going to go back into a much stronger risk on environment, so it could be a 4900 number. i will say 4800 is probably the base case to your end. >> tom, it's tim talk about energy and the institutionss and your clients on this trade. are they going to ever be investors again? carla on and talks about a head fake we talk about the oil price, but who is really investing here >> yeah, i'd say that investors in 2021, institutional kind of looked at energy but from a distance because they thought okay this is a small group it's made a big move they figured oil wasn't really going to go anywhere as you know, oil is actually getting took tight market. i think the white house fired its last bullet in terms of releasing spr. now it has a runway to move
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towards 100. as investors think about 2022, i think at the top of the list is exactly what you guys described. that it's a resource energy equity trade because their structural shortage of ohio it will take years, the demand side will rebound as we get to the last of the covid and now the anti-viral pills i think the covid vision looks so much better next year investors want tore exposure we're seeing incremental interest you are seeing it in the relative performance >> hey, tom, when you look at this time of year, everyone starts to throw out those biggest surprise trades of the folth following year what do you see reits and how does that mess up your prognosticating of the year, whether it's energy, whether it's the banks, everyone expects reits to explode above 12% what happens if it doesn't what happens if they don't what happens if we see a ten year that's 1.2, 1.3 for the
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majority of the year >> yes that's a key middle ground actually, you know at the moment the bond market is looking for fed liftoff far more aggressively than the street is and obviously far more progressive than the fed the big pivot is what if inflation sees stable to falling inflation on a lot of goods? that would be a big shock because you would see as exactly 12kr50ibd, a huge adjustment across the entire curve of yields i think it ends up being yields are lower. it really elevates equity risk premium, which means the market can go into another gear >> tom, i want to ask you about bitcoin. you got a big call you think $100,000 is where it goes in the final weeks of the year is thanksgiving going to be -- is this going to be one of the thanksgivings and people are around the table talking about
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etherium and bitcoin and nfts and so on? and that's what helps bitcoin go higher >> that's what happens around thanksgiving as people talk about things that have either been transforming or life changing you know, crypto is one of those things because as you know like even something like one in five home down payments is coming from crypto profits. it's a staggering number for home time buyers i think it's 2017, people come home for thanksgiving. they talk about crypto there is only 200 million wallet users world wide out of 7 billion people it's still in the earliest stages i think both institutional and individuals will talk a lot about crypto i think they will conclude 2022 is a great year. that's what i think strengthens bitcoin to year end. >> one in five home down payments comes from crypto profits. >> i saw that study. it was shocking. >> wow imagine what it is, what the
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impact will be on the economy during a crypto winter i think that will be interesting to watch if that ever happens, tom, great to see you. happy thanksgiving >> thanks, you too, and to the crew >> nathan, what do you think >> yeah, listen, tom has had a lot of great calls this year you know when we think about the volatility of the stockmarket or the lack thereof is that the s&p 500, there hasn't been a peak to trough decline tom is telling his clients to rotate properly, have that volatility buy the dip in the s&p 500 that's been the right trade. i think his call on crypto is really interesting when i think about bitcoin, you know, i get it i get the institutional adroppings i get like it gets bought at every big dip and 25% dips are not that unheard of. we had a 55% one this year what i find most giving out of thanksgiving, it might be
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etherium we were talking earlier in the week about nfted that might be the sort of thing where people get excited about they made unload on etherium but 4200 bucks for an eity than 55,000 for bitcoin i get it i think etherium is the one i would list at double before bitcoin. >> i mean, you got to put money on the fact that you know uncle bob or grandma is going to be asking you, tim, about what is this nft thing who do you do with these nfts when you buy them? it's going to be the talk. because that's what the cultural, that's where zeitgeist is right now especially have been a friend of uncle bob he doesn't step foot in my house. we said this, people are thinking commercially. etherium conversion ratios that tells you a lot there is more than just the
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dynamics of the nft that really is all speculation but, in fact, those are the people looking at yield instruments. so i think it's the evolution of the nft market is not just about the hype and the speculation although, either way, it's speculation. therefore, yes, thinking in terms of the market and the housing down payments one in five from crypto profits we also said on this show the treasury instrument dujour of choice for a lot of these traders are megatech companies i think that is something you should be concerned about also is a knock down effect from that potential crypto winter when jeff it strikes. >> by the way, we have a special hour tonight starting at 6:00 p.m., crypto night in america. if you want to study up. guy. ahead of thanksgiving dinner on all things crypto at 6:00. retailers getting ahead of black friday the traders are breaking it down
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for us airlines are gearing up for a much-needed travel search. phil le beau is on the ground of the chicago-o'hare airport with more phil >> melissa, this is the best week for air travel in the u.s. since before the pandemic. is it enough to drive the airlines to a profitable fourth quarter? we'll talk about that enwh "fast money" returns >
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. welcome back to ""fast money."" 20 million people. that's how many passengers the tsa expects to screen this busy holiday weekend. it could be a major gut check. phil le beau is here for more on this holiday rush. hey, phil. >> reporter: the into news for the airlines, it's been a smoth start for the holiday week it's expected to continue through sunday and monday. that's the good news also the fact they are seeing record number of people fly back and forth for the pandemic if you look at the numbers, it was down 13% improvement over the first half of november and improvement over november we're not back to 2019 levels. it is improving. as for airfares, they are also ticking up, which is what the airlines like.
5:24 pm
they are not quite the '19 levels they have a note saying 3q21 and 4q21 average advertised fairs are up 10-15%. we talked about jet fuel being up 70% in the last year. the reason why when you look at the large airlines, the big four the analysts are expecting them to report some type of a loss in the fourth quarter now it should be an improvement over third quarter it will probably be a loss also when you take a look at jet fuel, it has eased a bit there have been a few people who say maybe we saw the worst of the jet fuel increase. maybe we see things come back a little bit so for all of the airlines, we are showing you also alaska, jet blue, frontier as well as spirit, that would also buiy them especially if we
5:25 pm
see the demand stay roos bust as the, bottom line is this, this is the week the airlines needed. a tough a great start, now they need to see this continue through the rest of the holiday season >> all right phil, thank you, phil le beau. obviously, the airlines are here obviously, people are going some place. they're staying some place they're doing things when they get there. we highlighted some of these stocks earlier. >> yeah, marriott vacation club looks like a better buy to me, a setup on the chart versus marriott hotels, marriott hotels actually looks like it's formed a head and shoulders pattern it looks it wants to come in 10%. as far as the airlines, they all look the same to be on a cart. they all look like they are ready to bounce. they've all ran up pretty recently they've come off pretty substantially and now they all look like they're bouncing right where they should, expedia
5:26 pm
actually had a pretty good run from 157 or so to 188 and then it stopped on a dime right into 50% retracement. that one actually looks like it's due for a run as well. >> expedia, guys you like that one, the health trade. >> it's unbelievable i think like a trap, a steel trap in your mind, yes, you recall that properly i'll throw one at you, mem, look at quarter airbnb put up a couple weeks ago they ran into a rally, a huge profit 215, back in may or thereabouts. if you get an opportunity mid--165, you buy it with both hands, the quarter was very good when things do reopen in ernest, i'm not sure who he s. when it finally does happen, airbnb is significantly higher throw that one in on your shopping list, your wish list, or whatever list it is.
5:27 pm
>> whatever you want you call it >> black friday list my wife, everybody is yelling at me, i got people in the kitchen yelling at me. it's crazy here in this house tonight. >> where are you now coming up, retail big names sinking ahead of black friday. are these stocks worth a try on? plus, a diamond in the rough, j.p. morgan ceo walking back comments on china. we are back right after this today, your customers want it all. you have to deal with higher expectations and you have to lower wait times. with ibm, you can do both. your business can unify apps and data across your clouds. so you can address supply chain issues in real time, before they impact your bottom line. predicting and managing operational issues that's why so many businesses work with ibm.
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welcome back to "fast money" nordstrom crater after disappointing earnings reports, the big move comes as we gear up
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for the most important time of the year for the retailers while these companies may be struggling with supply chain issues our next guest says the consumer should be strong until the end of the year. great to see you, jerry. >> my pleasure. >> so do you still stick by the winners? how have they been faring since the last time we talked i think two weeks ago? >> fantastic it's very, very clear, the consumers are spending at unprecedented levels they're fueled by strong balance sheets and deposit spending. when you look at sales versus 2019 over the last couple months, they have been growing 20% versus 2019. that appears to be sell rating to this dto be sell rating to this day i would shy away from department stores and apparel stores. i'd be very worried about them
5:31 pm
meanwhile, you know, walmart, target, home depot, lowes, tj maxx, costco these are companies that won before the pandemic. they won during the pandemic and they're winning now. in some cases their stocks went down, even though they're great companies because they didn't meet very lofty expectations but i put any one of them into a savings account or an investment account for our children and grandchildren. we can do that with department stores or apparel stores i don't think they know where they're going. >> it seems like a blanket statement on the part of the department stores. i'm wondering if you see any difference from macy's or that is also in a failing category, destined to fail, despite the stock run. it seems to be managing inventory issues of the supply chain pretty decently. >> it's really interesting if you look at the bicker pick department stores have already lost they're going out of business or they've shrunk and lost significant market share compared to the company i was
5:32 pm
mentioning earlier they're not if you look at market factor any more in retailing. we like to hear about it there is a parade, et cetera what we did see is macy's outperformed a company like nordstrom's. what is happening is the supply chain has become the new weather. retailers used to blame the weather because it's an exogenous factor how can macy's have good numbers and nordstrom not? they blame it on the supply chain. in other cases they have not worked the supply chain hard enough, diversified their stores a. lot are way too dependent on countries in southeast asia. and they haven't been able to get those goods ahead of time. that will only help them through this holiday you still have the fact millennial's will not wake up from the pandemic. i'm going to the department stores i love them.
5:33 pm
just because macy's will get the goods and stocks these companies must reinvent themselves i would sigh they might be 10-to-25% of the way there time will run out as we get into years in the future. >> i'm with you. you mentioned a couple names we talked about costcoand home depot specifically the only concern if there is one i have, people piled into this and valuation does not seem to be a concern these names have been parabolic. is it too much, too fast >> it's a good question. i'm not a factor i pay more attention to the fundamentals. the winner is a great company and long-term investment there are three, the stocks haven't grown, they're fantastic. one is wal-mart. i know every time i say i'm not so sure. they go nowhere, beside the fact they are kicking the cover of the ball online and in the stores, they're the dominant
5:34 pm
grocer in the company, nobody has been knock them off the thrown when the doors reopen, people will flock there they will have no trouble, trust me, getting goods in this environment. then i'd have to come up with amazon for gosh sake's, the stock has gone nowhere all year. they're the dominant player. dominant in the largest most growing sector of retail, ecommerce. no one is close to them. even walmart is a fraction of their size, you have to look at that company and say, geeze, it took a pause, when will it resume that acceleration we seen for 20 years >> thanks to see you >> my pleasure >> i think he reaches a good point you can be a winner in terms of sales, et cetera. not a winner in the eyes of the stockmarket in terms of stock appreciation so a walmart and amazon versus let's say a target, another winner macy's, tim, where would you go in.
5:35 pm
>> impassioned analysis by jerry. look, i'm long walmart and amazon i think both of those stocks are victims of a couple things amazon, ridiculous comps out of covid. to me, that is the top megacaps tech stock walmart, look, relative to target, it's under performed at 40%. 40% on a one-year basis. the multiple hardly demanding and as jerry pointed out, actually in a world where we have inflation, food inflation is a good thing for wal walmart. they push people around on price. they get zero credit meanwhile, we know where amazon trades like both of those trades, like walmart over target, not as a function of execution as a function of valuation and performance. >> dan, i will not only ask you what you like in retail, but perhaps what you dislike so you can open the yield up a little more >> yeah, i think jerry brings up
5:36 pm
a great point about the disparity of results between the macy's and a walmart i agree on walmart i agree on tjx that is probably ready to head back toward those prior highs. maybe up about a 10% move, maybe into year end. also, i will mention, though, there are some crazy moves we started out talking about gap today, obviously, nordstrom today. best buy that stock went up in a straight line like 35% in two months and then gives half of it back in like that. so like i say, there are a lot of weird dislos angeles going on here you look at that costcochart pull up that costcochart that's not normal for a $250 market cap company which is not doing that much better than some of the biggest competitors to me i think there is a lot of oddness going on once we get through some of these supply chain bottlenecks, food inflation
5:37 pm
all this other stuff going on, by this next year, it will be a reversion for some of the things that have gone straight out. >> cramer is doubling down, to find out which one, check out the cnbc investing club member coming up, a diamond in the rough j.p. morgan ceo jamie dimon walking back comments he made about the communist party and the fallout. the details are next later, we're heading south of the border for "options action". how they have a master etf all that and much more when "fast money" returns "fast money" returns
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mpblsz welcome back to "fast money" jamie dimon doing damage control, walking back comments on china he quipped that his wall street bank would outlast china's communist party. dimon saying today, quote, i regret and should not have made that comment i was trying to emphasize the strength and longevity of our company. j.p. morgan and the communist party in china are celebrating their 100th anniversary. they were basically established on the same day. so, dan, what's your take on
5:41 pm
this >> listen, we seen this with a lot of corporate leaders having to walk a line with the chinese. you know, there is a huge opportunity for any american company that wants access to their billion-plus consumers i think the number is a billion two. listen, the reason people love jp dimon as a ceo, everyone once in a while sticks its foot in its mouth. we all do it he came back and did what he needed to do there will be back channeling with stuff there j.p. morgan's plans with china will probably be on track. >> i feel like for business people and ceos, there are three things you never want to talk act. right? politics, religion and china, tim. you don't make fun of the communist party. that strikes me as kind of dumb. you are just asking for trouble. >> yeah. you pla i by china's rules on the ground xi jinping has proven he's highly sensitive to any, there are going to be a lot more sensitive to any attack upon
5:42 pm
their social structures than they are on their economy. so, you know, this is an issue that i think is, we talked about it, i think jamie dimon delicately side stepped through this the communist party has done their own damage to their own marks and they care a lot about being a blo a global market cen. to have confident, et cetera if you look at the chinese etf of their internet companies is down 55% off the highs him some of the names are down close to 60, 70% a. company like ali baba got sold off on fought great numbers. it's not about the numbers it's ultimately the arbitrary dynamic in which i think the chinese government rules over. they can hide behind cyber they can hide behind anti-trust. the reality is you have basically taken out the last two-an-a-half years. you're at 2017 levels. that's getting interesting,
5:43 pm
despite my criticism. >> you have a cheshire cat green on your face. >> i don't know how to smell cheshire are you a fan? >> like snoopy or walnuts and peanuts? i like both. >> precisely snoopy peanuts. bear with me, i will kopt come to a point, hopefully before the koipt show it's a great pumpkin, linus van pelt was in the pumpkin patch with charlie brown and said, if the freight pumpkin comes. then he realized if and not when he couldn't put that genie in the bottle and the great pumpkin didn't show up same thing with jamie dimon, he'll walk it back, the great pumpkin isn't showing up. coming up, heading down to mexico details on that trade next get ready to load up your
5:44 pm
flights. we are diging into a game of feast or fast. our annual tradition the traders are setting the table on these names next. "fast money" is back in two. ♪ dream, dream that's the thing to do ♪ ♪ music ♪ when you see value in all directions, you add value in all directions. accenture. let there be change. ♪ ♪ amazing... jerry, you've got to see this. seen it. trust me, after 15 walks gets a little old. [thud] [clunk] [ding] ugh...
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coming up at the top of the hour on cnbca.cnbc special, crypto night in america the latest moves, potential regulation and the future for the crypto space you don't want to miss it at 6:00 p.m. eastern time on cnbc south of the border. the eww mexico etf, the mexican pe so drops about 1% against the dollar mike ko with the action. mike. >> so eww traded 11 times its 20-day average in puts outpaced call by two-and-a-half to one the trade we saw was a buy of 3,000 o. january 43 puts the buyer was paying about $1.10 and selling 4500 of the 40 strike put the buyer put spread is betting eww is going to fall between those two strikes, that would be a decline of 8-to-13% over the course of the next eight weeks then as you point out, this does
5:48 pm
have a lot to do with the peso so because eww is not a currency hedge etf. >> got to go to the etm specialist for his thoughts. tim. >> well, you got that 4% dial move in november you had mexico, which is, that eww has things like cell phone companies, a couple banks in there. it's not a terribly sexy, call it cyclically oriented etf nor is that economy outside of oil. around i do think if you see oil prices stay here i actually think mexico remains an interesting investment. right now they're under pressure with the dollar move it's making that's where option traders are making the bet here. >> mike, thanks for that mike ko, for more "options action," tune into the full though that is this friday. we're off next friday. still ahead we are gearing up for thanksgiving serving up a helping helping of food stocks the traders are filling their plates next. don't go anywhere.
5:49 pm
you are watching "fast money" live from the market site in time's square. we'll be right back after this
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. welcome back to "fast money. tomorrow families all across america will gather around the dinner table to celebrate thanksgiving so with food on our mind, we thought it would be a perfect time to play feast or fast which food-related stocks are they gobbling up here's how the fame works. the rules are simple if the trader leaks the stock, he will say feast. you will hear that. if a trader does not like the stock, he will say fast. you will see and hear that let's get going. we start off with chipotle losing a little sizzle tim, are you biting into this one? >> i got to tell you, i am going to fast on this one. and, look, i have been fasting on this one for a long time. i have been wrong. the valuation. whoa, okay the valuation has really not made sense for the last $1,000 on the stock still trades north of 65 but relative to the peer group,
5:53 pm
their pricing power, the growth, the margin, the loyalty, i get it, but i'm fasting. >> guy, how about you? >> i think you know where i stand. the burrito blowout is live and well the stock sold off from 19.50. 30% etf growth which i think justifies the valuation. their digital model is probably best in breed right now. they did announce they were going to reduce emissions by 50% by 2030. i thought that was one of the selling points of cmg? who am i i like it, i'm feasting. >> i can't decide which sound effect i like better darden up 25% this year. steve, does this look tasty? >> yeah, this would be a feast for me during the pandemic, people would order out and now as we're coming out of the pandemic, they're dining in. the chart looks like it wants to bounce the street price targets have
5:54 pm
this thing up at around 172, 175. somewhere thereabouts. i would still be a feast of this one. i like the chain i like the restaurants they have and i do think that the future is brighter than the present >> guy darden >> fasting i got to fast. i mean, listen half the time, half sicilian, the olive garden doesn't do it i think it trades down to 138 before it makes if you all-time highs. fast. >> let's get to hershey, dan, do you have a sweet tooth on this one? >> i do not. i will fast. this is like if you are walking down the candy aisle and you see a hershey bar and a twix a couple feet away you are going for twix there is nothing exciting about hershey. trades four times, dividend yield, the stock has traded very well it looks like a good technical
5:55 pm
setup if you are playing for a breakout i can't find a reason why i want to take a bite out of this one >> i mean, dark chocolate kiss with an almond in the middle tim, where are you on hersheys >> i will feast on this. i know more about hershey than i care to, having taken my son there last friday. so, look, hersheys, the reason i own it, they have pricing power, margin eighth case where the balance sheet is hardly constrained here i think they may be more aggressive i think it's a great franchise i had a great time a week ago. >> mcdonald's having an all time high today feast or fast? >> feast if i'm around a mcdonald's on friday, i'm definitely getting ability six cheeseburgers, a large fry and a medium coke. stock continues to grind higher. people shot against it on valuation.
5:56 pm
incorrectly, feast >> steve how about you? >> i'm going to say fast on this one. it's difficult for me to say fast on this one, the chart is set up, looks excellent and everything about the company i love it's all about the drive through with mock donald's they've limited their skews. they know how todo it seasonality wise they figured out how to have the ordering through kiosks. but when you look at the chart, it might be slightly over extended him people are looking for a dining and experience at this point that would be my only headwind i'm hesitant to say it i'm going to stick with the fast >> all rht next, we got your final trade.
5:57 pm
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time for the final trade let's go around the horn him tim. >> i'm guessing you will be on amazon ordering all those christmas gifts. amazon >> steve >> delta looks like it wants to take off >> nathan. >> yeah, we're talking about some of the social names beaten up of late i like snap here they will have a gap fill over the next couple months >> i wish you could go the
6:00 pm
gobble-gobble for feast or famine happy turkey day guy, what's your final trade >> jack dan yells. brown-forman earnings into december. >> thanks for watching "fast." have a safe thanksgiving day we'll be back on monday. kryptonite in america starts right now. tonight on cnbc, get current on crypto in just one hour bitcoin for christmas. turkey and nfts on the table everything you need to know about the much discussed but little understood asset class and how to make money off of it. you'll hear from one of the kings of crypto, mike novogratz and the mayor of the magic city and uncovering all of the magic. crypto night in america starts right now. welcome to


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