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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  November 11, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> no doubt. i love that movie. and again lead the way fund, thank you jim and thanks for all who serve. netflix breaking out, mel. >> thanks for watching fast, see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 for more, "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. >> my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now >> hey, i'm cramer welcome to "mad money," welcome to cramerica other people are my friends and j just trying to make you some money. call me at 800-743-cnbc or tweet me at jim cramer it happened again. i'm talking about how investors
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once again yesterday panicked and dumped stocks because they heard thattin inflation is run hot and the federal reserve has no choice but to raise interest rates. it doesn't matter how many times they tell you these moments are buying opportunities they're not selling opportunities, they're buying opportunities. the steady drum beat of fear wins out over what i have to say and that is very true yesterday and it happens again today with the dow jones tumbling 159 points a lot of that is disney. and the s&p 500 inched up and the nasdaq rallied .52% in a magnificent display of power of everything that went down yesterday. now why does everyone fall for this why? i mean, why? this is over 16 years, listen to me fear is a powerful motivator
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because of an overheated consumer price index numbers they wouldn't see that the inflation came from oil and gas and used cars and now that automakers are getting their hands on more semiconductors right now. like i said, we knew the inflation number would be hideous. i told you that endlessly but it is a backwards looking indicator. there is a real chance this will be as bad as it gets which means like yesterday it is indeed a buying opportunity and if you listen it is already the case. unfortunately not many seem to agree with me. i heard every tech stock was finished for the year because we're in a high growth stock bubble which will be popped the moment the fed tightens which going to be like yesterday i heard rivian, the red hot electric vehicle ipo, you better stay away it is sowing the seeds
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for its own destruction. finally i heard that you can't buy the stock from any company that missed quarter because those companies are now road kill what could i say don't believe it s in nonsense and i'm going to tell you why i'll say this clearly, experts who like to opine on bonds an inflation should stay in their own lane their endless negative chatter created a vicious cycle and stocks get hit and economists tell us that growth stocks go down if it is one giant stock so you might as well take profits now before they go away. this is a shocking degree of intellectual laziness. for every set of hot inflation numbers that cause the fed to slam on the brakes there were dozens that were supposed to trigger the rate hikes that never happened you hardly here this because it is taken as a given that these commentators have an
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agenda of chastisement and confusion for you. whenever the federal reserve makes the mistake of listening to the warning and tighten and it almost always throws the economy into a recession, or worse when we saw the lead up to the financial crisis in 2007 and 2009 so recognize that the inflation needs us and the rate hike seekers are not on your side and they're on a side. they're not indifferent. but they can't make you a dime i'm guaranteeing that. they tend to give bad advice and they're pushing a policy agenda. but they could cause you to panic, because they sound so smart. and they never are going to consider the possibility that perhaps just maybe the red hot cpi number could signal a crest in inflation because they do not look at the components that is what i do. now it might not force the fed to tighten and if it does it may not cause to you sell stock.
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if you have 100% long on margin, i don't blame you for trying to take some profits. but no, it is a good market. so how about this rivian what does it signal. surged another 22% today ipo. i'm telling you rivian is not a sign of speculation. it is an attempt to find another stock that could fit the moment when this actual moment right now when millions of investors are desperate to discover the next tesla i say why not hunt for the next tesla. what is the matter with that we used to enjoy the hunt before everyone got cynical i remember 30 years working on a cover story about finding the next amgen it wasn't embarrassing or ridiculous, just looking for the next am again and we found it. will rivian be the next tesla. too soon to tell rivian is an electric vehicle
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native when i say cloud native or crowd strike. it has orders from amazon for virtually every single van and amazon owns 20% of the company so they could will this thing into being they could will it to be successful so make a fortune so why would you listen to the naysayers, who cares that -- comparisons are odious i could think of a company that disagrees. ford motor the big institutions don't agree and that is why last night i told you they keep buying rivian stock to be meaningful for their funds and that is what is going on today this is not hard money this is easy money fund managers want to get a huge position on the sheets and they need to move fast to get the first slug of shares from the under underwriters, there were no flippers involved. this is tight as a drum as they like to say. if you knew about the mechanics
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of money management and if you watched the show last night then you could have made a killing today. just pointed it out. how about the faang. i feel like throwing a brick at at tv every time i hear a faang. there are not enough tvs at costco to do this. amazon, apple, netflix and google and alphabet are crusaders against inflation. they each offer something that could be used to dampen price increases because they're auch bargains facebook is a bargain for advertises and amazon is for shoppers and netflix for entertainment and google is for shoppers and advertisers, only apple did not offer a bargain proposition. but when you think how many devices it could replace, it is a steal at any price as far as stocks being broken, listen to me on this i'm going to teach you something that i've been stressing to the investment club members for years now all of my writings are at cnbc and all of my analysis is at cnbc this is the only place you get
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my analysis. and you need to search for broken stocks, not broken company. the most recent broken stock it is of disney. if you sold this after all of the chatter about the disappointing quarter you would have dumped it down $5, maybe tomorrow $5. does it make sense to sell this iconic company, if you believe that it is obsolete, then sell away not because of mickey or minnie or the avengers. don't you want to be an avenger. don't you want to swim in a pile of money with mcduck and finally disney is open minded i think espn is a extension. they have to focus on that they go two bulletins be a part of my club
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we're working 24/7 for you some venture in my lane, the stock lane rather than be constructive about what stocks thrive in a higher inflation environment they want to write off the entire asset class because they don't know any more than s&p and 500 me know there are 500 companies in it. that is it okay not 499 or 501 they have 500. they have horse sense. bottom line, these inflation fear-mongers are ignorant of the way companies work and the next time they knock down the asset class and tell you to sell your stocks, you should do some buying jessica in connecticut >> caller: hi, jim, this is jessica. how do you see possible s.e.c. cryptocurrency effecting paypal
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and coin base. >> thank you for your service. it is "mad money" salute to service and what a terrific question i spend a lot of time thinking about what going to happen in this world and i have to tell you, the world is a positive for square square could do in wrong coin base, people are going to continue to think that this is the only legitimate way in the stock market that you could play crypto, whether you like that or not. paypal is a stock that is owned by my trust. i just told you about something that i think we're doing right with disney. i have so far not have the conviction to come out here and say this is the level of my paypal i said we're not there yet and i continue to say we're not there yet and i want to thank you for the question but more importantly thank you for your service. and now we'regoing to find someone else we want to thank. we're going to cameron in new york >> caller: hey, jim, this is cameron out here from west point, new york. my question is do you see housing prices continue to increase given the post covid boom of 2021. >> i have to tell you, i was
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working, remember we had ivy zelman on, she has a great book and she said housing is peaking and then i go to toll brothers and lennor and those numbers look good. i would tell you that if interest rates are going up, then we seen the top but i keep thinking, wow, you know what, lennor and toll brothers maybe is one of the situations where they will keep making money. because their excellent companies and you're excellent for serving our nation nobody has made a dime panicking, people. the inflation mongers who don't know anything about what we do for a living, they want to write stocks ovff together maybe their illogical arguments could be discounted giving you discount prices for stocks on "mad money" tonight, a special veterans day show. i'm checking in with lockheed martin ceo to hear how his time serving the air force shaped his leadership style
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and then this show is about making money but it ises will about recognizing businesses that are making a difference i'm digging into companies supporting and hiring veterans returning to civilian life i hope you could hire. i hope you will. and tonight we're honoring those who serve by highlighting one business person who credits years in the service to his success. don't miss my exclusive with the chairman of a company whose stock went nuts today and it is called sports entertainment acquisition. i want to you stay with cramer >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to
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every year for veterans day we like to do a salute to service show where we highlight the fact that hiring veterans is not just the right thing to do, it is a great business decision. and military invests in training people to have leadership skills to stay calm in periods of turmoil and to think strategically. not to mention the technical stuff. but in many cases the private sector throws all of that away but not all. there are companies like lockheed martin, the defense contractor that go out of way their to hire veterans last year they hired jim taiclet and he's always been a terrific thoughtful executive and he's the ceo and now chairman before that he was an executive, and that is what is really
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important, he served as a pilot in the air force during desert storm. this week we got a chance to talk to him about his time in the air force and why lockheed martin is such a enthusiastic recruiter of veterans. so take a look >> welcome back to "mad money. >> hello, jim. great to be with you. >> oh, i missed it and it is great to have you on the show. one of things that i think is so important about veterans day is we get to talk about veteran recruitment. and you are a vet and i see that what you've done is nearly one in five employees is a veteran at your great company. versus national average of 1%. when i think about your career and how you were running a multimillion-dollar piece of merchandise in your mid-20s. most of us have never experienced that why don't we high many more vets at high levels in our country? >> well there are fantastic national resource and one thing that there is a young officer or
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nco, you get a lot of responsibilities you sort of suggested at a very young age. and the other thing that you learn is that authority and res respect doesn't come with rank or position. it comes with your character and you got to earn that respect. so they're a great source of talent they're all well rained. their mission oriented just like we are here so they're a great fit for us and a great fit for many other companies. >> and you've done a number of partnerships to support vet and military community this is also important that you don't have to be a vet to do this but maybe you could instruct other ceos. what did you do? >> there are a number of organizations that help transition people leaving the military into civilian life. i got some helping hands with that it was informal when i did it. but there are some organizations that are really set up to do that so i would suggest reaching out to them. there are trade or recruiting shows if you will and events for veterans as they're departing the military looking for a
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civilian position. go to some of those and see some of that talent >> well i think that one of the things that you have made me aware of is you mentioned people under pressure eight years ago you were on the show there was an outfit, i'm not going to dignify the name and they wrote that you were not doing -- you weren't -- you have weak corporate governance and you said let me on i'm going to tell you why that is wrong you're the only person that has taken a challenge in all of the years i've done this show, you just said listen this guy is wrong and i'm going to explain why. and you came on and you didn't hedge and you told the truth and then it was one of the greatest buying opportunities i've ever seen wasthat because you understand how to handle pressure in your early age? >> i think it helped, jim. i was -- had the honor of flying 82nd airborne in one of the first aircraft, a c-41 b at the beginning of desert shield and there is pressure there. and you could pretty much with
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stand anything after doing a tour in the military and being calm under pressure is essential and i really appreciated that invitation by the way, to come set the record straight eight years ago with you. >> well i was thinking about one of the stories, there was an officer that said right before you were shoved off, if anything happens, we never heard of you now that is pressure not a short seller rating your stock, right >> yes, that is right. we never heard of you. we hope you come back. and i've embraced those missions our crews did and it is a sense of duty. that those young and mid career people and they leave the military, they bring that with them they bring that sense of duty with them to their civilian jobs. >> now you're also because of your great work in telecoyou're bringing the 21st century warfare vision to lockheed lockheed has been advanced in knowing what to do but your skills are daext needed
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in the military. including your knowledge of teleco w >> what i've seen in lockheed martin is a fantastic capability to develop technology implement it and drive engineering and in a large part the physical world if you will. the tony an world. it is we're good at certain types of software. mission computers for our aircraft, cybersecurity, et cetera but there is a whole other digital world that is driven by companies investing in order of magnitude more than the defense and aerospace industry is investing and in spoft wear. so i wanted to leverage that through the people i knew back at american tower and i'll tell you every single one, every single ceo that i've asked to invite into this discussion has eagerly come with their chief engineer, their chief technology officer and we're figuring out
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where the best technology is and the digital world that could accelerate our ability to deter war and there is any more valuable good in this war than de terns. >> and we're back in a bipolar world. let me ask you something there is a book by a guy named mcclain, called young men and fire and in it it talks about how you cannot predict where fire goes this is the mangold's tragedy. it looks like that was more than 60 years ago and until this announcement, you did with nvidia, i don't think we ever seem to know what direction a fire is going to go. this seems like a fantastic partnership. >> well, what we do in defending the nation and our allies, jim, is very much similar to what firefighters have to do to defend our homes, people businesses and our climate from wildfires. so you've got to have the sensing capability to see where
6:23 pm
the problems or the issues are even a predictive capability to figure out where fires might happen now we've got sensors in space and elsewhere where we could sense infrared heat at a very specific level and then we could then use our ai mission manager that we're working on nvidia with to actually predict where firefighters should go, where aircraft should be deployed where water should be dropped and what is really interesting to me is not only do we have the satellites an the mission management capability at our company with our partners, we've also got fire hawk helicopters that we make at sikorski and c-130 aircraft that fight fires and we have individual communication networks that we could help the firefighters tay safe when they're out there deployed so, we've got a whole package that we could pull together on behalf of the u.s. government and have a national fire fighting swat team if you will with all of the best technologies that this country has to offer
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so i'm asking my team here at lockheed martin to pull that together because it will help with climate change and help with property protection and it will help with human protection and it is a great way to apply our technologies to a real world domestic problem >> well i want to thank you for your service and your time at the u.s. air force academy and all of the things that you did as an air force pilot and everything you're doing at lockheed martin. jim taiclet, thank you for coming on the show good to see you again. >> thanks so much, jim great to be there with you take care. >> knows what he's doing and you just heard all of the great things he's done for veterans. "mad money" is back after this. >> coming up, where do america's service men and women go after doing their bid for the united states cramer takes a look at companies that go above and beyond in hiring veterans, next.
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go army, beat navy >> in honor of veterans day today, we're holding our annual salute to service show where we take a step back from our day-to-day of wall street and focus on the women and men who sefrs served in our armed forces and i like to highlight companies that support veterans not just by thanking them for their service which we like and we do, but by hiring them outright this is still "mad money." i think it is great when companies do the right thing and they deserve to be celebrated for it but more importantly i like when companies hire veterans because it is good business. getting highly motivated and skilled workers that rur government spent a fortune to train. they're great team players and they know how to get things done and there is something that i've been saying for years but it was always a gut instinct and we never had evident until now,
6:29 pm
until now when just, j.u.s.t., published a research report in partnership with vets indexes which makesin disys to measure the performance of publicly traded company that support u.s. veterans and what did they find? well, you probably know. first despite broad public support for veterans nearly half of the largest corporations as represented by the russell 1,000 doesn't disclose the veteran recruiting practices that is wrong. and i think it is also a missed opportunity. they must change that. and it is also going to be helpful, in a moment you're understand because it will allow us to have one more important criteria for performance just examined companies that are veterans hiring and supplier policies that then compared to those who don't. what do you think they found well the ones that try to hire and do business with veterans performed better in terms of
6:30 pm
return on asset and capital and equity and that translate news better performing stocks though the disparity was much larger six months ago. so who stands out? there is a bunch of different third party rankings that measure the companies that hire vets we're going to start with vet indexes that i just mentioned. every year vets release a teared list for vets index, employer awards an the latest one was in may. the one that are most supportive get five stars and might recognize some, chub and comcast and pfizer, j&j, merck, circo and xl energy. then the publicly traded four star employers are -- there are
6:31 pm
some great stocks in those two lists which goes to my point companies that are hiring veterans tend to know what the heck they're doing how about other rankings we're not stopping here. every year forbes puts out their own list based on thousands of surveys. they talk to employees an not just the companies that are hiring and they go right to the employees and think that is a better methodology so let me read you in for's top 20 employers for hiring veterans saic, 3m, choice hotels, northrup grummin, lockheed martin, humana, intel and proctor and gamble, booze allen, american tower, southwest airlines and boeing cac international and texas roadhouse. google was number 21 and tesla was number 23. and teams up with the to produce their own list of the best employers for vets as with the vets index rangings this is
6:32 pm
filled out by the companies themselves so it is more about recruitment numbers. they found the most military friendly employers are hiring teams for veterans and they also accept military training in places of civilian employment credentials and high quality on board for families and a couple of government agencies and tsa and both part of the department of homeland security but the publicly trades ones are man tech international, chevron, caci international, and general dynamics and leidos. and then there is a honorable mention group where they highlight applied materials, chub, lockheed martin, pae, penske automotive and tex tron and union pacific and xpo logistics. it makes sense when you see defense contractors on the the list who knows more about logistics
6:33 pm
than the military. whoever they had supplying our troops in afghanistan where we got a unthinkable defense across the hemisphere could help us with our current supply chain crisis i don't care how badly the ports are, that is nothing to bringing ordinance to afghanistan when you look at the companies that manages to make their way on the best places to work, that is very intriguing and a great place to start if you agree this is an important thesis caci international made all three. that is a defense contractors and then we have had booze allen hamilton and chubs combined insurance subsidiary and humana and lockheed martin which we heard from earlier in the show and union pacific, the cramer fave for railroad that my charitable trust owns. i would put union pacific first and then chub, that is a well run, and then lockheed martin,
6:34 pm
run by jim taiclet i haven't followed booze allen to give a opinion but humana just delivered a good quarter. caci, i'm urging you to come on. your thrice blessed and we need to find out more about your company. the bottom line, on veterans day let's remember that best thing businesses could do is not just say thank you. which is a very important. but more importantly actually support retired service members not for lip service, but they give them jobs it will do well for them and it will do well for you thanks to some great work from just capital and others, we now have empirical evidence that going out of your way to hire veterans and source your supplies from veteran owned firms is not just the right thing to do, it is also good for business tonight in honor of veterans day and our special salute to service we're taking questions from the cadets at the military academy at west point so let's start with jacob in georgia.
6:35 pm
>> caller: hi jim, this is jacob from douglasville, georgia with inflation raging in the market, how you could find stocks that are immune or even winners with inflation in the picture? >> well first we have to agree that inflation is raising out of control. i think it is raging but it could be in control and that means a whole group of stocks that we could buy but if you think it is going to stay raging, the fed raises rates who makes money when the fed raises rates none other than the banks an we favor wells fargo when it comes to owning the banks and it is a member of our charitable trust and write about it for our club members. in honor of veterans day, we have just highlighted the many companies that support our veterans who hire. it is not only the right thing to do, remember it is also good for business much more "mad money" from the base to the boardroom, i'm sitting down with a navy vet who used his years of service to help him launch a very successful spac. then we've had some retail reports in the last 24 hours that are proving to us that the
6:36 pm
retail revolution continues and i'm breaking the reports down and i've got to tell you, it looks like that the shopping year is going to be at least the end of the year is going to be remarkable from what i saw today and last night and of course all of your calls, rapid fire in a special veterans day edition of "the lightning round. so stay with cramer.
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on veterans day, we like to highlight all of the ways retired service members could contribute to corporate america with a focus on the ones that have gone on to become executives which brings me to
6:40 pm
sports entertainment acquisition company, a spac. last spring we learned they plan to merge with supergroup this is a very exciting digital sports gaming service and once the transaction is completed, mr. grewman will serve as the chairman and before this he sold endeavor, nice premium last year and that is why i'm so interested in the spac, because mr. gruben is familiar with the world and with the nfl and before that he served saz a mid shipman on a nuclear submarine we want to know what that experience has translated to in the business world but also very curious to know what it is up to so i think it is interesting so welcome back to "mad money. >> thank you, jim. thanks for having me and especially thanks for giving me the forum on this special day, veterans day and a great shoutout to all of the people who serve and who have family members that served
6:41 pm
and who have friends that have served great sacrifices from all of those people. >> we rang the opening bell this morning and i thought of you we used to take this day off to celebrate and it is funny we have a lot of days that we have off in this country that do not commemorate lives lost and people who served the country. and it is almost like if you had to do it over again, i swear this could be the day that would you take off not a lot of the others that we do >> yeah, let me take the other side of that, jim. >> okay. service people, they're always ready. and they are always are up and at it. and that is part of the ethos of public service in general and the military in particular so i don't necessarily think that we honor service and veterans by taking a day off yes i understand the symbolism of that. i think we honor them by recognizing them and i think we honor them especially by knowing that the sacrifices don't end
6:42 pm
when they come home and that is especially true given people who have served in the last 15, 20 years, in a very, very unusual conflict for america it's really something, the sacrifices go on and on for some of them and the best thing you could do is nod, smile and shake their hand and help them out a little bit >> well let's talk about that. because we have done a lot of work which indicates that those companies that hire veterans have historically done better and it is still "mad money," done better in the stock market. the companies that hire veterans that we're close to have found them very quickly advancing to leadership positions because of many of the attributes that you talk about when you were on your nuclear submarine, i'm sure you played many roles and maybe you could describe how you had to be ready for all of them. >> well, you get ready for all of them by being ready to take on challenges, not by knowing
6:43 pm
everything in the world. one of the things that a young officer has to learn the moment he or she steps on board, whether it is a submarine or a ship or just about thinking else, is that there is going to be a lot of people who are not senior to you who know more about certain things and so you have to respect that and you have to work with everyone and when you're out in the deployment, and again whatever the vessel is, it could be a plane, it could be a unit in the marine corp, whatever it is, you have to get past personal differences, you have to ignore the fact that people come from very different view points, people come from very different backgrounds and that is an incredible strength. so you're sort of ready for anything if you're willing to work, you're willing to learn and you're willing to respect people who clearly will know something more than you do about
6:44 pm
whatever it is you're looking at. >> well, let's talk for a moment about sports entertainment and the closing of your deal and what your role will be and how your military background is going to help you. >> well, i do want to just mention that i watched my friend who i respect greatly, anthony noto, on the cnbc show this morning. so you have book ended it with the veterans but he was wearing his nike army shirt so i just have to unzip here a little bit and play the other side of that because it is getting to that time of the year where there is this little football game down in philadelphia called the army/navy game so now i don't want to compete on anthony with that since he was a linebacker at army but i'll wrestle him we are doing great and getting closer to the time where we will be able to merge with supergroup and supergroup will become the public company it is got a terrific management
6:45 pm
team and it is got a big global scale platform, scaled for further growth and it is very exciting. and they're poised to enter the united states through the acquisition of a company called digital gaming corporation which has long-term market access deals and in 11 states working on more and is live with the betway brand in five states. so digital gaming corporation is in the united states, live with the bet way brand and super group has a deal to acquire digital games corporation which is pending and will close when they get regulatory approval sometime in 2022. >> let me ask you one more question the propensity of the people in the gambling business seems to be to lose money customer acquisition is high i know you as someone who would never allow the kind of losses that these companies are generating right now how can you be sure that super group did not fall prey to the same situations that the others
6:46 pm
are which throwing massive amount of money to get any customer they can. >> all of my comments before, would you like to learn from people who know more than me and you certainly do about a lot of companies, but jim, you are looking through our those words that you spoke are looking through the prism of the u.s. centric investor and in particular the u.s. centric company. the well run companies that are global do not lose money hand over fist. they do lose money hand over fist if their well run that is a phenomenon of the united states, it is early days and i'm confident that the supergroup management team will execute with the same playbook in the united states that they have elsewhere that is not to say there are headwinds, but it is to say that you don't have to play the game the same way everybody else does and you don't have to do first you have to have a good product and good service, you have to
6:47 pm
have good entertainment, you have to treat your customers right, and if you do that, you'll get your fair share of customers in just about any business in the gaming industry is no different. >> eric, we'll leave it at that. you have great thoughts, also i think your comments on veterans day are appropriate and correct. that is wait to do it if you're going -- i was not in the service. my father would say it is another day we have to remember. but i think that you're analysis of what you're doing overseas with premier group, whatever, it is just different over there and that is why i have supported you since you came public and i think that your company will be terrific eric grooveman, chairman and cfo of sports entertainment, soon to be supergroup. thank you for coming on the show >> thanks, jim great to see you >> okay, because this is his baby, i've always watched him at every company, this one he owns and gossing to be terrific when they do the merger "mad money" is back after the break.
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade go army, beat the stock market booyah go army, beat navy >> all right before we begin "the lightning round. i want to take a moment to thank and honor those who served and are currently serving our country and that is not just army you're service ensures our freedom and we are grateful for what you are doing now so tonight we're going to have a
6:52 pm
special "the lightning round" featured veterans from all over the country. so now it is time -- it is time for "the lightning round." and then "the lightning round" is over. are you ready skee daddy let as start with daniel in california >> caller: jim, thanks for having me on trying to make this a tradition. stock this year is go go. >> i have not recommended go go in a long time but we're in a moment where people are traveling and traveling aggressively, i could see short-term trading as the world reopens. michael in ohio. >> caller: booyah, sir. >> booyah. >> caller: i was wondering, trade desk is now a good time to get in. >> yes the quarter as skapgs exceptional and it is a great alternative to alphabet and google and they've figured out ho to deal with apple.
6:53 pm
to anthony in texas. >> caller: booyah skim, thanks for having me on the show. my question is pll i'm up over 100% on it this year, should i take my profit. >> i want you to own half of that and play with the house's money. i do not care for the lithium stocks i think they're too high. and that is, ladies and gentlemen, it the conclusion of "the lightning round." >> announcer: "the lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> coming up, where should ooirns look for yule tide returns and cramer has a special no huddle when "mad money" salute to service returns. ♪♪
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that is it don't want to hear another word about stagflation. there is nothing stagnant about this economy retailers may experience the strongest quarter if history i know i use a lot of superlatives but that is not hyperbole. in the last 24 hours we've gotten numbers that are too good to believe let's start with dillards that my late mom used to call
6:57 pm
dull-ards. a magnificent quarter, they are earned $9.81 a share and analysts were looking for $5 how is it possible there is so much demand that dillards doesn't have to run promotions to get people in the store. no wonder the stock rallies 10%. and fossil, i remember when the seller of watches looked like road kill because of the apple watch but also because who needs a wristwatch in a world where everyone has a smart ipphone. today fossil stocks skyrocketed up 23% that is the kind of move from a takeover but they reported a glorious quarter. and fossil used to discount everything, not this time. they've added all of the inventory they need despite the congestion problem how about kate spade and stuart wiseman saw a fabulous quarter coach is putting up numbers that
6:58 pm
remind me of the old days when they led the retail cohort management would come on the show all of the time they raised the forecast thanks to more shoppers and higher prices nothing promotional here what do we make of all this? well you could surmise a great deal ahead of next week's barrage of retail investors. the brands i just mention ready in such great shape. if dollars is putting up numbers, macy's should have take the stock up nearly every day. lairer on the return of the tourists to new york and he'll see a spike in the square, very important. i know signet stock has tremendous respect for the ceo who has turned this jewelry chain around before they took over, they cared more about collect interesting rather than selling. it is up 282% for the year
6:59 pm
who said it can't go higher. this is when stocks like signet keep rolling i like kohl's through the holidays, i could say the same thing about target now the toughest ones might be home depot and lowe's, which i think will disappoint when it comes to expectations next week because it is not the sweet spot of what is working here but they are great companies. i cannot recall a time like this when almost everyone was winning. makes me want to go visit and ralph lauren, makes me think that by charity trust should stick with costco. too many bargains, it is a miraculous time for retail with customers flooding the stores and paying full price. when these retail stocks lead, many others follow it is just one more sign that despite the endless hammering about inflation and stagflation from the so-called experts, or
7:00 pm
possible supply chain shortages shoppers are eager to buy and buy now. in short, at least for retail, i'm telling you, it is going to be a great christmas i would like to say there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow "the news with shepard smith" starts now the defense case is presented in a high profile murder trial did the accused lawyer convince the jury he's not guilty i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc the kyle rittenhouse trial. >> kyle has his hands like this. >> what he told jurors about the night rittenhouse shot and killed two protesters in kenosha. >> new surveillance video. the man gunned down while on a jog. tonight, the homeowner at the center of the case tells his
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