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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  November 17, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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make, you talk about how you are dating yourself. now i understand why you are only one people thought my eye blinks was morse deco, jimmy >> good stuff. i hope i see everybody tomorrow night. if not, call the authorities "mad money" with jim starts now. my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to a west coast edition of "mad money. coming to you right from san francisco. welcome to cramerica
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other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to help you make money my job is to not only train you but educate you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @ jim cramer. when you're out here, you're conscience the mere mention of stocks or stock prices marks you as tawdry and mercantile, and worst of all, commercial these top execs out here are so purpose driven that if you cut their pay to zero, they would do their jobs for free. the fact is, though, they don't work for free, and they care passionately about their stocks, because stock options are often a big chunk of how they and their people get paid. for me, when i'm trying to teach stocks, the most difficult aspect is to not get caught up in their mission the mission can beer relevant, unless, it teals, it comes from
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people practicing it out here. here, it matters now, that's something we need to dig into today a day when the dow shed 211 points so i want you to consider first the case of a company called affirm holdings. this is a stock that's been a rocketship for amazon. when we spoke with the ceo of affirm earlier this week right here, he told us he's on a mission. he genuinely believes the credit card companies are going to be road kill because the firm offers a better proposition. consumer credit with no interest charges. the credit card business is a notoriously lucrative one, propelled by extortion interest rates they claim are necessary to make up for all the card holders who can't pay their bills in time. max feels strongly they have kept multiple generations in
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chains as he sees it, they have come up with a competing product that revolve on altruism, of people that pay on time ordinarily i would be more skeptical, but the faults are low for his company and the pandemic, wasn't that the perfect stress test? and it held up if i can handle a pandemic like last year, i do bet that max can handle anything. so affirm does have a mission. but what matters is, that it's winning big business, because it's a better value proposition than borrowing from the credit card companies and the shareholders have made fortunes. whether they believe in the mission or not so now let's contrast that with another company on a mission to keep costs down. legendary costs down, legendary inflation fighter. except they're doing it in retail and they're doing it in
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bentonville, arkansas, not silicon valley i'm talking about walmart. the ceo came on yesterday and said he's on a mission to keep prices down. he's not passing on the price increases that have riddled the kitchen and bedrooms of so many americans. but because ofthat anti-inflation mission, walmart won't earn as much in the near term as we thought, even if they might make more money long haul if customers stick with them the mission may be great for customers, but it's giving the shareholders just a beating. big institutions are dumping the stock because they would own a retailer that's jacking up prices to maximize profitability right now. i go t to thinking, what if doug mcmillen spoke from that building over there? maybe then all his mission talk would send the stock higher, not lower. both affirm and walmart are driven to keep prices down for
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the consumer but affirm's stock is a winner, walmart not so much. we open some walmart for the charitable trust we're itching to buy some of that back, because i believe in their strategy longer term here, out here in silicon valley, it's not about taking share. it's about long runways, it's about green field opportunities. it's about total addressable market that can be, i don't know, higher than we've ever dreamed. if walmart were a football player, they would be an interior lineman affirm is the fleet footed wide receiver that can jump everyone from pay pal to visa and bank of america and bring in the touchdown. let me give you another example. square square's another payment technology play with an ethos. they too are on a mission to empower small businesses and now -- and yes, now younger people who have been left behind
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by the big banks it seemed like a preposterous idea to cater to the market. but it turns out there are hundreds of thousands of these small xer enterprises and people it's purpose driven, but it's also a driving business opportunity. if they were a division of jpmorgan, no one would think there was any other purpose other than to make a lot of money. airbnb isn't just some outfit that helps you relate out your home it's a purpose driven enterprise that allows cash strapped homeowners to make a little extra cash to put food on the table or cover medical bills if airbnb were based in new york, it would be known as an international rooming house chain. how about door dash? is it a group of bike couriers who bring you food no, it's an ecosystem, a f flywheel working when they want to, to deliver food from
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restaurants that would otherwise not get the sale it's true. everyone does thrive on the east coast is when you mean business. i was criticized by a host of people, including my daughter, my desire to praise peter -- it cleans the sky it's now worth $86 billion the stock's been on a role because they build electric vehicles he only has reservations for 17,000 of them the new company were to sell 17,000 units a day, not reservations over months, a day, it wouldn't be worth one tenth of lucid because it's a combustion engine company. is it right, jim that's what they ask me. what does that have to do with it i hate that question
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is it right? who cares? right now you can make the most looking for companies with a purpose, as long as they are based out here, they're also losing a great deal of money you may think people out here with the wealth are hypocrites, total hypocrite. me i come out here to learn these things i'm not going to pass judgment on square or affirm. they're winning businesses and they're winning businesses and their stocks are going higher they may not be as big as the big dogs from the east, but the new young buyers, the new youngr there is a purpose they know younger people will go to work at these companies they know that they have an aversion to working at a place that doesn't share the ethos of an affirm or square. they're not drawn to the midwest metal bending. they want to make a difference, and right now, silicon valley is
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where you get that chance. the better they do it, the better they feel, and more important for the home gamer, the more money they make for you. so the bottomline, sometimes you accept that having a purpose can also mean having a stock price that is higher provided the company in question is on a mission to make lots of money. and it's based where we are all week, the heart of silicon valley in california let's go to chuck in florida chuck. >> caller: hey, jim. >> chuck >> caller: i just wanted to ask you a question, first of all, we're the same age, and my favorite show growing up was "wall street week. >> friday night, 8:30. loved him. >> caller: and my favorite guest was john templeton and that story how he bought every stock on the new york stock exchange that was $1 or less at the end
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of the depression. it was a great story >> great memories of that show let's make some money together what's going on? >> caller: i wanted to ask you about this amd merger. i listened to the amd conference call and lisa sue says she's confident that the deal is supposed to close by the end of the year >> yes >> caller: i did some, you know, calculations i'm a retired teacher, i did my homework i saw that for every share, you'll be receiving 1.72 shares of amd >> right >> caller: my question, jim, in light of that, based on today's closing prices, it seems like whoever owns those shares is going to make a ton of money >> you're a schoolteacher and you're doing it right. it's a strange anomaly you looked at it in rigorous fashion and thought how can it be i'm recommending amd, i don't like risks
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i don't think it's such a bad idea to take a little oh of that one off the table. and let's go to gary in california gary >> caller: hi, jim thank you very much for taking my call. i'm a long-time viewer and i really enjoy the show. >> thank you, buddy. thank you very much. >> caller: taking your advice, i listen to the conference calls, go over the transcripts, make notes and go over the transcripts again. that's been very helpful and made a difference. my question is about c-limited you have spoken about it before, the southeast asia e-commerce digital platform the ceo a few days ago made some impressive statistics with triple digit growth, e-commerce, and increased their revenue guidance to 135% year over year. the earnings per share was --
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the loss has gone down more than expected >> this company is in so many good businesses. we take a long-term view i have had that one for some time as a long-term view i think you can go much, much higher i think you've got a winner there. i would stick with it. buy more listen, sometimes it's okay to believe that companies have a sense of purpose and they can have better stock prices it's empirical but remember, if the company in question wants to also be on a mission to make you lots of money. there's much more "mad money" ahead. i'm sitting down with the ceo of a key apple supplier sky works solution to find out how come that stock is so cheap as employers embrace a hybrid model for work, identification becomes the king of the realm. and you have to know how to do it that's why we'll sit down with
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okta and the ceo of cisco fresh off a down beat earnings report. stay with cramer don't miss a second of "mad money. send jim an email at or call us at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something go to
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♪ ♪ you might think the semi conductor shortage would be great for the semi conductor
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companies, but it's putting pressure on chip makers. if you're just missing one of those, that's a bottleneck, and that means that the company, it doesn't matter if they have the other 99 chips, they lose orders this stock has tumbled to $160, along with fears that there were a lot of 5g wireless might be delayed. when sky works reported two weeks ago, the forecast was in line and that wasn't enough given everybody was worried about production from afpple now we're finally hearing some good news, so could this be a buying opportunity let's check in with the ceo of sky works. welcome back to "mad money." >> great to see you, jim
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what a great backdrop here in san francisco. nice to see you on the west coast. >> thank you thank you for coming up. >> sure. >> we know sky works solution is 5g but on this quarter, here's the highlights launch connected home and security, supporting mobile fitness, samsung galaxy book, autonomous driving >> we are a 5g company, but we have a broad market business that's incredible right now. we grew revenues to $1.4 billion and our core business went from 3.3 to 5.1 in one year all of those transactions in the middle, broad markets, heavy design wins with 5g, hitting all geographies and connecting people that's what we're all about. >> i like that in your conference call, you
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talked about in china, it's technology to technology that's a better way to look at what you do. >> we are a custom curator of technology we build our own products in house. we talked about this we spent in the last two years, probably about $1.2 billion in cap, to drive high-skill solutions that put us in a better position with the supply chain head wind. >> so i don't have to worry about taiwan politics. >> no, you don't they're partners, but you can go to l.a. with our products. we have design centers in mexico and moving into singapore and oerl areas, but we own our technology and assets. >> are you getting an increasing amount of your product in high-end cell phones >> absolutely. and the diversification theme that you mentioned takes that business beyond the cell phone >> the broad market did not do what i wanted. i wanted it to be better
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is that the supply chain >> in the q4 period, it nipped down with supply chain head winds. you can have 99% of the product, but if one piece is missing, there's going to be a delay of revenue. >> people decided to make it so you no longer have a growth multiple you have china licked, you might be one of the best chips to china. automotive is going to get better and better from july. to me, the market is presuming that supply chains are going to -- the supply chain is going to accelerate in its magnitude against you. i don't see that happening >> no, it's not happening for sky works, i can tell you that much we continue to drive profitability. we posted 1050 of eps from $6 the prior year look at that >> it's 14 times next year's earnings in a growth stock ky argue the same mosaic is
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qualcomm, and they talked their game up and their stocks are flying i think that you have a really good book of business, and without a lot of risk or riskier customers. >> yeah, listen, the opportunity that we have is incredible the business cases and usage cases around connectivity continue to get tougher, more challenging. that's what we do. we want to take on the tough challenges we want to hit the fastballs that's how we grow our business. we have a roster of new customers that we brought forward. some in broad markets, some are in mobile. so we look forward to serving those customers. and the opportunity with the head winding abating and the supply chain, we're going to continue to rip and roar as we go into '22. >> that includes the expanded smart car. >> yes, absolutely we're moving more into ev. we talked about robo taxis there's opportunities that we're seeing in solar and markets like that still opening that up and using
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the same technology. >> i want to explain if you do business with apple, they prefer not to talk about them but you can talk about the 5g cell phones. how are they selling they're beginning to get expensive. >> yeah, there's some sticker shock and head winds with supply there in mobile. but the devices that we're supplying to are critical. they're still vital to the economy. the largest player in the world continues to outpace everyone else with technology and performance that is the key and with technology and performance, sky works steps up and delivers >> last question for me, you know our commerce secretary has tried to make it so that we build here you've been building here for years. what is your advice to them? everybody else fled.
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you proved that you can make a fortune here don't you feel like to some degree some of these characters are asking the government for help when you were doing it right the whole time >> i agree completely. imglad you posed that question we're delivering high performance technology in boston, in l.a we have some partnerships, but the lion's share of our production is in the united states great people, great technology we wouldn't want to be anywhere else >> it's not like you can't make money here >> right, exactly. you can see it in our numbers, not just the top line, but the profitability that we can put forth with people right here so we have to do more. we have to do more work around that and continue to work with the government to help but this is a great place to do business >> i think your 14 times earnings is ridiculous >> i agree >> it's way too low. that's liam griffin, ceo of skyworks solutions
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the stock has been hanging around here long enough. it's ready to go back to where it was "mad money" is back after the break. coming up, okta, okta, give me the news. cramer has a high octane sitdown, next. ♪♪ in boxing or any other business, one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. do you stay down? or do you get up?
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[announcer] and this fight is a long way from over, leonard is coming back. ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪ ♪ in a world where hybrid workplaces are the new normal, companies need to go above and beyond to protect against hackers, because your home is a lot more vulnerable than a computer that is sitting in an office building on an office network or behind the office firewalt anybody can get to it. which brings me to okta that handles identity management for the enterprise think anything that requires your log-in and verification credentials. they have rallied up to $266
6:28 pm
since we spoke to the ceo a month ago. so can this company, with no real competitors in the identity business, keep climbing through the end of the year? earlier today, we spoke to the co-founder and ceo of okta and long-time guest on "mad money. take a look. todd, tell me why identity is everything >> identity is becoming the center of everything, like you say. it's proceeding to cross a number of important vectors. one is workforce so people are realizing that as everyone works from home during the pandemic and now going back to more of a hybrid work environment, if they want a great user experience for employees and keep it secure, keep it safe from attacks and all the other cyber threats out there, you have to have identity at the center. it has to be identity first. they're realizing for the customer experience, if they want a great mobile app, it's all about connecting that digital experience with the
6:29 pm
person that is identity identity isconnecting the person with the right access on the mobile app or the website, and bringing the right information to them for a great customer experience. >> what do you do? we all know we don't want passwords. but we also know that we are being hacked because we don't have a good password and then you have a colonial pipeline, where it is obvious that they stole people's identity, and then they almost stole the company. how do you balance it with we don't want passwords, and we are hacked and the company is in jeopardy >> it's about connecting people with technology. the reason why companies have to resort to things like passwords is because the systems and the technology aren't all integrated why doesn't every website require you to use your apple face i.d.? because the websites aren't connected to your iphone
6:30 pm
good technology can integrate every mobile app with your iphone and give you a seamless log-in experience. if every company, every piece of technology a company wants to use behind the scenes, if all this stuff was integrated together with a centralized dent si system, companies would put uniform policies in place that matched the risk of cyber attacks with the resource being accessed and they would have the right security policy and balance ease of use, make things easy to get into and things that are highly secure, double and triple check the accesser's rights >> you're going to have a virtual showcase in new york a lot of us in new york are hoping that okta wins over ceos, because what you just described means we would get an hour of our day back that we feel is being stolen >> one of the challenges with identity technology and talking
6:31 pm
about this vision is sometimes it's hard to imagine i talk about things like integrating the technology and connecting and having the central policy engine. but if you're running the company, you know that you have to get security, you know you have to connect with your customers and you have to have easy technologies and tools for employees to be productive but it's not always clear how identity fits into that. so what we want to do is build out a space in the flat iron district of new york that helps executives see that. so they can look at the product, we can explain to them from an end-using perspective, from an i.t. administrator, chief security officer, a board member or executive, you can see, touch, and feel how identity fits into your environment and how it can solve these challenges for you, how it can make a better customer experience and make you more secure >> am i correct believing you're one of the fastest growers in the world, that the number of
6:32 pm
companies that use okta is a fraction of what needs okta? >> the opportunity is big. we have about 13,000 companies as customers now and there are many, many organizations than that in the world. so the opportunity is massive. we think the total adjust about market is $80 billion. one of the things driving us towards that market is cloud options. the more cloud adoption, the better we fit into that. and that really showcases our industry leading network of 7,000 plus integrations, all connected, all maintained, all secure so more clouded option another big driver of our business is this hybrid work environment. so it's not just about what you're using for technology on the back end, but where people are accessing the application from, and how you can have this security policy across whether you're working from home or an office or somewhere in between
6:33 pm
to bring that to companies, as well >> so you brought that to a company that is in a securities business that must be secure or else moody's where they have the power to control the credit rating of a company. if you found out what moody's was going to do, you could make fortunes moody's had to be assured that everybody was in the moody's system was who they thought it was. >> well, if you look at companies and organizations, whether it's private companies or public, whether it's governments, they're all realizing that technology is the center of their business moody's is a great example they're a great customer almost every organization in the world has to have the best security, because the stakes of what they can gain in their business and market, and what they can lose are higher than ever >> why doesn't the government say do you know everyone at your company? do you know them, meaning in the cloud do you know them
6:34 pm
because it would stop a lot of cybersecurity. yes, it would send a lot of business to okta, but isn't that a logical extension? you wouldn't have to pay ransom ware if you had okta >> you have to know the people and the users. but you have to know which devicing they're likely to access the systems from, where they might access from, when they might access it and it's staking all this integration and putting it together and weaving that into a comprehensive security problem >> let me ask you, is there anyone else who does it? i can't find anyone else that does what okta does. >> in previous generations of technology, the identity systems came with the platform you got microsoft network, you got an active directory with the windows server what's different about this generation of technology is identity is so important and weaving this universal policy and security across all
6:35 pm
of your technology is so important. your can't trust it to one platform vendor. if they're selling you identity, they're going to guide your choices in what other applications and matt forms you consume. so by being the only neutral identity platform, we give customers choice we're integrated to over 7,000 systems. and that number of integrations is growing every day as more people integrate to us and they can choose what collaboration tool they want they can choose what developer they want to be successful >> and no one does that, which is why you're the leader and the best stock in this group i've said that a long time, because there isn't -- ythere's nobody else that does what okta does i want to congratulate you an amazing company amazing stock, too thank you. >> thanks, jim coming up, one of the world's biggest hard and
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6:40 pm
i say we need to speak to the chairman and ceo of cisco systems who comes on if good and bad times. so we eastern hear what comes next chuck, welcome back to "mad money. >> jim, thanks for having me always good to spend time with you. >> thank you, chuck. same i think there's a bit of an issue here people don't seem to understand that what matters in your business, orders and demand. nothing i saw tonight made me feel that anything other than the most robust orders from cisco i've seen in years and demand off the charts. but you had a supply chain problem. how do we balance this to make sense for the future of cisco? >> i think, you know, last quarter our product orders grew 31%, this quarter they grew 33% compared to a year ago so the momentum accelerated.
6:41 pm
that's what matters. we do have supply chain challenges, but there's a global supply chain crisis. so the teams did a great job these component shortages that our teams navigated. but we grew our product order significantly. the other two things i would point out is our sttransition t more covesoftware content, our remaining performance obligations is at over $30 billion, with over half of that being near term to be recognized in the next 12 months. >> so let's think of it in the eyes of some of my twitter followers who are saying, cramer, how can you continue to back a stock that's stuck in the 50s with issues that frankly we thought were under control, supply chain i don't know look, i'm conscious of the fact that my charitable trust owns it for a long time. i see the orders i know the stocks since 1992
6:42 pm
to me, it's one of the stronger times that i've seen cisco i am trying to deal with the people who say chuck, why isn't it happening right now in terms of earnings, growth, and rising forecast for revenue >> well, so we executed in q1 8% revenue growth we guided the year at 5 to 7 on revenue and eps. those are the only two numbers -- we executed q1 and guided the year. so we didn't say how the quarters were going to may out getting to the midst of th year we all recognize that the supply chain changes are out there. so while we saw some deterioration, we saw it stabilize in the second half of the quarter and this quarter will remain quarter and the second half of our fiscal year that we should see slight improvement. not what we want but we believe we will see slight improvement
6:43 pm
>> some of the lines here are strong service provider, not so sure about the digital companies that we all know. those are all going your way now. >> our service provider business grew 66% and our cloud business on a product order basis grew 200% plus against a quarter where it grew 55% a year ago and so we are being very successful there the 5g transition, the 400 gig transition we have wi-fi 6 and enterprise modernization happening at the same time. so there's a lot of incredible technology trends that we're proud of our commercial business grew 46%. our enterprise business grew 30%. these are just incredible numbers. so the backlog we have right now, because the supply chain is the largest backlog we have had in the history of the company, and it's going to shift. we just got to work some short-term issues with the supply chain >> you gave guidance, obviously
6:44 pm
you wouldn't do that unless you had tremendous confidence it's going to happen. >> the only -- the real reason that we were able to give annual guidance is because of the success we've had over the last five years of the software transition that we've been driving in our business. we build the best hardware on the planet but when you look at that rpo number, that is the metric companies measure. for it to be over $30 billion and grew, you know, the product side of that grew 18% year over year so i think that says -- it gives us more visibility when you think about the amount of revenue, it's over, you know, almost $16 billion that we already see over the next four quarters coming off the balance sheet, plus the backlog that we have as long as we execute on the supply chain over the next three quarters, we think we're in good shape for the year >> the last time the stock sold off big, it was a great buying
6:45 pm
opportunity. gross margin is okay, operating income terrific. i'm not going to back away i think that you're so close to the big breakout but chuck, people are just -- look, they're sensitive to the idea that they have to see raised forecast or nothing isn't there something in between? >> well, look, we're run thing business for the long haul i would say that the innovation that we built, our customers are voting with their orders right now. and the cloud players are voting with their orders. every segment, our product orders, enterprise is up 30%, commercial 46%, service provider 66%. so that tells me that these customers believe in and want the technology we're building. and add that to the software that we have on the balance sheet, the backlog it's going to be okay. these are short-term issues that we have to navigate through. that's what we do for a living >> i own it for my trust i'm sticking with you, chuck chuck robins, chairman and ceo
6:46 pm
of cisco systems thank you for coming on "mad money. >> thanks, jim >> okay. back after the break just chill out >> the chill man is in the house. >> the lightning round is coming up, when "mad money" returns
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it is time it's time for a special edition of the lightning round [ indiscernible and then the lightning round is
6:50 pm
over are you ready, skedaddy. todd in florida. >> caller: how are you, jim? >> i am good how about you? >> caller: not too bad i'm hanging in there, buddy. i just called you, i own the csx stock. i would like to -- >> csx is good i will tell you that my charitable test owns it. we are doing a special game plan, and i tell you union pacific is a better company to own. i want to go right now to demarco in michigan. demarco. >> caller: what up, cramer boo-yah. >> boo-yah right back. >> caller: tell me what's going on with this canopy group. i've had it -- >> i think that it likes to go down i like stocks that go higher the core business is not good. i say it's too late to sell, but do not buy any more.
6:51 pm
i need to go to jim in massachusetts. jim. >> caller: jimmy chill, boo-yah from boston. >> oh, man, boston go, pats i'm playing some of your guys on thursday night fantasy there what's going on? >> caller: a question. my stock reported earnings last week, and they've been getting hammered for the last week, down about 40%. i want to know if it's time to add to my position or run away from amrist. >> no, own it. don't buy more, though that's it, though. i'm not done i need to go to greg in the home of the titans. yes, remember the titans greg in tennessee, greg! >> caller: hi there, mr. cramer. good to talk to you. >> oh, good to talk to you, greg what's going on? >> caller: thanks. i'm calling to ask about a -- it's adr a very large and consist tensely profitable company in the metals
6:52 pm
and mining sector, trading at a 52-week low. a very low pe. an attractive dividend i thought it was a screaming buy, but the share price didn't keep dropping. what do you think of rio tinto >> when i first got to goldman sachs, i would say don't own it. it's just not worth it and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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what is next for the electric vehicle stocks? can rivan challenge tesla for the number one spot in the business or is it all just one gigantic hoax where today's brutal selloff the first of many? in other words, the electric vehicle business, is it really a rally that's got staying power, or sit merely a repeat of 1999, that year of thinking where all the dot coms worked and people made fortunes, but only if they rang the register. right now, people are hopping on
6:56 pm
the bandwagon for one reason only, and that's tesla when electric car companies see its valuation cross the $1 trillion threshold, it makes you want to get in on the ground floor of the next tesla, even if it means you have to pay through the nose to get in nearly everybody talks about how expensive tesla's stock was the whole way up it's worth hunting for the next big winner here. but only if you recognize that it might not happen. when you buy these electric vehicle stocks, you're betting on the momentum of the stock that's what is at stake, momentum that's what speculation is all about. but momentum, it's a brutal task master you can't break its yolk until your company is making a ton of money. it brings me back to the 1999 ana analogy.
6:57 pm
we all knew it would change the world, so lots of people placed a field bet. of course, the vicious math of the dot com era produced not ten winners or even two. the only one that managed to become a true behemoth was amazon the rest either fell by the wayside or they took the better part of the decade to get their food back. priceline, good example. now a $100 billion company, but you didn't miss if you sold it in 2000 and bought it back ten years later, you did great that's what troubles me about the electric vehicle makers. let's throw in the charging stations what happen it is the only survivor of the year is tesla? because elon musk got there firstest with the mostest. maybe rivan can make it.
6:58 pm
maybe lucid can make it. and then there's the third possibility. maybe these lesser electric vehicles plays turn out to be modern visions of qualcomm, a stock that people thought was going to trade to $1,000 in 1999 or how about cisco, which was the biggest company on earth with a $400 billion valuation. a level that it still hasn't returned to more than 20 years later and won't this evening qualcomm and cisco survived and thrived. still, it took decades to be fulfilled and the momentum traders got eviscerated. remember this phrase -- the dot com bulls were right about what the future would look like, but they were way to optimistic
6:59 pm
about the timing so what co-you do? if you you're lucid or rivan, you have my messing. but take half off the table. but remember, you're playing momentum, not car companies and not technology in that case, it's better to ring the register early and often. then if you want electric vehicle exposure, i have an idea i say buy some ford. now, that sells at ten times earnings, and they make and sell a lot of cars and they make a lot of money it needs the money because it's going to build an electric product line next year and rivan owns 11% i can't blame anyone who wants to find the next tesla, and ford is not going to be that. but remember in 1999, there were many stocks that made you money, but with the exception of amazon, you got killed if you didn't quickly ring the
7:00 pm
register bulls and bears make money, but hogs get slaughters. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise i will try to find it just for you right here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow "the news with shepard smith" starts now. crypto up in lights. the future is right now in los angeles and everywhere i'm shepard smith. this is "the news" on cnbc the dempx begins for three men accused of killing ahmaud arbery, the man who pulled the trigger takes the stand in his own defense. >> he was deceased and i looked up and the police were there joe biden in motor city, promoting his infrastructure deal >> we're going to make sure that the jobs of the future end up here in minot halfway around the world. >> and how it will help th


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