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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  November 5, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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that's my judgment >> mike? >> disney going into earnings. >> guy, thanks for joining us tonight. what's your final call >> usually i'm a viewer. i'm a participant tonight. i think yields go higher next week >> with jim cramer starts right now my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors, there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now >> hey, i'm cramer welcome to "mad money," welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you money. my job is to entertain and teach. call me 800-747-cnbc
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pfizer pill cuts digs by 89 per and the strong jobs number with dproej in pretty much every part of the private sector, especially leisure and hospitality. it is no wonder that the averages rallied today dow going up 204 points. s&p climbed .37 and you could have argued we should have rallied even more and we were up much higher earlier in the day now the grand opening thesis due to the delta variant has made a come back with a vengeance anything related to going out and having fun is making a fortune with the fantasy quarter from airbnb or delta airlines. planes are starting to fill up so which companies could play catch up if dr. scott gottlieb is right that we're finally approaching the end of the pandemic and when he said it, i just -- i just listen to this
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man. fortunately he repeated it within sight he's true north. can we find for instance the next nvidia. i terrific stock with the veritable trust and you could learn about it by joining the club let's go to the telestrator. on monday, we start with paypal. we discuss the chart later in the day. but we'll be crushed by a week number like square today it doesn't look like given the pursuit of pinterest because they are slowing down. a light and fun hobby sight, that seems like a bizarre partner for a financial serviced company. what you need to know is that the charitable trust owns paypal and that is a disaster yet it is a house of pain. so will it blow up even further. i think it is blown up already when i see a stock acting like this before earnings, i have to
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be more circumspect. the ceo warned us this is a quarter after e-bay and it is down 80 points which seems over done how about something over done on the upside an that is what many professional money managers think of amc which reports on monday night i wonder if it is worth that, and that is where it is trading, given that it sits on a mountain of debt, you can't believe it is at $41 you can't value amc because it is full of individual investors who love the popcorn 41 could be justified. i'm sure the ceo will do a great job and investors will buy even more and the stock will hang in because he knows how to give the shareholder base what they want. amd has an event on monday will it will debut the dater center and i expect the ceo to rock the
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joint. i think amd is on the we top eclipsing market cap i can't believe i just said that how the mighty has fallen. nvidia hosted the conference called gtc, where the ceo should tell an excellent tale of a product pipeline that seems to touch every exciting end market in tech. cars and gaming chips and even the metaverse but it was first be prepared to be dazzled. watch it i watched it on tape last year i learned so much. i had to watch it several times because i'm not smart enough and it is not humility, it is the truth. no one is smart enough no one tuesday we hear from wynn resorts. like paypal, i'm resigned to this being more of a long haul play than a short-term winner. once gambling comes back from macau, the las vegas of china, until then pain. and i don't think it will be any
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different when it reports. on tuesday we hear from two new fin tech names upstart and coin base. the action in cryptocurrency has been exciting so that should send coin base higher. that said he they need to drop the arrogance. they need to get into the chill mode as for upstart, their the artificial intelligence that make credit scores ab sleet and they just hired someone that understands numbers but i hope they make sense of what is going on in the conference call because i don't understand how thoer doing what they're doing and then there is door dash. this morning uber told a greattory how it is a dominant player in the delivery space i wonder if door dash could do the same even at the pandemic winds down soo i bet door dash could blow the doors off when it reports. wednesday starts off with
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wendy's. and my wife scored down a burger hours ago toward the city. that is is so good but she did not have the baconator. i think this wendy's call may not be as good at the mcdonald's call even though the like the wendy's burgers more than mcdonald's but i'm not a millennial i actually look at the numbers now we hear from dutch pro i heard someone on air say dutch brothers he sounded like me when i met my daughter out in the oregon what is dutch brothers she said zad you're an idiot it is dutch pro and dutch brothers one of the hottest ipos. clueless a national gross story could put their kiosk try the annihilator, you won't sleep for days i just worry that the stock is expensive and it will pull back from highs this week
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i'm enamored of it though. and look at this one disney disney reports it is going to be rough. shanghai disney was shut down this week stranding people and disney plus seems to be stalling time for something new and what have i been pushing a virtual reality fest where you go to a world inhabited by scrooge mcduck or make just maybe this is maybe you go and find the killer of bambi's mom and you bring them to justice. it is an idea. i don't see how the ceo will give that skexactly to us. and it is looking okay lately. it was up five mastercard, they have a big announcement, they sold off part of the old fin tech. although it bounced hard today, more on that later
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north travel trust name, we'll give a run down on the meeting once it happens. this is a pray on commerce and cross border travel. it is not a play on what a firm does it is not. get a little emotional thursday is quirky we've seen a rally in all things mall from tanger to simon to everybody in -- tapestry reports. now that is formerly known as coach and i don't know if we could summon still one more day higher i think we'll get good news and the stock could quickly surge seven points to a new 52-week high we also hear from yet which makes outdoor gear it hit a new high and closed at 107 today. i love the thermos, because people felt safer spending vacations in the great outdoors. to me yeti has become much more
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than that. that was brill yernt and they got their name out and now they're selling great things and on friday, astrazeneca, it is gotten lost in the vaccine makers because it wasn't as good as the other opponents i t i think there are better fish to fry. and finally there are so many ipos, a great ways for the public to learn about a story and somewhat maybe not much more and that is how i see warby parker which i warn you away from but i would love to be proven wrong by a great quarter. usually the first quarter out of the chute is a good one. we need to see if this could hold through next week by the way, larry williams, the guy who told us to sell today, remember he said buy last week and he sold today. one of the best calls on the the show but if the earnings stay strong, i think the stock market stays strong too
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i need to go to chuck in new york. >> caller: hey, yim, how are you didding. i'm here with my two sons. i have charlie age 14 and andy age 9. charlie, you have something to say to jim. >> booyah, jim. >> booyah, charlie. >> and andy what you have learned from dr. cramer. >> in apple, don't sell it buy it >> kid has sense >> all right my question is marvel. i sold it at 53, thinking that it was going to dip and then i was going to buy it again. but marvel just keeping go up and up. >> all right chuck charlie and andy and listen and listen good marvel first moved into 5g and then it went to high performance computing and their moving into autos right now. the hottest market in the world
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and believe me their part of the solution not part of the probe i like all three and the apple kid, he would be my man. i'm going to see billy joel tonight, are you any way, look, what do you think? separated at birth all right. we're coming into a period that tends to produce some ugly sell-offs but if earnings stay strong, i think the market stays strong even as i said larry williams is executing the trade. one of the best on the show. tonight carvana had a wild ride today so i'm getting in the driver's seat with the ceo to get the state of the used car market and then the payment stocks have been horrible. i'm going to go to the charts and fine out and i'm yelling timber that is right. any way, don't miss my exclusive from the ceo of warehouser fresh off the third quarter report stay with cramer
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what do we make last night's earnings report from carvana car dealer that we like so much. this is complicated. when the sales came in higher than expected, more than doubling year-over-year, the earnings came in light what is the issue? it is making more money per car they sell but they run into a wall and that is the car
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shortage they couldn't get their hands on enough vehicles. so they didn't sell as many cars as they wanted to. at the same time, management said the gross profit could decline in the fourth quarter while selling general and administrative expenses are on the rise we have to ask about that. after it was down big in the morning, it managed to get back to even today. but that is largely because it already sold off from the peak in august. as much as i like carvana as a long-term growth story, there is nothing they could do by about the shortage of semiconductors i'm optimistic that they could ramp production by mid next year but only if they sort out the supply chain mess. so let's look at ernie garcia iii to find out more about the quarter and where the company is headed welcome back to "mad money." >> how are you doing >> i have to commend you right in your letter, the third paragraph, you say our growth in buying cars from customers over the last two quarters considered
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operational constraints, you were right up front about the problems but this needs to be explained because i like someone who addresses the problem head on. >> sure. so i mean i think it stems from a great place. in the second quarter, we saw 40% growth sequentially from q1 to q2 and that is a lot of growth for a business of our scale and that came if both selling cars an buying them and that though flowed through in the third quarter and it comes from a great place there is a lot of kruft demand for our offering but it is hard to keep up with. so our teams have done a tremendous job responding across the entire operational chain when we buy and ship cars to customers, answer questions and deliver them the last mile, we've made a lot of gains but it is a lot of work to try to catch up and so that is what we're talking about in the third quarter. >> now, can things even out in the next say -- what is your view of this shortage? six months, one year, what are you thinking >> so, i think the broader auto
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industry shortage is a really big question that ultimately starts with the supply chain of the eoms and that is hard to answer i think for us in particular, we've been constrainted across our life we're an eight and a half-year-old company and we've been growing fast and throughout the pandemic we've had inventory shortages the result of so much demand on our website, us trying to satisfy that demand, taking the cars to reconditioning centers putting about a thousand of dollars into certifying them and scaling that process is what held us back an then in the third quarter, we just saw that flow over to the rest business because there was so much discontinuous growth it is about marching forward and scaling up and continue to make the investments in technology across time to make customer experiences better and if we do that, i think we'll continue to be in great shape. >> so you are still doing a -- when i first met you it was a
6:19 pm
thousand dollars so it is $1,500 to $2,000 and you've been able to keep the labor cost down. >> and a thousand dollars is a round number those could move around from quarter to quarter and this last quarter it was higher as a result of covid and the delta wave flows through but in general, those inspection centers are really big and impressive and interesting asimply line facility. there are thousands of cars going through them they go through an inspection process and then get whatever they need to get fixed, they get photographed and put up on the website and that process and the consistency allows us to manage costs which ultimately benefits customers. >> so let's go over whether this is chatter that i got thinking that your gross profit per unit has peaked because of competition. and lithium said we're going to tackle these guys.
6:20 pm
car max and said auto nation, don't worry about it and no one has touched you. but is that changing >> i think it could get really he's why to get really focused on the competition what serves us well is we stay focused on our customered and the truth is that automotive retail has served people for a long time but it hasn't changed a lot in 75 years and when something doesn't change it means there is room for new models to show up and i think by focusing on our customers and trying to think about what they need and putting all of our energy in that direction, we've had a lot of success and that is what we'll continue to do going forward. >> as a car vanna customer, i have to do insurance, it is hard and difficult to understand. so the deal with root makes that -- takes that out of the equation i'm sure you couldn't pick anything other than a good firm, i mean it. good firm with good rates. >> yeah. so i mean we're really excited about that partnership it has a lot of potential.
6:21 pm
roots built a interesting product that is very customer friendly and so we're excited about integrating that into our process and making the car buying experience even easier for customer and further simplifying the entire journey because when you buy a car there are other things that are associated with that and that is an exciting development in the years to come. >> i think just what i said, i love a guy who comes on and as people say like peloton today, who say look we had a problem and we're addressing it. and you're straightforward nature always makes me feel like carvana is a winner, also as a satisfied customer, it makes it very he's your so thank you ernie garcia, the ceo of carvana great to see you and have you on the show. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> okay. "mad money" is back after the break. >> coming up, has bruce springstein said, pay me my
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meet chef clem, owner of doughn't be sour, a sourdough doughnut company. she was flying back from a conference, when she got a text: she needed a bigger fridge asap if she was going to fulfill her orders. so she used her american express business platinum card® to earn more points on the big-ticket purchase. she got the new fridge, fulfilled the orders,
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and with her extra points, she got new equipment that allowed her to expand her business by rolling out a new product. get the card built for business. by american express. always on the lookout for high quality stocks, there aren't that many, with the broader market roaring like it has been and in the last few weeks what has been getting crushed is financial technology or fin tech after the break down in square after they reported a lackluster quarter. so tonight we're going off the charts with the help of carolyn who runned a website she also writes for real where i used to write to use for tuopportunities in fn tech some have come down from their highs that are very popular and asked about on twitter to me constantly and they are paypal and mastercard
6:26 pm
it is not time to pounce yet but she wants to stalk both of the names an wait for the right moment before pulling the trigger. let's start with the much trashed down 80 points down, paypal they report on monday. as i mentioned, we own paypal for the travel trust and the last few weeks we've gotten eviscerated. the investment club that i run which uses the trust as a teaching tool tells i my mistakes you learn more from the mistakes from the wins. sometimes you have to be humble. i'm humble about paypal. if it is anything like square, the stock is not trading like a great quarter. it is horrible from the get-go today. let's check out the chart. past swings in the stock and then running the swings through the ratios, a magical series of number discovered by leonhardy fibbinochy you have would have to ask a
6:27 pm
physicist why they show up but you could know that something works even if you don't know why it works. when it comes to paypal, the methodology gives her two key areas that stand out in terms of price. there are the 224 range below where the stock is trading an the 199 to range and when she finds the relationships in the roughly the same place, you're likely to get a floor of support. or it could be a ceiling of resittance if you're looking upside down. the stock is likely to change the trajectory trying to find out if the trajectory would change. all the way to 255 and then it might run out of juice. but brawn's method doesn't apply to the y axis of the chart, price. you could do the same thing with the x axis time in other words she measures the duration of past springs to find
6:28 pm
crucial information when a stock is more likely to change trajectory so when it comes to the series of fibbin achy time signals suggest the stock could be bottoming right now, right here. but she's not ready to buy she's waiting for a trigger and her favorite trigger is a moving average cost over. brawn likes to watch the 13 day moving average when the five drey crosses above the 13 day which is not about to, that is very reliable signal because it tells you the trajectory has started to improve and this is just about report. the trajectory is not at all, even if she's not ready to call paypal a screaming buy, she thinks it has a good set-up. as long it as holds in the low 220s, we could look at a start of a new up trend. next up, one that i own too, my travel trust, and that is making
6:29 pm
a move, mastercard, sim bell ma. it rallied more than $13 i know we wanted to catch that i was trying to tell you to buy it broden told us to watch it days ago. you could have caught a nice move, my bad according to the fibbin achy queen, there is one that runs from 321 to 324 and then the 313 so 315 and that would cause people to get stick. this is a widely owned stock we tested the first floor a few days ago and it bounced off the lows and that means it held, that is a good sign. what about timing. when you check out the daily chart, there are a couple of tee time windows here, in particular her method tells her to watch november 5 to november 7 here we are. so today through monday. given that the stock surged 4% today it sure seems like this time was already produced as a fabulous reversal. wouldn't be surprised to have
6:30 pm
analysts come out an monday and say buy it because they wanted to buy it head of wednesday's analyst meeting that i mentioned at the top of the show even this rally doesn't hold for whatever reason, broden said we have another cyclical from november 11th through the 13th and end of next week again that is the post the analyst meeting. so in her view paypal and mastercard are compelling set-ups here what needs to happen before she'll pull the trigger? two things first the stock needs to test floor support. mastercard did that. paypal, mm-hmm, but it could do it on monday then broden looks for buy triggers and they are exponential moving cross overs and for swing trade she likes to zoom in and use a 15 or 30 minute chart it is pretty granular. and then watch the eight period, and the 34 period moving average and wait for the shorter one to kroos over the longer one.
6:31 pm
she used a short-term chart because it could pick up buy trickers much more quickly than a daily chart but broden said you could wait for the eight day exponential moving average to break above the 13 average on the daily chart. but that is slower than it you drill down to a half hour chart. there are a couple of caveats here one, if paypal or mastercard breaks down below the key support levels, broden said you have to bail you may think that is high buy and sell low but technical analysis is all about identifying trends so when the trend you want breaks down, you're done you gotta go second caveat, this is not a great environment for fin tech when the economy is improving, it is in much better shape look at employment this morning. money managers are out of fin techs into the banks many hedge funds try to mirror the s&p 500 which means they need some exposure to the financial sector at all times. when wall street hates the bank stocks they like to own the fin
6:32 pm
tech and that is in paypal and mastercard wheelhouse. so they've been swapping out of fin tech and that is what is going on plus some of the fin tech missed their numbers. when bodden looks at the charts, she doesn't see paypal or mastercard, but she likes the two stocks as temporarily beaten down counter trend trades. that means once they rally she said you need to ring the register because she's not expecting much follow through on the upside i'm different. i like both but i could be had on paypal. the chart is that paypal and mastercard could be posed for quick rallies. they need to be nimble enough to get out while the getting is good if you are a member of the club you'll see a different strategy. they both can work robert in new york, robert >> caller: hello there, mr. jim. >> robert. >> caller: you got me there. >> yeah. what is going on, my friend. >> caller: i have a question
6:33 pm
concerning american express. i get all of the emails and news about them and i've got a lot of disturbing news that american express is forcing critical race theory on its employees and that is a website out there that are asking people to boycott american express by canceling their credit cards now i've been a holderof american express and i have their platinum card for 40 years. this is very concerning to me. i would like to know what you know about that and what do you think i might want to do with my american express stock >> okay. so i'm going to be very careful here i did not know about this. i think that steven squeer the ceo is a very good corporate citizen and i think american express has done more to help small business than any company in the country so i'm concerned by this i have to look into it otherwise i think it is well-known that i like the stock
6:34 pm
and i reiterate the buy right now and thank you for bringing that to my attention i'm an american express holder for years so i want to know more but i'm going to check with steve and be sure and then i will come back and thank you very much. let's go to robert in arkansas please >> caller: hi, jim, and booyah i'm a second time caller and investment club member. >> fantastic. >> thanks for all you do. >> thank you. >> caller: i'm a 59-year-old recent retiree and income investor i look for criteria for names in our portfolio which are bet of breed and good financials and dividends however i do three closed-end funds as a fixed income equal and your former firm goldman sachs offers what i think could be the fourth with the goldman sachs business development company ticker symbol gsbd. it meets the cite ear quay but it trades at a 16% plus premium
6:35 pm
to the net asset value of the holding. what do you think of goldman sachs business remt company ticker symbol gsbd. >> i looked at this. we see it is trading constantly at the ticker beneath our pictures and i was concerned about it because i felt this way about all of the bdcs. i don't know what they own and if i don't know what they own i can't trust. even if it is from the firm that i love and worked at so i have to take a pass because i don't know what is in it all right, charts is interpreted by fib notchy queen broden who has been red hot but paypal and mastercard could rally. and remember the meeting this week but it may only be a temporary bounce in her eyes our club disagrees and you have to read the bulletins. and my interview with wayerhaeuser and there could be a corporate
6:36 pm
citizen. i'm going to check in with the top brass. and then today we got positive data from pfizer on the covid anti-viral which had wall street wondering if the pandemic is winding down so if that is true, what could be bought here and rapid fire and tonight's edition of "the lightning round," so stay with cramer. watch: serena williams... wonder woman.... serena... wonder woman... serena... ace. ♪ ♪ get your tv together with the best of live and on demand. introducing directv stream.
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when commodity inflation starts getting out of control this spring, one of the mover was the price of lumber and it came back down before rebounding, so who do we do with a lumber play like wayerhaeuser, one of the world's leading suppliers of forest products
6:40 pm
spent all of the volatility, it is pretty darn stable. up roughly 20% on the year and lumber is not their only business this comes down to housing if you believe the housing market could remain strong then this is the stock to own if you see housing falling off and then the story becomes more difficult. so let's check in with the president and ceo of wayerhaeuser to get a better sense of the business an the broader industry and esg which this company is very involved in welcome to "mad money." >> thanks, jim great to be with you today. >> i'm fascinated by your company and particularly with your investor day where you laid out a lot of things people don't think about but you did make the point, look, housing is going to be a tail wind for years there are people who think housing has peaks. it is like you believe it is a secular grower what makes you so confident?
6:41 pm
>> yeah, jim, i think there are a couple of things that lead us to that conclusion first and foremost, it goes back to the level of underbuilding that we've been doing in the u.s. going back to the last great recession. when you think about normalized housing over any historical period, really coming out of '08, '09, 2010 we've been building well below that level for a significant amount of time and i think that created a significant amount of pent up demand for housing so you could look at a number of different sources, freddie mac for skaxexample, think it is 3 a half to 400 million units underbuilt and think the other thing that gives us confidence in the housing market for years to come is when you think about the millennial generation, that is the largest population cohort in the united states, and they're really moving in to their prime home buying years. and so that combination of
6:42 pm
underbuilding to with the demographic gives us confidence that we're going to have to build a lot of homes here over the next five to ten years to house the demand level that we have in the u.s. >> i agree with you. i think there are times in pockets where they may get over built but the demographics are imperial but when i speak to millennials, you know what they ask me, is the company a good corporate citizen. what i loved about what you're doing is you are deeply involved with carbon capture, deeply involved with credits. i need you to explain to the millennials out there why you're company is a very concerned company when it comes to the environment and the air. >> yeah, jim well the esg movement that we've seen really plays well into our story. this is something that we've been involved with for many, many decades frankly before it became vogue when you think about an environment where there is just a growing concern about global warming and climate change, one of the most effective tools that we have to do that is through
6:43 pm
forest and we're the largest private land owner owning timberlands in north america. 11 million acres in the u.s. we manage another 14 million acres in canada under long-term licenses we produce wood products that sequester carbon for the lifetime of those products so we are front and center in terms of the carbon story of wayerhaeuser i would say is the top esgtory bar none when you think about carbon and climate change. so that is something that we've been trying to get out and help people understand and that is really the foundation of our new natural climate solutions business that we are growing and really announced that we're going to grow that five fold over the next five years that is at the heart of it. >> your chief development officer mr. haggen said it is still in its infancy, but the numbers growing to $100 billion, you could dominate this business there is no one that has the natural resources that you have. >> there is to question, jim
6:44 pm
and when you think about the amount of carbon dioxide that we sequester today when they think about into the future and the incremental co2 by changing the way that we manage forests and there is no one else better positioned to do that with the land base and the scientist as and technology that we have. this is an emerging business for us but when you think of the companies out there that made net zero commitments, this is a very cost effective way for companies to offset some of their co2 emissions. so we think that could be a big business for us out nut future an and i don't think there is any other company better positioned to take advantage of that and try to help society and battling one of the biggest challenges of our time. >> maybe the biggest for a long-term view, absolutely now lumber, it goes crazy. a lot people think there is just a couple of canadian sawmills that were much more involved in thinking that you did. you were a good corporate citizen when the lumber futures
6:45 pm
went up. have we calmed that down >> we've seen a lot of volatility around lumber going back to the onset of covid we've seen covid through the historic levels that we saw during the spring. and that is really a combination of a few things. on the demand side, seen just really strong demand from residential construction, we've also had very strong repair and remodel activity and you take those two things on the demand side and combine that with the c challenges on the supply side, whether it is trucking or the producers managing through covid and quarantine, et cetera, that combination is what led to the historic spikes in the springtime i don't think we're going to get back to thousand dollar lumber prices but i think with the level of demand that we're seeing and expecting, i do think you're going to see lumber at a higher level than we historically have seen. >> which again is great for you. and i think you have a new level of profitability i love the special dividend and
6:46 pm
what you guys are doing are truly being great corporate citizens and leaders in preserving the environment by having all of that carbon monoxide i hope you come on regularly because you are a great spokesperson for what trees to do to save the world i'm not kidding. that is not hyperbole. >> we take that responsibility seriously. we've been managing these timberlands for a very long time and it is a sustainable manner, just focuses on making sure that we have healthy resilient forces and we plan to do it for a long time to come. >> you're the best at it the ceo of wayerhaeuser. if you want to be a good corporate citizen and get a good dividend, and want to encourage a company to do the right thing, this is the stock to own. "mad money" is back after the break >> coming up, a storm is coming. so give us a call. cramer's got the answers to all
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of your burning questions. "the lightning round" is next. in 2016, i was working at the amazon warehouse when my brother passed away. and a couple of years later, my mother passed away. after taking care of them, i knew that i really wanted to become a nurse.
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your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit >> announcer: "the lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade >> it's time it's time for "the lightning round. and then the "the lightning round" is over are you ready? ken in florida >> caller: booyah. in miami two months ago i bought this stock because of covid and spoke to you briefly about. it i sold almost all tv after it topped over 10% when it reported blow out third quarter results with
6:51 pm
pfizer new pill and covid deaths declining, should i sell or hold my remaining shares of sci. >> sci is a long-term unfortunate secular play and don't forget the baby boomers so the answer is you need to hold onto it and if it coming back, buy it and more. >> to rudy. >> caller: good afternoon. rudy calling from eastern p.a. >> i have a players nearby i have love easton. >> 40 miles from you, baby >> so what is up. >> caller: listen, i love your show. >> thank you. >> caller: i got to tell you, you're enthusiasm every day just blows my mind. >> thank you thank you. >> caller: you make the energizer bunny look like a salt. >> what is up though let's go what is up. >> caller: my stock is digital world acquisition corp. >> that is a tough one to analyze. that is a short squeeze play too hard to figure out
6:52 pm
i appreciate the kind words, but man, roll the dice let's go to the casino craig in pennsylvania. >> caller: what is going on? >> i'm doing well. what is going on with you? >> caller: appreciate all of your help. i'm just following you for the past eight years ab you've been showing me a lot of things and i have to make a tremendous amount of money this year, more than i've ever made. >> oh, fantastic. >> caller: yeah, i did run across something and i looked at it and said i don't know but i had a feeling but b it because in the ev space in the car and i was looking at dgpi. >> they're connected with poll star here is the problem. this group has a little too hot. let's let things cool off before we get hurt. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of "the lightning round.
6:53 pm
. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> make sense of the most critical market machinations in no time flat stick with cramer for a no huddle next.
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if the pandemic's truly winding down, thanks to the vaccine mandates and soon break through anti-viral what do we do with covid stocks? let's start out on a positive note i like the stock of tractor supply always had it caught fire as tons of people migrated to the city to larger houses in the country where they could work remotely. and it turns out the hybrid work modell is here to stay and that is a good store and clean with good merchandise. then there is etsy this is a pandemic play for a long time. sure they got turbo charged by covid but they are sticking with the platform i like that it is a retail play without supply chain problem because all of the handicrafts people know how to source, and
6:57 pm
source well. etsy is a back to a more art he'sanal theory. been looking for some gifts for the holidays i can't believe it is loaded i have another stock, and that is brunswick, bc, the boat maker. boat fails were thought to fall off and people felt time spending time in doors turns out their wrong. because they get half of their sales from parts and maintenance. but if the business was falling apart, wouldn't it be so difficult to get your hands on a new boat they're sold out for the foreseeable future with tremendous pricing power and i like abbott labs we own it for the travel trust we're telling club members that it is bigger than at home covid test as 30% of the country is unvaccinated, that means they do give it to you for free. so people could still give you the virus. how will you know when to take
6:58 pm
new anti-viral unless you get tested i have a thing of bine ax's this high that is the covid. you heard about a lot of dicey ones today i'm thinking of docu sign. the software company makes it possible to digitally seal the deal on all sorts of contracts i'm a huge believer in the product. however it is up for the year and trades at 100 times the earnings and that is too rich for me even as i think the product is taking over the world. next, moderna has at loy of fluff and it is still and think i could bounce after today's hammering but i don't know they'll have to move a lot something they have to prove that they have vaccines that are ready and if you look at the release today, the quarter it was filled with ideas about the vaccine yesterday and but i don't know how many of them come to market soon enough to make it so there isn't a cliff here. we need more evidence that the
6:59 pm
cancer vaccines are working and at scale rough call i think it will go lower too tough to recommend how about zoom we may not visit each other in person to close sales, but theresy widespread zoom fantasyeag and i think people are desperate to do things in person again for a while until the company tells us what the heck is plans to do with the enormous war chest if you remember zoom attempting to take over 5-9 took over on the price. finally there is just the ugly duckling which is peloton. just disastrous quarter. now down 63% from the high i mean 63% nor the year. but i don't see many institutions trying to bottom fish they stepped too far and people are eager to go back to gyms rather than buying equipment at home and the management seems cool about these problems, an talk about all sort of levers to pull to keep things under control but
7:00 pm
i don't bant control, i want growth an that is now something that peloton lacks which is why i would be a seller on next bounce if you haven't sold it already. i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to try to find it just for you right here on mad money. i'm jim cramer, see you on monday nancy pelosi's caucus in chaos. progressives and moderates at odds as a crucial deadline looms tonight. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc democrats scramble to get the biden agenda through talk of voting on the infrastructure bill, but house progressives want more can they get anything done before they leave for recess tonight? >> americans are getting back to work. >> job creation bouncing back, unemployment going down. they're the best numbers of the pandemic but should we still be concerned? pfizer with rele


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