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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 27, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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by affirm. who doesn't? american express buy them >> peter >> coca-cola the stock is going higher. off a higher report. "mad moneyr starts right now my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. my job is to not only train you but ed indicate you. call me or tweet me at jim cramer there's no denying facebook,
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amazon, ail fat, apple and tesla rule the market. even though a day like today slipped 286 but they still finished positive. why? these companies are on fire. the chief investment officer at black rach, real nice guy, said google and microsoft might as well be countries they make so much money, currents after last night's quarterly report, i agree. but you can say the same thing, countries, not all billion dollars but it's $8 billion down so a third world country when you get that powerful, the politicians start gunning for you. we know that's what's happening for you. right now we have everything going wrong for these guys conventional wisdom says we're likely to see bipartisan action in congress to crack down on big tech antitrust grounds two minutes ago a group of senators proposed aid law to prevent amazon and google for
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favoring their own products in search results bipartisan thrashing ♪ hallelujah ♪ facebook squaring it with the fcc while amazon talking about their safety practices or lack thereof. only microsoft and tesla have gotten away with whatever they're doing without coming out of serious fire. despite what seems to be elon musk's best efforts. you know what though, i think washington is looking at these companies all wrong. yes, they are, pal, no did he nighing that yes, they should probably face more regulation but i think we should be aiming to create more rules for digital commerce, rather than aiming to cut them off at the knees in any other developed country, these companies would be treated as national champions, treasures even after bliving through an era where the only company to make tooth past, deodorant, movies, i'm actually proud america dominates the tech industry. so tore get companies, these
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guys are empires and for the most part benevolent empires. rather than trying to break them up into little pieces or prosecute them indefinitely, i think we should study what makes them special let's start with alphabet, the artist formally known as google. they were the star of last night's show, arguing the best quarter of any company, any company of 202 1r. everybody knows microsoft dominates office software but after that quarter we knowed linkedin business is the default way for professionals to find jobs in a year where they transformed how businesses hire. and the collage business, made it bulk to me that microsoft would have $18 billion in cloud service business at the time we were just talking annually but microsoft did $20 billion last night phenomenal the fact they got $130 billion in cash, i think the stock is worth every penny of it's $2.4 trillion valuation
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someone asked on twitter today why we aren't selling any microsoft for the charitable trust, which, of course, you can follow by joining our brand-new investment club. i'll answer that question with a question, why? why would we sell microsoft. it's a monster but one that's very friendly to shareholders. it already survived antitrust authorities 29 years ago why? how about alphabet here's where wall street seemed disappointed came in a couple hundred million short. but if you're a company like alphabet with $136 billion in cash, it's barely a drop in the bucket i couldn't believe the stock was down oh, my god, stop selling, you idiots these guys own search thanks to google they own search. they own video with youtube, which would be worth $300 billion all by itself, compared to netflix it alphabet a monopoly no you can always use bing for search even i'm not much of a masochist.
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next is apple, don't think of it as a smartphone play like an analysts do. the smartphone helps you take control of your day-to-day life whether you access it through your phone, computer or watch. they have everything, games, sports, health care. no one is putting a gun to your head hey, go buy a samsung. just because apple has the best product and ecosystem, they had a good quarter but the only problems is they couldn't get components to meet demand. $106 billion in market securities, the last time that country reported, they will figure it out. tesla is easy, many people who wants a piece of the electric vehicle business but tesla dominates it because they have superior knowledge and superior state of mind and superior design so i'm not shedding tears now that america's companies are taking chairs and even opening its own plant in berlin. it feels good to buy a luxury car from a business who wasn't on the wrong side of world war ii, doesn't it
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and then facebook, hard to tell what face it is dominance. i think of it as a repository of thoughts, experience, amusements, currently in two mentions but soon dimensions, which we will hear and see about at their metaverse event tomorrow some of those thoughts and experiences are horrifying and facebook needs to do more to prevent its users from inciting violence but in the end it's a way for everyone to tell their story. like google search business, it can help sell a number of user goods for small businesses and enterprises. and metaverse, more on that tomorrow i think it will blow you away. let's not forget about amazon, which dominates the retail with the lowest prices on the best goods with the fastest shipping times. they're number one are think a monopoly i don't care wake me up when somebody else can do it better so let's put it all together microsoft is the kingpin of the operating system backed by the
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cloud. apple is the empire of the smartphone which allows tenets service, tesla is the best technology delivery system you can drive, amazon is the all mind and wall backed with cloud temperature and alphabet is all things search. these companies have all created incredible products that we can't live without, with the exception of tesla, although once you drive one, you want it. there are gargantuan businesses that for the most part are loved and respected by the most important people -- their customers. they replaced coca-cola, procter & gamble and even hollywood as american icons want to keep tech from being too powerful, go right ahead but i think it's insane our government is targeting them. america is finally good at making something again we should be helping them take over the world and you have to admit these companies created more wealth than any other enterprise in the history of this great nation let's take some calls. i say we go to daniel in new york daniel >> caller: yeah, boo-yah, jim. thank you for taking my call we love your show.
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>> man, thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> caller: my question is about clorox i've owned it for a while. it went way up, i sold it. went down, i bought it and then it went down some more. so i'm wondering should i hold it, should i add to it >> i think you should wait and see how the quarter is a lot of these companies that are in that business just can't seem to find any footing this one yields 2.9% why not wait until it yields 3.3, 3.4 hey, let's go to don in oregon don? >> caller: hey, jim, how are you? >> i'm good, jim, how are you? >> caller: terrific, thanks. i've got a sm many question for you. >> sure. >> caller: it's intel, i don't know whether to buy, sell or hold i thought i would get your opinion. >> okay, well, intel is is run by a new man, pat gel series, and it will take a rebuilding year so what i will tell you is, they're not going to be in the playoffs this year they may not make the playoffs
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next year. why not be in the stock that's the super bowl champion, or at least in the super bowl. why not pick either nvidia or amd, the latter i think represents good value, even up here stefano in new york. stefano? >> caller: professor cramer, i have been watching you since i'm a baby and i'm an adult. >> wow >> caller: the question is about paypal, acquisition of pip tryst, took a dive from $270 to now and then they said it's off the table and it's still at 232.40 what do we do? >> it's a quandary it's owned by my charitable club we have been telling the members of the club -- and you should join the investment club, by the way, it's close. we want to buy more. but not yet. we want it to come down a little bit more because we're still shaking out some of the people who bought it because it was hot. some like it hot we like it cold. walt in florida, walt? >> caller: hello, jim!
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boo-yah from seminole, florida. >> seminole, florida holy cow >> caller: thank you for taking my call. >> all right what's up? >> caller: in light of the huge advances china is making in all areas of technology and aerospace in particular, do you think lockheed martin is a good investment right here, and does lmt have legs to run >> man, they just crushed the snake. jim taper is a very, very apible person i saw him last week at dinner. he was in american tower made a ton of money for us this is very good level. i bet it doesn't get to 4% yield but i don't think it goes down much more. i think it's a good thing to buy. and call me crazy but i'm actually proud that these companies are made right here in america! maybe you should show some pride too! on "mad money" tonight, we're covering everything from autos to home. what impacts the company's bottom line?
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i will get with the ceos and pro logic, you maybe never heard of these guys, they're big business they know supply chain they're going to tell us what the heck is going on thermia fisher, yes, pcr tape, had bullish guides i'm putting the stock to the test with a ceo who saw it all coming and did very well for his shareholders stay with cramer
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♪ what does it mean when the inflation losers see their stocks rebound far from the lows consider the case of ppg industries, pittsburgh-based paints that we like so much. it's been hit hard by all sorts of supply constraints. in many ways, ppg the best and worst worlds here. and automakers can't make as many as they like to because of various shortages, think about the semis, and the stock had a tough summer however, ppg had a good quarter, nice top and bottom line they did have a good forecast, but the stock rallied more than 3% and jump $20 from its low earlier this month let's go right to the chairman and ceo of p px g industries to get a look at where his company is headed. welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks, jim, it's always
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great to be back. >> i have to tell you, watching the stock react, our mutual friend, what happened? will people say the worst is over or will people say there's more trouble i tell him i think what will happen people are thinking about 2022 and they recognize the problems you had are going to go away in 2022 so you better get in on it now. >> yeah, i think it's clearly people are looking forward you have two things to think about, one, raw materials are going to start to flatten out. that's going to be good for us because we're getting a lot of price. but more importantly, we have a strong order book. so when i look at demands, whether it's cars, whether it's planes, there's going to be a lot of leighton demand we're going to see in 2022 that we haven't been able to fill in 2021 because of raw material shortages. >> can you explain to people how there can be such a disparity, if you have been at it a long time and you're really the best there is and yet you're still all very big about the $150 million supply chain customer production, turned out to be
6:17 pm
$350 million maybe can you explain to people how crazy it is you can be off that much >>well jim, normally for our automotive customers, when they give us a 90-day forecast, they're about 90% right. when they're at 60 days out, they're 95%, almost 98%. they haven't even been able to give us forecasts for a week or two. so they've been off a lot. and they're not the only ones. we see the same thing in the appliance segment, we see that in a number of our other end use segments think about traffic paint. we're out there trying to paint roads but don't have the paint that's been a challenge for us our suppliers, which are major, you know, suppliers, they're having troubles getting their factories back into the kind of shape it was back in 2019. >> now, i guess also there's production curtailments in china that no one expected how are you doing with those >> well, that has been a bit of a surprise to us
6:18 pm
when they came out with the dual control, which is two factors, one is mouch total energy they consume and second one, how much energy per unit they want to have, they started this a lot earlier than we expected they do have the olympics coming up, and they are trying to pretty things up before the olympics so that's driving the early start to this. but the good news is we generally run two shifts out of three in china at most of our facilities so we will be able to run the evening shifts and midnight shifts and be able to get all of the energy we need to meet customer demand. so we're in very good shape there. so i'm feeling better about that but what we need is to get our raw material supply chains worked out first. >> well, tonight ford reported and ford reported a really good number, reinvested the dividend, saying some chip shortage ease but still says 2023. and gm again, same story
6:19 pm
is it possible 2022 could be a lost year? >> actually, jim, when we talk to our customers, they're not that hopeful about the first half of 2022 for automotive but they're a lot more hopeful on the back half of 2022. we're watching a number of things in this area to make sure that they're able to meet their needs. but we're going to be there for them regardless of when it does rank up. >> in the meantime we got to talk about ppg housing, painting there you have been able to take price. i think you were so right to double down on that business michael, that is looking like the best move. >> jim, we were able to get 6% in our architectural business, 6% across ppg and 8%, 9% the next quarter and continue to stack price on top price our architectural businesses around the world have been performing at a very high level. our same-store sales in the u.s.
6:20 pm
alone were up 10%. if you look at mexico, we have double-digit growth there. in europe we're continuing to perform very well, and that's with lack of raw materials so when we get raw materials, we'll be doing even better i'm really excited about that business. >> it's been very ripe, very good for shareholders. there's a moment in your conference call from october 21st where an analyst is trying to figure out what is the supply chain, what does it mean, and you say you had 95 force majeures in '21. how could there be that many companies that couldn't get it together to deliver what you rightfully deserve >> unfortunately we do buy from a lot of companies and when you think about the hurricane impact, that's been a major one, gulf coast freeze from february had still had a challenge. we had a number of suppliers in china that were caught off guard with the dual control. so a number of these things are very challenging for us. think about it from a paint
6:21 pm
perspective. normally a formula might have 20 raw materials in it. if you're missing one of the 20, you can't make anything. it's not like you can go with 19 of them. you have to have all 20. and we've gotten rid of a half dozen force majeures but we're still above 90 i think we're at 92 force majeures now across the company, across the globe. >> look, i think what the stock says is that michael mcgarry's going to make a lot of money next year and the tyranny of supply chain will end. in the meantime, the demand, you not once ever questioned any demand for housing, autos, right? the demand is incredibly strong. >> our demand across the board, even you think about our packaging business so the switch from single-use plastics to aluminum cans and for food has been very strong. our demand in our packaging business is up double digits, our industrial business. think about appliances, how long it's going to take you to get an appliance right now, very strong
6:22 pm
demand there's hardly a supply chain that i'm looking at from our side, refinished business, you get an accident, repaint the car, every time the company gets unlocked, if you will, whether it's in india, malaysia, australia, we see immediately miles driven go up, accidents go up and our refinish business so we're very bullish about next year, not just in refinish but think about planes mro is getting better. i don't think until 2023 but they're going to start building big planes again when they do, that's another cat l catalyst for future growths. plus, we have the five acquisitions we've done in the past 18 months. >> i think that's why people decided, i can't wait any longer i have to start buying that's how it always does end when a stock bottoms mike mcgarry, president and ceo of ppg industries, thank you so much for coming back on, sir. >> thank you, jim. stocks bottom ahead of when the good news occur. this stock has been in a thinner
6:23 pm
bottom ahead of what i think is going to be a very good 2022 but you can't wait for things to be good to make money. "mad money" is back after the break. coming up -- buyer beware, or buyer be warehouse? cramer sets his sight on a stock that plays a key role in the supply chain next. next, the alec baldwin shooting answers from the sheriff on how it happened. plus, no ticket, no i.d. needed, just your face inside the future of air travel.
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6:27 pm
terrific call every step of the way, up 45% over the last year, including a monster 15% gain just since the beginning of october. by the way, it doesn't hurt that prologics made dividend quarter a couple weeks ago more important, prologics hosted a special event where leaders across the logistics industry got together to discuss the supply chain crisis and figure out how to fix it. so did they make any progress? let's check in with hamid moghadam hamid is the chairman and ceo of prologics and will tell us more about this event i have to tell you, maybe this is where we start getting this thing solved hamid moghadam, welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you, jim. it's good to be back. >> sir, you have a unique view on this whole issue and not just because logistics bases in the u.s. are effectively sold-out, warehouse space sold-out, demand all-time high, but you can help us try to figure out, is there anything that's going to end this nightmare
6:28 pm
>> well, eventually, yes, because a lot of people are really working hard to end this problem, including most of our customers and the like but it's not going to happen quickly. i think the surge in demand that we saw after the vaccinations, together with the interruption and supply that we saw at the beginning of covid in terms of manufacturing, those two things together collided and we just put the christmas season on top of all of that so it's really messed up right now. it's -- nobody's fault this has never happened before be people are working hard to fix it but i think it's going to be a while before things are normalized. >> you're a cfo, your cfo at a conference call october 13th had the single best comment i've heard about this he talked about a single lose hose, somebody turned the water
6:29 pm
back off and turned it back on if you can explain, this is the single, best way to understand what happened here. >> sure. supply chains have gotten really long because of globalization over the last 30, 40 years they've gottenlonger and longer before cars were made in detroit and sold in l.a. that was about the length of the supply chain now they're not only being made in asia and europe and all of that, but every product is made out of thousands of components that need to come together to make a finished product from different places and until the very last piece is in, you don't have that product ready to be sold so the fragmentation of the supply chain and it's extension meanings that you've got in effect a hose that's connected to a bib that was turned off for the first six months of covid. and it was one of these hoses that shrivels up so somebody turned off the water, and obviously the whole thing shriveled up and all of a
6:30 pm
sudden somebody woke up and said, i need all of the things that i didn't buy in the last six months and that was really post-vaccination so somebody turned on the faucet but by the time the water sort of makes it through this hose and extend that hose, there's going to be very little wire that comes out of the other end and you need more water, because just to extend that analogy, the ground is really dry you need more water than you've needed before because you haven't sold any of this stuff in a while and people are really excited to buy them. and christmas just exaggerates that i so love that analogy. >> well, i think pro lodgeous -- i don't want to call you beneficiary of what's wrong. i want to say you're the best operator there is. if i were to go to some of these prologis warehouses, i happen to have a place in middle pennsylvania, looks like to be one of your largest ones there's hundreds of trucks there. what are they doing?
6:31 pm
>> well, you know, when you push a button or when you get on a phone or when you go to a store even and want something, that stuff doesn't get magically beamed in from anywhere. of course, it feels that way maybe to you and to me as a consumer because it's sort of normally happens we don't have to worry about how it happens all of a sudden every headline, every newspaper article, every show is about the supply chain i mean, most people had not even heard of the supply chain until about six, nine months ago so it is pervasive it affects every single part of our lives, everything in your studio probably came from warehouse at some point. so i mean 2.5% of global gdp goes for our buildings and that would be even a higher percentage of goods gdp. so everything needs to get to you either over an electronic
6:32 pm
line, over the internet information, but every physical good, unless you beam it up, needs 20 to come through some warehouse to get to you. >> i'm making you port czar right now, west coast port czar. you have unlimited power do whatever you want what three things would you do to make this go away >> well, you got to make sure that there's enough labor to unload these ships you've got to make they're there are enough truck drivers to take these containers off the port area and into the warehouses that we have and labor is probably the biggest bottleneck right now shortage of drivers, and shortage of warehouse workers, there's a shortage of every kind of labor so demand came back to work, but labor didn't come back to work by and large so that's the problem i would focus on >>well we got to find these people or this thing is going to
6:33 pm
go on forever. one thing that's certain is your company was ready for it ready for it, by the way, globally, because you're everywhere and i'm so glad we recommended you the whole way because you are just -- you run an unbelievable company, sir. thank you so much for coming on "mad money." >> thank you, jim. >> that is hamid moghadam. we have been recommending his stock forever because he taught us, he taught us the supply chain, prologis. "mad money" is back after the break. coming up -- cramer's no mad scientist but this doc might make you mad money in or out of the laboratory the ceo of thermo fisher joins the show next.
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♪ this is the time of year when we start looking for stocks that have been anointed as winners by wall street the ones that keep roaring through the holidays, stocks like thermo fisher scientific. that's a maker of life science equipment and lab equipment. they've got lottery stuff gold contracts with pharmaceuticals these guys made a fortune from the pandemic, they've got their own covid test and made machines that drug companies need to develop vaccines and medicines that's what we're going to spend more time on a dollar earnings beat off $4.68 basis, stronger-than-anticipated annual revenue group, where the market is looking for shrinkage. on top of that, management raised the four-year forecast substantially. while the stock only ended the day a little higher because tmo had an investor quarter last
6:38 pm
month, you had to think it was building a little bit. can the stock keep climbing? let's look with marc casper, bank chairman and ceo of thermo fisher scientific. mr. casper, welcome back to "mad money." >> hi, jim, it's nice to be with you. >> i like to say a lot of people were afraid of the water in this pandemic and when things calmed down, we wouldn't need these pcr machines and thermo fisher would go back to just being okay it looks like the opposite you're accelerating your organic growth when a lot of people felt it had to decline. what is driving things here? >> so, jim, the team is doing a great job of executing for our customers. if you think about we played a very large rolein the pandemic and because of the strong growth we had, we had been able to invest very substantially in products, new factories and capabilities and that's already paying off with another quarter of very strong revenue growth
6:39 pm
and a very, very bullish outlook. >> and you bought one of my absolute favorite companies, one i recommended, ppd acquisition this will be another leg for your great company this $20 billion acquisition, what thermo will look like after you guys all get together and start doing in like say 2022 >> so we're very excited about our acquisition of ppd we're expecting to close this quarter. it's the largest acquisition in our history. it will bring 33,000 amazing colleagues to our company and leader in the clinical research services area, very complementary to serving our pharmaceutical and biotech customers. our combined company will have $20 billion of revenue just serving pharma and biotech customers and enabling the important new medicines that have come out to market, as well as the many other things the company does. >> so where will that fit in, in terms of the arc of a company building a drug business
6:40 pm
so would you bring in thermo fisher must earlier than before? thermo fisher will be involved in every single aspect from the beginning to the end of company developing a new drug. >> yes, so, jim, today the role that we play, we start out with the very early research. we equip the laboratories, we provide the instruments that the liaisons use to do the early research and as the concepts become real, we actually help with the development work in our sites to actually develop the molecules for the biotech and pharmaceutical companies and ultimately with ppd, we will be able to run the clinical trials for those companies and those that are successful will be able to manufacture them in our pharmaceutical and biotech factories as well. really from the very beginning of the process all the way through improved medicine will be the partner of choice for pharmaceutical and bio technical company. >> i don't want to rule out the random, i have three pcr tests
6:41 pm
in the last few days i went to a party last week. everyone had to get a pcr test did something make it even though we know thermo fisher has a lot going for it, pcr is going to be with us maybe for the rest of our lives >> pcr pre-pandemic has played a verysubstantial role in molecular diagnostics because the testing is so accurate and it's easy to develop new applications, a new disease or new target of interest, it's fairly easy to develop that for pcr. you saw us scale that up in response to the pandemic, and to date since march of 2020, about three quarters of a billion pcr tests have been run on our technology around the world, a staggering number. when i think to the future, in the pandemic phase we're in today, we're still seeing very robust demand for pcr testing and as it gets to an endemic phase when it's not as widespread around the world, doctors are still going to want to know whether somebody is presenting with covid or a
6:42 pm
different respiratory disease and, therefore, we think there's going to be some longevity to testing demand going forward. >> speaking of longevity, you have numbers in china that are unlike pretty much any other company. it's almost as if china and the united states were kind of having a trade war what was the secret behind doing so much business in china that so many other people seem to be missing? >> so, jim, we've been in china for about 40 years, and we have a very strong local presence, and we help the country control air pollution, ensure food safety for their population, help them produce medicines, things that are really essential roles and we manufacture in china and we also import into china from our factories in the u.s. and we've been a good company supporting that local market, and we've enjoyed very strong growth. in the last decade, we averaged about 15% organic growth and we have high expectations for our growth going forward
6:43 pm
the trade tensions are real. and we're going to navigate them to the best of our ability and make sure that we support whatever the policies are that western europe and the u.s. has with regards to china. >> one last question, marc, when all of this started i remember speaking to you before we even thought about having to do pcr tests, and you were ready. you were one of the few executives i ever spoke to that was ready for a pandemic most people were completely caught off guard what is your overall take away of what happened and what could happen again >> so our takeaway in terms of what happened was i think the world was surprised at the speed in which it would spread, and it took a while for the world to mobilize but it has really proven that we're in the era of science. the pharmaceutical and biotech industry have done to respond to vaccines and you're seeing therapies start to come out, it's remarkable in terms of how short the time frame has been, and it's making a real difference
6:44 pm
and what i'm very encouraged for the future is that basic funding in scientific research looks strong the u.s. is talking about arpia age, like a defense contract, planning for the future challenges so we're ready for the next problem as opposed to thinking about things that have happened in the past and that's really encouraging because the world will be better equipped to fight the next challenge that comes. >> i hope people understand when things people thought would not be that important and it wasn't going to be a terrible pandemic or even a pandemic, marc recognized that it was so when marc is optimistic, and he has the right to be since he was a pest mist at the beginning, i feel much better and you should do. i want to thank marc casper, chairman and ceo of thermo fisher one of the heroes, one of the heroes of covid-19 coming up -- a storm is coming so give us a call cramer's got the answers to all of your burning questions.
6:45 pm
"lightning round" is next. when you hear the word healthy it always feels a little out of reach. but it's all about the baby steps. maybe it's a jump or eating something green. or taking mom to get that vaccine. ♪ healthier means bringing stuff to the folks ♪ ♪ that really need it. ♪ ♪ like help at 2 am or care that's right at home. ♪ ♪ believe it. ♪ ♪ and caring for them all means ♪ ♪ we're doing healthier right. ♪ ♪ so, let's do it all together people, ♪ ♪ 'cause this is what healthier looks like. ♪
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it is time for the "lightning round"! ♪ and then the "lightning round" is over. are you ready? rabo from florida. >> caller: revo from miami, florida. boo-yah. got sadd since covid last march, doing pretty good. what do you think? >> i think it's a very good read
6:49 pm
i happen to like realty, realty income, which is letter o, thank you mad rory for telling me about that one but yours is good too. let's go to bob in maryland. bob? >> caller: mr. cramer, thank you for taking my call. >> oh, you're welcome. >> caller: i don't understand why mer ator, mtor, remains so undervalued. they've beaten consensus on both revenue and eps in each of the last four quarters they're looking to make 240 per share for the current year they're carrying an fte on 6 on next year and they have a major -- >> but all of those kinds of companies are under pressure because people feel there are supply chain issues and they won't be able to build enough trucks and they won't be able to build enough cars, so there are it doesn't do well i think you must hold on to this, sir. let's go to nick in new jersey nick >> caller: boo-yah, jim! nick from scotts plains, new jersey how are you?
6:50 pm
>> i love playing in scotts' place. you beat us, we beat you, about 500. what's up? >> caller: i'm calling to ask about array technologies, global provider of ground mounted solar. >> i would buy end phase up here versus doing that. end phase represents better value than that stock. let's not go down the food chain. start at the top dennis in texas. dennis >> caller: big, boo-yah from austin, texas. >> how are you doing in one of the most beautiful cities in america? >> caller: beautiful i love it in texas i'm calling about my stock, mp materials. yesterday it dropped from $38 to $33 based on this critical report from grizzly research they say it's the same failed rebacked business that the same operations team that led to the
6:51 pm
bankruptcy of molly court ten years ago and under chinese control. revenues are unattainable, jim what should i do >> i've seen this rap again and again on these guys. i was critical for them doing stock but it hasn't done anything, bet a lot of spacs i don't think it will go down much from here that story is old. they knocked the stock down and they're happy, guess that's what they wanted. let's go to marvin in arizona. marvin >> caller: hey, jim, thanks a lot for taking the call. >> of course >> caller: stock i'm looking at pays a special dividend twice a year, along with its regular dividend i'm talking about omf, one main holding. >> you see, when i see personal auto line, i always hesitate i think it's probably -- let's have them on, and the reason i
6:52 pm
say that is these businesses -- companies can lose money in this stuff so i want to know more about these guys it's too important it seems too cheap i got to figure out what's wrong. let's go to john in missouri john >> caller: boo-yah, jim. thank you for everything you do for us home gamers here, buddy. >> thank you, appreciate it. what's going on? >> caller: i wanted to see what you think about ant noll >> i always liked them building blocks, the plummet cables that are everywhere and they're omnipresent. anthonal is a buy! i want to go to donald new jersey >> caller: boo-yah, i'm talking to cramer. i'm in jersey city, new jersey jim, you were bullish on nokia about a month ago, are you still? >> nokia's coming around it's getting better. it will not be a straight line but it's out of critical care.
6:53 pm
it's a group rate. i think that's the best way to look at it it. we need one more we'll go to bob in connecticut bob? >> caller: big boo-yah from connecticut, jim listened to you over the years up in the south. >> thank you. >> caller: i want to ask you about ad wear, lte, symbol rdwr. >> you know security solutions i do like but i will come back over again, aloe alto networks is the best! and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round"! >> the "lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade coming up -- hut, hut, hik stick with cramer for a special no huddle next trading isn't just a hobby. it's your future.
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we got to talk about something pretty bitter and i'm talking about last night's robinhood call the stock plunging more than 10%, because it was really gunning. i'm disappointed you know i spend a lot of time talking to people like you about stocks i love it. i thought it was part of my job. i was in mexico city the other
6:57 pm
day and a terrific kid said i was a hero for getting him a stock. turned out south and north were aficionados too. i have to say i eat this stuff up, i'm proud of it. which is one of the reasons why we started the investment club i want to be better teaching people manage their money. the people i meet, virtually all of the younger one, have accounts with robinhood. i thought it was a good thing. doing homework can yield remarkable results i saw robinhood as a gateway to riches for a new generation thinking long term of the but lau after last night's quarter i'm just not sure. i'm worried a lot of the people who got involved in robinhood are getting uninvolved because they lost money in some spac stocks or the like you think like draftkings? last night robinhood's ceo, 31 years of age with median account of $240 million is less inclined
6:58 pm
to invest in stocks but cryptocurrency things like dogecoin, that's the elon musk sense of humor it's true robinhood is trying to offer some education here and they say it will soon be ready to offer retirement accounts but this enormous interest in resave for crypto stocks and i favor bitcoin and ethereum, but, no, i can't condone it do you want to hold stock with an enterprise who is surprisingly in favor of dogecoin on the conference call, the ceo vlad tenet touted the successful rollout 24/7 live support, where customers can get help on any topic, including crypto. given he often talks about the huge interest in dogecoin, i have to wonder, what kind of advice are these people getting? is robinhood telling them about the value of diversification maybe investing versus speculation, hazards of options,
6:59 pm
about owning stocks as, say, a great way to build wealth? about the stuff we do for the club or some of the rumors or things we talk about here? the old robinhood company was a company that really was just terrific it got people started as investors by letting them buy shares, even fractional shares in a company they wanted to earn for the long term. the new robinhood want to declare 22 million souls out there chasing what's hot i'm glad safety is the first priority, that's good but if dogecoin is the head of the realm, what do they look like? or are they the head to candy crush, like a 19-year-old told me last week that i asked tenet about, if robinhood wants its crude back, he needs to go back to getting involved in the stock market, owning a piece of america. i don't want to find out the average 31-year-old user started at $500 and down to $140 because
7:00 pm
of trading securities, and some you can barely call a security maybe we should forget about a $30 billion valuation because it's simply not sustainable, unless they do what i say. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise i will try to find it just for you right here on a news conference reveals striking new details about the gunfire death on a movie set i'm shepard smith. this is "the news" on cbs. >> obviously, it did fire a live round. >> new questions raised in the alec baldwin shooting. what the amorer told investigators, the mistake made by the assistant director and the potential for criminal charges. >> no one has been ruled out kids abandoned, one murdered and left to rot. now, charges brought against a mother and her boyfriend what police say happened inside this house o


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