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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  November 11, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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continue to maybe solve some of the challenging situations that we have right now with the labor shortage and kind of this great resignation by looking at veterans as a source of human capital that can really make a difference in their business and do things that they couldn't get otherwise. >> roy, thank you. ceo. >> that is well said let's get to the half. ♪ ♪ carl, thanks so much welcome to "the halftime report." front and center blue chip blunder. disney missing earnings across the board. a big blow to some committee members that own it we'll find out where they stand on that stock coming up and we'll have rivian's run and why one firm says it could mean trouble for the overall market and of course on this veteran's day, we are honoring the men and women who served this great nation including two of our very own, jim lebenthal and degas wright
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bryn talkington and jon najarian co-founder of market trying to bounce off the worst day in weeks after that inflation read and the dow is down 66 and the s&p is good for 11 and there is the outperformer on the day and the majors, which is the nasdaq down 125 the russell is having a good day and the 10-year note yield at 157. we do want to stay with disney, though it is our top story. jim lebenthal, you knew i was going to come to you first on this because ahead of the print on this program you said that if you did not own disney here you can buy it and that was some 7% ago. so you've got to own it. >> yep, i do just to use the phrase, you should own it still and if you bought it yesterday, i'm sorry that it's down 7%, but i very strongly believe that over the years to come this is going to be a better returner than the s&p 500 overall. so please don't be thrown from this horse by one day. what happened is they missed on the subscriber counts and why
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that happened is because of hotstar, the people who removed their hotstar subscriptions. it is mainly the indian subscription source. it is a low business and it's not where you're looking for growth either in numbers or revenue. so it doesn't throw me from the belief at 118 million subscribers they will get to their 220 to $240 million subscribers in two years they're still projecting break even at that point on disney plus and that's incredible given that they'll ramp up spending on content. that tells me they're projecting better numbers ahead than they were just a year ago and i think also with disney is you have to remember there is the theme park business and the studio business and both of which are coming back post-covid. i know today's a lousy day and some days the market punches me in the mouth by no means am i in with disney, i'm back up. i'm in it and you should be,
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too. >> are there longer term issues that disney needs to wrestle with as it relates to subscribers and whether they've reached some sort of saturation point and that the franchises, the great ones, of course, that they have will only take them so far and not only do they need to spend, as you say, but they need to spend a heck of a lot more money. bernstein today is talking about that moffett nathanson says the most recent estimate of $8 million to $9 million the price cut from j.p. morgan, goldman sachs, ubs, bank of america, barclays does a victory lap as they downgraded the stock not that long ago going into the numbers. jim, how do you deal with the bigger issues? you plame it on one thing and those are serious issues that investors will have to grapple with a, saturation and b, a much bigger spend than maybe we were anticipating. >> that's a great question, scott. as you were asking that question
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behind you, they put up the march to 118 million subscribers from 10 million two years ago and that right there is br breathtaking 102 million over ten years and it will slow down because we're no longer in the pandemic and they'll spend more however, i think the spending that you will see a very good return on investment from, that is the thesis for long holders like myself. time will tell, but basically what i'm saying to you, scott in answering that question and to everyone that owns it and bought it is the results were just one quarter and it's a blip in the overall trend that the chart behind you when you were asking the question clearly shows us moving in the right direction and i think it will continue to do so. that's spending that will have a good return on investment. >> i got the defenders out in full force >> in fairness, you have the price target, 218. i have wells fargo doing the same
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their price target is at 203 and i have morgan stanley and their price target is 210 and maybe the most telling sign of a defender if you will of a stock like this is our own pete najarian, co-founder of market as is his brother. pete, i appreciate you joining us because you told us you were looking at this for a while and you were waiting for the stock to go down it did you pounced. you finally bought disney shares >> i did, at about 160, scott, almost on the number what i've been waiting for, scott, is exactly what we got delivered last night we knew that the streaming was going to be under some pressure and they clearly were and bob chapek was clear about that and they thought he was sandbagging and the reality is 2 million subscribers and that has slowed down and there is saturation there. i think what i've been waiting for, first of all, we talk about p-es all of the time you talk about forward p-es and it used to trade in the teens
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and it jumped to 24 and now for whatever reason everyone's willing to accept the company trading at close to a 40 p-e for their forward, and i think that was part of the issue that i had when the stock was trading call it closer to 185 and up to 200 as it was falling back, i was waiting for these kind of days where it's a flush day, everybody wants out. we've seen this move and it's down 7% or 8% and i think that's a good opportunity and i heard this to maybe enter. what i really liked about the quarter is they are going go international in a much bigger way with the streaming and i think you are saturated here in the united states or north america and you have plenty of room to the outside world, and i say that because it feels like that netflix moment where everybody says, well, you know what this it's saturated and who else will go in and they will go over and take over internationally and i still think that netflix has a much
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greater pricing power and the ability to raise prices than disney has been able to show as a matter of fact, bob chapek put it out for people to jump into the streaming world, a really, really inexpensive one-month trial. maybe that will work i don't know, it kind of feels like a bit of a gimmick, but as you see the parks coming back and you see the rest of disney with the movies and all of the different things that they're working on to try to get back to normal and the reacceleration of investment in the company itself to get out there, i think all of that points me to the fact that this is a good entry point now, and i think there is room. i don't expect this thing to zoom to the upside, but i think this does give you room to the upside like jim says, at least through the year or two and bob chapek still gets his feet underneath him because let's be honest this guy took over in a very difficult time and he's done an outstanding job of navigating and being very, very transparent about disney to the rest of the public >> big shoes to fill, no doubt
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after bob iger let me ask you this, pete. how do you make the determination between shares which you bought and rather than, say calls unless i don't know the full story and you bought both. >> no. i only bought shares and the reason i did that is this, scott. i'm always looking for opportunities and whether it's in the broader market and we get the big whooshes to the down side that creates opportunity to look for stocks rather than the options because you get implied volatilities that are starting to spike in terms of the options themselves and i don't think it will rocket to 180 and 190 i think it will take time and in the meantime i'll be collecting a dividend and i'll be creating my own dividend and it's a level finally, and i see the growth in the future and they're talking about sports betting and all of
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the different things that chapek is putting out there i think this is a stock that doesn't necessarily rocket to the upside, but i think it will move to the upside >> some are taking issue with chapek, the ceo, talking about the metaverse and they're, like, why is he talking about that it should be focused on the story at hand and that's the content and the spending on the content and the theme parks and the tried and true reasons why disney is disney, but i'll leave that to others cramer today had a take that his wording was the problem here was how convoluted the story is, and maybe that eludes in part chapek talking about the metaverse that they should focus those other area, but he says people are being short sighted to sell it your brother, jon, i'll bring you in because you as well bought disney shares why today? >> well, scott, i took some pain because i wasn't listening to pete as much as i should have
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but i held calls into the earnings announcement so those calls were gone like that. they were nothing. they turned to nothing they're dust like some cgi turning a human back into dust or something like that they were gone, but i agreed with pete as far as if we could get a chance to buy this stock and today you had a chance to buy it, i think down 12% on the year, scott, which is pretty amazing. i thought that represented a good value could we re-visit 158 where i didn't buy it, and i think the low of the day was around 158. could you get a chance over the next several days? yeah there are very few one-day events in the stock market so you and i talk about that all of the time, but being able to buy this stock with the future that we see, and if that's not just the metaverse. that was smoke and mirrors,
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perhaps, by mr. chapek today because he didn't want to make the comments about some of the other things that inhibited disney's bottom line profit as well as revenue, but the revenue generator is still there marvel, star wars, the theme parks, cruising, espn and the potential there for that gaming or gambling. i think it is all huge for disney and now the metaverse certainly could be, as well, but those others are here rid now and it's just a question of getting us back open, around the globe because it's not just a dommetec play. to to pete's point, the domestic streaming with the help of verizon for those that decided to get into that room that way and now it's about international expansion. >> let me ask you this
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well me ask you this are you prepared as an investor if disney needs to spend a lot more money than you originally figured they might as the analyst community is weighing in on today that has a materiel impact, of course, on the bottom line which could impact the direction of shares certainly in the near-term after what had been a tremendous run off of the lows for the stock say they are going to spend all of this money? are you cool with that because it's going to have an impact. >> it certainly could. i still think this is one of the stickiest in terms of all of the content that they've got, scott. you've got kids that aren't as young as they were just a couple of years ago, but nonetheless, young people love what disney's scott, not just star wars and marvel, but all of that catalog and the fact that they can deliver what's already in the can, if you will, i know these are digital these day, but nonetheless, using that old
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terminology in the can, i think they have so much content out there that draws people in that they don't have to spend a lot on obviously, they've already spent that money and then the rest is just residuals so i think disney is well positioned i think they may be able to, much like amazon does, scott, pull back on spending here and there if they determine that that's something that they can help the earnings for that next quarter by not spending quite as much there and that's something we can see especially with the acceleration in theme parks and sports with disney >> degas, you're a dfrder today, too. you own the shares you're not doing anything negative with them am i correct >> you are correct because i'm going to echo what everyone else is saying because with chapek, he was talking about allowing the creatives to drive the success. if you know the storyyou realize that the creators have
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always driven success for disney, and so everyone's focusing on the streaming and there's still going to be a concern there, but we always have the parks and the media short term, we're seeing this as a market perform there are some concerns here, but we're still holders at this level. >> we have some other moves i want to get to >> pete, thanks so much and i love when you join us and tell us about the moves viewers need to hear about. we have very interesting ones. farmer jim, a new position in paypal which will lead me to bryn next, but you have a new position in paypal obviously, that stock pulled back quite a bit this week when did you get in and why? >> just today. just today buying a small position they will add to over time. scott, i've been envious of paypal holders, i really have and maybe paypal holders over the last few months aren't feeling so great, but i've been
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envious for the past few years and now i have a way to get into a thin tech innovator and i will say it's a small position because we're late in the year and where the stock chart is there's tax loss selling that hits it down further into december where i'll pick up some more shares and i think this is a great innovator for the next few years and i'm lucky to get it at this price >> we should note for our viewers, this is what i understand is your first move into the thin tech and payment space, am i right? >> that's right. i hope it doesn't make it a jinx, but this dinosaur can learn something new. citigroup, old money center bank frankly, i've had a thesis on it that their cash flow support them buying back shares below tangible book value, but here's the fact the share price has underperformed the rest of the sector and i have to respect what it's selling for me
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i'm not not going to get it entirely and yes, i've held it long enough that it does have tax gains. i think i'd rather watch from the sidelines to see if james phraser. >> my memly fails me and you've been a big supporter of the financials >> yeah. >> citi included maybe one of the loudest supporters on the program in the conversations that we've had over the last ten to 12 months and now i'm wondering if that story is turning and it's more than just a one-stock story. >> i don't think it's more than a one-stock story. i still have a position in citigroup. i still have goldman sachs as well, and i do think the space is going to continue to do well because i think interest rates will slowly rise, plus an expanding economy particularly
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with infrastructure spending should increase demand for commercial industry alones and the absence of stimulus will cause credit card balances to continue to increase so i do like the space this is spike to citigroup i have to respect what the stock market is telling me you're right, scott. i was supporting this for a long period of time and i have -- i said this conversation was going to bring me to bryn. weave had patience on the top. good to see you, as well i understand that you will be buying paypal in the next couple of days. am i right >> yeah. well i already own paypal. welcome aboard, jim, the waters are warm over here i already own paypal, and i think that the sell-off in the stock which was caused by the commentary around ebay and the challenges there has been overdone and so when you have a
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company that clearly the market has sold off in earnings you need to look at the technicals so jim's entry point is really solid because if you go back a year, the stock has re-traced all of the back to the september-october 2020 price level which is a good support which is around 203, 204 so i want to wait a couple of days and see if this holds and i think is a wonderful company we know paypal has over 400 million accounts and venmo to me is so exciting and not only did they sign up with amazon and i think starting in the beginning of the year, but venmo alone has 76 million accounts and i think that's more than citigroup venmo also transacted over 60 million in payment volume which was up 36% so i think there are really good, sunny skies on paypal, and i want to catch it down here from a technical level and 203, 204 is a great entry point and
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probably the next time i'm on the show i should have made my next addition to the stock >> i want to talk about rivian and update everybody on where it is it turns out to be the fifth biggest ipo. dr. j, am i right that you bought this, in allocation after the stock was public >> yeah. unfortunately, my brother got it and got an allocation on this one, scott, i couldn't because i'm still serving on a public board and that's a bozo no-no that you're not supposed to violate and i did not. so i had to buy it in the open market i've done that, and i look forward to the options and i believe they will be listed tomorrow, scott, on this one and i look forward to being able to trade those against it, but i just thought that this was such a great opportunity. do i think it's the next tesla
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i don't know, but i know that the space is so red hot right now. there's nothing hotter than evs and lithium and charging stations right now so this is a successful ev player, obviously, by the market cap we can all judge that, but do i think that it presents that huge challenge to tesla or to the ford lightning or to the gm products that are coming here. i don't know i just thought it was a good trade and if i can write a big, fat option against it just like bryn was talking about with paypal, then i hope to do that, to basically create my own dividend, if you will, by doing that, scott. yep, did not participate in the ipo, wish i did, but i'm in it right now. you corrected me and you said open market which is as it is. >> bryn, back to you how do you view rivian here? >> i think it's -- first of all,
12:21 pm
i think it's a sign of the times, right we're clearly in everything is at all-time highs, but when i go back and look at where tesla and was where they ipo'ed, it is important to remember when tesla ipo'ed, they had 1400 cars and they ipo'ed with a market cap of 1.7 billion. riff wrap has a market cap to john's point of 90, 100 billion now and they delivered zero cars >> right 119, incredible. i think there's a lot of comfort around people buying the name because amazon earns 20% and ford also owns some, as well, there's probably a bid below the stock if amazon came in and added to that position and that being said, tesla had a 1.7 billion and had delivered
12:22 pm
1400 cars. so i would definitely not be a buyer here and as a long-term purchase, i think it's a zero revenue company is just too rich for me to understand that. >> i got a thought from something i saw on twitter which i want to introduce into the conversation in a second i do want to get to another move from the committee and it's degas and it's a stock we have heard about in the past, numerous times on this show, first from josh brown, second from some others albemarle. >> i like the management team led by ken master and their innovative strategy to they're getting their revenues from lithium, bromide and clone fuel, transportation fuel and these are one-third. and they make up top 5% of the
12:23 pm
producers in lithium, and so what we're seeing is that this is an attractive stock at these levels, top profitability and there will be revenues and earnings tied with the demand for batteries and clean energy so this is a good time to get into the company and it's doing the right things for sustainability >> this that i want to introduce is data trek and it relates to the story we're talking about and it is a segway into the broader conversation about the overall market and it is the first legitimate competitor to tesla with an interesting way to look at this, that, in turn, can pull money out of tesla and you have money coming out of the s&p and if people want to put money on rivian and it may go down as a source of funds. i just thought it was an interesting tweet and thought to
12:24 pm
introduce in the way people are looking at this particular stock in this particular time in this particular market. >> scott, it is an interesting tweet and it is echoing something to say it again. all of these companies together, their market caps have grown and you had a chart up there, tesla with a trillion. rivian now at 100 billion, ford, gm and 80 billion. it's been something where money has just been thrown at these stocks across the board, but now the combined market cap relative to the overall total addressable market yes, i'm going to use tam in rerns to it. that market cap relative to tam is simply too big, and now you have to start winners and thises is point that revenue is growing and a $100 billion valuation and if i'm looking your profits early, rivian because the ford,
12:25 pm
toyota, vw and tesla are the ones that will win out in the end. i don't think rivian, nikola and fisker, lucid and i don't think those are the winners. i think the winners will be the ones that have scale and profits. >> we'll follow that incredible story in the days and weeks ahead. it is, of course, veterans day we honor those who have served this country halftime's own jim lebenthal and des iggawrht a special edition of "ask halftime" is back. we're back right after this. onr
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ halftime report honors all veterans on this day our very own jim lebenthal was a nuclear engineer and submarine officer in the united states navy for seven years and degas wright was an armored cavalry officer serving in the military for five years he left the service with the rank of captain. we thank you for your service to this country ♪ ♪ >> we do, indeed lieutenant jim, i'm going to begin with you first i watch and we do this every year, but i want our viewers to hear what this day means to you
12:29 pm
and also how it's shaped you into the man you are, your service? >> thank you, scott. let me start by thanking you and the cnbc family who not only this day, but frankly every day make it clear your respect to the military and i really appreciate that. to answer your question, though, all i feel is gratitude. i feel gratitude at the privilege for having served, and it was a privilege, and i have to say i think carrying yourself throughout the day with gratitude is a very important way to live your fullest life because believe me, you can look at the bad things that go on any given day and i want to give this message to the people who are serving today. if you are serving on a submarine right now and you're shooting trash or you're pumping sands or your chief is ripping you up, i promise you you will look back on this day with admiration and longing i hope you're on the sail of a submarine standing lookout or officer of the deck, but regardless, all i feel is gratitude for the privilege of
12:30 pm
having served. i am very grateful again to you, scott, and the cnbc network, and i am also grateful to my army buddy degas and there is a good rivalry there, and he and i are good friends and i'm honored to know him. >> captain wright, you're up >> yes one of the first things, scott, that what motivated me to join the army was my father he was in service to the m military for over 30 years and he asked me what do you want when you grow up i said daddy, i want to be a soldier like you he said if you're going to be soldier, i want you to be an officer and that led me to west point and i met some great friends and we have a west point book club that we meet every week and we read about books that talk about the history of this nation through conflict we started with the american revolution and we are about to read about the civil war, and so
12:31 pm
what i've learned through my time in the military is service means so much and the relationships that i've been able to build, and like jim, i want to thank cnbc for honoring the veterans you make me feel appreciated each and every day that i'm on this show and for that, i thank you. >> we honor the both of you as we do today and every day. degas wright and jim lebenthal, our very own our next guest, by the way, served four years in the united states marine corps in the elite scout sniper unit leading combat missions in iraq and afghanistan. that was after graduating at the top of his class at boot camp, the school of infantry and the scout sniper course and he was also the recipient of the navy marine commendation for valor. jake is the founder of groundswell to better align companies with the charitable giving and he is with us live
12:32 pm
today. it is so good to have you to establish a new relationship and we, like, with all other veterans are grateful for your service. >> thank you so much for having me on and to jim and degan, thank you for your service, as well. >> beyond asking what this day means to you personally, what do you want it to mean to others? >> i think veterans day is such a special opportunity for americans to take pause and be grateful for what we have and not just what we have, but those men and women who are out there on a daily basis to protect our nation, our freedoms and our values i was honored and prifl edged to serve in the marine corps and i am honored over the course of the last decade with the non-profit organization and i founded team rube con. >> and groundswell which is your latest venture is reasonably new and i described in the open about what it does did you find that a company's philanthropic interests weren't
12:33 pm
necessarily aligned with those of their employees and that's where this opportunity came from >> what we're seeing is a ground swell of the talent war. younger generations, gen-z and millennials they want to align purpose with the companies companies have historically struggled to do that our thesis is if you decentralize corporate philanthropy and give the change for the company and they feel empowered and we can bring to them a new pillar of compensation it's base, it's bonus and charity in the future. that's what we believe. >> can you tell our viewers more about team rubicon and it's a non-profit that i started 12 years ago and we deployed military veterans and our teams have been active all across the country and all over the world over the last 18 months and not
12:34 pm
responding to the natural disasters due to climate change and heavily engaged in operations related to covid-19 and we assisted with 2 million vaccinations over that time and supported hundreds of thousands of tests and delivered 60 million pounds of food and our service members have been active and we're proud of them. >> i mentioned your service and the awards that you've won and the elite level in which you did serve and it's awe-inspiring in and of itself. i think that's obvious to everybody. i'm curious, though, if you can describe for us and our viewers the sort of drive and determination that leaves you from serving at such an, leet level in the military to wanting to do it on a different level once you leave service where does that come from? >> well, i feel very important that i have served in some of the most unfortunate circumstances on the planet. my experience in the marine corps took me to some very troubling places, and i
12:35 pm
achieved, i earned a perspective on the world that made me very grateful for what i have i was fortunate to come home and not many of my colleagues did and i have a debt to continue to pay and i want to make the world a better and more special place. i want to avoid america sending its young men and women off to war in the future and i think we can make the entire world, not just this country, a safer, peaceful and more equitable society. >> i mentioned it at the top and i'll mention it again. we are deeply grateful for your service not only in the military, but what you're doing now to help others and let me say thank you to dan nathan of "fast money" on this network for putting this together. i appreciate that. you be well. we'll talk again soon. >> thank you >> that is jake wood of groundswell, founder and ceo and of course, a veteran of the united states marine corps veterans have been calling in with their investment questions, as well. it's a special edition of "ask
12:36 pm
halftime." listen for this video question for the investment committee >> greetings to the cnbc halftime report team from u.s. army 10th mountain division specialist david clark from fort drum, new york currently i'm sitting in my office bought and paid for by profits from the last ten years of trading and watching the show what is your number one pick for 2022 and why thank you very much for a decade of amazing television. appreciate it. >> we appreciate that. we are grateful for your service, as well dac is one of our most loyal viewers. dr. j, you know that he's always watching the show. he's always tweeting about the show so we're so happy to be able to include that today what's your answer >> my answer, scott, is lithium. i'll be more specific and i'll dial it down to quantum scape because you just can't have enough lithium right now i know that it will be recycled
12:37 pm
as well and albemarle like degas said >> bryn? >> i didn't know what jon was going to say, but lithium, it's an etf that does the full vertical from manufacturing to mining to battery production it owns albemarle, it owns tesla and panasonic. a quick stat here. uk wants to be all easy and new car sales by 2035. if that happens in the uk alone that would take three-quarters of the world's lithium supply. i think lithium is a long-term secular trend and buy lithium over rivian. >> i saved my service men for last degas, you're up first. >> i'll give you diversification because i talked with albemarle. let's go with manhattan associates they're providing the solutions for logistics and supply chain management and we all know that's a critical need now also, it's very attractive at
12:38 pm
these levels and top for profitability and growing revenues and eps it has not missed since july 2018 >> all right jim, you're up >> mr. clark, thank you for your service and thank you for your support of the show which is well known to all of us. my answer is look at the next year as a relay race use energy, xle and that will only last about six months or so and then i want you to switch to faang and if you need one faang name you can use apple. >> we'll take a quick break and jon has unusual activity and how investors should be vitinagang the next big market theme, the metaverse. we'll be back right after this i go to work. ♪♪ strength isn't a given. it's grown. it's earned and tested. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back i'm rahel solomon and here is your cnbc news update at this hour the biden administration plans to increase support for veterans who are exposed to toxic burn pits and other contaminants while serving overseas the actions will make it easier
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for vets to prove that they were exposed and will push to find links to potentially deadly diseases tune into the news tonight for more details on how president biden and those across the country honored our nation's heroes as part of veterans day >> ten unruly airline passengers facing fines totaling $225,000 according to the faa the agency outlined ten new cases where passengers shoved flight attendants, used expletives and refused to comply with the face mask mandate >> bob murray, the general manager of the anaheim ducks is resigning. he will enroll in an alcohol abuse program. this was after the national hockey leave placed him on mistti lveadniraveea after accusations of improper conduct. halftime will be right back. “oh, beg pardon, sir, but is now a good time for a jolly bit of window cracking?” i mean, if they did, you wouldn't need a geico claims team that's available 24/7.
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♪ ♪ sg affirm shares with its partnership with amazon
12:46 pm
serving as the sole third party buy now, pay later option through 2023 dr. j, you have calls. the stock's up 12 1/3% as we speak. do you roll them up? what's the story >> i did today, scott, roll them up i love the story i love buy now, pay later. i think it's a story that plays out for years, and a lot of other companies will look to create partnerships to find someone like affirm and i think this has 200 written all over it some time mid-2022. >> nobody else owns it, but your commentary on it, bryn, is interesting when you look at the competitive landscape here and you say there's no moat. >> right well, i mean, when you want to invest in a company that long term secular trend you want to make sure you have a moat around it and i would never discount
12:47 pm
leff levchen, and i'm hoping i'm wrong on this. mastercard has it, visa is rolling it out it's not complicated to create that, and so i think longer term, it's a wonderful feature, but i don't know long term how this company continues to be a dominant player when most other companies will just bolt it on, whether that's organically or like a paypal, they bought the japanese company earlier so for that reason, sentiments on its side, but from an investment i wouldn't be a long term buyer of this at this point. >> the other one in the wheel house is sofi, speaking of shares moving higher you have calls here, too >> yeah. and this one is one that has just paid dividends, if you will, and the pun is intended. just over and over again, the stock has outperformed i know it's a cathie woodstock, and i love riding in this one. i think liz young has to be
12:48 pm
delighted. i hope she has lots of it in her portfolio. >> yeah. >> but, yeah, this one has continued to be one of the thin tech monsters of 2021. >> we hope she got stock, too. >> jon's coming back after the break. we have unusual activity in two minutes.
12:49 pm
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12:51 pm
in freeport, scott and if you pull that name up, you'll just say, wow, look at the move this is not a small-cap stock. but it is moving strong to the upside today they bought 24,000 of the january 41 calls i think the stock is approaching that level right now might even be passing it, scott. the stock was a little over 40 when we saw that that's 2.4 million square equivalent i was already in, i rolled up. second one is dish network stock was 3605 they were buying 5,000 of the january 3750 calls loved that one as well that's a new position for me so i jumped into dish, and i'll probably ride both of those positions for the next 30 to 60 days >> appreciate the updates on both of those. doc, thaounk y "final trade" are coming up next the best price on every tra, which saved investors over $1.5 billion last year.
12:52 pm
that's decision tech. only from fidelity. tank 101 look at these sharks circling.
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the art of the steal >> i want to make money. i'm a shark. >> i'll give you 20 seconds. >> i can easily make you millionaires >> just undercut barbara >> i'll of course underbid him just to get even >> i'll make you guys an offer, nonnegotiable. >> and that is how you
12:54 pm
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and deliver multi-layered security, so your workforce gets seamless experiences wherever they roam. for devices that fit your unique workforce, trust microsoft surface and it orchestration by cdw. people who get it. well, my vision is to use disney plus as the platform for the metaverse. i think it really blends our physical beings with our digital beings and creates a three-dimensional canvas otherwise it's a park experience or a movie experience or it's a book experience. i think those all come together without boundaries, without borders, without constraints, and our creatives are just biting at the bit to get into the disney metaverse >> seems everybody's talking about the metaverse these days including disney's ceo bob chapek i want to find out to my committee members and find out
12:58 pm
if they're even thinking the metaverse. are you playing this yet >> of course i think first of all defining the metaverse is like defining transitory it's a different definition depending on who you ask i'm going to give you an infrastructure play, nvidia. you're going to need really powerful chips if we're going to start creating haptic suits. and dave has been thinking about the metaverse for probably two decades, and that would be roblox >> morgan stanley has a note today called "the next big theme. >> so that's how we've been playing the metaverse because if you talk about auto, they came out over 20 years ago with their 3d design tool so what their tools are doing now is actually reducing carbon waste in their design. also, adobe with their creative
12:59 pm
cloud. reaching the creative clofrud i reaching about $11 billion in growth right now we see as a design tool to create that economy of the future >> lieutenant jim lebenthal? >> you've got it semiconductors this is semiconductors for the automotive industry. i think this is one, a year or two from now you're going to be looking at it like amd >> thank you another metaverse play captain wright >> yeah. intuit after the acquisition, it is becoming the go-to for accounting and marketing for small businesses and the individual go army. >> there you go. you take it easy, jim. dr. jay? >> scott, bk, bank of new york i bought the 60 calls during the show >> interesting move in the last
1:00 pm
few minutes from what i understand >> yes, sir. >> coinbase. we know the fundamentals is bouncing off the 20-days the fundamentals and the technicals look strong >> i see that moving to the upside on the back of that earnings report. thank you so very much for joining us today a happy veterans day to all the men and women who have served this great country and, again, salute to our own jim lebenthal and digas wright "the exchange" is now. welcome to "the exchange," everybody. i'm in for kelly evans here is what's ahead the heat is on, hot inflation numbers turning up the pressure on the fed and raising questions about the need and the speed of its taper. we will look at how far behind the curve they might be. plus, it's no secret that auto prices has been soaring are there any signs things are improving? we will ask the ceo of car guru' following strong earnings and a stellar rally this year. and earnings exchange. we've got the action and the story and the trade on three key earnings


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