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tv   Tech Check  CNBC  October 15, 2021 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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way the companies in u.s. and canada. >> frank holland, thank you. check on the markets as we wrap up the show all in the green and the s&p is 44.67. that's the level there about 0.7% david, every sector in the green for the s&p except for communication services that will do it for us "techcheck" starts now. happy friday and welcome to "techcheck" i'm john fortt and carl quintannila aand julia boorstin look at names like facebook,
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amazon and alphabet. bit coin the possibility of a bit coin etf and how to play the crypto comeback. later a "techcheck" exclusive with ceo of roblox john, we're coming up on earnings starting next week we'll get some big ones and skepticism from the street on technology rbc warns of a controversial q4. bullish on names like alphabet and amazon and unsure on stocks like snap and pinterest. predicting deceleration and citi blames that on inflation and meantime the strongest call comes out of evercore. they add facebook to technical underperform after a 13% drop in the last month big tech beats ahead or serious headwinds. interesting mix of dynamics that work in the evercore call on facebook, julia. they talk about advertising weakness potentially if some of
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these big advertisers have to deal with inflation in their core business and then they say the risk on the apple engagement issue is being underappreciated by the street. >> yes, i mean, i think carl it's worth noting that facebook has been talking about the apple risk for some time, but this is the first quarter when we're going to see the full impact at the apple risk and many pieces of this. it is one whether advertisers are not able to accurately measure the impact of their ads. whether the ads don't work as well and whether advertisers just say, hey, maybe this is an opportunity for us to move to other platforms where we could have a better sense of what our impact is, john. >> here's something i'm wondering. i don't have data on this specifically, but i think the inventory and supply chain issues could actually play to facebook's benefit in a way that analysts might not be expecting. and that being you don't know what is going to be in stock right now. sometimes there are going to be things delivered and things available in a surprising way because, you know, the ports
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open up for a period of time or they're able to airlift stuff in they need to move that stuff and use social media to targ that o and pay a premium for it i also think, carl, this is possibly a weird q4 in which the numbers don't matter as much because it's an anomaly because some of these issues that we've been talking about like maybe amazon doesn't sell as much. maybe apple doesn't move as many units but moves them more prof taeblt and that is an indicator of the underlying business health and an indicator of some conditions maybe they should pay more attention to what is indicative to how the business will perform through '22 and beyond >> i think goldman their note today on semis i think they put it in the phrase tailwinds or headwinds and maybe social media will be a sign for them to say,
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look, we got this particular good in stock and we'll see whether that and expenses, too, weigh on facebook's quarter. >> expenses weigh on facebook and, of course, so does all of that regulatory overhang there's so many different factors at play for facebook in particular so, let's continue this discussion brad ericsson wrote that note about investor concerns for rbc and joins us now brad, let's talk about facebook. what is your biggest concern about facebook right now >> i think john just a minute ago laid out the nearterm concerns very well obviously, the fear of being there is not going to be enough product and so if there's not enough product people can't advertise as much and i think also the signal loss, as you mention. we have done work on the signal loss talking to advertisers if you're a bigg eadvertiser you haven't changed and the smb and the small and medium size businesses those tends to be more budget
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sensitive. that's the nearterm concern. the long-term concern, oh, go ahead. sorry. >> oh, no, no, please, tell us about the long-term concerns here seems like they would be different especially when you bring in the regulatory piece. >> numbers ds don't matter becae that is so well understand people are concerned about impression growth. the engagement that people have on facebook and instagram to the whistleblower controversy going on currently i think it's come out that facebook looks to drive engagement with facebook and a fear that facebook is going to be reined in it plays into an impression growth that aalready exists in the market >> yeah, brad, that's interesting. one of the numbers i always look at first when facebook reports earnings is domestic user growth, both monthly and daily
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active domestic user growth and whether that number is flat or shrinking. and that's a key factor there. are you concerned that facebook is losing the younger demographic and where do you think they're going? >> yeah. so, i think this has been a concern that has been out there for several years. i think facebook even three, four years ago there were reports that facebook in particular the younger demographic. i think from an instagram standpoint, i think that platform is definitely hanging on to a lot of those users certainly the emergence of tiktok is the new shiny toy in the space. a lot of younger users that, of course, are adopting that platform globally. but i don't think the amu, the monthly active user loss is all that new or concerning for most investors here >> brad, i mean, facebook's down 60 bucks from the highs. i guess, i mean, i wonder how bad the number would have to be
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to weigh on it further i mean, as opposed to the stock coming in hot. >> yeah, i mean, i think if you can certainly set it up if numbers are okay, probably better than feared you know, the stock probably bounces a little bit the real over/under here in terms of the metric is they tend to guide operating expenses and 22 operating expenses and it's believed that the sell side is kind of modeling that below the buy side probably in the 93 to $95 billion range. and the sell side is more like 87 so, i think there's a debate there of whether they will come in below or above that and, obviously, if it's too high that will hit the stock. >> brad, check my thesis here. i think facebook has some potential strategic strength that isn't getting talked about a lot and that's that messenger and shops are particularly the new like button in that they're trying to build technology that
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embeds them in the digital sales pr process that it not only solves attribution for them but makes them part of this kind of amazon alternative digital economy that's driven by the likes of shopify and bitcommerce where more third-party type retailers have a direct engagement with facebook and are benefitting from that data and that engagement as just part of how they do business doesn't have, doesn't facebook have potential upside if that continues to play out? >> yeah, i think the way you just laid that out, absolutely i think at this point, i would argue it's still probably more co conceptual than not. this idea that facebook moves from being social media to more of a social utility. i think one of the ways we addressed that is by saying, hey, if all these companies are built in true daily functionality whether it's getting a ride and ordering food and having banking services.
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i think one of our theses at this point why that is not as much of a driver is that we're so well banked in the u.s. and europe whereas other parts of the world not as well banked people are marrying those basic sort of financial services with the smartphone for the first time and that's the really compelling glue that holds it together we don't need that as much in the u.s. because our financial services are established aside from our smartphone relationship >> yeah, brad, as we talk about facebook and the overall ad market we would be remissed to overlook google. facebook versus google and where users are spending this holiday season >> obviously, again, we spoke to a fair number of advertisers ahead of initiating coverage a few weeks ago. definitely youtube is the strongest channel in terms of shared gainer. if you're looking to allocate an
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incremental dollar of advertising spend, you're probably doing it on youtube right now. i think facebook is in the wait and see mode to see what happens to performance post idfa and then snap and snap in particular we heard sort of stable trends the fear there, of course, is does tiktok come to market next year and potentially hurt pricing. and then lastly on pinterest where we were equal weight versus, i should say sector perform as opposed to outperform, the monthly active user issue is a big one for investo and probably holds back longer term. >> brad, thanks for joining us ahead of what is a very interesting earning season i want to point out facebook shares are down 1.3% and 70% of analysts have a buy rating on facebook, john >> you know what is not down, bitcoin.
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people think it is going to the moon closer than it was the world's most popular crypto currency touching 60,000 for the first time since may a little bit off that now. reports fcc will approve several bitcoin etfs first ones would launch next week and likely include pro shares and nvesco meantime, one of the biggest crypto placers are pushing for clearer. designate a single regulator for digital assets carl, bitcoin's ride has been pretty wild. above 60k in april and about 30k three months ago and now right about at 60k, again.'s been quis here with regulatory crosswinds and, julia, a lot of institutional embraces from the likes of b of a adding a lot of
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research coverage and clearly this etf news is given the juice it needed to maybe get to where tom lee said it will end the year >> yeah, i mean, i think that we're really seeing people come in from all sides into this crypto game. but i think i just want to return to what john said there about the fact that coinbase is pushing for regulation and what's notable here they are specifically pushing to not be regulated by the sec but to have a new regulator focused on them to make sure crypto is not regulated by a bunch of different regulatory arms and this is a situation where clear r regulation in terms of what is to come could really be a game changer for the whole crypto space. more clarity allowing more people to get in here and more of the institutions to continue to embrace it, carl. >> yeah, certainly that's one of the arguments and the likes of mark cuban has been. you have to give it a long leash given its power to change the world of money meantime, who's best
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avatars in more natural ways and spatial voice boosting avatars sound and more robust age verification to protect younger users. joining us to break down the company and what makes up ceo dave baszucki. give us a developer sense of your community, if you will. how does it break down what is the top kind of cohort of moneymaking developers and how much of revenue are they contributing >> hey, yeah, thanks for having us on the show from the whole community. we have over 750 of what are arguably the most creative and talented game creators gathered
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here and in the metaverse together the economy of roblox is moving to over half a billion a year. our top creators on the platform are making north of $50 million a year and with the introduction of some expansions of our economy, even developers developing the number 1,000th most popular experience are getting to the point where they can make a living on our platform >> so, how much of your strategy is about opening up opportunities for the small and medium creators versus also just building the popularity of those large ones in small and edium, how do you do that? what are the types of engagement and game mechanics that will help not only better their prospects but enhance the game plan >> we've introduced a thing that we call premium payouts or engagement based payouts what it means for those early developers who are in creative
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mode and maybe experimenting with roblox and making something fun, they're starting to see earnings show up out of the blue for the time that people spend in their creations the result of this is an incredibly long pipeline, a very deep pipeline of up and coming creators on the platform it makes a very powerful community of future game creators who might be forming studios. >> dave, very inest thering th things here and i see the appeal of roblox with a younger generation of players including my own kids. as you roll out the age verification tell us how important you think that is as we see facebook and instagram scrutinize for its impact on teens, as well as kids and also china crackdown on how much time people are allowed to play video games i should say kids are allowed to play video games in china. how much of a risk is all of that for your business >> yeah, we have a very optimistic view of building a
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civilized society on our platform and our roots for the last 15 years have been putting safety and civisevevcivility and as pe roblox get older we're looking at ways to maintaining that civility to do things like voice chat you can see things like 13 plus age verification as a safe and civil way to make that possible. we're introducing experienced guidelines at our conference today so that some experiences that are only suitable for 13 and up will be available on the platform but really safety and ssevcivily has been our number one priority since we started >> the age verification will be a key part of that as we talk about the metaverse and i think it's important to say that roblox is not just a game company but where people go to interact and have the social interactions and a place where people go to consume
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entertainment. where do you see roblox going in the future beyond just the immediate game play? >> yeah, it's really exciting because when people come together on roblox they do things together. they go to a birthday party and, of course, play together they maybe graduate from high school together if they couldn't in the midst of covid. when it comes to entertainment, there's something very special about going to a concert with friends and dancing together, deciding where you're going to stand and interacting with the crowd. it's something that you can pick up in an immersive 3d space. we're super optimistic about the concerts we've done with 21 pilots where millions of people have come to these concerts and we're optimistic for artists that this is a third way that they can essentially participate in the economy so, we think it's really big and exciting >> how much of that, dave, is
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covid influenced, though we're still not anywhere near out of the woods yet have you gotten a taste maybe in that period in early summer where we thought we were coming out of the woods of what the effects on your business and digital engagement are going to be and are you preparing for how to either mitigate or lean into that heading forward >> yeah, so, we're always reaching out to our community and we all want covid to be over as soon as possible and we reach out to those people in the midst of covid who had issues. what we've seen is that our users and the growth we've seen in covid is very sticky. in the midst of covid when people couldn't go outside and do things we did see acceleration in the hours per month but the core understanding of what roblox and a place to come together and do things together is very sticky. a lot of families and people have learned what platforms like this could do to bring people together when they can't be together in person
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>> i'd love you to comment on sort of the episodes of leveraging ip out of different creators and in this case "squid game" a record nearly 1 million viewers on twitch as some of these tournaments proliferating around the world is this a game changer or one more step in the series of ip episodes we've seen over the past year? >> this is really interesting. it shows the responsiveness like roblox where fans can get created in ip and we treat ip very, very respectfully and follow takedowns and all those things many want their ip on roblox whether it's gucci or vans because it magnifies and reflects their brands. in the case of "squid game" exciting to see how responsive our community has been to that >> that certainly is a collision of, i guess, age groups.
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but, you know, it's virtual. you can figure it out. dave baszucki, ceo of roblox, thank you. are supply chain troubles causing companies to invest in themselves what names are best positioned for recovery then keep your eye on virgin galactic today down 15% after delaying the launch of commercial space services to the end of 2022. more "techcheck" in a minute i think you're going to like it here. umm, why is everyone... throwing things at me? look, as cfo it's my job to be ready for whatever's next. that's why i have my finance team, randomly hurl things at me. it's also why we use workday. it gives us insights, so we quickly pivot our strategy, people, planning, you name it. sorry, sir.
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welcome back to "techcheck." a nice mix of some travel names and some consumer names and you have marriott, amazon and, of course, names that continue to relate to transports csx up 2%, as well what stocks are having the biggest impact we're having that after an update with rahel solomon. >> shares of goldman sachs led
11:27 am
by investment banking where revenues have surged nearly 90% since last year. goldman shares up are 50% this year pnc bank tumbling 3.5% adjusted earnings well ahead of estimates but concerns about higher costs and unsustainable fee income retail sales posting a surprise jump in september despite higher prices and continued shortages excluding autos the gains were higher and broad based with sales at brick and mortar growing faster than online purchases trucking company jb hunt benefitting from surging demand from shipping. earnings topped estimates and that's despite higher labor costs and margins that were well below forecasts. you're now up to date, john, i'll send it back to you >> thanks, rahel. a tough few weeks for tech stocks but ending the week firmly in the green. josh lipton is looking at some of the names powering this rally. josh. >> facebook is certainly one to
11:28 am
watch here on pace for its fifth straight weekly decline. 15% now off its high year to date up about 20%. amazon is going to post a weekly gain here, its best week since the first week of september. still about 10% off its high chips worth a look, as well. the smh that tracks the semis. it best week since late august saw beat q3 expectations and snap a five-week and a positive read through for tmc customers and best week for amd since july, by the way he said foundry peers like umc goldman upgrading and pricing power and strong execution, they say. best week for broadcom since august and they do downgrade to neutral on cyclical headwinds. carl, back to you. >> thanks so much. we have been tracking the supply chain crunch after
11:29 am
hitting shows the company might cut production target by up by 10 million units and how the supply crunch might impact their most important quarter here to discuss winners and losers you have interesting ideas about what it means to be vertically integrated and how you can really count on your third parties. >> i mean, when we're talking about a supply chain disruption apal and a company run by tim cooke clearly you don't want to bet against and the number cut around 10 million first let's look at it in context. last year apple produced 75 million units of the iphone 12 even with this 12 million cut being reported, still produce 80 million units of the new iphone 13 we're still seeing a year on year increase for what's essentially an incremental upgrade of a phone but even more important whether we have to look at we all know that monday the big event where they're going to be releasing a new line of mac books and i'm
11:30 am
very hopeful that they stick with and they don't go back, but last year's event we have to look at they introduced the m1 chip they moved away from production from intel that they stuck with since 2006 and introduced their own chip into the new mac books and eventually the ipad pro. this is tim cook's strategy of being aggressive on vertical integration and slowly taking more and more control over the supply chain yes, these are outsourced to taiwan semi conductor manufacturing company, but highly exclusive deal and leverage over their suppliers and this is where i think investors really need to look at which companies have shown this ability to vertically integrate their supply chains because in an era of supply chain disruption, it's those companies that are going and the ones whether it's their manufacturing, operations, logistics and the relationships
11:31 am
with their customers they're going to definitely fair better than the companies that have outsourced everything >> i was going to say, what kinds of names would you actually worry about companies that have, who have outsourced to a degree where they said, look, this is super efficient and we don't have to worry about this stuff and now it might be coming back to bite them >> i think it's not necessarily a category or sector issue but let's look at two different companies within the same sector if you take carmakers. toyota has traditionally been known as being light years ahead in terms of logistics and operations even they have weathered the chip shortage better than others because exclusive relationships with suppliers, stockpiling on components so even though every car manufacturer does appear to be taking a hit, toyota is certainly better positioned than others but you see the reaction, though, because hyuunyundai chif
11:32 am
operating officer said they will start to make their own chips. i do think any investors within a specific category always if you have two companies who owns more, who controls more, who is more predictable in terms of what they're producing >> but it's tough, ranjan, to understand that because not something always based on size for example, tesla in terms of units is very small. but they weathered this very well and my guess is that the way they build cars and the components they use they're a bigger share to smaller suppliers. and therefore end up having more leverage i don't know if you have any insight into that. >> yeah, i actually think this is a really unique moment because at first glance my worry almost is, okay, apple, nike and all these companies that are the giants are going to use this, again. the pandemic has already helped the biggest companies grow
11:33 am
exponentially. this would be yet another yarea that these companied could dominate the tesla example is a perfect example, one of the biggest companies in the world, but when you take a smaller manufacturer, it allows the ones that have been built in a more cohesive, really tight way in their supply chain and i actually think the companies and the mid size companies and the fast growing companies that own more of their logistics, they're the ones that this is the moment that they're going to really start to see themselves accelerate and grow >> and, so, ranjan, it sounds like you think this is a moment that the companies not already vertically integrated will push further in that direction and may end up looking very different on the other side of this >> yeah, i think this is a moment where the companies that in the very near term that are going to succeed i think the apple and the teslas and the ones already moving in this direction and i think this is a moment where companies are pushing forward digital
11:34 am
transformation, pushing forward vertical integration this is the moment that they have to kind of go and meet that one example i think is ford. going back to carmakers. they have shown that they have said they're going to invest $11 billion into their korean battery maker partner and increase the number of people irk withing on their f-150 in michigan they understand this is a moment that even with all the unpredictability, we're never going back to the unfettered, seamless, globalized outsourced supply chains where you have like 50 different factors and each manufacturing one component coming together. they understand the supply chains of the future to build their products of the future this is the moment that they really have to double down and be aggressive, communicate to investors while they're doing this and even if the near term effects are not great financially, it's clear inesthavers understand where they're going with this. >> finally, ranjan, i was going
11:35 am
back and forth this morning on when globalization sort of topped out and i found a speech by ge's then ceo who said if you put globalization up for a popular vote, i think it would lose 60/40 that was in 2007 a long time ago. and i wonder at what point do you again see companies looking for a little bit of edge on costs where that trend would begin to revert? >> i remember reading globalization and its discontents in like 2002 and people have been talking about this from the beginning since people entered the wto but i think it's different now because you have geopolitics, china versus the u.s. trade frictions and then within every single country you have domestic labor changes and the way labor is valued and approached. in the u.s., this is huge. we are seeing it first hand here that worker shortages and the power of labor increasing will completely change the economics of everything here
11:36 am
but that is happening across countries. so, i do think and maybe it is a bold prediction that we will not see the kind of h&m apple 2017 just perfectly operational supply chain where the world just magically works together. i do think that companies will have to completely rethink the way they approach the supply chains >> if that's true, that is a real scene in the way goods are made and distributed good to see you. thanks now a troubling story out of missouri tuesday a reporter with the "st. louis post dispatch" alerted the state that social security numbers of school teachers and administrators were expose to hackers. the newspaper agreed to hold off publishing the story while the degreed to fix the problem but the governor gave a press conference where he called the reporter a hacker and vowed to
11:37 am
seek criminal prosecution. the missouri house of representative echoing a lot of people in saying the governor should direct his anger towards the failure of the state government to keep its technology secure and up to date and work to fix the problem and not threaten journalists with prosecution for uncovering these failures julia, this is exactly what you're not supposed to do as a company or organization when someone finds a flaw in your system for free is discouraging others from doing that because the hackers will do it for pay they'll take your money and data and won't warn you ahead of time >> yeah, this is a very lucky situation where the journalists did a lot of good and does not seem like the right response from the governor. and as we head to break, let's get a check on cloud stocks. the wisdomtree cloud computing up big since monday on pace for its second positive week in a row and best week since february we're back in two.
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they won't just power our transformation. they'll fund our transformation. yes, yes! exactly! what are you waiting for? ♪ ♪ it's a story that has gained momentum this week the fallout for netflix from its
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controversial new special by d d dave chappelle some took to twitter voicing their concerns and three employees, then that suspension was, well, suspended ted wrote many letters saying that the specials are some of n n netflix top performing content even though there means there will always be content on netflix some people believe are harmful. perhaps more controversially he said content on screen does not directly translate to real-world harm there is an employee virtually walkout planned for next wednesday. it's unclear how many people will be participating in this. but, john, this does raise the question of how a company like netflix which is so much about the algorithm and about data,
11:42 am
how it still does have to make very human decisions that are going to be controversial because they are subjective. >> you know, i would argue that netflix very much a curated human driven company with the decisions that it made about content and what kind of content strategy to pursue with an assist from the algorithm. i don't know if you watched this special. i literally just finished it during the commercial break, i have been watching it before i can see, carl, why people want to cancel dave chappelle after that but i'm not surprised more people black people, asian, and that is the ten minutes before he starts in on the trans community. i think this is a landmark cultural moment. platforms are going to have to figure out the difference between hate and comedy and controversial but thoughtful content that sparks a healthy discussion a lot of it has to do with context. so, before people get, you know,
11:43 am
completely on the band wagon about this special, watch it with an open mind and see if he says anything worthwhile or if you think it's hate. >> it's not just employees i know hannah who had some stand-up specials on netflix also pushing back and we'll see whether or not, john, the company has any kind of data that backs up their stance here. but to the degree that it gets talked about, we might expect some questions, though, when they report earnings on tuesday. >> people are going to keep talking about it that's my bet after watching it for sure meanwhile, b of a resuming coverage of micon at neutral represents 12% upside from current levels while the like management execution nearterm inventory head wind are going to hurt pricing, they say stock is down about 10% this year "techcheck" is back after this
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11:47 am
since its peak in february. one mortgage lender turning its back on the digital currency joining us with a great scoop from yesterday mackenzie, what happened >> so, apparently, carl, home buyers are not all that interested in paying their monthly mortgage in bitcoin. i spoke to the ceo of united wholesale mortgage and he tells me that the company has decided at this point to ditch its plan to accept crypto currency because there was not much customer demand. uwm ran a two-month bitcoin experiment where they gave borrowers the option to pay their monthly bill in a crypto of their choice. six homeowners tried it out making payments in bitcoin and ether and dogecoin and not a lot of people given the fact that we are talking about the second largest mortgage lender in the country. borrowers liked having the option and said it was cool bu ultimately not enough demand worth pursuing given all the
11:48 am
incremental cost as well as the uncertainty in the space >> so, mackenzie, what happens to the people who decide to pay their mortgage in crypto is that a problem? >> right so, for the six homeowners who took part in this experiment, some may face a tax bill for the payments that they made in crypto because the irs classified digital currencies like bitcoin as property making a mortgage payment in crypto is considered a taxable event. because there's always a difference between how much you paid for the crypto currency, which is your cost basis and the market value at the time you spend it that difference can trigger income capital gains taxes in addition to all the other taxes you have to pay such as sales tax. >> so, do you see it for those that might want to argue that it shows that bitcoin is not a reliable source of payment, is there something about mortgages in particular that makes this a one off? >> well, i mean, this is really just the latest example of
11:49 am
investors treating crypto currencies as an investment rather than a replacement for money. many will buy and hold their virtual coins and in the last year that was a good bet bitcoin worth five times as much as it was a year ago while ether is up more than 10 x >> isn't paying your mortgage in bitcoin one of the dumbest things you could do? i'm looking at, if you paid your mortgage back in july when it was under, you know, 30,000 per bitcoin, that's a whole different mortgage payment than if you had paid it today you paid a lot on your mortgage if you paid for it in bitcoin back then, right isn't the whole idea supposed to be stability and predictability. it just doesn't make a lot of sense some of the things people are talking about doing with crypto, right? >> right i think that's why you didn't see much customer demand with this two-month pilot and uwm wasn't holding the crypto it was
11:50 am
accepting. it was immediately converting it to u.s. dollars at the point of transaction. so, they weren't even getting the benefit of bitcoin's run up. so, this experiment didn't seem to make sense. the company did say that if there is more customer demand in the there is more customer demand in the future they'd be willing to re-adding crypto payments as an option and at this point it doesn't make much sense for anyone involved. >> it's like paying your mortgage on a high-interest credit card and not paying it off every month. >> mackenzie, thank you. the ark fund getting back on track rising with the overall market on pace to see the positive week in the next four keep it right here we're back in two. and give you the lowest price, or you'll get $5 off your next order.
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let's take a look at shares of snap. they're getting a nice pop up this morning up 1.5% a reminder that our guest said snap is the stock the street is most split on heading into q4 and those earnings, julia, are out next week. >> yeah. we'll be watching those earnings next thursday afternoon. meantime, it's the final day of hispanic heritage month and so today we're taking a look at media in particular where industry has a representation problem. a new study found that from 2007 to 2019, 3.5% of film leads were hispanic or latino and just 5%
11:54 am
of all speaking roles were latinx one more stunning statistic in 13 years, just three latina women worked as directors. this all despite the fact that latinx audiences are a valuable consumer from hollywood, accounting for 29% of tickets sold that's according to a ucla study. that lack of representation on camera as well as the leadership of latinx focus companies raises the question of how much money hollywood could be leaving on the table by failing to make content featuring latinx audiences and one that we've examined not just about the latinx community that are underrepresented in leadership and on screen. everyone goes to the movies and a huge opportunity here to start targeting those audiences better >> although i would say, john, maybe you disagree that you're beginning to see hollywood start
11:55 am
to make inroads in this underrepresentation across all kinds of groups and you look at some of the most powerful show runners in the world it might belie some of the data that julie laid out >> it also seems to me as you, lewded to, there is opportunity for thinking creatively. look at south korea, we were just talking about "squid game." we can talk about k-pop, bts, you know, black pink, go into what they've been able to do with movies, as well and who saw that coming? what if we tapped into more communities and what other hits might be out there well, now we've also got a new digital piece about latino leaders in tech up on our website. go to check for that here is a sneak peek ♪ ♪ ♪ >> in terms of seeing diversity at all levels, what are we getting right now in business and what do we still have to do to grow? >> we are seeing the value in increasing diversity show up in the numbers.
11:56 am
we are seeing the reaction from our employees. >> i'm glad to see progress. i'm glad to see things being made and what i want for people to remember and commit to doing so much more >> i'm patient, but we're not anywhere near where we should be we need to give people an opportunity early in their careers. >> i always like to remind people, the united states is nad e itmethuned states of america. - [narrator] introducing the grubhub guarantee:
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with this rally to close out the week, a number of stocks trading at all-time highs including salesforce back to the ipo in 2004, up 32% this year. more than 7,000% if you'd bought that first trade, but a bunch of other good names on the list today, john, including autozone, home depot, marriott, lowe's, paychex and some others to watch. >> and one more thing before we go apparently robot cars are condition fused by the suburbs some residences are saying waymo cars are flooding deadends and cul-de-sacs confused by the
12:00 pm
concept of having to turn around and maybe not good at three-point turns. a new car appears every five minutes before going back to where it came from, carl, which is probably to plug in somewhere. >> they have more data than anyone, so we'll see how they manage that. buckle up for a busy week of earnings next week have a good weekend. let's get to the judge >> all right, carl welcome to "the halftime report" this friday. i'm scott wapner front and center the rally in stocks are about to have a bigger move higher. we'll debate with the investment committee as always. jenny harrington, steve weiss, jason snipe and jon najarian co-founder of market let's go to the wall s&p 500 is edging back towards a new high and only 2% away and the dow is up more than 1.2% away and 35,184 and the ten-year note and there's the yield on it, 157. jon najarian, i'm going to begin with you today i can make a checklist this week that looks prett


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