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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  November 1, 2021 7:00pm-7:52pm EDT

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nvidia this stock had a monster run and it's just plain irresponsible not to take something off the table! but i haven't been able to anyway, i would like to say, there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer i will democrats in congress failing to enact his agenda. now a governor's race tomorrow could give them a boost or a batter one i am shepard smith, this is the news on cnbc >> down to the wire. >> you need leadership >> the kcandidates making their closing arguments. >> the state of the race with just one day to go the supreme court hears the
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dhoo challenges to the abortion rights >> our speech right could be targeted >> backlash against vaccine mandates, deadlines coming due thousands of city workers, firefighters and members of the military now hanging in the ballots. what it means for critical services call to action on climate change >> the united states is not only back at the table but lead by the power of our example >> the president offers an apology and makes a promise. can world leaders unite. >> giant east asian spiders spin their webs across georgia. the cancellation crisis at american airlines and the mcrib is back with a digital twist ♪ >> announcer: live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news
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with shepard smith good evening, the governor race is in a dead heat just hours before the polls is set to open there reliably blue at least in recent history. president biden won there just a year ago by ten points terry mcauliffe held the lead in the poll just a few weeks ago. the republican glenn youngkin has been steadily gaining on him. mcauliffe with 47% of the votes, youngkin pulling ahead with 48.5%. with the margin of error, it's a dead heat. the outcome of the election could indicate what's to come in the midterms across the country potentially, a year from now, control at congress is at stakes democrats hold the house and the senate at 50/50 with vice president harris as the tied
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breaking vote. if republicans get the upset there, they'll seize on that momentum going into the next year's elections mcauliffe and youngkin making their last minute pitches to voters up and down virginia today. the money is pouring in. much of it is from out of state. look at that, a whopping $115 million according to the virginia public access project that makes it the most expensive governor race in the state's history. nearly 20% of that money from outside groups in a moment steve cornacki breaks down the number for us. our kayla tausche is live at the fairfax county >> reporter: hi shepard. just three hours south, glenn youngkin is trying to mount a stunning defeat in the most
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watched race in the nation >> reporter: from richmond >> we have 36 hours. >> reporter: to roanoke. former governor terry mcauliffe trying to show up support in cities, warning youngkin could usher in donald trump. >> reporter: youngkin frustrated by school closures and government mandates. that message apparently to be landing. fox news now giving youngkin on an 8 point age mr. trump hosting a telarally
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tonight, youngkin will not attend >> so virginia, show up. >> reporter: mr. biden won virginia by ten points in 2020, nearly double the margins of hillary clinton and president obama. republicans have not won a statewide race since 2009. voters say the issues are different now. >> i have eight grandchildren so school issues is a huge thing here in virginia i will look at the issues and the persons and the integrity of the person and we do a lot of research on the person running, make sure they say what they're going to do. >> reporter: half of all voters here in virginia say they plan to vote in person on election day tomorrow cayla, thank you steve cornacki is at the big board now. tomorrow is a long night for you, what are you watching for in virginia?
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here it's, this is a starting point, you just heard from kayla there. donald trump lost the state by ten points why did it get so much bluer? because the suburbs of washington, d.c., the suburbs of richmond in the populated area, that was the epicenter of the trump's backlash in virginia republicans lost a ton of grounds in this area during donald trump's presidency. i am going to be watching how much of that trump era gains could terry mcauliffe holds onto in the suburbs of virginia if youngkin can make enough end road in these suburbs, he can win the state. if youngkin wins the state doing that, republicans all across the country i guaranteed you are taking note. that would be a recipe that could be exported outside virginia for the 2022 midterm
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elections. >> you know mcauliffe having to contend with president biden seeking approval rating. there is a new polling on that, right? how bad is it? >> here is joe biden's approval rating nationally. 42% for the president, low 40s now well over 50% on the disapproval rating if you break it down by party here, you zoom right in on independent voters mid-50s on the disapproval if you look at virginia which is voting tomorrow and you look at buy den's average voting we ask here on some issues, where did democrats have the advantage on the issues right now. coronavirus comes to mind and climate change where democrats have an advantage. when we asked which party police
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off prefers on these issues. they rather have republicans handle the economy than democrats. that's a powerful issue especially with biden's approval rating is so low >> steve cornacki, thank you polls close in virginia at 7:00 eastern on cnbc new fallout over the vaccine mandate and two of america's largest cities in chicago, a judge tremporarily bl blocked city officials the city can put cops on leave if they don't confirm their vaccination status city officials can't fire cops so they arbitrate the policies with the city union. here is david brown.
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>> a little proceeding with our protocols to get our officer in the portal and to ensure that if they are not vaccinated that we make the case that vaccinations save lives, or testing twice a week >> that's chicago. >> in new york city, ma mayor de blasio says 9,000 city workers are on unpaid leave for refusing to comply with ma mandates the number of workers vaccinated the last two weeks is up significantly but some first responders are pushing back. firefighters called out sick just today as the new policy took in actually
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sick when city employee fakes it and puts other people lives in danger, that's a serious thing and there will be consequences for thatuld were
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out yesterday picking garbage on a sunday outside of the normal cycle just to make sure there i.
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why two conservative members seemed a little skippal. world leaders address climate change promising action and change not every country showed up. not everybody is buying the message. and the head of one of britain's biggest banks steps down, the report into his relationship with the convicted sex offender, jeffery epstein. when you hear the word healthy it always feels a little out of reach. but it's all about the baby steps. maybe it's a jump or eating something green. or taking mom to get that vaccine. ♪ healthier means bringing stuff to the folks ♪ ♪ that really need it. ♪ ♪ like help at 2 am or care that's right at home. ♪
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♪ believe it. ♪ ♪ and caring for them all means ♪ ♪ we're doing healthier right. ♪ ♪ so, let's do it all together people, ♪ ♪ 'cause this is what healthier looks like. ♪ ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ i see them bloom ♪ ♪ for me and you ♪ ♪ and i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ a rich life is about more than just money. that's why at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner so you can build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. there appears to be new hopes for abortion rights advocates.
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observers to be siding with the lawyers challenging that texas abortion ban the law forbids all abortion after six weeks, no exceptions of rape or incest. the argument was not about abortion at all. the way it's written, the enf enforced by private citizens they allowed to sue abortion provideror people helping them to get an abortion brett kavanaugh asking if that kind of scheme could let a state violate other parts of the constitution by using the same enforcement mechanism. >> it could be free speech rights it could be free exercise of religion rights. it could be second amendment rights if this position is accepted here. the theory of the amicus brief is that it can be easily replicated in other states that disfavor other constitutional
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rights and there is justice clarence thomas. just because those private citizens may be outraged over abortions, does not give them grounds to sue justice amy coney barrett, supreme court's reporter, amy howell is with us now. thanks so much, the conservative activist were active in question today. did they in europe estimation at all tipped their hands >> i think they did. as many of your viewers may remember, there were four votes back in september to put it on hold three liberal justices and so abortion providers, the plaintiffs in this case only needed to pick up one vote and it looks like they may have picked up two or possibly even
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three of their conservative colleagues this is all about process really >> justice brett kavanaugh asked if texas could do it for abortion, could other states do it to say for gun rights what did you make of this discussion >> the justices, there were two cases. one of them was a case brought by abortion providers. the question that the justices agreed to decide was not whether or not sb-8 was constitutional with them but whether or not a state can insulate this law from review by out sources to private citizens and some of the conservative justices really seen uncomfortable precise ly because they realize this works both ways. after the supreme court back in september refused to block enforcement of the texas law, some of the other states like
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florida that we are looking around of the possibility of enacting similar bans and providers warned that it could be used for voting rights or campaign finance conservatives realize that it could be used for gun rights or free exercise of religion or first amendment. private citizens to sue someone who sells an ar-15 for a million dollars. they use an enforcement mechanism like the one in this law, woumd sld someone be able o to court the lawyers in texas says no >> amy, a slippery slope, amy howe, thank you. president biden apologized to his leaders, apologized for his predecessor's decision to
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pull the united states out from the climate agreement. the remark made in glasgow with the other heads of states that rang the alarm >> the threat to human existences as we know it every we delay the cost of in action increases >> we all must speed up our race to net zero. we are running out of time >> enough of treating nature like a toilet. we are digging our own graves. >> one of the world's biggest polluters made a major pledge. modi announced they plan to cut their emissions by the year 2070 of course not everybody is impressed by all these pledges a group of climate activists in
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glasgow posted as world leaders playing a traditional band, they called themselves the hot air band they're calling on leaders to take drastic action against climate change here is cnbc's diane olick >> reporter: security is incredibly tight as 20,000 people are expected here world leaders take to the stage asking each other to be more aggressive in their climate goals while touting their own. >> the united states is able to meet ambitious target. the united states is not only back at the table but hopefully lead by the power of our examples >> reporter: absent at this conference is china's president, xi he sent a statement saying china will reign in irrational
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development of energy-intensive and high emissions projects. china is the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases. they'll not stop increasing emissions until 2030 experts say that'll not get the earth to 1.5 degrees warming, the world sets by the agreement. >> the prince ofgn that says humanity is failing. they posted this video on twitter. >> our politicians have been telling us they'll take care of
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things, they are lying to us >> reporter: the children climbed back to safety where two adults were waiting to help them the adults were promptly searched by police the parents were also near by. we are expecting to see larger scale protests here as the week goes on. goes on. >> diana olick, live for us in or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. only comcast business' secure network solutions give you the power of sd-wan and advanced security integrated
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its schedule yesterday here you can see long lines at american counters in los anthree airlines suffering mont
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apart. what's up here >> the biggest problem is these airlines are tightly staffed and they got their schedule set because they don't want to leave potential revenue on the table they want to offer as many flights possible when there is a major weather event. and last week in dallas was high winds for weather. crews were out of place and they can't get back in place. you had hundreds of flights and thousands of flights that are cancelled because it takes that long to get the schedule back to normal which they expect to happen by tomorrow it's not a good situation and it's one that i think people are say okay, how often are we going to see this? >> it was not a busy travel weekend. how concerned should we be about the holidays >> oh, i would be concerned. it's going to be a miserable
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travel experience here in the united states for the holidays you have more people flying and tightly staff, if we get a bad storm some place, i am not surprised you would see this type of situation happening again. you don't know which airlines is going to be hit. if you areave to be prepared this is a possibility. federal prosecutors charging american airline passenger with assaulting a flight attendant. it happened in southern california this man brian shu punched a flight attendance twice in the face after she accidentally bumped into him. that forced the pilot to divert the plane into denver, officials said she had multiple broken bones in her face.
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what to do with the minneapolis police department? a year and a half after the murder of george floyd and following protests calling to defund the police. tomorrow voters trying to answer that question the more on tomorrow's big races as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc i felt awful because of my psoriasis. i was covered from head to toe with it.
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on the money eps epstein arrested in july of 2019 of child sex traffic charges, investigators say he hung himself in jail. staley dealt with epstein during his time in announcing his resignation, barclays says preliminary report found that the ceo was not aware of epstein's crimes. staley is vowing to fight the conclusion coca-cola spent $5.6 billion to buy the sport maker drink body armor the deal is part of the ceo's james quincy claim
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the dark brown leather jacket that used to be from "fonzie. the jacket is part of a full-fonz outfit, expected price between 60,000 to $70,000. on wall street, the dow is up 96. the s&p is up 8 and the nasdaq is up 98 i am shepard smith on cnbc it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news climate crisis, britain's prime minister acknowledges it why is the u.k. planning to open its first deep coal mine in 30 years? replacing the minneapolis police department, voters sound
7:31 pm
off on the issue ahead of the votes tomorrow the city of boston is set to make history a woman is about to be elected mayors there voters have never elected anyone but white men to occupy the boston's mayor office. a recent poll shows michelle wu is holding a solid lead compares to essaibi george with 30% >> reporter: in the nearly 200 years of boston elected mayors, every single one has been a white man, until tomorrow, michelle wu and essabi george is
7:32 pm
battling it. they are both city countdselors and both daughters immigrants >> wu parents are from taiwan. >> george's parents is tunisian. >> this center for american women in politics record reports 25% of mayors in the u.s. are women. >> women are going to power whether you like it or not >> it's about time >> it's a dream come true for an immigrant. >> reporter: what does it say about the progress the city is making with two women as candidates >> when i first ran for office, i never could have imagined in jo just four election cycles that we would be here >> reporter: wu is from chicago and moved to the area to go to
7:33 pm
harvard. if she wins, she will be the first to be born outside the city in nearly 100 years >> reporter: what's your message to young girls who are interested getting into politics >> we need you right now >> women are grateful for the opportunity to lead and inspire and do the work. >> reporter: when it comes to the politics, wu is much more progressive than essabi george on public transit, wu wants to make it free and essabi george do not we are also keeping an eye on minneapolis with their police department of course it comes in a wake of a national movement against police brutality a movement propelled into the spotlight by george floyd's
7:34 pm
death. nbc shaq brewster is live. >> reporter: voters are taking t this extremely seriously this is something that voters say it's unique to them. it's not just the mayors, it's not the city council on the ballot it's a fundamental question about policing in the city >> reporter: have you heard of the public safety. >> reporter: a year and a half after the murder of george floyd to eliminate the department from the city's official governing document >> we are reenforcing the importance of this amendment >> reporter: its ballot question number two, shall the minneapolis charter be amended to remove the police department and replace it with the department of public safety with
7:35 pm
specific functions to be determined by the mayor and city council. functions could include license peace officers or police officers if necessary. >> we are about expanding public safety >> reporter: minneapolis collected more than 20,000 signatures and overcame legal challenges to get the questions to voters. >> this is finally an opportunity for people to get a right relationship with our police officers and with so many other professionals and resources that we really need. >> the chief of police will report not only to the mayor but to the board >> reporter: the city's police chief and mayor are on the ballot both opposed the measure. >> it would have the head person of this new development report to 14 different people when everybody is in cha charge -- nobody is in charge. >> reporter: a sentiment felt by so many across the city. >> this amendment is neither necessary. >> reporter: the group is
7:36 pm
canvassing north side neighborhoods battling surging gun violence >> they want to see transformational change to public safety but they want better police. this amendment sets the stage for defunding the police >> folks really want us to say this is defunding or not this reality is this charter change does neither. >> reporter: did it get on the ballot because of that energy, those calls to defund the police >> people were ready to hold police officers accountable. >> reporter: undecided voters struggle with the nuance >> how are we going to live. >> we need the police. we also need our believes, and police reforms many are feeling the pressure. all over the country, they're watching minnesota, they're watching minneapolis and what we are doing. >> reporter: now shep, if the majority of voters approved this amendment, the mayor and city
7:37 pm
council will have to come into an agreement, starting with the commissioner and defining the roles and responsibilities and funding for this new development, shep. >> shaq brewster live here all we'll have here tonight. jury election is underway in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. his case gained national attention. rittenhouse, an inspiring police was 17 when he trafrvel to prott after police shot a black man named jacob blake. he opened fire with an assault rifle killing two people and wounded one other. rittenhouse was engaging in a vigi vigilante, rittenhouse says he
7:38 pm
act in self-defense. many of them said they already made up their minds. the white house is about to publish new details on its vaccine mandate for private companies as opponents lining up for lawsuits trying to block it. an invasive spider, look at this it came from east asia but now it's speninning its web around georgia. people can walk outside and find a handful of that many times now experts are weighing in on what to do with them hey google. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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details of vaccine mandates from private employers they'll publish the rules sometimes in the coming days the white house says the policy will apply to all businesses with 100 or more workers it will force employers to either mandate vaccines or require workers to get tested weekly the government will also require those businesses to give workers
7:41 pm
paid time off to get vaccinated and paid sick leave to recover from any side effects. the white house says federal contractors will have more flexibility to enforce the president's mandate as they see fit. the new rules are expected to set off a barrage of legal challenges almost every republican attorney general in the nation has threaten to sue the administration if the requirements take in effect. >> the white house's secretary jen psaki tested positive for covid. she scrapped plans to travel with the president after people in her household tested positive for the virus. jen psaki says she's working from home for now but plan to return to the white house after
7:42 pm
quarantining for ten days and testing negative still no vote from the president's climate plan here at home there was talk of a possible vote tomorrow in the house it looks uncertain now to recap the infrastructure bill already passed the senate. progressives in the house won't vote for it they say until they are confident they'll get the social spending bill through and they want senator manchin and sinema to give them assurances manchin would not do so and blasted them >> the political games have to stop holding this bill hostage is not going to work, getting my support for reconciliation bill. > >> the spending pill bbill has gutted
7:43 pm
the prime minister, boris johnson encouraged people to act on climate before it's too late. >> if we don't get serious about climate change it will be too late for our children to do so the prime minister johnson says one of his goals is to phase out the use of coal. but the u.k. government seems to be the exact opposite as it plans to open its first deep coal mine in decades here is nbc's matt bradley >> reporter: boris johnson hosting the biggest climate conference in the world. one of his main priorities, get rid of coal for goods. our country, the u.k. was 40% reliant of coal. >> reporter: two hours drive, south of glasgow, one town is
7:44 pm
welcoming cole back. they want to open the first new coal mine here when the mines became unprofitable in the 1980s, the government shuts it down >> reporter: the new mine is a chance to turn things around >> i would estimate around 90% of the people. >> this is where the mine is supposed to be built it used to be the same of a major chemical plant that when it closed in 2005 left this big empty space and a huge hole in the local economy. it's taking britain in the wrong direction. >> the impact is quite clear, it's 9 million tons of carbon dioxide in a anywhere.
7:45 pm
john fella is acheback in june
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the law goes into effect next year from a spider that's not supposed to be here as well.
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now, they're spinning its webs in north georgia it's invasive and sort of scary for some what do we do about these joro spiders, professor >> shep, great to be with you again. how are you doing? >> great, great, i don't want a spider though. >> it's true these pspiders were introduced five years ago in georgia and they are spreading i just checked a few minutes ago, they have been reported from western south carolina, southern t
7:48 pm
wea weather. their faangs are quite small., d eastern u.s. ports and found a suitable
7:49 pm
they have been spotted feeding on stink bugs ora lizards yello rather pretty spider >> talk about -- who wins in
7:50 pm
>> they're primarily passing honey bees it will be interesting to see. it's the science-fiction cliche where if you put them in a jar, will they fight? >> professor, it's great to see you. an army investors who called themselves apes have made a human impact it's the most magical time of the year, the time for barbecue sauce and pork product. the mcrib is back and this year, this year mcdonald's has taken it a step further.
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that may be about to change. union members set to vote tomorrow on a new contract after the company and the union reached an agreement over the weekend. wages are to increase 10% for john deere and 5% of every two years that follows there will be a retirement healthcare fund with an extra $2,000 in seed money for year of service. all workers can get a retirement bonus of 50 grands depending on how many years they had been with the company they call themselves apes. the army of retail investors
7:54 pm
banningb banding together on social media websites like reddit and taking on wall streets. they even made enough noise to look into some of the issues they say is unfair to retail in investors. cnbc's melissa lee has dig into this what have you learned about this gore gorilla gang >> they are committed to not just to gamestop but the movement it's incredible to think 4.1 million retailers controlling 80% of a publicly traded company for the documentary, we wanted to hear more from the apes and i
7:55 pm
sent a tweet asking them to share me a video telling me why they invested in amc, most of their responses were willing t student debts. i have a lot >> it will go to the moon. and if it does not, it has been a wonderful ride >> i got amc for generational wealth i want my kids to be financial stable >> why am i an ape because of [ bleep ] -- >> we also interviewed two of the most influencers on youtube who share why they are shining a light on it and why they feel
7:56 pm
the system is rigged against the little guy how the amc aicpas crack wall wall street is playing on our cnbc's youtube channel sometimes you can have one and sometimes you can't, that's the allure of mcribs it has haters, no doubt. also a cult-like fan club. today mcrib is back at all u.s. stores for of course a limited of time only that creates a buzz moment for mayor mccheese and the rest of his crew it's gimmick enough, the return all by myself. many of us fast food fanatic saluted. have they have gone at last too far. they turned the mcrib into an nft. a piece of digital art, nfts are often sold the nft for the first tweak for
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$2.9 million every the first 5,000 days sold for a whopping $69 million mcribs will be given away on ten fans over the next week. the company says with the mcrib's nft, you will never again have to say good-bye to the sandwich you love. news flash mcdonald's. fans love to eat that thing. you can't eat nft. want to do some good serve it all the time. mcrib nft, #notlovingit. american airlines cancelling more than 2,000 flights since friday more than 400 today alone.
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the airline blaming weather and staffing shortages the supreme court hearing arguments on controversial abortion law out of texas today. a majority of the justice signaling in questioning that they would allow abortion p providers to challenge the law that bans most abortions in the state. voters are heading to the polls. many eyes will be on virginia where the gop candidate is threatening the turn that seat red. we'll have full coverage of the big race here on the news. now you know the news of this monday, november 1st already, wow, 2021 i am shepard smith follow us on instagram and follow us on instagram and twitter at the be right back.
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