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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  November 23, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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before turkey day. there, i said it what's your final trade? >> gobble, gobble. >> you said it all show. pru, higher rates. >> thanks for watching "fast money. see you tomorrow, hump day, the day before turkey.y da "mad money" starts right now my mission is simple, make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a bull market somewhere. rein i and i promise to help you find it m mad money starts now >> welcome to cramer my job is not just to entertain but educate and teach you. call me. you can't always figure out what a stock is worth when is in free fall as so many tech stocks were today, the rest of the market is solid
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dow gaining 195 points the nasdaq lost .50% you have to have figure out what can bottom first >> with so many beaten down stocks feel like they're hitting terra firma now. take a look wlaat what is gettig hit. you can't necessarily prove when exactly a stock can bottom now for starters, last date, federal reserve chairman, fed vice chair, the treasury secretary have all come out and said they're worried about inflation. treasury yields have gone back up too in that environment, they want to pay less for all stocks but particularly the most expensive ones don't sweat this part though. we've seen it before it is just a piece of the puzzle not the puzzle itself. all this hammering about inflation makes it hard to guess where stocks are going to be trading. i saw guess. that is really all we can do
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le let's talk about what is getting hit here first coming into this week, the high flyers were really and truly trading at nosebleed levels some were due to parabolic moves. a straight line higher before the whole thing implodes that includes the cybersecurity stocks and electric vehicle plays. they're doing incredibly well. the stocks have many accolades which means the share prices get pushed up and up and up. not on different news but on the same news. stocks are doing well and also being challenged by competition that could reduce the future earnings none of these companies will admit they're headed for a price war. wall street seems to know something that we don't. en that led to some aggressive selling over the last couple days then there is the third group which includes some nonnasdaq stocks they're the ones with great earnings reports but they've also singled
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wittingly that there is a slowdown ahead best buy and dick's are sending shivers up the spines of big beat, big raise. they didn't get that raise guidance for the fourth quarter they were looking for. they got some. but not enough final group of victims, these are the companies where the numbers, frankly, are let's call them mercury and there seems to be no way to find your footing. there are a ton of these including highly visible ones. with very to show some wrath here let's show one more application. all the stocks have terrible charts especially after they pirouetted down opening big and getting lower. you know what i call that the kiss of death chart. some people call it an island in reverse. let me circle back to the first group of victims the red hots as i call them. these are companies that did
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absolutely nothing wrong nothing. there isnothing -- every one o the companies did better than expected they reported better than expected results top and bottom forecasted higher growth and yet the stocks still getting crushed this week. that is not supposed to p happe right? we have them all they are all doing fantastically. i won't mince words. these are the names you want to buy first! i've studied the tech led selloffs multiple times over the last four years. and the best of breed stocks tend to bottom before all the others amazingly, almost every time these high multiple stocks sell off, the fall lasts for three days three dawesys from the start an then they begin to flat line before powering higher as if nothing really happened except for shakeout of the weak hands and recharge it's a little trickier but the high flyers should be putting in bottoms by ffriday the ones that have done well, they done well but could be facing a ton of
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competition. consider the payment stocks. i'm talking visa, mastercard, square, paypal these are -- you know, like to look at them through these glasses. i can't look at them through rose colored glasses the stocks act horrendously. i think that is going to continue until there is an absolute total shakeout. each time you feel like you're getting a bottom, it turns out they go to lower that is very evidence as mastercard held the analyst day two weeks ago. and square reported what i thought was a solid quarter. it didn't matter you have some truly terrific companies here these are great companies. okay not the companies. but they're in trouble in terms of this stock because they are being competed against by new companies. here i'm talking about companies like affirm. companies like upstart new fin tech and nft. or something that causes bank stops to stop rallying as they go up, these go down
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the other pattern had been most of the year. remember, technology almost never works when the regular financials are worried payment stocks need long term interest rates to come back down and they need to give you some kind of internal catalyst. some sort of reorganization. now it's very, very difficult which is why the payment stocks have become dangerous. historically this group had high anticipate hard to reach multiples. they had limited competition f that is changing, then they have a problem. especially paypal which my travel trust owns. take the bad with the good i tell investment club members all the time you learn a lot more from the weak ones than stronger ones weak ones, if you google weak stock, don't what happens it comes up with paypal. my advice, take your time with the competitively challenge stocks let the sellers exhaust themselves don't be fooled by a one day where it doesn't go down or it
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goes up just a little. it doesn't help that we keep being flooded by the ipos. i'm not saying you have to abandon them if you want to stick with the group, be patient. wait for three or four days that they bottom, not one third group. the companies that crush the estimates but then gave you reason to believe -- let's say feel down beat about the future. it may have been by mistake. best buy and dick's supporting goods, walmart got mashed last week i think the companies were being conservative and the forecasts were taken totally out of context and they're doing really well so, yeah, after skepticism from the people who believe that the best is now behind them, walmart has given us a glimpse of how they're going to bottom. it took a full five days to assure you have firm footing then the stock started crawling back it will be hard for the names to take out their highs i expect them to get hit again we own walmart for the trust as club members know. but it walmart gets back to where it was trade brg, we might
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have to rickng the register. too many question marks. too many question marks. the most problematic ones, i'm talking about oh, man, disney, twillio and zoom they disappointed wall street with franchises looking tired at best here without news maybe an acquisition, maybe breakup, anything to put the near term past behind them i don't expect much positives until they report again. and that's what might change the course that may be too long for some of you. but these stocks are now in the penalty box. they have 50-minute majors that's how it works. the toughest thing, too late to sell the stocks. that doesn't make them compelling when you hear a stock is going down, that doesn't mean you should buy i'm cautious after spending time with the visionary ceo of nvidia everything is guesswork. none of my knowledge is like his. i'm not a fuzzphysicist of stoc. i'm someone that's been knocked around a lot
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just like members of the investment club, i'm a pattern recognizer the bottom line, these historical patterns are good at approximations and i've been through enough of the tech selloffs or the tech lead selloffs to get a sense of how they normally play out remember, in these kinds of selloffs, patience in this business is actually still virtue let's go to victoria in california victoria >> caller: hi, jim love your show love you >> thank you, victoria thank you so much. what's going on? >> caller: sure. for the past few months i've been restructuring my portfolio towards infrastructure now that bill is finally passed. there's one of my stocks that is not doing as well and i was wondering should i be buying more here? that is stock caterpillar. >> i like caterpillar very much. i think they're a natural to do well and i also think that they're incredibly well run. but you have to understand that in -- this is really important a lot of people don't understand this
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before caterpillar gets bought, it it's going to be a company like aecom they do the actual buying. and that's why that stock hit the 52-week high today acm. joanna >> caller: hello thank you for taking my call >> of course what's up? >> caller: well, quite some time ago -- right before the earnings pay com, that was recommended stock at the time, i bought it the earnings apparently beat the forecast apparently was good >> yes, it was >> caller: and it's done nothing every day but go down, down, down, down and i really got hurt on it. so i want to know is it a buy, sell, or hold? >> this is a company doing incredibly well. i think the stock will bounce. when i say uncredibly well, they really are doing fantastically so, joe an yashgs i'm not going to tell you to say pay come. it is doing well
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we have to wait and wait and wait be patient bob in arizona bob! >> caller: boo-yah, jim cramer >> what's happening? >> caller: thank you for everything you do for us home gamers >> that's nice thank you. >> caller: you know, after the recent decline, i'd like to know if i should back up the truck or get out with what's left of my tattered shirt i'm long on gpn. >> global payments is a really good company people are deciding that affirm is going to run over everybody i think that you need to be patient with global payments it's not right i will tell you, when it bounces, it may not bounce for real you have to be really careful. we need multiple up days before global payments can be bought and you can average in which is fancy term for average down. all right. as always, i'm here to help you navigate the market selloffs as i am with the investment club. i'm not a physicist of stocks. i've been through enough of the
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tech selloffs to get a sense of how they normally play out i've done everything i can on "mad money," hp dominated home technology business but as consumers begin to transition out of the home, how is hp poised for the future? i'm checking with the ceo after earnings then take a trip to the supermarket and you'll see the effects of supply chain constraints and worker shortages on your receipt. i'm digging into what the inflated prices mean and if that t bone steak you love or i love will ever return to the old price of just a few months ago and un leafer ceo is out with a new book on the paradigm shift. and i'm learning more from the man himself. so stay with cramer.
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hp spent five weeks moving higher after terrific analyst meeting in october the company announced much better than expected outlook for next year and monster 29% dividend boost then a pretty darn good quarter. hp delivered earnings, beat off an 88 cent basis, higher than expected sales strong guidance. so can this underrated stock maintain momentum? let's check in with the president and ceo of hp. he has done a remarkable job get a better sense of the
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quarter and outlook going forward. welcome back to mad mad. >> jim, great to see you thank you for having me here. >> of course you did it again and i want people to understand that you had a 12% overall net revenue growth and a lot of this was your personal systems business with 13%. many thought this would end. now that we're -- we have the hybrid guy everybody seems to have bought the computer at home got the printer home that is clearly not the case these numbers seem almost secular in growth, not cyclical. >> this is how it is and this is why we have been this for a while that we expect the pc business to it continue to be very strong for the foreseeable future what is driving the demand now is the commercial side as offices are reopening,companie are investing to improve the experience of the employees. and this drives strong demand. >> consumer pc let revenue were down consumer printing net revenue down but the commercial side is on
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fire so what is happening are the big enterprises buying pcs for the workers? >> well, first of all, we see strong demand both across consumer and commercial. what you see really, we are still operating in a supply constraint environment and priority yuzing in commercial sales. marge unis better for the company. what is happening is that companies are investing to improve their experience and employee productivity. and they're doing that on pcs and we're really driving our sales in that direction. >> now you know i'm an hp user and i know that this is odd. i luke to the stock of apple very much. i luike apple. i think the touch screen, as you know, i told you many times, all very exciting. how about just the attributes of the pc that i think is driving a lot of sales. >> we're trying to improve the experiences of our customers
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we're investing to improve the security of the pcs which is very critical these days all the investments and innovations is helping us to continue to drive and to continue to lead in the commercial pc business >> you just gave great guidance in october you crushed it what are you going to do with all this cash flow i mean the cash flow is unbelievable here. >>. >> we're an investment friendly company. we returned more than $7 billion of capital to investors in 2021. we have shares we plan to return at least $5 billion of capital to investors going forward but m & a is also important for our plan we did two acquisitions in 2021. we'll do acquisitions in 2022 to support the growth strategy of the company. we're building a more growth oriented portfolio both through internal innovation and m & a. >> enrique, i keep expecting and
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i said this to your predecessor, one day 3-d will be owned by hp. when >> well, we are really excited about the progress we have made in 3 d we share in our investor three specific applications where we're going to be leading. and, for example, you care about sustainability one of the areas where we see our great opportunity is for molds to replace plastic bottles with paper based bottles this will be a great opportunity going forward and hp is going to be leading it. >> i am a huge believer in that i've seen the early it ragss. i can't resist this. we have dr. goodall on and she talks about your company as being the leader in preserving forests is this a personal concern do you think you know the forests are at risk? tell people. i'm trying to get people involved in companies that are doing well and doing good. >> we are really proud of a partnership that we have with
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jane and her organization. they need to connect the actions to the businesses. a big part of our companies is printing and they associate printing with paper and pauper that comes from forests. we want printing to be positive. we're partnering can jane and a world wildlife fund to restore forests all over the world and we think this is a commitment to the society. and really will help us to improve the world that we live for our kids do you think -- you prudinted t most companies in terms of commercial printing, we are printing -- paper is only one of our initiatives. we also consume a lot of plastic in our cartridges, we really show how what is a commitment that we have to sustainability
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>> i know that jaun wone wouldne you put your name next to hers thank you so much for coming back to "mad money" v great holiday. >> thank you, james. same for you >> look, hp is just up again what can i tell you. much it's a monster. "mad money" is back after the break. >> come up, what can a trip teach you about a trip to the supermarket? cramer talks turkey next
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nurse mariyam sabo knows a moment this pure... ...demands a lotion this pure. new gold bond pure moisture lotion. 24-hour hydration.
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no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin. went to the supermarket last night. picked up a t-bone 1.12 pounds. the price was $24. i thought i was buying a fancy beef thing, wagu maybe a special prime cut.
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but, no, same old steak i used to pay for -- i don't know, maybe $15. let me think of $15, $24, that's too high who is to blame for that everyone from the treasury secretary to the federal reserve chairman to the president. but let's deal with reality that t-bone consider the pretty much everything in the food chain is going up in price from the need to feed cattle and slaughter the cow to the transport to the store to the butcher and the cashier at the register. the only part of the process that is not more expensive is automatic checkout you scan your stuff. even then they have a dedicated person to make sure they know how to use the machines. nobody does. and that's when i reached the conclusion you need -- i believe that the $24 pricetag for that t-bone makes sense it makes all the sense in the world, actually. so much of the supply chain is impacted by covid related absences by retirements by the shortage of truck drivers. surprising number of people recalibrated their entire lives. and while that created strong
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job market, it also means we have to pay more when we go shopping more for the t-bone. the president can't just impose price controls on beef he can momentarily lower the price of oil by tapping the petroleum reserve. i look at the strong action. that isn't going to work so maybe, just maybe, we have to conclude that price is right perhaps the old price is too cheap. maybe beef hasn't risen as much as it should h it's a cutthroat business kit get ugly watch the oxbow incident i don't mean to pick on the meat counter. i think we reached the what are you going to do about it phase of the inflationary surge? in other words, until we beat the darn pandemic, i don't see the prices coming down.
6:28 pm
how can he produce a larger herd of cattle, more butchers sure, once we beat covid, it should be easier for them find workers. maybe we were just lucky to have prices as low as they were for so long. lucky to have so many workers. i can hear already hear the critics, it's okay for cramer. there is so much competition and food space that i probably -- i can get a steak cheaper if it i really hunted for it. >> talking about the oil reserve. you want lower prices, you need people to come back to the labor market the best way is with the vaccine mandate.
6:29 pm
without it, wait, you better get used to it we have to make due. i know that is easy to say i can afford it, i know. but unless you're a business owner, you shouldn't want the federal reserve to slam the brakes on the economy. jay powell can get inflation under control, he'd have to destroy the job market in order to do it. there is higher sticker shot than the t-bone. hey, let's take calls. david in delaware. david? >> jim, dave from delaware here. >> how you doing >> caller: good. jim, these guys have tasty sandwiches and did a recent acquisition. maybe they're not doing as well as competitors what is your thoughts on qsr >> they're not executing as well as the competitors
6:30 pm
that's -- that's a game, set, match. they need to call the ceo of nvidia and get that avatar to start being on the -- you know, that speaker system when you order. they're going to keep sinking. they don't have the edge anywhere anywhere but thank you for the call how about we go to dennis? >> caller: jim, big boo-yah from connecticut. i have questions about monster basically, they came out with a new s new size can liquor business. it is terrific you never tried it should i stuck with monster? >> yes and you should look, i don't think there is any consolation. i think coca-cola already has something in the catalog i think monster is a very good company. i would not trade it although, i will tell you that i also think that we're seeing
6:31 pm
some very good recent results out of the people consolation. i wouldn't sell that one either. i do like monster bench more all right. as much as inflation wants to raise rates. that won't do anything to fix the supply chain problem or make my t-bone go down in place you don't have to love inflation. but for now, we may have to learn to live with inflation much more "mad money." i have exclusive with former unilever ceo i'm learning more about what he is seeing in the corporate landscape. now the last two years have changed the ways companies have to conduct business. then gap reported after the bell i fell into gap. we're going to look at the quarter and get a preview of what to expect this holiday season with the top brass. so stay with cramer.
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there's an incredibly paradigm shift in corporate america. businesses care more about just making money the retired ceo of unilever, this is the new normal companies need to adapt or get beat and left behind that's what he argues in the new book they give more than they take. and that didn't prevent the stock from having to -- because
6:36 pm
the company did most of the peers. the let's talk to the ceo of unilever welcome back to "mad money." >> jim, great seeing you again hope all is well and safe. >> i hope all your kids are good you have a good thanksgiving coming up? >> we look forward to it and then hopefully one day in brooklyn together. >> oh, i hope so well, look, i bet your book is really important it's very important because, frankly, that just may beat schedule but the net positive is something that all the ceo's need to hear i want our audience looking for net positive companies those are the ones that are going to triumph in the end. can you give our audience a sense of what a net positive company looks like and why we should get behind them >> the overshoot is july 29. this is the day that we use more
6:37 pm
resources than the world can re replenish. sim simply not good enough anymore i'm not a better -- i get it, i need to be sustainable, neither good nor bad neither good nor bad, they won't accept either. i can build a coal plant here and have the people live around it, live 12 years less of their lives than other people. but i plant a few trees there. that doesn't work either when we overshoot the boundaries, jim, the only thing that society now accepts is companies that think we reparative and regeneraltive and we call net positive these are companies that take total responsibility of the full impact and consequences in the world, intended or not we see some technology companies celebrating the good things. but avoiding to take responsibility of the bad things doesn't work anymore these are companies that think long term. and optimize the return for all
6:38 pm
of the stakeholders. major banks. anyone that want to come in and stay focused on short term profits, better putting money elsewhere? now half that group is short term profits why did you put it in their faces? >> well, because it's proven to be true. and not investing in the companies, by not unvesting in the multiple stake holders some of the companies find themselves short of talent, no resilience in the value chains lack of innovation and innovation capabilities. and that music stopped playing after a while. so what we are basically saying
6:39 pm
is being a company that profits from solve offing the world's problems not creating the world's problems and what we increasingly see, jim, is that companies that actively already start to attack these negative externals, climate change issues, human rights issues, social safety nets for the workers more gender balance organizations. the racial dimension companies that work these things are increasingly also better valued by the financial market which tells you they discovered that it's not just about risk mitigation it's about an enormous opportunity. if covid-19 has done one thing to us, jim, it has made us discover that we can't have healthy people on an unhealthy planet and the costs that we have been paying for covid-19 has been enormous $17 trillion in europe and the u.s. $27 trillion less in gdp over this decade. people are starting to realize that thecost of inaction is
6:40 pm
higher than the cost of action and that is why the financial market is waking up. >> okay. >> in the book, you talk about salesforce doing right things. are there a lot of companies doing right things we should be looking at so we can get other models besides what you did at unilever >> absolutely. >> what you see is there was an industry even if you compare companies in an industry they chart the negative external alts to order in society are actually lower valued. >> yes >> you take the inference and the rollouts, you'll see the difference in market cap and that is not true by every sector increasingly we see companies thinking about regenerative agriculture, walmart, restoring 50 million acres of land and forests. protecting one million square miles of oceans. microsoft taking carbon out of
6:41 pm
the air since 1975 interface coming out with tiles that absorb carbon we're seeing companies starting to think about net positive. but now we need to do that at scale and speed and do it holistically the that is what the book is about. >> the book is terrific. it's very, very rigorous it's no the just like, look, we have to be, you know, let's save trees. this book tells a lot about what -- i hope the ceos read it. you should read it too paul, thank you for writing the book the first guy that ever really wrote us is staunability reports, a person who taught us so much. paul pullman, co-author of "net positive" and a guy that made a fortune for shareholders thank you for coming on the show, paul >> enjoy holiday season. >> thank you you too. you should get it just to read about the short term fight he had with kraft pies. its joyous the good guys won.
6:42 pm
"mad money" is back after this >> coming up, a storm is coming. cramer has the answers to all your burning questions the lightning round is next. >> next, brian laund ri's cause of death released. the new questions it's rauzing plus, a rare move by the white house to beat back rising gas prices will it work the facts. the truth. the news with shepard smith next
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it is time lightning round. are you ready? jennifer
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>> caller: jim, happy almost thanksgiving >> happy thanksgiving to you >> caller: i have a position in verizon. over last year i watch the stock dribble, dribble, dribble lower. until i'm wondering should i hang on? >> yeah. look, you get the good dividend. it's doing fine. its no the going to -- look, it is absolutely not going to drive, you know, create huge wealth for you but it's going to create a nice stream of income sometimes that's worth it. i need to go to joseph in washington joseph >> caller: cramer, boo-yah >> boo-yah >> caller: thank you so much, sir. i'm calling in about pfizer. >> >> pfizer is doing so well it's a terrific company that deserves all of the good things happening to it. they've done a great job on the vaccine. nathan in texas. nathan >> caller: boo-yah, jim! >> boo-yah >> caller: i watch you every
6:47 pm
night with my daughter she is the only thing she wants to watch other than peppa pig. >> i love it what's up? >> caller: i'm in the house of pawn with ayx. >> cannot believe how low this stock has gotten this has a really great product. these are the stocks that are out of favor i'm warning people to hold on to because they will bounce then we'll mach a decision >> boo-yah, jim. listen, my question is bp aurora innovation ticker ticker symbol aur. >> when we do self driving, we think about one company. that company and the name is nvidia okay that's it. >> boo-yah, jim. how you doing? >> boo-yah back. what's up? >> caller: abr, man, tell me about it
6:48 pm
no no john, it's john from orange county, california. >> it's beautiful. what's up? >> gosh. when you have the ceo on and interviewed him, he said there was supply problems. but that's been some months ago. this is a stay at home company for covid-19 and now it's turning into a work from home company. it's near its 52-week low. what do you think of logitech? >> they aadvice rated it it's now down to 80. i cannot cancel selling this company. the stock is just way too low. and it's got a lot of great things in the pipe i'm not going to tell you to sell logictech
6:49 pm
>> ca caroline in california >> caller: i love your show. >> thank you >> caller: thank you for all you do for us home gamers. >> join the club we need you in the club. what's going on? >> caller: i want some of your insight on key sight technologies should i hold or sell? >> this thing is just been a rocket ship. i have to tell you, i would take a little off the table and then let the rest run. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> the lightning round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade coming up, supply chain suspense is regret in style can a black friday boost help am flsenim dark horse close gap? creral into a must see interview next when traders teo make thinkorswim even better, we listen. like jack. he wanted a streamlined version he could access anywhere, no download necessary. and kim. she wanted to execute
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the retailers making killer right now. and then there are the ones being eaten alive by the supply chain crisis gap just reported after the close. right now sure looks like they're in the latter group. i think gap delivered a big top and bottom line miss management cut the full year forecast substantially they talk about poor congestion and covid-19 factory closures in vietnam. not to mention rising shipping and labor costs. all told, they said supply chain cross-ice could cost them in
6:53 pm
sales. that's why the stock is plunging gap shares have come down. this story became a lot more difficult. can they turn things around? are they doing better now? let's dig deeper with the ceo of gap. find out more about the quarter and where the company is headed. welcome back to mad"mad money." hi, jim. thank you. >> i want to make sense of this. first of all, i think that you're trying to build enduring customer loyalty that's your point. but it's going to cost you about a billion dollars or shareholders about a billion dollars. are these the right choices? and why did other retailers that i follow not have to make those choices and gap did have to do that >> we entered the quarter we are strong demand across the company. i think what we were dealt was a blow of unexpected constraint from our top sourcing country of vietnam with closures and about 2 1/2 months we expected two weeks. now what we chose to do was
6:54 pm
compete. we had a lot of customer loult the new loyalty program launched we had demand strong and i would much much rather have a supply problem than a demand problem, jim. that's what we're navigating true that bulk of the issues this quarter were supply chain related. about a half billion shorted and half a billion of transitory air costs that we're incurring of we believe to have the right stock across all four of our brands and that's what we're doing. so, you know, even with the lump pyness of this quarter, when you step back, you think about the year, we're delivering near record high sales in the company's history even with shedding sales of unproductive sales through closures overall on track for the strategy disappointed in this particular quarter. but all in focus and support of our customer and competing in holiday. >> i want to think forward
6:55 pm
that's what the damage is done for our investors who are watching right now is it possible to still have a good holiday season in the time that's left? >> look, we chose to get our product in it. the so that the product would be there across all four brands and i think that in order to compete, that is the decision we made we think that the outlook shows, you know, i think a cautious q-4, that being said, our inventory supply situation is getting better and better with every week and month and this is a big week with black friday and cyber monday. we're ready to go and compete. >> all right i say to myself that, is a winning brand. why can't gap reconfigure and make athleta be the lead brand and the others are fine, what a star you have. >> look, we have three and four of our brands drove two year positive comps they led the charge with 46% sales growth, right? and so they're in a sweet spot
6:56 pm
of the athletic wear, female empowerment. we're funding them to drive growth on top of that, they have the benefit of the power of our platform with -- which enabled the launch into canada which is enabling their digital domination so really pleased with athleta and gap brand. north america comp sales, they're up 13% on a two-year basis. and, you know, fueled by partnerships that is major tail wind for us whether it is walmart with the second release or easy gap or international partnership that's we lined up for europe we're excited about the momentum we're seeing in gap. but publix relaunched and the dressing coming back and city shopping coming back, they're ready. and old navy also drove two year sales growth in the 9% range with that, while not as high as we want it, that is solid growth which will take $9 billion in
6:57 pm
sales. so overall, core is strong we deal with the transitional issues >> okay. now while you knew that things wrn the going well, you bought 2.9 million shares that is a waste of money >> well, i have to debate that off the show, jim. you know, we think there is a nice balance of dividend, share buyback as well as unvesting in the business the top two investment areas are technology, you saw we made two acquisitions this quarter to strengthen our own investments in our tech stack. our marketing investments which are giving us all time high -- i'm sorry, ten year high margin rates and great price realization across the brands. so the investments we're making supported with a little share buyback feels like the right balance. >> look, whenyou have a division that is such an outstanding star, don't you decide to put far more chips in and take some chips away from some of the other brands, even
6:58 pm
brands you regard as stars >> look, we are -- we're taking an approach that athleta's investment is unconstrained. we're treating them as start-up within the portfolio they're getting the funding they need they're getting the power of the company. the enablement on canada on the back of the infrastructure we launch athleta all across europe this quarter. these are good scam mgexamples power of the portfolio the marketing and technology which is played out with athleta well launching the on line community platform and extension of our digitsal platform where we're seeing women come and have connection with each other and build this online community that is really special with user growth month over month growing by 50%. so in terms of funding, i'm right there with you, jim. we're all behind that. >> one last question best buy reported they saw a big increase in theft. are you seeing that?
6:59 pm
it does seem like a lot of retail is under siege. >> yeah. listen, i think that we are safety first across all of our 3,000 stores our teams are well trained and they're ready. they navigated a lot in the last 18 months. i think the current issues we will navigate them as well with safety for our employees and customers top of mind. >> look, the damage is done for people looking at it now i think the balance sheet is good you got the right set of priorities it just was, i don't want to say the grinch stole it. there is still time, right there is still time. >> listen, holidays, there is always time. i would say, look, the restructuring we did of our debt gives us a lot more financial flexibility. we're playing against our power plan we're on track for that which is top line sales growth and double digits return on sales and we will hit our first year plan this year despite the rockiness of q-3 i'm pleased with that. i'm pleased with what that commitment -- our commitment to next year on track for our plan.
7:00 pm
zblp z >> we have to hold you to that fair enough? >> fair enough >> thank you so much she did come on tonight after a tough dwquarter. she is the ceo of gap. p there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it right for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer see you next time. "the news with shepard smith" starts right now the jury in the ahmaud arbery trial will be back at it tomorrow morning, and another victim in the christmas parade tragedy. i'm kelly evans in for shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc the suspect accused of plowing through a parade of people in court today. plus, the moment of his arrest caught on camera. >> you the jury must determine the guilt or innocence of each defendant separately >> deliberations begin, the future of the three men charged with murdering ahmaud arbery


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