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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  November 9, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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shares and for rj scaringe, he started this company in 2009 so we'llee what ha see what haph the pricing after the bell. >> what a fascinating tale and amazon, phil, we can't wait. in addition to coin tonight, dash, win and cpi tomorrow let's get to the judge thanks welcome to "the halftime report." i'm scott wapner front and center, why stocks keep rising and interest rates keep falling and what that says for your moining joining me, stephanie link, sarat, s co-founder of market r it's been an interesting one for sure you have the dow, the s&p and the nasdaq all negative, but look at those stocks in the bottom because we have big stories developing today
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ge splitting the company and we'll talk about that, obviously, roblox, a huge winner today. robinhood, paypal, ford also in the news pete, i'll begin with you. you have the nasdaq up, the s&p up eight days in a row and there's that thing that i mentioned, the vix starting to rise a bit what's the message in that, do you think? >> yeah. i think over the last couple of days we've been watching that volatility index elevate more, if you go back yesterday and look at it, we've started to see that movement despite the fact that we were in a positive market we had the dow that finished up 100 points and we were positive on the nasdaq and yet the volatility index was growing to the upside we're seeing it more so today and with this move to the downside, particularly on the dow and now you have the nasdaq participating to the down side, as well. i think it starts to tell us that everything is great, you know, that we're looking at, but you know, we've had this incredible run and at some point if the new stories aren't as
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positive as they have been, obviously friday we had that late news about the -- [ no audio ] >> we'll work on pete's audio. steph, let's talk about this so-called everything rally that's been happening. pete says, you know, everything's been going up tech, materials, industrials and now all-time highs today and semis, new record high and value around all-time highs and bitcoin, intraday all-time high and all 11 s&p sectors are positive on the year and nine of them are up double digits. so does this continue to be a buy everything rally or do you start to say maybe enough is enough we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. no, i think everything is working for a reason the economy is stronger. if we learned one thing last week they rebounded to all-time highs and it's 66.7. we've never seen that kind of number before. why is that important?
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it's 67% of the economy, it's services why is that important? it's driven by the consumer which is also very important for the economy. so we're rooting for this and this is good news on the consumer front and i'm not at all surprised to see consumer confidence rebound, and we're seeing on the manufacturing side, and factory orders and durable goods. october rebounded, scott october rebounded as delta variant kind of subside. so we have the supply chain issues and i've been talking about stickier inflation for months now and i'm wondering if the bond market will, but there's so much distortion in the meantime you have good growth on the economy and you have good earnings and low interest rates actually, that's kind of goldilocks >> i wonder if the bond market is telling you more disinflation
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than inflation i literally just looking as you were speaking and you look at the ten-year at 142 and you're, like, holy smokes. what is going on with that what is the message that that is sending and by the way, steph, a lot of the hottest, if you will, indicators of inflation have started to cool and started to cool somewhat dramatically, too. and that's one of the reasons why stocks in such a broad array of sectors have continued to hit these highs, as i've said. >> i think it would be stagflation versus disinflation. you had a hot ppi nobody i know i wasn't lying today, but you had a high ppi number and unit labor costs also last week, very, very high and what about the wage numbers and non-farm payroll numbers and you have real inflation number, and my worry point is this inflation
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going to to go lower when you get consumer confidence numbers like that. when you get manufacturing and companies within manufacturing telling you how strong demand is so we have to watch it it absolutely is a watch point for now, but i think into the end of the year, seasonally, this is the time when you want to be long as estimate revisions are going higher which they are. >> mr. wonderful, by the way, it's good to have you back it's been a while. i hope you're well. >> thank you >> you're smiley today you have 24% cash, though, why are you sitting on so much cash? >> i recently sold off a commercial real estate which we'd accumulated over decades and so i'm not as comfortable as i used to be with commercial real estate, aaa office, some hotels some climate-controlled
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storage. usage is changing. those giant office towers that used to host the lawyers and accounting firms and those people don't want to come back to work. i'm trying to move out of that and i took it down to eight and now i have a lot of cash to deploy and right at a time when cash gets you 25 basis points in interests, so it's challenging there are plenty of others who are doing the same thing looking to re-purpose real estate and that's why i have the cash position, but i wanted to respond to steph's comments on inflation having lived through some of this myself with my private companies. half of the inflation we see today in my belief is temporary. let me give you a use case say i'm making gym equipment which i am in fargo and one of the most successful companies in my portfolio over time the supply chain hasec broen down and the nuts and bolts we used to buy from asia, we stopped doing it, because we couldn't
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get it through the port of los angeles so we outsourced it. we're happy to do it because we've kept the supply chain operational. people are buying gym equipment at a higher price. we've raised the prices 7, 8, 9% and we'll bring it back to where our original costs were. half of this inflation is temporary and the other half is misallocating resources like energy not setting up to pull energy out of the ground at a time when you know with certainty we still need it and you will see the market will solve it so the fed is doing the right thing in my view and you're seeing it reflected in the ten-year down to 1-4 no one is worried yet about real inflation and that's my take on it, and i'll invest accordingly. >> that sounds like you have a bullish outlook if you think inflation is, in fact,
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transitory where are you going to deploy the capital? are you putting it into equities well, look, i am willing to put it into equities, but you don't take something that you can build over 11 years and jam it in i'm very constructive, i'm 70% equities and 30% incomes and that's the longest i've been in the portfolio with the mandate of fixed income versus equities. where to put this cash i'll tell you, this is a used case they know is being debated by the regulator and everything else so i asked what else can i do with the cash? because you're giving me 21 basis points and i'm losing a lot in the 12-month period they say why don't you stake usdc why don't you stake u.s. stable coin and you can make 4.7 to 6% in a 90-day period and i call up my own accountants and my own compliance officers and we'll
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stake our usdc and what? are you out of your mind you can't do that. the pressure to get into crypto has never been bigger. so i have done a small experiment and i started to know with circle and i started staking usdc this is where the world is going, scott this has to get resolved because people with cash have to get some kind of protection against deflation. how crazy is that? >> some people can get it in bold which is the highest level since early september. i wonder, sarat, this idea of playing off of what kevin just said, this pressure to get in. whether it's crypt ono from institutions or whatever as you see the freight train rolling on and it rolls past you, you want to get on before it gets too far ahead of you and you can't catch up, right? is that at all what's happening in the market here the great chase? >> i think that's part of it, too, scott
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i think the other part also is the rebalancing that's occurring with institutions and individuals who are balanced accounts and that is putting pressure on the bond market and that's why you're seeing yields go lower and just because you get out of your equity allocation and to kevin's point if you're not going into something like crypto and alternative assets you'll buy these bonds and you'll put pressure on the yields and the prices go up, but to your point on the equity side, yeah, there is this fear of fomo to look and say where do i want to be? do i want to be in the inflation camp do i want to be in the disinflation camp and then look at what companies you want to own. i do think thereare definitely opportunities out there and investors are investing whether it's on the equity side or the alternative side. >> tom lee puts out, s&p is up three days in a row, surprisingly, he says not a bad thing. equity continue to trade as though there is an underlying
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bid leading into the end of september. our interpretation is that investors are underinvested and kolanovic over at j.p. morgan says he's still pro-risk most of the commentary, sarat, day after day after day is decidedly positive and even some of the initial naysayers like mike wilson at morgan stanley are teetering on the edge of capitulation that's what their notes would suggest every day. so what does that tell you about the overall narrative over the next -- i don't know, couple of months of what is seasonally the strongest period of the year >> i think it's stay invested. definitely look for opportunities especially as we've gone through earnings season and companies that are broken right now there is no othe alternative and if you have companies that have good pricing power, that's the way to go. some of them are increasing earnings and expectations. all of these people that you know are correct, and you just have to pick your spots and make
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sure you have a diversified portfolio because as we talked on the show, the dow has gone from 146 to 144, and you'll have to have companies that will do well through the rough patches. >> pete, if my memory serves me right, over the past few weeks, three or four weeks or so you've bought apple calls here and there a couple of times and here you are again. you bought the december 155s so you're looking for opportunities that you think still exist, even in some of the mega-cap names >> yeah. and in this name, we've seen some incredible unusual option test there, scott, it was a week or so ago that we had the bare of the 150 strike calls that were in apple and now all of a sudden we get huge buying again out in december looking at those 155. i like what we are seeing. i like a lot of the options we've seen specifically in the ev space, but even in mega-cap, we're we're talking about names
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like amazon that produce very, very nicely. i got out of those option, but i've got to tell you something, i've seen option activity across many of the various names and names that aren't considered in the mega-cap and the ciscos of the world and the salesforce and some of those names where i think they've been great trading vehicles for us, scott we continue to see rotation in the different areas and the mega-cap sometimes get forgotten and we've had pretty decent results. i actually think going into the end of the year that we'll see a name like apple start going into the upside again and we'll start pushing towards 160. we'll see, but that's what the options are telling us right now. >> i want to know more about this amazon sale of yours selling the calls on amazon. can you give us more on that and i ask you because when you look at the year to date gains for the mega-cap names and it's a decided laggard. year to date, amazon's up 8% everything else has kicked its butt >> no, you're exactly right.
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you're 100% right, scott, but there are times when we do see the moves and we've seen it in the rapid fashion and we've seen amazon go from 2400 to 3500. if you look at the year to date the numbers don't look that great, but there are glimpses of times when you see dramatic moves including some of these faang names. in an amazon, for instance, i agree with you and part of the reason i took that position off was it had more to do with the idea that okay, i've got good results and now i have to get out and i don't know from an amazon perspective that aws is the driver we all know that and that had been the driver for a long time and for whatever reason, scott, amazon has lagged and you're 100% right and there are moments, there are times and weeks where we have seen some very, very nice moves, whether it's apple, facebook or amazon or whatever the name, they do have times where they do move and that's part of the world of the options world is you have those timeframes where you're
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restricted, yes, but they give you that opening to get in and that's what i've been trying to do. >> steph, what's your thought between where mega-cap goes if not into the new year. mega-cap tech or just mega-cap in general >> mega-cap tech. >> mega-cap tech i don't see why -- >> is it really mega-cap anything else? this is a very good question very good point. i just wanted to clarify no, i think the fundamentals are very, very strong and even the earnings misses, if you will and the sales on the news and the free cash flow is so enormous. we talked about the total addressable markets and why that's so important is that's what generates the free cash flow and they can turn the spigot any time they want on expenses or they can dial it back down, and it's one of the reasons why we bought facebook or meta at this point. the engagement is very, very strong i think this company will still
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be able to grow 20%, 25% trading at 20 times, ten times ebitda and that's a real value to me. that's growth at a reasonable price. so you know i lean more cyclical and more value, but when i saw facebook down as much as it was, at one point it was down 18% from its highs and i thought that was an opportunity not just into the end of the year, but over the next several years and mega-cap tech there is always a place in a portfolio for that. >> you know, sarat, i was thinking of you and steph with the infrastructure deal and city had this note that it's not a sell on the news event these stocks can keep working. why did i think of you because danaher, honeywell, vulcan materiels, mookamong oth things do you agree with citi that ran up a considerable amount on expectation that there was going to be some sort of deal?
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>> i do, scott i think the companies you mentioned are well-run companies that have demand in front of them and pricing, and i think that's going to be really important and as we know, the infrastructure bill will tack a couple of years to play out and what these companies will do at that pointin time is with rising prices and also the ability to control some of their costs, i think these are places you want to be it's a good diversification play to offset some of the other things that can be going on in the economy because you know you've got steady demand for eight to 12 quarters >> and yet, kevin o'leary who owns caterpillar and deere is not priced in. i would add new money in you're skeptical of the bill what are you skeptical about we didn't give you any of it >> the way i look at it is, first of all this trillion dollars was already at 50% earmarked. so half of that is really new,
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free money coming into the market i think you saw the election results from november 2nd and give you tonality for what midterms are going to look like. things will be highly politicized in terms of what these projects are, shovel ready, et cetera a lot of this money will go into projects that probably is questionable in terms of real value because i've always felt these giant government programs about a third of it is wasted. sorry to be the skeptic, but it will take such a long time for this capital to be deployed and on the other side of the midterms i think you'll have total washington gridlock which is a good thing. that's okay and that's what's coming and as a result of that, these government programs will not find their way to the bottom line as much as you think. i think these stocks will be flattish we'll see what happens over time and call me a skeptic when it comes to giant government spending >> it already passed, though so the midterms are irrelevant >> very political.
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very political after the midterms and i'll tell you why you'll see a lot of -- it's all with the incumbent always loses power. you don't have to get it into politics the politics shift and cause gridlock that means government projects get stymied. they slow down this money won't get spent for four or five years, if not longer and it's not the panacea everyone thinks it is and you want to translate that into an eps, don't >> steph you want a word on that? >> i actually agree with that. i actually agree with that i don't think we'll see the money for many, many years, if at all, by the way, but i own industrials and the infrastructure names for special situations, strong fundamentals and low expectations and caterpillar is up 15% on the year they just delivered a solid quarter and a very challenging environment, right they were able to raise price so
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margins came in better despite the sales were weak because of the supply chain the book to bill is 1.2 times. they just bought 1.4 billion back in stock. i like katrinacaterpillar for t fumentals. tons of cash flow to put to work, pricing power and they've dwefts dw divested their cyclical business and emerson is my turnaround story with the new ceo and earnings were messy as all get out because of supply chain, but i think the setup for 2022 is they put pricing in place as they make more acquisitions in technology, and they see it as a substantial recovery in that story, and i just again, it hasn't done that much, up about 20% on the year. so i like those to be names and fundamentals >> speaking of companies
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splitting new ceo. general electric, steph. i'm glad you're with us today. we would have been calling on you, nonetheless, what's your reaction to what ge is now doing and when do you think it will have a materiel impact, a lasting one on the share price this is the end of the era of the conglomerate before it was hard to analyze. a lot of moving parts and a lot of moving pieces i like what they're doing and these three businesses that are splitting up are the strongest that they have and it's very waz for them to do it so they can create shareholder value they reiterated 5 billion in free cash flow and 7 billion plus by 2023 they also hinted at aviation, seeing a stronger than expected recovery which i'm not surprised at all about, but i think that will be the gem of the piece of the splits, but i think this is very good news i think that this just keeps
12:22 pm
plotting along as they continue to outdeliver relative to expectations. >> it will take some time though, right? as an investor, you're not expecting things to really start -- really get going right away, are you? it will take years >> it will take years, but aviation is the gem of the business and it's a recovery play health care is on fire they've made a great acquisition and they're beefing up that business and renewables is the problem child and hopefully over time that will actually awaken and do well. so i think they can still deliver on earnings and free cash flow and still re-invest in the business and maybe make acquisitions along the way, and i think they'll continue to monetize by gcass and baker hughes, and it will de-lever even more and 75 billion in this company since 2018 that's enormous. so that gives them a lot of flexibility. so i like it
12:23 pm
the real excitement doesn't come for '23, '24 >> i know everyonements to talk about ge and the historical significance of it today check out roblox that soared to a new record high. the company reports revenue doubled in the third quarter record high, best day ever bryn talkington bought the stock on march 11th and that was the day after the ipo. she bought more of it on may 11th and she joins us right now and she, of course, is the managing partner of requisite capital. good to see you. wow! what a day yeah exciting thanks for having me i think it's interesting today you have what i would call a re-rating of the name. you know, i've known roblox, when it was a private company, and i'm happy to say i'm a longtime gamer and probably more galiga than roblox roblox did a direct listing and
12:24 pm
unlike an ipo when you have the investment banks and the analyst community coming out and raising it, you didn't have that with roblox, and i think what's so incredible and we're at the right company at the right time is dave, who is one of the co-founders, he's been talking about the metaverse for well over 15 years, and i think facebook renaming their company is amplifying it and why you have such a big gain today is think about this last year that was a stay at home year and that was the opposite and people thought it would be a zoom or one of those stay at home names and here are quick numbers daily active users year over year was up 31% and revenues year over year was up 102 and bookings were up 28% and asia was up 75%, and so i think
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people are coming to understand that this company has staying power and it isn't just a stay at home name, but had lots of room to run, and i think it is also important that i know you guys were talking about supply chains earlier and you go to walmart and best buy, and there are racks of roblox cards. >> finish your thought where there's no supply chain issue, you also want to hit on the brand partnering because this is what i don't think people understand about the name in september they partnered with vance, the shoe company. so as your avatar, you can go in there and pick your own shoe van -- design your own shoes and design your own skateboard in september alone the vans marketplace on roblox had 40 million viewers. and they also had a partnership
12:26 pm
with netflix and we'll see more brands coming into the roblox platform which will give it a long runway. >> thanks for coming on, bryn. >> that's bryn talkington. pete, you bought roblox november 105s today and they expire on friday. >> i did yeah ironically, scott, the interesting thing about the trade is while i was being talked to by the producers and asked if i'd seen anything lately, i said not really. yesterday monster volume in the stock, 16 million shares, that's more than double normal and i will tell you this, they bought the 105 calls that expire on friday they bought the 110 calls that expire the following week. so very, very aggressive buying in this name today people not only satisfied with the numbers that they've already seen, but expect to see this thing go even further to the upside especially when you look at the free cash flow of this company. look at the fundamentals and take a look at what their cash
12:27 pm
position is versus their debt. all of these things start to line up and look very, very good for this company despite the fact that it's made this incredible move today and i think there's more to go for the rest of this week. >> let me take a break cramer has the ceo of roblox, especially in light of this exclusive interview. when we come back, paypal and robinhood ar a sdi ishesrelingn. we'll weigh in on both
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welcome back i'm rahel solomon and here's your cnbc news update at this pour pfizer and biontech will ask to approve covid booster shoots for all adults the fda -- washington has reannounce said the reelection of nicaragua's president as a sham opposition candidates were jailed before the election republican new hampshire governor sununu will not challenge the seat for the u.s. senate they will join the battle to re-take the senate majority from democrats. in arlington cemetery for the first time in 78 years the public is being allowed to lay
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flowers directly at the tomb of the unknown soldier. as part of the celebrations around the 100th anniversary of the the memorial that culminates on thursday >> rahel solomon hertz began trading moments ago. we want to show you that what a comeback for this company from where it was to where it is today, going public, and are we going to see it? there we go. see that, it's down 6% and nonetheless, hertz global is a publicly traded company. day, pointing guidance for next year sarat, everybody seems to like this name. you own it what's your takeaway here? >> well, i think it was a disappointing quarter. they did miss -- they tried to with the whole pinterest acquisition and they pushed the venmo and the amazon piece i still like the company and it's in the penalty box with one
12:32 pm
or two quarters especially as we go into year end and they've been calling for some slowdown on it, but i think it's a fabulous company and it's a huge cash flow company and i think they should buyback shares and they should really talk about how they're going to grow going forward. it's not going go anywhere, but as a long-term investor i'll add to it at these levels. >> you will be buying more at these levels, that's what you just said. >> yeah. no, absolutely absolutely i think the fundamentals of this company are very strong, and i think they had a bad misstep and this is the chance we've been talking about when do you buy paypal when they go up in a straight line and i think this would be a good time to get back into it. >> so here's cramer from the investing club both yesterday and today. here's what he says in total, given the miss and greater than expected ebay headwind, the stock is in the penalty box as the ebay headwind is a clear focus point for investors and we
12:33 pm
still have another quarter or two until that's behind the company and that's interesting when you think about do i want to step in today do i not do i want to step into these levels cramer today, the most immediate move we think they can add to announce a buyback so what do you think about that, sarat? should they do a buyback >> i completely agree. you have to signal that the fundamentals are still intact and that the future is much better than what we have today and it's the best use of cash is buying your shares back at a price that you think is discounted which we think it is and that's what you've got to do so being in the penalty box for a quarter or two, these stocks also tend to move a quarter ahead of when people expect things to improve. so i also think it's a kitchen sink thing and if they do over deliver after under promising you can see the stock come back. >> kevin o'leary those shares are under pressure and the company disclosed a data
12:34 pm
security breach. you had the commission about banning payment for order flow you own robinhood. what do we do with this stock now? >> you think about it in the context of 20 million accounts that didn't exist or weren't even involved in the stock market just 36 months ago. that's the way i look at robinhood. the other reason i opwn it and have it on my phone, there is a direct correlation between market capitalization and social media. what occurs on robinhood and reddit on other blogs that start to focus various names i need to know that as it's happening and as a result i've been very cautious about shorting i'm very, very, you know, concerned these days that this theme, this idea of meme stocks is a flash in the pan and that's not the case if you want one of the best indeckes to watch what's
12:35 pm
occurring, simply download robinhood and put a few thousand dollars into it, buy some stocks and watch what happens it is probably one of the best sources of information you can get at the moment it's happening. and so, look, i have lots of other services and i read the research like everybody else and i'm not going to ignore social media and robinhood is part of the platform and same with paypal we have to get used to the volatility of these names and as a result, this concern about england and if they pushed that law there, every other broker will have that >> it's not just that. it's an overall view, and i think cramer said as much this morning in probably different words than i'll use now. there are multiple occasions, it seems, where you come away and say robinhood may have all of these active users and retail is highly engaged and these guys act like they're not ready for prime time >> it's a harsh criticism. i heard jim say that i know the ceo there he's doing everything he can in his power to keep up with this
12:36 pm
incredible growth. he's the envy of every online brokerage service that wish they could have gotten the 20 million accounts and they didn't he made it interesting for gen-z and millennials to engage and i'm a believer and i use it because it's to my benefit to understand the correlation between social media and retail and what happens to stocks roblox and one of the reasons you're getting the incredible spikes is you have millions of people hearing the storien and gauging in the stocks that we didn't have happen just 24 months ago if you're ignoring your robinhood factor it's to your own peril and i think you should engage we'll come back and rivian is going public ford shares are g we will discuss that next. the price of renewable energy has dropped significantly over the past decade, since 2010
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the cost to produce electricity derived from solar power has fallen 89% onshore wind power is down 70% according to data from lazard, now cheaper than nuclear and coal dramatic drop in costs has driven wider adoption in recent years. 2019 renewables accounted for three-quarters of all new capacity etidions worldwide and that's your esg fast fact of the day. green bonds give investors an opportunity not just to get a good return, but also to do good with their money as well. ♪ ♪ green bonds are like any other traditional bond, but they come with a commitment from the company to invest in specific projects that achieve an environmental or social outcome. when the green bond market first started back in 2007, 2008, they were small retail-targeted transactions. now, it's over 200 billion dollars a year in issuance.
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we've seen a full spectrum of projects being supported by green and sustainability bond transactions. everything from more energy- efficient ice cream cabinets, to better forestry and farming, through to developing affordable and social housing. the bond market is a natural home for sustainability. buying green bonds is not just doing good, it's good business. i am navindu katugampola and we are morgan stanley.
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is set for the ipo and there's a lot of excitement about this one. why is that? >> because this is one of these companies when you looked at the electric vehicle market, let's say four or five years ago and you started saying who are going to be the flares down the road who can potentially rival tesla and maybe not grow as big as tesla and rival tesla to become a true player and rivian is one of those companies and people have been targeting it for a long time. the pricing is after the bell. they've raised the range $10 to
12:41 pm
$15 and it was $62 and now they're saying $72 to $74. 35 million shares will be sold as part of the ipo and it will have a valuation of close to 65 billion. let's put that into some context with other electric vehicle stocks and ipos that have come to market in the last couple of years and compare it with tesla. tesla's way ahead of everybody else and lucid at $74 billion and nio, and the estimate will be close to $65 billion. two things to watch as you watch this play out. one is amazon because amazon has a 20% stake in rivian, has indicated that it looks to buy more shares as part of this ipo so they're doubling down on their commitment and they already have an order for 100,000, rivian electric vans and that will likely grow as amazon compares its partnership. ford because a stake in rivian some time ago and a couple of years ago and now owns about 12% of the company, but ford no longer has a seat on the rivian
12:42 pm
board and it is not using rivian's technology as the platform for its electric vehicles so it is unclear how much ford's relationship with rivian continues in the future and whether they get $7 billion, $8 billion in ownership and say that's good and at some point cash out and that remains to be seen and watch this ipo, scott, because i lot of people that i've talked to in the auto industry say not only is it highly anticipated, but it is one of those ipoes that can run once the trading starts. >> we'll see what happens. phil, we'll see you tomorrow how should you as an investor think about rivian and tesla relative to ford and general motor? here's jim cramer on "mad money. even if everything goes right for rivian, this industry is getting crowded. when tesla started out there was nobody else and rivian has ford f-150 lightning hot and the hummer and tesla's cyber truck i would much prefer to stay on the side lines and get my
12:43 pm
electric vehicles from the ford motor company which is why we own such a good position for the charitable trust >> we know how much cramer likes ford and mr. farley. you have a request in for rivian >> absolutely. 100% i'm expecting this to be just as strong as what phil was basically, the sentiment of what phil was saying there and this is what everyone's been anticipating and ford has that stake. it's interesting that ford has not closen to work together for rivian, and that puzzles me to some degree, scott, but i like this ev space. as a matter of fact, whether you talk about lucid or tesla and name your vehicle company and you have the nios of the world which i just got out of, but i still think this is a great place to be in and this charging point and you can't forget about the fact that all of this means there will be that much more of a demand for copper which is one of the reasons that i've become bigger and bigger and bigger into freeport mcmorran and that
12:44 pm
continues to be a great play in the ev space and it's not just construction and it goes into the ev space, as well and that's something where i think that demand will do nothing, but go to the upside and that will be great for freeport in the long run. your brother is big time in the battery makers and kevin o'leary, ford goes above 20 bucks for the first time in 20 years today and it's dipped a little bit back and you almost got a double in the stock, $11.54 is where you bought it. what now >> i'll give you reasons yet stock has performed so well and as you recall, i bought it at $11.54 at a time when i was highly critical of the management there and was very vocal here on halftime report a few months ago talking about the delivery of a ford they gave me missing chips and i couldn't drive it off the lot because i couldn't ensure it and i was pissed and just venting, i
12:45 pm
started to hear from ford management and i let them know what i thought what i believe has happened, not because of me, but because of the entire focus they have now and farley, i have to give him some credit. he's basically started to look executional excellence he's trying to figure out the supply chain problem with chips and everything else and focus what he can deliver and he delivered a truck and i want to buy it and if i turn the key and the light goes on and the chip is missing and i'll fry you again, because why wouldn't i? that's not what happened and that's why i bought the stock and now he's getting a lift on p-e because of execution and he delivered a fantastic order and he was smart enough to invest in at the time, and also the overall tone about the ford management, and remember, it used to be that the family used to sit on the board and play their ceos like puppets and that's not the case like farley. this guy is his own guy and pushing hard to deliver and that tone of executional excellence
12:46 pm
is there, ev's there, lightning is there, and 50,000 orders is there and i'm one of them, and i think this goes higher >> we'll take another break. i've got pete's unusual activity and i have a new buy from pete in addition to that, atend sph as well as a new stock that you'll want to hear about. we'll talk about it next
12:47 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ all right. pete, what do you have, unusually activity today >> all right we've already talked about paypal and ebay also, but ebay is an unusual force as well.
12:52 pm
stock was trading higher than it is right now, scott. it had a really good year, but the last month it is basically unchanged but they're in there buying today 17,000 of this friday's expiring 78 calls 17,000 of those. 16 cents, up to about 48 cents interesting to see that trade. second for you, i've got uber. now, uber is really interesting, especially unusual because of the fact that it is not expiring this week. matter of fact, they're going all the way out to february. the february 47.5 calls. again, 17,000 of these calls being bought today, 3.20 up to about 3.35 for the options by the way, they also reached up and went for the 65 strike calls out in february, about 5,000 of those. 4,100 of them in a single print, 56 cents up to about 60 cents. stock was trading exactly where it is right here, just underneath 45. two very interesting trades i think going into as we get through this week, very interesting to see what we're seeing here, especially the size of these trades. >> yeah. no doubt appreciate that very much, pete.
12:53 pm
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w ♪ all right. let's do final trades. talk about those new stocks. stephanie link, you have one of them you are i woulding more corteva. tell our viewers why >> yes, it is a great agricultural company i think 2022 sets up really well for the company now that they put a ton of pricing power in place. it is the spin from dow dupont in 2019. they struggled out of the gate fast forward to today, you have a new ceo who just started he has a great reputation for
12:59 pm
buying back stock, dividends, shareholder returns. cfo dave anderson, if he sounds familiar he came from honeywell. he was an amazing ceo at honeywell. i think execution gets better, better pricing power and they actually reiterated guide in the face of hard input cost challenges i like that. >> pete, calls, right? >> it is a stock that has done poorly, scott, near the lows of the year we did see some option activity come into here i like the name though from an infrastructure perspective i think it fits the mold, so i think this name makes some sense. i did buy the calls. i did not buy the stock, i bought the calls so i have december calls right now we will see how this plays out but i have about a month, december 12.5. >> we will follow it sarat, final trade >> roblox, i like this one while my cost base is in the low 90s, i think it has a long way to go and we are just starting to see the runway ahead of it. >> all right mr. wonderful?
1:00 pm
>> you don't own paypal yet, this is the time the stumpble gives you an entry opportunity. this stock goes down a little bit before it turns around but it is a huge buying opportunity. >> penalty box, as cramer said, see if they do a buy back, listen there good to see everybody. we have disney earnings tomorrow we will talk about that and much more tomorrow. it does it for us. thanks for watching. "the exchange" is now. ♪ thank you very much, scott hi, everybody. i'm kelly evans and here is what is ahead this hour year-end risk management from elon without the eccentric to russia's google to no more vaccine fights our guest has three picks for your portfolio plus, it is time to buy crypto, food and clothes we've got the moves, the story and the trade on three key earnings tonight why our trader is bullish on coin baste, doordash and posh mark commodities out of favor with investors, essentially flat or lower over the past month could it be the perfec


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