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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  November 4, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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jersey was not in may. except almost 24 hours after the polls close. nbc news says it is still too close to call. polls. will we ever learn the incumbent democrat phil murphy was ahead in the polls for months the republican made some gains, sure but the polls had murphy winning. outside the margin of error. now the race is essentially tied with murphy leading by less than one percentage point a recall may be next and who knows after that even if governor murphy does win in new jersey, which looks quite likely some have already called it. political analysts say last night's elections sent a warning to democrats everywhere. in virginia they got a solid beating. gop newcomer glenn youngkin took down the democrat terry mcauliffe and bathed the governor's mansion in red.
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like the new jersey race mcauliffe held a steady lead in the polls but his disappeared as election day approached. a year ago that might have seemed impossible when president biden won the state by a whopping 10 points so what's the message to democrats? you're trying to do too much going too far left or you're not getting done what you promised to do. today the president said the defeat shows democrats need to pass some of his agenda before the next elections >> what happened was i think we just have to produce results for them to change their standard of living and give them a little more breathing room. insiders will tell you his own sagging popularity might not have hurt and it wasn't just republicans and democrats on the ballot yesterday liberal ideas, too
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voters in minneapolis rejected soundly a measure to scrap the city's police department a year and a half after a cop murdered george floyd and nationwide protests ramped up against police brutality eliminating the police force went down in flames the news team coverage tonight larry sabato and kayla tausche and rahel solomon. >> reporter: shep, we're here in morris county. an area that voted blue in last year's presidential election for the first time in half a the county has historically voted red and swung back in a major way. jack ciattarelli won morris county by 14 percentage points will counties like this be enough to put him over the edge in a state with 100 million more registered democrats than republicans? that's unclear it could be another week before we know. those will be counted until about november 8th if it's still razor thin, we're likely headed for a recount.
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in new jersey recounts aren't automatically triggered like some other states so in order to request a recount here there has to be a reason to believe an error occurred, voting irregularities in a state that those say is blue, the reality is a lot more nuanced. >> new jersey is a lot more purple than people realize we lean right when it comes to fiscal issues and pocket book issues, left when it comes to social issues but the state has some of the most affluent and the least affluent geographic regions in the country and that really shows when we get to our statewide and local elections. ciattarelli really tuned into that even though republicans are outnumbered two to one in registration, ciattarelli knew he had to capture independents and swing voters. >> now one thing that both candidates have agreed on, every
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vote will be counted so stay tuned. shep >> rahel, speaking of every vote counted. a truck driver, i love this story, a truck driver who reportedly spent about $153 for his campaign in the state legislature is leading the long time incumbent senate president. >> reporter: that is right, shep his name is edward durr. it's a shocking victory for most, perhaps even according to some local media dr. koning said republicans performed better across the state and said the sweeney race may be indicative of the larger trend we saw, essentially voters voting against the incumbent or so-called establishment. about half of what durr spent, that was at dunkin' donuts. in virginia, the political changes could be extraordinary kayla tausche is live. kayla? >> reporter: shep, glenn
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youngkin's win helped him flip coastal counties, rally rural turnout and consolidate conservative support in northern virginia as democrats regroup on the day after they're hoping hindsight can help in 2022 after the blue tide turned in virginia -- >> we won this state >> reporter: -- a day of reckoning for democrats. >> people are upset and uncertain about a lot of things. >> reporter: but disagreements on how to move forward some lawmakers say pump the brakes on spending. >> let's take time and do it right. let's make sure that people know what's in it people need to know that what we're getting for it, what you're going to expect, how much you're going to pay for it. >> others say rev it up. >> only in washington could people think that it is a smart strategy to take a once in a generation investment in infrastructure and prevent your president from signing that bill
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into law and that's somehow a good strategy. >> voters say they want unity and compromise. >> they need to be more vigilant because clearly the path that we're on is not the path that is successful >> the idea was that with the new administration there would be a new enthusiasm in congress and it really hasn't happened. the divisions are still there. >> reporter: in exit polls roughly half of virginians said their vote was a proxy for the presidency that's a sea change from four years ago when 96% of virginia voters from both parties said their motivating factor was donald trump one seat now targeted by the gop's congressional campaign arm, virginia democrat along with 69 other races as they tried to retake the house. as a candidate youngkin cutting more traditional republican
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profile touting less government, low taxes and republicans are taking that as a sign that in the mid terms and beyond they can run candidates on refined messaging without a direct link to president trump and win shep. >> kayla tausche, thank you. so what happened let's turn to larry sabato, director for the center for politics the president said what happened is they've got to get their agenda through that is not what last night's winners are saying what's your take >> my take is the key factor was in fact president biden's low ratings. you can't avoid it i can't see how anyone can deny that the president's ratings sunk badly in virginia which he won 54% a year ago and now he's down to 45% and in new jersey he was up 16 points it's not just about his agenda democrats would have been better
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had they in august or september gotten together and made a compromise but they're still fighting that tells you all you need to know also, the covid, the variant problem which is going to continue for some time, there could be another variant, who knows. inflation. gas prices the problem with the supply chain. it just goes on and on and when all those problems are heaped on the plate of a candidate of your party, that candidate's probably going to lose as terry mcauliffe can tell you and governor murphy could possibly tell you once all the voting is done. >> it seems pretty simple in hindsight. what changes, larry, will the two parties need to make heading into the mid terms first, what about republicans? >> republicans have a lot to chew on, all of it good really in virginia and new jersey they learned what works and what
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doesn't. there are local issues, educational issues, cultural issues that were used in virginia that helped glenn youngkin win and in new jersey property taxes, all kinds of things are being mentioned some of these apply to other states all of these lessons have been learned but mainly the lessons learned have to be learned by the democrats if they want to hold on to either house of congress right now it looks pretty grim, doesn't it >> it really does. your crystal ball shifted several democratic senate seats to tossup. is the message do more or moderate >> the message to them is do something but, number two, fix the big problems that are weighing on american's mind, like the pandemic, like inflation, like gas prices, et cetera as conditions deteriorate or even as they say the same, the incumbent party in both houses and congress is going to suffer. it's one of the oldest
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principles in american politics. they're oblivious to it or they certainly acted like they were oblivious to it this entire fall. >> they don't seem like it anymore. larry sabato, thank you. it was a history making election for people of color tick a few off here for you. in boston michelle wu is set to become the first city's female mayor and first mayor of color in new york, eric adams set to become the city's black mayor. manhattanites elected the first black attorney and they got their first black mayors michigan voters elect their first arab american and muslim leader and cincinnati voters chose their first ever asian-american mayor. we're still keeping an eye on seattle where bruce harrell has a commanding lead over lorena gonzalez he would be the first
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asian-american and second black mayor of the city. if gonzalez wins she would be the first latina mayor. there's a new theory in the shooting death that appeared on alec baldwin's shooting set. the armorer's attorneys are floating it. is it real is there any evidence of it. the man charged with killing two people and injuring another at a protest in kenosha, wisconsin, last year is now on trial and today the moments before this man pulled the trigger were shown to the jury in a key piece of evidence zillow stocks plunging today. did you see it the company announcement that had retail investors abandoning ship it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests
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the alec baldwin shooting takes a turn attorneys for the armorer on the set of "rust" are now suggesting a disgruntled person may have put a bullet in place of the dummy bullet >> why would someone do that >> i believe that somebody who would do that would want to sabotage the set, want to prove a point, to say that they're disgruntled, unhappy we know that people had already walked off the set the day before >> the attorney float it as a possibility that they are looking into they didn't provide any evidence at all to support the theory the armorer told investigators she had no idea how live rounds wound up on the set. including alec bald win's
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revolve per killed the cinematographer and 1ed the director here's cnbc's valerie castro >> reporter: photos ofna hutchins show her surrounded by crew members. >> she cinematographer showed her surrounded by crew members >> she genuinely was something special. >> blaine rupert spoke to "good morning america" wednesday he was head of the camera department but quit the day before the accidental shooting citing several concerns including safety on the set. producers have fired back writing looper had nothing to do with or knowledge of safety protocols adding it's truly awful to see some using this tragedy for personal gain. >> yeah, so there's no personal gain in this for me. i have a pretty unique perspective in that it's safety as the head of th important that i be a part o safety as the head of the camera department for protecting the camera, camera operators, knowing what the shot is. >> reporter: actor alec baldwin has said little adding, read this in it she says we had several
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safety meetings, sometimes multiple per day our ad never seemed flippant about safety attorneys speaking on behalf ofo hannah gutierrez reed. there was an opportunity for sabotage, a theory they say should be seriously considered. >> we had people who have left the set and walked out because they were disgruntled. we have a time frame between 11 and 1 approximately that day in which the firearms at times were unattended so there was scene. >> i opportunity to tamper with this scene. >> in response to allegations that this was a sabotage luper says that is an irresponsible and offensive suggestion and the production company has not responded. >> valerie castro, thank you. jurors were shown a key piece of evidence today in kyle
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rittenhouse's murder trial it's footage of joseph rosen bomb chasing him and then moments later rittenhouse shoots and accuses him. shoots and kills him when people pursue him, he shoots two, killing one. here's the video frozen just before he throws that bag. there's rittenhouse on the left side running away and rosenbomb holding the bag and then rittenhouse did not fire the first shot you're about to hear. that was fired in the air by another protestor but he did fire the four that you hear after. here we go >> we've got a gun, baby >> oh, they shot >> oh. he shot him. >> rittenhouse's lawyers say that first shot made their client think he was under attack it's a critical piece of evidence when the central question in the whole trial is whether rittenhouse was acting in self-defense.
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gabe gutierrez is covering the trial. gabe >> reporter: shep, there is a wealth of video that captured the chaos on the night of the shooting footage it also shows joseph rosenbomb lying on the ground as he was surrounded by bystanders he was the first of three people that rittenhouse shot. today rittenhouse glanced downward and stared at the desk in front of him as the videos were played. a police detective said he suffered minor injuries. he turned himself in near his n home in illinois hours after the shooting shep, as you mentioned, the key question, who started this fight? was it rittenhouse who was drawn to chaos and they tried to paint him as a young vigilante in way over his head or was at this time men he shot who gave chase and tried to attack him his lawyer says this was clearly self-defense and we're still in the early stages of the prosecution's case rittenhouse faces six charges
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including first degree intentional homicide soon we may hear directly from the man rittenhouse shot who survived rittenhouse's lawyers say he himself will testify later in this trial which is expected to last at least two weeks, shep. >> gabe, thank you. spam, it's annoying, isn't it it seems to be getting worse now the fcc is stepping in plan to block billio we'll tell you about the new plan to block billions of robotexts from flooding our phones and what we can all do for ourselves to help cut down on the problem plus, a global push to lower carbon emissions at the u.n. climate summit, but how is the conference itself fighting to go green this year? e to allstate. where you can pay a little less and enjoy the ride a little more. ♪ ♪
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hundreds of th hundreds of the world's biggest banks, investors and insurers making a major pledge today at the u.n. climate summit in glasgow more than 450 financial institutions from 45 countries vowing to invest in programs that business and businesses aim to lower carbon emissions. in total, the group controls $130 trillion in assets. it's one of the biggest commitments made so far at this climate summit, but is the conference itself doing more harm than good in glasgow, here's cnbc's diana olick. >> can i get a cup of coffee
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please you have to give it to cop 26. >> am i supposed to reuse the cup all day? >> yes, you can. >> okay. thank you. are people really doing that >> everyone. >> they're trying and it's not just reusable cups everyone gets a water bottle to fill for the duration. need to charge up? hit a solar powered green booth. even the food. suppliers are based within 100 miles of glasgow reducing the distribution footprint and the food itself, forget the calories, it has a carbon count. the furniture furnished by ikea. a sponsor of cop 26. >> so one of the project of bringing the furniture to the cop is not ending within the cop itself we are working with the city council, u.k. government to donate later all the furniture to the people in need. >> reporter: all of that is all good but here comes the not so good 10,000 people, and that's limited by covid restrictions, are in this venue every day and
12:25 am
they came in from all over the world. >> from kenya. i live in kenya. >> most by plane and a plethora of presidential motorcades and a whole lot of carbon emitting consumption. from security, swag, even the building itself that was put up just to handle the size of the event. while thousands are attending online, others are choosing not to >> it's my first time so i needed to understand the entire process and how things are going because it's true that online is not the same. >> reporter: clearly it's a tradeoff holding the event in person creates more visibility, more news coverage and more pressure on all parties to do all they can to save the planet shep >> diana, thanks. quarterback aaron rodgers reportedly positive for covid. now questions about his vaccine status what he said before. how his team is reacting now
12:26 am
all as his backup prepares to make his first start democrats putting paid family leave back into the spending package but every democrat has to be on board, including west virginia's joe manchin. so how do you think that's going? it's next as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news from cnbc. this is called momentum. and there's no off-season. just work that builds on itself over and over and over again... becuase the only way is through. ♪ ♪ ♪
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does it seem like you're getting more and more of the ridiculous spam calls? the one about the car warranty over and over again. i don't have a car warranty. stop it. to make matters worse, now they're texting. robo texting it's called it's getting worse and worse americans are expected to receive a total of 86 billion robotexts or spam texts this year up 55% from last year. that's according to robo killer. now the fcc is stepping in last month the agency announced it will soon look at a proposal to block robotexts robotexts mike keegan is mike keegan is officer of transaction network services mike, thanks i feel i've heard all of this before, the government what can they do >> what you have heard is robocalling occur a couple of years ago. now we're facing the same dilemma with robotexting there's a lot of tools to
12:29 am
protect people from robocalling but the same does not exist for robotexting. carriers have allowed application to texting from ten digit codes. people can text you from a 10-digit code from a phone number and they can do that in large quantities they're supposed to be registered but they're not being registered by bad actors. >> is there a way for me to block those codes without knowing what they are before they come? >> unfortunately not there's a way through your phone to use the filter like in your settings to be able to do some of that blocking and do some filtering associated with robo text, but today you can't necessarily -- there's not a good regime to allow you to block the texts. >> that's certainly not comforting i wish i had more time, thank you. another sign that our economy is recovering from eye covid recession and that's what's topping cnbc's on the money.
12:30 am
the fed announcing it's scaling back the bond buying stimulus program that it started in the early days of the pandemic tapering they call it. tapering they call it is set to start later this month. the reason well, the fed says in light of the substantial further progress the economy has made since last december. zillow stock taking a big hit. down more than 24% today the company's ceo said it's closing the home buying and flipping business and cutting 24% of the wor 25% of the work force. home buying became too risky they have hundreds of thousands of homes to sell and zillow is going to take a half a billion of writedowns. shares have lost 2/3 of their value since february. and alaska airlines announcing it will no longer serve water in plastic bottles or cups.d recyclable paper
12:31 am
cups they're switching to plant-based cartons and recyclable paper cups the airline expected to save 2 million pounds of single use plastics over the next year. on wall street the dow up 105 the s&p up 30. the nasdaq up 162. i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour time for the top of the news. covid game changer kids rolling up their sleeves to get the shot what parents need to know. aaron rodgers benched after reportedly testing positive for covid. why his vaccination status is w now at the center of a controversy. first, after a brutal election night, democrats under new pressure to pass president biden's agenda >> and house democrats have just made a big move. speaker nancy pelosi announcing today they're making a change, putting four weeks of paid family and medical leave back into their massive social spending package
12:32 am
that's despite resistance from the moderate senator joe manchin of west virginia, a democrat wh handedly kill could single-handedly kill the bill in the senate here's how senator manchin reacted. >> house democrats have put paid leave four weeks back into your bill is that something you support? >> i've never heard it. >> hearing that, what do you think? >> that's a challenge. very much a challenge. they know how much i feel about it. >> that's a challenge. >> democrats can't afford to lose a single vote, that's it. if they want to pass it, they have to have his support ylan mui, paid leave is mighty popular, but not with him. >> reporter: well, that's right, shep democrats are now under enormous pressure to put paid leave back in this package. there have been rallies all week long in new york
12:33 am
leader chuck near the home of senate majority leader chuck schumer, here in washington in the cold and drizzling rain, i spoke to one of the woman who traveled here. she has three kids family leave is important. but medical leave is also a critical part of this new proposal she said that would have been a life line for her family when her husband was struggling with drug addiction and had to quit his job in the coal mines to get help. >> i was much more worried about losing my kids or my husband to fatal overdose than i was the financial aspect until the financial aspect actually hit us i was like, well. >> i don't know if you can see it, but she is wearing a west virginia sweatshirt there. she's trying to get the attention of joe manchin she talked to him before when he was back home. here in d.c. she could only get through to his staff today manchin told supporters he doesn't want to add to the national debt or push paid leave through with only democratic support but he's in favor of the idea
12:34 am
vance said her state is struggling and the current system isn't working >> people are having to make those decisions whether to go to treatment or to continue to downspiral in substance use disorder and not having paid leave and being forced to either quit your job or continue working, that is a barrier to treatment and that is a direct barrier to recovery. >> reporter: vance's husband has been sober now for about four years and doing fine as a couple and family he wanted to come to washington with her but he couldn't get time off from his new job. >> ylan mui, thank you. a scene that many parents have long awaited. young kids across the country including these in dallas, indianapolis and hartford now getting vaccinated against covid. the cdc approved the pfizer shot for nearly 28 million children between the ages of 5 and 11
12:35 am
health experts reassure the benefits of the shot outweigh the risks. president biden calls it a turning point in the fight against covid. for parents, this is a day of relief and celebration. we're going to do everything wey available an can to make these vaccines easily available and raise the awareness of the importance of getting vaccinated so parents of children ages 5 and older, please get them vaccinated. >> it's a tough sell sadly in fact, a new survey shows only 59% of parents plan to get their 5 to 11-year-olds vaccinated nbc's cal perry spoke to parents and doctors today at the national children's hospital in d.c. >> reporter: shep, 18 months of covering this pandemic, i've never heard them talk like this. calling it a game changer, great day, historic day. smiles on the faces of staff met by families eager to get the first shot we were able to speak to both someone who received the shot,
12:36 am
8-year-old carter and his father, brian. >> i'm halfway there to doing no mask and stuff i couldn't do before. >> nothing as a commune -- >> knowing as a community if we do this together, it will be normal i think we owe it to our kids to get things back to the way they used to be. today is a great day >> reporter: you heard carter if one day he could take off the mask that's something we're hearing from kids who are being vaccinated this could remove some of the other precautionary measures this is why they're kicking it into high gear that's why they're talking to pharmacies and doctor's offices. we're hearing this, talk to youp child's physician for any information on how to get the vaccination done and any hold-up that you see this week should be cleared by next week as those vaccines are actually given to both pharmacies, hospitals and doctor's offices shep >> love the smiles, cal. thank you. facing a bit of
12:37 am
the nfl's reigning mvp i facing a bit of a controversy tonight. the green bay packers announced quarterback aaron rodgers will miss sunday's game multiple reports indicate rodgers tested positive for the virus and is not vaccinated. if that's the case, rodgers will not be allowed to return to the team until at least next saturday the papers wouldn't comment on the matter but here's what rodgers said back in august about his vaccination status >> yeah, i've been immunized those guys on the team that haven't been vaccinated, it's a personal decision. i'm not going to judge them. >> he said he's been immunized not necessarily vaccinated against covid. they asked the packers coach about that comment listen >> do you think that might be misleading to the fans >> that's a great question for aaron. i'm not going to comment on it >> it's important to note, the nfl does not require its players to be vaccinated nor do players
12:38 am
have to publicly declare their vaccination status, but two sources tell the wisconsin state journal aaron rodgers received an alternative treatment earlier this year to try to boost his antibody levels. the sources say rodgers thought it would give him enough protection against covid but the league considered him obviously unvaccinated aaron rodgers reportedly tried to convince the nfl to change the vaccination status but it didn't work. cnbc has yet to confirm that report milwaukee journal sentinel's tom silverstein is here. the league has different protocols for vaccinated players versus unvaccinated players. if aaron rodgers was unvaccinated, what rules if any have been broken doing a press conference without >> he's not vaccinated, he's doing a press conference without
12:39 am
a mask on. masks are mandated any time a player is indoors. we don't know exactly within facility, but he also as far as we know there were photos of him attending -- we know there were photos on instagram of him attending a halloween party. protocol says you can't be with more than three other players at any time outside of the facility if you're unvaccinated. >> some kind of treatment in advance, do you know anything about that or where it came from >> no, not really. the nfl's protocol is negotiated with the players union it's right there in front of him, it has to be the moderna or pfizer vaccines or the one shot vaccine. so it's very specific. there's nothing about antibodies or anything like that in it. >> i'm guessing his teammates given that it's aaron rodgers,
12:40 am
they're not saying too much derogatory stuff, are they >> no. no they're not going to say it publicly i'm sure there are guys that are really disappointed but publicly they're not going to trash a guy who's going into the hall of fame. >> no. >> is generally the leader of the team, but i would bet there are some guys who feel not betrayed but really let down. >> i listened to the coaches press conference he mentioned, for jordan love, what an opportunity. my god, it's the chiefs, you know >> yeah, look at it this way most people were saying the packers after this year, and i agree with that, are going to have to make a decision on rodgers and this is their chance to take a look at jordan love in the midst of a 7-1 season. they have some wiggle room this is the chance to find out whether this guy could be their quarterback in the future.
12:41 am
i'll bet you there are some people in the organization who aren't exactly crying. >> would have liked to have seen mahomes against rodgers. good of you to be here thanks for your time. the former las vegas raiders receiver henry rugs is accused of driving 156 miles an hour seconds before the cops say he slammed into the back of an suv and killed a 23-year-old woman prosecutor says rugs blood alcohol level was twice nevada's limit.e nevada's he appeared in court this morning in a wheelchair wearing a neck brace brace if convicted, rugs could face up to 26 years in prison. the crash happened early yesterday morning just a few miles from the vegas strip a prosecutor says cops also found a loaded gun in his car. the raiders did not wait for the
12:42 am
courts to act. the team released him just last night. a judge set his bail at 150 grand with strict restrictions including electronic monitoring. the judge ordered him not to drive, not to drink alcohol and to turn over his passport right away ruggs is scheduled to return to court next week. his attorneys say they're conducting their own investigation and they're asking, quoting now, everyone to reserve judgment until all the facts are gathered. some hints from the supreme court today that gun rights may be expanded. justices hearing their biggest gun rights case in more than a decade and it could have major implications for gun regulations all across the country the court's considering whether to strike down a new york gun law. it requires people who want a concealed carry permit to have a special need to carry their gun in public beyond generalnd
12:43 am
desire for protection. gun owners sued saying it makes it near impossible to get the permit conservatives have a majority on the bench. after two hours they suggested the law violates the second amendment. the court will issue its decision, we're told, by late june john deere workers still on strike another contract rejected. what's holding things up as some workers report being pleasantly surprised by the offer that was on the table and mcdonald's cooking up something new. new for them not for the rest of the fast food industry. is mickey d's too late to the grill on this one? to make progrt keep taking steps forward. we believe the future of energy is lower carbon. and to get there, the world needs to reduce global emissions. at chevron, we're taking action. tying our executives' pay to lowering the carbon emissions intensity
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china is ramping up its nuclear weapons production and expanding its missile program. that according to a new report from the pentagon. it says china could have at least 1,000 nuclear warheads by 2030
12:46 am
now last year the same report estimated it would only double to 400 by that same year it's alarming. a senior official told nbc news that it exceeds expectation but still isn't on par of what the united states' arsenal will look like by the end of the decade. the report als the report also reveals the china was worried the united states would start a war before the 2021 election. they heightened military exercises as a result and that prompted the then joint chiefs of staff chairman general mark milley to call his chinese counterpart on the phone and explain, "it's not happening, china. when that was first reported, critics said milley circumvented the chain of command but he said it was part of his routine and his responsibility. we reported on monday that the john deere's strike migh end with another contract on the table. but the majority of more than 10,000 workers rejected it too that extends their strike into a
12:47 am
third week the vote this time, 55% against the contract offer, which is improvement over the 90% of the union members who rejected the first offer last month some workers said they were pleasantly surprised by the concessions in the second contract 10% pay raises across the board, enhanced pension plan, increased lump-sum payments to retiring workers. but others saying with john deere in the most profitable year it ever had, the company could afford even bigger increases. no word yet on when they'll return to the bargaining table. the great resignation. we've reported on the growing trend of workers quitting their old jobs during the pandemic but there are still many employees who want or maybe need to stay in their role. so what's it been like for those who stuck around cnbc's senior finance correspondent sharon epperson found out. >> we lost quite a few people and as a result increased responsibility.
12:48 am
>> reporter: project manager carol sloan is not alone a new survey from the society of worker management finds more than half the workers who remained on the job after former colleagues left said they had to taken on more work on and responsibilities. >> vicious cycle, employees leave, which means all of their work has to be done by the employees who remain and employees who remain now say, i'm working too hard i don't have balance in my life. >> reporter: nearly one-third of workers report struggling to get work done. some are lonely or isolated. others feel less loyal to the organization and more than half wonder if their pay is high enough more resources could ease the burnout. >> in terms of individuals to help with the load, some type of compensation, an increase of thoughtfulness, the recognition that everyone's working really hard to continue to deliver for the organization. >> reporter: better compensation is the reason more than half of workers said they're searching for a new job, the survey found.
12:49 am
while executives say better benefits and career advancement are what workers want most. >> there's this major, major lon disconnect, which is resulting in losing employees we didn't expect we'd lose because we think we're solving one issue and they're saying it's actually something else. >> reporter: yet that disconnect may give some loyal employees the upper hand. >> this is a great time for them to negotiate for more money, more time off or whatever it isg because employees are hearin about this great resignation they are aware of the issue and that's leverage for the employee so they should use that leverage >> some workers like carol sloan say they stayed in their jobs because they like the roles, the manager or the team. their loyalty may be an advantage. on the other hand, career coaches we talked to say if you believe you're overworked, underpaid and your manager is unresponsive, that may be a clear signal that it's time to go shep >> a lot of people have, sharon, thank you. mcdonald's is apparently
12:50 am
trying to catch up to burger king and its impossible whopper. under the arches, their own version now called the mcplant it's a plant-based vegetarian patty coated with beyond meat and it's here for some people. starting today it's available for a limited time at selected restaurants in california, iowa, texas and louisiana. so will this experiment last here's cnbc's kate rogers. >> reporter: the golden arches are trying something new instead of an all-beef patty, this one is made of sea protein. while the rollout is small, just eight restaurants for a limited time, for industry watchers, the mcplant, the beyond burger in so the u.s. is a sign of the time and changing consumer preferences. >> it means plant based really arrived on main street in the united states. they're an iconic brand and for them to do something means it's going to work and sends a k an really strong signal to the public that this is here to
12:51 am
stay >> reporter: a recent food survey found 65% of respondents tried a plant protein in the last year with meat alternatives in the lead. beyond health is in the process of moving from animal to plant from teens, advocates point to environmental benefits too mcdonald's made several moves to improve sustainability including reducing plan ticks in its happy meal toys. and the burger giant is not alone. chipotle reduced 30% of its weight through recycling and composting and shake shack said it has recycled nearly 2 million pounds of waste oil. >> this shows they want to have broader social responsibility and they want to make sure they're doing everything on their end to make sure they can meet this. >> reporter: once franchisees and the company evaluate performance, the beyond burger could come back in a bigger way at mcdonald's. the company's ceo said the next few quarters will determine if there's broad-based interest here in the u.s. shep >> kate, thanks.
12:52 am
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left side, swanson to first. hello, champions >> for the first time in 26 years, they're world champions, joe buck last night they crushed the astros 7-0 in houston. just last hour the braves landed back home in atlanta the star slugger freddie freeman lifting the hardware in front of all of the fans. the atlanta journal constitution celebrating the win on its front page and the houston chronicle acknowledging it's the braves' new world. it was a fitting end t acknowledging it's the braves' new world. it was a fitting end to a cinderella story really. the braves got into the playoffs with the fewest regular season wins of any team over the summer when atlanta was in third place in its division, vegas offered them 60-1 odds to win the title. well, how they beat those odds in atlanta here's cnbc's perry russell. >> reporter: in a league run by analytics, the odds were astronomical. >> we had a team that shouldn't
12:56 am
have won but they did. >> reporter: the team with the 12th best record in the major has won the world series >> to first! hello, champions >> reporter: back in july the braves only had a .4% chance of winning it all >> we hit every pothole, every bump you could possibly hit this year, and somehow the car still made it on to the other side. >> reporter: they squeaked into the playoffs, beat up the brewers, upset the dodgers and stormed past the astros. >> i spent the whole game, not letting myself, especially when we scored runs, not let myself get ahead of things. >> reporter: and the controversy and heart ache, death of hank aaron, all-star game being moved in response to a controversial voting law and losing their young star player, ronald acuna jr., to a knee injury. >> it was a tough night but we got through. >> reporter: midseason trades added to the roster, bringing in players that turned them into the national league series mvp
12:57 am
and world series mvp. >> i'm grateful. >> reporter: atlanta has not seen a championship in one of the four major sports in 26 years. braves' fans cheering from houston to atlanta and outer space. >> now we're a winning team, so we're going to go in the next season as a winning team, and we get to start with that. >> the parade is on friday it's a 12-mile route, and here at truist park there will be a concert with ludacris, and, isis shep, people are spending big money on world series swag this hat alone, just this one hat, $50 but people are paying for it, so, who's the joke on? >> don't expense it. that won't fly perry, thank you >> it's for miley. >> i'm sure it is. roll it. 55 seconds on the race to the finish the race for governor in new jersey still too close to call tonight according to the nbc news desk. the associated press is
12:58 am
projecting the incumbent democrat phil murphy the winner. house democrats putting paid family medical leave back into the spending package, despite resistance from the moderate senator joe manchin. he has the power to single-handedly kill the senate bill. and quarterback aaron rodgers reportedly testing positive for covid is raising questions about whether he was actually vaccinated, and it's positive he will not be dressing against the chiefs now you know the news of this wednesday, november 3rd, 2021 i'm shepard smith. follow us on insta and twitter @the news and cnbc listen to the podcast, if you please and for all of us, thank you for watching we appreciate you.
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