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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  October 22, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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i mean, right at this moment, i--we're on cloud nine. but i think it's just motivation to work even harder. right. jim brian laundrie is dead the manhunt officially over. authorities revealing what they used to confirm his id and contempt of congress the house fighting back, voting to recommend criminal charges against steve bannon
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the arguments for and against. plus, what the attorney general said as his department considers prosecution. masks in schools why they are considering easing the restrictions >> and the biden economy cuts being made and the concerns over the economy new cnbc polling reveal americans' growing fears and a customer stopping a robber with their hands and a home on nightmare on elm street goes up for sale. the facts, the truth, the news with shephard smith good evening did he kill himself right away a month ago after he left his
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parents' home after he returned to florida without his fiance. might a gator have gotten to him in that preserve maybe someday we will know more, but tonight only one truth is revealed brian laundrie is dead and from the sound of things, there was little left of him two officials tell cnbc news what they found was parts of a human skull. an fbi statement appeared an hour ago - the fbi found the human remains just yesterday in the very spot
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brian's family said he was heading to go hiking on september 13 of course they didn't say so on september 13 they didn't say so that day and publicly to this day they have said nothing, not one word did they ask their son when he came home all alone where's gabby? after all, they had lived together for quite sometime. might brian have told them if something horrible happened on the van trip the fbi will likely have some questions for the family but the hopes of finding brian laundrie died had they found him. >> we still have no idea what led up to gabby's disappearance
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or death we know that brian is dead and was found about five miles from his parents' home. we don't know how he died given he was found in an area under water until recently and the remains were a partial skeleton, it could be sometime before we know how his life came to an end. his notebook and backpack were found near his body. police canines were here yesterday and today searching for evidence that could help in this case. late today police were seen at the family home where they spent a few minutes delivering the news that brian's remains had been identified. it wasn't long after that that the fbi announced the official determination was made with
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dental records the family has remained ever since gabby was reported missing. they have only remained silent per their attorney's recommendation i reached out to gabby's family through their spokesperson they have not released a statement at this time and the laundrie family has asked for privacy. we will have the breaking news tonight when it happens no one is above the law. that is the message from the committee investigating the january 6 attack on our capital. the house of representatives voted to hold steve bannon in contempt of congress
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president trump's one time strategist may be going to jail for defying the subpoena he has refused to turn over evidence or conversations with mr. trump leading up to that deadly insurrection. >> mr. bannon's own public statements makes clear he knew what was going to happen before it did thus, he must have been aware of and may well have been involved in the planning of everything that played out on that day. the american people deserve to know what he knew and what he did. >> i have no doubt that m mr. bannon's scorn for our subpoena is real i repeat no one is above the law and we need to hear from him >> now it's up to the justice department to decide whether it will criminally prosecute him.
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earlier merrick garland was asked about what he would do >> we will do what we always do, apply the facts and law and make a decision >> bannon's prosecution could send a message to the other former trump aides also subpoenaed by the committee. we have full analysis. ali? >> a near party line vote, what we expected. but nine republicans broke with the party sending it over to the justice department among those nine faces your viewers may know well. seven voted to impeach donald trump for the role they say he played in the january 6 insurrection one of those said although she
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didn't vote previously, she did vote to bolster the subpoena for when and if the republicans retake the house, she wants them to have that advantage as well r representative banks >> the committee is engaged in a sham investigation conducted by a sham committee >> and if we are tracking people who did and didn't vote here, it's notable former vice president mike pence's brother, greg pence, did not vote at all. but now a look at what comes next this will land at the steps of the justice department it is said they should be
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prosecuted but nevertheless merrick garland said they will function independently and on their own timeline but it is important because members of the january 6 committee are up against the re-election clock. if they lose their teeth, they won't be able to do the investigation the way they want to >> thank you, ali. thanks for being here. it's rare for congressional referrals to amount to anything. what does the department of justice have to weigh? >> whether or not there is a federal interest in proceeding with this investigation. also whether or not they have the evidence to convict beyond a reasonable doubt that will be complicated because there are circumstances that
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will make it difficult if mr. bannon decided to plead the fifth, that would be a good reason not a comply. there are risks for the justice department >> is there a real fight over executive privilege here or is that just noise? >> in this particular case for mr. bannon, while there is an argument that can be made, he has not really advanced it mr. patel and meadows, they have hired lawyers. there is legal arguments they could make regarding executive privilege, but that is a more sophisticated approach mr. bannon has taken a more thumbing his nose at the committee. he will need legal counsel at some point in the future if he
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wants to salvage this situation. >> thanks so much. americans should be allowed to get the covid bostoner of their choice regardless of which vaccine you got first. a cdc advisory panel just made that recommendation this afternoon. now it's up to the cdc director to sign off on the plan. we are told she could give the okay as early as tonight and they unanimously endorsed boosters for those who got j&j shots and those who got moderna. those include those 65 and older and those at high risk because of conditions or jobs. some districts are starting to drop mask requirements in schools. is it the right time to end masks in classrooms? doctors weigh in
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here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. queen elizabeth is back home at windsor after being released from the hospital. she spent a night in the hospital for preliminary tests that's what they said. the queen was set to visit northern ireland, but she canceled that trip after visiting the doctors they tell us she is in good spirits. some schools are considering relaxing mandates no lawsuits involved lexington, kentucky, they plan to scrap the mask mandate plan
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after halloween. they say cases have lowered enough to make them not necessary. he said the school board may have to bring them back later. >> but is it safe for schools to ditch masks? >> the word is it's too soon >> into these winter months we know we cannot be complacent and we know that schools that have had masks in place were 3 1/2 times less likely to have outbreaks rekwquiring school closures right now we will continue recommending masks for all in schools and we will look to be speeding up vaccinations during this time.
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>> some are advocating for when and how to lift mask mandates in school a washington post opinion piece said it should be by the end of the year he is like the low risk of covid for kids and -- some experts pushed back on this saying local covid rates have to be taken into account. and he also advocates for ways to make things safer for kids, vaccine mandates for all adults in schools, expanding rapid tests. and he says if things change for the worse, masks should be
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brought back in miami-dade they said cases and hospitalizations have declined enough that masks may beeese be eased within a week >> many schools are struggling to feed young students in many cases it stems from food being delivered. and in other places there aren't enough workers to make and serve all of the kids. >> now hundreds of pizzas are being ordered from little caesar's and in alabama parents are asked to feed kids at home if
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possible the data shows more than 30 million american students rely on the food that they get at school because they don't always get it at home >> from supply chain disruptions -- >> day by day, you don't know. >> -- shortage of workers. >> we are close to the point of a staffing crisis. >> -- serving breakfast and lunch is becoming harder and harder for districts across the country. >> we are dividing the skeleton crew we have amongst all of our business to spread the pain out. >> small, medium, large districts, rural, suburban, urban, everyone is having problems >> according to the school nutrition association, almost all are concerned about
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continued supply chain disruptions and 90% worry about staff shortages. >> this is paralyzing some of our schools because we don't have a staff to prepare the meals that our students need for school that day. >> susan tells me she has been waiting for the order of her district's order of waffles and supplies since july. >> we couldn't get chicken patties, so we were ordering spicy chicken patties. >> while school officials stress students will always be fed, they admit these issues are taking a toll on workers >> workers are burned out mentally and physically. >> i don't see it improving soon i am hoping the worst is behind us, but i am not optimistic it is >> shep, the spupply chain issus
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are expected to continue well into next year and as they do, prices are going up trays have gone up 57% from last year >> everything going up the feds cracking down after several scandals involving its own members. new rules just issued on stock trade. >> and jeff bezos is mad at na
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this halloween, xfinity rewards is offering up some spooky-good perks. like the chance to win a universal parks & resorts trip to hollywood or orlando to attend halloween horror nights. or xfinity rewards members, get the inside scoop on halloween kills. just say "watch with" into your voice remote for an exclusive live stream with jamie lee curtis. a q&a with me! join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks your rewards. the private space race, the billionaires it plays out in the skies when a blue virgin rocket blasts off again. now the battle switches to the
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courtroom. nasa awarded a contract to elon musk's spacex over jeff bezos's blue origin. oral arguments began behind closed doors doug griffith is a lawyer who specializes in space and aviation how do you see this playing out? hard to hear him like that, isn't it it sounds like we can't hardly hear him doug would probably say billionaires will battle in the
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courtroom. more on that when it works a ransomware gang. a new report on the lengths that gang is going to recruit top hackers. suspended from face bbook ad youtube, banned for life from twitter, but now one platform is willing to have him, his own and democrats eye a finish
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another black eye for greek life this iem out of the university of missouri suspendingall fraternity activities after a freshman was found unresponsive he was found early yesterday morning. school officials temporarily suspended the fraternity investigators believe several frat members were trump at the party. the group says they are working with officials and will take appropriate action based on what the group found. they say - the individuals could face
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criminal charges ransomware coming out of the dark thin 7 is the russian group believed to be behind the pipeline attack. remember now they are using websites to recruit hackers. this is what it looks like the site is complete with job openings, testimonials, contacts, but experts say it is all, as they say, b.s. what does this tell us about the business of ransomware. >> it tells you they are so desperate they have come out of the shadows. usually they search on the dark web, but they are doing it on
12:27 am
the open web and using a false name it is need for new hires that is so alarming for cybersecurity professionals. the bad guys think business is going to stay good >> there is a talent crunch going on in the ransomware space because they are making so much money, transforming their business and they need more people to do this work much there are hundreds of millions of dollars on the line >> this fake company bastion security was run by a real gang known as thin 7. remember, it caused fuel shortages up and down the east
12:28 am
coast. >> they look a lot like real jobs, like real good jobs. these guys are offering vacations, time off on the weekends, offering regular pay increases and promotions >> and, shep, that logo, b.s., it's almost an inside joke because this company certainly was b.s. >> scleerl -- clearly. the high price of home buying existing home sales jumped 7% last month according to the national association of realtors, the biggest increase in a year pushing sales to an eight-month high median price $353,000, up 13% from last year the federal reserve announcing a ban on policymakers
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owning stocks. that means they can no longer hold shares in individual companies and can't invest in individual bonds, hold securities, agency securities or derivative contracts the new rules imposed over a growing ethics controversy whether bank officials should be able to trade while their policies can and often do move markets. and a triceratops skeleton selling at auction, the price tag? $7.7 million and the age? 66 million years old on wall street --
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it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news covid came from lobsters inside china's disinformation campaign tracking the source of a tidal wave of lies and stopped in his tracks. stopping a gunman with his bear hands. and the president, his poll ratings dropping 7 points in four months. 41% of americans approve of his job while 52% disapprove it comes as americans are divided over the plan. speaker pelosi said they are close to a deal but not what the white house wanted >> it is a smaller bill, but it's historic, transformational
12:31 am
and will make a difference in the lives of america's working families >> but it's not what they promised let's go to kayla. >> democrats are racing to agree on a framework of the social and climate package and agree on areas to trim as they try to limit the package to less than 2 trillion they have agreed to these cuts -- under the white house's $100 billion in 2024, individuals making less than $150,000 a year would get leave as long as it lasts. that is a lot less than the original proposal, 12 weeks for
12:32 am
everyone permanently and ways the package could be funded was limited and the white house -- >> this is something that can be delivered for the american public we know this will help the economy with good paying union jobs and the middle class americans. we are all on the same page with that and so we see that progress is coming along we think in the next couple days we will see progress >> democrats hope to see an agreement in principle to arm president biden with a win ahead of the g20 and to boost terry mcauliffe in the gubernatorial race which has closely tracked
12:33 am
the president's agenda we asked 800 americans how's president biden doing. his approval rating fell by 7 points and a 2-point drop in how he's handling the economy and 3-point in how he's handling the pandemic >> steve, it's clear, americans are worried about our economy. >> some of the most pessimistic views on the economy we have seen in the history of the survey 46% expect the economy to worsen that's a record. 84% think prices will increase, the highest since 2011 add up the challenges, virus, high prices, labor shortages,
12:34 am
supply shortages, it's up 19 points since 2019. >> labor and supply shortage is a major worry for americans. >> this survey shows americans are seeing supply shortages in their stores and at the cash register in higher prices. 66% said they have noticed sc stores closed on days or hours they would normally be open. and these are not luxury type goods. these are everyday things like paper towels, cleaning surprise. supply shortages have become real and weighs heavily. >> in the world of politics, there is no greater focus than the race for governor in
12:35 am
virginia the republican has been gaining steadily and tonight it's a dead heat a dead heat in a state where a year ago president biden won by ten points so democrats are bringing in the big guns for a final push for their candidate president biden will campaign there next week. vice president harris stumping there tonight. this huge push comes as a poll shows that terry mcauliffe has lost his lead. and a million dollar ad campaign was launched hammering mcauliffe on schools larry, great to see you. we know turnouts will decide
12:36 am
this will democrats turn out? >> right now they are not. that's why they are bringing in these people, president biden and former president obama it better work because if it doesn't, i don't see how mcauliffe will end up winning. right now -- and this is true for the last seven or eight years, there are more democrats than republicans in virginia if you have both sides turn out about the same rate, democrats will win what's happening democrats are turned off and not enthusiastic that's why you are seeing polls heading in the direction they are heading which is more youngkin >> a national feel, is that true in this race
12:37 am
>> if glen youngkin is elected, you will have every pundit project the 2022 election. they will say the democrats will not hold the house or senate maybe that will be true or not but if you have a consensus like that, you will have fund-raising tank that's what democrats will see they will see their fund-raising tank and they will wish they had passed these two big bills rather than the clown card we have seen. >> the vice president there, the former president campaigning for him. if he loses with all that firepower, you have to wonder where democrats are headed >> not just anywhere, but virginia which has become one of the mainstays of the democratic
12:38 am
party, when i was growing up, one couldn't believe unless it was old style democrats. this has been stung. if the democrats can't hold virginia with a ten-point edge for boididen last year, then ne year looks grim. we will see what happens with the economy, maybe covid will be better, but on the whole mid terms are not good for the incumbent administration this could be another 2010 >> democrats would be reeling if so thanks covid did not come from maine lobsters that we can confirm. but the internet is feverishly pedaling that lie. how we traced the source of that huge disinformation all of the way to china your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on...
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facebook is under fire its own board reported it was not transparent about who gives preferential treatment to some users. the cross-check program is an internal program to review content. this comes a month after "the wall street journal" reported -- that some high profile facebook users were exempt. one example, the decision back in may to boot former president trump from its platform.
12:42 am
in response facebook writes -- mike isaac, technology reporter for "the new york times. what are the chances this will have any meaningful impact on anything facebook does >> that's a great question i think the whole thing about the oversight board is it's facebook's oversight board they created it, spun it off into this independent thing, but they can decide if they want to abide by those rules or not. so far in the past they have said we are going to agree to do this or that, but at any point they could say no as well. now another social media platform president trump announcing his own social media app called truth social he wrote --
12:43 am
whether that will ever happen or not is a matter for future reporting it is not even public yet and already issues with this thing >> it has been interesting >> it has been crazy, mike >> i am trying to be as polished as possible. it's been fascinating to see this fervor in the market for the special purpose acquisition vehicle to take this thing out there, but right now it's mostly in theory. there is no actual product out there. facebook and twitter and other social networks have a stranglehold on it >> this reads like a script that hollywood would never buy. >> some peopleare buying it. i don't know about hollywood at least they believe anything around trump will have some sort of gravity that may make money,
12:44 am
but right now it's all very ethereal right now he has been foreshadowing this since before he was president and we haven't seen anything so i'm skeptical at best. >> you are the man. china is using social media to push a wild new theory. it comes from an investigation by msnbc that china is spreading on twitter that covid may have come from lobsters in maine. >> in china the government controls what citizens can and cannot see
12:45 am
and they are targeting the u.s oxford policy on technology investigates a modern-day disinformation campaign. >> how much time do you spend sitting here >> often quite long diving into hundreds of thousands of retweets >> working with nbc news he followed a tweet that covid originated from maine lobsters he said there is no evidence backing that up. >> i started looking at accounts that repeatedly and in multiple languages shared snippets of text that were identical >> there were over 1500 tweets
12:46 am
claiming that covid was imported to china on american seafood, a bogus thing that china has been calling it soon more than 1,000 tweets were being sent out on multiple fake or hacked accounts and at the same time each day approximately 8:00 a.m. in beijing. >> that's suspicious >> that's what i was thinking as well >> twitter has now suspended over 500 accounts our investigation uncovered and more keep popping up. twitter tell us they routinely tackle platform manipulation and they removed all of those accounts we flagged for them but u.s. social media is vulnerable to influence by
12:47 am
foreign governments. >> in response to our reporting, the chinese embassy here in london said china has always been committed to making its voice heard in a truthful manner and not spreading disinformation in that it accuses western media of china bashing and of themselves spreading rumors about origins of covid just this month there was a new effort trying to establish where covid came from. >> of course they did. back to the courtroom battle between the billionaires bay bezos is suing nasa. doug, again, how do you see this
12:48 am
playing out? >> this is a case of blue origin coming to court and saying, judge, under the federal acquisition regulation, nasa was required to play fair and impartial in awarding this contract to send the next contracts to the moon. instead they gave preferential treatment to spacex according to blue origin. they say if the requirement had been waived for us we could have put in a better bid. >> bill nelson said he believes this could further delay the mission set for 2024 to return people to the moon fair >> fair in theory but probably not going to happen. there was a hearing this morning before the judge this is supposed to resolve the
12:49 am
issue once and for all i imagine the judge will take this under condition i think by november 1 the program will be off and running to the moon again. >> as space becomes a bigger point of emphasis for private companies, there is a lot of money to make. should we expect to see more cases like this one? >> i think so. any time there is money at stake and people have a chance to invest into these nasa contracts, there will be these kind of disputes hopefully they will all be wrapped up as expeditiously as this one appears to be >> the players have a lot of money and lawyers. >> no problem with lots of lawyers. it's described on zil low this way -- this house is
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he is the ex-minneapolis cop convicted of killing a woman who
12:53 am
called 911 for help. today a judge resent tensed him to five years. he first got 12.5 years behind bars but they had to resent tense him him because justine damon called 911 after she thought she heard a woman screaming for help in her neighborhood when that guy and his partner pulled up, he said damon came up to the car and startled them he opened fire never mess around with a
12:54 am
marine look at this a marine veteran minding his own business in the store until that happened two men enter, one pointing a gun at the register and that's when the marine makes his move he waits until the gun is just close enough and then he knocks it right out of the guy's arm, disarming him in a flash the gunman now in police custody. that other guy falls to the ground and scrambles out the door when asked how he was able to take control he said the marine corps taught me not to mess around. you can now buy your own piece of horror history. the nightmare on elm street house is up for saying asking price a cool 3.2 million. but think of all you could do.
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work from home, soak in the tub, lounge outside by the pool, all hopefully without freddy kruger haunting your dreams get your bid in by halloween it's spirit day. you may have noticed a lot of people wearing purple. we show support for lgbtq kids and the harassment they may face more than 70% of the students say they have been at least verbally harassed. tonight the story of a couple in milton, massachusetts. for years they say they have received mail with derogatory messages, but now they are using that harassment to fight harassment in school
12:56 am
>> the letters started arriving five years ago but the name on the front was not theirs >> all of the pieces of mail femirchl nized us in some way. >> how many pieces of mail did you get over the years >> probably more than 20 >> it made us feel like we were back in our school days. >> they reported the letters, but there were no leads. >> until one showed up >> they tried to sign us up for a subscription, so i sent it
12:57 am
back and it came back -- >> it used his name and put my last name as a fruit >> police told us when bullying like this happens, it tends to be somebody who you can see from your house and somebody that can see you. >> was it somebody you could see from your house? >> yes, it was >> it was somebody who outwardly is gracious with us, waving hello. >> simon is 8. he wrote a letter. >> do not be a bully no bullying allowed. >> i think it's important that he understand that bad things happen, but you need to make the best of it >> in an attempt to do that,
12:58 am
they sold shirts that said i am michelle fruitze they made more than $35,000. >> bullying is never okay. it is mean, cruel and has long lasting repercussions. >> if you feel like you are desperate, ask for help. you will be surprised how many people will help you >> milton police say it was a man sending the letters. he has not been charged so we are not identifying him. they say they just want him to they say they just want him to apologize and send a
12:59 am
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