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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  November 3, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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na develop his business. i think you did him a huge disservice. i think you're an animal. no, listen. i think that would've worked beautifully. i promwhyou i'll find one just . election night in america. all eyes on one particular state where the polls just closed. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc battleground virginia. can republicans turn the state red again? how both parties is a stack up one year ahead of mid-year elections. >> food is the month many alday in the pandemic. >> cdc advisers officially sign off. how soon shots could start going into young arms. the global fight against
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climate change the push to drastically cut methane emissions. >> it amounts to about half -- half the warming we're experiencing today >> and how president biden plans to pull it off here at home. the mystery of the missing mom. >> i think we got foul play. >> her disappearance after her son's football game and the bizarre twist after her dog turns up in a far away high rise. kyle hitten rouse murder trial begins police chase ends with a man jumping off a bridge. and have cops cracked the case of flying jet pack man? all eye on virginia. election night in america. and good evening at some point we'll learn whether a democrat will hold the virginia governor mansion or the republican was able to pull an
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upset. the strategies were clear. the democrat tried to nationalize the campaign, to label his opponent as another donald trump the republican tried to make it local. running as a political outsider who accepted the former president's endorsement but is focused ott people, especially parents. the pundit it's will have plenty to say about what the result in virginia mean for the rest of the nation and we could start hearing results minutes from now the virginia governor race neck and neck heading into the election today in one of several race that is could give us a glimpse into what next year's mid-terms might look like. the democrat terry mccauliffe has been leading in the polls for months bup in the final stretch of the race the republican glenn youngkin caught up he mass a cans to turn the governor mansion red a state president biden won by ten points a year ago. we're watching historic votes across the country in minneapolis the first election since george floyd
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died voters deciding whether to get rid of the police department instead creating a department of public safety. and in new jersey the polls have yet to close voters have less than an hour for the race for governor. the democrat phil murphy fighting for his seat after his gop challenger jack ciattarelli made gains in the polls. valerie castro live in jersey city with the latest we'll have analysis from the richmond times jeff shapiro. but kayla tausche live from glenn youngkin's campaign headquarters in chan tilley virginia >> turnout across the state of virginia is characterize the as robust by nbc news and the mood here at the watch party for republican candidates and former private equity executive glenn youngkin is abuzz after a bus tour wab, a
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campaign beginning with no name recognition and more than 10 years since a republican won a statewide race as virginia voters headed to the polless zero in on a. >> i want every child to have a world class education in the state of virginia. >> we won't teach our children everything through a lens of race. >> tapping into a culture war galvanizing voters. >> get out and vote for glenn youngkin he is a fantastic guy. >> the race seen as a referendum on the party leadership of presidents trump and biden >> the race is very close. it's about who shows up. who turns out. and granted i did win by a large margin. >> for democrats the stakes are high >> we are a blue state i would like it to stay that way it's important. >> but underdog youngen is cautiously optimistic. >> i've felt a great surge of moment up.
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independents supporting us by double digits. >> john beards weather is one of those. >> i voted for democrats, republicans. but this is a time where i really think that the republicans are the way to go for a change as much as anything else >> in nbc news exit polls a majority of virginia voters had an unfavorable view of mccauliffe and a favorable view of glenn youngkin. virginia democratic senator tim kane said this morning he believes mccauliffe could benefit from early voting. that's new this year no the gubernatorial race but he says republicans have flory thing going for them, shep, they're hungry. >> kayla, thank you. analysis now the richmond times dispatch jeff shapiro you've been covering virginia politics for decades where do you see the state of the race at this moment? >> well, in an election year, an off year election, turnout drops. and that makes for a scrambled
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result now we are seeing a much more robust turnout in the gubernatorial election year. the big question is, will the republican surge, very intentional, blunt the early heavy vote by the democrats? so we could be in for a long night. >> you know, the nbc exit polling found that the economy was the most important issue to voters in virginia does that give themen to one candidate over another i know that we've long been reporting that virginians believe the economy in that state is good. >> the economy of virginia is fairly strong. there are certain pockets that are desperately in need of attention. however, this is a state that's hard by washington, d.c. depending how you do the arithmetic, 30% of the state's economy can be attributed to federal spending direct and indirect that has an effect on keeping the economy generally aloft, even in hard times for our
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surrounding states >> jeff, the second biggest issue according to the same nbc exit apology is education. the that's high. the youngkin message has been clear. i believe parents should be in charge of their kids' education. in a debate as you well know terry mccauliffe said i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should speak. >> incredibly clunky and i don't know that youngkin is focus the as much on education as if you will, the critical theory in this pitch is race there is a good deal of culture laden on this issue. and a lot of it is clearly intended to appeal to the fears, resent mts of suburban voters, many of them white. >> jeff, virginia has been a bellwether for a long time what could a republican upset here mean for the mid-terms.
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>> this is truly perceived as a bluing state i would say the state is more carolina than michigan blue but if democrats are advantage wished here, the message will be from republicans if democrats aren't safe on their own territory what could it mane downrange specifically fl 2021. >> we'll be watching throughout the night. >> thank you in new jersey, polls close in just 51 -- almost 52 minutes. the incumbent governor phil murphy trying to hold that seat. recent polls show the republican jack ciattarelli narrowing the lead and history may be on his side governor murphy would be the first exact re-elected to the office in more than four decades if he pulse off a win tonight. both candidates have been campaigning across the state in a last-minute push to win over voters cnbc's valerie castro live outside a polling station in jersey city. hi, value.
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>> hi there, shep, jersey city is in hudson county one of four counties giving governor murphy the largest vote differential in the last election. camden is another one of those and that's where the governor kicked off election day speaking to labor unions while his opponent jack cht ciattarelli rallied voters before hitting the campaign trail in bridge water. >> if you look at the early voting, look at the vote by mail, if you look at rallies like this and we've had over the past number of days if not weeks, there are folks really fired up on our side. >> i know people keep asking me about the national implications of the race. i understand there are only two governor races in the country this year. but i'm only concerned with one complications, new jersey's future. >> the most recent monmouth university poll shows murphy with a lead over his competitors. among registered voters who were polled in october the key issue stood out as most important was taxes at 27%, followed by jobs and the economy at 20%
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education and the pandemic close, 16 and 15% respectively >> voting for murphy this year i've been happy with the outcome. i think he handled the pandemic well and i'm just hoping to see that he continues to do a good job. >> i'd like the republican ticket i heard that there might be some more mandates for vaccines statewide. and i think i've had enough of that mandates. >> reporter: this was the first year for early in-person voting here in the state of new jersey. and when the early voting locations closed sunday, more than 200,000 people had cast ballots. shep. >> valerie castro in jersey city thanks. our election covering continues through the news hour with live result and analysis. at the bottom of the hour the impact the races could have on the democratic party as a whole. first though tonight president biden heading back to washington after slamming china for not attending the u.n.
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climate summit in glasgow. >> i think it's been a big mistake, frankly, for china, with respect to china not showing up the rest of the world is going to look to china and say what value added are they providing >> the president and more than 100 world leaders making major pledge today to tackle climate change they're vowing to significantly reduce methane emissions by the end of the decade. meanwhile politicians weren't the only ones making big pledges. the amazon founder jeff bezos committing $2 billion to protect the environment. he says his trip to space made him realize how really fragile our planet is. >> i was told that seeing the earth from space changes the lens through which you view the world. but i was not prepared for just how much that would be true. >> on the major climate commitments made, in glasgow here is cnbc's diana ol nick.
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>> while yesterday was filled with standard opening speeches today world leaders turned to action president biden announced several major initiatives to curb methane emissions, first the epa proposing new regulations to strengthen emissions reductions for new oil and gas facilities responsibility for 30% of total methane emissions. it will require states to develop plans to reduce methane emissions from existing sources, estimated 300,000 oil and gas well sites the proposed requirements would reduce emissions from these sources by about 75% >> it's going to boost our economies, saving companies money, reducing methane leaks, capturing methane to turn it into new revenue extremes and creating good paying union jobs for workers. >> reporter: the u.s. is work in partnership with the eu to lead a global methane flej to reduce overall emissions by 30% below 2020 levels. close to 100 countries sign on
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so far, bp ceo reacted this morning on cnbc's "squawk box." >> we're all in on methane we've cut our flaring in north america and bpx in america by 90% the past year or two through investment so this is something very core to the agenda of our company. >> reporter: president biden announced a decade long effort to conserve forests and ecosystems serving as carbon sinks. sinks absorb carbon as opposed to emitting. dedicating up to $9 billion by 2030 subject to congressional approval biden announced a new public private partnership to speed clean energy technology and innovation it's launching at cop with more than 25 founding members, including apple. something of a buyers club with hundreds of billions of dollars in a wide range ever industries. participating companies will commit to buying low carbon products by 2030, in turn dwechg
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green supply chains. president biden and other world leaders lead tonight and saying now the work begins as the negotiate e-ers work through the details of the pledges and plans. that's timing, amounts and most importantly the money. shep. >> diana, world leaders leaving but the climate summit through next week. what are we expecting beyond these negotiations. >> reporter: a lot this is the when the ceo and venture capital funds the big money comes in government can commit billions to battle climate change but the financial markets can commit trillions. president biden said in his final remarks this evening, investing in our clean energy economy is an enormous opportunity. shep. >> diana olick, thank you. results coming in right now from the state of virginia where the polls closed 14 and a half minutes ago. here they are. still too early to call according to the nbc news decision desk. but the early numbers go to terry mccauliffe with 54%.
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the important thing to see at the top there is 1% of the vote is in. remember, lots of early voting in the state of virginia for about a month. the count will come in fairly quickly to start and if someone is lieding very big, maybe there is a decision tonight, and if not maybe there is a decision tomorrow or sometime later this week. a major step forward in the fight against covid. after a unanimous decision from a cdc panel, some young kids could be getting the shot as soon as tonight. time is up the vaccine mandates past due. how first responders are reacting now as punishment starts to kick in for those who aren't rolled up their sleeves. and facebook set to scrap a key feature. the impact on more than 1 billion users. and why the move i it's another day.
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across america tonight, many school-age kids could be eligible for a covid vaccine as early as, well, the next few minutes. a cdc advisory panel voted unanimously to recommend a smaller dose of pfizer's vaccine for children aged 5 to 11. now it's up to the cdc director to sign off on the plan. and that could happen at any moment it's the final step before shots could be available to roughly 28 million children the white house says crews are working around the clock, packing up doses and printing labels the fed already shipping vaccines for children so they're ready to go. >> over the next couple days several million doses will start arriving at local pediatrician and family doctors's office. pharmacies, children hospitals, community health centers rural health clinics and other locations. this will give parents a broad range of options to get their
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kids vaccinated. >> the shots will be available that much is clear but that won't be much help if hesitancy among parents remains high a recent study found only about one-third of parents with 5 to 11-year-olds say they'll get the kids vaccinated right away most say they're concerned about the vaccine safety and possible side effects cnbc meg tyrrell covers health and science for us break down the meeting from today. no major pushback or concerns? >> yeah, shep, the vote was overwhelmingly positive. aside from being unanimous, the committee members spent a large portion of the afternoon discussing how much each believed that kids should have access to the covid-19 vaccine sending benefits to protecting the kids themselves but also families and communities and helping things get back to norm. the cdc pointed out that while the disease is usually much less severe in kids than older people there have been more than 8,300
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covid hospitalizations for kids 5 to 11. similar to normal flu seasons with a third of hospitalized kids going to the icu. and there have been at least 94 deaths from covid in the age group since the pandemic began or 66 in the last year more than three times the numbers once caused by diseases for which we now routinely vaccinate kids like roto virus and rubblea. that's not to say the committee didn't spend a lot of time on the side effects specifically myocardites, mainly in young men after the second dose we spoke about it with an advisory committee member just now after the vote. >> we do see vaccine associated myocardites in children tends to be mild short hospitalization and fax fast recovery. when you look at the risk and bifurcates we also know for children 5 to 11 we've reduce the dose >> now, experts say they expect
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the lower dose and what's known about the condition more generally to make it even less common in younger kids after the vaccine. but the cdc also emphasized a strong safety system to monitor the risk as your younger kids the pfizer ceo told us today they expect clinical trial results for the kids down to age 2 and in the first few months of next yao yoor for those as young as six months nationally parents appear divided over vaccinating 5 to 11-year-olds, some are raring to go we heard of at least one system hartford health care planning to give the first vaccines tonight as soon as the cdc director signs off. >> we'll watch for that meg, thank you. 92% of all public workers in new york city are now vaccinated 92%. that's according to mayor de blasio and it's a big jump in the last two weeks. but many first responders are still refusing to comply with the city mandate data shows 85% of the police department in new york has received at least one dose
12:21 am
the fire department including ems still hovering at 81%. the head of a firefighters union says members need more time to get vaccinated but the mayor reaffirmed today he is sticking with the mandate. >> in the last 24 hour 2000 more city workers who had had been unvaccinated came forward, got vaccinated that number is going to keep going up it's prove burden of proof that vaccine mandates work. and this is how we move the city forward. >> that's new york in los angeles cops could soon face punishment for failing to report their vaccination status. lapd reports more than 1,300 members missed the deadline last month. the police chief in l.a. says those works will receive warning notices this week. according to city council rules, unvaccinated employees will be fired next month the trial of kyle rittenhouse began today in wisconsin. the 18-year-old accused of shooting and killing two people
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of self-defense when he shot three men during protests and rioting in kenosha, wisconsin? that was the question at the center of his murder trial today as the prosecution and defense gave their opening statements. rittenhouse was 17 years old when he went to ken observer aire armed with an ar-15 unrest sweeping the city after police shot a black man named jacob blake. rittenhouse said he went there to protect property. his defense attorney contends protesters attacked ritten houses quoting like an animal in the streets. he argued rittenhouse was protecting himself and was justified when he opened fire be, killing two men and wounding a third. but prosecutors pointing out that rittenhouse was the only person to kill anybody during all of the chaos covering the trial in kenosha here is nbc's gabe futures. >> shep the prosecution said today that kyle ritten house instigated the confrontation
12:26 am
that led him to shoot three people and said that he killed one with a shot to the back. they also argue that rittenhouse was drawn to chaos like a moth to a flame >> out of the hundreds ever people out on the streets that week, the evidence will show that the only person who killed anyone was the defendant, kyle rittenhouse. >> >> reporter: the prosecution insists rittenhouse started the confrontation but today the defense argued rittenhouse was attack the first and beaten by a man with a skate board so clear i self-defense. >> kyle rittenhouse protected himself, protected his firearm so it couldn't be taken used against him or other people. >> rittenhouse came to kenosha from his home in illinois and wasn't old enough at the time to illegal purchase a gun today jurors heard from the man accused of buying that rifle and shep, the defense revealed today that rittenhouse himself will testify during this trial
12:27 am
shep. >> gabe, thank you. a fiery crash in vegas leaves one person dead and as a result, a rising star in the nfl faces serious charges. the car rental company avis budget surging enormously on the nasdaq today the reason behind the rally. and election night coverage continuing watching live results at campaign headquarters as you see the latest vote tally in the state of virginia with 5% of the pringts reporting. there is a lot to do yet next what democrats are also keeping a close eye on as we approach the bottom of the hour approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc.
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♪ why not take your home along for the ride? ♪ allstate. here, better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. ♪ a car rental stock skyrocketing and that's what's topping cnbc on the money the car rental company avis budget surged on the nasdaq today, closing up nearly 110% higher at $357 a share. that's a brand-new record rod. it came amp the company reported a stronger than expected third quarter and a lot of investors had to cover shorts which pushed the stock even high are. the avis ceo also vaguely behinding today that the company intends to buy more electric
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cars avis budget saw a lot more rentals during the summer surge. facebook reports its shutting down its facial recognition system this month. that means it will delete the face scan data of more than a billion users. the reason well, in a blog post facebook cited societal concerns and regulatory uncertainty about facial recognition technology. the social network adding more than one-third of the apps daily active users have opted in its face recognition settings. and the justice department filing an anti-trust lawsuit to block a publishing merger. the suit alleges penguin random house's proposed $2 billion acquisition of simon and schuster would harm competition. in addition they would say it would exert outside influence over which books are published lawyers for the publishers responded, saying they would fight the lawsuit. they say blocking the deal would
12:31 am
harm authors on wall street, the dow up 139 as records fall closing above 36,000 for the first time ever s&p up 17. the nasdaq up 54 i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news a mom and her dog go missing. the mysterious disappearance and the unanswered questions after only her pup was found caught on camera. >> crashing on the bridge right now. >> a suspects desperate actions to escape police after a high-speed chase. >> and he jumped off the bridge. >> but first election night in america. polls are closed and early results coming in from virginia. and there are the latest numbers. 8% of all precincts reporting, youngkin with a very slight lead there, the republican, a lot to go as this governor race is in
12:32 am
the national spotlight virginia has been reliably blue in recent years. president biden won the state by double digits one year ago but democratic candidate and former governor terry mccauliffe's lead in the the polls evaporated in the weeks leading up to election day earlier today mr. biden pushed back on the notion that virginia's election is a reflection of his own sagging approval rating. >> i have not seen any evidence that whether or not i am doing well or poorly, whether or not i've got my agenda passed or not, is going to have any real impact on win or losing. even if we passed my agenda i wouldn't claim we won because biden's agenda passed. >> even a republican has not won a statewide election in virginia since 2009 leasa lehrer with us now national political correspondent for "the new york times. whether youngkin wins or not this race is expected to be this close. does the campaign he ran offer a
12:33 am
playbook for other republicans to follow in '22. >> that's something that a lot of republicans are talking about right now. i think one area that they're really focused on is how youngkin has talked about schools. he sort of turned schools and what he has called parental rights into a catch-all for a number of conservative causes things like critical race theory not taut in virginia skoolgs opposition to vaccine mandates and maverick mandates in schools. transgender rights for students. that's something that's had a strong impact on building enthusiasm among republican voters the question that will start to get an answer to tonight is whether it's influenced the independent voters, the people who really vote the for joe biden, the suburban independents and really won a lot of the races for democrats during the trump years. so we don't know the impact the school argument has on them. but we'll get a set of good data on that tonight. >> to your point, do you see in your reporting an emphasize on
12:34 am
education continuing and spreading for the mid-terms and beyond >> yeah, i certainly think and highway hear from republican strategist, that this is an issue that they think could really help them make gains in the mid-terms. and they see it as a really fertile ground look, i think a lot of parents are frustrated with how the last year has gone in school. they -- what -- no matter what side of the sort of masking vaccine debate in terms of the students and schools they fall down on, i think there is a lot of people who are very concerned with how schooling is going right now. and so republicans see an opportunity to really capitalize on that frustration and anger with this argument >> lisa, in new jersey the governor race hasn't been nearly as close in the polls opinion the democrat phil murphy favored stay in power but if his margin isn't as wide as years past how concerned does your reporting democrats might be.
12:35 am
>> democrats are already concerned going into the mid-terms they know they are hurt by redirecting. knowing that history is not on their side the party in power tends to lose these mid-terms races. and, you know, the new president's second year. so they are they already know it's going to be tough i think what they're watching for in the races is how tough it will be. one area that democrats are focused on is the suburbs. even in new jersey whereas you point out the democrat is heavily favored to win, if the democratic margins in some of the swing suburban areas, the very areas helping them win back control of the house, helped them win the white house when trump was in power, if that margin and turnout level is lower that's i think setting off alrms, more alarms i should say in democratic circles. >> lisa from "the new york times" thank you. voters in minneapolis are deciding the fate of their police department. in the wake of george floyd's murder a year and a half ago minneapolis residents are deciding whether to abolish the city's police department
12:36 am
and replace it with a new public safety agency. of course minneapolis is where what they call the defund the police movement started. how is the turnout well the number of people voting early broke all records. nbc shakele brewsterer shaq. >> shep police remain open about another 90 minutes and we have seen a steady flow of people in the apology location in the park where more than a year ago you had a veal proof majority of the city council accelerate the process of getting the question to the vote resist and how they want the policing and the question shall the minneapolis city charter, the governing document of the city be amended so that the police department is replaced with a department of publicsafety, th text of that question says that could include police officers if necessary to fill the responsibilities that are then laid out
12:37 am
so that is the question that voters have been having to answer all throughout the day. and i'll tell you so many of them have told me how much they% struggled with this decision how they have studied it, talked to people gone to different forums across the city to get a handle on what they want to do with in public safety amendment. and, shep, you know, this is the result of a full scale campaign we saw croate across the city people door knocking making calls, advertisements on television and we're going into this night pretty blind. there hasn't been any tchgs or public polling i should say hasn't been much public polling since the month of september we really don't know the results of this ballot we don't know who is ahead and where it will land but i'll tell you it's something voters say they are taking seriously and anticipating the result of shep. >> shaquill brewster live in asmus. stay tuned analysis of the race especially from the state of virginia coming as you can see 13% of all precincts now reporting. the lead at this this moment you
12:38 am
can't take much from it because we don't have specific details where the votes have come in from coverage throughout the night in 25 minutes, our election day coverage resumes rescuers digging through the rubble of a collapsed building as we go round the world on cnbc nigeria, at least 20 people killed according to the "new york times" when a high rise apartment building under correct collapse pd reuters reports the chief architect is on indefinite suspension and an investigation into what happened is underway heavy equipment brought in to help with the search for survivors. switzerland, prosecutors charging two former fifa executives with fraud and other crimes sep bladder and michelle pattony could face several years in jail a $2 million payment accusing the soccer organization and using funds back in 2011
12:39 am
prosecutors say there were no legal bases for the payment to be made. both deny any wrongdoing. north korea, state media now urging people to eat black swans. a north korean newspaper now reports the meat is delicious and has medicinal value. it appears they're breeding the birds to try to help with the nation's very severe food shortage but the experts warn the situation likely will not improve as long as north korea remains uninternational sanctions. something to chew on on this trip round the world on cnbc and an infern orr breaks out inside a deli. employees barely escape being burned alive after a suspect attacks the shop with a molotov cocktail how it all went down caught on tape. remember the sightings of a flying jet pack. jet pack man around the airport. we may be getting so the bottom
12:40 am
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the las vegas raiders wide receiver henry ruggs facing drunken driving charges after a deadly crash this morning. cops say ruggs was driving a corvette when slammed into the back of an suv a few miles west of the vegas strip the suv driver was a 23-year-old woman after the suv burst into flames they say henry ruggs showed signs of impairment and charged with drivingunder the influenc in a crash resulting in death. ruggs and another passenger were also seriously hurt they tell us in a statement ruggs lawyer say they are conducting their own investigation and asking for people to wait in my all the facts are gathered before jumping to conclusions if convicted, henry ruggs could face up to 20 years in prison.
12:43 am
a mystery deepening in los angeles after a local vanished here's the story october 17th, hyde plank, a 39-year-old mom leaves her son's football game at halftime in the city of downey she takes her dog with her gets into a range revolver looking a bit antsy and edgy according to her ex-husband. three days later she isn't there to pick up her son from school and that's when the family says they started to worry. now after more than two weeks no one has seen or heard from hyde. the twist? they did find her dog with more on the mystery disappearance here is the cnbc's perry russ some. >> investigators say this home surveillance video was from the day hyde went missing. one of the key pieces of evidence on what happened could be walking just behind her >> i think we got some foul play. >> jim wayne is her ex-husband and says when plank went missing her dog named seven was with
12:44 am
her. days later when she was a no show picking up her son wayne says he called the police and they found her phone in her house. >> somebody texts and says are you missing a dog? i'm like yes, yes, yes we're missing a dog. >> seven was found roaming the hallways of luxury apartment building in downtown l.a. about a 25 minute drive from where the two were seen. >> this guy on the 29th floor found the dog wondering. >> the dog is chipped and someone texted the phone number that came up >> it was odd there was a dog warneding around. >> wayne says he has no idea how the dog got there why plank would be there on friday lapd could be seen going in and out of plank's home it's not clear what they were looking for or if they found anything. >> this is totally, totally out of character, completely >> adding to the mystery is what plank does for work on linked in works at an investment firm. but the investment firm says she never worked there her son turns 11 this week
12:45 am
shep and her exex-husband says she would never leave her son. >> perry live in boston. over the past year airline pilots have reported several bizarre sightings of what looked to them to be a person in a jet pack flying high over los angeles. now officials say they may have a lead on this one our local station nbc 4 los angeles obtained this video of one of last year's sightings federal officials say a working theory is that pilots may have actually seen balloons floating near lax not a person in a jet pack at all. that theory gains support after police images appear to show a human shaped balloon resembling jack skeling ton, the main character from tim burton's movie, the nightmare before christmas. in a statement an f.a.a. spokesperson writes the agency worked closely with the fbi to investigate every reported jet pack sighing so far none of those sightings
12:46 am
have been verified the criminal trial of elizabeth holmes is back on after an emergency water main break forced last week the courthouse to delay pirogues the fraud trial now in the ninth week prosecutors laying out the case to jurors, explaining how holmes built up her blood testing company theranos to a $9 billion valuation with no actual working product. one possible method, an altered report that prosecutors say used the logo of a major pharmaceutical company without that company's approval. covering the trial here is cnbc's scott cohen. >> theranos raised some $900 million from investors captivated by elizabeth holmes herself. the stanford dromg outpromising to transform h-here sthes in 2019 pivrpg the technology performing a range of tests on a tiny blood sample.
12:47 am
>> because it's a small sample we can get people at the needed friendingcies and because the sample is fresh, and it's not, you know, a big series of tubes of blood that are sitting on a counter and exposed to temperature we don't suffer the rates of decay of key analytes that happen when you ship samples off to a central lab. >> the firm listening to that call invested more than $5 million. the devos family including the former education secretary betsy devos put in 100 million, convinced a representative of the family arm testified that the technology worked. when revelations emerged in 2015, including the fact that theranos was using third party equipment holmes again took her case to investors. this time on cnbc. >> this is what happens when you work to change things. and first they think you're crazy then they fight you.
12:48 am
and then all of a sudden you change the world. >> how did theranos allegedly fool so many smart people? prosecutors say it was fraud like this confidential angio genesis report shown to investors tp at the top the logo of theranos and pfizer except a pfizer scientist testified the company had nothing to do with the report, having already told holmes that pfizer wasn't interested in working with theranos that pfizer logo put up top without the company's permission >> and in case anyone thought that was a one-time thing jurors just saw another report, this one with the logo of the drug company sharing plow emblazoned on top as we watch elizabeth hoechls leaching the court going the other way for the day of testimony. that report according from a former sharing executive did not come with the company's permission there's been no indication, no evidence that elizabeth holmes was involved in any altering of documents herself. remember the defense says that
12:49 am
she never knowingly misled investors. >> scott live at the courthouse thanks. a 38-year-old man now faces multiple charges for throwing a molotov cocktail into a deli in new york city. the fire department released surveillance video and here it is here on the outside of that deli in brooklyn, you can see the suspect lighting a molotov cocktail cocktail and throwing it inside. when he tries to throw a second device somebody knocks it out of his hand that's when the suspect runs away here is what it looked like inside the deli. wow, you can see the back of the shop erupt in flames there employees at work had to run through the wall of fire to escape then they put out the flames, still burning outside from the molotov cocktail the suspect facing charges that include arson, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon we don't know whether he hired an attorney. nor do we know whether he will appear in court. out of order
12:50 am
not a sane you want to see on your only bathroom especially if you are in space the problem plaguing astronauts returning from the international space station. and the unfortunate solution and a florida man making a desperate dash to evade police after allegedly stealing a minivan. didn't go as it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. only comcast business' secure network solutions give you the power of sd-wan and advanced security integrated on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities.
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breaking news now on cnbc. it's official. the associated press reporting in the past few seconds that kids between the ages of 5 and 11 are now eligible to get pfizer's covid shot. moments ago, the head of the cdc dr. rochelle walensky approved the shot for emergency use that means millions of young children can get their first dose right now a live look at the hartford hospital in connecticut where at this moment officials say they are planning to begin administering doses to children ages 5 to 11 tonight
12:53 am
four astronauts are being relieved of their duties this month. they're returning to earth on a spacex craft after seven months at the international space station. but on the trip they may not be able to relieve any duties at all. spacex reports the onboard toilet will be out of order. the reason, a tube could become unglued leak you aren everywhere as happened on another spacex flight back in september their fix, a special undergarment for waste management in other words, they're wear diapers. nasa didn't say how long the astronauts have to be in such a condition. the last dragon return ship took six hours. but the one before that took 19. a dangerous high-speed pursuit in southwest florida ended with a big splash authorities say 34-year-old brian gray stole a minivan there in lee county. a sheriff's chopper caught it on video. the guy loses control offer the
12:54 am
bridge there at the river. slams into the railing, sends sparks flying. then careens into the other side skids to a final stop there. but it doesn't end there the man gets out of the now totaled van, see him there climbs over the railing with police cars hot on his tail. and then. >> he is like trying to hop off the bridge right now. >> and he did. >> standing on the foot of the bridge and he just jumped off the bridge. >> a 55-foot jump into the river. even seems to do a flip there. look handing on his back at first the chopper loses sight of the guy and a chance for him really at escape but then a visual. his head bobbing just above the water. see it there he swims to a nearby concrete slab and moments later the inevitable a police boat pulse up fishing him out of the water officials saying on facebook while i may not have earned a gold medal more the high dive
12:55 am
gray did find himself in hot water when he earned pending charges of grand theft auto, fleeing a and eluding. a live look these are the results coming in from virginia's governor race 33% of all precincts reporting the race still too early to call according to the nbc news decision desk. loudoun county is a bell weather right now with more than 80% of the vote there terry mccauliffe leading glenn youngkin by five points, a number that will please the democrats. it's a dramatic gain for republicans there compared to 2020 president biden won the county by 25 points over president trump. election watchers still expecting a long night here. again, too early to call nearly an hour after the polls closed larry sabato university of virginia center for politics steve kornacki told us this would come down to the suburbings that look in loudoun
12:56 am
is a bad look. >> it's a bad look and being repeated in key suburbs and exurbs it's interesting in the rural localities at the they lost population but the percentage being given to youngkin is actually higher than many recent republicans who did not win stayedwide youngkin is doing very, very well so far. all the votes aren't in. in fact nothing approaching all the votes are in but you would rather sit with the republicans than with the democrats. >> yesterday your crystal ball larry moved lee from leans mccauliffe to leans youngkin what led your team to make that change >> we collect the data from all kinds of sources, including obviously those that are not connected to the campaign. so they're less biased we also do what we call an elite survey people hate elites but people are in pliks, particularly in public office
12:57 am
have a sixth sense about elections. and when i hear, for example, democratic officials state senators, others telling me that the republicans going to win, that kind of weighs heavily with me >> in the late going of this race, as mccauliffe's lead was evaporating, from the republican we were hearing about parents versus unions and schools, and about race does that seem to you to be something we'll hear a lot more about as we head toward the mid-terms? >> yes i think it will be somewhat refined from what has been determined here in virginia. there were some rough edges on both sides well the democrats didn't even really have a plan to refute the attacks on critical race theory and other items that were used to go after school policy. they clearly have to develop one quickly and use it, implement it for the republicans, i think they'll want to make certain
12:58 am
they refine it in a way that does not suggest that they are being racially insensitive, which some people certainly in minority communities did interpret their approach as being. >> larry sabato as always on nights like this thank you so much the question now, will whatever happens in virginia -- because it's way too early to call -- be a bellwether for the rest of the country as we move towards the 2022 mid-terms our election coverage continues across all the nbc news platforms, including follow all of the results as we get them, including a special meet the press team. kristin welker and chuck todd on nbc news now for all of us at cnbc thanks for for all of us at cnbc thanks for d 'll g us now ♪ ♪
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