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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 14, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> pfizer. >> guy adami >> giants/dodgers, pick, mel, quickly. >> giants. >> i am with you on that one also said papal reports next week i think it's novembe my mission is simple. ta o make you money there's always a work somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. i'm trying to make you alittle money. my job is not just to entertain you but the teach you on days like today call me or tweet me @jimcramer
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after a day where the dow surged 535 points i think it's time to think the sense of pessimism and gloom it's busted. one day skyrockets some would say today's move is r relieve. others might call it a joke of a move you could argue it's an earnings rally after numbers from bank of america which is closer to truth. i think it's bigger than that. this rally is about the common sense realization that our current problems can be fixed. as companies turn challenges into opportunities it's not a cliche, focus
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you try to talk about what's going right. the easiest way to sound smart on television is by being really negative these people, these negative nabobs always sound so insightful oh, my god oh, jeez that's going to happen maybe they just made it a couple of quarters. they got it right. now all we hear about is how brilliant they are i'm searching for analog and i found it take it from arguably the most visibly smart person in america
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today. he's the guy that won 38 straight games of jeopardy david, my partner on squawk on street got to meet this young man. we asked what he's going to do with the 1.5 million listen to his answer >> i'm going to long term invest and hold i'm not there on the day-to-day trading. it's too much for me to keep track of but funds compared with small amount of bonds with yearly rebalancing, how can you go wrong, right? >> how can you not love that guy. i think the pessimist would dismiss the man you just heard as someone who just fell off of a turnip truck even though he's a full-time graduate student from new haven who cleaned up on
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jeopardy i think he's smart as a whip when he went on the say that he deployed the bond portion of his money to buy stocks if it was market plunge. he had faith in the market as a wealth creator is he really the smartest man in america right now? you try winning jeopardy 38 times in a row he's not dumb money. i got to tell you my family is a jeopardy family. this guy is family hero. let me tell you why matt will be in the doom and gloom and they will be wrong. the bears are so cynical, so jaded that they forgot the history. we had looming catastrophe that faded away as people took action to stop them like cyprus there was a period where cyprus was supposed to end the universe that's where we find ourselves now. i think the problems are preludes to nothing.
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they aren't ark of disaster. as long as you can understand the withering interest machine gunfire that they throw at you every single day then you can make it to the promise land of milk and honey yes. terrific days like today i say that as someone who is very bearish but now the season is drawing to a close, i have no choice to get more constructive so i don't come in here and say i'm pullish. y -- bullish let's take the poor congestion issue which has everybody so scared we have lots of ships and lots of cargo every one involved blaming every one else got the attention of
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the united states. whether you love biden or hate them he loves everyone who gapes while i'm sure the band aids won't work, it gets the job done some businesses will park rises will be over it will be over. what about all this nonsense about how your packages won't get there in time for christmas. can we talk about a first world problem, please? some companies might not have enough merchandise but their competitors will that's capitalism. the bull factor is the grinch ain't getting this one if you're really worried about the holidays, go to the internet concocted story. second, practically everything needs chips is being cut back. the appliance. it's hitting everybody reported terrific quarter last night because demand is off the charts you know that taiwan semi doesn't make any chips this
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whole book of business what's going to happen now in rational world companies won't sit there and do nothing i call the major semiconductor companies and say who want to cooperate with me and get equipment from lam research, applied material, testing companies, clean rooms the really cool shower caps you have to put on we keep hearing that these auto chips makes so little money for the manufacturers that they just aren't worth it. the price is set in stone. you know how wrong this is maybe they only cost 2 or $3 a piece. why wouldn't they just find a partner and make their own even if it costs $200 per chip. i can solve this for them myself i know how to do it. i was the only one there any way, i hear them about these terrible tales that won't rise to a single
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daily double i don't like those funds too wall street is tearing its hair out. if you listen to bank of america or morgan stanley, i've been around for a while the real trouble comes from people in debt right now the consumer balance sheets are so strong we have a labor shortage we need more immigration we'll hear about that from dominos. many of the missing workers are people who stepped away from the work force because they can afford to take some time off maybe there's a lot of people after 700 deaths and 20 million people that may have long covid or maybe there's a lot of people
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who go on with their lives actually take the time fponder because they have the money that i understand can here's a question for you. why should pondering only be the problem of the rich. is that really a problem to ponder and think and wonder what you should be doing in life. is it even a problem at all? bottom line, i urge you to imagine the seemingly untractable, believe that guys are so cool under fire are smarter than the permanent bearer who never get hassled about being wrong. that are catered to and treated like royalty i hate it. let's be a little less cynical to try to make a little more money for all the people who don't have enough. let's go to jerry in nevada. >> caller: thanks for taking my call >> it's my pleasure. how can i help you, circle got two stocks cruise line stocks
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ccl. >> that's easy let's stay focussed. jerry, norweigan cruise line i would do it on norweigan cruise not because they have the drinking cups or my daughter had a dynamite time. best balance sheet in the industry and the guy who stood up to the governor of florida and fought for safety. the fight against safety is we need fewer sprinklers. fewer fire extinguishers that's how we'll make the quarter. tom. go ahead, tom. speak up. >> caller: thanks for taking my call i just joined your investing club >> yes >> caller: i love it it's great detail i sight into the companies. >> we are working our butt off
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our stuff on wells fargo, i think was unstoppable. when you see what we're coming up with morgan stanley, it's so -- what am i doing? it's so good thank you for joining opinion how can i help >> caller: i'm interested in today is mastercard. what's your thinking >> you know because you're a member of the club you know i am beating myself up. i come home at 11:30 and my wife says how was the day i say mastercard she says what, you lose your card i said it keeps going down it shouldn't it's not about buy now, pay later. the quarter will be great and it's all about how it's paper to plastic and no one is listening. je jerry's listening. i love the club. mastercard is good here. i think it will have a great quarter. i think it's buy i think it's real good i think you should buy some. they wouldn't call it ma that's the symbol if it were bad. think about it
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it's time to rethink the sense of pessimism in the market i think today's rally was a bit about common sense common sense realization that our current problems are fixable. maybe even opportunities like what uber is doing in freight. let's be a little less cynical i'm in favor ofpondering is okay the rich cannot be the only people allowed to ponder despite reporting slower growth, dominos stock was able to claw back from its lows i'll discuss what investors liked about it hit the market with a bang reasons why this west coast coffee chain would be a winner the american trucking association, social it's not a y said the u.s. will need 1.1 million truckers to immediate demand i'll talk to uber freight and learn more about this critical industry stay with the club and stay with
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this morning dominos pizza along with one of my favorite stocks, first quarter of negative sales in over a decade. they are only up against some impossible year over year comparisons. the shortened store hours due to
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labor shortage that's why the stock got hit this morning then a funny thing happened, conference call got started. the stock made up all its losses why? their international sales were up 8.8% and dominos still delivered 13% basis at a time when every one is worried about rising costs ta are expanding rapidly this quarter. the company put up four new stores per day there's a lot to like about this one. don't take itfrom me let's check in with rich he's the ceo of dominos pizza. welcome back to "mad money." >> hi, jim good to be with you. >> after the interview, i'm going to watch tom brady play against the eagles tom brady will lose. he has to eventually the streak had to be broken. no one has a streak like that. tell us why people didn't care because of how strong the
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momentum >> jim, the comp in the u.s. was negative rolling over the biggest number we had as a public company, when you look more broadly at the engine that really drives our business and our economics, it's retail sales growth and retail sales growth was up 8.5% on a trailing per quarter basis we opened over 1100 net stores the long term drivers were all if tact for the quarter. i think we got some appreciation for that as the day went on. >> i was thinking that most companies put up stores in order to please wall street. i think you put up stores to please people. you don't have -- you don't have enough stores in parts of this world. your very around the globe, aren't you >> we are. that's both here in the u.s. where we believe the market will support 8,000 plus dominos
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pizzas we're just around 6500 today outside the u.s. we have significant runway for growth. almost 12,000 outside the u.s. with significant open space. in china, we just recently passed 400 units pick a number as to how many we can have there >> in china you have made for chinese, by chinese. same thing as starbucks. what the government really does like the government wants more of that >> that's really our model, jim everywhere around the world. the beauty of this master franchise model is we have local owners and operates who understand the consumer locally. they buy products locally. they employ local team members and dominos really becomes a great engine for economic growth in the country's that we operate in i think governments around the world appreciate that. >> you also gave what i felt was the most, i'd say clear and realistic approach to what's going on with labor in this
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country in your conference call. you touch the third rail you said something i feel we don't have that much in way of immigration. immigrants have taken jobs at dominos. then they build up then they become millionaires from driver to millionaire we don't have enough people at the top of the funnel anymore, do we? >> it's a challenge. in the u.s. with minimal population growth, we need immigration in our industry to continue to have enough team members in the restaurant industry as you said, ultimately, folks who want to work hard, want to stay with the business for long period of time can end up being owners and entrepreneurs and as i travel around the country and talk to our franchisee, so many of whom follow that path, it's inspiring, jim
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it truly is. >> there's this disparity i thought was interesting. the company own stores were down 8.9. it's where the company store own stores are your committed to those company owned stores you think that's important to have >> we are. we own stores for three reasons. one is we need to lead as the owners of the brand, it's very important that we understand what our franchisees see and feel every day it gives us an opportunity to try new things in the business and prover them out. second it gives us a great avenue to develop people third, we love the economics of the store. even though we had a little bit more pressure from the more urban and affluent environment than our corporate stores are in, these are great cash on cash return businesses and i want to build more of them
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>> it's great for business now, your at the fore front of innovation when it comes to pretty much everything i now realize there's a genuine need you got to do driverless if we're having problem with immigration and getting people to funnel, you have to do driverless where are we with driverless >> we have been doing our latest phase of testing in houston. we were doing it over the summer running real deliveries to real customers in partnership with neuro. we're learning a lot we're learning a lot about how the robot interacts with our stores how the robot interacts with our customers? they are learning a lot about autonomy in a real world environment. we keep advancing ball forward once production gets to an efficient scale, we want to be out there on the fore front. it will never fully replace hiring drivers and we want those drivers because they ultimately
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become franchisees i do envision we'll deliver a lot of food. >> it does seem to me, maybe lot of people talk autonomous. i think you're the only guy who is doing autonomous. why is it such a big game being talked but tohe only company putting them to use is you >> we're pretty crazy about everything that has to do with making e ing pizza and getting consumers. we want to be out there on the forefront not only because we need to be ready but also you saw usti tadvertising it on tv it's part of the brand we're building in the minds of consumers which is great pizza and how we make it and get it to you. >> that's why we love the pizza. that's why we love the stock we love what you're doing to i know the streak has been broken but you have to look at
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it over a two-year basis it's better than every restaurant chain in the world. "mad money" is back after the break. coming up, is there a bitter rivalry percolating in the java trade? order up, next [ eerie music playing ] michael myers survived that fire. after what he's done to my family... i will kill him. tonight we hunt him down. [ screaming ] evil dies tonight. you want your mask? come and get it!
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i always say beware of the hype when a beloved brand comes public with bang and the stock keeps soaring, you need to exercise restraint even ones i love take dutch pro the oregon based coffee chain. it had the public debut a month
6:28 pm
ago. i used to go there all the time when my daughter lived in ashland, oregon. the coffee is incredible they have these cool parking lot kio kiosk kiosks i crave ok tan after another 4% the stock is scoldsing hot. i don't know what to do. i don't want you to get burned i want you in this stock so bad but i'm afraid i'm going to hurt you. it became public at 23 bucks last month then it traded, they opened at 32.50. given anyone who got in on the deal a huge gain in the next few days it spiked to 50. it's rebounded like crazy trading back up to 53. why the recovery the quiet period for analyst coverage ended and a host of analysts rushed. i get that by my count dutch pro has eight buy ratings and only one hold. it's kind of a cold thing.
6:29 pm
i remember saying to my daughter, let's go to a dutch brother. she's like dad, it's dutch bro everybody knows it's dutch bro what does it look like to you? initially, i was cautious of the stock. i worried it come up too far, too fast i know i'm probably too conservative because the numbers are incredible i fear it may be too hot there is a price i'll be telling you to buy this hand over fist it's not 53. it's not 60 either first as a business i can't praise dutch bro enough. they give you delicious, high quality coffee very powerful coffee they serve it fast with a brilliant drive through operation. they were way ahead of the operation which meant dutch pro was positioned for the pandemic. this is a stunning, regional to national growth story.
6:30 pm
we love those. they still got a ton of room to expand around the country. now, i went to this one, to this one, this one. five times to this one many times to this one and this one is killer. maybe the best of all. they're huge in the pacific northwest and the footprint is spreading throughout the southwest. they are just getting started. if oregon, my beloved oregon, can support 150 location, you have to believe they can squeeze more out in california, seven in texas. that's before they touch the rest of the country. i remember when dunkin donuts had to go east to west and people just said, jim, you
6:31 pm
shouldn't like that stock. it went up and up and up as they put more and more stores that's dutch bros going this way. it's going to be incredible. it's no surprise that people look at dutch bros and see the last big coffee chain started in the pacific northwest and took the world by storm i'm talking about starbucks. they got an ether. dutch bros is very focused on the customer experience and so is kevin johnson they don't just remember your name their system remembers your past orders it's surreal they had my annihilator drink down after a half dozen visits i felt like dutch bros was my home at the same time, the drive through concept, it's not that good, it's not a great home but i lived in my car for a while. the store is less than 1,000 square feet but they stick them on 25,000 square foot lots to handle all the car volume. that's allowed them to put up
6:32 pm
magnificent numbers. that's year the store was the size of like this. it's like this i'm not kidding. it's like that where did those lines go they average $1.7 million. it's an insanely high amount average check size $7.50 the drive through focus stops design to capture demand during peak hours to generate 40% more sales. ranging from 35 to 75% that's ludicrous more than half of the locations are franchises imagine how focused on company owned stores because it's too attractive to pass up. that's chipotle. business is booming. in first six month, dutch bro had 8.6 sales growth that number was 9.6 for the company owned stores they are putting it in new
6:33 pm
stores like crazy. this is a regional, national growth story it's the best kind it means it's all about expansion. in the last 12 months they added 70 locations i think they are putting up too slow even better, the company is profitable in recent years the company has taken a hit as employees cash in on stock options when you look at the earnings before interest, taxes, that's e b bitda for short. came in at nearly 46 million it's killing me. i would love to recommend the annihilator's parent, dutch bros i think they have some bright future i want do you have a piece of it i can't just do it i can't say today is the day to buy dutch bros problem is it's one of those
6:34 pm
situations where i would say, i don't know, it's just valuation. there isn't anything else wrong with this. nothing. it's an overwhelming concern dutch bros has market capitalization of $8.7 billion i'll give you the size again the kiosk is $18.4 million for this do you think this is worth it if i had a little thing right. it's a little reductive because this one for all the new stores they put up, you can't look at it in a constant state each store is valued at less than 4 million no wonder the starbucks people didn't like it when i suggest they buy dutch bros when i became a regular what if we judge it based on ebitda there's a lot of bulls who
6:35 pm
expect the company to do $73 million in ebitda there year 920 times earnings even when you use the estimates p it's selling for 40 times. by comparison starbucks trade at 20 times this year that's not the best compare because starbucks is much furtherer along. even a smaller, faster growing chain like wing stop trades at 58 times ebitda. less than half what people are willing to pay for the dutch bros my chief concern is rather than being the next starbucks, it can be the next shake shack. that's another chain i love to go through the stock jumped to just under 46 again in the first day. within a few months it reached the 90s but a year later shake shack sunk to the 30s. if you bought shake shack down there, you have done well for yourself but you had to wait for the right moment shake shack did not have the kind ofgrowth ahead.
6:36 pm
nothing like the bros. b bottom line, it has super hyped ipo and the stock explodes higher because people like the product so much, you got to keep it on your shoulder. i think you start buying this one if it drops down to 40, some sort of crazy sell off i wouldn't be surprised if it gets there this is one of the rare times that i have to tell you, i want you in this stock. i just don't want you in the stock at this price. let's go to tyler in massachusetts. tyler. >> caller: hey jim i have a quick question about boston beer company. i want to hear you take on it after being 60% down is it a buy or a sell? >> no. constellation had a bad miss on the hard seltzer can you imagine if most of your business is hard seltzer i said stay away i'm reiterating, i don't want you in that stock.
6:37 pm
i'd rather have you in dutch bros when another brand like dutch bros comes public with a bang and stock keeps soaring, i'm saying as great as these are, they are a little calorie prone. you have to exercise some restrants. i love the stuff i don't want you to get burned by one of the greatest coffee chain ideas that's being executed right now in this country. i think you start buying the stock under 40 much more "mad money" ahead. i have to exercise caution if you sneak a few shares in right now, i get it. how is this important to division of uber working to ease a division you never heard of. i'm talking the cowill-founder d head of that division. there's one that hasn't been said i'll tell you about it the annihilator. oh, man. after the eagles win, i have can have five of them. rapid fire in the lightning
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yesterday president biden finally took action to solve the supply chain crisis. it's not like the president can snap his fingers and make these problems go away he needs a lot of help to get this done because logistics is a mess now who has solutions? how about uber free. it's uber shipping subsidiary. they handle freight the same way the parent company handles ride shares i keep telling you we have a
6:42 pm
shortage of truck drivers in this country in part because companies don't want to pay people enough and maybe people worry about going into it if it will be autonomous driving it could be just what the doctor ord ordered. take a closer look with someone i've come to love and respect. he's the go founder and head of uber freight welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks for having me back >> solve the trucker crisis for us >> i'll snap my fingers and hopefully we can solve it. it requires the entire industry. we're living in a shipping armageddon >> if you pay people enough rgs they will take these jobs. they will work for company, get connected with big companies and we can make dent at this problem of not having enough truckers?
6:43 pm
>> if you just zoom out and see what's happening around us, we'll just opening more and more and more packages that we love to consume to our doorstep but the supply chain is completely imbalanced you saw that in boats. same with trucks the entire network is different. it's harder for them to be on the road we're asking them to do more and more and more because they have to be stuck in facilities or take on health concerns. i think we could make a difference with technology opinion it's what we have been doing over the past couple of years. we can find them opportunities with the big companies faster.
6:44 pm
we can find them and utilize the trucks and fuel the empty miles faster we can provide them more opportunity so we can pay them faster we can definitely make a dent with technology and we are it requires more, to your point. some of it is also about wages >> let's understand this we also hear there's many people une unemployed we still have 4.8% unemployed. doesn't a truck driver make a decent living now? >> the truck driver is making an okay living. they can probably make if they want build a family, they can probably make as good as a living driving for an uber or any other or taking construction job. they might be making a decent living on the road moving.
6:45 pm
remember their life is being stuck six hours on average in a facility waiting to be loaded and unloaded, not being paid or being stuck waiting to find the container. a lot of the time is not utilized that's where technology can really help. >> i did not know that in other words, one of the problems is they are waiting around because we can't figure out who does the last mile or we can't figure out where in the warehouse it is. how can tech change this this seem like an awful waste of people's lives six hours waiting waiting there >> we can point them to facilities that can be more effective than others. we can find opportunities where they don't have to drive 200 miles empty but drive across the road and be more productive with
6:46 pm
their time >> talk about it is, if companies are not paying enough, what we do see is, the direction of capitalism where a lot of truck drivers are choosing the leave and strike on their own because they can make a higher living and because platforms like uber freight can fill the trucks much more easily. we are seeing 3 x more truck driver companies entering the market than any time in history. >> that's great story. why aren't we hearing that story? it's a positive story. >> it's a great story. it is shortage but if you're looking under the hood, this is a structural change.
6:47 pm
it's much easier to start a company and much easier to run the operation efficiently. it's almost like a golden age now for the small guys, for those brave mom and pop shop that have one, two, five trucks that can strike it on their own and make a decent living >> four, five years ago you predict this to me i didn't believe it. you told me that uber could revolutionize and take the power back to the driver and that the driver would become empowered. your mission is actually happening now. >> this is what we have build over the past fooi years we always believed we can win the driver back in control with technology and empower them to be in control of how they want to spend their time. we are seeing that more and more and we're not done yet opening them a bank account.
6:48 pm
paying them instantly and making them in charge of the flow in and out in a much more better way of the money flow and the super excited to see that and the your point, we definitely be with that vision in mind, empowering the small time drivers and allowing them to be so much more efficient >> if anyone will solve this truck crisis, it's going be you. it's going to be uber because you told me this could happen. i was skeptical. it's happening i can't believe that we got you back on. it's great to see you again, sir. >> thank you it's not about uber in this case this freight, this man, has come up with a solution when he blows it out, we're not going to be talking about the trucker shortage anymore back after the break
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i saw what he did. i think he's going to do it. i think it's great spac. talk about buying for the club opi opi opinion. >> got a question on rock companies. >> i looked at it yesterday. the housing market is peaking right now. it doesn't mean it can't have another revival. i don't want to be associated with anyone really in that business now >> caller: thank you for everything i appreciate you the stock i'm calling about is ticker hns >> the honest company. if they would make a case, i would recommend it unless they come on, no way will
6:54 pm
i recommends it. that's the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the light flinning round is sponsored by td ameritrade make sense of the day's most critical market in no time flat. stick with cramer. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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what can i say about the
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amazing quarter from bank of america today? $1.9 trillion. that's up 247 billion. it truly is the bank of america. they delivered 12% revenue growth that means a tremendous amount of that revenue falls to the bottom line. how about the improvement of loan quality coupled with 50-year low. how about the growth of bank of america's digital business which has 41 million user, including yours truly. none of those times interested me this morning as much as pages 6 and 7 of the investment debt about the 1.25 billion dollar commitment to address racial equality and economic opportunity. before you boo me off the stage for talking about how some fat cat bankers are fighting inequality, would you prefer they not spend the money to try to make the world a better place. i'm always saying that business
6:58 pm
is the greatest platform for social change because like it or not, business has the power to get things done. i love that. bryan, the ceo of bank of america is one of those rare executive who is is trying to accomplish something good. this is truly a transformed age. the idea they would have anything to say about racial inequality is unimaginable they didn't address this stuff at all there's been a sea change in corporate culture pretty much across the board now under the leadership, bank of america is focused on job creation, affordable housing, access to health care and promoting business ownership this is the stuff that government used to do but now it's too paralyzed and too broke. i'm as surprised as anyone else that the private sector is stepping in. business may be the greatest source of social change but for most of my lifetime, business didn't care at all now bank of america is already invested more than 400 million roughly a third of what they committed over a five-year
6:59 pm
period they are investing in the community at a much faster pace. they made 36 million worth of equity investment in minority institutions 300 million of direct equity investments and funds to support minority and women entrepreneurs and business page 7 went on 17 creative ways that bank of america tried to help people get a dignified leg up not hand out to become financially successful and independent. many major banks are doing there stuff like this. i just focus on bank of america. i see some of the incredible things that jpmorgan is doing. banks are going all in to help the less fortunate none of them had guns to their head he could have retained the funds as profits that's not what happened i think he is fighting inequality because it's the right thing to do. how about the fact the guy's got a heart. it's a shame that most people eyes glaze over when they read p
7:00 pm
pages 6 and 7. me, because maybe i'm older but those the two pages i now care about the most from my perspective, they are looking real good. i'd like to say there's always a bull plmarket somewhere. tomorrw the news with shepard smith starts now >> breaking news now on cnbc, a boeing test pilot has just been indicted in a case related to the 737 max. this is the news on cnbc >> moderna's third shot. experts give the okay as the vaccine mandate fight intensifies. chicago police and the mayor at a critical standoff the deadline is friday >> i guarantee you at least half the department is staying home come saturday morning. >> steve bannon refusing to testify. the insurrection committee stonewalled. now, eyeing criminal


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