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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  November 8, 2021 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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this is when disney plus meets amazon prime i'm eager to see how that works out. >> julia, we didn't really talk about disney plus day or how eternals did or how the return of international traveler is going to change dynamics in the theme park, but that's a discussion for wednesday night let's get to the judge >> welcome to the halftime report front and center, rally on as stocks hit more new highs today. one firm says they're going much higher from here our investment committee debating your money's next move. joining us, liz, steve, joe, and jon, the cofounder of ma stocks have been up for five straight weeks we also have the big, new target for the s&p. look at the nasdaq going for 11 in a row. and then there's the yield on the ten-year below 150 at 148 is where that currently sits we're going to get to all of that i do though first want to get to
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joe. a big move in his portfolio. joe, you have sold almost all of your netflix and i want you to tell our viewers why >> yeah. i don't want to confuse the viewers here, scott, so i will sell the balance of what i have left in netflix on the close today, but the fundamental reasoning behind getting into netflix, everyone is well aware of that. i know shannon's done a great job of talking about that. when i got into this trade, prior to labor day, it was specifically reasoned based on a very aggressive and strengthening signal measures momentum at the time i got in at 577. i thought the upside potential was six and a quarter to 650 it reached that. what began to happen was on friday, october 29th, netflix recorded a high at 691 there after, the momentum signal began to dramatically weaken and you had five consecutive days
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where you had a price failure to exceed that october 29th high. that should not happen when positive momentum is building further. so that motivated me to get out of the stock thursday afternoon at 670 that's exactly what i've done. netflix always was a great company. always will be but this is a momentum-based trade and that's exactly why i got out of it and i'll get out of the balance on the close today. >> so is it more than just a netflix type statement should we be thinking about other stocks like netflix that have ridden a wave of momentum and now you see some signs that that may be about to stop? >> yes that's a great question and in the observation that i have with momentum, there are a variety of different names that you could study where you're beginning to see momentum wane. however, i want to emphasize this that does not extrapolate an
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overall bias towards the equities market itself because what you're seeing is more of a rotation so where you're beginning to see that is a lot of the cyclicly oriented businesses and certainly friday's news surrounding the pfizer pill helped that. scott gottlieb's comments moving this to an endemic healthcare crisis helped it as well, but that's the rotation that you're beginning to see where momentum is waning in certain places where it has been over the last three to six months and it's building now in other places >> we're going to get to more of the market picture in a minute i want to get to steve weiss because he has a new buy joe says at the end of the day today, netflix is no more. you bought ford, weiss now you've been talking a lot on the show about volkswagen and porsche and we head back and forth with jim about general motors, but ford is at the highest level since '01. so why are you putting a new position on in letter f?
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>> well, i bought it last week because ford owns 12% of rivian and that ipo could be hot, hot, hot. they filed to raise their prize range so with ford owning 12%, that's going to equate to essentially a gain of almost 10% of the market cap in stock i think part of that is reflected, but i think you'll continue to see it move up as rivian trades up higher it's a pretty special company. got some great backers, not the least of which is amazon which has put a nice order in there. so it's to play the rivian trade as much anything else. right now, it's a trade. i still like volkswagen of course despite the jeffrey's downgrade today. to me, that's going to be a major winner in the ev space >> when you say it's just a trade, ten minutes or ten weeks? what does that mean for people >> no. a trade is going to be, you
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know, when rivian prices, i think that goes into ford as well so we'll see when the momentum in rivian stops is when i may get out of trade but all likelihood, before that. when it's really throbby and the ipo trades up on the day as we see with other ipos. >> okay, so last week, we talked about some of the pain you took in your portfolio. sky works, corvo, et cetera. now you've seen those stocks come down a fair amount. you bought more on those dips in both >> yeah. correct. so qorvo and skyworks, i vastly reduced those positions in expectation of the quarters we missed because the supply chain issues in fact, that's what did happen. so i have now put those back into the core position holdings in my portfolio because look,
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both have equated themselves well in the quarter. skyworks beat, but the stock took a lot of pain so i took that opportunity to go back to core positions in both and seasonally, you want to own these stocks in january but typically, they don't have this kind of falloff. so they're just incredibly cheap. stocks selling at about 12 times next year's earnings that are still going to grow revenues at 15% or so and earnings substantially more than that so you know, i love these positions right now. and i'm glad i'll be able to add lower. >> the other position you've added to which is you say, a quote very big position now, another stock that's been in pain lately. that's fedex >> yeah, so fedex i kept adding lower and lower. and when the stock bounced off 219, i added i added as momentum's picked up and people are now realizing
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it's historically cheap. ups put up a good number fedex, i thought put up an okay number the cost got ahead of them a little bit in terms of labor very, very tough there but i love the freight segment it doesn't matter if people are going back to stores versus people being at home they still need to have goods delivered to those stores just as their home. i've also added to xpo on that decline there. gxo didn't decline so my positioning in freight is very big fedex is the only one where i still have a sloightly losing position, but i'm highly confident it's going to take care of itself i've added meaningfully, it's doubled since i initially had that core position >> okay. so liz, i'm going to get you in a minute because i want to introduce this new price target that one firm has put on the market, but i want to get to jon
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najarian first because he has a number of fnew moves to go through as well, most taking profits, i would say, doc. you sold boeing calls. that stock's been languishing. you sold crowdstrike calls you took the profits you sold mcdonald's calls, you took the profits you were wrong on a couple of other things can you take me through those? >> sure. arc genomics i hate to bet against cathie wood, but it worked out for maybe a week and since it has turned around and now it's 79. so it went from 71 to 79 on that way back up. i just said i'm wrong. let me just get out of this thing. same thing with penn gaming, which you and i spoke of last
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be week, scott, as well as draftkings had to cut both of those losses. there were some i was lucky. till ray, volta. that aircraft leasing play that just hit a new 52-week high today. a lot of these i was just being disciplined and i try to stay in the same time frame that the smart money was in when they were buying these calls because that was one of my primary catalysts. whether it was calls or puts, they were buying these so i'm going to be in that time frame now a lot of these time frames have expired meaning they're not past november 5th. they're not in the november, january, february. so i took profits and said i'll wait until smart money comes back in. mcdonald's, you have to think people are wondering how much does mcdonald's have to eat and the pun is intended, of the increased cost of labor as well
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as food rather than pass it on to the consumer to hold market share. that remains to be scene boeing, i think that's a longer term play even though we got that very lucrative corridor opened up between london and new york i just opened up number one, and number two, nobody's ordering a boeing plane right now for that corridor opening up. this is some news that has been known for weeks if not months that we were going to open officially today that corridor to european, canadian, and mexican travel, and the fact that you could have bought american, jetblue, delta, united those times have come and gone i don't think now is the time to chase any of those >> okay. we'll get to that in a minute, doc. i want to highlight the market itself and get to liz young. because we have been up for five straight weeks and we're waning just a little bit in where we
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opened to where we look now. the s&p when i last saw dipped negative a touch it's basically on the flat line. the dow is hanging on by 47. there's the nasdaq, which has had this incredible run. ten days up in a row going for 11 small caps have been at record levels and the russell 2000 is up by more than 13 i've got this new price. by piper sandler they put their first price target on. 51.50. about 9.5% to the upside from now. just give us your view of where we think we are now because there was a time you thought we were a little cautious and i think you came around and said maybe the environment's changing and going to lead us into next year pretty strongly what do you say? >> so, first of all, even 9.5% up from here, say we get another 2% this year, 7.5% next year, that's a pretty normal
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environment for stocks, which would be semidisappointing so i think investors would look at that as a tiny disappointment, but i think there's a tail wind into year end. you're right, i did come around. if you just listen to everything the other traders have said at the top of the show, obviously there's a rotation going on. i don't think there's anything more indicative of a rotation than what we heard about all of these moves that were made maybe some of us think it's in different places, but there's definitely something going on under the surface. there's a lot of repositioning happening. also, investors need to keep in mind there's been a momentum shift, and i think joe would agree. don't fight momentum in the short-term there's been a shift from about august september until now momentum in growth had slowed down economic momentum had slowed down we had a fed statement that didn't freak all of us out we have a ten-year that didn't go off the charts and we've got this santa claus rally, this
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seasonal period that should be strong for consumers and we should make it through the end of the year with fewer bumps than all of us expected. >> i'm guessing, joe, your counter to that would be i'd rather be early than late. i'm stepping out of the way even if i think momentum can continue remember, we're in the period of the year where the next three months are the best. so you've got seasonals are on your side, too, to continue momentum, you're willing to miss out rather than wait too long? >> yeah. i think that's fair. but i agree with liz's points that i think there's a dramatic shift currently unfolding in the market you know, you mentioned before the russell making an all-time high it just did that in the last several days after for the better part of the last six months going sideways. so we're seeing this dramatic change, scott, where finally, there appears to be this broadeningout of the potential for there to be a revival in
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economic growth and i think what's important, too, is that the earnings season really began on october 13th. you've got to s&p up about 7.5% since then and i think that's the story underneath the market is that the expectation was because of the pressures from rising input costs and wage pressures, you'd see margin compression. there were estimates for 100 basis points of contraction for profit margins profit margins have actually expanded by another 75 basis points to an all-time record high i think this is about a broadening out in a lot of the places where potentially you could say i was hiding in a lot of the growth stories. i just see those as maybe becoming somewhat exhausted and it's time to think about unlocking some alpha in some areas of the market that hadn't been performing for the last three to six months. >> back to the target of 51.50
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for next year, liz yes, granted, if you get a little run between now and the end of the year and reduce the expected 9.5% upside down to seven, i think some people would say hey, i'll take that. in an environment next year where you could have multiple rate hikes, right? that's the difference in the environment between now and in the last year or so. we've obviously done great in s&p 500 because of all the stimulus, all thely liquidity you take that away, start raising rates and still put 7, 7.5% on the board? i think people would say, i'll take that. >> even in the worst case scenario that the market was pricing in, say we had the three rate hikes next year, that's still a pretty low rate. and we're coming off zero for the first time in a really, really long time i also think the market is a little ahead of itself i don't think we're going to start seeing aggressive rate hikes in june on july. i think it gets pushed out f
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further. i want to go back to another idea, the shift in sentiment we have really concentrated strength in the market, which was great, if you held those concentrated parts of the market, but now we've had this broadening out, which as an investor, makes us all feel a little safer because you can have a diversified portfolio and there's multiple points in it that are going to help your returns whereas when you have really concentrated parts of the market like faang stocks, you get worried about what happens if those fall apart. now there's a lot ofstuff that would have to fall apart to really send us in the other direction. >> that's why, doc, i go back to what liz is leading me into, the tom lee everything rally that you had everything broadening out, he's been right, he thinks you get a lot of different sectors moving up over the next few months minimum. energy these are his recommended
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strategies energy, homebuilders, small caps, epicenter names things like financials, and industrials. crypto, et cetera, et cetera so this broadening out of a rally has put a nice pillar of strength underneath the market >> absolutely, scott and it means that the faangs don't have to carry the load you've talked about it and we have as well, about the passing that torch from sector to sector and it's why we have seen pretty significant corrections in a given sector only to see them, another leadership position like energy, like financials step in and right now, there are several new ones we'll talk about it in the next block, but there are several new ones that are just on fire right now. the where the smart money has
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been put on the table. big institutions, big block buying of stock in some of these news sectors that haven't been unnoticed quite as much. >> this whole notion of momentum shifting and these cyclical areas of the market as you get further into the reopen, you did have more positive covid news today regarding the regeneron antib a antibody di treatment. i'm looking at a note from -- who says yeah, okay, equities have started to price in the fact you've had a nice rebound in cyclicals, however, he says we believe the recovery of cyclicals and value has much further to go. so is that the way we need to be thinking about this? maybe take a look at lightening up on some of the quote unquote momentum style plays more growthy names and look at the cyclicals now as a place to really drive gains in your portfolio?
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>> well, i don't think it's a bad strategy, however, i think it's prudent to have more dispersion in terms of what you're, you know, modeling in your portfolio by that, i mean if you, pure momentum stocks, those are a case by case basis and you wake up one morning and it dies joe spoke about netflix, which hasn't died. so play momentum for the sake of that the answer is as new money comes into the market and looks for areas. cheapest on the pe basis happen to be in a lot of cyclicals and industrial names and additionally, you have the passage of the bill last night, it's going to take a lot more, a while for that money to get into the market and drive revenues, but that's okay. so the long answer is yes. i believe that you need some pretty good exposure in those areas, but i wouldn't give up the solid companies with momentum and fundamentals matching momentum in the share price. i think you want to be there as
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well >> liz young, what about these recommended strategies from tom lee? energy has been his number one name and he's staying with it along with the builders as i said. small caps been at record highs and his so-called epicenter stocks are those the ones you like? >> small caps on the list i think we know the answer to that i love a small cap rally and yes, i like the small cap call i also like the cyclicals call the only part of that list i would be a little less excited about is maybe the home builders there's probably a backlog we'll get through once supply chain relaxes and they'll see a nice boost, but that's really the only part of that list i would be more cautious on. >> jon, you highlighted something interesting when you talked about taking a look at the reopen and now you have the return of international travel obviously today. stocks that have already run a good deal into this kind of news, which is not like nobody knew it was coming
12:21 pm
you say it's too late to buy some of these names. which i think is interesting because joe, you bought the jet's etf on friday. weiss. you bought the jets etf as well. united airlines. so joe, tell me that strategy versus jon saying i look at things and i think it's a little late >> i think jon should talk to pete more. because i heard pete on the show on friday give jets a final trade. i clearly, i clearly see a reopening in terms of traffic and let me explainfor a second what i mean. i see foot traffic for retail. one last industry that we've been waiting for the revival and that is the international travel and the return of corporate
12:22 pm
travel and the best exposure so that, i believe, is having the approach that is not tactical. we're trying to identify a w winner in the airlines sector. i think the entire airlines sector is going to benefit and i like that right now, the industry is incentivizing new workers to come on board that's going to obviously benefit the service that's being offered to the client, but i think this is the last industry that we've all been waiting for and i think the moment is here kind of consistent with a lot of what marco is saying there's a lot further upside to go as it relates to a recovery in airline the jets etf just really gives you that diversified exposure. s >> what's your counter to that is it a too late to get in versus more room to go and by the way, not an airline name, but marriott today was reiterated by wells fargo as their top signature pick so there's a lot of good feelings about a lot of these stocks
12:23 pm
>> absolutely. and the mandates for v vaccinations and whether these slowdowns are going to continue to affect the airlines i don't think as much, scott, because i think that pill is such a big deal. the pfizer pill. and as you mentioned, there are others that are just right there with them to be approved, but i'd say you know, since we knew this corridor was opening up and we're talking specifically about new york london, the most profitable corridor, i've got united up 11%. american up 14%. jetblue up 8.3%. i like taking profits on those, scott, i don't like betting on further upside from there. i think they might trade sideways for a while, so if you're in those, joe, i think you want to be piling out some calls against your jets, which
12:24 pm
is that broad market airline etf or against these stocks because it might be a while before you see those kind of moves again out of those individual stocks or out of the jets etf >> joe >> yeah. i disagree, jon. i'm sorry. i look at united and i think the stock is trading at 53 i look at everything in terms of a recovery going pre-pandemic. where was united airlines before the pandemic it was a $90 stock so there's still plenty of upside potential again, i'm specifically citing the airline industry this was the last industry, jon, that we were waiting for that recovery to unfold and i think it's here. the pfizer pill and the hope we've had, therapeutics, and it's the opening of international travel and the return of what's the most critical component for revenue contribution for the airline
12:25 pm
sector that's the corporate client. you and i know that corporate client is not right now traveling. i think 2022 is going to be a year where they will be. i disagree >> why don't you get in there, weiss, and make this the last word honoand make >> first of all, i don't think, i'll just disagree with joe slightly i don't think united should get back to 90 because the balance sheet's in a lot different shape than it was. however, we're planning trips and as we look at buying tickets, prices are out of sight. i was in chicago the airlines, the airline terminals are full the airplanes are full so look, the airlines are going to be able to price at levels you've never seen before as that garden hose, you know, stays and expands to a fire hose and people still can't get through it so you've got a perfect supply demand situation for the airlines so that's why i bought it.
12:26 pm
so it's true that they've reflected some of that i'll tell you, those moves are not much greater than a lot of other names and i would guess that some names in jon's portfolio he has have done a lot better he's still sticking with. they're cheap and when you see the bookings coming through, that will give you the next leg up >> i'm going to give you the last word, doc, and you've got 30 seconds so make it count. >> okay. i think business travel is going to take significantly longer to recover. i'm rooting for it, joe, and steven, but i just think that business travel and the businesses that i speak with are not putting folks into those business class seats at near the pace that's necessary. instead, people that fly a lot like me and you guys are going to get those free upgrades basically because those seats are empty. they're not being sold in the same number, whether it's domestic or international.
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>> we'll take a quick break then talk about a new street high price target on tesla. we have many moves in the ev space today. we're talk about it next we're back in just two minutes ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ as an independent financial advisor, i stand by these promises: i promise to be a careful steward of the things that matter to you most. i promise to bring you advice that fits your values. i promise our relationship will be one of trust and transparency. as a fiduciary, i promise to put your interests first, always. charles schwab is proud to support the independent financial advisors who are passionately
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welcome back here is our cnbc news update at this hour. the ncaa is delegating its constitution to delegate more power. it released a new draft of the changes which will reshape how revenues are shared. a man shot by kyle rittenhouse telling jury yors he thought he was going to die. taking the stand as the murder trial enters its second week he is one of three people shot by rittenhouse and only one to survive. and now, foreign nationals can now come to the u.s. the pandemic travel ban ending for much of europe, but also china and india. and on the news tonight, a step closer to new normal a look at cities putting up welcome banners. that's tonight at 7:00 eastern and of course, scott, that news helping lots of industries today. >> jeffrey's has upgraded tesla
12:31 pm
with a price target now the highest on the street. $1400 a share. we've made it our call of the day. dr. j, you own tesla calls, not to mention the extraordinary moves you've made today in a number of ev related stocks, but tell me about tesla first then i'll ask you about the others. >> sure. scott, you and i talked last week and i think it might have been tuesday and friday that we just talked about that rolling up when somebody takes a profit, sells that level, and then buys a higher strike price. 800, 850, 900, 950, 1000, 1100, all of those surpassed as tesla surged through that new all-time high and each of those, by the way, along the way, a lot of new hi highs were hit so i kept taking profits in tesla. it is now my second largest position microsoft is my largest position apple fell to number three and that's because of the market
12:32 pm
cap gains of microsoft and tesla. not because i was cutting positions in apple but as far as other stocks in that you know, the bill that got passed, scott, oh, my gosh evs just on fire whether it's lucid, which i already owned or nio, which i already owned, and they're in that tesla competition, if you will but then vlta. this is smart media charging stations it was up 48% since the beginning of november. took profits on that one then exited then chargepoint, chpt and blink. they're up now 22% just basically since last thursday or maybe it was wednesday last week, scott, the flow of money into those names and quantum
12:33 pm
scape, qs, this is a lithium player i talked about the smaller one i'm on the advisory board of, which is american battery tech, abml but a 16% move today, scott. and i think there's a lot more gas in the tank there. a lot more lithium this one, scott, big upside call buying in qs i would have used it for unusual, but because you were talking about evs here, i had to use it here and this one just on fire >> there's another one i noticed that's up big today. forgive me, i don't think you mentioned it, evgo, is that it $3 billion market cap. stock's up 17 and a third right now. >> yep added to that one today as well when i was talking to patty, the
12:34 pm
producer for the show today. my gosh. this sector will benefit in such a huge way and again, not to throw it at joe and steve, but that bill that passed last week is forcing money into these sectors, not into airlines airlines are up because the sector opened up but these are getting direct input from the latest stimulus and there may be more, depending on how the second infrastructure bill with the 1.75 trillion that's still out there to be passed at some point in the future perhaps. >> weiss, you just play through porsche and voelkswagen, right? >> invested 300 million, i did, but volkswagen invested 300 million in qs and is one of the largest shareholders and has a partnership so i'm playing it through there, also. i agree with what jon's saying
12:35 pm
it's also reflected to the upside because most of these companies didn't have any earnings for a while i pullback before adding that always happens. >> we'll take a quick break. come back right after this we have jon's unusual activities the big -- unusual activity. the big etfs to watch as well. check out the s&p sectors led by tolem e's favorite sector, energy we're back right after this.
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i'm bob pisani if bitcoin is digital gold, why isn't gold like a physical bitcoin? let's talk with two of the world's great gold authorities george oversees the spydr gold shares will ryan is the founder of granite shares george, it's often said gold is a hedge against inflation, but if that's the case, why isn't gold higher this year? we're seeing notable inflation
12:39 pm
but gold this down this year >> i think it's important to define what we mean by edge against inflation. it's good at purchasing power, many months of inflation at over 5% a year. those we last saw sustained in the 1970s then gold gave annual capital appreciation equivalent to about 16% a year or a real return of around 11% where we are right now, we've had inflation around 5%, for maybe three or four months with everybody telling us it's transitory, it's going to pass so i'm not surprised that gold hasn't responded to these numbers just yet >> so give gold a chance to outperform i guess is what you're seeing there, george. will, it's commonly said bitcoin is digital gold, but is that really or is it just a phrase people use is there any evidence that bitcoin is siphons investment
12:40 pm
dollars away from gold >> i think there's evidence that it's siphoning dollars because just like any kind of asset, it tracks capital the same way that gold attracts capital, but i don't think at the moment we could really say that bitcoin is any kind of inflation hedge because we just don't have the data to support that i think gold, one thing that's going for it is thousands of years of history and preserving capital on that basis. bitcoin, there's a lot of volatility and excitement in the sector, but whether it's an inflation hedge, probably too ea early to say >> thanks very much, guys. we'll have more on gold with george and will on etf edge, 1:00 p.m. eastern time and find out about some new gold related products out there halfmeacrit teth ti bk ghafr is
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yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. evgo one of the stocks in the ev space that jon najarian
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mentioned, is now up almost 25 so doc, i was going to send it to you on unusual. given the fact you have calls in a name that's jumping 25%, what does that mean in the terms of your time frame and how long you'd be in there. if people are feeling bullish reacting to this chart what's the story >> no, and i don't intend on getting out of this one or blink or chargepoint, scott. those are all the charging for these ev vehicles and that network needs to get built out like crazy to hit the president's goal of i think it was 500,000 charging stations across the u.s that's evgo, that's chargepoint, voltera. all of these are going to get benefit from that long beyond a one-day pop. these have been moving up since basically the middle of last week dramatically. and i think that continues so all i'm doing, scott, is
12:45 pm
rolling up to higher strikes as this happens the only one i sold was volta, which was up 50%, 48 or 50% since last thursday. so that one i just had to take the profits and run but these others i'm just rolling up in other words, taking profits at a strike like we talked about with tesla and buying a higher strike not exiting those stocks z >> i love the clarity. as much information we can give, the better unusual, let's do that now >> all right the trade desk ttd. this one, very strong upside call byinuying in here, scott the stock was 85 and change and they were buying this week expiration 90 calls. i jumped in. that's a new position.
12:46 pm
second one, ifnosys. this is outsourcing and consulting out of india. that's an at the money call. they bought a lot of those i joined that one as well. and i already talked about quantumscape so i'll let that one sit. >> let's talk paypal for a second shares are down more than 10% in a month. today ahead of earnings after the bell, we'll give you the trade on that, next.
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paypal shares are higher today. the stock was reiterated overweight at morgan stanley what do you think's going to happen today jump-start the stock again >> i hope so it was purchased at the end of april at 260 we need to hear what the net new actives are going to be. that should come in around 13 to 14 million hopefully, scott, square did paypal a little bit of a favor here with some of the post earnings disappointment that was reflected there. i want to hear from dan schulman what the acquisition strategy is going to be moving forward just paid 2.7 million for pay now, pay for it later, buy it now company and obviously the interest in social media platform, pinterest, seems to have this marriage at some point. i hope it's a quarter that restarts itself, but clearly from a price perspective, it's been a year in which paypal has
12:50 pm
struggled. >> we're going to take a quick break and when we come back, ac actionable names in a space in ask halftime one question for the group everybody's answering, next.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
all right. i said we have one viewer question for the investment committee. everybody is going to answer this comes from daniel in sacramento, california i'm already long on quality tech, and he lists microsoft and adobe, apple, google and facebook, ant d want to get into
12:53 pm
semi would you recommend buying nxpi, nvida, amd for example liz young, you get the first crack at this. what do you think? >> well, i can't give individual security names so i will let the guys do that, but really the question is would you be in semis and the answer is yes. i'm looking at a cyclical trend in semis, if you look at semis having broken out versus software it is a cyclical signal. even if you are worried about tech and rising rates i think semis are a good place to be >> wise daniel wishes he were in amd before today the stock is up. what about that? what do you think is the best strategy >> well, if you do the work, individual names to me is always better, but for the average, say, retail investor, smh will do quite well. you are at the inflection point where the supply chain is
12:54 pm
getting better and you will see the growth return to semis i added to my nvidia calls and i think they're going to report a blow-out quarter when they report on the 17th so i mentioned skyworks and koshy lv4. extremely cheap. i don't think you can go wrong owning individual stocks but you have to do the work. >> joe, you are up 80% in amd i see, you are up 44% in nvidia. top of the show you talked about maybe a change in momentum, and i'm not sure if you would lump these in with that sort of view that you have. in light of that, how do you answer the question? >> i checked it during the show, both nvidia and amd are the proprietary model that i run for momentum the spy signal is as strong as it has ever been, so, no, momentum is not waning to steven's point, the smh up 9% in november, up 17% quarter to date to liz's earlier comments and john's about the economy, the economy is beginning to
12:55 pm
reaccelerate higher, both domestically and globally, and we know what semiconductors are in terms of their relevancy in the growth of the overall economy. probably without question the most singular, most relative and positive industry for that growth >> all right lastly to you, doc >> i'm in the smh. i'm in nvidia and i'm in amd, and those would be the ways that i would play it, scott i think that nvidia you get a two-pronged approach here. one, you get crypto because they're some of the most popular chips for miners two, you get all of the graphics processing units, the gpus people need to enjoy the metaverse and all of the rest. so i love all three of those if you need that broad market exposure, smh is the one i would pick >> we'll take a break and come back and do final trades
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
this is the new world of work. each day looks different than the last. but, whatever work becomes, the world works with servicenow.
12:58 pm
all right. weiss, new week. i don't know what the story with moderna will be from here on out, but regeneron news today, now what with your stock of
12:59 pm
choice >> right so the stock, i want to point out it was flat over the weekend, so it consolidated saturday and sunday with the market closed. that was good. but seriously, look, the stock sold off on the pfizer news, it sold off a little bit on the merck news those are therapeutics they're not going to impact the uptake on the vaccine, people want to be vaccinated or the boosters the airline news today, you have to be vaccinated to come to the u.s. that will drive jarks up tate. overreacted last week when it got to 490 you will get flu data coming out any time, and it will be very, very positive. you are going to see if the pandemic ends, which it is when you get pricing after the pandemic the price of the vaccine can go up ten fold. so all very positive for moderna. >> give me a name for a final trade because i have t
1:00 pm
>> dick's. >> liz >> financials. >> doc >> skillz, bought upside calls now. >> okay. joe terranova, finally >> forttinet >> i appreciate it we are holding on to gains across the board the record setter, been a big run for stocks it does it for us. "the exchange" begins now ♪ >> thank you very much, scott. hi, everybody. i'm kelly evans and here is what is ahead a melt up or a cooldown? investors are driving stocks in crypto to all-time highs but bond yields go the other way our guest says there will be one big winner from the search for yields and higher taxes and reveal what it is. plus, payments, popcorn and space. we have the action, the story and the trade on paypal, amc and virgin galactic ahead of tonight's earnings survey says elon musk will sell 10% of shares after a twitter poll voted for the move. we will look at what else could be driving the move and what it will mean for the stock going forward. before all of that let's begin with today's market


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