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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  November 24, 2021 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it is 5:00 on cnbc your top five @5 rising rates keep up the pressure this morning. looking for something to be thankful for call it a retail rout. enough is enough hundreds of google employees drawing a line in the sand over vaccine mandates tis the season for a data
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breach a warning of hackers striking over the holidays. >> and a morning rbi puts president biden oil in context this is "worldwide exchange. >> good morning. good afternoon, good evening happy thanksgiving eve i am brian sullivan. thank you for joining us think about interest rates and maybe turkey stock futures tuesday, merely a mirror image of monday. the dow up tech down and commodities up dow futures are down about 130 as well. nasdaq futures are lower
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the dow has done a little here and there. a pretty sizeable decline with the underlying story nasdaq futures down about 34 points small caps lower as rates try to claw their way higher. yield is lower at 1.64%. looking at oil and the strategic release. oil looking a little higher. this is why at 5:00, you can't look five minutes earlier because things change. there is no volume oil is down. we'll explain why or at least
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try to in the rbi coming up the in this case in asia overnight china slamming the biden administration. >> china is accusing the president of a mistake saying that taiwan will be one of the 110 democratic governments. china will not be part of the
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submit has claimed the democratic governed island as one of its territories that they will have to take measures if that red line is crossed sending a letter and adding that a 3 d investment wants to solicit orders tesla looking to shell out over
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$1 billion to finish the new vehicle factory in texas the company looking to wrap up construction on several major developments that will produce the cyber truck vehicles that model y is the fifth to car. >> i'm surprised it is only fifth. i joke that california should replace the bear on the flag with a model 3 or something. >> it is up there in california,
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they always want to be cool. >> you ride your electric bike from san diego to lake shasta. one big number you should focus on for stocks. i would argue that is a big number joining us now. first off, happy thanksgiving. hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow on the private equity firm
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looking at this environment where the government is a bit more hawkish i think that is an interesting environment that could send us higher >> that's a lot of cash. how much of that will go to buy backs? how much of that is a record year certainly a lot of debt.
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they've learned the lesson i think at the end of the day, size matters and why not the larger the size, the bigger the multiple people pay for that dearly >> those stocks we are thankful for. pen ski automotive group, we don't talk about it a lot but it is big, it is a power house and it is growing. >> they don't see it that shift has been a little more
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difficult. that is a great runway for companies like penske. the majority of sales comes from used sales. >> wrapping up with academy outdoors not a name i'm familiar with. >> one of the names in our midcap 30 fund 160 stores in 60 states. growth and earnings.
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valuation and stock valuation it lives in the shadow of dicks sporting goods academy is a younger story a little more room for growth. a compelling idea of market trading. >> i know you got up early we appreciate it >> we are just getting started your morning and one computer getting a boost. consumers getting a jump start on the holiday season how those
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shares down 13%. cutting guidance on the year supply chain problem including factory closures in vietnam. addressing the issue on jim cramer last night. >> shorting the stock out about half a billion in transitory air costs. we believe the right thing to do with the right stock across all four grands. >> stock two another retailer nordstrom fell
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well short product shortages nordstrom wrack has suffered severe shortages in things like women's clothes and shoes. hp with a strong outlook office reopenings are helping with the pc demand that stock up nicely. >> still ahead, adele continuing her global nomination in music the record setting album that story is straight ahead >> announcer: today's big number, 53.4 million
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that's how many are expected to travel this week according to a report from triple a
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unbelievable. unbelievable. [ding] welcome to wednesday morning. outside the world of business, frances rivera is in new york with more. >> we have more details around
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the christmas parade tragedy including another death of a child. the suspect appeared in court to face five counts of homicide and a sixth to be added. >> the fate of the three men accused of killing ahmaud arbery in the hands of the jurors hours ago, nasa sent the first mission of its kind to space with a mission to head to an asteroid. the space craft will smash into the asteroid at thousands of
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miles an hour. that will happen next fall we can all sleep well knowing this mission is under way. >> i think that was a movie plot at some point. die hard asteroid. >> that is a christmas movie too. >> now i have a machine gun. thank you very much. now to the lighter side.
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top selling album of the year and very high price for one, shall we say strong smelling ingredient often found by large hogs in the woods. bertha, before we get into this, your view on die hard. christmas movie. yes or no? >> no. i'm all about elf or, you know, the fun stuff. that's just me i'm not into blowing things up for christmas a surge in global wealth, inflation, crypto and nft craze
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raised the demand in prices. adele is still rolling in the deep with her new album which has taken three days to become the top selling album of 2021 confirmed by billboard, next week, 30 will become adele's third number one album in the u.s. a two-pound white truffle has sold for almost $118 million at auction in italy. held at the truffle fair and purchased by the chef who runs an italian restaurant in hong kong the prices have risen due to a hot summer in italy and the
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supply chain issues. >> it is everything. why didn't you do the laundry? supply chain issues. you didn't pay the electic bill. supply chain issues. >> the one thing about truffles. you get a plain bowl of pasta. add some truffles, now $92 >> next. more on turkey's growing economic crisis and apple is taking steps on how to do business in a country like that.
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stocks facing another hurdle gains after tech day selling future dow off 110, nasdaq down .2.
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oil climbs even after the oil release. the context and what is fuelling that jump. stuffing, yams and good old fashioned holiday hack it is wednesday, november 24 you are watching "worldwide exchange." good morning happy thanksgiving eve full day of trading today. half day of traden on friday we are seeing dow futures off
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tech and small cap stocks down we'll see how long that may last some tech stocks on a down rate low. some ticking lower they have come off their lows. still a very low 1.64% the markets aren't do being a whole lot but certain stocks are. one of your big morning movers, zoom shares down a little a number of firms slashing their prices. i know a lot of you have never not gone to the office i know friends in texas who are
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saying we never left the office. >> and here, google and an internal fight over vaccine mandates >> several workers have signed a manifesto opposing the vaccine mandate. the document signed by at least 600 workers is asking the tech giant to retract the mandate and form a new one inclusive of all googlers they've asked all employees to update vaccine status by december 3 whether they plan to return to the office or not. google has said all employee who work directlyor indirectly with government contracts must be vaccinated even if working from home. >> apple has halted online sales in turkey. reports cited that if customers
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visit the store in that country, they are unable to add items to th their cart musk sold another $1 billion worth of the automaker stock part of a prearranged plan musk sold nearly $10 million tweeting that poll selling 10% of his shares. looks like folks are getting used to it >> don't talk about the turkey economy too much but they are cutting interest rates aggressively that value down 33% in like two weeks. >> it is not a small economy globally >> it makes me wonder if they
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can find the restored value in crypto in china, we did see the government blocking people from having access to cryptocurrencies >> china blocks people from doing things on the internet are you kidding? what i apologize. it is too err will i for that level of snark thank you verymuch thank you. time for this orning's rbi
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the only nonemergency swap nearly every other time, it has been a storm the u.s. either sold or swapped out more than 1 billion barrels. "operation desert storm" in '91, hurricane ivan, katrina, gustav and ike. libya civil war, hurricane isaac. some suggest this is apolitica
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storm a few reasons oil prices rose put this into context those are very small opec oil may not be the kind u.s. companies like to use it can be used in emergency. since there is no emergency. some have reported much of that oil can be sold to other countries whose refineries do like to use it like china and india
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this he could end up seeing more of this than american producers. would we likely sell some of our reserves to china and then have to buy or refill that oil back next year when prices might be higher something to thinkabout. do you think that will impact
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prices >> that strategic reserve was not there due to prices. it is there if something bad happens in america, we are going to have oil to power things with the spr has not and never has been a mechanism to lower prices, period >> right i think your point i think
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yesterday's release of the physical barrels will be coming later in the next coming months but the release may be a case of a bit too muchbecause the that may be more sought after in india and things like that
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>> we have the deal coming in india. under that option. they are allowed to say let's take a pause if they had paused their increase they would look overly political. i think they look over the course now i think doing a change in output this soon would put them under the scope of congress rels that would have that nopec floating around very complicated what do you think? >> i think certainly the u.s. has attempted to artificially
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tame a tight oil market and not succeeded in that. more of the impact in those prices give to a more volatile year coming up in 2022 our house view is that the oil markets was already in sort of a slow walk towards fundamentally loosening in the first quarter of 2022. if opec sort of stays its course and keeps the $400,000 barrel increase, we'll see a loser market for 2022 and opec would
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not necessarily change the actions unless they get to the band level that is too low for its comfort zone >> you think the path of least resis re resistance would be down >> we have to wait to see what the other opec allies have to say on that. somebody should be sitting and watching that call coming up, the global supply chain crunch potentially putting a damper on the christmas gift season the race to snag presents may be
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chances are you've got a thanksgiving menu all lined up i hope you do. did you add extra cyber security to the menu. a warning of possible holiday
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hackers. eamon, who is most at risk >> just about every big company is at risk here they don't have specific intelligence take a look at some of the greatest hacks. clonal pipeline on mother's day. jbs on memorial day and kaseya on fourth of july. hackers know folks in the u.s. will have some did you know time
5:44 am
being off with their families and they might not respond as quickly as usual they said one unusual aspect i didn't see coming. >> saying 70% of those responding were intoxicated when having to respond and having a skeleton crew and those responding online. >> saying your it department might ge might get drunk this weekend and have trouble responding. you want to let people have some time off and have a glass of
5:45 am
wine with dinner or a beer while watching football but you also need a work force in place not saying anything is coming but be prepared. >> i'm not comparing news anchors to doctors or lawyers. if you are on call, something goes wrong, you can't be three cocktails in how do you handle this do you have bob, you are on duty no drinking. we might get hacked. >> you have to make sure your patches are up to date and secure and have a labor work force and put some people on call and say you guys are on
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soft launch if we have something. don't be into the beer stay off at least for the day. >> stay alert. >> eamon, hope you enjoy a cocktail with your family and 14 kids how many kids do you have? >> four. tabing them to see the grandparents it will be great are you going to do the van gaugh emerge >> got to check that out don't do that when you are three cocktails in >> or anything else. >> go to denix at the market with thepork
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going to our guest good to have you on. i was joking saying if i say supply chain issues one more time, my head is going to explode. are consumers making it worst? >> good morning, brian i think the panic shopping started in march of 2020 and has continued to snow ball we say supply chain shortage is like 365-day christmas shopping
5:48 am
season >> probably guilty we've told people to shop early. what are you see fewer ships off the coast of l.a. have you seen any easing shipping rates have come down. >> they have come down but are still 40% up from last year. the panic buying of toilet paper led to panic buying of everything as far as black friday and cyber monday, it started earlier you drive around my suburban neighborhood, everyone has their
5:49 am
decorations up and have for weeks. talking millions of containers that will be stuck by the time it gets to port and to stores, consumers won't see some of that product for months and months >> you are one of the leading wholesalers out there. that's what you do consumers like to shop around. you are saying, don't do that. when you see it, snag it >> this is the tool you love if you are shopping for a kid or parent for a specific gift it might not be there.
5:50 am
consumers are in chrome right now. as containers start to arrive. >> we have a container overload that is not the case you see it and you like it buy it thank you for coming on. appreciate the insight take care. >> you too, brian. on deck, stocks trying to find any moment heading into the holidays as well
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here to layout where he is finding opportunity. get your pencils or pens ready a bk tethdeas wereacafr is
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we are having a great start to your wednesday. happy thanksgiving eve we are thankful to our next guest. john, great to have you back on. happy thanksgiving to you and yours. maybe tomorrow, you may be watching some football and eating some bird or discussing strategy how are things looking in 2022 >> showing 6 to 10% expected gains. are you optimistic for next year >> thanks for having me on the show indeed, i amoptimistic
5:54 am
overall i'm feeling positive this first or second week of december we are usually the last to come in with our target is it just going to be more of the same
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>> powell has proved himself capable of pivoting. we think he's going to be sensible we think the market is very much relieved that biden did not name another person to lead the fed when you consider he's terrific. you don't want to change the fed chair. you want to renominate as they've done well in a tough environment. they've sold off to the levels of last week.
5:56 am
>> if i look at yesterday, naz down down .07. on the other hand, the s&p information technology sector was only down 0.21%. so about a third of that lower because older tech, more establish tech is core and gives you exposure without that volatility you get but still doesn't pay dividends and really established. >> it was quaint back in 1999 when cisco was a company with a market company of a billion. now that would seem like midcap. appreciate you coming on have a great thanksgiving. take care. >> same to you that does it for us here on
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good morning, tech under pressure yields have moved higher we'll hear from cathie wood about it all retailers gap, nordstrom's the latest an american and squawk tradition. we are going to bring you live
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to the butterball help line. "squawk box" begins right now. >> joe is off today but markets are open this comes after a mixed day in the markets yesterday. this was up by half a perfect that nasdaq continues to see


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