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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  November 11, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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possible supply chain shortages shoppers are eager to buy and buy now. in short, at least for retail, i'm telling you, it is going to be a great christmas i would like to say there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow "the news with shepard smith" starts now the defense case is presented in a high profile murder trial did the accused lawyer convince the jury he's not guilty i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc the kyle rittenhouse trial. >> kyle has his hands like this. >> what he told jurors about the night rittenhouse shot and killed two protesters in kenosha. >> new surveillance video. the man gunned down while on a jog. tonight, the homeowner at the center of the case tells his story.
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covid infections surging in europe israel holding national covid drills >> we have to prepare for the next war and not the previous war. >> now fears of a winter surge here at home. >> president biden set to face off with president xi just as calls grow to boycott the beijing games. the new cnbc reporting on the initiative expected that could put relations on ice. the belarus border crisis worsens. automakers push for an all electric future. and within the hour spacex set to dock with the international space station. live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, "the news with shepard smith. good evening the defense rested today in the murder trial of kyle rittenhouse. closing arguments set for monday in a divisive case that has captivated much of the nation and then it will be up to the jury to decide kyle rittenhouse fate rittenhouse was 17 years old
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when he drove to kenosha, wisconsin with an ar-15 rifle. riots and racial justice protests were rocking the city rittenhouse says he went there to protect the community he ended up shooting three men, killed two of them during a black lives matter demonstration. rittenhouse claims they chased and attacked him the defense's final witness was this man, frank hernandez. he recorded video of the first deadly shooting of joseph rosenbaum. hernandez said he traveled the country last summer recording violent protests and that that's why he was in kenosha. on that deadly night he recorded rosen bomb pushing around a flaming dumpster here. see here hernandez said rosenbaum became aggressive and confronted a group of men who came to the protests with assault style rifles just as rittenhouse did that's rosen balm in the maroon shirt. then later he claims he saw
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rosen bomb charge at rittenhouse from behind and lunge at him before rittenhouse reeled around and opened fire. rosen balm was the aggressor, not rittenhouse. >> did you observe him acting in an aggressive manner that you observed >> in no way, shape or form. the first time i saw kyle he de-escalated a situation. >> did you observe him pointing his firearm or threatening anybody with the firearm >> no. >> this is drone video of the rosen balm shooting. you can see him go up to ritte rittenhouse. the last shot in the back according to testimony when the prosecution got their chance to cross examine hernandez they questioned his credibility. nbc's meagan fitzgerald is covering the trial in kenosha and picks it up from there meagan >> reporter: yeah, shep.
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prosecutors tried repeatedly to paint hernandez as being biased. they focused on the video saying that he made disparaging remarks. then they zeroed in on his social media account i want you to take a listen to that back and forth. >> have you ever posted anything on social media. >> yes. >> in support of kyle rittenhouse? >> one could argue, yes. >> reporter: now also today we're getting reaction to the moment kyle rittenhouse took the witness stand yesterday when he broke down we're hearing from jacob blake's uncle. he was the black man who was shot multiple times last summer setting off those protests his uncle told our gabe gutierrez that breaking down on the witness stand is something he called ridiculous take a listen. >> too little too late people seen the movies, seen the films. it's going to lead to him
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sitting on a bunk. that's why i believe he broke down. >> reporter: now tomorrow jurors will not be back in court. they're not going to return until monday attorneys will be back to discuss motions. now when the jury does come back on monday they're going to hear jury instructions as well as closing arguments and then they're going to get the case to begin deliberations, shep. >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you so much. nbc news analyst danny savalo, a man testified that one of the men rittenhouse killed was physically aggressive. was he effective for the defense? >> so effective. maybe they should have called him on direct and dealt with him there. now it looks like to the jury possibly that the prosecution was hiding this witness and it took the defense to come forward with a witness who, by the way, attack his credibility, the prosecution tried, but this was somebody who observed things but videotaped them so that when the
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prosecutor tried to challenge his credibility based on things like bias, his political leanings, even if he slanted his stories, his videos don't slant the story. his testimony appeared consistent with what he videotaped. >> looking ahead to next week, what does each side need to accomplish >> each side needs to focus on the burden the burden is always with the prosecution including the burden to prove or disprove self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt. in this case, the defense needs to hammer that to point to the prosecutor and say they have not made their case at all. we didn't have to even put on a case, but we did and kyle rittenhouse told you himself what was in his mind and what he perceived and that was that he was in danger. you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, saw it on the video with your own eyes. >> stay with us. we'll need you in a minute due to new developments in another
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trial. the killing of ahmaud arbery february 23rd he was jogging near his home in brunswick, georgia, when three men all allegedly chased him down in their trucks and shot and killed him. greg mcmichael and his son travis are two of the defendants their lawyers say they saw ar bury enter a nearby construction site and they thought he stole something. today the jury watched the deposition of the man who owned that house that arbery entered at the center of all of this larry english is his name. the deposition was taped back in september and aired in court today because the lawyers say english was too sick to testify in person. in this jurors saw surveillance video of arbery walking around the construction site, not once, but multiple instances before the day he was killed in october, november, december of 2019 and earlier in february of 2020 but prosecutors say he was always without incident.
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arbery never stole or broke anything prosecutors say english had given the neighbor permission to do something about the break-ins saying in a text he could intercept a trespasser and give them to police but he never gave that permission to the mcmichaels at any point in time did you say mcmichaels could confront anybody on your site >> no. >> or attack on behalf of police on your site >> no. >> there was also some drama in court. the defense attorney taking issue with the appearance of the reverend al sharpton and other black pastors. they've been in the courtroom supporting the family but the defense attorney today told the jury he worries their presence would influence the jury >> the idea that we're going to be serially bringing these people in to sit with the
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victim's family one after another, obviously there's only so many pastors they can have. the fact that al sharpton is their pastor, that's fine. we don't want any others, jesse jackson whoever else was here earlier in the week sitting with the family trying to influence the jury in this case. >> the defense attorney talking to the judge with the jury not in the room. the prosecutor said they hadno issue with the pastors being there. the attorney did not actually make a formal request to bar them but the judge said he would not blatantly exclude members of the public anyway. back to danny cevallos he never asked the mcmichaels to protect the property he did give permission to another neighbor does that kind of testimony help or hurt? >> it's a mixed bag. unlike in the rittenhouse case, this is an example taking evidence that's good and bad for them and getting it out there in the open so it looks like
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they're not hiding anything. on the one hand this evidence tends to show that there was somebody apparently going into the house but on the other hand it tends to show that, hey, these -- this is why these folks were also amped up and worried about somebody burglarizing the neighborhood and that's why they maybe overreacted to somebody jogging in the neighborhood. a mixed bag and did a good job dealing with it on direct and their case in chief. another person has died from injuries sustained at the astroworld festival. 22-year-old college senior her name, bardi shahani. she's the ninth person to die after hundreds were hurt in a crowd surge as the rapper travis scott took the stage the lawyer for shahani's family said she died last night her parents described her as a kind, young woman with a bright future. >> i don't have anywords, you
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know, what to say. only thing i will say, barti is loved. you know what is love? barti is love, pure. always thinking about everybody. >> a video circulating after the festival showed paramedics dropping a woman on her head you may have seen it her family's lawyer said that was barti shahan the fbi is investigating how the festival turned deadly. >> another deadly covid surge is sweeping across europe and here at home the plateau in cases we've watched for weeks is now a slight increase. why health experts are starting to grow concerned. a virtual summit with the leader of china slated for next week brand new cnbc reporting on the political difficulties awaiting president biden with the beijing olympics just months away.
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♪ ♪ ♪ covid watch. europe was one of the first regions in all of the world to rule out vaccines. now many countries are talking about another surge in infections it's raising concerns. europe accounted for more than half of all covid deaths worldwide last week. that's from the world health organization russia, turkey, and the united kingdom reported the most new cases. infections are also rising fast in germany, the country reporting more than 50,000 today. that's an all-time high for germany. officials scrambling to put new covid rules into place. and israel just conducted a
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nationwide drill to prepare for possible new variants. the israeli prime minister said it had the format of a war game. in the united states progress appears to have stalled. there's new data that shows infections are once again starting to rise slightly. situations are very different depending on exactly where you live a dozen states are reporting at least a 20% increase in average daily cases over the past week those states with increases are shown here in red. the states in yellow are all seeing modest increases and the states in green now report declines in new infections even in states where cases are trending down, many are still facing outbreaks in some areas in california the governor, gavin newsom, says people there need to be ready for another potential surge. >> winter is coming. i mean, covid is not taking the winter off and it'shard but we're getting through it we'll get through it
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but it's going to require all of us. >> governor newsom says california had the lowest case rate in the country earlier this fall but now data shows it ranks 16th cnbc's meg tirrell covers health and science for us meg, do we know if we're coming for another winter spike here? >> shep, there is concern among some experts that the waves we're seeing across europe could be a sign of what's to come heading into the winter for the u.s. while the number of european countries are seeing surges, the worst death rates are in eastern europe where the vaccination rates are lowest countries like romania and ukraine. w.h.o.'s regional director pointing to waning vaccination rates and a relaxation rate of public health measures as reasons of surges. there's optimism that we're close to the end and dr. scott gottleib said january is a time we could be emerging from the worst. it's likely to get worse before
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it gets better as the u.s. works its way through the delta wave while cases have plateaued nationally at just more than 70,000 per day, what that doesn't show is more localized surges and summaries the hot spot in late summer, states have some of the country's lowest transmission rates. the cdc data shows almost 70% of counties in the u.s. still have high levels of transmission. another 17% considered substantial. after mike osterholm calls right now a tipping point for the u.s. and says he's closely watching a few region seeing increases. states in the four corners area, the upper midwest and the northeast. also closely watching new york and california, states he sees as bellwethers with their big cities there is an expectation that places with high vaccination rates with lots of immunity will see lots of disease. public health efforts are
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doubling down on all to get vaccinated. >> meg tirrell, thank you. president biden's expected to meet virtually with the chinese president xi jinping next week. now cnbc's kayla tausche reports the chinese leader will likely personally invite mr. biden to come to beijing for next year's olympics the decision to attend or decline the invitation could be a political mine field human rights advocates have been calling for a boycott of the winter games because of china's long list of alleged abuses. advocates have dubbed the games the genocide olympics. kayla tausche is with us now kayla, what are your sources telling you? >> reporter: shep, i'm told chinese officials have canvassed foreign policies to see how it will be received the answer is not well g7 nations are discussing a coordinated diplomatic boycott of the games
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and two western diplomats tell me no final decision on attendance has been made the boycott has broad support and bipartisan senators wants an upcoming defense spending bill to block funding from government travel to the games. with that backdrop a potential invitation from president xi would be seen as something of a dare to biden. decline and in parallel relationship to beijing that's already on fragile footing and tensions over taiwan and technology are high excepting, however unlikely, would anger allies and president biden's own administration mess sachblging president xi hasn't left china since the pandemic began and wouldn't attend that summit if invited. he could skip beijing's own game if he gets wind no other leaders will be there.
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this week an tony blinken is committed to work with allies to prove the political system can deliver, the white house says doesn't expoeblgt any specific deliverables in the meeting with president xi. >> cnbc's parent company owns the broadcast rights to olympics the game's 85 days away. thank you. the climate summit in glasgow kurng its attention to the transportation industry. a pledge now to phase out gas powered cars with a date certain. major car company signing on the dotted line. plus, meet a young artist from afghanistan how he's making big money in the art world in a wholeeway n w be right back. but my symptoms were keeping me from where i needed to be.
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a surprise announcement at the u.n. climate summit in glasgow. the united states and china have struck a deal to work together on tackling climate change u.s. climate envoy john kerry praised the agreement as a step in the right direction. >> this declaration is a step that we can build on in order to help close the gap you know the expression that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. well, every step matters right now. >> under the deal the u.s. and china aim to reduce methane
7:23 pm
emissions, phase down coal and stop deforestation this is a significant pledge as the u.s. and china are the world's two biggest polluters. a major pledge from automakers they're agreeing to phase out gas powered cars by 2040 ford, volvo and gm are part of the agreement. other big names including toyota, volkswagen and nissan did not make the commitment. experts say reimagining the entire global car industry will be critical. in scotland, here's diana olick. >> reporter: the green goals are ambitious at cop26 volvo announced that it signed onto the glasgow declaration, a commitment to phase out fossil fuel vehicles in leading markets by 2035 and globally by 2040 if that's reached by 2040, then
7:24 pm
one out of every three car sales would be electric. the infrastructure needs to catch up >> we need to see action from energy companies where are we going to get the energy to short charge these cars it can'tbe carbon. it is ham and egg. we have a lot of solar power in the grid >> reporter: and from clean cars to clean planes. >> everybody knows what an electric car is. nobody has seen a clean plane. >> reporter: to that end united airlines announced at cop that it is joining an international alliance along with amazon to speed sustainable aviation fuels. >> we're going to have to make those investments. all of that investment is not going to come from airlines.
7:25 pm
they've already committed over $4 trillion to finance the green revolution the money is there walking around these halls, the money is there >> the money may be there, but the policy and political framework for the carbon credit and finance are still being hashed out the hope is some substantive analysis at the end of the tai tomorrow shep >> diana, thank you. a victory today from former president trump. the committee investigating the january 6th attack wakes for white house documents related to the inspection. how much more will your holiday feast cost and can automakers stop dealerships from raising prices? that's next. as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc
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♪ for me and you ♪ ♪ and i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ a rich life is about more than just money. that's why at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner so you can build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. nfts are taking over the art world. now young artists are getting into the action. cnbc's andrea day introduces us to one of them he's shaking up the nft space for a good cause. >> i didn't consider myself an artist it was more something i did as a hobby. >> reporter: but at just 21, he's making a name for himself in the nft art world his work catching the attention
7:28 pm
of a-list celebrities. >> drake reached out to me and it was surreal to talk to him. that's my -- one of my favorite artists. >> even street wear brand supreme featured his design on a t-shirt. >> it's crazy to imagine that happened. >> just one of the pieces, the one you see here, recently selling for 17 ethereum. that's a cryptocurrency and just 17 are worth about $80,000 today. >> it feels special. it feels special to be part of this >> reporter: what's this, the world of nfts, nonfungible tokens one of a kind digital assets like artwork, music, or a photograph only one person can own the original now people are paying big bucks. this collage fetching $29 million. jack dorsey's tweet going for 2.9 million. how does it feel being part of a group that's shaking up the art
7:29 pm
world at such a young age? >> we're really needing it it feels like what social media felt like in 2010. knowing i was in a community, in a space before mark zuckerberg was is insane to me. >> what makes it more insane is waheed was born in afghanistan he had no clue what an nft even was until recently. >> i picked up a computer, started messing around with 3d programs here and there. for the first year, just making stuff, posting it on instagram >> that all changed when a friend suggested selling his artwork as an nft. >> where life dropped out of college. oh, that didn't work, what if i took that risk that was a leap of faith so far it's been hanging out and just been a blessing
7:30 pm
>> reporter: shep, waheed is working to help other artists. he's already investing in nfts to pay it forward. he's hoping to use some of his cash to help refugees from afghanistan get on their feet in the state. thank you. >> the magic kingdom taking a hit today. disney stock closed down 7% on the session after reporting disappointing fourth quarter earnings it's an 11-month low for the mouse house. disney+ subscriptions are slowing and inflation is zriefg up the past. he said he was granted bankruptcy they tookd lynn of the movies. but it collapsed two years
7:31 pm
later. >> and d.j. khaled getting into the chicken wing game. he's launching a delivery service called another wing. it's available across five countries. another is boat side jet ski delivery. on wall street, the dow down 159. the s&p up 3 the nasdaq up 82 i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news fighting to keep secrets former president trump launches a last-ditch effort to shield records from the committee investigating the capitol expression now with the white house with a new plan. >> need a new set of wheels?
7:32 pm
>> better start saving up a lot of cash. for the first time americans pay the more than 14,000 across the country there's high demand for cars right now and the supply is still quite low. to score a car the average person is paying about 800 ds above. cnbc's phil lebeau covers travel and transportation any relief ahead >> no. the inventory remains close to a record low mp dealer ships will have people who will come in and put their name on a waiting list it's not changing any time soon.
7:33 pm
>> when does supply catch up >> maybe the middle of next year i mean, the hope is that you are seeing the auto plants now, all of them in north america working on regular shifts and they're slowly starting to rebound anybody. it's going to take at least through the first quarter, probably the second quarter of next year. >> could automakers stop the dealers in a crisis arguably >> no. because the dealers buy some, but it's being paid for the vehicle. now the automakers have msrp, suggested retail price that's supposed to be the start. right now you don't have much bargaining power with dealers. if you pay $2,000 more, maybe you get this deal.
7:34 pm
>> thank you. inhere, the food is all up the average thanksgiving dinner costs about $47 last year and this year the american farm bureau says expect to pay more in upstate new york, here's valerie castro. >> reporter: these turkeys won't be making such noise in a few days but consumers might be squawking at the cost. >> it's between 50 cents to a dollar more a pound. i understand at your thanksgiving table that can add up husband and wife raise the birds at fire creek farms in upstate,
7:35 pm
new york >> they have the big plume of feathers. >> reporter: the cost of production has plumped up the price. the u.s. bureau of labor and statistics, year over year prices were already up 10% heading into the holidays. other items could be hard to find. >> my advice to customers, shop early. we have everything now >> reporter: owner of ristidis and dagastono, they say getting the items on the chef is more costly. >> the price of labor, gasoline going up and the shortage of product to the specific coast -- >> that's hard so the inventory is low and the prices are
7:36 pm
hiring >> they plan to add little ones to the block that way we get different sizes. >> you might be out of luck for this year. the stevens say they got orders a month earlier than they do and most of these birds are already spoken for >> valerie, thanks. the authoritarian leader of belarus is threatening here's why there's a deepening migrant quarter. thousands of people from the middle east and are trapped in dire needs the european union is trafficking the migrants there and encouraging them to cross illegally into the e.u. as revenge for the sanctions. the e.u. is vowing even more sanctions against bella ruds
7:37 pm
there's a major pipeline. >> he's a close ally of vladimir putin. he's warning he could shut it down unless they have rising prices former president trump is successful the house committee was set to get the first batch of those records tomorrow they deal with the former president's activities related to that day. a federal appeals court today granted his lawyer's request, to temporarily block that oral arguments from at least then pepper sprayed and targeted with
7:38 pm
antiurgent that happened while she was visiting or in her hometown. >> on this veterans day, president biden promising more help for those who served and we pause in memory of those who served and died. >> congratulations to our esteemed colleagues. to make progress, we must keep taking steps forward.
7:39 pm
we believe the future of energy is lower carbon. and to get there, the world needs to reduce global emissions. at chevron, we're taking action. tying our executives' pay to lowering the carbon emissions intensity of our operations. it's tempting to see how far we've come. but it's only human... to know how far we have to go.
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sunni lee said she was pepper sprayed it was referred to by pop sugar. it happened while she and other asian friends were waiting for an uber in st. paul, minnesota people in a car rode by yelling slurs, saying they should go back to where they came from they pepper sprayed her on the arm. she told pop sugar i was so mad there was nothing i could do or control because they skirted off. i didn't do anything to them having a reputation, it's so hard because i didn't want to do anything that could get me into trouble. i just let it happen this follows a recent fbi report that shows antiasian hate crimes rose more than 73% last year while hate crimes in general rose 13%. ozzy media may be rising
7:42 pm
from the dead only to face questions from law enforcement the department of justice and skurpts and exchange commission running parallel investigations into the media company nbc news has not independently verified this. last month after an avalanche of bad business practices, carlos watson announced they were shutting down. among the allegations against the company, a co-founder impersonated a youtube director to raise money watson backtracked and told cnbc they would not shutter in looking for potential wrongdoing the "times" reports prosecutors have contacted one company that dealt with ozy and the sev that is been together but the precise focus of the investigations couldn't be determined according to the times report. president biden marking the
7:43 pm
first veterans day in 20 years when the united states has not been in a war. the president participated in a ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier. he said america has a duty to protect them. >> we have many obligations. one truly sacred obligation. properly prepare those and equip those whom we send into harm's way and care for them and their families, both deployed and when they returnhome. >> to that end the white house announced a move aimed at helping those who were exposed to it. it mate it easier because we have room. they're illegal in the united states congressional democrats reintroduced a bill of helping
7:44 pm
veterans of black families that would provide surviving spouses or descendents they could use it on housing, college, or to start a business. and of course veterans across the nation are working to help those who fought alongside them today and every day. from salt lake city, this is josh lepman. i won't find one >> then o'hara started grizzly forge, a blade smithing business out of his garage. lacking business experience, it nearly folded. >> god saved my business, turned my power back on
7:45 pm
>> it creates -- that infrastructure is there for a right. he had it black right until 2014 his connection to coffee came long before that he began roasting them >> it's that one cup in the morning to connect you back from home >> he brought in nearly 1 million in revenue an estimated 239 minutes veterans and my goal beyond the growth of the company, building a supportive network through business >> people can still address me and discuss the physical and
7:46 pm
psychological sense. iraq for me, it doesn't leave. >> haeffer is putting veins to work he's got a military spouse he wants to hire many more, 10,000 is the long-term goal he's taking his company public values his company at 1 poirch point $7 billion nearly 300,000 people were on the rag. if you see eighth great espresso with black rifle's success, photographs emerged of their emergency being one of their t-shirts >> we're not in the business of
7:47 pm
profiting from tragedy. >> his company is not affiliated with any particular movement or party. >> as for o'hara, they don't want to do that. his 9th have been pretty real. >> there could be a black rifle caucus door coming to a town near you right now they are targeting 78. fast growing. a vern in florida to help those who came back from fighting >> here's nbc standards are what they're thinking about >> palm beach county florida is a long way from here some of those who wore the uniform when our nation needed
7:48 pm
the most are still at war, but it's in the memories that haunt them and enemy i.e.d. explace and it sounded like that dump truck tire that blew out. >> when i was driving it blue. it wasn't just a flat, it was an explosion. >> you heard it? >> i heard it, i felt it for a moment, i was there. swerved, it was one of the scariest situations coming back. >> hey >> since he got his therapy dog sassy, triggers are muted. >> she's there to help me -- to be my buddy. >> in the military, watching your six. >> i've never thought of it that
7:49 pm
way. than when i'm with my army buddies. >> sem perfect phi rescues them from shelters. and then with months and months of training, the rescue dog. they trained and match vets with dogs >> what's the connection >> it night not be because i know i k45i7kd that veterans way but just like pedaling a pond. pgsd in port is why we're subsequently more likely >> having severe nightmares. >> it's been a challenge he's getting better.
7:50 pm
emma joined kirk mccould you ski, no, they will show you the memories of death and tilling in the jungless five to gauge later. >> those things stick with you it doesn't fade. doesn't fade keep reliving it fighting in vietnam a year later. >> kicking, punching -- >> all comes up. >> we have pillows between us. >> he's fighting he's fighting to stay alive. nightmare's take them back there. >> now when he begins to thrash and emma's going to be there that's her job >> as we honor this week, look
7:51 pm
at her, that fraud so i just hope people instead of judging, hey, cooled down. why do we have this. untrained at this point. this will be providing to service to another bedroom stood we say thank you for your service. >> kerry thank you so much. nasa administrator bill nelson talks about spacex searching out there. bill nelson's live with us next. hey google. ♪ ♪ ♪
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well, spacex update. just this hour the crew dragon capsule docked at the international space station. that's where four astronauts are scheduled to spend the next six months they replace another group that arrived back in april and returned to earth just on monday >> 3, 2, 1, 0. ignition and liftoff! >> that was last night the spacex rocket lifted off from cape kennedy in florida nasa administrator bill nelson on the phone former senator and former astronaut himself.
7:55 pm
i will say there's been a huge influx of space flights. takes away from nasa scientifically. >> well, that's just one minor part i mean, we've got so much science going on on the space station right now where the astronauts have gone if we put up the group and we'll captured shortly after the big bang of 13.5 years ago i believe we're getting light for that we have all of this stuff going on the largest rocket is ever going to launch. next february. 8 million pounds of thrust mightier than the fifth.
7:56 pm
we're doing the first one on crude. here we go, we're going back to moon and then the mars. >> back in june, the report on u.f.o.s. it's important to the military. >> do you believe they're ailing in technology? i don't know about those i talked to the navy pilots in 2004 that saw them they know they saw something, they tracked it, i don't know the scent of that. we are searching for life. we are digging right now on the surface of mars. we're going to bring back those samples in a dry lake bed to see if there was evidence of life. this telescope that's being
7:57 pm
looking back to the formation of the first galaxy you were going to make sure with the plaintiff that has half midable. can't thank you you notch. live tonight >> well, a beacon time heading from new york to maryland. crews cut down the first rockefeller tree in january the tree is scheduled to be turned into lumber for habitat for humanity to build homes. this is the first back in 1981 you can watch the rockefeller christmas tree lighting december 1st only on nbc.
7:58 pm
40 seconds on a race to the finish the defense hasrested in the murder trial of kyle rittenhouse. charged with shooting three men and killing two during a racial justice protestor in kenosha, washington 22-year-old college student knowing what donald trump did. a federal appeals court has the story. now you know the news of this thursday, november 11th, 2021. i'm shepard smith. watt the news on cnbc. listen to the news concept, wherever you get yours ♪
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